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Editorial Page of The Daily Capital Journal
OCTOBER 7, 1914
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rhone Main 82.
Many Americans are making strong efforts to bring
about peace in Europe a peace that will be lasting. So
far no headway in this laudable effort has been made, but
it may be that the Kaiser, if he has really metwith re
verses recently, will agree to some sort of mediation. But
will the allies agree to it? And will the Kaiser submit to
the terms that will be insisted upon by the allies? It is
announced semi-of ficially in London and Paris that there
will be no stopping this war until these conditions are
agreed to by Germany.
France shall receive Alsace-Lorraine, and be paid an
indemnity of a billion dollars.
Belgium shall be paid for the loss inflicted upon her.
The German navy shall be dismantled and thrown into
the scrap heap. ' .
Germany must give up all her colonial possessions,
nresumablv to Great Britain, which already has seized
most of them.
It is not reported what Russia will demand, but she
already has taken possession of an Austrian province, an
nexed it and changed its name, and now is invading a Ger
man province.
Unless Germany utterly is crushed, she never will
grant these demands it would mean that she would sink
to a third-rate ower, about in the class of Portugal, with
no navy and a small' army. ,
The intimation, too, that the allies will force the kaiser
to abdicate is likely to spur Germany on to fight till the
last ditch is reached.' Also it is reported from Petrograd
that Russia has not intention of quitting the war until
Berlin has been taken. The Czar has publicly declared
lie will use every soldier in the empire to capture the Ger
man capital, and no peace commission will be able to head
off that awful Juggernaut, the Russian army, when its
chief orders is to keep moving.
Therefore, it appears that despite the efforts making
for peace, the war will continue. Any defeats inflicted on
the Kaiser's troops will Incite them to greater effort, and
victories gained by the allies will inspire them to wish for
The war, it seems, cannot end now, despite the noble
work of the American nation. It will be fought to a finish,
and one side or the other will be crushed, its army anni
hilated. "Men may cry 'peace, peace,' but there is no
With physical culture gymnasiums and all that sort of
education, we seem to be last reaching that stage in the
way of schooling our children that the size and quality
of a child's mental development can be accurately meas
ured with a tape line. Professor Jack Johnson, it may
easily be imagined, will soon be president of Yale or Har
vard, and the school standings instead of being measured
by proficiency in rending, writing, arithmetic and the oth
er old-time studies will be graded as: Biceps, 82; neck,
! rnlP lnvnst- fniv.'irm. V)S: hieh hmin. (!r: broad
jump, 7.): and so on with the
for the different distances up to live miles, ami to hub win
lx added the noints in box inc. wrestling and swimming.
In fact, the school books will
pictures of the "events.
Third-baseman Smith, of
will not be able to play for some time. The dispatches said
lie had broken his leg, but it proved much worse than that
when the doctors got hold of him. This is what they found
was the matter with him:
James Kennedy diagnosed
dislocation of the ankle joint, a tracture ot the sibulax
three inches above the joint, a fracture of the tibia, near
the external maloli, and a rupture of the lateral ligaments
of the ankle joint.
The latest move on the
7,oni! is to requisition a herd of trick elephants for use in
the transportation department. In the old oriental wars
elephants were used, but of
been reduced to the level of
lei's, man, and have Iteen kept off the battlefields.
LADD &'BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SG3
Capital $500,000.00
Transact a general banking business
Safely Deposit Doses
.$5.00 Per month..
3.00 Per month..
1.00 Six months.
time ma)e by the "scholar"
be eliminated, except the
the Braves, hurt yesterday,
"Dr. Herbert Casey and Dr.
Smith's injury as an nntorior
part of the French in the war
recent years they have not
their beastly murderous mas-
A movement has been started by local Jews for raising
funds to- aid their fellow Jews in Europe. It is indeed a
worthy object and one that in the broadest way appeals
to all humanity. The condition of the poor in the war
ring countries is now no doubt bad enough, but it is lux
urious compared to what it will be when the war is over
and the crippled nations again take up their usual pursuits
and start the struggle to rehabilitate farm and factory,
and lift the enormous burden of debt the war has fastened
upon them.
The condition of the citizen will be bad enough, but
that of the Jew will be infinitely worse. For centuries he
has been the Pariah in every country. For him there has
been no rights, no freedom, no law. He has been made to
live within certain prescribed limits in the cities, and
within those limits to maintain himself and rear his fam
ily. It is a high tribute to his manliness, indomitable will
and tireless energy that he has been able to do this and
at the same time maintain his race and his religion. He
has done this without a country and without a flag. He
has maintained his race in its purity, and sent it an unde
filed stream that, like the great gulf current, flows
resistless through the broad ocean of humanity.
Not only has he done this, but out of his oppression he
has furnished the world its greatest financiers, its most
splendid poets, its most wonderful painters, and musicians
that have searched and laid bare the soul of Harmony.
In every branch of learning the despised Jew has left his
impress indelibly. Down-trodden and oppressed, he has
furnished the world's greatest philanthropists.
It is this magnificent race that will suffer most, as it
always has suffered, and it. is its people the people of Sa
lem will be asked to aid.
There used to be an axiom of the law that laches did
not run against the government. Presumably this applies
to the state in its sovereign capacity. Judge Harris has
held that the state's neglect to bring suit within a certain
time bars it from recovery of certain school lands alleged
to have been obtained fraudulently. The dispatches Tues
day, however, stated he had overruled the demurrer to an
amended complaint, which indicates the state may still
sue, despite its negligence in beginning action. In the
amended complaint it is alleged the delay in beginning ac
tion was caused by the general government, and this indi
cates the judge holds laches does not run against the gen
eral government. However, nothing will be known as to
the law in the case until the trial is over and the supreme
court has passed on it, and not much then, if only some
technical point is passed upon.
TUn nii;a Vinrinrr lum flrivpn h.npk at several ooints at
l lie aaiua nu Ji'fe " ' - ' w. - .
fUu Kittu nf Aicnn thu T.nnrlrm dispatches announce that
L 1 IV, IJUIVIV. Vi. i IIUiV) wx v . v . v,
"all the ground gained by the
V.. . . .1 .1 ml
by the allies voluntarily, mis is pruuuuiy nuc uuu mv.-
.M.nlinlilir nnr nnhr willintr hut anxioilS tO l'e-
linquish the ground on account of the evident irresistable
rli.s r nf Hu Cprmnns to acnuire those same grounds.
The war has broken the records in many ways and
certainly in the way of larceny. The dispatches Tuesday
tell of an Italian stealing a new submarine, which it is
conceded is something new in the line of theft,
Ci-onwoll mon-hanta lime mlnptod nn
earlier cloning hour, chuiiglng fruin "
o'clock p. in, n 0 oYlnrlt,
A municipal wnodpiic, nt which ho
linen limy eiirn I'mnl iiinl shelter, in one
uf the liintltiitlonn nt Ahlnnd,
A eiill for hid Inn been posted at
Mnlullit fur ?M,'iO ipinre feet of side
will It tml Sil'J feel nf curbing. Mean
while the city's new water system In
almost ready fur tile turning mi nf llie
II. C, .tone, l editor niut publisher
nf the Mount AuiH Times, a now
four page, seven column weekly, nil
Imiiie print mitl uncommonly gmni print
at Hint. The paper In to ho independent
In nil repivK
Condon Time: ,lnhn liysnit linn lieen
soliciting subscriptions till, week for
the lieneflt nf Hie widows mid orphans
In tinrupe. He bus lieen quite success
fnl nml ha collected nearly ion
arniiiiil Inwn an far.
Kdilur liennniil, who announced sonic
weeks nu Hint Ike inline nf IiIk then
recent piirchnao, Hie Canity Irrigator,
illil lint please hi in nml Hint he wnnlil
change It, ha now selected "llernhl"
an more suitable, and Hie faulty llernlil
It la heiii-efurtli tn lie.
When the walks tn the eloialnr ap
proach at tlreumi City are completed,
Hie ( 'mirier snys, there will he afford
ed the fluent ' possible viewpoint In
Oregon t lly iin,l It will I'e a limit pop
nlnr promenade. The eleatnr referreil
In In that which uive. transport lip
ami ilon ii the Muff between Hie up
per ami Hie lower town.
Wn-liliijlnli, it, II. A alntement
Hint .In 'ii n ami l!iilnml woulil mm'
their fleeln In keep Hie ttaile ronlea
of the lVlfk ftee of tlermnii warnliipa
waa ulven mil nl the .Inpaneae emlianay
here tmlay. It alo eoiititmeil report
thai the Her man liar on the Maraluill
lalnnila hail lieen ile.troveil.
Waaliliidtou, t. fl.-Tlie (lernmn
i ninlmailor here, t'onnl nn Hei n.lortr,
'cnlleil at tiie ntnte ilepaitment Inte yea
I tenlny for a lonferenee With Mrerelary
llryan nver the peai-e trenty lietween
the I iiltel Hiatea ami tlermany.
. . 1 , . .
Germans was relinquished
I... 1.1.. .nJ fVio
No mutter what our tank, mime day
will 1 1 ml hi- sighing, nml wearily we
ask, "Wont in the line of tryiimf" The
lii-iift la of 1 1'" anre, I mm trnulo anil
einlenvnr; from
ilniliu, n n 0 think"
o'er, forever ami
forever. We feel
Hint what we iln
in renlly not worth
ilniliu. ami that
the oul in view
in not worth Hie
puiauiiiK, We leel
there ia no eliiiure
tu lielter our eon
ilitlon, a amlly we
nihil nee tn o I il
a II e a a il ileum!
lion. We ilwell
with V e ii r anil
I'milil, ami nil nmliliiuna perili: the
Imltoiu'n fallen not uf everytliiiiK we
i-Ih'iIni, I'poii aiu'li iloliful iny, whii-h
emiie to clerk or writer, how ipili kly
wiinla of puilne will make the whole
worhl In iiiMi-r. There auililea to my
alile a pilgrim dent ami ho-iry, who
uinrniura, " llv HI. Ilrlilet I llkeil vour
luteal alory!1' Thin little ehoerful
wunl, Hiniili It iniiv he ili'liiiluiil, iniike
worry neeni nlmurli, ami rmln toy uili'l
nml lirnoilini). Ami I, refrenheil ami
"Iti'iitf. tin I'irlli, nn Kinm-r tearful, In
puna Hint wonl lllmiu, uinl make Mime
toller eheerf'il,
a.Uiit. Ni-.,,.i.r H.rtt.ni
Han Kranelwo, (h-t, Heavy flrlnit
off the I'lillfnr'iia ronat In the vleinity
nl' Kureka ahout HI a. in. wan reporteil
liv the keeper nf Hie unvernnieut lllil
nt Trlniilml llexl In Hie elmuilier ot
eoioineree ' murine ilepartinent tmlay
The moannite Hie IioiiiiiIuk wna
heiinl fur aliout "0 uilnnten lint that II
wan linponalble tn ili.ililni.h nhipa on
the liurirnu.
What war faneln mliiht lie off the
lluuilinlilt ahoie wan net known. It
win llioiia il pon.ll.le the ,ln'ni-ae erula
et lil'iiiiin or the ltiltlh i-tulner New
eaalle hnil nttm-keil a Hermau nierehant
man lni It wu not thouuht any other
fillitlU( eraft wete no far north,
All doinmtlc hluoti of th beet kind
ar raailnri and of tht Journal
Want Ada.
V W. ! HAVS A 1 ' SOME TE?APir
ml g .JIMr
ice C66VM
. wnaoi N3do
Kililor ( 'npitnl .tonrniil:
An eilituiiul in The i'iiiitnl Jonrnul
heaileil "(Irent llrlliiiii Himulil He t a re
fill," lietinya in itn tune a reinliuena to
In It o ot'feiiM' witkuut euiiHe ami a loone
iii'kh of knuwleilue rrniinlil'K the l i u li t
of iielli(eieiita that, in the luterenta ol
peaee anil hiiruiouy, hIiouIiI he i-orreeteil.
In lioth thia eilitoriiil anil in n previoun
one Hiinilnr in tone, The t'apitul Jour
mil neverely eiitli'iKen the in-tiona ol
Itritiah miviil otlieera In aenn liiuK ami
iletnininif the neutral veanoln of llul
lit ml, ami then pro'ooiln to nay very
punitive tonea Hint if llritiah nnvnl of
t'ieer attempt to ilo liny mu h thiun to
Anieriinii venaeln Hrnit llritiiiu will et
herneir lulu iinineiliate trnulile with the
I'liiteil Hlatea,
Aa no piirHriilnra upon nliirh n prop
er .in i lu in i' n t eoiilil lie remlereil are kIv
en In rni. ml to the aearehiiiK of llol
In ml vewela, 1 Kill not attempt to an.i
whether or unt the notion of the llrit
iah offltvM wna jimtiflnlile In thene
pnrtlenliir inntuiu'en, Hut It enniiot lie
loo well known that Tiie llii)ue t on
venliou of WW, whieh the I'niteil
Hlnlea Ima nlnueil, ivia every helliner
nit Hie rilil to ainieli nuy neiitrni
veael thnt It nuapei'tn of I'liiryinu eon
trulinml of war, ami If it fimla iin.v euu
tiuliniiil, to take nail ennel tn nenreal
port to be tried lv a prize eourt. tier
many him the name ritht ol' neiin h n
llrent 1 1 1 1 it I it iiimI wouhl exeri-ie It
Jntt a alrinueiilly were ahe alile to tin
no, However, an her eoiumeri'tf ami hei
navy have liotn lieen either awi pt from
the neaa or hottleil up, ahe la lint uuinu
utoi'li aeiiri'hiuu noivn'lnyn.
There la a eonniilenilile Innly of opln
ion In the I'niteil Htutea whii-h the
f'litor of The I 'nplt.il .loin mil aeenia to
linre thnt Hie War of 111:1 wna uvei
the "rluht of ai-nri h" ami tout the re
milt of Hint war waa the nliollnlimeut ol
the "right of at-an-h" of neutinln. Thin
ia liy no meniia the eae. The War nl
111'.' wna not over the "riuht ol
aeilii'h" luit lieeauae Ureal llrltilin, nn
der t'over of her riuht of ae.irtii at
teinpteil to take Amerliiiit aailura friim
Ainerlvnti nhipa nml furve tlteni tu nerve
in the llritiah navy. It wna thin tiiklnt!
of Anierlrnn eltinena frnin neutral
Ainerliiin venneln Hint laoaetl the Wnl
of WUI, aii.l Hie reault of the war wa
to partit-iihirly p t n ' ill - Ii the priuelple
that neutral elllaen eniiunt lie taken
from neutral venneln In- tiolllifortMitn.
Hut Hie "right of aonrt'ii" wan lint In
any way at'leeleil by toe War of 11!!.
nml linn lieen eteeri-iaeil In eiery nnvnl
war linen then, lite linling the civil i.ai
ami the Hnlah Aiuprlt an war, iliHiiit
w hit II warn the (ititoil Htatea vij.irou
l- enervlaiil tin me riuht of enn-hini!
neiilr.ile for 'elki'mlinml win, It lin-nl
llntmn ia now nen inii'K.
The t awital Joiirii.il, in n very awnh
liuekler manner, intlmali that Kniilnml
nim'hta tloltmiil Vijnnela lieeutme tne
I'ntih are a weak nation, lull lefrninn
from nen re hi nn Ameriinn veel he
tnime Anieilta ia a nhnliij nntliin. Thin
it 1-y no mean the inae. The t'apilal
T. 1
luunuirH wiir Hewn duriuir the pant
few weeltn shown thnt nevornl American
venaeln have been Mil re lied anil tuken
tn Itritinli porta, but a ((renter number
of Holland Venneln have been over-1
hiiuled. I
There are two great rennonn for thin
difference. In the t'irnt pluce, lloliiind
una u linger nierchaut murine than the
I'niled Slnten. In the second pluce,
Holland huldn n peculiar geographical
ponition in thin war. She control the
muii t Ii of thi! Hhiue, Hie greutest river
in lientiiiiiv. .So commerce can enter
(iermaii oceiiii portn becnune they lire;
blockiided be the llritiah navy. Hut thel
llnllmid port of Kotterdiiui, aituated at;
the mouth of the Ituiue, ia open to thej
i iiuuuerce of the world becnune it in
neutral port. Tlteie in, therefore, a
cuuntmit incentive fur tiermany to ini
Vort war mtpplien through the iieiitnil
port of Kottenlnm uml from there up
the Hhiue Into (leriunny, and undoubt
edly the high prlcen oliered in tlerniiiuy
for nuch good are n great inducement
to Hie Holland nhip nwiiera nml mer
clinntn to initlit nuch Impoila, Hut The
Hague Convention of WW and the lie
cliiriitiun of London of limn, which to
getlter toiin Hie Inlernnliomtl Inw on
the aulije-'t, foibid audi a prncllce. I
ipiute ftom I'rof. ( hurlea Cheney Hyde,
prol'eanor nf intern.itloiiiil Inw In the
N'orthweatern ifnlveinity, who nayn nn
"I'ontrnbaml la aubject to capturi) If
dentineil to territory belonging to the
enemy. This ia true whether tlto car
rlagn of goodn ia direct, or eiitiiiln
traunnhipmeut or aolneipient Irunnport
ny in mi. M nut In declnive In the ilenll
iiallon, not of the vennel, but of Hie'
goudn. Thon, a eoii'ilgnuient of tint-1
formn front New ntk on nil American j
vennel hound for Nnplea or nuy other
neulrnl port would be nubject to cup
tore even within niglit of Nantucket, If
it were ahown thnt the ullimiite dentinii'
Hon ol' the goodn wnn Triente. " '
Of eoiirne, from the above qiiolntlon
it will be neon Hint a eonnlgnineiit of
cnntrnhanil on a IMitch vennel bound fori
Hiittetilniu, but the nil kin it t l ileatiun-l
tion of wnieh wan tlermany, would be;
eonally mibject to aeir.ure by the Ilril-'
Inh navy, Therefore, when we hear
Hint people in llnlterdnui are dlngrun-1
tied at the acllun of llritinli naval uf-'
flcern, we iniint not take nuch alk too
eriounly, I'mlnbly thon who are tulk
Ing ntont loudly nre the oue who are'
violating Internntioiial Inw inimt tre-j
qnently. When Hritlh venneln attempt-!
fil tn rim the bloeknde ol' aoullieriii
porta during tiie Civil War and were
enptured the Itritinli nwnera enmplnlneil i
bitterly of what tltev called the liluh 1
linuded conduct of I'nited Htntea nnvnl
officer, lint the llrlllnh goveinment
did not bn k them up, Now the Hotter
tin in altip owner eoniplnin In the anme
way of llritiah naval officer. Hut
Vueen Wllhelinlna and Iter government
till not back them up,
Of eoune, It In poanllde thai ociaalon
ally aiMiin over nealou llritlh officer
may exceed hi power, jut an over
.ealou Anierlrnn eomnian.ler In the
Civil War weeded hia power bv Ink
ing the m.ithein del'ate, Hlidiiell and
Manon, from off a ltritiah venwl by
force. In nnih a cae the llritiah gov
era'itent will do what President Lincoln
a (
-A )
- ted..
did in that historic case, namely, make
proper npologien ami reparntiou for tho
iinlawl'ul net of itn officer.
Meanwhile, nlnce the Hritiah govern
ment up 'o tlm present tinin hus given
no ground for the American people to
tuke offeune, would It not bo well for
Hie editor ol' The Capirul Journal to
refrain from proclaiming no loudly
whut. the United Hl.itea might possibly
do under cerlnin Improbnhlo e.ircuin
ntuueca. el.t tin go on our way with
courage, doing that which Is rij.'ht, keep
ing our own conduct void of offeime,
and not eroning Imaginary bridge) until
we come to them, lly no doing wo shall
better Insure that spirit of neutrality
urged upon us by I'renident Wilson,
than by letting our Imagiuutions and
speech run iiwny with us,
Oregnn City, Ore., Sept. 30, 1014.
Kdltor Courier:- Will you or your
readers, or some of the inortgngo and
diamond owners who are opposing His
tlfliMI llontea Tin Kxemntion, klndlr
and fully answer tho following ques
tions I
I'ltmti Invested In a ntortgnga Is uot
tane.l In Oregon, Why should not
1300 also lie exempt If It Is Invented
In farm buildings, eowa, team, bind
clearings mid orchards with which to
make a living?
I I.IDO spent for dlnmonds and jewelry
"In nclunl use" la by Inw exempt from
tax In Oregon. Why nhoiiid not tl "DO
spent, for a dwelling ho i-,i and riirni
ture "In actual umi'' bo exempt from
The great department atorea will get
emotion doea not nnnlv tn rnrnnrnil,,.,.
The grent ilepaitment ntores will Iget
nothing from thin, neither will the sky
aernpera nor Hie railroads, lint the Ut
ile merchnnt limy nnve something on his
Tiie morlgnge tn x Inw of Oregon was
repealed in IW.'I, ami inortgngrs have
not been taxed since then, In most of
the counties, Including Clackamas and
No one eau ,1intly oppnse allowing
the fnrnier mid the little home owner
so amnll nn exemption while no Inanv
weniiny people and cnrporntloiis are
exempt on their mortgages and dia
monds, not to mention the money oa
which they never Ho pay tax,
Hlneerelv yours,
'W, 8, tl 'Hen.
The new steel bridge across the Yam
hill river, one mile south nf Williimlna.
waa completed on Nnturdny last, and
yesterday the eounlv eommlnsloners, ae
eompnnieil by Hosdmnster Klnn, mntle
nn Innpiietiiin of the structure! with a
view to formally accepting It whei
eourt convene tomorrow. The liridgw
la pronounced one of the very best tl
the county, It has a HI foot roadway,
and a enrrylng a capacity of one hun
dred pound to the siiunre not, or ono
hundred and sixty pounila per lineal
foot. There are two span of one hun
dred and fifty feet each, nml the piers
nre of eoaerete, reatlng nn a solid ruck,
hnae nine feet below the mer bed.
Dallas Observer,
The problems of farming are. nl tef
Ions a the multiplication tables.