Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 02, 1914, Page SIX, Image 6

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    By Gross
. - -
.Tab Warburg. Tn "Explaining the War
Get the
Candidate for Ctt7 Recorder
Justice in recorder's court
Koonomy in office expenses
J I TTi. ..Oil") A. i lrD . "l
OIBH yUUP iMEArt Bbr fa TOu(?rl
ON flu THOSE COiMri.it'i. ihKS
(l'ai.i nuv.j
THE v r frPTTAL JOimN-AL. SALEM. 03800 rftlDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1911.
i ' I n t. cs I ,
! - i
i 1 !
Under the direction of the
SUter of the Holy Names
Most approved methods, Pri
mary, Grammar and High
School Departments, Complete
Cour.ei in Harp, Piano, Voice
Culture, Violin and Harmony.
'No interference with religion
of pupil.
Scholastic year begins second
Monday in September.
I mum -mil I Him . ,. , nlnreil bint. weight var-1 inn ji f'TTfT
- t zzzzzz4"T777T nl mm FTP LIST OF 1; J-A' 0riffiD' 2; m I.
J-"-"-"" t,vw ,r'i.,,.,1 Kir.l. nnnweiirht I . JS
Chip Will Box Clabby Ritchie
Open for Engagements, is
in San Francisco
Baseball :
Care of
Chinese Medicine and
Tea Company
Has medicine which
will cure any known
1 ri'l Srn rh Hitrh Street,
Salem, Ore. Phone 283.
IBv Hal Sheridan.)
u .... v..i, i,.t 0 Rob F.dirren. boX'
llCW LUIU, "' " -'-W -
lag expert and sporting editor of the
New York evening norm, uui-n uui. --
! . i... A.t..l! Khm n chance of re
neve ur -
gaiaing the featherweight title whet.
he clashes again in i.im uB.-
. i l':ii. ...... if the match is re-
made. Commenting on Kilbune a recent
iniury, vvhielt reKiilted in the postpone-
menr ot me uuut, ,
..r i.n. mitn m few neonle
will think Johnny kilbano fell from a
home and hurt hi" thumb eHpeenlly for
the nurpoHe of Rettmn our m
.i...n eneiiurnire t lint
wim rtnni.
view of it. Attell litis nnniireil me he
. .. : u-nrlil Hint kil
ls Hie one iiiiiu mi y ,
!,,, f..r riL'ht deep down in Ins
" ' I senred him so in the fight, snid
Abe, 'that when he ot the deeision
in the win
! n(uin. '
Pactftc Coast League Standings.
W. I,. Pet
Portia nil ":) ."'if
Sun Krnn'iseo H!i ''t!,
'eniee M
Los Antjelei H i .o2!'
Missions M '"' 4:!-
Oukland '1 "3 .3MU
Yerrterday's Results.
At Portland No game with Los Au-
Keles, rain.
At Ban Framisio San Fraueisoo 5.
Oakland 2.
At Veniee Venue '1, Missions 1.
Pennant Dope.
Portland is Raines '" the lead.
Twenty-six more games sehedtiled.
Sail r'raneiseo is I '4j 1'ames ahead of
Los Anueles is 2 Raines from the first
Dreirnn Kutiiritv. 2 venr old paee. best
two in tnre, purse o
Mav Pay Hal (Woodeoik) 1
Janice I.. P. (Parker) '
Mill Lovelace (Lang)
T V ' A I . -' 1 -111
I .e u' i u mill Clark nurse. 2:12 trot, best
'tnnt wniMi nr k"i three in rive, purse
me 1 ilnn 't think tliere a a chancel,. Hwift ntaiiiels 1 1 2 1
ewoild he will ever meet me llUH (Kurfoo)
The poultry awards aro complete and
are as lonows:
u.rrnl Plvmmit.h Rocks
M. J. Mevcrs, 1 2 3 cock, 1 3 eoils
erel, 1 2 hen, S pullet, 1 breeding pen.
J. r-j. Murray, z cot.-seri.-i. .
2eu, 2 hen, 1 2 pullet, 2 3 breeding pea
tlnlupr Hernt'.en. 1 cock. Mrs. Ella
m....l. o ..n,.l Inhn Cnrnfnrth. 3 OCk
1 lliim, n iwi. 1 ii.i
llullv Perrv, 1 cockerel, 1 3 pullet, J
. ... . ir t. i 11 1 b.
breeding pen. r. n. iimmuu
erel, 2 breeding pen. Orrol Burnett, 1
hen. 2 breeding pen. J A. ( arpenter, i
3 hen. John (.ornforth, 2 pullet, Vi
breeding pen.
BUI! ftymouiu auum.
K. V. Klrod. 1 cock, 3 hen, 1 puliet,
1 breeding pen. Mrs. Ella Plaint, 2
cock, 2 hen 2 breeding pen. B. M.
Cain, 1 2 3 cockerel, 1 hen, 2 outlet.
J. I). Drake, a puuei, a urui:u-.uB ),.
k. 3 breedine rin.
r 'i)..l.l 1 9. iwmkernl. 12 3 lmi-
let. 1 breeding pen. Mrs. Ella Plank,
3 cockerel, 1 2 3 nen, a uuif i'u'
m m WAneiiiwi wviuauiHS.
OlITVI i u
iiinu-i Reese. 1 cock. 1 cockerel, 1 2
1,-n l a millet. 1 breeding nen. Robert
N. Torbit, a a coca, & o cucnem., - "..
2 pullet 2 breeding pen.
,T. A. Oriffin 1 2 cock, 1 2 eoskcrd
1 it hen, 1 2 pullet, 1 2 breeding pen
E. J. McClaiihna, cockerel, 3 breM nf
W. 0. Cox,
. 3 2
again,' . Seneca IWy (Haines) 2 3
"Hut, however Kilbune may have Tl,rrv Zol)ro ( llelmaii)..-. d
felt about giving Attell a return match M:k Kit7.iiiiiitoiiB (Krwin) d
1.... .... ulmiiiiir the featherweight ... ii...n rWnnM d
..i :,..,-l,ii, fnun him. there's no rea- ti, ' m !.:i 3-4. (2, 2:
ll!H II I M l 'n ,
i l...,!,!.!.. fritm hi ill. thOtf H 00 ftfll-
.. J. ('..ii;.,,r frmn liurHcH. unriiimntf
thumbs, etc., to nvoid fighting him nu.
Kilbune must know as wen as n.i,u.-
that Attell hn gone lia.K mi r.ir in-
is tin longer ilnngerous.
SXId.ut AXMit(. S83
Time (H 2:13 3-4, (2) 2:H",
2:22 Vi, (4) 2:22 3-4.
Hint,. Pair nurw. 2:1.1 pace, three
heats only, purse fiV"
Ovida (Keiinis)
While Hox (llurtee)
Ml itiiiKi-r im-i. i ,i imv him v1'1""''
"Attell was one m m.- ..". rjnee y.nloea teiman
we eer had in this country, lie was a s,rilt, (Hnrnes)
nhirlwind at the start, became exceed- M(.i)r njr (.;rwi)
lii.-lv diver, retained u punch that lie Xntwiiod yueen (Durl'ee),
. ...u ... ,.l,.,n lie Wllllteit to. fnUgllt ,,...., ir .t,.,n,l
emiKi mi in ..
lightweights with as little hesitation as
feathers, and generally wiisa "
i... a. ...ii Lmi .ivervthiiiff. His cour-
in ii. i. ii ' ii . - ti
ge was unllmileil, as was Ma i.intacltj
B . i I., 1 1,.. rUir
ami caniuiess .... ,
"Hut after the Killiaiic fight, when
he Inst his title through a neeinoii, i
tell slipped back rapidly, He had been
. ..'' i n.,. nr three VOIirs.
STni lllg llliiiiK .
i. .. .i.... i... an. mi hit bnck. but
.till hnldlnii his own through sheer
cleverness. When he lost Ins title he
. . ...i.:.! I .iv.iri-tlilliif idse. He
lOSt ItUMiUl'Mi iiii'i II,
was beaten by a ihiru rnier, n
left the ring fr a long time, iiiinoiinc
lag a permanent retirement bemuse be
anew u "
buck with indifferent sm
after another year, he is to have hih
ehnnee to get back his title, ir no can
Chlu a Busy Man
.. . t...... il.. t o A mutch 1
rian riiiin ii- ,, . .
tween (lenrge Chip mid .tini'iiy ( lnlli.
middleweight chnniiion contemiers. i i
. ... . . il i. I .ml it Cuff ruth
eilher bite this month or early next, il
was iimioiinccd today. hip manager
' in..... ..I, .iii.lv litis accenteil t ot
.niiiiiii i-i'iii- - . .
I rri.th'.i tonus, and nil that remains to
be ilnoe now Is lor the principals o
2 1
1 4
d 3
3 2
4 d
1111 ' mi a.nn
Time (1) 2:12i.j, (-J) -:i-, t.)
Fourth heat of relay race, purse
$1.11.0 , ,.
First. Arnistrong; seeomt, i'e louug;
third, Htuuley.
u n tn i n hi Armstrong,
II:3-Im: IH Young, HI: HI; .Mauley,
L-ion i In. ieeiniia n.nv ninlie H hoi
for you if you don't puy up.
Washington, Met. 2.-The war depart
ment iinnoiini'i',1 today the postpone
ment of the Aiiiei'iimi evai'iiiiliou of
Vera Crur, until October I" at the very
imilli'sl. It was couslilered Improbable
that the troopa would leave, however,
before November 1., .
Ciinstitiitloiiollst agents here were
ii.nfldenl thai Hi" breai-h between Pro
visional President Carratun -iinl Hen
1. 1 nl Villa would be healed at Hie peace
iiieellng now In progress ill Zaenlocsa,
but stated ilispalches from Mexico City
....... i .. .l,,,i,i .iiiiiimi iifrli'l'its lo be
lici. thai Csfraim.n doe not Intend
I ielly withdiaw to make ruoin for
Villa. ' ,, ,.
The siliilition was ailaiille.llv cntisld
.... . . ... ..i r...il. No.
HI CO IH 010 IIV .l"i"l IHI"'" ' -1 lie IIOIII' nil" ir- I,,!',,,,
lieitor I unslii!! oi tne state uepainm-in lB,t,i upon a nine. ' "',' "..
eoiiferie.l nt leii.ilh with Acting Keere ng several dais ago for h J home
I M V ot War Wolherspona lielme Hie 1 , h,,,,,,,,,,!,,!, lil closed wilh the pro-
eiaVnntioa posl J' '0"o eat tiii I im.tcr for the ainli'h. '
,.,l It -.in mid Ameilea i lebielanli .. ,;vei-vtliing Is nil right now so lar
i .. in..!,.... In i i is I'iniii Vein Cinr, ... .., t,, rnaeerneil for a match Willi
I..'. ii... .iiil.iliiv of t'urrsii'ii 's gov-1 .'ii.i.in- i ' liioie said. " All we are wail
enl w as doubt" I.
A Pup.ir Doclsloiv.
Nen Yiol:, th't. 'I Joe .lein'.'lti, of
II, .In lie i . N. J., lo'lds loo iv i new spu
iu r ilei'Uion over Hani l.aiigfofd, of
I'm Ion. The two negro heavyweights
n el In a ten round bon! here last night.
,l,iiili It t I'ougllt l.aagl'.ird "I every
illicit- of I In" glinie,
Or Ar Bothered With Falling ;
Hair orjtchinf 3caip.
lug for now Is to have Hie dale tlxed.
Then we will go to southern Cnliloriila
for a I'e il'ivs. I HUM' "g'"
est donl.t in the woil.l as to the nut-
i oiiie of the bout.
ntolilo Wanu a Match.
m., I'niiieisco, Mepr. 2. -Willie Hit
ehie inimer world's light Height chum
io, was due here today on the steam
'.. ii ....I I','..... I us Aauetcs. As Hit
ehie failed to sign.for a aiateh In the
south, il wis believed ho would be
r v to talk business wllh proiiiolers
here! Hales, he closes for a Una r ran
el.,.,, limit, llilehie probably will fco
ArnllnuAM Arresttnl.
i .. 1......1... Cul Oi l 2.-- I'lteher
.. '. .i .tf .1... Ml. .i.iii i..nst
..... T I'llllIK ,1 reioini-i-i ' ' -
...i .-,...r fills i...nu. elub. Is under arrest hole toda)
mere is i nc soir;-.., . . . , ie lavi.lvlng n II'
V. remi.ve juiu ruti r... , c c y an, ,n . " "" .' ,; - , ,, . . ,.
,s t,, ,l,,s,..v;e . ,, i hi ic V J v " ".,. , ;,tf , Vsrrnnt
liiciv l i un una. him kh bihmu ium i . n .tiic.tvi . . .
,M.piy it nt iiigm wncn rc,.rnH. rr,s . ,, '' ,,';.,.,,.,,,,,.
' kMHillglt 10 mil s en IIIO sroip fV , lenis in i" . .
tit en ly Willi Ihe finger tip. revuH i f 'in me lave.tlg Hon by the
' 1 mort. II nut all. of your , authorities llm. brought Ihe I'ortlaml
. . .. iP ...... -...1 st. .it i . I.. ,11(111 Mtrt nil 14
klAi.iliull will ,v .," ! ' .. .lYi.i " . ..ii..... .1.... ...I lie etinnie ami ex
Hour mure a ipiuatinin win nmiiru 7
ti..d, . .., I rnilielv deitmv every single nressed the belief thai another person
L . 1 . it .... MiitliAf luw nuii'tt I ,....1 im tiniltf.
1,111 RIHl IIBtX "l lym uiwvi " I hh- '. '- -.-.--a .
Itml your liair will le iniiiy. mrr.u.
u ussy, silky iron Sim aim iook u ,m , ,.., i,.i,
S lumdred limes Mtef. Han I 'edm, t 'il., t Vt J.-J ohu
l( ynu want lo keep your tulr livikin , 4, H, h, s enutraelnr, rlnims
Hch, tlo by ll means Ret rid ot (land- i,rW's bowling rward td,
suit. dr notliitig destroys the hir having rolled two perfect gamei
siiiiiUv. It tint only st.rves the hairi 0f ten pins on tegular alley
,,,:d makes II (all out. but It nukes It; here la-t tilgM.
mrliigy, ilrnggly, dull. dry. brittle stvl , strikes out of a possible 34, for
lilelrss, ami rvrrytmily nntices It. You a three game average or iw,
t get liiltiul rvon at any drug store, 1
Hi it liiexiiennive, anil lour oimees is
nil ym will neeil. This simple femedj
Alexander the Great
By A. M. Oorrlgan.
Rd McChe tayn
u. H....1 v..bp,i.ku ! l.einnie see. It
1 ,. ..',ll,,,..l linstelrv. a si ling an'
IIKlflt' I. I .
store. In straight geography tnai s
all. inn wneii .luu
his hiuh chair
III IM, All'
ilnnnM if he aiu 't
pltchiu' yet. lie's
chillv lioolii s oi.e
best bet to le'tv"
to Ihe idnli
His foil." orlulu-
nllv meant that lie
should lie a presi
dent of iust n
king. They called
.., iii'iii'iit- cleveliiiiil sn he'd have
little better show lo Join the big l'em
ring. Hut polities was nix with "'oil'
II.. .11,111 e, nut runes III me snue an
nii,lie,l bull in his sleep. In nineteen
nine he left Ihe boys an went to ' ,'. . . ,. ,., ..,,, . ,....,..
Hallsbuig. II Is, an' I'll' hod Ml V:, on. 2 old drake.
. , 1 rti tn". ' . .
'"'"''Tv , 1. iluv Stnluer. 3 old drake, 2 3 young
This six toot sisosier nan u.e K ' ' I , ' 1 1 .. (lM ,,ake,
il,iiiilru(I vou may nave.
Vou will
you may nave.
di r.,.,1 t.u tlmt nit lieli bin anil
1 IMI Will mull l""i .... . '
Higging of th "'. I' " ' I ...... m. .r,wt..Nn .BOOUD ...i
mid voiir Hair will no nmiy, iii'in-u.. x timruu -
pen. II. O. Marx, a nen
3 pullet '
TBvlrllTA WvalldfltteS
C. I). Opper, I 2 cock, 2 cockerel, 1
2 3 hen, 1 pullet, I oreeuiug H""
H. E. Jackson, a cock, 1 cocnorei,
pullet 2 breeding pen.
S. 0. Rhode Island Beds.
11 1: iirimiinll t cock. 1 2 hen,
millet. 1 breeding pen. 0. L. HunlJJ.v
. n 1 Krtim A keilll
1 COCK, o oreeuiug i" ,
.1 1. nn..imi..il lV F. Hatten. I
.1 i-ociii - 'w.'"'". : -, - ,. -cockerel,
3 hen, 1 pullet, 2 breeding pen
White B. C. fcegnorns
1 hi Vl.iiiu 1 ennk. .1. W. Re'lllCJ
& Son, 2 cock, 2 cockerel, 1 hen, 1 3
breeding pea. K. .1. Mel luna'.ia'i,
cock, C. H. Wheeler, I 3 cockerel, I pul
let. H. II. (Ireer, 2 3 hen, 2 breeding
8. 0. Anconas,
Ira X. DeLine, 1 cock, 3 hen, 2 pullet,
2 breeding pen (1. 0. Je.ek, 1 cock
.....i ii lmi, 1 breiiiliiiir lieu. Jnuies .M.
Cnli'i hilil. 2 cockerel. A. J. Pii lnnl. 3
cockerel, 1 hen, 1 pullot. F. A. 'tine
hart, 3 pullet.
nnttsreun Sicilian.
H. M. Palmer, I 2 cock, 1 cockerel,
1 3 hen. I 2 millet, 1 breeding pell.
A W Huttemiller. cock, cockerel, 2 hen,
2 breeding pen. Mrs. W. Asseln,
cockerel, pullet, breeding pen,
wlilts OrolliBtoilB.
F. M. Chase. 1 2 cock, I 2 cockerel,
, ,i ii i o a i. nil. ,t 1 9 lireediiiu nen
1 .1 lll-ll, I " .i'..- l - - - r- I
M. Feldiiian. 3 cock 3 cockerel, d
breeding pen.
Bronte Turkeys,
K. H. Klegcl. 1 2 cock, J. A. finis,
I 2 3 cockerel, I hen, 1 pullet,
Indian Runner Ducks, Wlilte.
H. II. (Ireer, 1 2 old drake, 1 3 old
duck. 1 1. H. Hkiiiuer, 3 old drako, 2 old
duclt. H. H. Church, 1 2 young drake.
Ilarrv K. White, 3 voung drake, 1 young
.1 .... l. Weil A. Pa iner. 2 voung uiicK.
Mrs, F.lla Plank, 3 young duck,
Hunan muiuor,
.. ... l. i ..1.1 .l...l.n II II
, , , i. i ii. ti. i nun a, i mu uni"'-. .
reckon n basil all ' , uJ im,k , ,,
it boast, one I g " k jj ,lnk,
gob nioie. I'or V , A,
Alexiiinler first,. . ' .'....i,. ,i i.i ,i..i, a a
pitched there, lie 1 "V ' . "
pitched clean f' !Z.anua, Dncka. Pencilled.
F Fisher. I old drake, 3 old duck
Hubert Forbes, 2 old drake. Win. K
l .... I i , .Inilie. I 2 old duck, i
young duck Mrs. A. Wreiicrt, II young
duck. .
Muscovy Ducks.
II. H. Church, I 3 young ilraku, I
young duck. Langcndorfer Hms.,
young drake, 2 young duck.
Hin irn uiii-Hi.
C. . C evelaiu I. I out ,raae, ,i lining
drake, I 2 old duck. .1. H. t'lark, 1
yming drake. F l'' Wlinlieriy, a young
drakiv. 3 voung ilucK ri. n. iiim n,
voung duck.
Peklti uncai
ii ... Willlr,l. I old drake, 1
T5i .i;,i oAlnpe.l bird, vveicht vnr
ietv E. M. Chase, 1; J. A. Oriffin, 2;
VV Uo.iinht 3
Best soliu coioreu uiru, iiuii-ncni
vnriptyC. 0. Wheeler, 1 ; Orrell & Bur
nett, 2; A. IS. Meming, a.
u ..nrt .nolnreil hiril. WCltflU vu-
riety-Kdward Hhearer, 1; M. J. Meyer,
2: E. F. Batten, .1.
..nrti.nolored bird. noll-WOtgllt
eiai iii.i." ... i
variety H. O. Marx, 1; A. J. Pickard.
2; Warren Orny, .1.
Best five males bred by exhibitor
M. J. Meyer, 1; J. A. Hrifron, 2; K. F
Batten, 3.
n.. .i;.,.li- tn nierienn rtnss .Mrs
F.lla Plunk, i: J. A. llriffla, 2; M. J.
Meyer, 3. .,
Best dispiuv in Aaiauo cuiss i.. ....
Jackson. 1: Edward Kheurer, 2; Orrell
Si Burnett 3.
Best display in .Mediterranean cuius
-Kd Khoel, 1: V. M. Calbreath, 2; H.
M. Palmor, 3.
tl.t .ILnlnv id F.nnrlisll CtUSS r. JU.
u"i iiii-..j ... n
Chase, I; Orrell it Burnett, 2; M. teld-
man, 3. ,
Best display of turkeys, not less inno
six J. A. Htruss, 1.
Best display of aueks, eignr or mun-
H. B. Church, 1; I.angennorfer Bros.,
t. K. Bow-ersox, a.
B?t display of geese, six or more-
Ed ritocl, 1.
Pais English 'outers, any color 0.
V. Adams, 1.
Pair nigmy pouters, any coior it.
k 1
Pair Fantnils, aay eoior i.. n,
chel, 1; 0. V. Adams, z. 1
Pair jncoinns, any roioi v.. . .
Adams, 1.
Pair Tumblers, any color L. S. Mo
chel 1 and 2.
Pai- Hoaiers .-0. V. AOams, i nnu
Pair Hwallows, aay color 0. V.
Adams, 1. ...,-..
Pair Turnots, nny coior u. .
"m,i ! .....
For Individual display nor less man
ten pairs of fivo different varieties
I,. S. Modiol, 1 '- . , ,
Carnenn, pairs I.. H. Mocliel, 1-2.
Maltese, pairs 0. V. Adams, 1.
Hungarian, pairs (1. V. Adams, 1.
Magpie, pairs 0. V. Adams, 1.
For Individual display In nny one va
riety, not less than tive pairs 1
ir....i...l I. li..wroti Curneiin Co.. 2: vl,
.11 in iiri, , ' ri- -
V. Adams, 3.
Fet otocK.
t'..i..i.,., i.,,ru buck, aav variety
Carter & Maunders, 1; T. P. Keeney, 2;
A. F. .Mccauloy, ,i.
Doe, any variety wrcgon vuui'iio
V A V 1
A 1
I A rlo.tfitl
WIa gmartly
II VI l, H .
r A nmn
a New
ting, graceful collar wiin
cut curved front, that admiti
... .irit titno.
I easy n"" a- ... M
CLHETT, PEABODY k CO., lac. M.k.rs. Troy N. Y.
Flock, consisting or . veuiin.R " ,' Kozer;
ewe ainbs and ram any 'i
Mchmiilt Bros.; 2, Ed. School.
.. soutnaownj.
Kam, 2 years or over 1, Erunk
Brown. , .
Ham, 1 year and under 21, rranK
Kara, under 1 year I, rranu mown.
Win. Riddle. It Sons; 3, Her-
sehel Lewis. . o
Kam, iiiidcr 1 year I, r. a. Ti
F A. Kozer; 3, Wm. Riddle 4 Sons; 4,
Win. Riddle 4 Sons.
Ewe, 1 vear and under I 1, r. a.
Koneri 2, F. A. Kozcr; 3, Wm. Riddle
Si Hons; I, Wm. Riddle & Sons.
Ewe, under 1 yeai i, r. a.
2, J. (1. H. Hubbard; 3, Frank Brown; j A Ko?t,r. s Wm uid.Uo & Hons;
4, J. C. Hubbard. 1 4 Win. Kiddle 4t Mons.
Ewe, 1 year and under i, rn j..0,.Kli p. a. Kozer; 2, wm. khiuid
Brown j 2, f rnaK nrowu-, n, a. v.. .
Hubbard; 4, J. """' ..
Ewe, under 1 year I, Iraak lirown, ,( & S()11N
0 Frank Brown: 3. J. (I. M. Hubbard; 4, ' ,, ,. ,., t. a
J. ii, M. lliiniiarii.
nuns. . rr
Pen I, F. A. Kozer; 2, !'. A. r.ozer;
(let nf sire I. F. A. Kozer; 1, 1'. A.
i.-..., :i Win. Kiddle & Sous.
"mil"'. 1 uiianipions.
Flock 1. Frank Drown; 2, J. 0. ' ., , . . A. Ko.er (name
Hubbard. , r, Li'of iiiiiiual, Haion Duk
Pen I, rraiiK nronn: ., . -
(let of sire 1, Frank Hrowa;
G. 8. Hubbard.
Co., 1-2; Joseph Hipp. 3.
(Continued from I'.ige Klve.)
Ram, any age 1, Frank Brown.
Ewe, anv age 1, Frank Brown.
Oxford Downs.
Ram, 2 years or over I, C, V, Miser
. Wm. P. Emery; 3, Win. P. I'.mery.
F.we. anv nge 1, F, A. Koaor (nnme
of aniinnl, Duchess).
Cotswold Special Premiums.
Pen of 4 lambs, get ot one ram 1,
F. A. Kozer; 2, F. A. Kozer.
Kain, 2 years or over 1. Wm. P .
Riddell Si Hons,
Kam, 1 year and under 22, Wm. P.
Iliildell; 2, Win. P. Riddell Si Mons; .1,
Ram, 1 year and mulei 21, Win. P. Oregon Livestock Co. 4, Oregon Live-
Eiuerv; 2, C. P. Riser; 3, W. It. r e.
Hum. under 1 vein I, C. P. Kizer; 2,
-1, Hchmidt
II. In ', siiiv Iiiiiu In the woods, Till
1 ,11 la'. 11111I Ilia rluht an"
reached the Phillies- Oougil an woen on
got H chance lo show he run up all hl
duel.. Ed Mliool, 2 old diake,
Rouen units
I ,.,,l,.rl. lima . 1 2 old dl'llkC
I 2 young drake, I 2 old duck, I 2 voung
g, chance to show he run ,. all his ' 'J - A
sail. He hit the .poll.ght from the Ducks.
.,,.,1 in. nlteliiii' mi his f eld in' art
....i. in i in., a. iev tni'iicn
l, .,!,;. I la. name "The Hreat." lie's
II. H. Church, I 2 young drake, I oni
Im k. I 2 voung duck. J. H. I lrk,
behind his iiame "The Hreat. " " ; 7 v. ling duck
made good on II three years stiaighl. I "H "'""VL uck,.
guess II 'a gonna slay
A word to the unwise Is wasted
The OllltlNH Irenlment for the Orlnh
Habit can be used wllh absolute confi
dence. It destroys all desire for whis
i I . ..il... atn.ihiilln tlllllllstttS
Rev, i'1'l-r in i-iii" . w" -. - -
Thousands have si essrilly used It
...I l..u I,... restnreil to ttveS of SO
null nii.r - -
t tail to get result, fro OHKINfc li T.
I' after t trlaC your money will be r O rell
. 1.1..1 tin,i all I Poultry
I'll,,... iMilrlcs bv II. H. Church,
old drake, I old duck,
H(irr nnu if inn uiickh.
Ed Hhool, I oi l drake, 1 old duck
i i.,.r.,r lima . 1 old drake, ,
I iHnm-ii'i'.i " . . , i
louug drake, II old duck. I young duck
II. H. Church, I H young uraae,
mine- no.,
(tall DllrkS.
K. It. IWwnrsox I'Hik all premlunis la
this class. .
Black East India uncas.
H. . Church. I 2 young drake, 1 J
voung din k.
Touionse uiwi".
t i..if.. Urns.. 1 old gander, 1
voung gBioler, I 2 old goose, I 2 ywmg
goose, Kd Mhoel, otil gamier, juim
gander, H old goose, 4 young g".
Ed Wioel took four firsts,
Bneclal Ml
na itUnlar. 20 or more, by line
Burnett. I Rosenmawn
trial, your mum-v ., I . ... ..
j. 0. PERKY, m M. Cetamerclal. I J. A. "rirnn, x; i. j. i-ei-r,
II11111. 2 years or oxer
Bros. .
Ram, 1 year and under 2 -1, Hidiuinlt
""iaiii. under 1 year-!, Schmidt Bros;
.1 u..i.. ..;.u it,...
Ewe, 1 year inul under 21, Schinldt
Bros,; 2, Schmidt Bros.
Ewe. under I year I, SciimiiK Urns.;
2, Schmidt Bros.
Dorset Horns.
Ram, 2 years or over 2, W. N. I'leve
hind. , .,
Ram, 1 year ami under 21, . .V
Ram, under 1 year 1, Vi , l ien-
hind; 2, W. N. Cleviland.
Ewe. 1 vear and uiuier 1,
levelund; 2, W. N. t levelan.l.
Ewe, under 1 year 1, ' iee-
land.; 2, W. N. Cleveland.
Ram, 2 years or over I, ', E. Cleve
land; 2, Frank Brown; 3, I . r I iomm
laud; 4, Knollin & Fine'u
Kam, I vear ami under 1, 1 . i",
i,n..lni..'2. c. E. Cleveland! 3, Kiiol-I
II11 S: Flnchi 4, Knollin 4 Finch; .1,
Frank Brown. . .
Ham, under I year 1, trunk lliown;
0, E, ( lineland; 3, Frank Drown; i.
E. Cleveland; o, 0, Junes.
Ewe. I vear and under 2-1, C. E.
'levelnnil; 2, C. E. levilaadl 3, knol
lin & Finch; I, Knollin 4: Huih.
Ewe, uiuier I year 1, liank III own;
Frank Brown; 3, , E. levelund; 4,
Knollin i Finch; A, C. E, Clevclnnd.
Flock I, C. E. Clevehiti.il .', C. E.
.'levelamls 3, Knollin Finch. I
Pen I. Frank Brown; 2, C, 1 Ion-
land; 3, C, E. Cleveland ; 4, Knollin
Finch. . . ..
(let of she I, Frank Brown; ( . r.,
'levelnnd: 3, ('.. E. Clevehiud; t, Knol
lin Flne'a.
Rum, anv iige-l, E, Cleveland.
Ewe, auv nge 1. C E. Cleieland.
Bliropshtrs Special rremlunis.
Best flock (ram any !!. - yearling
ewes, 2 ewe lamiis.i 1, .. r.. ion
land; 2, C. E. Cleveland.
turn. 2 vcars or over I, Ed School;
2, Schmidt Urns.
Ram, 1 yeai and uiuier '.'-, r.o
Schoel. . ...
Ham, under I year I. Willamette
Vallev Live stock Co.; 2, Schmidt
Hros.i 8. Ed. Schoel; 4, Sclnbuit Urns.
F.we, i year and under 21, Wlllnm
.i Vollo'v Live Stuck Cn.l 2. Wlllam-
etie Vallev Live Slock Co.l , Ed.
Hrns.l .1, Ed. Schoel: 4, Scliml.lt Bros.
Vwn on, er I vear-l. I . I . Heersi i
V lleerst 3. Schmidt llros.i 4,
Schmidt Hm; 3, Fd. Schoel.
I-I....L 1 Willainette VslleV Live
Stock Co.l 2, Ed. Schoel; 3, Schmidt
nit I Mclinilill llrna.
11..1 I s.'hiniilt Bros 1 1. Wil
lamette Valley Live Sto. k Co.l 3, Ed.
Ram. anv age I. Kd. Schol (name
ot animal, Taft.)
f.we, any age I, C. I . lieers (name
of animal, Milton 1
lUmp.lHre Bpes-ial Preraluml
C, 1'. Kizer; 3, W. Ii. Pence; 4, . I(.
Pence; .1, Wm. I'. Enierv.
Ewe, I vear and under 21, C. P.
Kizer; 2, W. 11. Pence; 3, C. P. Kizer;
I, W. 11. Pence.
Ewe. under I venr I. C P. Kizer; 2,
C. P. Kizer; 3, W. 11. Pence; I, W. II.
Flock I, C. I'. Kize. i 2, Wm. P
Enierv; 3, W. R. Pence. .
Pen I, c, P. Kizer; 2, Win. P. Em-j
SIOCH l 11. . .
Hani, under 1 year K Vim. P. Kid
dell Si Hons; 2, Oregon Livestock Co.;
3, Oregon Livestock Co.
F.we, I vear and under 21, Win. P.
Itiildell & Hons: 2, Will. P. Riddell; 3,
Oregon Livestock Co.
i Ewe, under 1 vein 1, Win. P. Tint
i dell (t Hons; 2, Win. P. Iliildell & Sons.;
'3, Oregon Livestock Co.; 4, Oregon
! Livestock Co.
Flock I, Win. P, Riddell & Sons; 2,
W. II.
(let of sin 1. C, P. Kizer;
Pence; 3, Wm. 1'. Emery.
Champions, .
Ram, any age I, C. 1'. Kizer,
Ewe, any age 1, C. P Kizer.
rat Klinoll.
All Mlddlo Wool Breeds,
Wether, I venr and under 21, O
College; 2, O. A. College,
Wether I it m I
l l'n,.oil
Pen of 3 wether In in lis I, 0. A, Cul
lege; 2, E. J. Hidings.
Ham, 2 venrs or over I, F. A, Kozer
Win. Riddle 4: Sons.
lU.i.in.i l.ivii.liiidt Mil
.. -.
IVu I, Wm. I'. Illtlitell nous-, ,
! (treeini Livestock Co.
! Champions.
Hum, any age 1, Win P. Riddell
Ewe, any age I, Wm. P. Iliildell ft
Tat Snoop.
Well., ,r. 1 vear and under 21, F,. ,1.
I, II. A. College; 2, O. Iddings; .'. K. J. Hiding.'
Wether Intnl.- I. E. J. Hidings: 2. K.
J. Hiding.
Tat Sheop (Champion Pen of the Show.)
Pen of 3 wethers, any breed, pure
bred, grade or cross bred, won by Ore
, gou Agricultural College,
I jHalai'Jf I,,
,1 D
What's Your Harry?
Come again next Fall. Wt'll have another State
Fair then, bigger and better tnan thia one.
Hundred of State Fair visitors have called at
The Toggery and bought their winter Hate, Suit,
Shoe, etc., thai proving that the fame of The Tog'
gery quality it not confined to Salem, but that it ha
ipread to the turrounding town and rural district.
No matter when you are in Salem, you'll aluiayt
find the be$t of everything in Clothing and Furnish'
ing Good at
hts never una known to laiu
f i