Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 01, 1914, Page FIVE, Image 5

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We call attention to a few
Bungalow Aprons, the
59c Quality
37c ea.
40 inch Blown Muslin
Extra Good Strung
9c yd:
18c Pillow Cases,
.Well Made
10c ea.
Big Jumbo Sweaters for Men and Wonun
Men's $1.25 Outing Flannel Night Shir's
15c Velour tor Kimo
nas, very pretty
10 cents
a yard
Hand Bags at Greatly
Reduced Prices.
Silk Waists for Less.
llinvu iiiuiuwiu
The judges of the livestock last, night
filed the decisions anil awards made up
to that time. Their reports will proli-
ably be complete by tonight. . i
Shorthorns. '!
Bull, 3 years or over I, A. Chill-
iners. t ;
Bull, t'years and under' '3---I, -Ins..
H. Mc.tirohiiuy - Sum , (, A. Chalmers
Bull Sr., ycHriing I, Mct iosKcy (
Sons; 2, A. Chalmers.
Bull Jr., ,ve;iiling 1, M't'rodiev &
Hull Sr., calf I, MeCroskey & Sims;
2, A. Chalmers.
Bull Jr., call I, Mel rosliey A Sons;
-r A. Chalmers.
Vow, 3, years or over I, A. Chulm -
ers; 2, A. Chalmers.
Cow, 2 years ami under 31, Mc -
Croskey Sons; 2, A. Chalmers; J A,
'""T V "
nous; s, a. i nil liners. t
.-', , . w.v. , ... . i
Heifer Jr.. yenning 1, McC'rosliey i
Sons; 2, A, I nalmcis,'
Heifer Sr., calf I, F.. J. Id ling"; 2
MeOoskoy & Hons; 3, A. Chalmers.
Hnifer Jr., calf- 1, MeCroskey
Sous; 2, A. Chalmers.
Bull over 2 years I, Choice King,
MeCroskey Sons.
Bull, under 2 yeais I, Silver Hell,
.MeCroskey t Sons.
Suffered Every thingUntil Re
stored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
Florcnoe. So. Dakota. "I Used to be
vory ilea every monin wnn Dcaring
,aown paininai
I I. I. .u.l 1. .1
uavaavnv, auu ii u
headache a good
deal of the time and
very little appetite. ,
Tho pains wore to '
bad that I Used to
v noor ami ery, ue
H cause It hurt me so !
Z.?orZ! h t
man aulvlied me to try Lydla E. rillk-
ham'! VerfeUble Compound and I got a
bottle. I foil better the next mouth so
I took throe more bottles of It and got
wall bo 1 could Work all tho time, t
bop vry woman who sulTers like I did
will try l.ydla K. rinkham'l Vegnlaldo
(.'ompound. " Mrs. P. W. Lanhkno,
Kou No. I, Florence, South Dakota.
Why will woniencontlmietosiilTcnUv
In and day out or drag out a sickly, half -
hnartedexlafeitce.missiiigthree-fourthe !
of the loy of livl.tr. when they tan find
henllh In I.ydia E. Plnkham'a VegetBldn
Compound I
For thirty year It ha been the (land.
ard remedy for female Ilia, and hsa re.
etored the health of thousands nf women
who have Ik en troubled with such ail
ment as displacements, InHsmniatliin,
Bleeration, tumnrs, Irreguhirititw, etc.
If m want epwlal idtlm write
l.sijla K. l'lnkhsm Medicine ('. leonf).
deatlal) l inn.llass. Tour letter will
bo eswaed, read d answered h;
ws-au Li L.'U I j strltt (onndeae.
Attend the
great offerings that will be extra special attractions for
week-end of the State Fair.
Turkish Towels,
. Values to 35c
19c ea.
$1.50 Mercerized
Large Size
Cow, over 2 years-McCroi-key
& Sons.-
1, Fancy Mine,
.McdosKey Si Hum.
Qrand Cluimplona.
Bull any age I, ( lioico King,
Crosliey Hons.
low or heller, uuy ugu 1, Fancy Corncgys.
- Mine, McCroskoy & Sons. Mure, 3 years old I, John I'linler; 2,
Oiaileil herd, consisting of one bull, Felix Corncgys; 3, William Hastings.
2 years or over, one cow or heifer 2 Marc, 2 years oldI, John Painter:
years or over nnd inrTicr 3, oue hciter 12, Felix Conicgvn; 3, John Puiiiter; 4,
year and under 2, and one hciter under U, M. Drvdcn; William Hustings.
I year I, Alcl'in, key Sous. Mare, I year old I, Felix Coruegvs;
tiocdcu Young Hord. 2, I), M. Dryden; 3, S. I., llniolis.
Consisting ol' one hull under 2 ycals, r"'".vi under I year I, Felix Cor-
(wo ul,,fm, year mid umler 2, twu;,"WS -i Felix Coinegys; 3, A. T.
heifers under I vcar, all females to be dunes.
m,i by exhibitor 1, MeCri,sl(ey 4 Get of Ou 8ir.
ISons; 2, A. Clmliuers. ' Four colls, either I vcar or over
I Broedom Culf Herd. !Siallion may or mavimt' be shown I,
Consisting of cue bull and two licit- .loi.n Painter; 2, Felix Coruegvs; 3
iers all umler I year and bred bv ex- William llustius,
! hibitoi I, M'cCroslnv k Sons; 2, A.I' Prtdnce of One. Mara.
1Blmers. I Two animals, either sex, I vcar or
Groups. over. The produce of one mnre-l, John
j ot of 01p . M,,( r(,.kj,v 'Palmer; 2, Felix Corncgys; 3, William
Suns; 2, A. Chulmers.
- ,
I roiluce of one cow
-I, A. Chalmers, I
Brown Swiss. :
Bull, 3 years or over I, W. O. Bo
hart; 2, Thcod. Hruggir.
Bull, 2 years and under 3 i, V. ().
Hull, I year and umler 21, W.'o,
Hull, senior calf I, W. O. Holiurt ; S,
Thcod. Ilrugger; 3, Tbeod. Hrnjjger.
Bull, .junior calf I, W. (). Bohiirt,
Cow, 4 yrurs or over I, Theod. Hrus
ger; 2, W, (). Ilnhait; 3, Tiieod. Brug-I
ger; 4, w. ), lloliarf,
i w, J years and umler 41, W. O i
:,,!; , ,....,!
i- Heller, 2 years and under 1, W. (1. 1
Boliurt; 2, Thcod. Ilrugger.
I Heifer, senior yearling I, W. (I. Bo
hurt; 2, Thcod, Ilrugger; 3, Theod.
I Idler, seuliii cull I, W. ). Mohart:
2, Thcod. Hrugger.
i Heifer, junior call I, Thend. Drug
ger; 2, W. t), llnhnrt; 3, W. O. Buhart.
Bull, over i years I, College Masher.
W. (I, Holm it,
Bull, under 2 years 1, Medium Nox-
fn w 0 iioilttrt.
Cow, over 2 years I,
Brownie V
, ,1 ...
i nnrm, v . u, iioiiart,
Heller, under 2 years 1, W. O. Bu-
Grand Clininplons,
Bull, any nge I, W, 0. Bidiail; mime
of nulinnl, 'Medium Noxun,
'" ' l"!l'er, any nge--l, W. O.
,, , , , , Hl!,:"' , ,
Hieeders calf herd-t. W. ). HoWl;
ji Tlicodoro Hrugger.
j Groups.
' Oct of sire 1, W, (I. Hnhart; 2, Then
dnie llruggeii 3, W. II. Hnhart.
I Produce of cow I, W, o, Boharl; 2,
, Theodore Hrugger.
English Shire.
IJ; i,;1;; W-
Stallion, 1 years nld I, Jaeger (lust.
1 Mare, 4 years ami over I, W. H.
Filler, miller I year I, W. H. lied-
(hamplnn stallion I, W. It. ticdhct
tcr. (Niime of animal, (Jiivcrnor 's
t'lmuiplnu mate I, (Isco l,'lower, W.
H. LcdlB'tter.
Slsllliin. J Vita. mii.I ...if.. I .t.,1...
Painter; 2, John Painter) 3, William I
Hsstings; 4, A. T. Jon; 5, It. t
Ur -
Stallion, 3 years oldt, I
I. lr -
Stallinn, 2 years eld-1, John Painter.
12 l-2c Quality Heavy
White Outing
8c yd.
60c and 65c
Mercerized Table
Stallion, 1 year old I, S. L. Brooks!
2, Will in in Hustings.
Mtiillinn, umler I vcar 1, I). M. Drv-
iien; ., i u ill ill Hiislings.
.Mine, 4 ycaih and ovcr-l, S. L,
llrooks; 2, H. 1,. I Iron lis: 3. William
Hastings; 4, I). M. Hivdeu; .'i, Felix
t lismpion Hi ti 1 lion- 1, Joint I'uinler.
(Niime of ii ul inn I, Mnsi,solt.)
Cliamplon mnre-r-l, S, 1 Brooks.
(Name of animal, Oariini.)
Grand Display.
Five x ni 0)1,1,, brrd and owned hv en
hlbUnr I, John alnter.
Draft Horses,
Heldlng or mare 4 venrs and over
I, W, II. Coulter; 2, W. If. Coulter;
3, S. I.. Binnch.
Ilelding or mnre, 2 years I, S, T..
Drift Teams,
I'"lr' ' w,,lin lu'twecn 2,noo and
3,2uo pounds I, n, L; Biauch.
fnlv, In weigh over 3.200 iiun,l-l,
(, Coulter.
Sin ion. 4 vears and im.r-1 W. (I
Hunter, Kstate; 2, llurge Kvnns;
E, T. Kvans; 4, .la s and Jnliu Mid-
dlctoii; H, Sam Wade Son.
Stlnllon, 3 years aid I, Sum Wade
i Son; 2, W. (1. Hunter, Fstale.
Stallion, t yems old W. (I. Hunter,
Ifctaloi 2, Sum Wade fc Hon,
Stallion, I year old 1, Fled W,
Stallion, under I vein I, Hinge &
Mu re,
& Sou;
4 years and over-I.S, Wade L !?' Zh "y u', M,I,""
2, Sam Wade I Nun; 3, W. CI.1 mhI.jATA ... ,
Hunter, Kstate; 4, llurge k Kviins; 5
I. I, and II. K, I tin dim,
Mine, 3 years old -l, W. II, Hunter,
F.slulei 2, C, A, Hoiiver; 3, Fred W.
Sdrcs 4, Mrs. II. K, Kvnns; .1, A.lnin
I In in-.
Mine, 2 years old I, A. Ism Hurtis
2, Fred W, SJires.
Mare, I year old I, F, llurge 2,
Admit lluriis; 3, .Mrs. II. F Films.
Filly under I yenr I, Kvan Kvans;
2, F. Hinge; 3, Knn Wsde Son; 4,
llurge Kvans; A, Fled W, Spires.
Get of One Sir.
Four colls rltln-r sex I, Wade It
lluuter; 2, Hinge t Kvaus,
Produce of One Mare,
Two minimis either sex, I year or
over, pindiice of oue mure I, W, (I,
Hunter, K. Intel :l, Adim Hiiiiis) 3,
lluige k Kvaus,
champion stallion -1, W. II. Hunter
F.stnte. ( Nni f aulinsl, Kruunilr.)
hsinplou mare 1. Ktliel. Sinn Wnde
Grand Display,
Five snliunls, bred aud owned bv ex
hlliilnr- I, W, II. Hunter, K.lnte, '
Shetland Ponies.
Htallliiu. 4 vrars and over I, F. p.
Wolfe; 2, Isaac Staples; 3, W. N, I'leve
is no.
Slallliin, 3 ywirs did- I, r. P, Wolfe.
I Stnllina. under I verl, II, K and
i. 1,. Onidon.
1 Mere, 4 yens and over d F, p,
Wolfei 1, H, K. and .1. II, llurdnni 3.
I II. K, and .1. II. Cutdc
The Markets
Bay, timothy
Clover, per ton ,
Oats and vetch .
Wheat, per bushel
Bran, per ton
Oats, per bushel 3oc to 37c
nirum oam, per lb. 4Vv5c
I Potatoes, per cwt ......1.50
Butter and Eggs.
j dutterfat, per lb - 34c !
I i'mery butter, per lb. .. 35c i
; Eggs ....... ....... 30c cash, 3oc trade
I Poultry.
jHens, per lb. .. , 1 re
j Roosters, per lb 8c,
, Fryers 11c
It8- i
I "jteers ... 6c
i Cows, per cwt 5'jC
j ilogs, tat, per lb 7V;
; itock hogs, per lb. ......... 7e :
lwes, per lb. 3c j
! pnn8 lambs, per lb 5c
j Veal, first class 12Vic
- I
-TV, per lb 8c,
-alted country pelts, each 63c(
.nb peVrs. each . . .. 25. ;
! Sheldon ordered a taxi to send them to!
Scuttle, Wash., Oct. 1. F.ggs'the station and furnished them with '
Fresh ranch, 42fi4H'4c; Orientals, 18c. j round trip tickets to the factory town.'
Butter Local cubes, 34c; bricks, "5c; At the factory two department man-1
Oregon cubes. 32rt .'S3e. , agers showed them through the entire!
Cheese Umburger, lite; Wisconsin. ' plant and they took lunch at the fac-
life; Swiss i domestic), 24c; Washing-1 tory as guests of the management.!
tea, 7'ii(5 18o. After they had thoroughly mastered the!
Onions flrcen, iV(i?25e. per doxen; paint business they returned to Now
enstern Washington, 1 f l Vic per lli.jlVork City and since havo marveled at
California, l(n I'ic i the fact that they were not turned ovcri
Potatoes Local. (nV.p net- inund to an real pstuta aliui-L uh.i J
enstern Washington, i(a le.
San Francisco, Oct. 1. K(;gs Kx
:trus, lO'fcc; pullets, 32c; Culifomir
I storBge extras, 30c.
Butter Extras, 20c; prime firsts.
!27c; firsts, 20c; seconds, 24c.
Cheese California funey, 13c; firsts, !
lOVjc; seconds, 10c.
; Purtliind, lire , t)et. I Blips n e be
I inning to move in a trier way, but on
I lower plane of prices. The market
j ms now fallen iiliuut to the cost of pro
uctiun. Till luck or Knglish buying l
iven as the emise o" the weakness, but
t is evident that much bearish pressure
a i eiug exerted, not orly in tnis coun
ty, but in F.nglaml as well, runners
ii a rule are not oiferliiu freelv, hut
ome' of the larger growers and- Ihe
'inleis are dbpoied to sell.
About 000 lia'e, changed hinds yes-
enlny at pi ices rniiging from 10 to 13
tuts. Klulicr, Wolf ti Netter bought
120 hull's from ,1. .1. liiiberts, of Salem
it 1 U cents, nnd I all bales from John
liiclienitn, uf Pnij drove, at the same
iriee, S, and F. Ilhlinsun bought 0i
.nlcs from (leorge llicrsdorf, of Mills-
lorn, at 12 cents. Dorcus Bros, liought
HI bales from Joseph Harris, of Van -
asn., ni in eenis. im i nn ill
Hrowu Co. purchased four lots at Sil
verton at III cents, and il. was reported
thut three lots were sold locally at the
same figure, A sale involving a car-
loud at 13 cents was pending lust night.
A lute New York nuill advice snys ol
the general trend uf the trade:
Receipts for week H23
Kecolpts since Hepteniiier 1 2,7IMI
KxKirts to Knriie lor week 244
Kxpnrls from September I I.IIIS
Imports from September I 4
" Karly in the week a few hundred
hales et the finest New York state
hops were purchased in the Interior on
.Mare, 2 yeuis old 1, II. K, and J
I). (Ioiiioii; 2, H. K. and J. D. tlordon.
lare, 1 year old I, II. Ji. end J.
I), lioriion; 2, II. K. and J. I. llordon.
Flhy umler I year old, 11. K. and
.1. It. tlordoa.
t'et ni' uue sire Four colts, either
sex, I year old or over, get of a reg
istered Shetland stnllioi. I, II. K, and
.1. U. (lordon.
Produce ol oue mm Two colts,
either sex, I year or over, produie ul
one male I, il. K, and J. I), (lordon;
2, II. K. ami J. Il, (lordon.
Champion Stallions and Mares.
Stallion, 3 years and over I, F. P.
Wolfe. .Same of aiilmal, Padding ol
Mare, 3 years and over I, F. P.
Wolfe. (.Name of aiiiiiuil, Montreal,)
Mure, 2 years and under I, Plior
Ills, II. K. aud J. I). (iorduu,
drand Champions.
Stallion, any age I, Pndiliiiy ut
iiyin, r, i-, une.
Shell tnd Ponies lu Hnrniss,
Shetlnud ponies, tiiiMlcin- I, . ;,
and J, I), tier. Ion,
Sheilnnd puny ler saddle I, II.
K, smi J, II, (luidiiii,
ItoadaUra, Trotters and Partis,
Single roadster, mine or gelding I,
John Pender; 2, I,, C, .Mccormick il,
Hinge Kvaus,
Best matched ligiit carriage team,
mates or geldings I, C, Met urmlck;!
2, II. W, riiurmmii II, M, J, Mevi'is, I
rrench and Oennan Coach. ;
Mure, 4 years old mid over I ami 2,
II, II. Iliiediuglielmer, j
Mate, .1 yesrs and over I, lltcssetia,
II, II, Hoedluiilicltiier I
Pure Bred, Grade or Cross Breda. j
Steer spayed ur inintiii heller, 2 yents1
and innler 31, K. ,1, ludlngs; 2, K. J.!
Hillings, !
Steel spayed or m.n liii heifer, I year I
and under 21, K, J. 1. 1. lings; 2, K. J.
Iddlngs; 3, llciny Tlilessen. j
Steer spayed or maitiii hell-ir, under j
I year I, K. .1. 1. 1. lings; 2, K, J. Id
Exhibitors Herd.
Held consisting nf uue steer spavrd
or marlln h-ller, 2 vcais and under 3;
nn 1 year old and under 2, aud one
under I year, owned hv exhibitor - I,
K. J. Iddlngsi 2, K J. iddlngs. ,
Champion Fat Animal.
! S'ccr spnved or maitiii heifer, all I
j breeds, grades or cinss breds, soy age
' Iddlngs, (am of animal,
' Hln n, Im.)
After Visit in the East Points
Out the Courtesy of East
ern Manufacturers
D. Hutehenn. nf th ni,.h..n i;
Company, of this eitv, returned jester-':'
day from an extended trip through the
east. In New York City last summer he:
met a fellow" townsman, J. MeUilehriati
and their. visit to the Shcrwiu-Williama,
Paint company's plant shows some of;
the courtesy with which visitors are:
treated in the east in comparison with!
the treatment of eastern visitors by thej
commercial clubs and business men of I
the coast.
The young men called at tho sales'
room of the paint company on 32ndj
street in ew York and, Mr. Sheldon.
the sales manairer. asked them if thnvi
would like to visit the plant of the'
company in Newark, Now Jersey. Like'
most westerners, they replied that they;
nouiu iry anviniliir Ollcu. am -Mr.
iney were nnalile o sqniiiidfi- a cent uf j
their own money when any paint men!
were around. ' j
"Such large concerns ttko thous
ands of people over the sin no route eaclij
year anil show them tho same courtesies!
that were extended to us," said MrJ
McOilchiist, "lint it flatters a visitor!
to uiuke him think that a persnnal in-:
tciwt is being- taken in him
Our com-1
mercial clubs could unin some valualile
I pointers relative to the treatment of
I the people wiioni we expect to settle in!
lour communities if we would take more!
v. nimni iniiiirni in inem ami not
leuve their welfare to people who huve
an axe to grind."
(runts Puss, Ore., (),(. I. '' n jn.-y
hnj returned il verdict nf cuiltv iieninst
Kmest Dcnnison, cliaiged with nn at- '
tempt to extort money from Oslin M.
Jii'ksiui. Detective !!. !(;;. wood, who
wan tried upi n the same i lunge, was
Ucqi.itted. IVtei tive ''linrles Minis, in-
I dieted with Deiinison and Kiike.iKid,
j turned stntcs evidence nnd tile charge
ng.ilnst him vus withdrawn,
speeinl oiders from brewers at 4"i(ri)
III.. Lul Int. n I'.iu iluvu iiumI itil.ii-HMl
has diohiied otf mill oiils reduceil close !
to 40c. Ucnllv the Hiluntliiit is still
very uncertain. Iliewirs and dealers'
are both holding oft' awaiting develop-'
incuts.. (jii-iiiiiii linnses si-e tit tcrliie '
1 foreign hops at attractive, prices aud '
hrewers arc taking on siiuie of these.
A stenmer just iu from Ituttcnlum
brought the first consignment uf six!
bales. Further shipments expected!
later. Mail advices from the continent I
estimate tue German crop at 400,000 I
ewts.. Bavarian at 3.i(l.000 cwt. nihil
Belgium, France and llussin at 2'i0,0ri0
cwt. r.uglish crop is now estimated at
4."i.l,000 cwt. to over JlOO.OOII cwt."
New York hop prices, per pound:
State, IIH 4, choice r. 4(lffl)!i0c
State, 1014, nn d ill in to prime... 40iu4."ic
State, 1013 Nnnilnul
Stute, olds, olds lOdnl li!
Pacific Coast, IHI4, choice Ilim20c
Pacific Coast, 1014, medium ITfti'lHc
Pac, Coast, IIII3, priinecliolce..l7fii)ISe
I'uc. Coast, 1013, lower grades ,M(nMtlc
Pacilic Const., olds, olds Ifi)l3e
Imported, 14 1-4 4.'ie
Cold, Wet
Prepare for winter by ordering one from our
hg stock. They have heavy cast iron lining and base
and are warranted in every way. They come in sizes
to suit every home.
AVcgclable Pre fomlmklis
linguV Siomacte anilBcfwclsaf
ncss and fostXontainsnciuVr
upmni.Morphme norliuail
ClariM Jim. '
AntrfrTt tancdv (orrnnsflti
tlon , Sour Stomach.Dlan1
TacSmtilt Si$nturtof
The Centaur Compakt,
Mir. I,
Miff GiuT(ultt.il umfcrIlMH
y in 1 Copy of Wnppa.
: A
Antwerp, Oct. 1. The Oer-
lumis were bombarding Ant-
werp's defenses again today.
llcluinn aviators reported
tliey were constructing concrete Ik
buses, presumably for the big
siee guns they were said to lie
Intiiging up from Namur and
'I'lmugh the kaiser's artillery-
men hud the range accurately,
llicir "hots were merely chipping
the concrete nf the Antwerp
"The bombardment a re-
suits," iiii'l the nffifiiil report,
"have not been commensurate
I with ! runiiCs effort.
'The Belgian garrison s
spirits are excellent. No uliirm
is felt. It is not considered
possible 1'ur tho besiegers to
ninkc a breach anywhere in the
city 's defenses,"
From Termonde the Belgian
forces were slow'y retiring be
fore Herman numerical superior
Washinuton. Oct. 1. Adiniuistrutinn
I ul'l'lcisls believed that the co iference
to lie held at Zacatccaa today between
I agents of Provisional P rsideut Carrun-
j .a and (lenernl Kraiielsco Villa will end
the threatened Villlsta revolt In Mex
Days '11 Soon Be Here
Is the Time to Buy
One of Our
Complete Houscfurnishem
We Guarantee to Save You Money
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
tmi corrftun eowMNv, tw ionm ear.
ico. Kven If the conference Is unalilo
to Immediately adjust all differences,
constitutionalist agents here believed,
the disputants would agree to an armis
tice, pending fnrther negotiations.
Journal Want Ad$ arm m big
help to tho farmr$ whtn they
art too buiy to com to (omn.
f 'IU
I lalT
' unu a uiiiav
if Given brflHnTit ftlomiy hlnc that J
don not rub vtt or ami orl tlml
J nnfulsi to the Ircn-thett lU lour
9 tttnct m lonff u any oilier,
j Black Sifk Stove Polish
1 Ii In tlum by luctf. Il l mum
3 rat i full iimrteundiiimle
D Try It on ymt pnfrof
Ifl f.r n'lir fin riiiiuii. iCSW
fll If yo An'tlliHrt iWTTts
Ojiimh ii &.: V
li ..iSliisl r,-f