Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 10, 1914, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 14

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;oia jvjacyn
$10,000 FOR ONE
"The Million Dollar Mystery" fory"f
vdtt run for twenty-two consecutive v?ekt
in thi$ paper. By an arrangement with
the Thanhonser Film company it hat been
mode possible not only to read the story
in thit paper but also to see it eaoh week
in the various motHng picture theaters.
For tht solution of thin mystery story
$10,000 will be given by the Thanhonser
Film corporation.
The prise of $10,000 will be toon by the
wan, woman, or child who writes the moat
u nee p table solution of the mystery, from
h hivh the lost two reels of motion picture
drum a trill bo wo flu and the limt two
chapters of the story written by Harold
Solnliou may be sent to tint Than
housfr Film corporation at Ct H-mth W'l
hash avenue, i'hifO'jo, III., or Thtinhooxer
Film uoi ' prn f inn, 71 West Twenty -third
ttritet t Xew Ymk City, N. Y any time up
t midnight, Jon. (, IMS, This allow
several we:l of tin the tatt chapi-r has
t" n published.
A bnird of three fuilae will determine,
P'hii-h nf the many ohititn received is ''
wast aeeep'aHte. The iudifs or a to fti
Hnot'l Mihfiroth, I, I mid t,twaan, owl
Mint Mno Twee. The judgment of this
. (Mauley MjirKn'HVt, ratllhinair, ntter ft
inlrfti'tilitii rural I rum (h tten of tha
Kitu of lirlllUtit tfah'Vt-M ItnoWn mm (Un
til nek lluti.lr'!, II vm lt MI'it at a rr-!-ltit
fr dull"'!! yearn. Iliirjirrav
lllriiln1ir meet Hrntn, larir of ie
Ulmk Ihiotlrrd. Kniwln llrnliir will
iff In ftVl III in, be rMrir from hi otvit
liiiit hf a balloon, llrore ii'nvl"if
trHi- a IrtOr to (Iip itlrU' mliO(i vhr
Itth tn Tni bifr an nirifUrlotinlf
lf( hi iht iliortp kU lialif rtmmhlcr,
fl'M-ni'fi timy. 'I'hal 4a f Hnrrravi
tin drtiwa I,KMMKH) from Ihf bank, but
U la rparli tlmt (Mm 4rapyd Into the
men when thn Imlluon hit rarapittl In nan
riorfitt arrive from tha iflrla mtiUooC
i n tin I thm Otga, llrnlnfM rviiitunla, vU
Ita bar and oUlma ht SJt m rflfillvc. Two
hogns dntfHlvrfl rnll. but tbofr plot I
fIUl hf Pfurtna, a nrwtMitr mm.
Aftrr fnlMna l thrlr flmt attrmit, thn
llUi'k lluulrd rV tnoremrf. Tbrjr ftk
hmr for mQSf, bill ab enenprm, asnla
follUB Ihi-ta,
Norton and, lb rountrajt raM on Klor
. bo ttt Any, oaoe mora anf at
' komts The vlaltort bavin; gone, Jon
! kmova ftevllon f Oourlnf and from
canr imWH a Itotf, TutMued hf anara
)(ir of lb Illm'k lfundrd ba ruha to
I ine rig trf front and nupirnl lu Jrftp-
fluji tba b Into ! aaa.
(Copyrlgliti 19141 t'y IhruM MnqClrutli.)
TitKAOiihiir irf Tlia uittina;!inM
THM tnnM nt.iU Info tit hiu n1irtiig
tf ho Udtl txHJO im, Blii Wftut4 to
tA toyul to Un tut klit wnt
tirml of (lit Ufa U Waiil to bt
ut otvii niUltv.K, ftnj I Hi nil fu
(ni off.M-l lir w0'ilI put Ut 64 (lit Wny
In iialUd Int aniMHon. Wlttl M p9j nut
ii.tii hihI tttn of llffl hIqc ill Joliiod (tit T(t
ilti?Uv'a furoot f'i1y'a n,H-t
iml-mi, flinh wumtin, tntroni, drill, ftn k
I. i' mi nilmr emiliymi'nt. Ur P'iy until tf.e
U'tiiiM NuniA fill ivwui 1, wm but twelve Inui
iIih.I tlirt y.mri uti. I 1ht wiin llvn MiumiwhI In
tulvnurt, wllh Hio IH iinUit of llvn tti'Mintilnl
Rmii fb1 Ullll'llo ll T W-tlU WIM llollt. A til It
W'li Hlmle W'tilt, wlllinit tuiv r"'il tiitnn to
Vvuiil I'l'H,nit" it nv fir Hit mlif v;ti rmii'iirn'!.
!tlo wli tU llilhrf r'.l"i iiit mnt illltieiilly I
Woitlil Jon p-riiiit tlio uli U dt li'fivd Mi
(hi. i inf riuhni'.t fminl Sumiim nit I In if In a
ihull, her I til ll 'l' ll'Hi ltf
"Why, iHiinArt, wh'il'a thn ni'illor?" crv
" I ilnti'l n w nlnil U tint nut t (.iir( hut
It lutv.'n't fell well for I wn ur thre ilwyi.
I hi illvv till tho tlino, I cait't r'4l nr i)W or
mi ir xho-p,
"Why ,l(M't y.Hl Ml III?" tnl'l VhHVh.'rt,
n-iiiit hfilly. Hti rutin fur th iVf'llvti.
hmi 1 1 " Klht, I iloii't know inj tlilmj thmtt
R,i, h.-frtihmiU "
' t 'Hi W ( (M ill MIm iriinDt'A, Almll
I f -i Itlml-
"Hi. Mimitrt Ih III."
,1 ne hi n t prc)ir'il for Iremhcry In hU
k'M ll.inoli,i no wh.-ti hi llMld tllilt it
Ih' ir Im'I lienii ritlleil o atleiiit Humiit l,e wnn
rnili'Ml h.i Inut HMttili'loii llntt lu hit1 h-c.i
kiiiiiri M int tlutti IliU, thent hnil heii ti
'iHliti to tuinmoii ft ilnclor lu 1 1t ivm
f.-HH Mr Miinireivn Iwil HvcJ Imriv Mo Joim
n- 'iit nhoot hid f It oiiaelmlil hT.iIi without
m ii th.iutilil ninu Un m tlt"r, Tim nt-tiil lind
n i turn itoVil to til ni (in m of I'm
ilir.it jroiing witinmi In (ho il.te tlv Inml-
l li t H'lnr nrrlrcit IU Wn A real (Iwl iri
Nu d'tiihi uf lhn.1. (hi ItiveNthtnteil MimttU titii
liiloti hroMKht aliour hf a an lit In though not
ninemuH p oUoti- itiil Itmtniilly roiMOtintcixli'il
Ih eiMliitr!, Hitaait waa lint tlMl lit hlti(
MmiIIumI to lha hmiar ; aha Wat caicitllflly ,m
tut of i f Illlle body The N.Nnhorc Wo'iM
dilni hr ah'iol ill hu lime. The ihn'tnr ntip
cl i AthiMtli Clt.r tifH iitiac of Hi llllhlneaii
lluooithoiit the ritc ami ila neariieait to 'e
" I'm km o lit ni c II have to ffu nlone," mil
J.IIM'I, Ultclj,
board will be absolute and final. Nothing
cf a literary nature will be considered in
the derision, nor given any preference in
the selection of the winner of the $10,000
prise. The last two reels, which will give
the most acceptable solution to the mys
tery, wilt be presented in the theaters
having this feature as soon as it is pos
sible to produce the same. The story corre
sponding to these motion pictures wilt op
pear in the newspapers coincident utly, or
as soon after the appear awe of the pic
tures as practicable. With the last two
reels trill h shown the pictures of the irin
per, his or her home, and other interesting
feature. It is understood that the news
papers, ho for us practicable, in printing
the fast two chapters of the story by liar
old Maetirath, will aha ithow a picture of
the suecesifut contestant.
dilution to the mystery must not be
mora than 100 words tang. Here are some
tjiicitiuni to be kept in mind in contierlian
uith the mysterp as an aid to a solution:
No. I What becomes of the millionaire?
No. -What Income f the $l,00,'HH)t
No. H Wham thtct Florence worry?
No. I What becomes of tho Russian
Nobody connected ft! her d'trectla or in
directly with." The Million DatUir My,
trry" trill be considered as a contestant.
Ai comjillwa of flrnlno ktdni llnrcnco
ao borrf hrr off to Na Nhe Imp ovrr
board and la picked up In a daard con
dition b lUbermrn. limine, (1Iif iiImimI
ax ber fnthtr. tokea krr bai'k to aen nith
him, 1' lnr. iii'O aeta lire to the boat nod
la rPNcnd lir a ahlv on wbloh Norton bm
hrm abauutaulf d.
Concealed nbovo the rrndeavoun of tlia
lllNrk Hundred, a man learna of thn re
covery nf th box from tb men by a
aallor nod of Ita auhaaqnnnt ratnrn to
tha bolloni of thn aea, and h iilcklx
rommunleatea the fnot to Jonca. A dupli
cate bot In planted ami Inter aeenrad by
tho hand, but before Ita con lent a are ex
amined the bos turtle rlftiiolp tflanppeara.
Ktndlnflr blmaelf checkmated at ery
torn, Hralnn endeatora to enmcab tb
Harvrcavo bouaebold In the lavr In or
der to Bl free aoceaa to the honae.
The toly dlacorrrf of the plot by Nor
ton acta the police at the hecla of the
pack and reaulla In a raid on the "''
rrndeavoua. which, liowcver prove to b
barren of reaulla,
KolUrrlnir a tl-pbone ntcaaaffe Jonea
rncrlved front mralrrloue peraoa whom
be nddrcaaed "air," Kloreuce la again
lurert front bar home and taken out to
Men. Through Norton' darluff an4 aklll
a nvlatov abo I reaoued and return
to ber Koina In time to confront an agent
of the lllnck Hundred.
M 1 atum't ttlr t " declaml Susan. I shan't
leavt my fhl ovoti If t m tick.1 Bun
caul-t Florence's hand in J presned It
H Would you liko to go with her, Florcnra? "
9nV-i .To 1 1--, with ft Khy gluiico at the Strang
doctor. 'Hid shy ghinr wits wasted. Tbi
dottlor tvlmeil no kluu that It mntttred on
ay or th oilier to hi in.
"It I iinihliiif very serloua now," ho vol
unteered. " Hut It muy turn out srioui it It
U not tnketi care of at once."
What It Mi ttouhln?" InuulreJ Joo.a,
who wan growing foml of Huaan.
" Weiik li" H't. HiiiihIiIii" and good tea air
will atr'OtNtheii her up nguln. No, not" ni
Jottea tlrow fnrlii hU wnllnt. " I'tl Hid III tny
hill Hie Mrnt itf th.t month. SuiiMhlne ond Hes
air; flint's all lluit'a necenHnry. And now,
good l.ty."
All very lnwlueN'iliko ; not the lcat causo In
th world for any one to mixped that a nnw
triip wrj lielug net by the Him r Tit, The maid
r'-turneil to the sewing room, while Florence
Codd'ed her iMiupitiloti and tnndn inueh of her.
Jotte him aiirtidrtoiM, hut ilit( In his inlud
he would ht could llnd no enrihly reunion
for thl4 ftiHpl-'loti aavn th'tt thin attrlhutu wm
now livitlii'-tlffi, 1 1 oil It wna nlwnyi n.'nr tha
lop. If Miituitt wna 111 the mint he ijiv.'n
good earn; there wita no gelthw th'Mtid ihU
f n t. I. uter, lie el.'ihoned aevcrul proiiil:int
phyrth'ljhi. The hIuiiiuh doctor wti rnoni
mend' d it a K'i'd onlliinry ir:i-Mlttotier itnd In
good standing 1 and ao Jones dlMnhimvl htti nt
ilrloii a htvlug no hook to hung Mi-in nu.
It U Imlr would Iihvh tlii'.hd fit the root,
how.'v t, hi he ko 'wujlnl this Hiitue (ilivl
clnn Wfts one of I ho two who hud l:ned the
docuutetit whl.'h l.d Hd inlltnl Mol'cnca with
Infinity mid 1ml nil hut aiirrced"l lit mikttn
a siiiioili Ion ii fiK'l Kur wis ,1 in.- itvitre
nf the fact tli.ii the telephone wlr hud Invn
tapped recenlly. H i when he lloitHy eim- 'nde I
to permit Floreitre lu nci'.ynpiny fluvi t I t
At'suMc City he (d.phon'd to the v
ageitey to semi up a liuitv mm, who w.s
nh.idowed from the moment hit entered the
UngrcnvN home lt he alittled for the rail ay
Minim, tie hivituie lout In Ih sh'tltt and
Wat not heard from till weeds lalr, lu Hit
van.. The Uhu k Hundred found a good pr ll
In (he nti.tiurhnl lot hu'lnea
M'min heitiin In ph a up, a they wf, tha
ds after 'he srrtril at Alltntlr City, dn.
dnuht1-Nt, In the rcHio of he (tolanu h
t mi 1 1 leiii nldni ini:U'"h The io yion
W "ivmi 1c ;m" to I'u'oy life f r the nt Ue
lltiee 'h r hid hUt I'nlon's They w-re
up -vl'h t' c n"n cvi'rv dv nnd went to hed
tin-d I'oi ;,,ip ,v o m. htih r-nt hettl It
s.'fi ,t a; r. p rti-r einontitenJ tdelr ;na-tut-a
n i he . ih-l cii'itcr. t i ut t ivdlrii! to
ek 't'e hia r 'p ""lot t il H 'ui 'a All thU, ef
conrf, wan due to Norton1 policy of keeping
tho nfTflir out of the pnpem.
Following Jooea orders, they nvido friends
with no one Thorn aUxit the hotel pspeci al
ly the youtif men when they made any id
vamvs were politely nuhbed. Rvery nlgl.t
Floreace wouhl write to her good butler to
report what had taken place during the day,
and be was left to Jude for himself if I here
wun anything to urouse nvt suspicloris. He, of
course, believed the two were covertly guarded
by the detective he had writ after them.
When rSralne called upon Ola he found Us
doctor there.
"Well, what'a the news?" ho (inked.
"I had btter run down and ftt'iuire how
pi h ; ' ' e
'! ' ii f ; z ' i
' m , .is,,. 3
t- 4 ' . . . ( '- '' " 1
l " ' ' . 1 .1
i -n . ..
the young lady Is progressing," said the doctor,
who was really it first rato surgeon and who
had performed a number of skilled operations
upon various members of the Black Hundred
aneut their encounters with the police. " I've
got Mlis Florence where pa want her. It's
tip to you ow."
" She ought to be icparnted from her com
tiniilon. We have left them alone fur a wh le
week, so Jone will uot worry particularly.
A inlelity curious thing has turned up. He
Aire liArgreavo's disappenninco not s doen
persons could recollect what .ones looked like.
He whs rarely ever lu sUlit. Wliut do you
suppose that aiguilles' "
Don't ask tu," ilirntucd ilt, utin of medl-'
clue. "1 shoiiMn'i ttot r) .iver J Mice."
"Hut ws can'l s'lr the "Id fool. We can't
get h I 111 OUt of thill llollS'' I've tried to g"t
that nmlil In put I llllle soiii.'llilnii In hit
coffee, Inl ho iHtnl .iff nf '.hit She snyi
that she did as aim HKre,,l lu ivs-nnl to I'lor
euce, hut her iMriMMitcul ended 'here. We
have ulven ibe ii'te live tho'imiiiil itlrend; sod
si e is e'umciltn fur llie Imlmiee."
"Jl.ive ymi threatened her?" nslu-.l I i'c.
l'ruine stiiili-d a liifc. " My dear wom.in.
It Is li!i.v tiflv. Wliiu I have a hold mi her,
It Is hot u'llte so t;ooil ns "lie hue on me We
ere ti"t d. ;illti iv It ii sti uttiiMiv servant wj
c-dil I tliri'iicu iicil "M'.iro. No. Ind I; a
shr. l little wcn.iii ivl.ii ilcKicr itely wsnti'd
tntlcy At . I itie will lie ';lld, no uetlitut out
of It She will not 111 Hi- ililollu r Step, one
Wily or l!i.t oilier, after .lie reielves tile lull
nine llir:r.'ii"e w.il Invii a proMy sleep bill
to pi.v !l tlio lime comes "
" She Iim no ll-ii where llie million Is?"
"If s'i" I II. .lie's ,ite cupiilile of liititllig
It off ll ', I 'eV herself," Sill, I III lilt..
The doctor l.inilicil.
"ira.i." went .hi llfiilne, "you must look at
ll lis I do : tluil II Is still lu ll I. hi hi of the
gnu, hu I we li.ive neither losl nor won."
" 11 nv di yon know tlmt ILirgreave tiny
not hive at Ills be. k uml cell un orgsul.uitlon
I'llle as ni'ii'i e If not ss l.trite ee eorst"
ililgested llie pliysn mil.
"Tint Is not possible," limine diVlured
Wltb.iUt h'Sitltlotl
" Well, liefins to look (tint we to me.
W' never nuiilr a mine yet that hasn't
been blocked ''
" l'"e lock rsch lime, I loll y ui i the devil's
own bt. k sU'ivs at the erlto'itl tuomenl, wheit
evet v'!' in t s MS lo lip In our llilll.ls Now, ws
went Plop me, end we've tried e limiilnil
witv t.i sccoiuii Nil this fsrt sml faiied. 1'hs
0'S in s, loiw tu net her sivsy from l.er
e,mps i ti ' " i
" ti;ii,t!; -Hounh," siiol the itoclnr eoiei
p ii el ; V
" tul w.ili ii, ll you liovv an Idea,"
The doctor leaned forward and whispered
a few words.
"Well, I'm hanged !" Bralue laughed and
tapped the doctor on the shoulder. "The
simplest thing in the world. Mud :hg wouldn't
be In it. 1 always uaid that you hnd gray
matter if you cared to exert yourself."
"Thanks," replied the doctor dryly. "I'll
drop down there tomorrow, if you say ao,
ostcnftihly to see the other putieut. It will
make a deuce of a diftturbunce."
" Not If you s'nri the hotel people.
"That is what I propon to do. They will
not want such a thing knot. .i. It would scare
every one away for the rest of the aeiwon.
But of course this depend upon whether they
.1.- r ; : ri
nte honest or lu lite hotel business to ouiue
Afnltt limine luuitbed. " rtrlng her In. k to
New York nloue, .lViilnilii, nnd a fnl check
is yours Nothing could be nlatplcr limn an
Idea like this. It's n fact; no tiinn enn think
of everyllilng, and you've Just proved It In
ln. I've tried to do a general's work without
aids. I'lsa, does any one watch me come and
go any moret"
"No; I've watched a Onsen nights, 'llie
men has gone. F.ltlier he found nut what he
wauled or be gave up the Job, To my nil ml
be fioind out whet he wanted. "
" And whet's that?"
"Heaven knows!" dlsiHiiimiislly.
"iiine, doctor, suppose you and I u down
to Daly's for a Utile turn at billiards'
" Nothing would mil tue belter."
" All Stun nl. then I )ond nUhl, OI(a Keen
your I. air on: t mean your own heir. We're
going to win nut, don't you worry In sll
genu's Hi" minute 'mi begin In i uibt yon
begin to lose."
Thit sime niitht N irlori est nt h.s ihstk, In
his tli III sleeves, puuiidiul hie type'
" . . I
- o. .
l-. .,,?.; . ; '-e..v.v'i,i.l;.:f; ty.
- : v "..xlx-v 'Cv, nvriv-..,w,...;T "i
writer. From time to time be pmucd ond
teetered bi. chair end scowled over bin pipe
at the starlit night outside. Hon; ! wonM
bis chair again, and cltukity-cliek would slog
th keys of tie machine. The slory he was
writing was in the ordinary routine; the ar
rival of a great ocean liner with some political
notables who were not adverse to denounelua
the present administration. You will have
noticed, no doubt, that some disgruntled poll
ti in ) is always denouncing the present ad
miolstrntion, It matters not if it be Repuh-.
licau or Democratic. When yon are out of 1
good job you are alawys prone to denounce.
The yam bored Norton because his thoughts
were miles southward.
lie completed the story, yanked out the final
:jluet, called for a copy boy, rose and saun
tered over to the managing editor's door, be
fore which he paused indecisively. The "old
mnu" had ben after blm lately regarding the
llargreave story, and be doubted if his er
rand would prove successful.
However, he boldly opened the door and
milked in.
" Humph ! ' said the " old man," twisting
his cigar into the corner of his moutb. " Got
that story? "
Norton sat down. " Yes, but I have out got
It for print yet. Mr. Blair, when you gave
mo the Ilarurenve Job you gave me carte
"I did." grimly. " Rut, on the other hand,
I did not give you ten years to dear It up In."
" Have I ever fallen down on a good story V
" M', can't remember," grudgingly.
" Well, If you'll have patience I'll not fall
down on this ouo. It's the greatest criminal
story I ever handled, but It's so big that it',
going to take time."
" Gimme an outline."
"I have promised not to," with a grlmnnsa
equal to tlio "old man's." " If a line of this
atury trickles out It will mean tl.nt every other
paper will he moving around, nnd In the end
will discover enough to spoil my end of It,
I'll tell you this much: The most colossal
hand of thieves this country ever saw Is at
one end of I lie stick. And when I say that
counterfeiting nnd politics nnd millions nrJ
all Involved, you'll understand bow big It It.
This Rung has city protection. Wo urn run-
-: - i .. ' t I', '
' . Ks - - t 'ih t-.-t.
iilni them ell lulu a cotner! hut we want thst
corner so deep that none of tl,etu can wriggle
out of ll.
" l inn, flu ..u."
" I waul two months more."
The " ulil man " bent s tattoo with his fat
pencil "Bltlv days, then. And If lbs yarn
Im'I on tny dc-h el mhlnifhl, you-"
"Hunt for another Job All right. I came
In to ask for three days' leave"
" You're your own ho, Jim. for aUty days
more. Whgdda y' mean i-onnlet felling'"
"Those new tens and twenllea. If I Hum
ble on thst right, why, 1 can turn It uv.r
without tviifllotlng with the other slory."
" Well, go to It."
" I'm turning In my regular work, day la
and lsy out, ant wh doing It I've gone
tb roush more hslibreedth eecapee then yon
ever hetitil of. lliey have been after me. I've
O.'ill.'l fi'llna eifa: I've Wen ahangl.alrrl,
poisoned i hot I haven't seld a word."
"il.sul Uinll t you mati all that?"
" r'very word, sir "
"I'll make It nltity dsvs, Il-n; and If title
lorr Mmes la I'll see that 7 iu get a corkltn
' " I'm not looking for bonuses. I'm proud
of my work. To get this story is all I want.
That'll be enough, . Thanks for the elteoeion
III time, (iood-oight."
So Florence received a long night letter ia
the morning.
And the doctor arrived at about the same
time. And called promptly upoa his patient.
"Flnej" he.snid. "The sea air was Jnat
the thing. A doctor always likes to find his
advice turning out well."
He glanced qulwileally nt Florence, who wa
the picture of glowing health. Suddenly ha
frowned anxiously.
" You need not look at me," she laughed.
" I never felt better ID all my life."
"Are you quite sure?" he asked gravely.
"Why, what In the world do you mean?"
He did not speak, but etepped forward nail
took her by the wrist, holding his watch la
his oilier bund. He shuok his bead. Ha
looked very solemn, Indeed.
" What Is It? " demanded Susan, with grow
ing terror.
" Clo to your own room Immediately and ro
main there for the present," be ordered. " I
must see Miss llargreave alone,'
Ho opened tho door and Susan passed out
bewlldemlly, Ho returned to Florence, whe
wns even moro bewildered than l.er companion.
The doctor beiiau to aek her questions; bow
she slept, If bIio was thirsty, felt pnlus In her
hack. She luswered all theio questions vagiia
ly. Not tho slightest siunUon entered ber
bead that sho was being huodwinlswL WU
should she entertain nny suspicion? This
doctor, who teemed kindly and benevolent,
who bad prescribed for Susan and benefited
her, why should she doubt him?"
" Iu heaven's nume, tell me what la the
matter? " site pleaded.
" Slay hero for a little while and I'll ba
back. I'uder no circumstances leave your
room till I return."
Ho paced out Into tho bull, to meet tha
frantic Hiihuu.
" We must see the manager at oner," ha
replied to her queries, "And we must be
extremely quiet about it. There must be no
excitement. You hnd better go to your room.
You must not go Into Miss Hnrgieavo's. Till
m, vihera l.ovo you been? Have you been
trying to do any charitable work among tha
poorer classes? "
" Only once," ndmltted Siiiun, now ou the
verge of tears.
" Only once is sufficient. Come ; we'll go
and see the tnnnn;i'r together."
They arrived at tlio desk, and the manager
was summoned.
" I take It," licuan Ibe doctor lowly, " that
a contagious disease, If It became known
among your guests, would crento a good deal
of disturbance? "
"Disturbance! (iood heavens, ni.m, It
would ruin my business for the whole sea
son I " exclnlmed the ostounded malinger.
" I am fury, but this young lady's com
panion lias been stricken with smallpox "
. The manager fell back against his desk, Ills)
Jaw fallen. Susan turned as white as the
marble (op.
"The only wuy lo avoid trouble is to have
her conveyed Immediately to some place where
slie can be treated properly. Not a word to
nny one now; absolute secrecy or a panic."
'l bs mnnni(er wns glad enough to ogme.
" She Is not dangerous at present, but It I
only a mailer of a few hours wheu Ibe disease
will become virulent, If you will place a
porter before Miss Ilnrgreave't door till
nmlie srrangrments to tnlie her away, tlmt
will simplify mailers."
Smallpox I Sman wandered aimlessly
about, bnlf out of her mind with terror.
There was no help agnlntt such a dread dis
ease. Her Florence, her pretty rosy cheeked
Florence, disfigured for life , , .1
" Miss Susan, whers Is Florence?"
Susan stopped nbruplly nnd looked Into,
the friendly ryes of Norton.
"O, Mr. Norton!" the gasped.
" Whet's Ins trouble?" Instantly nlerl.
" Florence has the smallpox 1 "
"Impossible! Coins with me."
Hut Ibe nrtr, having had the strictest
tirdrrt from the manager, refused lo let theni
Into Florence's room,
" Never mind, Susan. I'linw along." Out
of earshot of the porter he nilil ; " My room
Is directly above Florence's, We'll se what
can ba dune. This smell, f The Itln. k Hun
dred mile off. Smallpox! Only yesterday
be wrote me that she never felt better.
Have you wired Jones? "
" I fisver thought tn! "
"Then I slinl Our uiil friends are at
work aialn,"
" Hut h's the stuns doctor, who e-iil m
down here."
Norton frowned.
Whst folVned all appeared In tho re
porter's store, as written three months later.
He ami Hii.ob went up to lilt room, raised tha
flouring, cut through the celling, and with the)
flr escape rope dropped below. One glanet,
at Florence's tenrttalned face was enough
for him Norton'! aubtequent battle wllh tha
doctor and hit aeooinp'ioee rnsde very Inter
ettlng reading Their eecnpe from the hotel,
their flliht, their encounter with on of the
gang In the road, and Florence'! blunder Into
the bed nf quicksand, gave imreaeloa 0
Ihrll'a to the reedere of the itltde.
And all thli while the oillllor nimulatnf,
dual, layer hy layer. Perhep- an occasional
hardy roach scrambled oter tf packet, 00)
doubt altricted by tha peculiar odor of V
Ink. W
,ti 111 cou rt num.) .