Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 10, 1914, Page SIX, Image 6

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rintt Church of Christ, Scientist.
Services are held at 440 Cheineketa
street, lit II a. in. ami H p. in.; subject
of Hilile lesson, "Arc Win, Disease, ami
Death Henlf" Sunday school at 9:45
a. in. Wednesday evening testimonial
meeting at 8 oVlork. The reading
room of this ehnrrh is located in the
Hubbard building, suite and
open every day except Sundays and
holidays, from "ll:4ii a. in. until 5 p.
in. All arc welcome to our services
and invited to visit our reading room.
First Christian. Church.
Comer High mil Outer, F. T. Por
ter, minister. !:)" a. in. Hilile School,
Jr. H. I'. Kpley, director. This is
iiiilly Day and is to be u great day;
special musir; fine orchestra. 11:0(1 a.
in. worship and sermon, subject, "fift
iriH Our Banner.' ' HiIM) p. in. ('. B.
7:110. p. in, sermon, subject, "Doing
Our llcst.'' Come ami worship with
The First Congregational.
Corner uf North Liberty mid Center,
Perry Frederick Si hrock, minister. An
mini ' in 1 1 v day. Ilible school at 10 a. in.
Morning worship at II a. in. The Five
llinute Object Keiiunii for children will
be resinned lit this service. Fvoiiing
worship at ':') p. m. Sermon topics:
Morning "Making It jlM.V Day Worth
While." Kveniui!, ' Lessons In Life
from Ciilifornin Cities."
Salem Commons
'.Ml State Street. At :i o'clock Sun
day afternoon Hev. K. C, All'or.l will
speak at the Conim'ilis ' Hull, Miss llllth
Jliown and Mrs. A. .1. Weagor will sing
a duet. At S o'clock Hev. Albert. .1.
Lucas will speak. A cordial invitation
is extended to every one; these nre
strictly Interdenominational. Services.
Come and bring your friends.
Swedish Tabernacle M. E.
Comer South loth and Mill streets,
llev. John Ovull, pastor. Service at
11 p. in. ami p. in. All art most cor
dially invited to attend.
W. C. T. U.
Hev, .1. II. Cook of the Free Meth
odist church, will address the gospel
tempeiiiuco meeting at Itniup memorial
hall Hnndiiv lit I o'clock. A welcome
to alll.
I. B. S. A.
The 'international Hilile students of
Siilein will hold their regulur weekly
study at -t : I "i Court street, upstairs,
Sunday, 10 a, in. All Hlhlo students
Welcome, No collection.
Highland Friends.
Coiner of Highland uml Kim. Jose
phine llockett, pastor, phone I Hi') resi
lience 'J'J.'.ri N. Kim. Salibatli school 10
A. in., Hnrl I'riiilt, siiperiuteudi'iit.
Preaching II a. m. and 7::iu p. in.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:110 p. in.
Knt State uml i'.ighteeutli streets,
(1. Ixorhlcr, pustiir. Suudiiy school lit
11:1111. I i vinii service lit 10:110, evening
service in Knglisli lit 7::0 p. in.
First Methodist Episcopal.
Ktnt-e nml Church streets, Kiclinrd
Noble Avlsun, minister, 11:1.1 . in. Sab
bath, Messrs. Schramm and flilkcy
superintendents, Those not In Suudiiy
school elsewhere will be welcomed.
11 a, in. sermon, "Tim Voting Man in
tile Making." lli:.'HI p. in. class meet
ings, 11:00 p. in. Die llev. Snnford
Snyder will speak at the Old People's
Home tt:,'IO p. in. the Fpworth League
will study "The Christian Suggestion
of Profit Sluirlng." 7::i(l p. in. senium
subject, "Is Oregon doing Dry."
Corner ef Cliemeketn uml I 'ullage
streets, llieliurd i'. Tlscher, minister.
Sunday school III a. in, Sunday service
II a, m, (no evening service)', subject,
"The llreakliig llemoii." Mnsie liv
Mrs, Hr. .1. O. Van Winkle. All friends
of liberal religion nnd of progressive
thought are conlially . invited to our
services, Itiiug your friends,
Salem Mission.
Corner Center nnd Cmomeiciiil.
Preaching Sunday at 8 nnd 7:110 In the
afternoon. Hr, Mclntiirff will preach
mid In the evening Kev, Mr, Cook of
the Free. Methodist church. The Mis
sion is in II constant revival, come.
St., mill's.
Ilobeil S, (llll, rector. Holy euchnr
Ut 7:, '10 a. in. Matins mid nddress 11
a. m, F.vciisiiug nml nddress 7:110 p, in.
Sunday school ll.lo n. in.
Month Balem Frlonds,
Curlier South Conimereliil nml W n h
Ington streets, II, K. Peiubertou, mister.
Hible school 10 a. in., Fanner S'ewby
siiperluteiidiMit, Public meetings for
woiship nt II a. in. mid ":1I0 p. in.
l'niyer meeting Thursdiiy at 7:1111 p. m.
One week fniin lodav,' October IMth,
will be rally day at this church. All
members nod friends of this new work
me urged to be present at (he different
services of the dnv.
School opened Monday with a huge
iittcndniice, Feeling very Impoitiiul
niuoiig the iet hiis a eluss or roini i
beginners who will be under It rtl
dent cure of Miss Orplin Hell,
Mis. Arthur Ilex is til liome ngiiln
nfter an opeinllen at the Snlein line
Little F'lul Thoiiins. nh.i Ims been
III with fever, Is doing as well us could
be expected.
The council b,-, meetings Monday
ami Thursdiiy nights mid the sewer
committee one oil Wednesday night.
Much business was disposed of,
'Mure me cement walks being luid
on son e of the principal wnlks,
Mr. Clius. Knge has n bund of worn
era In cliiirgo Improving nnd graveling
some of the streels,
Mr. Clay Helse and tnmlly have
moved from the faun nml am located In
llulr Ve Mnltm residence.
Mr. mid Mis. Ctiiwfonl Moore have
returned frini the tented city mid ere
at home In Hie yunlntnnce' house In
KiiiLvviiod I ti.k,
Mrs. ,t, ., Htnwii and sons nve gone
(Mcdl'onl Miiil-Tribuiie )
Karly in the eanioaign Dr. Withy
coiube in a speech delivered nt Oregon
City, June "I, made Chinese iulror an
issue in the campaign, deploring the
fact Hint Chinese were excluded and'
styling (lovcrnor Peonoyer a demagogue
for the part he played in the deporta
tion 01' coolies. Among other things,
Dr. Withyeoinbe said:
"A gre-.it mistake, was made in the
past by shutting out Chinese lubor,
which had begun to clear the hind in
the Willamette valley. Agitators trom
Sua Francisco ciutie up and, assisted
by demagogues in Portland, carried the
peoplo of Oregon off their feet mid
caused the Chinese to be driven out.
Our peoplj did not have the courage of
their true convictions and miide a great
blunder through thus oeing swayed by
faddists ami led ny mob-rule."
Dr. Withyeoinbe in a public letter
June 2tl, explained this statement as
"I saiil that in my opinion a blunder
was made in nut permitting the Chi
nese to coutiiilio the grubbing of this
land, as it was entirely out of the
ijlicstion to have H.e work done by
white labor.
"li" the Chinese hud been permitted
to finish this work, I Inckamus county
today would have hud prosperous koines
for hundreds of families. ' " This
great loss to our people was cnused by
agitators ami ,jt inii';ogties. "
Tin agitation against the Chinese w'us
undoubtedly jiistificd,"as with 'heir dif
ferent standard of living tllev consti
tuted a real menace to the toilers of
the dny,
la isx.Vsii the feeling against -.he
Chinese culminated in u mass meeting
at. Portland ol' those whose opportunity
to labor had been restricted by the ill
(lux of Orientals, to devise ways and
means to eviiell them.
A counteri ting was culled l.v
Mayor (intes, but -workingm apt u red
it and miide I 'ciinovor chairman. After
passing resolutions favoring law and or
der, the meeting adjourned.
On account, of the popularity his ani
Chinese sentiments -.1011 him, I'mniovcr
was elected governor in I Natl ,v a plu
rality of :i.70L'. He was re-elected in
I Mill, serving eight years. He after
wards served two vears, from I suit to
IMS, lis mayor of Portland,
President I'leveliind wired the ga
eruors of the coast, slates to guard
against Chinese trouble as tollows:
"Apparently reliable reports judicata
danger of violence to't'hinese when in
clusion act takes efiect, mid the presi
dent, earnestly hopes you will employ
all lawful means for their protection."
Pennoyer styled the president's iocs
sage an "insult to Oregon," mid re
plied as follows:
"I will attend to my business. Let
the president attend to his."
At the time of this anti-Chiiiese agi
tation, Dr. Withyeoinbe was not uu
American citizens, not taking out his
uiiluiiili.atioa papc-s until ISXS, and
therefore hud, as lie evidently still has,
the Hrilish view ot labor a rnimiicr
cial commodity the purchaser should
have I lie, privilege of buying in the
cheapest market. Probably in his npin
ion we should import Hindu, Chinese
and other cheap labor to clear up our
Iliads, as llockel'eller and the steel and
coal liurons Import the pauper hordes irt
F.iirope tu replace A ricnii labor n
pliiluciatic principle capitalists are still
fighting for. Cheap labor is an ceo-
nie advantage in the eyes of the
stand put candidate the old mud sill
theory of the laborers' Mains.
In the progress of humanity, this old
world and stnml put view is being dis
carded. The trend or the times is tu
build better citir.eus Instead of destroy
ing lliem o iiinke cheaper laborers 1 or
the profit of the employers. We pro
tect children linn, the employers greed
by child labiir laws. We protect winii
en ny 111 i 11 1 in 11111 wage laws. We protect
adults by pensut ion laws. What
ever degrades or Injures the laborer im
pairs and degrudes the ciliy.cn.
In the SOs the Chinese were plenti
ful all over the const. They were em
ployed not only In clearing land, but 111
building railroads, mining, lugging,
farming, domestic service -in fact, in
every pursuit. Wherever a white 1
or w 1111 went to seek labor, they had
tu compete with und work alongside
Chinese, whose standard of living was
far belnw Hint of the whites, mid w'm
could, and did, work cheaper mid there
by fix Hie scale. Competition such as
this men ut, as It always menus, the
destruction (if the superior race. Its de
generacy like the poor whites of the
south sustained In coinpctitiuu with the
African slave labor,
When the unti l' hlncsc sentiment enf
minuted ill the movement dciioiiiu'cd by
Dr. Williyciiinbc, Oregon was a pour
slate, L'vcrywliero the field of Inbol
was occupied by Hie Chinese, excluding
the sons mid daughters of Hit ill unci
or laborer who sought employment
ami their average wage was from l to
I.1M 11 day, This meant ami enforced
a dollar slumlord of living, Penult
ting the Chinese to come In lo clear
lands permitted them also lo enter nil
fields of labor, meant a Chinese stand
ard of labor- mount a peoiilr.iug of the
coast, iiieaul race deterioration mid
Hotter a few more 'teres of forest
limn pay such a price. Heller the foic
P cmiI Hum its rci Inanition at sink
a eosl, Heller iinmt the slower up
building of the stale ny Europeans, who
will bci'inoii Oiegouiaiis, Heller a laic
uiiiig people who will struggle for a
higher stiindiinl of living mid a belter
I Dr, Withtcoiuhe 's social as well as
pollll.i.l Ideas are of the post. Ills be
bet's mi been oiilgiown, He Is out of
tune' with the ilumiuiiut thought of the
day, The tact that he Is ere ami
honest III the explosion uf uch be
liefs but emphaslres his uiiflttess to
seiMi as chief executive uf a most pro
i giessiie stale.
m ill
s 1 AIIH
rees v 111. lie turned bsrkvtaril. and me
llergj restraints will lie considered
Deeviis'iify fur se!f-ii-esei'vnt!iii-for Ihe
mu bit eon 1100 of the present order of
things and f"i' Hie prevention of the
new order which rind lias de-reed.
earthly king holds himself responsible
I for the moral character of each soldier
I nlio tights In Ills battles, so the Lord
does not voueh for the moral character '
. of all who light on Ilia side of any
Then Gomes the Establishment
ol Messiah's Kingdom.
1 ii... ... i.m ...... i t.. .1...
Eron those who niuv be liuds people 1 ' i""Moi- ... . .
do not stop I., consider whether It Is Praehloc Untile of Armageddon.
lis will that things sli .1 cntiuite nr ,!"1' "f lin"l wl"
they have been for six thousand venrs. PO"ll- side: uml Hint very nomle
, In giving this Inteniietnlloii, It Is i "-rlpt host, the people, will lie pitted
necessary for us to Indicate what Is nt ,he '"'ginning of the battle. An
symbolized by the Dragon, the lieost i-hlst, Socialists, mid hot heailed
ml the False Prophet. Ulble students j I'l'lb'itla of every school of 1 son and
of nearly all denominations agree with I of unreason. III lie at Ihe forefront
us that Hie Dragon of Itevehitlon rep- 1 t that battle. The majority of the
resents Hie purely Civil Power. Proles- ! poor ami of the middle class prefer
I OL :i in Ji I4 I
Indications That We Are In the End of
tu nt interpreters generally agree Willi
lis that the "P.east like a leopard" (Rev.
elation l:l:'.'l represents the Papacy. Milt
fewer still, we fear, wld be ready to
BiipiHirt our view that Protestantism is
This Gospel Age Antitypical Battle tile "Imase of the Iteasl" iltev. i:i:l.",
of Armageddon Three Agencies Mut
tering the Armies to Battle The Op
posing Forces A Seeming Victory
For the Classes Then Victory For
the Masses Why Armageddon la
Necessary At This Juncture Earth's
New Ruler Will Command Peace..
elsewhere styled "Hie False Prophet."
We urge n one to accept our Inter
pretation, imr shall we think unkindly
of tlioe who refuse it. We will nel-
: peace at almost any price. The masses
' have no sympathy with nnnreliy: for
they realize truly Hint Hie worst form
of government Is better tluiii none.
A comparatively nu:ill nuuils'r. fh.il's
1 consecrated people, will ut heart be
toiiL'lug f'.r Messiah's Kingdom. These
will wait patiently for the Lord's lime:
( they w ill be uf giu.il courage, liiniwliiu
Hie outcome delineated in Hie "tuore
tber slander or otherwise Injure them, sure word of prophecy." to which they
nor threaten lliem wllh eternal torture.
I They have the same i l-'ht to their
i rlexvs that we have, and the same
rlahl to make them known to others.
Iliissell's text for Pot'L Vl' s'l:l" 'u' very glad to
lodav was "For eonsiiter anytlilii'j whlcli opponeiiis
may set forth us Hit-ir iaterpretations
of the icissmlm under consideration.
the great Day of
Ills win Hi is come;
mid who shall be
able lo stand';"
"Unclean Spirits Like Frogs."
The svnib.Nnis of S.-ripni:e, rinhtlv
(Itevelallon t.:li.) iinilerslo-xl. nre alwa s f .r . fill. When
His lupic was Ar- t1(. Il.Cx s, iiit uM.l a frx.a svml-.l!.
liiageddou a term cnlly to leprx-x :.l ts-rt.iiu .Nxltiuett or
which Is being te:icliu,.-v. ,, ..:.,v ), .ie th.it t'e
;coi wr,
Ui.-M 1
. nil : it
!l 1S.1,".
li; l A f-s
j.i it i-ii.r itself
1 1
have done well to "take heed, as until
a Ik-lit slilnltiir In a dark place, until '
Hie Day dawn."- '.' Peter 1:10.
Cons' lous of their own weakness ns
compared lo ihe kliiis nml princes,
film in pit. relliilous and polhlcal. who
will then bold sway. Hie masses will
be restless. Thi-nimh Hie ballot and Hie
peaceful i'c:ii!.itiiui.ut of earihs nf
f:ilrs they w ill seek for Hie diminution
ef e II. for ihe placing of monopolies,
t'.tn'ies ei'il the supplies 'f nature In
the hands ! the people for Hie public
ccd. The ''I' --ij wld Is icnchcd w lien
tin- b'tlicrtt. UiT'Mers of law shall be
v-x-iue vlo .ttori of tiuit kiw aud reslt.
cr-s ..f tl.e wi'i . f il.e iimlo ity as e-erx-s-il
1 x; r:,. I :ii:..t. 1'e: r for the fn-1T-
v.,'! S d lU' well l,ie:;e.iic.' masses
To tt.-l-ll),.:;; ;;i.,) ; i;;tr III W LI IC'll't
w!v Sv U-.'!MI l.:l'.
V Sy Arwasedbon It fieisary.
r.nr.- e I: 'Kvv! wou d ls the out
Jr-k f. r ti e f :io e il.d we n 't h.ne Hie
lEf:i"iihie W. id i f li. a as-nriiiu n of
s..r.nii i.ii(.iuv. Divine Wsiiin
h xiithht-ld until our day the gres.l
kii-n lislsx- and skill xvbi h is br.sslln
N'lll Illinioi::tirfS lllel d ic intents. Had
CuM li.l.sl the veil a Hioiisiiid years
.(.. the xvi.rld wmiid tbeu have lined
np for Its Ariiui.slilou. Mint Hiat dale
w..ii.t have Isi-u Phi soon for the Dl
ilne Purpose: f..r teal lias Ills own
times and seasons, and has appointed
the Seventh Thousand-Year Day of
the world's history fur Hie llelgu of
Clnlst. Therefore In kindness (bid
veiled our eyes imill the time w hen the .
gathering to Ai'inai:eddoii would Imme
diately precede Ihe" Inauguration of ;
Messiah's K'nuihini.-llcv. 11:17 IS.
,,vi 'Olhoiit.v of the Church. St ,. , ,.,,,..,. . ... n 1 .-t of
and fro"; second, "Knowledge shall lie and the Divine il.'lit of kings, aside t ,lm, ,(.,.ni(., that It would be '
one of trial and testing to iiiauy pin-
used on all sides true rio;-1
mid applied to Is n
many lliinu-s. A nj, t,u-.
uuiiiber of famous m 1-
cartoons Illustrating .opular thought otyu ;!,.,
on I his subject are shown In the re
markable Pllo TO-DHAMA OFCKEA
TION. well known HiiouliMiit the
l ulled Slates mid Canada.
The Pastor said: Ood s.n-tns to bare
given the Hook of Keveliilimi with the
Intent of covering np great ai.d iui
portant I rut lis, not only l.s a.ic Uicsc
truths were imt due to l-e und.itmd.
but because lie designs to Vi'-1 is rtjiln
features of Ills Plan from Hie world
Ileitis! It book of s.cinl.is. the lUxe's
Hon will not be undi-rsioal by tb'
VZVl it
.'JTitl V hMlfVrf j Tl ; 1 f ! i. ytMVtS il
'Trt'iL'S. T)if t (( !:.;rT j T". It
hrTIi-'-lcr.li."- ff n r." TiVT.. r
timtinwi'; . M ut r - ; -r viS'-u
hlti 11 fdhl ti.r.i, f"'!t, 1. '
lluit iui f'Wi : I'i I . It .v.v-iwv Iciir-iin'.
will cfnir fc'tn tbf fi "'.-r.'.li! Pjvt,.
Rhttk' titi'l fr-t'in insf n i awVovilw-i.
nil 1ji !n'l htr"-Tw-:ii TU si f rill
win I'f l't':i-ilM!. :m ;iij-.-f -ij;'..r w
ALt'OIIOI. .1 PI,' It r'L'W'i
Promolcs DidPstfonXTier rfiil-
ncss ami iif st.Conulns nciilvr
Opiitni.MonHum: nor Mineral,
tfuri npmufhf fm-rmiiHnfl-
4 Cxiii Ctntixirll IlllU'l'llllKn
1 lIU a xJUUl JIUIIIUxllii' -
TacSmiilc Sirjunture ef
Tilt! Centaur CompakV,
For Infanta and Child'
Mothers Know 1
Genuine Casto
Bears the
ft iF i
For 0
Thirty Yei
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
li-ai ii.d ki. i'i-Jce xxiil Is- ppoiwllv n-
norld In general; but the Ilible assures ai.ieil -:'! HI Mxnk in luinuony. All
that w hen the due time for revrti'ioeiit
conies, Hie wise, aiii'iimst His (Ks.ple.
"Hie wise virgins," shall ntidorst.md.
The Prophet Daniel, w ho tells us Unit
r.ill (ce'ii.-t .Jir i.-i,:is t.. fx.Low. In-v.ixiiu-
t:,,. i,t. r,T of l!li tl;e pres.
CM and tin- f. tn:e i fe. If Hi,- r con
I ! lot 1. s.b-d H.-ui-ver cotirliet.
tb 'J'lme of Hie Knd Is the time for I"? the .nvh. the ilifTereiee will be
those wN(. toward Clod to understand Ignoixsl In tlie reueicl proposition that
lis great Plan, gives two particular noihliu: un. !i,t must be disturbed. In
signs by which this time will be esu?. vestlgjted or repudiated.
chilly marked: First. "Slimy shall run to
Increased." (Daniel P.M.l Today we from Hie Church, w ill not be permitted
see tills prophecy fulfilled. All over j to contll. t. Any persons or teaching
the world Hie peoplo are running to J in eoulllct with these lioatful and ca
fes-oil chrisiliins, for the reason that'
they received urn the Trill II In Hie love
i script ii ru I claims will be branded as of (' Thessahnilans L':l(i, 1 1.1 They
lu'eferred their own erroneous Hieui'les
Ihe Apostlo explains, mid tlierefin'o
Ood will give Iheiii over to n strong !
and fro its never before; and all over
the world are opportunities for know I-1 everything vile, ut Ihe mouths of these
eilw such us have never beforo been ; frogllke spirits, speaking from pulplls
known. The remarkable fiillllnieut of i and plut tonus and through the press.
Ilils prophecy i luirneterlzc our day lis ! 'i'liu nobler seiillnieuls of some will lie I delusion ni-riii It I Iiilt Ihem lo beltov..
Ihe Time of the Knd, In which Ilils stranalcd by Iho plillusophy of the ,ln p,, w,., nl(,v picreriid and tu
(losicl Age Is to hn concluded and (he i "' vll spirit, which sioke Ihruiigli ,,,,, f,. missing Ihu Trulli which'
Slesslanlc Age to lie ushered In- Iho I C'alaphas, Hie high priest, respecting t)l,v ()( I)(lt (,vp u1(1, wl lw
time when Cod's people will under- ! 0,' '1'1' lesus. As Calaphas ileelai'ed M '())(, (ii,Umiiiii1 host, "llgbllng;
stnnd and prepnre for their change. j H exiedlent to commit a crime In j ngiilnsl ioil." j
In Iho Scrlplutcs (ioil has seen lit to violation of Justice, both human uml , sj,,,, ,,, . we ,.irNlmlB lllVl, nllir. I
associate the name of Israel's famous I I,h lne, In nnlcr to be rid of Jesus mid , ,,, ((1. ,imr)tf, delusion respeet-1
battleneld Willi the gt I controversy I m" H'tnlilngs, so this ficg spirit will hll( ,,,,. ,,, W(, hnvt-i-lnltned Hint'
between Truth und F.rror, lllgbt and : "I'lnoie 01 eiery vioiaiiou 01 pniieipiu
AVrong, wllh which the cbaime of ills-1 ''"''osanr.v to Ilielr self-lilotectlou.
pensatlon will take place. While the I Tl"! -'',"kHm f H"'" ft" Mto '
plirnse, "Italtle of Armageddon," Is '"'''I'''"" "I.I gather Hie kings and
heard on all sides nnd Is applied , P'ln.es linanehil. political, religious
i a nil iiiuoMi un lino one kiciii 11110.V,
I The spirit of fear, Inspired by Ihe
many ways, nevertheless Christians re
alize that. In the Hlhlo this phrase Is
used In n spiritual se. Therefore '''""V"', 'IH aeourge Hie passion
01 oiiierwiv.e goon ami i-easouame men
lo fury, desperation. In their hllnd
If Ihe present Is nil iipsirlune time to
consider this llallle nf the great Day
of (loil Almighty, surely It Is the prov
er Hum to view It from Its true re
ligious standpoint,
lleforn we proceed to set forth our
understanding nf the symbolic lan
guage of the Itevelatloti, xvc, wish to!
stato most emphatically Unit xve nre i
snylng nothing xvhnlever ligalnst godly
Cbrlstliiim nt tiny time or In any place,
In any church or mil of any church.
Wo realise that the Word nf (lod con-
Christ set up Ills Church In Kingdom I
power mid that the Church has been '
reigning on Hie earth 11 s Ills represent
nllve. On Ihe strength of this delusion, :
Jens nnd so-called heretics have been
persecuted to death as opponents tu
Cliiist's Kingdom. Meantime wu!
thoughtlessly prayed, "Thy Kingdom
coine; Thy will be done uu oil 1 III, ns '
In Heaven," We knew tbnl the lie- ;
deeincr bad said thai lie would come '
a mil n to make us Ills Ilrklti and Joint
heirs; lint wo Ignored Hie Scriptures.
We were drunk, ns the HcrlplnTi'sVjfyhi-
. Ji.,-: .i-i
Everybody Admires a (Beautiful Complex
Oriental Cres
Jin Indispensable and Del:
Todct Requisite 1
for Fashionable Wome
A dully necessity for t ho ladlci
whether.- at homo or while travel
protects the skin from Injurious
of the elements, fclves a wunderfl
fectlve beauty to the complexion,
perfect nou-Kieasy Toilet Cream ai
ltively will not caiisH or eneourii
growth of hair which nit ladles
Kilned ngalliHt when selecting a tuli
paratlon. When danclnr, huwllng
cr exertions heat the skin, It pro)
greasy apiicarance,
Gouraod'a Oriental Cream hn
btithly recommended by physician
I'csscs, sinners und xyonien of fash
over half a century nml cannot I
r uissed when preparing for dully 01
nir alllr...
ni . ji .. . Oouraud'i Oriental Cream curl
Tilscnsea and relieves Runbnm, nnmovea Tun. Pimples, Hlacklieii.ls
PatclicB, Itiisll. Freckles and ynlimr Itc.lness, Yellow and Muddy Skin,
a delicately clcur nnd roilncd cnmploxlon which every woman dcsli
11 for sale by DrugKlats und Fancy Uisula Uculers.
Ferd. T. Hopkins, Prop.. 37 Great Jones Street, New '
- i i i i mj ti ui i f i aji i un.
Foatw rhimtruciiustksnnifc
mil 25siiwj!(3: I
I nilllcreioi' to these evil spirits, ell.
j doctrines, they will be toady tu saerl
I lice life Itself on the altar of w hat they
I mistakenly siipposu Is Justice, Iruli
i aim rigiiieoiisiiess, b,.i,llv uv oil .,..H... ...,
.xs we iimicisiauii me iseripiiires, rm , .,, , fl, ,,,,, rim , itorvln I loll
brief lime these combined forces ' i7.o, u ,H ,H ,,, d,,,.,,.,,,,, wlll.h :
of Ai'iuagediliiii will lilinnph, KrH wm fiiimiliiila lln fri(t milrll llml noon
speech, flee mulls, mid nlhoc llherlles J ,v ,,rKi prcpurntorv to Arnuigcildou, ;
which have come to be Hn- very hi'call' , ,.., , . . . ,. .. ,
i of the masses of our day will he mill i.iive been miistorlmr foe Hn. eoi.ill.1 i
revs terrible nrralgl.ment of some f ! 'T "".'''T 'J'" !'U'" '""''T A l''lllgerc.,l parlies have crossed
..ji. uu io nirnigiiiiii in or soini or ,,, , (f ,,,,, , ,.,, . .. .. .. i.,i.i ,,,1.1,
the great systems of our day-sumo I . ,,..,, . .,, ., n. n mni 1 pains, 1111 iiientnl skli mlsh.
that wo long have reverenced hat wo i . , , , '",VH fin. f-f.1 rlk.-H. lockouts,
have till! eonlainlug tnanyi::::r"e.r . !l.f.!i!!!.i 7o u.,,1.0! !!! I- I 'l"s' ' 1 " "
find's people. We bnve nnlhlng to say
against godly Individuals, but xvhnt we
lakes pniee, deseriiiisi in scripture ns ,;lIrMl. ,nM ,..., .,.,.,ii. 1..
11 great earllupiake,"-llev. ld:IS, 111. A iiii-rlcn. have shaken public conll.
In uviiiliiillii In iiifiiiiirii nil mi I'l hiiinibr .i... . . .
huve to say In Iho Internrelntlou of : .,. ,'. " ' . ."o I'.Miamiio plots, eiiarged by
lscrlpti.ro Is In respect to these systems, 1 hm ,C v , V 'V 1m It t I n, ,,M '",","v,'," m"1 d,veiK.
' n"" Heteliilor Is thai II Villi be ,nvo t led to make each distrustful
Aganolei Mutt. ring the Ho.ti. "such us was Imt since men were upon 1 )f ,. .. , . . ,
Coming to Hie luterii'elatlon of the 1 ,,ln"' "nr
symboN of llevclatlon ltl:l.'l 1(1, wo (Ind 1 '"'lli' Dnnlel deseillieil It as "a Time
that Hie Scriptures mention three au-eti- "r Trnuldo such us was imt since Iliere
les conniK led with the gnllierlng nf was n natiou. -aiiiii. .'i:.t nan. u:t.
the hosts tu this grout bitlHe. Wo read
lugs nro more nml more manifest,
The War Cloud'i Silver Lining.
Aceorillng pi Scripture Ihe great but
I He liiusl follow Iho oeemreui c of two
to Nebraska mid Hie W, F, Walters
lit'iiilv are iiciupvlng the house vacated J
by tli.'iii,
Aitlur Ihoiiiiis mid t'ninlly my living!
In Hie Sielth residence.
llev, Mr. Yaiues mid fumlly are nice-1
lv settled In the psisoniige, ilr, Ynrnes1
piencked his first sermon In this chargcl
Hiiuibiv evening and w hs welt received. (
Tlio Habbutli school Is Incrensliig n at- j
tctuliime, I
Hut 11 man never goe. mound look '
lag lor tioul.le in (lie uul.e of a eie,.
The Onnotina reroet at .rmnueiden, , .,1 1.. n,., i,.... h r ,1... 1... 1
uipure spirits, teachings, will Tu, f,wl,,(, t .-D.-li 1 1 . use will, ago of Ihe Heasi living force '
gu forth from Hie innnths of the Drag. ,,, ,llu,,h(.r (1) , p,,,, n, ,,,,. ,,i,il Ihu letiirn ,.f inaiiv weallliv .lews
on. the lleasl mid the False Pri.phel, , ,,, ,. ,,inw, liml the j In Paleslliie. The Prolo.iaM i' n..
and Hint these three will be III iiccotd, , tltltuM f , ,.,.,,,, Al ,)h jeute Hull Icall.cs the r.iHIItv or lis in gMUIK.i-
1 ' l,ll',,' tlo' trlncs, si .Ilmlly ,,vmi ,,,,,. w, rnv,, n,l I Hon unless It r. eolie ' llallr. Hloii-uu.
represented by fix.gs. are to have n m.M 1h(( , A ,,,, U,.M. .n lo i less Its cleruv be 1 tnl.ed as pos-ess-
mighty ltd iienc,. tlm.ttglumt. the civ- , Mnl), t ,1(,Nl,,,,Ml,. .,,. very ' lug apnstoll diuntlo,, and nulhorltv
I rial earth: I hey nre to galher the v , ,,,, ,,T 1 , ,,,lu,, This . prophecy l,,,, ate,
klUL-s nnd their nrinles I,, the great f,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, wlM ,,. v,.v ,! ,v,,, n, ,,, fl, , , ,,,. , ,,
liattle or Aiinimediloii. h(,v ,,,,.,, ,,,,. k.'I'IImi f. tell 1 symbol, w believe, of Hie Church, uf
The ecelcslastleal kings nnd princes, , , ,,,, ,vm r,.p,.,,.,,, ,v , Knuhiiid. IIIl'Ii baiuled m llvlllcs of
W illi their rellnues of clergy ami fallb. KIVll Mi,m)1i ,, ,hll ,, m PoU, pvoteslnnll.tii and Calhull, liu,
fill ndherenls, will be gathered In ,1.,, .,, llf ,., ,,. ,,. , 1 oiieratliiif In . oulnn, i'oi. foe r
"At that time ahull Michael llhe thsl- 1 ifess..n of biiuuin llberlles, nwiili the
like One .Mcsslnbl staml up" -nssutno Vivifying of this Imnue.
authority, lie will lake possession ol ! At the Very close of Armageddon xx II
Ills Kingdom In it mannei' little ex
peelnl by ninny of llue who errone
ously have been claiming that they
Were Ills Kingdom, litis) iiiitlo.l Ircd In
II llll In relgn In Ills slend
SISTER: Read dy Free 0
I am a woman.
I know a womnn'a trlalc.
I know her need of sympathy and
If you, my alsier, are unhappy uui)
Leo It li, If yun ruel unlit for hound
social phsuoi'.is, or ilally employit
and tell mo just hoy you ulTcr, aiull
froe ten dsye' trial of a home trontl
to your nsciis. Men cmnnt underetal
e.itt.ri.Mi.. What wo xvomeii know
peij.'ticu, wo know belter than any in
to tell you how to euro yourself ut
cost of Mboiu ia eenla a xveclt.
If you surfer from xvomen'a pec. ill,
ruiiivliiif pain in the he.i.l, bock, or b
Ina of xvelflht and drsngma-down
fslllno or dioplecoment of pelvlo oru.1
kidney and bladder we.xknete or
nd pllrs. palnlul or lr.gulnr period,
condltlona and dlaclinra's, estreme n
d.ur....ri ...Irll. m.lanrhnlu. rf..l
Of eomettllnn OVll about to hnnoen. orenolnn fflllnn .Innn .h. .nln. .
ftnehee, weariness, enliow complsision with dark clrclse under Hit tr
left breaet, or a goneral feeling that lilt It not worth living,
anil Irani how these ailments can bo easily and aurely coimuercd nt ho
Iht dntiKsra and expense of an operation. When you art cured, uml i,t
Ilia nuiiln, yen can puss the food word along to sumo other auiTcicr. My I
meiit la for young or old. To Motliere of Daughters, 1 will explain how t
tie. n lcknesa lehlornslsl, li rcgiil.irlHcs, hen.l..eli..s, nnd lasslitide In yn
ml rr.ioit them to pluiopncM und health, Tell mo If yon am wnrrlr.l
i.i'. l' i'.'ri ,m!n,.b!r'. 11 , yo" nhlno to mvs my homo ti-calmnu ,
lilnl, and dors imt n..r(cro with dully work. If health It worth aakln
accept loVBcnerous oir,r ,,,) writ, for the tret treatment, liKdmlhii in
booklet ..yomnn', Own M.ulr.al Advie.r." I will send ol In p alii xvi-a-l.ni
.LT' 'L'" ou "' "tfer. mark your fceimi,, in n
nd today, at yen may nut tea tide uftor again. Address,
i ' :if. 1 , , ' ' - j i
solid phalanx- Piotpstiiuls and Cnllio
lles. The kings nnd eiipliiltis of Indus
try, mid ns many us run lie Influenced
by them, will be galliered to iho sumo
side. The polllleiil kings nml princes,
with all their henchmen uml retainers,
will follow lit line mi the sumo side,
The CI in, in-In 1 kings nnd lucn luitit
princes, nml nil xxlioiu Hie," can lullu
etico liy Iho most clgiintle tuiwer ever
yet eoriiod In (he world, xvlll Join
the same side, nccnrdlim to this pnndi
they nro coming t, Aruingeddim,
Tlieso "doc! I'll lea uf tletnnus," repii.
sen led by the fious, will l.nd many
nublt axntl) to aesiinia nu attitude iptlle
o'litrnry to Ilielr invferenee. For a
llirrt Iht wheels of liberty and ling-
come ".lacol.'s tr.'iil.le" III tlio Holy
Land. Then Mcsslnh's K li.u.b.in will
i begin to be Iniinlfestisl. Theiieefoiih
In the I.nnd of Promise siar. will
gradually rle frnni the ashes of Ihe
The Kciiplim-s declare, "Ills setvnuts i l'"t to the grinideur of prophecy.
I nrongli Its iMvinely nppoliilrd piinees,
the Ancient Wiiiihl.ia tllehi'ows 11;
yo nro until whom y render senb-e,
Uoins niny Ih n'odeiitig aervleo to
Th Z Z n Z we JI a, ""' ' v-rer nhlle clal.nlng . ..' P"-.'fnl. "'
','n.."w,"!,nr .w,l,,ffll -er.lu,, ,ll nnd rlLhlcnueness: ni.,1 ! Wl.lis Kingdom of Messiah will be-
tome ef these niuv be serving Ignorant-1 m w.v 'bo enrat or deatli and
Ir, ns did Raul of Tarus, who "terllr "P1"1 i"niiUlil. Then will hn fill
thought that hn ,11.1 tl.t servle." nl ' l'tnLt made lo Abrnhnm --)ers.-.'.illng
the Church, The saint, ,,n" fniililm of
rrlncllde liolrta trOo ttx tiwly. A. tin I pnrlh '"
Diamond Squeeg
Automobile Tir
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