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Company Coming!
IDlES to make bread to bake a hundred and one things to
do and the brunt of the work falls upon mother.
But mother doesn't mind now--seemc to enjoy it, in fact.
Company can't come too strong for her since the new range
was installed "The more the merrier", she says.
Of course, it's the
&&tote- Sjbeel Rcme
that has brought this all about that lias done away with all drudgery in
cooking, made baking a genuine pleasure.
The convenience and compact capacity ( this range will be a revelation to anyone w ho
has been using a less modern cooking appliance. The commodious cooking top has three
interchangeable sections, or key plates, in each of which two lids set. The big square even
is large enough to accommodate two tiers of baking at one time. The high warming closet
and the two nickeled tea shelves provide convenient facilities fur keeping dishes warm.
Other convenient features are: the thermometer in the bake oven door; the portable door
spring and bolt; the perfected duplex grate. A large and very efficient hot water reservoir
is furnished as an extra
' SlNTt
When are you coming in to inspect the
line of Estate Stoves and Ranges?
We'll be glad to see you at any time,
and to show you why you should Own
an Estate".
"Where CriUatoab are sold
The Complete Housefurnishers
Remember, We Guarantee to Save You Money
This is a Special Line from the IlARttY MITCHELL TAILOKING COM
PANY made to order, made to fit, made to please and satisfy. Come today
and leave your measure.
$25.00, $30.00 AND $35.00
Suits and Overcoats
Made to Order Only $18.00
Fine all wool goods, elegant up-to-date patterns, very stylish and beautiful
materials in Cheviots, Cassimeres, in fancies and in staples, for BUSINESS OR
SUNDAY WEAR. The very identical patterns would cost you at any other
Tailor $25.00, $30.00 and $35.00. Our price
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of executive ability, ami of kiudly
bearing who arc friendly to all, bring
'.ng out the best in each member of her
conruittee and making the stranger fool
at home.
Activities for the year among elub
wobicd were auspiciously ushered iu to
day jv the Salem Woman ' Club break
fast given at noon at the Hotel Mar
ion, (.overs were laid for seventy-five
handsomely gowned guests ut beautiful
ly decorated tablet. Preceding the
breakfast a brief ousiucss session was
bel.l, the afternoon's program being
completed with addrcssdes and musical
numbers. A detailed acoauut will ap
pear in Monday's Journal, the pro
gram being completed too lute for to
night's columns.
Tin Chautauqua Heading Club, re
cently organized, although of small
membership is accoinplismug very de-nil-able
results. The children's room of
the I'ublie Library has been secured
the world with the fai-t that America
is capable of producing celebrities
equal to those of Europe, we may yet
be listening to grand opera rendered in
a sew and possibly a more pleasing
The New Kngland Conservatory Club
has ?cnt out invitations for a piano re
cital to be given by Miss Winifred
Byrd, of Salem, assisted by Mrs. Kay M.
Huntington, mezzo-soprano, at the resi
dence of Mrs. John H. Hull, SoT Love
joy street, Monday afternoon, in fort-
land. -Miss Byrd is au exceptionally tal
ented young woman. .She is a graduate
of the soloist course of the New Kng
land Conservatory of Music and is a
favorite pupil of Madame -Yeieasa ( a
renno, of lierlin. Mrs. Hunting is also
a New Knulund Conservatory mutil and
studied Inst year with Victor JInurel. i for a meeting place, the first session
New Vork citv. The programme is va-"UB .'ear otmg iiiursuay aneriioon.
ried and beautiful. Jt is as follows: The first course of study will be from
ballade in U minor, three preludes, Tennyson, the program Thursday in
Marehe Funebre, Chopin; aria "La eluding tho first two chapters from
Ciee:i"irom "La Giooouda," Ponehicl- "Through Kngland with Tennyson."
la ; improvisation, MacDowell; 1'apillous, ' Responses to roll call were made by
Olscuj Nocturne, Oricg; Ktude, Haer-1 quotations from Tennyson, au excellent
mans Constancy, Arthur Foote; " Nur! biographical sketch following, rend by
Wcr die Sehusiieht Kennt," I. Tschai- Mrs. May Wroten. Mrs. Cariiu Chapel
kowskyj "A Hirthday," H. Huntington- had prepared an excellent paper on Lin
Woodman; "Tarantella" (Venezie e 'o.'n Cathedral, Mrs. V. T. 1'ortor ap
Napoli), Liszt. i pearing in a reading, "i.ocksley Hull."
i Hevicw of the lesson was made by Mrs.
Miss Alice Skiff, Salem's gifted '' .Iiol'"t "vi''i. followed by eril icisms
young vocalist, delighted a large audi- ; h-V'B-, v. . ,- . ,
ence in the auditorium at the state fair , The club s next meeting will be tri
al Inst Saturday afternoon's concert. -ly ftcrnoou it three o eloeR.
Her number was "Cnrmeua," and re- Th mtn ""l l"' f; Vo" K'"'!,V"'
sponding to an insistent encore she UP "'',, L', !' j "rtl' ''''''''i
gave the popular" little song, "Hvm- "' )V H. Jisher, Mrs. May roten,
pnthy." Her singing was beautifully ! r8- "' , ' h'lf.-v' ' "', A' ml'.'' '
ninr ,! ,iwiin..i .,, ,....i i,;,, Mrs. H. li, Ooodm, MrB. Hubert David-
plainly heard throughout 'the large audi-. B' -'!!" J" 1H.",rt""' '',' s"'"""'
toriuni. ,rB' E- 1 "-her, Mrs. M. II. 1'tter,
I . rs. n. li. r rosi.
riti Klmn UVMot- m i wi. Tik' club's lesson course is furnished
leading musicians, who is at nwn in ''v the ( hiititnuqiia company of New
i'iii.ui titmivin t. ...;h i... I..... i or.t, tne coiuing years work includ
Fann.c Hloom't'ield Zoisler. a rei'iowned , " '''"loerntie Kiiglaiid, " by I'crcy
pianist, is expected to return to Sa-'"' . !'.v m
leui tne latter pHrt ol the month alter! ' , ," "' '
h r--i ' "
Dalles; Miss Mattie Beatty, Salem; gen
eral federation secretury, Mrs. badie
Orr Luubar; the officers of the Salein
club being, president, Mrs. F. A. 1
liott; vice-president, Mrs. Kiuiua Gallo
way; recording secretary, Mrs. Jessie
Hamilton; financial secretary, Mrs. H.
I, i lements; treasurer. Airs. W. M.
Hamilton; auditor, Miss Edith ('. Ha
zard. Directors are Mrs. K. 8. Wallace,
Mrs. Alice H. Dodd and Mrs. Charles
Wellor; calendar committee, Mrs. Jessie
Minto, Mrs. Kiuina tialloway. Art
classes will be in charge of Mrs. Alioe
H. Dodd; drilina, Mrs. W. K. Kirk; liter
ature, Mrs. K. J. Hendricks, Mrs. F. U.
Howersox, Mrs. G. A. Wood; civics, Mrs.
A. N. Bush, Mrs. J. H. Albert, Mvs.
1. N. Kaymond, Mrs. V, K. Kirk, Mrs.
II. K. Cluy, Mrs. A. i, Moores; educa
tiouul, Mrs. Richard cartwright, Mrs.
W. 1. Stnley, Mrs. E, 0. Soieko; press,
Mrs. Elizabeth Case, Miss Mnttie F.
Heatty, Mrs. J. H. Lewis; relief, Mrs.
Everett Anderson, Mrs. Russell t'ntliu,
.Mrs. u. W. tshuud, Mrs. Joseph l'nlmer,
Mrs. C. P. Hishop; social, Mrs. W. C,
Knighton, Mrs. F. H. Hpears, Mrs. R. K
l'agc, Mrs. Mux Biiren, Mrs. tieorgo
(I. lirown, Mrs. .1. H. McNury, Mrs.
William Mctlilehrist, Jr., Mrs. It. V.
Meetings will be held the second Sat
urday of each mouth iu the publie li-
an absence ol several mouths.
Mrs. Squira Farrar, Mrs. Anna R. Fish,
Mrs. E. E. Fisher, Mrs. William Flem
ing, Mrs. Goo. P. Fox, Mrs. D. J. Pry,
Alias Jennie Fry, Miss Ethel Fletcher,
Mrs. F. I). Giddiugs, Mrs. Wm. Gallo
way, Mrs. J. 0. Goltra, Mrs. Charity
Gleason, Mrs. 0. 8. Hamilton, Mrs. W.
'. Hawley, Mrs. E. W. Hazard, Mjsa
Edith Hazard, Mrs. R. J. Hendricks,
Mrs. E. M. Hoffnell, Mrs. Fletcher Ho
nian, Mrs. Hluuche Howard, Mrs. Leslie
D. Howe)l, Mrs. L. Hays, Mrs. W. M.
Hamilton, Mrs, Agues Harding, Mrs.
Florence Irwin, Mrs. J. P. Jones, Mrs.
Seymour Jones, Mrs. C. H. Kable, Mrs.
W. !:. Kirk, Mrs. W. C. Knighton, Mrs.
A. D. Kazmarek, Mrs. A. 11. LaCroix,
Mrs. F. A. Legg, Mrs. J. H. Lewis, Mrs.
T. A. Livesley, Mrs. O. a. Locke, Mrs.
K. T. Luildeu, Mrs. Geo. Lewis, Mis
Miuuetta Magers, Mrs, Cary F. Martin,
Mrs. J. M. Martin, Mrs. J. H. McNary,
Mrs. F. 8. Meudcuhall, Mrs. ti. ,1. Miles,
Mrs. H. P. Minto, Mia. Sophia Monroe,
Mrs. F. A, Moore, Mrs. A. N. Moores,
Mrs. J, 0. Morcland, Mrs. W. 8. Mott,
Mrs. C. Marvin, Mrs. Don Miles, Mm.
Win. MeGilehrist, Jr.; Mrs. L. K. Pago,
Mrs. H. K. Page, Mrs. Joseph Palmer,
Mrs. K. C Patton, Mrs. J. (J. Pettyjohn,
Miss Catherine Pooler, Mrs, S, E. Pur
vine, Mrs. George J. Pearce, Mrs. P. H.
Kaymond, Mrs. J. J. Koherts, Mrs. V, H.
Robertson, Miss Mabel Robertson, Mrs.
brary, the following program having S. G. Sargent, Mrs. K. 0. Sierke, Mrs
lav and Toinoriuw,' bv Gruulicrg. Af
ter four vears of studv members are
! Mine. Julia Reed, violinist, .igiiiu dc-:t-'iv,'n ,lii'l('mai'-, , ,
lighted a Salem audience with her ex-' ,
quisite plnving lust night at her final: An interesting program has neon pic
,mne..rt 1,1 il,.. i.'i.-yt i 1.1 hruii.t ..I. i. I m ret I 1 or the reception to be given by
rendering a varied and interesting pro.:"' of children of the Grunt
gram. She wus splemlidly assisted by ! M'ho"1. ,0 l,""l"v "bt-
Mr i.l,, ft, i;.i.Mp'i,. ,.,.' (superintendent l-.lliott of the city
soprano, of Eugene, Miss Alicia j,. 1 "'howls will make an address. Miss MiiM
Elroy of Portland, un.l Crolessor T. S. ' ,00'', h:'"r'1 ,'" m," "" w'"
Robeits. ;hIko -Miss Inez Mcnuisnu, State Super-
int'endent I hnrc.liill will spcnli on a
As the time appuiucbe. for the bo-1 '1''' leading iuteret, an, I instill
ginning of the winter's concert cuoirc, 1 '" ' will be interspersed
interest increases and Miss Viiinotta Ihro.iglinut the i.rograin.
.Magers, who has these events in charge, A" "l"'"' r"'i t the school hiuld
is daily receiving requests for tickets "'K tmnsloniM.d into a icccp-
I from out to town people. The fourth I tl"" u"'1 WM attractively dee
of the series has noi yet been secured, "n',,"l H'e cc-nsioii.
the selection remaining among u mini- ,
ber of universally r ignize.l artists. rollowlng the break I list, the event ol
This number will' be given in March. ""mt "'''osl among club women will
The first of the series will be .;VB he the Stnte hederiition, which convenes
Williams, on November II. 1 111 lv,K''IM! "'xt week. All the ledemted
Miss West, an instructor of the Men- "'lllt'" Br "I't'oiiit in their tlelegutes, Sm
inoiiTh Nonniil School, was in Snlciu l'in! to be Mrs. Russell Cutliii, Mrs. F.
duriiu the week making arrangements ':,llul, ' ' U. Riiyinoiitl, Mrs,
to bring one Inin.we.l Mtudents -from 1 Stnley, Mrs. .1. tl. tloltrn and .Mrs.
thi.t institution to utteml the Glii. il-: K ;1' r'" ltoii will act as atei nates. This
imblllist concert. , wl" '" ""' "ir "" eiecnoll.
H , u :Politis will be ill the bHckgiouud and
,. ., . , i , , . 1 onlv the big issues that come up for
Mis Ruth Fiignte has been selei-ted ... 'm , .... , .... .. , , .' i...
. . , ,i vi, ipi,- ui it,, mi,l iiic at ,11 i-snt-n tit
u f i ZZ , "u'r". V"l t speakers with the social en
tnilto in Hie l-irst, .Methodist church .,,,., ,, ' . i i n ,in ,
clinic . . ' 1
, , . the attention ot the tlelegutes. 1
T1, , ,., , u. , , , , ,. i A nicnsuie nf much importance to the j
,H, h7 i '"! ' wi" that conceiiiing the
:!V". J'. I?'!"!". !""""!" wo I districting of the state. Should this be I
,., u CS,-V ,,! V 11111.10 UV. , ,, . . . ,,. . ,,,...,,.
e rs. Ihe course las been secured by1, . 1 . . . ,, . , .
,,, ., .,,, . ,,.,,1 . ; into three or four districts, district con-
Hi1, Mud nddiini, nf Mllainette uni- - , ,, .
i-.,.iiy Th. . ..f . i...l ..,... ventions being held every two years.
..in i',. i,.. v .. i it i. .i. Nilcni delegates wi II lie eiitertiiiuei as
h IZ . T 'th '" "'"'I'-" guests of Eugene friends .luring
oiniiiorti qiinnci appears, i ms qual- , ,h,.p
ktuv Ml tho Hittl (Infini'ius mill Hi
The Markets
Stock lings, per ll Oe
Ewes, per lb 3Mii
Spring lambs, per lb He
Veal, first class 1 Iu
Dry, par lb Be
tilted country pelts, each 05r(n !
Lamb putts, each ... Hfto
Hay, llmothy Hi.00
(Hover, per ton 8.00
Oats sni veteU H Ki
Che .00
Wheat, per bushel IWe
Hran, per ton 39M
Oata, per bushel Son to 87o
(ittlm bsrk, per lb mc!ir.
Potatoes, per ewt 1.00
autter ana tiggs,
Ilutlerfst, per lb ,
Crosmsty butler, per lb
Kggs M-...-- 30c cash
Hobs, per lb
Itooslers, pr lb, -
Kryori a
Btoeri ....... ...
Cows, per ewt
lings, fst, per lb ...
Sun FiiiiicIsi o, (let, 10. l-'ggs - E
lis, 4."ict pullets, ill,'; Calil'iiinia stoi
I age, i xt i us, Hue,
1 Hotter Evtius, l!tH.,,c; prime fitsts
l!7'tj,' firsts, lists-1 seconds, 21c,
Cheese California fancy, lli'jc;
firsts, luc; seconds, 10c,
H4e. !
J.-Mi ;
.1,'ic, trade'
Scitlle, Wash., tlct, lo. Eggs
( Fresh ranch, 4;i I7e; Oriental", lsc.
Hotter Ltn al cubes, ;ttci bricks, S."e;
Oiegtjii cubes, VIM -Ktc.
i Cheese Liiubiiiger, I0c Wisconslti,
t'lMc; Hwi.. (domestic), 'Uv Washing
c tun, 17' n He.
c Gniiius Giern, Uofii'JIe per ilonn;
I'list.'tn Wusliiiigtiui, tfti P,c per poiinil;
1 1 li I i I i ti, l(n I
I I'uliiloi'S Local, Ifirl !l tc per piiiiml ;
,eas( 'in Washington, Kiil'uc,
! I'oitliuid, (Ire., Oct. 111. Wheat
; Club, Pile; liluestein, 41.01 .
; Oiits- No. 1 white feed, tlM.50) gray,
' llnrley llrelug, sl 1 ; feed, 1;
! Hugs llest live, sU
1 Plime steers, 7; fancy cos, (Oj
i best calves, ifH,
Spilng himbs,
i ll-iltir- ' "Is v creamery, 3Se,
i:ilL's--Mclei tetl local extrns. n'J'.i .Lie.
Ileus, l'l 1 i,r ; broilers, Vitybi i:it'
: geese, 10c.
Ninth I'oilliiiid, Oct. U, 1VM. Its
celpts lor the week bsve beent Cattle,
1','tl; cahes, II; lutgs, iVitll; shepp, liOUO,
Light receipts of cattle for the week
with improved demand anil est rente top
graibs a little Vinttger in ptice. Top
been prepared for the year: November
14, address, "Social Hvgieuc, Dr.
Ilertha Stuart, of Eugene; December 12,
illustrated lecture, " Hii ds, " William L.
Fiuley; January 0, "Art," Mis. Alice
H. Dodd; February If, "Women's
Day," Mrs. F. A. Elliott; March 13,
Musicnle, ill charge of Miss Magers;
April 10, "A Day With Western
Poets," Mrs. Arthur Hoeschen; May 8.
" Drntuutic. Rending,'1 Mrs. Anna Fish;
June 12, nnniiiil meeting uud election
of officers.
The club roster contains the names of
the rollowing members:'
Mrs, J. H. Albert, Mrs. Everett Ail
tleifou, Mrs. F. E. thukcr, Mrs. Joseph
Huuiiigiirtucr, Mrs, II, J, Iteiiu, Mrs, A.
li. Hennctt, Mrs, Mnttie. F. Heatty, Mrs.
T. L. Hillingslev, Mrs. C. I'. Ilinhop,
Mrs. It. C. Hishop, Mrs. 0. ii.
Hciincll, Mrs. J. O. Hogcr, Mrs.
F. G. Howersox, Mrs. William
llrowii, Mrs. Clil lord W. Minim, Mrs.
G. G. Hiowii, Mrs, M. O. Iliircu, Mrs.
W. II. Hnrghardt, Mrs. A. N. Hush, Mrs.
F. II. Hrcwer, Mrs. Gertrude, Hunlsul,
Mrs. Itichanl Curtwright, Mrs. E. r.
Ciirlctnn, Mrs, Klizalieth Case, Mrs.
Rose Chiiuiberliiiii, Mrs. II. E. Clay, Mrs.
II. ,1. Clements, Mrs. A. M, Clawt'ord,
Mrs. Curtis H. Cross, Mrs. A. H. Dodd,
Mrs. R. E. Downing, Airs. S. C. Dyer,
Mrs. F. A. Elliott, Mrs. . M. Epplev,
Mrs. II. C. Epley, Mrs. Hny Farmer,
G, W. Hhand, Mrs. Eliznbeth Sherwood,
Mrs. Surah Small, Mrs. F. K. Smith,
Mrs. F. S. Spears, Mrs. It. H. Smith,
Mrs. F. I). Houthwiek, Mrs. Walter
Spaulding, MrB. F. W. Spencer, Mrs. II.
L. Steevea, Mrs. R. E. L. Steiner, Mrs.
,1. L, Stockton, Miss Zoo Stockton, Mrs.
.1. D. Sutherland, Mrs. E. .1. Swufford,
MVs, W. I. Stoley, Mrs. T. C Smith, Jr.;
Miss Ellen Thielsen, Mrs. F. A. Turner,
Mrs. Walton Vun Winkle, Mrs. Selm
Case Wnll, Mrs. H. S. Wallace, Mrs. E.
E. Waters, Mrs. Geo. J. Watson, Mrs.
Chillies Weller, Mrs. Edwurd Weller,
Mrs. J. W. West, Mrs. Walter Winslow,
Mrs. G. A. Wootl, Mrs. .1. M. Willey.
PEA itr-ON To Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
I'eiirsoii, of 11147 South Thirteenth
street, taturdny, October 3, 1B14, a,
ton, to be named Claire Pearson.
M,)uking does not cure children of bolt
welling. There Is ft constitutional csutM
tor llitii trouble. Mrs. M. Bumniers, si&
W, Notre Paine, lud., will rend tree tn
any mother her aiioetsaful home Ireot
inent, with lull instructions. Bend no
money, but write ber today If your chil
dren trouble you la this way. Don't
b!,uno the child tho ehsncee are ft can't
help IU This trestment also cures adill'a
nd sued venule troubled with urine ititn
"tiltltts hv itsy or ntsht.
tet wus Hie oflielul oue In the presl-
.I....I1..I ... Lt....l.l!-...
,,,.,. v, K ai tut- nt- H 1 lliinttv tllitl Mil V A F.llloH will st, n
natijual eouventioii In 1HOH. Thev navel ."!!y " . . M . ioI, i, , . ,l . ' ill
I the sororitv houses.
Miss Mnttie
been heard by a number of local peo
ple, vho pronounce their work of the
t.:.,i..,. .ii
. .. . -,:,, i, i ii, i,u,,,,u ii,,,,u
file se, -on, I ami final musical event . . 11 11
at the Gamma I'hl Heta house, Mrs.
Ilichurd I artwright being the guest of
her 'laughter, Miss Constance Cart-
will be given by the International Oper
atic conmniiv,. i The members are se-
Of I leers of the State FeileraGon are:
President, Mrs. Sarah A. Evans, Port-
leetel fioin the best of modern operas.: rT"7'-.an a. man-,
Mine. Tekl. Farm w. sele'tell Uy l'"H lrt vice-presblent, Mrs. Lee
Mine. Schunian-lleinke from among a :M.""!1"'",'' IV'nlM"" seeoml v Ice pre.
large number of soprano, to sing the i,,""t'. Mr"' K, K M.,,rrt"1V "U":
li'tnlinir HDiirmin nnrt In 1 l,n i 'n 1 .nf . I
terv." Mrs. Julia Kins. I'ln..ll. Ihe . "'.". ""r"l " "'" "
weil-linown l.,c..l m.i.l..i... ... . ,.. '.. Mrs. Sadie Orr lumbar, Port am ;
ally acquainted with her In her early
career ami describes her as the possess
or of both a wonderful voice and charm,
ing ersonulity,
Oilier numbers of this course sic all
interesting, Including educational as
well as entertiiliimi'tit features,
itrcunuer, Mrs, C, N Rniikin, I'uttlund;
, onililnr, Mrs. W. P. Ilovntoii, Kiigcne;
. iiireetnrs, Mrs, Agnesa lliiidshnw, The I
VLUUJ a, ,
BKSIDKS their philnnlhiopic and!
civic iiitc tests, women's clubs,
hnve nlsu a verv iinnni-tiitit miicIhI 1
sltle, and with this properly iiviinl,,',,
leiiuers ami oiiiciius, says no aiitliorl''
tlve Writer on these subjects, should
be chosen fur tlit'ir ability to be de
pended upon, I n 1 till, gracious women
Should be patched up. We have Ihe dope.
will stop any leak in metal or rubber roof.
We carry roof paint
Spaulding Logging Co.
Front and Ferry
Hume 1830
price oil steers ic, bulk of suit's tO.oOdl
tll.7'1. Emreuie tup on cows lor the
week, Sil.l.'i, Hulls meeting with ready
sale at strong prices,
Heavy receipts of hogs, dcuiiiinl good,
top hogs 47,li at close of niaiket,
Receipts of shiep un, lambs light,
Demand strong lor first clnss quulity,
with pi ires l ully steady with Inst week.
The following sales are lepresentn
HM steer It'll I 47.IMI
IM -leers 1 1 I.I II.1MI
HI steers I lis il.jo
I'.l ''leers li!?.! tl.'.M
Ml begs sl J.WI
71.1 hogs a ; 7, .1,1
h,"il hogs Ilia "..111
.101 hogs 1 IN 7,1.1
ii cows I It7 1 tl.'-'l
II eous Ill) - II. 1.1
1.M cows I IS a o 00
R3 cows Illl ,1.7.i
S bulls 11.11 4.10
(I hilfers HII lino
r sg i hi i o.oo
I calf 170 7.1.'!
4l7lsmbs "fl tl.f'O
,1.11 yiar Ml r,.ll
141 Wethets 7 fi.i'O
I 41 lees till I. Ml
of our Electric Heater
is one of tho most valu
able assets of the mod
ern hostess.
"Ifit't electric,
come to u"
Masonic Temple
Phone 1200
This coupon may be exchanged for votes in the con
test for a trip to San Francisco in 1915, at the Capital
Journal office. Not good after October 17, 1011
House of Half a Million Bargains
We carry the largest slock of Sacks and
Fruit Jars.y m ,
H. Steinbock Junk Co.
131 But Street, ftalem, Oregoa. riot Mail 14