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The pennine old reliable Hood's
Farsaparilla corrects the and condi
tion of the blood and builds up Hie
iwhole system. It drives out rheuma
tism because it cleanses the blood.
It has been successfully used for
forty years in many thousands of
tases the world over.
There is no better remedy for skin
and blood diseases, for loss of appe
tite, rheumatism, stomach and kid
ney troubles, eeneral debility and all
ills arising from impure, impover
ished, devitalized blood.
It is unnecessary to suffer. Start
treatment at once. Get a bottle of
Hood' Sarsaparilla from your near
est dnippist. You vill be pleased
with the results.
There is no place like the North wont
for living, according to an opinion ren
dered by Mr. and Mr. William finipos,
former Buleniiteii, who have ,jut com
pleted a 6400 mile automobile trip from
Vancouver, British Columbia, to Kill
eiKB, Bouth Carolina, by way of Han
Francisco, Los Angel, (.'olormlo, Ken
tucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. They
wore on the trip from April "8, whpn
they left Vancouver, to July 110, when
they reached their former home in the
sunny southland.
Although they spent tho first purl
of their lives in tho south, in a le.ti r
t friends here they say the south ha
Washington, Oct. 5 The food
price probe is proceeding vig
orously, It was announced todAy
by officials of the department
of justice. More indictments
against food dealers, they said,
will be returned soon.
Federal agents are investigut
ing especially tho increased cost
of sugar, particularly the beet
sugar situation in the West, and
the alleged "hoarding of sugar
tor higher prices."
The Chicago federal grand
jury, it was announced, soon
will consider the food Situation
j German Story of Battle Says
Right Wing Has Made
Decisive Cains
Thouch t'je Thurston conn-rie tenm
of I.nno county, took first prize at tho
state fuir, the (Jhcmnwa girls too:; sec
ond and the Hnlom eirls timer, end l.u
ther J. Chnpin, who had ctmrgo of the
work in this county, expressed himself
ns well plenHcd with the aiiowrng made
by the Marion county girts. Rnwdiile
won fourth place. The running wr
particularly close nnd tho eaecifcnce of
tho exhibits left little to bo censored
by the judges. I'urt of the points in
tho final nwr.rd was mmio on the do
monsirntion work and tho conduct of
t'.ic girls iu the booth, nnd the I.unc
county teum had tho advantage of t(
days experience in tho Lane counly fair
held one week ago.
C'hemawn was judged on ho second
dny, after one day's experience, and the
-.Also Says the Russians Were
Beaten at Niemen River
With Great Loss
I, mill
lost is charm for them and are expecting Hnlem and Hosediilo girls were judged
to return to the Pacific Northwest in on the first dny, when the work was
IMS and enjoy lil'o where it is worth ' new to them. The Ohemawn nnd Thui.
livlng. Tho trip was made under for-! ten exhibits will bo taken to the Land
tunatc circunistnnees'Biid the party met Products show to ho held tn I'ortlund
with, no accidents worth mentioning.' during tho hitter part of tictiiuer.
Their total expense to the machine foi ! where tho exhibit will be shown foi
the entire (1400 miles amounted to "ill, three days.
which record is considered ou'opthiiinl.l 1 ho members t the Chcmnwii team
Thoy report lots of oxp Hence nil! lie were: Leonii John, Krancls Aulii'ir;,'
way but most.lv of a pleasant kind. J'h. v Mary Lester, t'lurii McKlnncy nnd
wore told they were the first nulo Alice Keeley. Salem Frnncrs Venn,
party to mabi the trip from Vuwnnor Mugdnlcnu Tuffli mid Florence Vulen
U los Angeles and Ukii across the eon- tine. Uosedalo Murjnrin Alexander
tilieut, nllhoiith numerr.'is t:ii have .lensnmine Uollnpeter, Flora Turubull
teen mado up and down the coast and Verdn Bates anil Hernico rnrr. Thi
also across the continent but none nri.es iriven by the fair were l.r fur
making the combination. On the trip the flint place, I0 for tho see
a little dog was given them by Indians, a third prime of $5.
and tins animal or the West rode in the
tonneau for tho remainder of the trip
and was the source of no llltle curiosity
to the people of Mouth Carolina, tn
whom, however, the dog did not take
very kindly.
(lipping noting their passnge
through towus ami cities on the route
were gnthererl and form an iuteresl ing
memorial of the journey, IIi'kIiIi'h, tlmv
secured soma excellent pictures of Hie
(Irent American desert, the iiiciiutnli's
of Colorado, the petrified fount, nnd
other intefcsling places.
After leaving V,ni"uuv"r l.i'it April
.Mr. and Mrs. fnipes liri'iiu,'iliiii. by
their son KhIiiIi, spout four weeks
Berlin, by Wireless via Hnvvillc, Oct
o. Lierre, Waclheim and Konigshoff
rorts, or Antwerp's outer line of dc
fenses, with their intermediate redouts
and .w guns, have been taken by the
Germans, the war office here announced
This, tho war office explained, made
a break in the outer ring of fortifica
tions, through which the Gorman forces
could attack the inner ring nnd Ant
worn itself.
The German official account of the
Niemen river fighting in Hussia also
differed entirely, from that of the al
lies. The hitter's story was that the
Germans were beaten in this engage
ment. The lieilin war office's version
"Ncnr Augustnwo, the third Siber
ian iiikI parts of the 2.1 Hiissian army
corps attacked the Prussian left cross-
Rome, Oct. 5. Natives of
Austria's Italian provinces who
live at present in Italy peti
tioned the Italian government
today to free them from Aus
trian rule.
A demonstration in favor of
a declaration of hostilities
against Austria occurred in Mi
lan Friday night which the po
lice were powerless to disperse.
Messages from Vienna said
food prices were mounting
alarmingly there, and that the
local authorities were preparing
to feed 100,000 destitute at
soup kitchens.
Reports received by the Commeroinl
club show that, from tho mechanical
side, Marion street p.3sen;s the best
location for the new bridge across the
Willnmctte. Test and Bounding have
been made at this point and they show
that tho approaches, river currents and
strata ore the best for a bridge, ap
proaches, piers, etc. Other drillings at
all points along the stream ore being
made and in a few more dr.ys till the
definito information necciary will
have been made.
The club road signs will soon be r.ll
Word was received from Mr. F. J..
Stnmey, of the Commercir.l Bank of
Champagne, Illinois, regarding a locu
tion in this city. Mr. Htcm.'y becrme
interested in this valley tTirough the
work of Mr. J. C. Doty, of this city,
who recently made an extended trip
through that country. Before Mr. Doty
left, he came to the club nnd got in
formation nnd literature for distribu
tion among his friends. We find that
liteiutiiie delivered in person is more
valuable thun by letter and all pcrsonr
contemplating a trip can help the cluh
ntutciiuMy by helping is Ijoosl :.i ttir?
flio club register at the fair grounds
was well filled up with signatures und
battle. Two thousand Itiissinns
made prisoners and a laruo quantity of
machine gnus were enptured, '
(Continued from l'.ig One.)
The Germans said the Lierre, Wiu'l
heiut and KoiiiL'shuff defences of Ant
ing the Niemen river. The Russians all who registered will receive liton:
Here iiereiitea niter two iinvs turious ture.
Tho Commercial club lies r.bout two
thousand letters all rsndy to signed
for parties who wish to send friers to
their friends in the Knst nnd Middl
West telling them of Oregon. These
letters tell all the good points of tl.c
country nnd tho parties wishing them
sent need only sign their names und
will do
teip's outer ring of fortlricatlons Ir.d j decisive advantage
u Hi-ii . leaving an opening through the kaiser's troops,
Allies Admit It.
Hoideniix, (let. ft. That the allies
hml been "compelled to give ground lit
several points" In the fiuhtinn north
of the Htver Olse was admitted by the; give ns the million mi
war in rice this arternoon. i rost
The development was attribute I to
the heavy reinforcement of the Gorman
right. It was denied, however, that nnv
Cortland tin I M ile.u, U.dting relatiiei
anil f rlon Is belcre cciii Iviilng tin ,w'ir
tny. Tl rit .1 of I hi' (ii t Anieii-
can Desert, ec u by hiiIiiikiIiiI.i, Is said
to he. no small (,"t if its 'll'. The lliei n-
which the inner ring and Antwerp itself
co ihl be :.lt nclicd.
The lli'ssi.ins suid the (Ionian nni'V
which ns repulsed In Niiwiii;;: province
hud rc fniincd just inside the e.nr'i
frontier and wus Hying to iii;.m' i-
in ' stand.
The (lerninns, denying they weic
hen I en M nil, declared they henvlly d
fcalcil the Hussions.
Further south thun Huwnlki Ihu Hiii"
slims claimed tn have iienleu mi nrmy
had bein giiincd by
'Along the r Hinder of the battle
line," continued the war office's slute
inent, "the sitiiiiliou is iiim liniified.
"In UiiHsin, in n battle which lasted
six days, the Germans, operating be
tween lie Niemen river Mini the Knst
Prussian frontier, were defeated along
llo'lr whole line and forced to retreat,
I lllilllllllllllllg lIUIIltltills of sui'plics.
1 "They have completely evacuated the
lliissinn provinces of Siiwiillil mi I l.u-
ina. '
villa rediiiont (8. C), the daily paper of Germiiii invaders i.cur Kiilnow.
of that city, has vim fuilnwiiiij' tn my (If the buttle of Cracow nothing nee
(if the pnrly ns Ihec pnsj ! through was known except that fighting bo
ther on the 'nit l"i of tl .Mr lilii to twecn llussiniis and the Anntru-Gerninn
fores c iitinmd In Inn ioiiu,ce river.
Having cn.sM'd the Caipnthitina, Co:
llinilfaiy, nceupieii
the tov.u of ilot'.iinio.ii and out tile
trims inoiiuluiu iniliond lit Niget.
Thec.ar was lit the Kusniiin float In
Ii a lei gh
"The miuhine ulllioiieh linvel woin
till looked us thoii:h It Is c.mi, for u sinks, npernliug in
cotiplo more rounds. I he luich ol the
tniitieau wun ilccorstcil will) liciinnuls
of tho different stales nnd cllics the
rtv hud passed through, poison.
"In the tonneau reposed lit 1 1- dog An-tria olnimed to have beaten tl."
that was given to them bv the linliuus Servians and M. ntencgiins m IIosiiio
out west. The dog was' sleeiiig but nnd to have them fleeing to'vurd th.-
when one of the Intci'i'sleil sneclalors I r..nt n r in lit
endeavored to pet him he resented it
1 'oi I ii tin 1 was believed tn be propiir'
lnj to send troops to the trout m
I ' I ii ii a llillish 1 m imports.
Nnthen of Ailshi'l 's lllllillll . rev ill
c.-s peiitioaed Ituly to free liicui fioin
, nit riu ti i ule.
.I.iliu ll' ilinoii I wus appealing to the
hi dl to I'il.'ht for the allies.
Iiulioil Iiiii. ns weic hclpinu the I'll
imvl si. hotels. Mr. nnd Mi-. Hnlpiw lisli ug,iii.-l the iienuaiis i.i houih At
ml their sun soeni lo have had the to'ii,
time of (heir lives on Iho trip It' one .'nicm pin-", dod with lis operulioo..
emilil tlidiln fioin the n u.luie.s iiu.l ill- renins! Kino Chnil leoiuuless ol 1 III ml
light with whl' h Ihev aii.wcred iiu - piotests 1 1ll' t the hitler
lions of the liitcresied spc'ialois. ' 1 I'l ice ii.l.iio'l.
with a loud built. The cur was on Ihc
mad a period of sixty days und In thut
time covered .VilKl inilrs. ,
"The car, besides the nocessnrv buy'
gage, coiitiiliild a tout for ciiinimr ni
i.i:ht. Tho pnrly iiciisiouallv .lid this,
thouuli must of Iho tinin slops were
righting Was Desperate.
Merlin, (let. A. via 'llio Hague. lie
cllve gains by the riiiht wing of the
( I oi in ii ii forces In l-'rnnce were claimed
by the wnr oflice here today.
.The nllici' flanliiug oi.cintioiis were
said In have been checked and at scv
eilil points it win declare. 1
Washington, Oct. fi. Figures
:i issued today by the depart inent
H of ooinniorco show that ill vos-
sols have nbaii Inno.l foreign reg
! Istry nnd are flying the Amor-
Icnii flag ns a result of the new
Inw reluxing registry rcgula-
tines. A score of registry up-
plications nro still tpcniling.
H. H. K. i
New York 0 2 1 1
I'liiluilclphia 2 5 0
Ii. H. K. I
WnshiuKtoii 11 2
their left Host 'I IU 3
mug had been pierced and the ulli ' National.
Iheniselvcs diiven iroin their I relu-hes. ylfff nHW
Tho fighting was reported lis extra- n ,
orilinnrllv ilesperate. ! " i'!
The siege of Antwerp, ll was stated. l,r""KI-v"
still emit imioil. i I''''"! gnme
In the custom theatre of war. the I ittslu rg
n. ii. i:.
. ,i!5 l-t n.
ii. I-:.;
ll 4
.it'ticial account was tl'i.t Siiiduy mv
Utile serious lighting. It was nssevte.'
tluit iisliinii an I GoMiinu
were iiiinet.
Cincini.iiti 1 1
Ji :t !i : .-y ;(i ,i i; :i ;
::m) Li7,L!;u EY guAKB,
We will give away ftce en cvcriiMvc )uli t,i.ulo liistiuiuent, iiiniiul'.ic
tlircd by
Clough & Warren
The pujio Is now en the iw J mil will he tlnplnyed in our store
within a few days,
ulilililv ! :l I
1 i
t '
I'dl'-liititii'i'; Ic, Cel. -Txwnly-liw
iinmli.il 'ti "t.ii"
Ui'i'O kiilnl iuiti iiKinv iiiniioil
tllt fftllllilliUlu1 wliidi i lllt -
ttfiillv ili".tn r.i llif ti'v?. nl'
l-l';iiln ,tihl hiii, I, ir, .-!n Mnini',
Nitiii'lnv inj't.i, i iiil-t.'i nl
(In int'Tinr li' ir iilln iolly itn
mMiiitt'ii lin'iiv.
in jj ( V ): ?! ft I' -', '!
Www l'liilint'li1iia n
1 NiMV 1 tttk 4
I Si'i'uml niuui1- ' H.
ijc iS .'HMmrif 1
( 'ittr hiiiuti I
Ki'ltv tiinl N'Iiiimk: S. Iiim i'lc
iMiiinlt f.
If. K. 1
I 2
111 Ii
H. K. j
.1 I
il 0 j
! mi. I ;
II. I'. '
n ii
.'. 10
ll. 11.
:i U
he I Irlol.ei .1 iu ol the
this i innil l' In l'iiii t hi'
4 I lopurt Mil-ti t No. I w ilii .h
1 1 .v. ll.v on Ihe Ii. n. Ii. The
4 I iMl Ii the selci'iu, el tin
in.. I II .' Iil . il-.' ..nl!, . I
I i ll'Ullio II It'll I. K I IIIIMI'I
And bhTO ui tixjiltilti thi tiow mvf ruiii )in. You htvv & uplvmlid
T Mlivu.HMiilttf (A ttnft (Ma tilhlin lrn f ll fo.t 11. lit t.t.t.W
fprviiiiiiti w inin it m i vi m vunn vvim n tuonji
WrAch for our f1 In hU p."pr
4 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 1444444
Cl'l lilt I lllll t
morning in
ii.e Cel. Ii
I'Oil.t 0H'UOli
. oiiiiol inn
Wli- thill el
Ni die . .'i v.
this is a coptioi ei'.y win. a siose ovtv
lie li.no o' Ihe llilcl I'lolclue oti
Iw.. lull sir..!, iuiti' the Nullum I'n
it ! dool. II is ullcgid by Mi.
Ilei.lllck thai -lie lelite.l the hold to
ihe di lei. bu t Mi ihe sum of i Ii per
month III). I thut 11..' holrl ti'iiiiluto
.ins to be ta'.in oici l v Iho tl.i'.'ii.laitt
lor the sniti of tI'O. e hIIolo tha'
.he lioiel wus i.iii lar Iw.t iiionths In
lh.' il.'leiiilui.l no I tl.i't it wi, lliei
ah. nidi. nod su.l shc ii'.s fit a jn.loe
ineiil In Iho -in of f l.i. II i clnliin.l
Ii v Mis. Hntv tlm I slia In .1. tho holol
in I'Oliling to the ti Hi's liiitued nbovi
but that siie was not nl'V to Into the
ii'iillci' by iiliui let'itr-ly wit'ioit the
I'.'imluie ot her ho-omul to u i hullo
.oiotgligo mi nl otiilo iu Klnnialli
til I Is.
She testified lliiit she fniwHiilod Ihi
itpeis tn her liii'-baiiii in Kliiumlli Calls
lor his ileiiatuie Hint tooli i osHe. sloii
of the hotel.
ii rji ik ii ! k
Vn'.iiii.oii, (let. .V-llopie-sontiilive
.lefferson M. Levy of
New York, owner of Motitlcello,
the historic home of Thomas
.lel'foi"ou. mitll'iel Secroliiry of
Kliilc Ili'Viin todny that he was
willing to "ell the eslnle to the
government for f.iiu.uoii. Lew
-ii til he hud yielded to public
sentiment iu making his decis
ion, its he hud 'pent .noi'.lHMI
lit Impi'iivlng the pluee. Tho
nnlv con. lil ion Levy tnn.lc was
Unit Monticellii henceforth
.hiinlil be known nnd used lis
the Viu'itilll homo of presi.letil s.
Levy Inherited Ihc estate from
his ninie, Coiiinio.loto Levy.
(in), o
for scv
shl.'V nnd wife did son,
I'otlliinil. have been vl Itiu'.'
nil dins at the liopic of Mts
PC-rents. Ml'. Iind Mts. I . C
Knit.'V, of this city. Miss Kdlth hnnev.
of Cotvillls, was iilsu in rhilem vl-it-1
lag diiilim the week nt the home of her
Parents. Mr, Ashley Is n prominent'
nutbaad leliisril tn banker In Portland
sanction the .lull and ho win ubligod
lo iiiit on thut aiiitiiiit. Tho cne will
I c einli d pnibnlilv late ihis sltetnoiiu.
I.co'i K. Vlsk of ''oruolins, wus In
the city Miiliinlny lnokliig user the
town with the pmspcot of locating
Hons K. Head. f rurtlnnd. was o f-t-
tor the closing t the
Ji S
The World's
fS Best Makes
1 Vose & Sons,
J. & C. Fi
scher, Hobart M. Cable,
Kohler & Chase, Weser,
VTernon, Andrew Kohler
and others. Certainly you
can find something to suit
you. And prices? Actual
factory prices. No more
need be said.
A Plain Statement and
Facts Regarding the Mon
ster Piano Sale Being Con
ducted at 135 North Lib
erty Street
it that the State Fair is over, the crops are
j0y harvested and the general business outlook
is better than it has been for years, why not
settle the piano question once and for all time?
Pianos and Player Pianos of the highest grade are
selling at actual factory prices LESS THAN
WHOLESALE. This sale cannot last much longer,
as the stock is about exhausted. We arc not retail
dealers and will continue this sale only as long as
the stock lasts.
Open Evenings 'Till Nine
Kohler &
135 North Liberty Salem
Included in this closing
out sale of the stock for
merly offered by Savage
Piano House are several
Player Pianos of the high
est grade, full eighty
eight note, that are offer
ed at less than the price of
an ordinary upright pi
ano. "Player Piano' or
"Silent Piano" jour terms
arc our terms.
"Europe At War"
A New Book Just Out
A complete Atlas of Europe. A complete Compendium of all im
portant facts involved in this g'reatest struggle of history. A com
plete series of brilliant pictures showing the armament on land, on
sea and in tha air of tho fiercely contending European Powers.
Ii..rJ NklnD Kin
1 M
i A
f:1 M
The latest and most important publication upon the present terri
ble situation iu Europe.
More Than An Atla
It contains all of the Maps of the European Powers and a great
Map of Europe, all in colors. But it is more than an Atlas. It is a
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Europe. It shows pictures of England's famous Dveadnaughts of the
Sea. It shows Germany's great dreadnaughts of the Air with which
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of Europe who are back of this War. It has other pages of all the im
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Given Free to Subscribers
This handy and useful Atlas will be given free to subscribers (old
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year's subscription at tho special rate of $3.00 will bo given a copy of
the Athsfree.
Mian M 't'tillm h, Hi.' ii.iiiuililt. him.
ii-tiiurl from Ih'it mnnnu'r MH'iiliiui nt 1 nt.liiy vlnltiir
Ni'WImil Uliil will h'ulli hiT 1'lni'tii'r! t ill' fnlr.
nt lift- now I'fllic In III- Mnlil.nul riuilil I Mr. nr.il Mm. A. liwirtto, rf Stl.'m
lim. Irf t'lirtlnnil vlitr.
Mlw tliirnni' t.llli'tt mi ,vi
il.K lli'ilP-Inrli'B-i'il
Tin' ( "lit ml
ii'i i'"tiniiiti il tf n n v
ll(i. nitl.iii tlio timl
I., .n
Wtr. 1 Wi tkh kt t'M. .to Hriiilin
I NrlMntf tnlt lliir tin'iii II to lim r.lwHI i'nt tli wifk ttiA In VrMimi- , tho Lib rnirliv.'H tlm I tmi'
mii'llmr rhiii I mt Mm nt kl own yarn. Vl vlnitlng rrlntlv nnd friotidr.
j ii;-rrtiiiui
null. un n 'l l,,. Anrrirnn Hni;p' m il
NttiMliirnl Inn Wi'ilm Imp uk.-n Link
'.".II 'I in i' n
Hrt, mlniKni r Mum. flnm nhmim,
niiH'Hit ti hi'ii I Hrtf, Mrln h (V '. Mrlffi I
ri'iiiii..il ii Hi-.. kt.il ...I.. .. i.i... ......... .
th t'. mini inimlirr f ti trr j.i,t tr.fk to ,,ill it tl.ilr
l.i'ri.n.i'tiv nil t'Mr
rri l"vi.i tlilp ni'ili.
MrnU k "n. Imm ili.nl.lm1 thr iiiiih
Fit i t .mil-mi i in thrrr ilt.uiitniit.l!',
I'li'imiiittiiriin', t.inillli'ii niiti, n ml friit
lU'r. Tlii- .-m.i iil.ld il, ti.aiiiU f,,r thr u
I tmlin't- nxt.Af it tiwrtHiry tu pmplot
iilnmt 10(10 mm ituirr thun hrrrtofi'm