Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 10, 1914, Page TEN, Image 10

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An Unusual Sale of Women's Stylish Silk
Raincoats, at the Unusual Price of $1. 75
Wc held a similar sale last year and a great many will remember the interest it
created. This event is bound to even eclipse that sale, for these garments were pur
chased by our buyer at a most astonishing price concession and we give our customers
the benefit.
These Raincoats are well fashioned of a rubber-lined tan cloth stitched seams
oven cured military collar that buttons up around the throat, has two pockets, and
6izes run from Misses' 16 to Women's 41.
These Coats are worth considerably more and are sold in many stores at more
than double our surprise price.
We advise an early attendance at this sale next Wednesday, as there is a limited
number and the demand will be large.
Special for Wednesday only, $1.75 each.
Sale starts at 8:30. No phone orders taken. Sec the big window showing.
House of
All Around Town I
----- ;;
BLHlli-Htato street, lie! ween
HlKh and Lilierty Motion
pictures of "The Line Hid
er, " h powerl'iil two part
photnplny, Miitinil Weekly
depicting the war "nn and
(lL(IHK--Houtli side of Ktuto
street, hetween llixh and Lili
erty Motion pictures of
strong detecllvo story, "Who
Killed (leniKn (lrave,'' simp
liy I'oini'dies uuil Nutliiiii
rhoiniis In viiiliu solus,
SaIoih Musical Artists' Course -Tick-
rt in lading reserved seal fur lour ena-
The Store That
with every
heater sold.
This damper is
to save yon
one-fourth of
your fuel.
Quality con
sidered, our
heaters are the
As illustrated,
Credit It
Quod llort
home l FURS ! SHtKS
C.il.fwil.,, f.H ,rinl,4 .r Mmi D,.rini,U
mmi 0011,-nuiiiu I vuuhiiiiv.u vi niiuni niiuuuiu 4444444444
Dresses and Wool Dresses at
Meyers Regular Qualities Up
to $25. 00 Special now $14.98
iHere are stunning new Dresses of very latest style in Crepe de Chine, Char
meuse, Gabardine, Crepe Poplin, Messaline, Taffeta and eombination of plain
or Roman striped Satin and Wool Serge, etc. Women who want new, stylish
Dresses and who appreciate unusual value-giving will be much interested when
they view this large collection of desirable garments. They're well made of the
best materials and are fully up to our standard of good goods or they wouldn't
be here. Regularly priced up to $25.00.
Take your choice from the lot for $14.98.
See thebig window display Court street.
Monster Sale of Women's
aovornor Wost hiut rotumod from his
n 1 1 1 1 hi i 14 ii i 1 1 trip to Houtliein (Ireumi
was ntteiuliiiK to tho iliities 01 Ins
office yesterday,
Sr. Mondolsolui, spoclnllst In fitting
UlasBci correctly, II, H, bnnk building
To shoot "thoHO long tailed birds,"
a party uf plieasaut hunters will leave
tomorrow iiinruiii)! on an esieilition In
Yiimhlll enuiity. Ill the hunt will lie
.1. I, Savai;e, Lester Davis and I.. I..
I'utt of I'oitliind,
o -
Rally Day-First Christian Church
IninoiTiiw, llil.'i a. in. 1 1 rent uichestra.
Com stalks U foot loliK, oAeh hearluK
H nniiiliei' of well tilleu ears, were sent
to I ' i I in ii.l loilav to he exlnliited in
the Maiiuhicluieis' mid Land I'loducls
show hv tho Salem I eiuiiiereial cluli.
i'1'he i ei ii was grown by I', II. I 'unstable.
Saves You Money
v: n
1 f
U i !
tores In ft
Oregon nnd If
Wnshliigton fl
Salem' a
A suit for divorce was filed In the
'circuit court Indiiv 1 1 v .limit's (.'. Suiiei
of Htnyton, niiiust Lucy Sunes, The
couole were mni'iieil in Michiiiii in
ItOli. There lire no children or prnp.
erty rights involved. Desertion is al
leged as the ciiuwe.
For sale a few hundred tons of drtm
UKed wheat left lit I II. ml mid $17. ."ill
per tun, f. o. li. 1'ortliind. (loni(i fust.
Como quick if you need siune.
i Lnfler, 400 llulili"rd luiililiug
Andrew J. Anderson who la held on
li statutory charge pleaded not guilty
this moming In dinlge Kelly's court and
his attorney was given time in which to
present the case,
Oo to School Monday nnd got into
those new classes at the Capital Itusi-
ness college. I aero will never he a
liellor li In loi.iln Tin, orlnc ,,., I
w ill he glad to talk to anv this after-, quarters by Scuttle officers, Major and
noou who are luleresleil. ' I Mrs. ' llnlley und their daughter, He-
. en. The (Inlleys fonn a speeinl pro-
Rally Dny- Flrst Christian Church vineiul brigade. They are stirring evnn
loiooiiow, lltl.l n, in, (neat orcliest gelists and will conduct services here
0 for ten duvs. 'I'hcy nre assisted by
Ben F. Keenoy, county aasosor of ''"plain "i"i Mis. Lnreniieii.
Lime enunt-, was in Salem todav on his
way back lo Kugeiie, alter serving as a
judge In the Chicken -linw held in Mil
verton. Mr. Keenoy is an enthusiastic
ehiekeu raiser inul fancier and is presl
dent of Hie Lane County I'oulliy as
soel'itlon. - 0
Rally Day First Christian Church
otooiiow, Pill n, 111. (Ireut orchesiru.
At Onint school, first meeting this
fall of I'lii-ont Teachers" n'soeiution
of (liaut school takes place Monday
night, Theie will be refresnmeiits and
several important luiiteis of discussion
for the good of the coiiiiiiunltv, the
school nnd the city at large, Kvery.
body come,
Dr, Utter, dentist-, pnone UU0, Balera
Hank of ('oinnieri'O liiilldliig.
The door of the city Jail stood open
this morning and the Interior yawned
empty nnd inviting to law breakers who
seemed lo be particularly scarce. Not,
1111 arrest was niadc yesterlaj- or last
Nil Hone Correts. Representative,
Maud Cnuieiun, '.'II Miller, I'hone J
Osry H, Hellnrn, who wsn Indicted byj
the July gin ad jinv on n charge of of
fering drugs for snle without n license,
whs arraigned In the circuit court In
dny nnd was given until Tiiesilur inorii
lug to plead. The crime for which Mr.
Hellnrn was indicted was for offering
, for sale n bottle of Wat kins llulmeiit, 1
R. r. Robinson, for a number of yesrs
County School Hiiperlnteiideiit of Slult
noioah eoiinty nnd one of the lending;
snlriU In the ediirntloiinl progress of
the slnte, but now In the employ of
the New York Life Insurnnee Com
pnnv, slopped off In Hnlein for brief
visit with obi friends Sn I ncqiinlnlniu'es
on his wny lo Ihillns, t
May Wing Tye Restnrsnt, 4.1V rerry
stre.'l, Keiythlug neer nnd clenu; new
loniingeiiieut. The best of iioodhs nnd
chop sue. Short orders nt nil hours i
111 1
I County warrants for the Roads and
Iliehwuvs are lieinit inuiled today by
the office force of tho county clerk.
The warrants total the sum of i(io,lll.i.-1
(I'J. The warrants for the peneial fund
will not he issued until next Wediies-1
day ns Monday is n loc.ul holiday at
the court limfe.
! Miss Eltna Weller, at present in Chi-
cage siuiiying iiihiio w-iin .iauitin run-
nil- 1 tlti field iesler, the great pianist,
w ill lie iu her studio. W'i North Lilierty
street, to receive pupils in piano on
and after October HI. Hours for lessms
be linanged 'through Miss Leona ;
Weldiner, Miss Weller 's assistant, resi
dence North Cottage sheet,
A-zatos polished mid mounted, Oard
nor v Keene, Mm) Stale street,
Special Salvation Army revival meet-
IllgS 11 If lll'IHU llelll lit till' Sllll'lll llellll
Oo to Dr. Stone'i ror trusses.
1 r I V 7 '
A young man called to see the
w riter the other day about taking
n business course. Here Is what
he sold. 1 am giving ll to you,
young innn, in the"hoie that It
will help you.
"Kour yearn ngo n friend nod
I planned to nttend business
college In nn entern city. When
the lime came for us lo go, 1
decided to use the money I had
snve.l nnd go West. My friend
wool lo business college. Today
lie Is employed by 1 large eon
rem nud Is making ns much In a
week ns 1 make In n month) be
sides, he Is In 11 place where
promotion Is likely to come nt
nny lime, He put himself In
the way of success I have had
nothing but hsrd knocks."
It Is needless for us to tell yon
which mnde tho bettor Invest,
iiieul of time "nnd money you
know, Then wake up nnd begin
that course of study thnt hns
been put off to Toiig.
Capital Business College
fl-ftUm, Oregon
: Miiliifflii J
Balph D. Moores, secretary of the Sa-'
lent oniiuereia! club, is in Eugene to 1
iliiy lo .have a coutVrem-e with A. li. ;
Tiffany, graduato ii'iniayer of the nth-
let if activities of the rnivo.rsity of
(rt'jjiiu. Mr. Moo row is derdrons of,
lamlin the animal V. of O.-O. A. V..
foot ha 1 1 K1 111(1 f1- this- r'ty. The ame
i nlavtii on a neutral field ami has
lioeii played in Albany heretofore.
Agates Polithed
liiir.luer & Keene, :'
and mounted
i State street.
Secretary Compton of the Salem Y.
M. r. A. ha ffiit invitations to the
; nim.iul banquet and meeting of the
I incinlK is of the aiwiation to be hi'M
'Monday night and the indie.atiunn an1
I there will be n lnrjje attendiruee. A
number of important matters are to be
brought up anil the report of the. ra
j rious committee will be read.
Try Scott's 16c meant.
One of the first settlers in Salem, j
Mrs, Frances Amelia WilUon (iill, -panned
away at her home in I'ortlam1 i
FViduy morning, following a long ill-'
nertu. Salem in situated on the oriuimil i
donation land elaim which was granted i
to Mrs. (Jill's parents, the A. Willsou
family, during the presidency of Abra-;
ham Lincoln. The funeral services will,
be belli from the new Kirst Methodist!
church in Portland -Monday afternoon. '
A used piano not often I get, pianos
back, yesterday I ot a piano back
by a party that moved away and this
piano is one-half paid for. Ho you need
a piano? Do yon want to pay out the
balance on this piano.' It is a nice unit
case piano. Come, and see it at tlco. ('.
Will Music Store, opposite lilili ho
tel. The county district boundary board
held n regular meeting yesterday to
decide the case of Or. M. 0. Vindley,
a resident of South Salem, who peti
tioned to have )i in property transferred
from the Sulcm Heights hehool district
No. V2 to the Salem district No, i4.
The petition won denied. Mm. Coin
Keed was appointed as county tniiint
officer to fill the vacancy caused by
tho resijinution of Miss Nannie Mnlvin,
whe held the office lust year.
Subscribers Musical Artists' Course,
pleao yet your tickets nt the music
stores now. lie sure you Know what
cour.e you are pnyinjr for. Maimycmcut
.Minnetta Mayers.
Late yesterday afternoon the state 1
enuineer approved the application of j
tho (loose l.ake Valley Irrigation com-
jiany for the irrigation of 4(5.5111) acres
of land and the const ruction of n lurye
reservoir in (loose l,ake valley, in the.
1 northern purr of l.ake county, and the
J eimi pa ay within a few months will have
eojiipleted the reservoir ami The nmi'ii
lii.e t anals ;it an approximate cost of j
l.tUi-UMit,. The tVes collected bv the i
state engineer on the approval of tin so
permits amount to iffjLXiip.
Musical Artists' Course. Never haa a ;
nil, i' pieiisnic am! vitneu iiiiimicui course
pven liy such liii;li-cl:iss nrtists lieen of-'
leii'd lit the low price of if.'i for the com
plete cinirsc, Tickets new on snle nt
the it'llhje stores.
Now Location, Now Goods. The
Needleciut'i Shop, IliM Slnte street.
In Our New Store Wo are offering
innnv lovolv new designs. The Needle
craft Shop, MJ.'i State street. ;
Suporintendont Hale of the IndtistrlRl
school fur boys, has sin ded in agiiiii
locating Willie Mvers, the lad who,
eloped from the institution during fair
week, on a farm in the neighborhood of
i-incoia in mm county, i i,e win
' " I II I" ll l 1 1 l li
He fon 1 1 . 1 liiin the other day, where
h,. m, taken refuse with another Lin-
0I11 f'imiii'r. I'lit 1 hi mv tnnk to tlio
wnoitH when lie miw the MiiM-riiiti'iulrnt'tt
niitoiiMiliil.' ii)i'iiiliiit, Tli in 1 lm.',
however, he hurt muM-I'mM l-it w i 1 1 i m u
ihh to return to nelnml iinl lie ihh in
Hour Aim a Ohu-k, noprr.no; Zlmbnl
ivt, rent vinliin-t; Kviiu WiliniiiH, yreiit
Wehh ti nnr; Iturrere Knueinlite, hiy
injf till' winul viinl iuMnuiit'iiU- in the
Mn.i''ul Artiftn' . onioe,
Tlio county court lioum will lin cloHrrt
Miimlny on iirennnt of the I'Viil hull
dny, ( 'nluml'iiii tiny, Mot nf I lie of
iii'e4 will lie .'lined lin nn enuit will
In in ie(iiin on (hit ilute, 'I'lie renin
tuition bnol-.ii will lie eloHt' lull iein
niiiiT Iim'h hiy n icli t the Imoli will In
omu I' re in ll in ihe evtiiiu until -V.MI
in ii' ler that worhinu men nniv ii-ui"'
ter liel'nre the lmnl elone oil Hn( iinlny,
(letulier 7. Krnin TuemlnV on ilni inn
, t h r H'Mt of tho weeli the eouniy reyi
I tuition I Kh will he oeii fiuiii s n, in
to i i, in, Km) then I'ioim nVloelt til
, H : : I n mi the .'Vriuii. 'Pie I Iin will
eloeM lit i u'elot k for uonl on Hutur.lny
j til' next Week,
1 Tho MuRtt'Hl ArtiMR' Co.irno In nn
eilin iiliohiii ii ileue, not lor niiiieiiiu
uloiie, luit tor everyone. Iteinl fine
fully nil iiewn almut llirn" Client nrtNtn.
: Tlio funornl firrvirri of the Ute Ellitn
lietli Melleii, tin Onytin iiuueei', wlio
ille-l Thuipiliiy in (Monro, were liehl Hum
tirtiMiiull nt i! n'eloek tioin the l'itl
I'nuu'ieiliotinl ehureh, Itev, V,
Knntner of Portlntol, the fmnily yn
tor, ire(ieheil tin' Cunenil nertnoti,
"t'ri"inl the Hur," n mieieil on( wnn
iniiTeiely uu(i hv Mrx. .luliu Hiofoi
, IVuuell, liitermciit in the (Mi) fellow'
i o
; Every Young Man In BalPin-flhonld
' rend tho nderieitint nt' the Hitnl
1 HiiilneK Culler, pltfttheir In thix ln
nue, It hnn ft miii.fn worth tthilr.
Can a Woman Bin and gt away
with ll?
Bligh Theatre
Eyeglass Service
Remember: Our Optical
Service insures Accur
ate, pains-taking exam
ination. Courteous
treatment always. Rea
sonable prices and com
plete satisfaction.
Note change of location
209-210 Hubbard Bid?.
Phone 109
A 5-Pass. Ford
A 5-Pass. Hudson
A 5-Pass. Overland
A 2-Pass. Metz
Also Two o l'iiss. Stiolelmkers;
Two delivery antos; a - Kiiss.
Muxwell; n H l'iis. Buii'k; a .V
Tiiss. Uiimlder; mid others. All
lire "used" niiii'liines luit not
"hint'' miii-hines,
We can fit vim nut nt a li'itf
saving nod we'll e.ivo you tenns
or Irii' In.
Reeves Capitol St. Garage
Capitol at Union. Diono 071
The quo warranto proceedings, aris
ing 'tut of the recall i lection oi i iiiiuty
ul licials of I 'o'uinliiii , utility nnd the
sllliseitielit election of their silccesols
ill ot'tice, in which the deposed olticial
rel'iiscd to vacate ot'tice, are being
hiiltil in the sllpleuie court todiiv. One
is the case of the State, en cel. i;en II.
Metsker, vs. W. It. Dillunl. the coiintv
,,ii,, I, i it it .
,(, ,,x ,.,,) N'.fi ( r1r, VH
w, A. Harris, tin n.lv judgi
; .... . - ; ,
the dicisioll of
When ycu lmvo tho privilege of hour
inn Hindi tine tnlent for the prire thnt
tin StinlenlH1 l.yeeiiui ('ourse offei'H,
Vuil en ll not nt'lnnl to mirot the oppor-.
(unity. Help lmoit the riiter'ii-e it lone,
nnd ttei'iiiv your HeiiMun tieketn curly,
They nre now nn hi In nt Wil'n mUNle
ntore nml tin ( ounnen iul Honk Store.
1r. nnd y.rn, , N, ( 'l.mli 1 ft toWny
tor l'lirtluuil to vinit Mr. tied Mr. .Mti- ,
run Hinhiip nml little Arthur Hinln n
iniidr.on of the Cloiili-i, nlm in ill,
WYIdi 'nmd'e, u I'mtliimj tcivel
ln mini, In rim k i hio In inhiuut.'in lit
Hie Uli u li iluiiut; the liUnHim M'lixnn,
K, V. tli'iiniyir, of I'ortlniid, In rejjiH'
tereil nt the Hlie.li,
Don't Risk or Ruin
Get the Proper
It don't pny to .log along, tiMntl lit
tie or no heed lo your eyes,
T Ii t puln when rending or lifter
Mi hl, Is the miming thnt, vnur most
valuable usset Is lu ilnniier,
. 1 It mny be only n leiniiornrv ailment,
which run be United nnd perninneiitlj
cured without the sid of glusses,
If so, I will tell you
Ami If you reipilre glnses, I will
' fit your eyes nt the most ressonnble
I fit genuine Kryplok lenses,
All my work Is gunrnntecd, I
Dr. M. P. Mendelsohn
i M flee iMIi-lMI V. . Ilnnk ltiilld
lei;, hnlcm, Hregou,
1 . ,
One tent per word each inser
tion. ( opy for advertisements un
der this heuiling should be in by
2 p. ra.
! ullMKMUKK- .''rod's nllit. lunch.
N.M.HM Clil.MNKY SW'KKI', piniiiu 11).
'WOMAN WITH HI .V i'f four wuiitu
liniiM'wnrk. IMiuim .I'l-.
01,0 PAl'KUH
i per humlrcd.
tor. carpets; 10 rent,
.fouiual office.
epiutf. Till) North Kroiit.
I'dli HUNT- 1'pper flnt, 7 rnoins. cluim
ill .mil llilHlrni. I'llitlie !' llll'l l-l '
TT)iI It KXT Upper flat, T rooms, tlow
in mill inoilei'ii. l'lione !)2 and 1 Li J.
poli UK NT- Mix room house; aloo
hnuselieepiiii: rooms. !il Mill, phono
W A NT K I l.'a ii-1 of nii.v kind want'd
mi shim's; liire liiinilv. fl."i7 North
1,1 1ST - l liiiin
"it. K. II.'
iinil locket, imiiiOKi-uiii
li'e.tiini to this olliiu.
.SI'I.KNDII' KI'ltNISIlKD housekeeping
iipiirtmeiils ill tlie Lincoln, (i'lil Kerr.y.
j I'hone 4(1.1,
! WANTKD -School lioy to cure lor for
once ill exclinnno for rmnn. W. I).
I)., cure .liiiitniil.
! WANTKD- An expeiiei I pill for ijeii- '
et-.il Iniiisi'Wiu k. Aoply Mtnidny nuii u
Ul$ III l.'tHI Ntllte street.
IWII.I, KNi'llANCK confectionery noil
ciiir store, nod locutiiili, fnr live
; sTni k. Tnwiisend. phone 17(17.
KOK SAI.K-An ls nil-wool L'rey ker
i sev oercnut, si.e ,'ls, uiude to oritor
1 anil never iii-n. I'rice if III, I'liinie 21)1.
' WANTKD-(ienlli n wuiits lioii'i.-
keeper who eilll eille for slllllll child;
lijlhl work. Address A. It., louriial.
I I T DAHLIAS Klllt HA LK-- At Stnlo
i Kuir lii-.iiiiids. Km tlicr ioforiii.itiou,
pliune -"lit- W evenings.
SKWI.sll WANTKD -New nr .ciuud' I
I in, plain wurk or m n.l i n u ; io-'cc nm
i soiiiilde. Mrs. ileury, Lincoln Api't-
' lllculs. ,
: lii(i I'lANll K()l( SALK for iMti.'i.ilil.
i llh:i other huliseheld furiiitllre t'or
; sule clicilp. Mir.iu accnlint siclioe-'il.
L'l l.i Klin street.
MAN AND WIKK wish use of part of
I'm ,ii-Li'l house for 111' rent inul euro;
--lllciu or Newport, lieteielices. Mux
.III I. Siili ni, dr.
Kiill SALK IIV (IWNKH I.', n.-rcs t'ioe
Inn, I; teiiccd nnd clear; loci' roitil.
Ilingnin if taken soon, l'lione L'1,
le-ldclice plume til!.
I'dl! SALK HV HWNKII- l.'ll.'ves fine
hind; reuccd nnd clear; ne-k rend.
ringinu it' taken imou. l'lione Lll.
resi.lelii'e phiuie I'-.
.Mm line any old caipets .,'i'it w'edt
win, a iiitu I'luffv rugs, notify H. A.
I lolmei, at once. I'hone - Im'-W.
I'nil SALK - I'l i'chcr.in mure, weight
1,700, inul colt. Also rulilici tiled
suricc, pracl icullv new, with tiiilo
scats. IHJ'i Dak str"et, ihoue
.''Ml! HAI.K- Seen eoWM, .i t'te-li, J
li 'lixy ftpi 'innt'i'M, .ler-ey, ,lei v Inn
ha il li nd Ihuhnni, some hemy mill'
ei ii IK I h'jjh tester', S't I Smnh Toiii
liieieinl lierl, Suliin.
AI'ToMuHILK TIMVK for tmde tur
tv ll e-tiite. I.ltoo ,",imi (, nundiilie.
Id'exen' ( Hjtitnl Sln et Hiiiiiue, cor'
iht I n in it. 1'lnnie .'71, dtner iiutiH
nud inolorevelen uo; teruirt nr tiude,
WA.NTKH Ifelinlile luiiu who enn tnr
umIi puid K'Terene nml huuety
tom. nlo Inline nn I lui i im-hs or nuto
middle, to work iih eollei'tnr nml
Nih Himu, Apjdy "ium'r Sewinx Mil
rhino t o., (IIH Stul. street, Snleiii.
I'Hlt MA 1. 11 till Til A I Ml tor Mnlcin prop
erty, eipiily ol' fsui) In '.''.j neres near
1" n K 1 1 1 1', I blocks from cur line, I'.l
iiiiiiutcs ride to center of towii will
limle for lot or on house nml lot. In
Mnleiii. Addrosn "II. I. II.," euro
I' ll II Mil N A I,
Wniitcd ipiick
Will yon write inof
litilue und peritilllieiit.
ihl.lieis (no uelii'ltll ilcli-ories) of
lio.ioinble, iimlillious iiiiiu who wouhl
in my iillinctlMi, relltied, nononible
iniirher 's weiilthy widow ikf hlghent
clniuiclcr, Strictly coutlileutiiil, l.nige
hiiiiilHoine photos und full piirtlciilurN
scut nny mini lutereslcl eiioiiuh lo
mower lit once rte'lfiiiD iinslnge, Ad
dress Mlncire, II, l.l.'i, l-'iiiiniiigiliile
Surlh IhiUtn.
Special rNcw Korean
City Restaurant
Bptulsh thliken. Hot Tamalen, Chill
Con Csnie, Chop fluey Noo-Jlea
IL'O Kerry Htreet
i i