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OCTOBER 1, 1914
Editorial Page of The Daily Capital Journal
Dully, by Carrier, per year $5.00 Per month..
Daily, by Mall, per year 3.00 Per month. .
Weekly, oy Mail, per year 1.00 Six months.
The Capitol Journal carrier boyi are instructed to put the papers on the
porch. It the carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the
(taper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this is the only
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are following Instructions.
JPhone Main 82.
No information is at hand to explain, or to leave other
than deeply mysterious, the effects ascribed in a dispatch
sent from Dieppe, to the new French field gun. The cor
respondent told of groups of men numbering sixty, who,
after subjection to the sudden fire of these weapons, were
found overwhelmed by sudden death and yet showing no
We have long known of shells that on explosion dif
fused trough several yards of space an asphyxiating gas,
but except in inclosed places such shells are not capable of
the wholesale slaughter described in the dispatch, and the
discoloration of the victims who do not escape always
makes clear the manner and cause of their deaih. The
betraying yellow tint is not mentioned in this case.
Just a fortnight ago another correspondent in France
hinted vaguely of a "surprise" that was in store for the
Germans of a military utensil or expedient so dreadfully
.effective that it would be used only in a desperate emer
gency and as a last resort. One was almost compelled to
suspect that the "atomic bombs" of H. G. Well's ingenious
imagination had become a reality a suspicion that had
something more than the shadow of foundation in the re
cent discoveries as to the enormous, the appalling, store
of energy that lies imprisoned in every atom of so-called
dead matter. But the bombs prophesied by Mr. Wells are
to act in a way wholly different from that in wiiich the
French cannon are said to do their killing, so his picture
of "the last war" does not help us to an understanding of
how those unhappy Germans perished if they did.
, It is interesting to the newspaper man, as he reads his
exchanges, to see how sharp the competition is for new
manufacturing industries. Cities from far and near tum
ble over each other with special inducements, the moment
they hear that any concern contemplates a move.
Our town should be active in this game, difficult as it
ia. Meanwhile the fact is worth attention, that many a
town while campaigning earnestly for distant concerns,
w neglecting chances that originate at home.
There are young men in this place, as there are every
where, who would be perfectly competent to manage a
business proposition, if they had capital. They would like
to start a new industry here. Meanwhile money is being
pent away, because our people don't know of hopeful
chances to invest at home.
The concern from a distance that may be attracted by
ppecial inducements, may or may not stay when the in
ducements expire. The concern backed oy home enter
prise and capital is rooted in home soil.
To many people, the distant investment looks more at
tractive. But it might not seem so, if examined on the
epot. Money invested at home is under close inspection,
which should prevent losses. Wherefore, when our own
people want a little capital to start a new enterprise, their
claims siiouiu nave tne most carcuu consideration.
France is trying to solve the problem of getting rid
of her Apaches, a criminal society, and one of the worst
if not the worst in the world. Too humane to kill them in
cold blood, she has found the present war a means of put
ting them to death honorably and in place of better men.
They have been gathered up and sent to the firing line,
where they can indulge in the luxury of murder to their
hearts content. This is all nght for the b renchmen in
whose places they die, but it is a little tough on the Ger
mans to have to die fighting that kind of men. At the
same time it is supposable that a man killed by a bullet in
battle would be extraordinarily finical if he differentiated
as to the kind of bullet he preferred to be killed by, or the
style or, character ot the man who tired it.
The Oregonian gives the state fair a gratuitous slap
by saying in substance that while the distance from Port
land to I he Dalles is nearly twice as great as that to ba
lem, all who can afford to make the trip should do so, so
as "to see something different and worth while." Its urg
ing Portland folks to attend the fair at The Dalles is all
right, for the fair at that place is no doubt well worth see
ing. Just why it should belittle the state fair in thus call
ing attention to the Wasco county fair is one of those
things that, like most of the Oregonian's actions, are past
finding out. The state fair this year is one of the best ever
held in the state, and is certainly "worth while" in spite
of the Oregonian's uncalled-for sneer.
Editorially it was stated in Wednesday's Capital Jour
nal that the cost of the European war would amount to
more than $5,000,000 in a year. Since that was written
an article on the war has reached our desk, in which the
actual cost of the war, not only in money paid out, but in
loss of commerce and that following the stopping of in
dustrial pursuits, is stated to be not less than $o0,000,000
a day, and mat already tne war nas cost $.s,uuu,uuu,uuu.
This in two months. If it is continued for a year instead
of costing, as we stated, $5,000,000,000 in one year the cost
will reach the grand total of more than $18,000,000,000.
Nature study walk give the jiirls a
quiet. ehunee to talk fashions.
The Africju Doners are now pro
moting the cause uf agricultural edu
cation at the cattle shows.
Vacationists may return strupel, but
they don't worry so long as the money
tor the trip was borrowed.
Many country bovs wilf attend ngri
cultural cotVges thif fall, so that they
won t have to work farming.
Now it is suggested that the school chiklren petition
the rulers of Europe to stop the war. Someone suggests
that the rulers would not see these petitions, they getting
no nearer than some secretary, but that it would be a
good move anyway because it would impress the peace
idea on the youthful mind. This was the boy's theory, who
encouraged the old man to let the hound pups chew him
up because "it would be the making of the pupp."
By tonight the male pheasant will wish, like the young
fellow drafted during the war, that he had been born a
girl. He will also have a pretty accurate idea of condi
tions on the firing line in Europe. It is a safe bet the lady
pheasants will not be clamoring for equal rights, anyway,
at this time of the year.
In spite of the little cloud that darkened the sky for a
few days in Mexico, it looks as though there was to be
peace there soon, and established on a firm basis. Watch
ful waiting may seem slow to some fire-eaters, but if it
wins it beats the kind of arguments that are being made
in Europe just now. ,
With a war tax of two cents a gallon on gaso'ine the
question arises as to just what portion of the tax will be
borne by John D. and Standard Oil. It is our guess that
John will pay just that portion of it he can put in cold
storage in his eye without troubling that optic.
The Tacoma Tribune suggests that there might be no
strong protest against a war tax of one cent on each pos
tal picture card. Such a tax would surely relieve the situ
ation some and produce quite a good sized revenue.
Many people are willing to go on
picnics to enjoy the beauties of until re
if they can spend all tiie time plnyiug
A hired girl is naturally ilipxatisl'icd
in ,1 family where the Old Man persist
ently declines to turn the ice cream
It would be good business for some
baseball umpires to invest 10 cents on
a book of rules and rend sumo at least
once a year.
Apparently the smart set must wear
American designed fashions next win
ter, but if the prices are high enough
they will be satisfied.
Knglnml may talk of plowing over
its golf links to raise food, but in no
emergency will the 1'nited .States ever
dig up its bull grounds.
Many girls have been placing (in
awfully fust game of luwn tennis thb
season, anil are boating the boys, I mi t
that of course is because tiio sua was
ia a fellow's eyes, or his racket needed
rcstrin fling.
The highly cultured Kurnpean armies
don't line prisoners' up against the wall
and shoot them, as the Mexicans did.
They merely destroy ad their huildinut.
n ud crops, and starve their victims to
death gradually.
' Hons were properly named. There is not another prod
uct under the sun or between "pole to pole" that can do
the stunts this little beer blossom does without stuttering.
A few days ago the experts were telling us dollar hops
were a possibility and forty cents would be a light price.
Only a few days ago the story was that the crop in Ger
many was a failure so far as harvesting it was concerned
and that the same conditions existed in England. Yester
day hops were sold in Salem at 10 cents a pound and it
was asserted that the German crop was an exceptionally
rond one, had all been successfully harvested and the Eng
lish crop was also large and safe. On top of this it was
announced that the consumption of beer in Germany and
England had fallen off materially and even here in the
United States there was a like falling off in beer consump
tion. These things may nil be true and the price, ten cents,
may be enough under the circumstances, but who is there
knows anything about it. or what the hopping hop will do
If the Coos Bay candidate for congress is in the same
class as the Coos Bay band, he is surely a good one.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1SG3
Transact a general banking business
Safety Deposit Boxes
The cltv lilirarlnn nf tlnmluo an
nniincc the adoption uf Hie " 10-ecnt
shelf system," the proceeds of which
will augment Hie hunk buying fund.
As It appears to The Pnlloa Chroni
cle's sluigu.cr, Drlnvan's rmnet " re
sembles the aigrette which the women
of Oregon nre not allowed to wear on
their hnls,"
The Corpillle Neiitluol mnn, as n wit
ness In belinlf of prosperity, testifies
that Hcpti'iul'iT business with III in hns
neon fully ill per pent ahead or last
Ileal otnte men, according to the In
dependent, say Hint they receive al
most daily Inipiiry for f it r m m near
llillsbiirn to rent, but Hint very few nre
being listed.
rendleton Hast Orcgonlant Talking
nbout feminism, what Is the mutter
with t.uclle M til tin 1 1. When a girl can
clearly outdo men at steer f iplug as
she did yesterdnv, there Is no cnuse to
sneese at the " frail " "ex,
The MncMnirg nirrcipniirioiit of the
Candy Irrigator wrltesi "The roods
are superb, Ml the nolo owners ami,
In fnrt, everyone Is tithing- every hour
Unit ran be spared from the rushing
fall work to en.iny the fine traveling
which, wo all know, cannot Inst 'one,
i The Nudget nerts that If Astorlnns
; only knew how wasteful a community
I they live In, every resident nf the city
would begin to excii'lue rigid economy
I In Hie use of water. Ilecent reports
, show noo gallons per capita consumed
! In Astoria dully,
Kiigono, Ore., Oct. I. Petitions for
the creation of Hie new county of "HI
uslaw" were filed lth Hie enmity
court yesterdnv, and after the court had
ascertained Hint Hie correct number of
names had been signed to thcjictitlnna,
and that each person who signed them
' was a bona fido voter, nn order was
linnile placing the ipiesllon upon the bnl
j lot to be voted upon nt the general dec
i Hon I'll November,
I The now county, If created, will con
sist of nbout IS of the old l.nne enmity
'precincts weal of the Const inntititnlns,
It Is proposed to make Florence the
leouti'v S"at, although this nil lie do
elded upon Inter,
The Inst legislature passed a bill pro
vidian lor i utility division. These men
Hires nte voted on only by the people
of the u'lectid counties, and Hie coun
ty court orders Hie question submitted
to the voters ami the rounty clerk puts
It on the- ballot. Heretofore Hie whole
state has voted on Hie question, and
the secretary of state put It on Hie
(Alluin Democrat. 1
The Itcpublirun press of Oreiron has
filed a most uiinsual indictment against
.Senator Chiimbei-hiin. I'ulike his op
ponent, he tins failed to heroine a mil
lionaire, I'ulike Mcaator l.orlmcr. he
has failed to acquire a fortune In the
public, service, lie is therefore clinrgcd
wiin me acinous crime or Being poor.
If Cliaiuberhiin is poor, It is an hon
orable poverty. That he has not ac
quired a fortune affords conclusive
proof of his integrity and absolute loy.
ally to the latercsts of his constituent..
Ills lack of wealth is not duo to 'rk of
opportunity. It Is not due to a be
trayal of those who have so many times
honored hi in with their votes. It is due
to a long career of honorable and faith
ful service.
Chninlierlain once resided In Alliunv.
There is one Incident in connection
with his residence here to which we
will now refer.
The pioneers of this section of the
stute well remember the failure of the
l.inn County National Hunk. They will
also rcaiemlier that (leo. I). Chnniber
lain settled ia full with that Institu
tion, They will remember Hint in order
to do this he sold his own homo which
wns exempt from execution and puid
every dollnr he owed, They will re
member Hint when ho loft Albany he
owed no man a rent and that his only
avnlhiblo asset was a legal training
which no later out to a good purpose
in the eity of I'orllnnd, A less hon
orable man tlinn lleo, K. Chninlierlain
would have token advantage of the ex
emption laws of the state aad saved his
hoaia froai the financial wreck. Hut
Chnniberliiin preferred finnnrlal loss
rattier ttiun tint repudiation of his ob
ligations. I'lila Incident may exnlaln to some
of the Hepnbllrna Journals why It Is
Hint Chnaiherlaln has not Heroine a
millionaire. Millionaires are not made
of this klad of stuff; nor has experi
ence demonstrated Hint plutocrats aiake
tne rigai Kind or puiuic servants,
If It Is a rrlnio to bo poor. Honntor
Chamberlain has plenty of company.
rnr nener lor mm to remain la the
shadow of the poor house Ihaa to dwell
In a palace, purchased and puid for
out of moneys acquired through quos
tlounblo trniisiicHons in government
I Lots of housewives nre on
the lookout for your Want,
,30 get it in at once.
With Hie Coos May band were Mrs.
Ilnllie I'nrrlsli Hinges, the Oregon
nlghtingnle, and Hie Ad Club quartet of
I'oitiand, Mrs, Hinges proved again
that the Oregon product Is good and
la of wcarlnu oiinlitv. sa she was well
received and compelled to respond to
encore after encore, The Ad eloli made
n hit with Its excellent singing and
i'i'iiw nanny get away from tne In. Is
i fence of the audience for more, Thev
sang with exceptional henntr "The
Homirv." and followed by " lleidol
iiierg, that populnr stein smig. In ro
spouse to repeated rails, they sang acv
I eral popular airs,
The numbers of Hie band were rpe
I dally nppreelntod and applauded.
Men Like Ships Upon the Sea
Disappear Over the Horizon
and Are Lost
(Samuel O. Blythe in Saturday Evening
The greut trugedy of it is that tht
men who are going to battle are young
men almost boys, 1 saw a regiment of
them oa Victoria street. It was hot
blistering in the sun. They came along,
dressed nt thick khaki suits of a green
ish yellowish tingo, in heavy marching
order, tarrying their Knapsacks, man
Hots aad cump equipment; aud each had
a great belt of cartridges swung around
lu in.
It was pitiful. They had t'aoir mus
kets, butt end up, over their shoulders,
aud their faces were red, parboiled
with the heat; the sweat streamed from
them. They looked straight ahead, eyes
staring trout, while the baud did its
earnest best to cheer them along with
a lively niarciiiug tune, Homo of them
were palpably distressed from the heat
and the weight of their equipment
sumo of them almost stuggered; but
they kept their eyes to the front and
mnrchud us bravely as they could, for
they were going to tight for tho empire,
doing where Not one of them knew.
Not one of the hundreds along tne curb
&q it has been from the beginning
and so it will be to the end. They
come aud they j;o and no word is known
or their coming or their going. The
ships steam out of port smiiped for
uction. They dbiippear oil the horizon
uud, save tor the uiessrges that flash
hack to the admiralty, not a word is
known of tiicm but such a few words
us the udininilty may glee out.
1 urn trying to tell of the most niimz
iug development of the modern science
if waiiare the development of the
policy or science.
Here in London, with Its great news
paper press and its 7,000,11011 people,
ami Kngiaad with its 40,01111,000, and
the press of the provincial cities Kng-
in int. witn its multitude of mediums tor
publicity In silence, dense and pro
found, during the movements of the
men and the ships Hint are to hold it
imperially or allow it to become a sub-
''I't nation; or, at least, a notion held
in hostage!
And wiien you pass the ndntirultv
you see the wireless on the roof guard
ed la every way, with guns and with
men, and barricaded. At Whitehall
court you see monoplane airships
poised on the roofs ready for liistunt
Might. The telegraph wires and the
telephone wires, which are owned by
too government, first deliver everv
syllable sent over them to the censors
before any syllable gets to the outside
world, Hcores of messengers in liliuki
uniforms dash about tho city nn motor
cycles, Olfieors rush hero and there
in motor cars, Infnrniittion is coming
in every minute, ami orders and Inl'nr-
Painted Faces
Kind aiiliire gnve my cousin Mary a
face that's a delight, with llpai 'red
as any cherry, and brow of snowy
while, Her cheeks resemble cream anil
roses or so one
I'oct wrote, when
Mary's Ihco and
queenly pnies hnd
robbed hi tn of ills
gout, Khe should
oe promt of her
complexion, so in
dlnut and rich,
mid yet -tic keeps
a hlg cnllt'ctloi i
powih'is, paints
a n i .i. It. A n d
when she's fined
op lor ii killing
some l,oi hliiMi I o
muse, mind men
might see that idie's been spilling such
stuff upon her face,- "Ah, t ousln
Mary, you are silly," quite frequently
i actum ny snoiiiii you trv to paint
the Illy, or gild the perfect gnldf ,lnt
leave your face as nntiire mads It and
von 'II he as slick as cream, but all this
dops yon irnr will ,'ndc It. and make
you look a scream. When you have
reached the age uf thirty, or insvbo
thirty thiee, your fa 'a will wrinkled he
and dirty, a frightful lulng to see.'
Mot what's the nsel Ten million maid
ens are pointing everv davi thev laugh
tn scots our mild upbrnldiil 's, and go
incir rooiisn wav,
t.tm. N't.!! ftsfrf
Washington, Oct. 1. The following
postmasters have" been appointed:
Beaver, Charles A. tustman, vice D.
W. Gilbert; (loldea, Mable McIntoBh,
vice H. G. Mcintosh, resigned: Tri
angle, Elinor I.ehnherr of Myrtlo Point
(new otfice). The following postmas
ters have been reappointed under civil
service: Acmo, Irvin B. Cushman;
Adams, George 0, Bichardson; Agnoho,
George W. Kilea; Antelope, W. E.
Johnson; Applegate, John W. Pernoll;
Baaks, w. L,. .Moore;- Barlow, J. U..
Erickson; Barton, H. I'. Oiboon; Blod
gett, Amos Carwalader; Boyd, James
A. Scllcck; Buxtoo, Charles A. Peter
son; Coston, William E. TTommo; Deer
Island, Muttie H. Eaglish; Empire,
Claude O. HocketCanyonville, Brady
P. Burnett, vice R. I.. Couglar; Cotton,
Lena Dnnielson, vice Alfred Danielson;
Columbia City, William I. Naclay, vice
r.li.iuh Jlcvey; UreBcent, uorothy
Anderson, vice E. G. Rourk: Dayton.
Clark B. Foster, vice August Dotmcr
ing, resigned; Denmark, Mary O.
Capps, vice J. 8. Capps; Dixonville,
John F. Bonebrnke, vic.o B. J. Howe,
resigned; Dundee, David L. Terry, vic
J. S. Edwards; Elmira, Dorris C. Hale, '
vice 1. C. Colguard; Garden Home,
John E. Mcl'linrlan, vice G. A. Joha-
snn, resigned; Gearhart, Ethel M. W
terhouso, vice 8. M. Elliott; Gladstone,
Newton D. Johnson, vice W. H. Miller,
Roe, Oct. 1. Cardiaal Ferrata waa
stricken suddenly ill with appondictisi
toduy. Dr. Mnrchiafava was called to
attend him.
berry season, green apple time and.
piimpain oays, aoi to mention me year
around lemon.
ntatiou are being scut oot; but not for
the public. War is paramount. The
government tells nothing, whatever it
may know.
Any day there may come the shock
of a 'defeat or Hie glory of a victory.
Any day tho whole top of tho nation
may blow off. Any day tuero may be
bud news or good news; but until that
day comes Knglaud is grimly watting
waiting; and saying nothing anil
knowing less,
4 Skin ot beauty is a Joy Forevet
Hfrnnffi Trin, rimplL
Kreklrs, ll-illl Kldi.'.V
lt.Mli, A Kkli I)tMrMI
nil ''vorf piftiiii
m btilf. Mid iit
.'ltlsHHtofl,. R .
hit tK4 lb ImC
uf 00 jnn, ftrwt
U m b.mDlnM wt
Until tntraiuitt
ll fiMifhr maul
A'Kpt no oniiiitcit
(ell ot iltulllf
tium. Or L, &,
Birr Mlrt tn
My of lha btnta
1t.fi ( pllMit;i
"A pM
Will W llirfB,
I rtoumtnetsf
'..oHPti lid's) vmm nt ita thn If! htirmfli. nf ill UM -
fcln rtrfiinrHlint." t ir nnl by all 'InirKiol md Fancy
(QI0.T.H0r.lH3.Piiii, 17 Cr:t Jonn S'ltit i14
ONE OF TIIE SIGHTS of Salem, and not the
least, is the plant of the Salem Bakery,
where hundreds of loaves of bread can be
seen each day in course of making and bak
ing by the latest improved methods. Every effort
has been put forth to make Pennant Brand Bread
the best bread in Salem, and, judging from the in
crease of its sales, our efforts have not been in vaii.
If you haven't tried Pennant Bread yet, get a loaf
today at your grocer's, or if he can't supply you, call
2186 and we'll deliver to any place in Salem.
Yours for quality,
Salem Bakery
Corner Twelfth and Chemeketa Sts. Phone 2486
For ....
This coupon may be exchanged for votes in the con
test for a trip to San Francisco in 1915, at the Capital
Journal office. Not good after October 3, 1914.
House of Half a Million Bargains
Wo carry the.Iargest stock of Sacks and
Fruit Jars.
H. Stcinbock Junk CoJ
Ul But Wrest. BUm, Oregon. lliona Mala IM