Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 10, 1914, Home and Farm Magazine Section, Page 13, Image 27

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In the Home - Fashions Household Hints - Recipes
Just A Moment
Folding Dross Skirts.
TO FOLD a dross skirt nrnnnrlv tnr
packing and so avoid the ereaso
uown me miaaio or the front
breadth, fasten the skirtband and pin
the back to the middlo of tho band in
front. Lay the skirt on a table or other
flat surface, right side out, with the
front breadth down. Smooth out all
ercasos and lay folds flat. Then begin
at tho outer edVcs and roll inch toward
tho centor back nntll tho two rolls
moot. In this way tho hang of the skirt
is not injured, there aro no wrinkles,
and tho front breadth is Bmooth and
lint. If tho skirt is too long for tho
trunk, fold It over near the top and
placo a roll of tissue paper under tho
Kitchen Conveniences.
ABACK for the Sink When the
kitchen sink is not supplied with
an enameled back, try pasting a
squaro of white oilcloth on tho wall
above tho sink. If good, strong pasto is
used and tho edges carefully pressed
down, tho splashing of water on tho oil
cloth will not loosen It. Tho pasted
edges do not curl as when tacks aro
used and tho whole has a neat nppoar
ance. Protect tho lioltom of tho Sink With
a Wiro Iinck A wire ruck on which to
stand kottles. dishes, etc.. in the kiti-lmn
ink is quickly nnd clionnly made and
ouco usod will always bo a valuable
part of the kitchen equipment.
Tho frnrno. which Is of hard wnnd
Joined at the corners by small nails, Is
only a little smaller than tho bottom of
tl.A mlntr It'!.. li .!..
t.u i.iiu nuibiiiH iiuimry wire;
is stretched on the top, bent over tho
edges of tho frame nnd tacked in nlaeo
then a molding covers the rough edges
or the wiro and makes a neat finish.
This rack does not interforo with the
froo passugo of water down the drain
pipo ana saves too enameled sink from
many hard knocks besides elovatina
the diRhpnn to a convenient level for
ashing dishes,
O&re of Eyebrows and Lashes.
DON 'T NECILHCT your eyobrowa and
eyelashes, allowing them to get
straggly ana mm. use an eye
brow brush rrgulnrly, brushing the
brows smoothly and firmly, and gently
brushing the eyelashes upward,
roiroleum 1c lv is snlendid for Click
ening and dnrkoning the brows mid
lushes, nnd so, for tho matter of that,
is enenn butler. Annli . 1 i 1 Lin nvnrv
- - - ' ' j - j
night, and you will find in a very short
.! .... .1
unm your ryuunnvs iiuu pyuiusiies will
Ho careful, though, how yon apply
either petroleum Jelly or cocoa butter to
tho lashes, You require only tho least
utile bit, I a ko a match, round the
edtrn of wliii'll a linv nlnrn nf enltnn
Wool has boon tightly twisted, and dip
into petroleum jelly or cocou butter
Afmlv mult. thA nvnlnnhiN wnrliint nn.
I i v -' - - -v - v' i -,-
ward, This will eauso them to take a
protty upward curl. Never clip tho eye
lashes, lly doing so you will work them
lasting liariii.
Tot Bound Shoulders.
ABrLllNBID EXKR0I8M to correct
round shoulders is to lio fuco down
on tho floor and raise tho body
on tho hands and torn ten times, Do
this several times a day and Incrcnso
the nnmbor of movements each time.
Another eiorclso la to stand in a
doorway and, with each hand on tho
door frame, try to walk through the
doorway. Von will feel tho effect of
mii movement on tue suouidcirs,
Ton should alwaya stand or walk
with the head hold erect, the chest ont
and the abdomen In, Thla position will
force the shoulders to bo straight.
1 ffa
I T 18 not verr ofton
I that a bolero effect
ia achieved as sim
ply as it ia in this in
Btanco and it would be
difficult to find a nrot
tier one. Tho blouso is
roally very simple with
tno sieovos sowed at the
long shoulder lino and
tho overlapping fronts
aro simply stitched to
the vest portions. Tho
akirt la ono picco with
tho tunio that flaros
prettily ovor tho hips.
JJi this case, tho neck
edgo is finished with
flaring eollar in Nor
mandy stylo but, since it
is cut simply in v-ahane
and finished at the neck
edge, any eollar or frill
ean be worn that may
bo most becoming. One
could copy the gown in
ailk to bo very handsomo
or in wool material to
bo simply practical and
smart or it eould be
mada from coshmero
with tho trimming por
tions of silk, for cash
moro is to return to its
own this antumn and it
is alwaya handsomo in
contrast with silk or
For the medium size,
the blouso will rcquiro
1 yards of plain mate
rial 27. 1 yards 80. li
yards 44 inchos wide nnd
1 yards of plaid 27, li
yards 86, yards 44
inches wide; the collar
yards 3(1 inches wido;
the skirt 8J yaris 27, 2
yards 38 or 44 inches
wido, with 1J yards 27,
I yards 36 or 44 inches
Wido for tho tunio.
Pcslgn by May Monton,
81B4 Fancy Blouso, 31 to 42 Bust.
810-1 One Ttoce Bklit, 22 to 80 Waist
Tho May Mnnton pat
torn of the blouso 8184
is cut in sizes from 34
to 42 inches bust meas
ure; of the eollar 8234
in ono size; of the skirt
8104 from 22 to 30 waist.
They will bo mailed to
any address by tho i'nsh
ion Department of this
papor on roeoipt of 10
cents for each.
Ever Try Baked Rabbit?
SINC1 a long of canning time,
Bweetnoss everywhere)
Sugar, spire and all thing ale
Scenting all the air,
Neklcs, butlers, Jelly, Jam,
Load the collar shelves;
Arnn't we proud to know that we
Hade 'em all ourselves I
MANY who hr.vo a prejudice ngninst
this form of food will find plcns-
nre in a baked rnbhit. Thin ii:h
Is coming into wido fuvor and manv
roatnurnutB feature its oxccllcnco.
Should you wish to try It for yourself,
follow these directions closely!
If not dressed at the murltnt. rnmnvn
tho skin and head and all the slimy
Inner skin and the ontruils. Let it souk
a fow minutes In salted water. Save
the heart and liver for the stuffing nnd
also what blood mnv enmn from tho mli.
bit in tho dressing to put in tho gravy.
aiow tno nvor and heart, and then chop
fine. Bonk one nlnt of brnml itrnmlti
in eold water and crumble finely.
Add the nhntined ffihMtf aim fwi
tablespoon) of fine chopped salt pork
...j ii t.t. .
mm amnon it wim nnxou poultry sea
soning Knit ft. liltla tthmituiil nntin A ,1.1
B II ...... --.
a few gratings of nutmeg, If you like,
ana m tauiespoon or minted parsley.
Fill tho cavity and low the edea so
euro!. Skewer the legs forward to it may
be kept in a good position, and cover
the surface with thin slices of fnt salt
pork. I'ut It into a hot oven and this
pork will baste it sufficiently for a
while, When it begin) to brown add
Ana aim tt rtnllit. wnlar ftt.il Knalo, ft.
quontly. It should cook from ne hour
. . . . - L,J
w one iiiu a nan,
When nearly dona remove the pork
and dredge with flour, and let this take.
on a good rich brown, win. .1,..,.
movo to a hot dish nnd pour off tho fat
and gravy, leaving not more than two
wmospoons. Add two tnblespons of
"' ie mom cook tognther until
woll colored, then roduco with boiling
water or stock from uil,ii. .i
when amooth strain it into tho gravy
Bomove the skewers end lrlni
arrnngo tho rnhblt on a hot platter,
gnrnisn wun jomon quarters and parsley
irtj jiium jeiiy or ernnucrry as
a relish. When oarvlng squeaze somo
oi jomon juieo into tho flush. Mary J
Putting Up Plums.
PLUMS mnko many tempting pr
sorves. Those have a piquanej
which qnnhfies them as appetizer
They aro good sido dishes to aervo witBt
Plum Jam. In makinff
should bo romombored that should the
plums bo hard and sour moro sugar will
be reanirod than otherwise. fi, r,i
should be divided and stones taken ool
Spread the fruit on largo dishes and
sprinkle auirar over thm. Th nnntM
of sugar should bo allowed to four
pounas or piums. .Let them remain IB
the sugar all niirliL Tho nn-rt A .ml
" . : ' '
into a preserving kettle and bring to
boil, carefully stirring with a woodes
SDOOn. A few nf thn vtnnAn altAnl lui
crocked and. kernels peeled and added
10 jam a iow nnuutos Doiore it ia Cm
Mock Olives Take a teiumnnnfnl l
whito mustard Bocd and onn nt tuM
salt to ono pint of vinegar. Lot the.
plume be of full growth, but not ripe.
Boil the vinegar and nnur it m kw
plums. Hopeat this threo daya in anea
cession, urcongngea are best for tbil
Swoot Pickled Pliima TnVn ti.H
gallon of almost croon nlnmn nnd vnM
till the skins are tender. Drain wn
and placo in jars. Have a airnp made
of two pounds of sugar, one pint of
cider vinegar, a tcasuoonful mr.h n
wholo cloves and maco. Pour this over
tho plums whilo hot and seal.
Plum Buttor Tnkn tl iritA nnavla aB
half ripo plume and boil thorn for fifj
teen minutes. Rnh tlimmrh n m..,i
add one pound of Bugar, ono teaeupful
vi wira vinegar, naif a tooHpoonful .
oach of ground cloves, maeo and einnis.
mon. Placo on the firn and hml fnt '
half an hour without scorching. Pu
in glass jars and seal whiln hoi. R'm
in a cool, dark place.
Sniced Plnms Tnkn 1,if n. .a
plums and boil five minutes. l-nn nr
the water and add tl irea rmnnds nk
sugar, one tonspoonful of ground clove
allspico nnd cinnamon and one nint oi
vinegar, Iloil hnlf an hour, stirring eon
stantly. l'laco in jars and seal whifti
Tlurn rroHcrvca Pour hntiin. w
ovor tho nltims tn tnkn nft .1. i
Mnko a aimp of ono pound of Bugai
uu cui.ui ui water to fnch pound
of fruit. When tho sirup Is boiling pou
ovor tho plums. Lot this stnnd ovm
night; then drain, lloll tho sirup Rgiun,
skim and pour ovor tho plums. Lcl
them romnin in thia another day. PuJ
over tho fire In tho simp and boil nn
til clear. Bomovo tho fruit with a skin
mer and rnck enrefullv in W il.ii
tho slrun until thick." Tinur nttnr Ih.
plums and seal.
Wator Before Eating.
GLASS of water boforo beginning
4T1 10 eat is aavtsabio and refreshing
as Weill but no onn sliimlil fnr,..
the habit of moistening the throat with
water to mako the morsulB of food slip
down. Water taken in ndvnnita nt
meal la supposed to prepare the lallva
so that there is an alundaneo of tho
latter, which should be thoroughly
mixed with the fond before swallow
ing to make the food mnilv for tlm
stomach, and, whilo many authorities
noiu mat waier taken during the inonl
la not harmful, it dona nfleu tieemnn
such a habit, especially with children,
mat one orien sees them rairly umiliW
to swallow a mouthful without a iruln
of Water to follow.
Thia handsome
suggestion fur 1 V
lUiriitmsiGih com
pleto wdh eottun
to embroiJcr.
7 r
w Aider oc, i'ortlunil, Ore.
Never let a child drink a oU.. t
Iced water down quickly, If they are.
very hot It la enoueh tn kill tlt.m
There ia no harm In allowing a child ta
suck a piece of lee, because the watef
molts slowly and Is fairly off the ehill
before It reaches the tnmneh To
satisfy extreme thirst, such as In fover,
1 iiu icn sucKing ia preieruhlo for thia
'fench a child when drinklnif water .1
any time to take long, but slow, mouths
fills, It is not only morn sntlsfvinir. hnl
bettor for the digestion in every way.