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PRICE TWO CENTS sTAiroa, nvn oBim
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White Men Familiar With Sit
uation Say It Is One of Ut
most Horror
Will STARYFTOnFATH1!' government but the leading ad
lllbb OinUfli lUliUtlU, dresses uoon tho vital points of tho bill
Roots, Weeds aSfftefuse De
vouredpa Cannihalism
Is Resorted To
Hongkong, Oct. 15. The hor
rors of the famine situation in
Quangtung and Quangsi prov
inces are beyond adequate de
scription. The Chinese government, ' as
usual has been able to do prac
tically nothing for the sufferers,
Ordinarily the British at Hong
kong would have been active in
relieving the ncutest of the dis
tress but the war has paralyzed
relief work. Missionaries have
accomplished a little but condi
tions are so frightful and involve
audi enormous numbers that
oven a widespread and financial
ly powertul organization would
be swamped.
As a result, the wretched
Chinese have been left almost
wholly to their fate.
As is invariably the case in
China, even approximately cor
rect figures are unobtainable but
j I; is, at any rate, safe to say that
the famine stricken number mil
lions. Perhaps 1,000,000 have
pp. till, . . . '
I nu miui iid.i lim tunny I mi
.'tlready well into the hundrerds
of thousands. White men who
have traversed the famine sec
tions of the two provinces esti
mate conservatively that well to
ward a third of their population
will succumb ultimately.
The foulest refuse, grass roots
and leaves, bark, everything even
nuggostive of edibility, is greed
ily devoured. In places the peo
ple have pulled down wooden
1 tortious of their houses, pounded
the timber into meal and tried to
'at it. There undoubtedly have
been cases of cannibalism.
The famine is due to the crop
destruction incidental to the
floods of last summer. Capable
engineers any they could be whol
ly nreventiu by a proper system
of drainage and dyking but the
money for it is IscKinir. At in
tervals there have been such visi
tntions inunemorially but the
present one Is unprecedented in
its severity. The provinces are
.lmong the most thickly settled in
China, which aggravates the
situation's seriousness.
Washington, Oct. IB. Action by the
eennte on the Jones Philippine bill.
)issed by the house lnte yesterday by
ti vote nf 211 to fin, will not be tnkcu
until the December eesslon, leaden of
the eonate asserted today. The pur
pose of the measure Is to affirm the In
tention of the United Htate to give
Die Philippines ultiinnte Independence,
It provides thnt this shall occur as soon
lie stnnie government -ran ue eatall-
D. H. Mosher, tho tailor, and A. II.
JlcVoe, the shoe man, the Damon and
I'ythlaa of the devotees of the allure
ment! of fed and gun, are home from
mother expedition to the mountains,
Their ears are remnrknbly sensitive and
ihey ran easily and frequently hear the
nil of the wild. This time they were
not ealled la vain, for they eame hack
enveloped In amlles, laden with honey,
burdened with venison and covered with
lice stings and satisfaction In ahnnt
equal parts. They were accompanied
lir I.ouis Krepla and only the three
if them knew where they went, as ther
liave a litis private hunting ground,
U location of which (her keep a mri
torlotn aeeret. The bee tree which they
lobbed contained about One hundred
pounds of honey, only about sixty of
which they were able to oring home.
jsion Manager" Form
Recommended Election
Noy. 2 or Dec. 7
The proponed amendment to the Sole in
charter, providing for a commission
manager form- of government for the
oity, wns discussed in detail of lts,fuost
important features and from every
angle at the regular monthly, Meeting of
tho promotion department' of the com
mercial club at the Jfarlon hotol last
evening at which Here was a large at
tendance. .Iohn'"lI. Scott presided as
chairman ot'the meeting.
Numeirus ttnlka were made upon the
eft'octa of the iirnnnsed chntinca in the
for the new charter were made by Post
master A. Huckestcin, Dr. J. N. Smith,
County Clerk Max llchlhar, A. A. Lee,
ami H. B. Thielsen. The proposed
amendment will probably bo taken up
for consideration by the city council at
its Monday night meeting when a date
for the election upon It will bo fixed
and, in all probability, the date of the
regular city election, Deccmbor 7, will
be chosen although it is possible that it
may be voted upon at tho city primnry
election November 2.
Considerable stress was laid upon the
duties and powers of tho manager, un
der the proposed new form of govern
ment, ami Dr. Smith elaborated upon
this phase of the discussion stnting that
any attempt to tnlic away any of the
powers lodged in this official would re
sult in the crippling of the entire sys
tem. It was also stated by tho speak
ers that the "commission manager
form of government httu been selected
in preference to the "commission "
form lifter a careful study of tho con
ditions existing in other cities which
hn I fin t both svstems to the test on. I it
was found that the most of the failures
in either form experienced were in the
case of the "commission" form,
In adopting the commission manager
system for ruloin the speakers stated
thnt thev tin t patterned niter the man
ngenient of the great corporations of
the country whose business was con
ducted by a board of directors ami n
malinger at the head of all to be chosen
by this board, or commission, Under
the comiuinsion form, it was pointed out,
each of the commissioners wns given
charge of the management of a depart
ment of the city's affairs and each of
the commissioners chief aim nnd ambi
tion wns to sec how much nionev he
could secure for his own department and
i . 1. 1... I, i I,., i... ,i. .
wow mum or cuiuu spoou. i.'iiuer UK'
nmnnuor svstem. however, an nimrniiriii
tiou of fund for running the city gov
eminent is made and it is up to the
manager to see that it is expended In
the most economical manner consistent
with the best results to be obtained.
The commercial club's note, held by
I, mid & Hu-li bnuk, for the money ex
pended in securing and fitting up the
club rooms on Liberty street was also
"officially paid and burned" with due
ceremony upon this occasion, (leorge K.
Dodgers presented the note to llul I).1,
I'atton of the finance committee, who,
In turn, handed it over to William H.
Wiillnu, cahicr of Ladd St Hush bans,
together with the sum of the Indebted
ness, Mr. Wnlloii stumped the note
"paid In full" with the bunk's private
stamp and tho document was Immediate
ly offered up In sncriflce to the great
fire god, who devoured it with a keen
The names nf the business men who
signed the note and were extended due
honors upon this occasion werei Then.
Both, Win, Mctlllchrlst, dr., Curtis 11.
Cross, V. 0. Khlplev, Hal 1). ration,
B. C. Itlshon, E. Kekorlcn, .1. A. Wilson,
I'red R, llvnon, Russell Callln, P. It.
I) 'Any, C. Van I'atton, .1. (!, I'nrrv,
Aug. Konrborger, II. 0. White, ,1, I,,
Stockton, Otto Hansen, John II. Hcott,
.lldin .1. Huberts, W, P. Kvaus, ('. 0.
Horltclinch. '
Because the man that he wanted to
appoint could not serve longer than
January 1, It 10. (lovcrnor West linn
dei'ldcil to bIIow the office of county
judge of Josephine county, which was
made vacant br the death of the late
Judge Jewell, to remain vacant until
his successor Is chosen at the coming
Considerable excitement wns created
In the home of Utile Wing Knng, the
Chinese merchant, at 1113 North High
street the other morning, when he was
routed from his bed at 5 o'clock and
found the kitchen enveloped In flames
and smoke. His son, Kred, lit years old,
na 1 arisen eariy io goi nis own wrens-
fast. He lluhtnd a roal ell lamp and
set it on top of the warming oven of
the range. The heat of the stove ran
the flame high until It reached inme
clothes suspended from a tine. The
fire was put nut after it had caused a
loss of about tit).
At tho city hall yesterday flOQ voter
were registered and aecording to the
crowd about the booth the indications
were that more than S.'.n would be reg
istered today. City Iteferder Klgln es
timates that about 1 (h)0 more will be
registered before the brake close Nat
urday, On account of report elr
minted that the bonks wmild close nn
October IS, many who were waiting for
the last day before relstrin were
disappointed today to find the bonks
would not close until Maturday the 17th.
About ""0 votert hare registered o
Failure to Cut Off Retreating
Allies Robs German Victory
of Importance
Allies However Command
Railroads, Endangering
German Position
(By J, W. T. Mason, former London
correspondent for the United Press )
New York, Oct, 1,1. General Von
Boolims, commanding one of the kaiser's
armies in northern France, failed in his
efforts to block the southward retreat
of the allied forces from Ostend, it was
evident today.
The French occupation of Vpres
proves that the road is open for these
sorely fatigued Ilelgians with the Brit
ish reinforcements, to escape.
Vpres is i5 miles south of Ostend and
cominnnds n junction of throe or four
main highways from Ostend south to the
allies' military lines. Its retention by
the French is a tfircnt against the
southern flank of flenernl Von Heeoler'a
Oermau nrmv. If the Oallic forces can.
strike f mi Vpres tward the Hiver Lys,
which Von Reseler Is using us protcr
tion for his left, the (lermons will be
forced to retreat to avoid having their
wing turned
A series of other similar strokes and
counter strokes are threatened through
out the buttle area In western Holglnm
and northern l-rance;
Forcoa About Equal.
From this glvo and iaka It appons
that tho rival forces are nhout equal in
strength, Hoth are divided, von Host
ler's victorious Antwerp nrmv has not
joined Von ltoehm, to the southwest
wnnl and, so far an known, the Anglo
Belgian troops who fled the city on the
Hchcldt have not yet united with the
rescuing French corps.
If the British and Belgians are not
too much exhmstcd, they iniuht, by
joining the French nt Yprcs, deliver an
attack in overwhelmingly superior
numbers against either of the two Her
man commands. There is every In Men
tion, however, that the Anglo -Belgian
army urgently needs tinio for recuper
at inn. it undoubtedly retains a reserve
of defensive strength but the spirit for
n determined oftonslvo probably must
wait for n recovery from the fatigue ot
nearly a fortnight's incessant fighting,
Gain No Advantage.
Germans' march to the sea will give
them no military advantage if the re
treating allies escape. The most they
can accomplish by it ioni n strategic
standpoint will be to force the llritlsh
to abnnilon I Intend and perhaps some
nf the northern French ports as supply
bases and choose others farther to the
A German occupation of no North fen
or channel port can threaten the Knglish
const, so long as the Hrltlh retnin
cninniaiiil of the sea, rendering It tin-,
possible for German transports to as
semble for an Invasion, and seaboard
Zeppelin stations will be subject to
destruction hv bombardment from the
allies ' warships,
A permanent' occupation of llelulan
j. . .'
ni.u i i . , i, .mint ,r, ,,, nuiui,
seriously lengthen and weaken the
German battle line unless it coincided
with a retirement from the kaiser's
present positions near the Alsne.
There may, however, be diplomatic
reasons for such a change In strategy.
When the tlmo comes for peace negotia
tions, the Oermnns will he In a position
to demand much better terms If they
hold llelglnn nnd French ports thin
would be the case If they were In occu
pation only of Interior towns, since in
the former Instance Great llritain as
well as Prance would bo vitally eon
corned while in the latter it would be
only France. i
Washington, Oct, ITThat
leprosy may yield to the min
istration of science as a result
f the apparent successes nf a
new treatment, was the inimrt.
ant announcement given nut
here today In the form of a
statement by .the public health
service bureau. Chaulmoogra
oil, a tropical product, was said
to he the basic element of the
new treatment.
"Chaulmoogra oil," the state
ment said, "produces apparent
cures In some cues, greatly Im
proves others, and arrests the
progress of the disease in al
most, every instance."
The statement added that e
perlnientt made In the Philip
pine 'Inlands were "most en
Suggest Appropriations Be
Made for Fiscal Year, and
Reports the Same
As a final solution of the difficulties
and exasperating situations arising out
of the present system of making ap
propriations for the maintenance of the
various departments and institutions of
the state and the requiring of reports
of the heads of the departments for the
biennial period closing September 30
on even years, Secretary of State Oleott
and other state officials suggest ap
change in the system to conform to the
federal government system of making
annual appropriations to cover the fis
cal year ending Juno 30 and requiring
annual reports of the state officials
covering the same fiscal period.
There are numerous arguments ad
vanced in favor of the change suggested
but the most important of them are
that, under the fiscal year system of
mailing appropriations and annual re
port periods, the financial troubles of
tho stuto departments and institutions,
which frequently occur under the men
nia I porlod system through various
causes but most generally duo to defects
In legislation and overnight, would be
eliminated, and in ehanuinir tho close
of the report period from September
,10 to .In n ft JO of each year the officials
would have more time iu which to close
up their books and inuko their reports
to the legislature in plenty of time he
roic Hint body convenes.
In order to put the fiscal period ava
tern into effect from the standpoint nf
departmental and institutional main
tenance it would be necessary for the
next legislature to make appropriations
to cover a period of 30 months, which
would provide for the maintenance of
the different departments until June
30, 1017, instead nf the usual biennial
period of 21 months closing Jnniinry 1
of the odd years. This would require a
seeiniimly heavy appropriation for tho
approaching session, since nu extra six
months would have to be provided for,
but after that the i rocedurn would be
the same as It hns Veir in the oust aiidUnslUuHs In this nelolilifiid'ooil."
the system would be self regulitting in
the future.
Hiuce the nrprnprlntlon measures
passed by the legislature would not be
come of effect until July 1 of tho venr
of enactment there would be plenty of.
time In which to subject them to a
thorough enaniiimtlon for defecta or
"jokers" and to correct the errors at.
the Juno election, as provided for by
the initiative and referendum nnionil
ment to the constitution and it wniitl
also give plenty of time to refer such
measures to a vole of the people In
ease of dissatisfaction over an overt or
apparently extravagant act of the leg
islature, without subjecting any of the
state departments to inconvenience or
leiny In their respective duties by rea-
son of being deprived of the necessary
menus of subsistence.
I'nder the present system of dating
appropriation measures to rover the
biennial period beginning January 1 nf
the odd years all of the departmental
work Is carried on after aiinary 1 nf the
odd years until the legislature makes
provision for their maintenance upon a
purely prospective and altogether un
certain basis and, 111 rase a defect Is
found In the appronrlalalon inensure
nfter the adjournment of the legislature
tnern Is no cure for the evil at hand
short of a special session of the leuisln-
tnre or a special election In the June
following. Moth of these corrective
means are exceedingly expensive and
altogether undesirable from the stand
point nf the taxpayer who is called upon
to foot, the bills. Then, too, there Is
the Interest to pay In the ease of the
necessity or endorsing wnrrants "not
paid for luck of funds" where the
UV!?""."' "",'H',,"inr8 "I1011 '""I' I'""'"
in inr inv rniann
London, Oct, 14. The British were
trying today to take a hopeful view of
the lloer rebellion in Hon t li Africa.
In most pnrts of the Union ia was
declared the Doers wero pledging their
loyalty to the government, Although
he resigned as colonial military Com
mander In chief rather than fight tin
Germans, Genernl lleyera was not be
lieved to be actively antl Mrltlsli, Gen
erals Dewet and llertr.ni were two oth
er influential llnera nn whom the rebels
were thought to have counted too con
Message from Cape Town admitted,
however, that Colonel Merita, now a
German general, the rebel leader, had
a formidable force under him, counting
hoth the lloer and the Germane who
have Joined Msrltx'i republican stand
ard. xrx
IftAUT fr
Oregon t To
night and Friday
rain In northwest
portion. Cooler
Friday) southerly
If ii mi i ail a
i The Weather
l ; 1
Say They Have Marked Ad
vances Between Arras
and Albert
"Have Made Advances to the
North Along Verdun Line
Toward Melz"
Paris, Oct. 15. Succosses by tho al
lies aualnst the Germans at a number of
points along tho fighting lines in the
north were claimed in the war office's
usual daily report on the situation, re
ceived horo from Bordenux at three this
"On out extreme left," said thestato
ment, "in Belgium, tho enemy, moving
from Antwerp, notched the neighnor-
hood of Bruges and Tlnelt Wednesday,
"The Germans have abandoned their
positions on the left hank of the lilver
I, vs. Between this section and Ia
Basse the situation la unchanged.
"We have made a marked advance
between Arms and Albort.
"Between the Momma and Oise rivers
there have been no new developments
Tho Germans attached our lines with
artillery but did not venture on any In-
fnntrv assaults.
"Along tho center we have advanced
towards Cranuuo, an advnnce which wns
especially marked on the road from
Berrv-Au-Bnc to llhelins and north of
Priinny. We forced the enemy
tirnmeiit from a number of entrenched
"'llaving drlvn bnek night attacks
hv tho enemy on October 1.1 and II
between the Mouse and the Moselle
rivers, we have pressed forward towurd
l the north along tho Verdun lino towurd
'On our extreme right the (Ioniums
have censed their occasional resump
tions of the offensive north of Ht. Hie.
"In the ltussinn theatre of wnr, the
battle continues along the Vistula. Hun
and Dniester rivers. The situation in
Kant Prussia Is unchanged."
Allies Are Driving Wedge Into
Right Wing in Effort to
Turn It
London, Oct, 15. German nttcmpts
to cut off and capture or destroy the
Anulo-llclirian force nt Ostend has full
ed, It wns learned hero today nn excel
lent though unorflclal authority.
On the contrary, the Hritlsh and
Belgians were said to have been Joined
by French reinforcements end repulsed
the knlser' troops,
The Germnn line stretching from the
northeast to the southwest across the
Kranen-Helglan frontier wns reported
bent hack by the strength nf (tin allies'
The Hritlsh were understood to be
bearing the brunt of the fighting In
this region, but tho official war infor
mation bureau did not state their num
ber or whether they had recently re
ceived reinforcement from home.
The occupation of Ostend by the
Germane was accepted as inevitable ul
tlmately, hut It wa declared this had
already been discounted and that a
blockading fleet could easily render
the port useless as a base for Zeppelin
raids to the Hritlsh Isles, by shelling
the Zeppelin hangars.
Latest accounts were that the Ger
man front stretched from the region
of Antwerp, almost directly to the
southward, across the Frnnco-Ilelglan
frontier. The right of the army under
General Vonlleseler, who took Antwerp,
rosta on the North aen near Hiaiiaen-
nergho) It left on the l.y river near
Courtral. Advancing, and driving a
wedge Into till line, the allies were try
ing today to turn Vonlieseler' left,
It waa expected here today that the
German would occupy the rest uf Ilel
gium's port but It wai believed of
fensive operation by the allies slightly
Inland would keep the Teutonic troops
so busy that their control ot tne const
line would be practically no advantage
to tbem.
London, Oct, 1.1. Demoblllrallon of
the Turkish army la about to become
necessary owing to lack of funds, It. wa
asserted today nr ine i enirni newt
Home correspondent, who attributed
his Information to a Constantinople
dispatch. , . ,
Austrians and Germans Cross
the Vistula Driving Rus
sians Back
Berlin, by wireless via Bayville, Oct.
IB. Pressing their advantage against,
the Hussians in Poland, German and
Austrian forces were crossing the Vis
tula rivor today, tho war office an
nounced, to push their invasion farmer
eastward into the czar's territories.
Communications had alroady been
severed, it was stated, between tho Bus
siun fortresses of Wursaw aud Ivan
gorod. To the northward, continued the re
port, the battle of Wirbnllen, which has
ueen rugiug siucu umuuor t, bum i-uu-tinned,
with the advantage in the Ger
mans favor. The Russians wero said
to have made repeated attempts to
storm the kaiser's trenches but wore in
variably beaten buck with terrific
A Gorman officer was quoted as ac
cusing a Russian major on the Fast
Prussian frontier of compelling tho in
habitants of German villages to join
the Hussians in the bitter's trenches nnd
nf using German women as shields for
Russian machine guns. Later, it wns
added, this major was shot by the
Austrian! Beat Russians.
The statement included the first of
ficial announcement of the raining by
tho Austrinus of the siege of Przomysl
The Hussians, driven buck, were ro
ported entrenching along a line through
Htory, Knmbor and Meilykn, in a general
easterly direction from Przemsyl, with
the Austrians attacking them fiercely,
German Imperial Chancellor Von
Bethinniin llollweg, whoso resignation,
when ho offered it to tho hnlser some
tlmo ago, wns not accepted, arrived
with his suite at Brussels Wednesday,
said the war otrio,
Heferrring to the fighting at Antwerti
the report declared that Belgian Bud
British losses were enormous.
Saved the Oathodral.
When Gorman entered the city, It.
was sunt, run muunnga nnout.
-VxMlrrl we-e burning end the. eat lied-1 "'v'K .'J,Him iii-uim cin
rnl itself would have been destroyed if , ' Ht .and then abandoning it tt
tho kaiser's soldiers hnd not managed i its fate adding that his assertion
to get the flniues under control und
saved the structure,
The number nf civilians killed.by the
Antwerp bombardment was said not to
exceed 12, the losses having been In
flicted almost solely on the defenders of
the forts.
The Hussian claim thnt two of the
German submarines which attacked and
sank the cziir's cruiser Palludu wero
themselves sunk in turn was denied.
Superintendent Clanton Says
30,000,000 Eggs Were
Taken This Year
That the take of salmon eggs for
hatchery purposes Is greater this year
than ever before in the history of arti
ficial propagation of siilmon In this
stato and that I lie supply of spawn on
hand III consequence Is so great that n
large portion of the eggs token will be
turned over to the government hatch-'
eric to take care of, Is tho statement
of Hiiperliilendcnt It. K, Clanton, who
I In tho city in nttcnilnncn upon the
regular meeting uf tho Fish nnd Game
' Mr. t'lnnton says the take of salmon
eggs this senson, principally nf the
early chlnonk variety, will nggrcgnte
more than ;i(l,ntl(l,Otltl. The Itonnevllle
central hatchery station la equipped
to cure for aliout ir,),oiu,uiiu or ttieso
eggs nnd the fry realised from them,
and to feed them In the retaining ponds
until they attain the required site anil
age for turning them into the streams
or the stute, the capacity navmg neen
this vear as in past years, as the trout
ilu not spawn every year as do the nth
er varieties of migratory fish and this
seem to have been an otr senson lor
The Immense run uf bluedinek snlmon
whltiu waa oipcrlrnrcd this year, re
sultlnl from the bnby fish turned out
of the hatuhnrlee four years ago, estalv
llshe beyond a (loutit that tnn present
method of taking and earing for young
fish by the hatcherlna I a success and
this I demons! ruled by tho liberal con
tribution of tho cannery ownera who
are subscribing to a fund nt (511110 ti
aid In the hatchery operation nf the
state, whereas, liefurn It wa like pull
lug teeth to get money out of them be
cause nf lack uf fnlth In the system,
The Fish and Game Commission met
at the state house this morning nnd
will continue In session all day but
nothing except routine matter were
transacted at this morning's session.
Tito solicitor for fund for tho Balm
Y. M, C. A, are meeting with good re
sponse according to the subscriptions
turned in and about l0 ha been
raised lit tho first day' work. Tho
committee has et out to raise 4,lli()
for th ensuing year.
' ; '
Failed in Attempt to Bottle U?
ians and British ia
It Is Admitted that AH Belgira
Will Soon Be In German
Ignoring all considerations of
neutrality, Congressman Gard
ner of Massachusetts, in the
house of representatives today,
denounced Germany for its part
in the European war, demanded
that the United States reorj?nn
IzeMts military forces with a
view to eventualities and offered
a resolution providing1 for a com
mission to investigate the coun
try's preparedness for hostili
ties. Germnn Arnfwssador Von
Rernstorff accused Great Britaia
i.i! n i..i. ! i,u
would be proved later bv docu
mentary evidence. ' '
Tho Germans failed in their
attempt to bottle up the Belgian
and British army which escaped
from Antwerp.
Instead, tho allies, in occupa
tion of Ypres, struck smashlnprly
at the force under General Von
Beseler, the Antwerp victor,
threatening to turn his left win?,
on the River Lys.
The Germans, however, occu
pied UriiKes.
The French claimed Rains le
tween Arras and Albert, alow?
their center in the direction of
Craonne and towards Metz.
Despite all this, it was tactily
admitted the Germans would
soon control the Belgian and
probably some of the French
coast, ho the British transferred
their landing base from Ostend
to Dunkirk, Franco.
In the east, the Germans
claimed a victory over the Rus
sians, They Hnid the battle of Wir
bnllon, in its eleventh day, wiw
turning in their favor.
Another victory over tho Rus
sians was claimed In the Warsaw
Germans and Austrians weru
crossing the Vistula for a
further march Into the RuhsIiiii
Beaton back from the San
river, In Galicla, tho Russian
entrenching east of Przemysl,
the Austrians attacking them
Servians and Montenegrins
told of another victory over thti
Austrians near Serajevo.
British transports were off
the I'ortuguess coast, mipposedly,
to take rortugueso troops to
South Afrlcn.
At Chicago It. IT. R.
National .20000000 0-11 S I
American. 00030000 a ,1 9
Humphries, Vaughn and Archr
Hcott, ('lentte and rtcbalk.
American win eerie.
Portland, Ore., Oct. IB. Ar
rested on suspicion today, 1. D.
Lasaii, according to the author
ities, confessed to robbing the
home of Hamiiel II. Kriendly at
Kugene, Ore.. Oct. 9, when ll
ver plate Tallied at 1W0 wa
eeciired. The plate wa recover
ed her by detective.
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