Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 29, 1914, Page THREE, Image 3

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Social and Personal Notes
.Dansanta, dinners and tea parties arc lis their first trip to the Pacific coast
being anticipated by lovely -society and they are delighted with Oregon and
dames and damsels now that a country I tho Willamette valley, ami especially
club has hecn planned. Tho lllihee ! 8alem, ns thev expect to return this
Countiy club with a growing member- week for the state fair,
ship met last evening, elected its offi- . .
cers and made plans for a country club. I Heart songs are being sung this week
The official staff arc Asahel Bush,1 at the State Fair by Mrs. Hullie Par
president; P.iul Wallace, vice-president; rish Hinges. A musical program Is rcn
William S. Walton, treasurer, and Ralph j dered each evening at eight o'clock in
Moores, secretary. j the fine new auditorium of the Eduea-
A site has been selected five miles i tionul building, by this popular soprano,
smith of Salein, ou the river road. The Miss Beatrice Shelton, the well-known
club will take an immediate lease ou'
about 80 acres of hi nil ami will build a
t-hi b house during the late winter. Ten
nis, shooting, golf and boating arc the
sports planned for on tho expansive
site, and a ball room will be given place
at the club house.
The idea of a country club is eagerly
received by Salein society, and such a
real Bocial venture lends recognition
and prestige to a city. A ladies' mem
bership will be solicited and so malic
the club complete In its round of so
cial activities.
News has reached Halem society cir.
eles of tho death of Mrs. Charles Kerr, '
of Sioux City, Iowa, which came on
September 24 in that city,
Mrs. Kerr
the granddaughter of the Into Mrs. I
Pherne Strong, a pioneer Salein resi
no Strong, a pioneer Salem resi-
dent. She leaves many relatives audi
close friends in Salens having spent her
girlhood dayB here as Miss Lcnnali Bain.
The Bains wero prominent socially and
well known in Salem, although many
of the members of that old family have
scattered. Lillian Bum resides at Briar
Cliff Manor, New York; Lois Bain
claims Portland as her home of adop
tion, and the father, Nathan Bain, lives
in Kddyvllle. Besides her husband, in
the immediate family, Mrs. Kerr Iciivcs
a beautiful little daughter, Helen Vir
ginia, Members of tho Women's Relief
Corps were hospitably entertained by
Mrs. K, T. Adair and her dauehter. Mrs.
C. M. Lockwood, Inst Thursday, at their!
homo on Xsorth Commercial street, i
'Tne inspiration of the afternoon Was
sewing bee. in which the ladies fasli-
u : i.:..u u. a.. .1. '
ioiied garments and contributed hand-
made articles of necessity for the good
of the order. Much charity is wrought
by these sewing societies, ami the
Indies also spend liuppy hours in social
repartee. .
Assistinir the hostesses were Men.
dames Schneider, Noie, Shipp, llnbcock
and Watson.
Mr. and Mrs. V. If. Dent, of Ponlnnd,
will nrrive today to be tiie guests of
the R. M. Holers on South Commercial
street. Mrs. llofer Is Ms. Dent's sis
ter. Salein relatives and friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Dent are frequently enter- j
tained in Portland at the Dent house!
boat homo of tho Oregon Yacht club,
.in, I tl,m. viuU linr.1 1. uiiti.,iiil..1 ...Itl. .
4 keenest pleasure. The Dents will be
of fair festivities.
heic during tins weeli
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Volk u.e eater-1
taming guests nt their new country .
home on the Garden rouiU The Volks'i
reccnuy niovcii nero no in i-niius nnv ;
Ing tormerly resided In the Capital city.
Among their guests this week have,
UCCll BITS. Illlllllllg, Ot Dll lltll, Mllin., I
and her sister Mrs Suiulberg of Dnl- 1
Ins, who visited on Siindiiv; and Mr.
r..u iv. ..i ui. ..!., ii..n..u ... 1
llii.l in i n. i.uiiiiki i.iiiiiiii, ui liiliur., u
eompnnicd by Mrs. Alinky
w-ho formed a motoring partv
iionuuy ui. mo i oik nouie. i
Mrs. William Davidson and Mr, .loiiu
Davidson of Milwaukee, Wis,, wore re-,
cent guests at the home of Mr, and Mrs.
.1,' C. McFarlnnc, In Ojiiiuihy, The
former is a sister and the hitter Is n
niBtor-inlaw of M,r. McFnrlane,
niiil i
Mjs. William Davidson Is the mother
of tne Davidson boys of the Hurley-1
Davidson Motorcycle company of Mil-1
wnukee, They left a few days ngo fur
La Ccntor, Wash., where they arc now
feeing entertained a brother. This
Thsy Climb. d Up to
tht Top of a Stur
dy Trst.
HAT fltmll It bo tonight,
KVPll'il I'lhliltiHl II ti nn lilu
"One of those 'way out
to toll 11. Ill I lo.nc."
'Hue. flue. Ill loll yon nboiit two
I'iu iin-ii niuiiivi vnu. vuu mis ii
girl bnby benr, nnd they Were two of
, "One morning tho liiniiiiim benr
dig funny toin;iie, looked over their blinds to see It their nulls were clean uud
f, i.,,.,, i.,i,...i in.. i. i.
then I old them to slny nt liouierwlillo ilio went out to hunt for food.
"illinium Hoar tiiiuln them promlso (but (hey would go only n little 'teenty
way, and then alio let them go out tn tho yard to piny wlillo she tniiled
away out lu the forest to get n ulco dinner. Pupn Hear bud gono ou a long
journey, so sbo couldn't depend upon lilin tn provide for her.
"Tho little bear tried to piny Willi their shadows, but round Iheiii too
elusive. Then they climbed tho trees nnd pin veil with tho leaves, frolliklun
nnd gamboling on Ilio limbs until you
the ground nnd broken their necks.
tree and looked around.
"The landscape o long way off looked rery attractive to thoin-oh. much
more attractive than the place where they wcrel-io these two naughty babies
climbed down that tree nnd ambled sway to find something new.
"Thsff found, nn (hey expected, Hint the country wns bountiful, They
wandered ou nnd on, finding something to In I crest them every minute, uiilll,
nine and alack, two men came (long, encb with a big black bng, Into which
they polMied these two baby lifiirs.
.ei.,.1. l... .n.l .. I, ..In ih-m
...ii. Piuwin "I" " '
n car nnd (bey rode and rode for dn.u across the country. Then one morning
.1... ...i,.i i'v.,ii,i., nu,.,i n .m n-.s men,., -ri... rr. I,,
lck and cried for their niol her and the care In allien they had been eo bnppy
"For nowthcy were fenced Id pen; there were nolo to climb Instead ot
trees; there wa I bathing pool, but It wasn't like the dear sparkling stream
where tbey bad boon wont to batue. And then two legged nnltnuli came nnd
peered thrvngh tbe fence at thein.
"After awlilte tbef got used to the
mother and grew to like the food
after awblle the city soologtcal gnnlctia
musician of Siilcm, is her nccompanist
Wongs which hnve been selected are:
r::2nit sr.
Summer," "Bonnie Hweet Bessie
"The Cookoo Song," "The Beautiful
Volley of Dreams," "I Hear You Call
ing Me," "Somewhere a Voice is Cull
ing" nnd "The Little Gray Homo in
the West."
Marguerite Flower, the favorite blind
singer, will be on tho program tonight,
which will be given by the pupils of
the Oregon State Blind School at the
State Fair, in the uuditorlum. Besides
!the musical program, n snlendid cantata
nn" bpen arranged. The program fob
Part I.
Chorus "Tinibuctoo" Oeib
Piano Duet "Snow Bells" Bchr
Anna Ducdull nnd Buell Field.
Solo "The Fniiics' Tea" O'Neill
Hoso Fosnot.
riano "Hesitation" Knssner
Wendell Holm.
Solo "A Son of the Desert Am I"
-. Phillips
Raymond Lenliey.
Piano "Military March '.
Frank Sasders,
Solo (0 "Little Boy Blue". . . .Joice
(b) "Burst, Ye Apple Buds"
Marguerite Flower,
Chorus "Oh, Italin, Italia, Beloved"
Part II.
.A Cantata
The Sun Herman Moore
Tim Mf. Vn.l., Mill...
Tlic Moon...
North Star
Evening Star....
Summer Cloud...
Summer Shower. .
Prince SunJuuni..
Princess Sunshine
. .Hnrold Foster
...Freda Mailer
..Viola Bradley
Magdalene Derr
..Anna Ducdull
...Teddie Howa
. . . .Rose Fosnol
Chorus of Sturs, Clouds, Breezee,
Raindrops and Sunbeams.
T i
David O'llain, a senior member of
the Willamette university Inw ctass, has
arrived to resume his studies.
' , "" j
tliiLirtit inn niul imliiwf im I niri'iir nf til.'
'"iRrnt ion and industrial agent of the
Northern I'nclic line, and F. V (Ira-
I lium nf Hi,, i.i. ...1 1 .....; i. I'.. il,.i I!i-iiii4
SorX;,vr Vmf u( Seattle, are Salem
Jfrs. Mathilda .lones, of Eugene, ut-
liv( ,hil) ,n,.,lill) ,0 )p he ,
hr (0i w .unos, ,ri the week.
Mihs ,. (,iH.rt, f Wooilbnrn. will
u, ,, ...,, I,, H.iIi.iii l'e.it.,r.l,.yl
. . i ' u'""' f',f,,r,'''-v
l n, a ivn.,.,,,
'. .. . .. . " '
of Portland ' , i , ,ln'lv,,") 1,1 S,,1,',m ,""n !to the higher libcity the kev to free-;
,'rtv uiiiiii.iii,,,' ,1nr' nml yesterday. He went down tol(,im! Am to .,, t Knln nnd io
'' "l'll""":tho Hose (ity from here on a business ,.,,.,. ,,, jy f tlis hi ,,r free -
W. O. Nesmlth, father of Linn W.
Nesmith, is visiting his son here during
the fair week. Mr. Nesmith, sr., stmt
cd tho ruces in Eugene lust week.
Frank F. Toevs, of the Portland Tele-
gram, Is taking advantage of n tcn-diiy
j vucation to visit old l riends here, mid
also see the best state tair In the wiirld.
Ho has many friends in this his old
stamping ground, in spite of the fact
he was 'nungi d in newspaper work
Daddy's Bedtime
Brown Bear
Babies Caught in
The Mountains
younftrUerar nsked 1:uHr en Jack nnd
Ltma fnr tliu nvmilliir wttil'tf
west' stories, dn.ldy, Mint yon used
.nlil .IneU ., 111.-.. ! ,lv,oc
- ', - "'
imtiglity llttlo benrs Hint rim nwny
niiiu uuy unoy ueui unu 1110 uiuei was n
tho most frolicsome bnbln Hint you over
washed their fnees nil elenn with her
.1... i. i.i .... if ii... ii. ,. i
would think I hoy would have fallen to
They climbed up to (be lop of a sturdy
l.ll l'rnii .n,,n in. n, lulu
life and forgot the core nd their pool
I core and their pool
ere fed them. And
tn th.m "
in mem.
nnd neannta Hint were
seemed like home
' I
Move Is Against Breslau-Will
Dome tracow up ana
Leave It With Cork In
Petrogiad, Sept. 29. Xot Cracow but
n,ei u-n. h.ii.v..i w tn.lnv to bo
" " --' ,
the main objective of the Russian troops'
in Galieia.- I
The Galician movement, too, rather
than the one in East Prussia, was
j1 to be the tzar'9 i,rincirai YTssyV's:;: ex.
loimnc. -
Grand Duke Nicholas, it was learned,
was 111 personal charge of the Uahcian
Invasion. He had 1,000,000 men with'
Hi. fnr r mnvln .!-. r.i !B '
, Jl?Jl nL t rilZ vi th.
alien. 1 r,nnl,,.r 1 1 .....tit, n,..tu-...l tmm
railroad running directly westward from
""v- ............
tlZ' Urlt lLWaSfronib,B t0 1,ie'e frKme"t8 f "' ' merchantmen bv the German cruiser
S ll l ll north and " ' accurately as to anticipate all Eniden in the Bav of Bengal was also
Praunysl westward. To north and t)lc i(,8. movC9 oa the Aisne i reported
south strong forces were operating to . , , 1 I , , ,. . , .....
guard against a flanking movement.! St0PPed eeks' ! Ns eaehf' . to.'la-v ' ,at, ,.,,.,
From all accounts the invasion thus far' The Germans' success in repelling all "in generalissimo had revoked his
had been practically unopposed. Pos-, assaults on their front requires such f autonomy to Poland because
session bv the Russians of the Galician an explanation to account for its ,,,,1-i tlie Austrian Poles were supporting the
railroad "was facilitating it greatly.1 formity. Heavily entrenched though ! Austrians in Gnlina. explaining that
German troops were fortifying north! they are. the allies largely outnumber;"" P'o'lire of the Polish constitution
and south of Cracow. Cracow itself was them and it is not flattering to the lat-; " 0n,1'',0,ll 0,1 lo'altv
understood to bo manned by Germans
alone, the Austrian forces having been!
sent to help General Von Auffenberg. ,
It was a foregone conclusion that the'
Germans would have to bo dealt with:
v,f .i.. p..;..,. .n an..;, i
s a so on the Russian Hne of I
ut the understanding was that
march but
.1,. r0.i ,ii,. i ii,. ,!, tn
l,nuln., it If !r hnl,l re.it W would
take step, simply to bottle nn its unr-
ison and then press on toward Bre-
Z uV"ter Germany's eUo is '
inn, ensurn i.irniaov mur puns.
LAlClU 15 rKUIKl !
JftLlilll UlilUUUn.
,.ti... ti i t, i ci...:
r.nf ;
Key. Hichard r. lisclier, pastor, i
Ciiitnrian church of Salem. Ex
llnu ner men i mil viilmillv nr elm rch..,
collectively differ in wnys and methods, :
or in matters of doctrine, crecs, tnidl-1
tions, etc., there remain certain vital!
und fundamental principles of truth
land certain basic elements in life which
j are binding.
I In these days of barbarism and brute
! passion, when' seemingly till of the finer
and higher impulses, aims
of life and of Christian
and purposes
teaching are
being swept nwny by the mad passion
of destruction, we may well pause to
ask ourselves a few. direct, questions. ,
What is the pii'rptiso of Clnistinnily !
as lived und tnuglit by the great pro-1
phet of Nazareth! What is the spirit
f , , ,
, h j, ,,' , ,,
vitti winch
Into the dark
ness of his dnyf Whut was the nature
and character of the darkness winch re
ceived not, but rejected that precious
light f What is the real riiniliimeutai
and radical difference between the old
nit! nn worship and the new light of !
truth, by I h knowledge of which men
', , . "K" "
should find the path, the light, the door
leiidinir unto the Father! .lesus irivcs'The only secret has been the manner ill
I unto us the Key of deliverance the Key
loin is his ruiniosel To help men to
find tne puth out of the wilderness of
worldly confusion and of beastly dis
traction is his' mission! To rcvrt.T unto
groping mini the true und only God
the father of nil the alpha und omega
of endless beginning, of chnngoless be
ing, by pointing to the kingdom of the
spirit within the spirilunl nature of
mini. "Find ye first the kingdom of
Heaven within you and all power
shall be lidded unto. "
Again, .lesus enme to establish the
spirit of brotherly love in the hearts of
men, Unit through the regenerated inili
tvidual society might become reformed
and established upon n basis of justice,
truth and love!' A wnild-wtite brother-
liouil is the Christian hope, the brother-
I hood ol' inn" in the fatherhood-of God!
! But gieiiter than all of these divine'
hopes li nd pin puses Is that of world
peace! Pence, the sweet fragrance of ,
ji.ove! Peace founded upon the Gulden
j Rule! Pence established upon Justice! :
: The pence of world wide brotherhood
i by which alone the highest Interests ,
and holiest holies nnd purposes of life
en n find fulfillment.
j Let us piny fur pence! Let us wink
lor peace; ,uui in mo name ami spun
i"' V,1''1""","", l' ,."K '''""T, '7' T1"1 ' nl"'"'ng to h
' I"1 '"V! 1 '"!" 'T". "' tV I'nris diiecllv UCO,
I.0 tne hope nun purpose tn tne gieai
ridg,pel of .lesus, which is a g..s -
, pej or nie, nor 01 iieuin; or pence, nor
df war; of construction, not of Host i in -
ition; of light, not of sliinlow. Let us
, prcas to the goal nf our high calling,
wincn is tne uiiiinoant i.nc or ine reiu e
of Love
I Mililiirv men declared the allies pro
i pose to win the Abno f'lliit If it takes
Veslenlsv the Caidtul .lourniil nave every available limn tncy have. They
the results nt' the trap shootinu con
'tents, us complete as they were at press
.lime. Todnv Is the lust, duv of the,
I''"'"'! vM,,, '"'K'"1 '" " o'clock und
closed at I. The results of yesteidny
shoot follow!
Scores iiiinle nut ol n possible loll;
Amateurs II. Wihlon, Porllsnd, 141
Frank Troeh, Vancouver, III; P. II'
!lrlcn, Portland, 1111: llookemlorf, Stnn
wood, Wash., I Mi; Mink Slddsll, Sa
limn KIT- K It. k'cllcr. Portlnnil. lilil'isll had t'olllld lllliomerilble (Icriumi
lent, LI"; K. II. Keller, Portland, Llll
I-."- . . . " .. ..' ..... '.. '
f rans lemp eton, roruni u, i.i. ine., ,
Hsvmiini , Wash., 1.12; M. A. Itl.kardJ
. Kvorii1(fi .nrt, y,v. yj
j,-i(.,,rw,ni o,, Hi j, ott, li!(i; Dr.
Hartlev, I1t W. Dalrymple, Salem, 1 1 M ; 1
.lohnson, llll Ilaltiinnre, m:i.
Professionals '. W. .V-K-jr,, Port-
'land, 132; K. Morris, Portland, Llll; K.
.B- v'an Arman, Portlnnil. 12H; I. Fl-her,
Seattle, 125; .1. K. Held, Portland, I2."m
Oliver, Sim Francisco, OS.
'land, 1:12; K. Morris, Portland, LU); K.
'''. ' :
- ' ' .
German Soldiers and Guns
nowever nave neia uie :
Allies at Stand Still
(By J. W. T. Mason, former London
correspondent for the United Press.)
pw York Sent ft ThA Inrirn
,nt nf ',,,' ';" ' h', R
FrXh, tolJZor SZ British for.s
in the field against the Germans, in his
official report, tc , the i German
nlnimlinn rtf tKa nlllna' Cilln-a ...nUa
i ,, nr' .1
Th .jhteninir of the censorshin. the.
rff,,;, " mih.,
i .. a - i i i
r'P0,l'1e"t9' activities and this report
.(Jpner"' Fre!",h on t1"""" of
OMTiimioiro ina.i innvita t v tn ih. nn,.
"l - ' ft- - v...v . ...v
... 0 tht th. n,,.,,IM v.... h..
prowess that they are still torced.""" " "'
to stand still after a full fortnight's! 1" y cv,lt' 'wos""1 or V .
fidMlng. promise was worthies, from the first,
General .loffre's able strategy during "" ?" "ke '-'hola 1 ""t the
the allies' retreat toward Paris and the
stam lift shown bv both the British nnd
nol, troop, throughout the battle of:
the Marne provide material for arguing I
a mnii-to-man enualitv on their nart 1
With the tiemiailS.
Nevertheless, something occurred be-,
tcen the battles of the Marne and j
Aislie whi"h Naders an ad-l
vnl,tH(,p j
Thi" n,w e,e'"ent undoubtedly nasi
the Gemini, espionage system. It nmst
! the German espionage system. It must !
i..... l.-... 1 ... , !
twtci -ifu rn n...a .i.r...i. .' i
, , , .,,...,, p. h
When the Hermans, ill turn were
forced o retrent. ih.ir vl.in,,tK. ;
constant supply of information. . Their ,
work must I lavn boon nrnfnnn.llv ,il...n ;
wo nmst nao been protonmllj discon-,
,certn.g, since it drew from the British ,
OOlllllinilllcr 'ill chief SO lively a (IcSCriP
tion of their dnring.
Oermana Always There.
Every time the allies attempted to
penetrate, the German lines, the (le
mans have beet at that exact spot In
.sufficient force to keep the former at
The battle front now extends 05
miles south from the Jlelginns frontier
and Li miles cast to the
Length of buttle line is always of
advnntuge to nn of.fesive army be -
cause, theoretically; it can mass ami -
ilcnly at chosen points, while the do -
tensive army must distribute its;
st reugth.
The allies, in this case, on the offen
sive, hnve not lived up to one of the
primary rules of warfare. The ex-
plauution for their failure must bo the
(icrninn espionage system,
They undoubtedly found weak spots in
tho Gorman line by their preparations
for mussing against, them evidently
I were not kept secret from the Germans,
winch the ticnnnu spies hnve com
niuiiicnted with their headquarters,
I'ntil this difficulty is overcome there
, will be no advantage to the allies.
As a Result Each Is Rushing
Troops to that Point-Canadian
Troops Arrive
By Ed L. Keen.
Luiulon, Sept. 'JO.--Fresh shifting of
German troops In the western fighting
xum was Indicated by dispatches re-
ceived here from the f i out today.
flint tM, .Vmth German iirniyi com-
imiinli'd by General ou llociim, hud
been heavily roint'oii'Cii was certain.
f,jH unvested MM ,N. lutbcr fullv
roil linos the iiiiiiortniice of resisting the
allies' attack on his right wing until
fortifications can be dcinol-
im mi n venue towiihl
ohm the I'ViitU'o tti-ritinii
,,,,) i,,r
. r,,.r t p ,hiN avenue dose
, .-, )a. , ,ae lo i n dininiiiu the
M() t )t !n t, n.hboriiood of lldfint
If (n'l(l, , ,-, r.-n 1 l..-i their forces
!H,() lh, M
, ..i.
As a reolt of this disposition of the
allies nnd Hie l"rinaiis Purees, fij;lit
nili seemed practically confined Indue
to the (ieriinin lie. Ill ami the ullii"' left
expresied renl coul ulence, too, of vie
The allies' line in the tli-e uud Alsne
region was being stroniilv leioforcid.
A liiildln of Canadians at llouloutic
was reported. A pottiihi of tin1 volun
teers reviewed Sutuidiiy by Kinu
licoi'iie and War .Minister l.onl Kit, hen
cr were also believed to have hern scut
to the front.
Ilciicml French's lepoit that the Hilt
ish hud found innumerable tiermaii
. . .u I . . - ..- .i...
ues whs i . . "'"'""' ...r ,..
govcrninent s reliccnco concerning nll
Constantinople advices indicated Cut
(he closing of the Dinlniiellcs, an-
nouiiccl Mondny night, wss only teni'
jmrnry trail that the. straits would soon
be teopencd to navigation.
The wsr biirisn stated that It could
not confirm repoits that the kaiser's,
, son, Prince Adalbert, hml died in llrus-1
jsels of wooluls received In action. 1
The wsr biir.sn stated that t could
Claim Is Also Made That Czar
nas uone tacK un rrcmise
to Poland
u .
were officially announced at noon to-'"'
day. ' i
At the center it was said there was!
change-that both side, were!
css." ,hat an
ml.. " 1.. . !
" "mn "." 10 ""the large nuiiiber that have locate
;.!,.. i.,i.i f ,!..'i ' i
" .Jthe estimate of tho citVs ooiuilntioii
the west," said the official statement,
"it can' be said that the battle has
1. ...i i . i .t ,.
ut(w tH'TQ CO terCU H Mill H (JCC 1N1 C SiaUC.
:.... , ' n.r.ui.
. . , .
' he w8r office reported
that the
Belgians had sallied from Antwerp, expected to be
WJj"' "(CBr '.1" n? "f ! ... '.' ,'''''''!f.
s,u' belonging to a iiutch ramiiy nr;grounii s city nail, there are many more
" "' ... i.m..r...iK u
! il. n -i l i
;"" "7""'" iirni.-.i unu . reponeu inui more money was tiiKen in
"'', f"' that thejthe first day and a half this year by
"" flnK w, "''!' '! there a considerable unionnt than for the sanic
were forty wounded Belginns inside,! period lust year.
ha'' burned both the village and the
.t, , . I f I BT '.P J-
eastlc. , ,
It was stated that the French bom
bard incut of tho Austrian port of CaUl
Uaro had failed and that in the course;
ui n a rieiicn i-riiiscr whs siiok aim r
two were badly damaged.
"t Bnss.aiis were looting Lcmberg
and, seizing the famous art collection in 1
" it
1 "' ',m!,l,y 8 '" "tut "j
Portland, Ore., Sept. 20
One of tiiM
biggest excursion parties from Portland j
for a neighboring citv will leave tfci
i Union depot Thiirsduy, when the lhl'Ii-
I man club will go ill a body to tho Or6-
j gon State Fair at Salein.
1 Thiirsduy in Portland day at the fui",
i and the lliirriiiiun club hopes to do t t
i share in milking the day a success.
'hat llairininn employes may att'iid,
the general offices and all other .:
partinents of the O.-W. H. & V, ho,
Southern Pacific and tho Portland, Eu-,
geno & Eastern that possibly can bo
will he closed lor the duv. ;
The party will leave over the ;i)iilli
em Pacific in a special, made up of t In' :
latest type of steel enrs, and betiveni
J 01)0 ii iid IfiMI employes will mnko the;
The train will go direct to the fniri
grounils, nnd will be parked the'o for
exhibition, as it will be one of the fill-
est trains over sent over the Soul hern
Pacific out of Portland.
The llnrriuinn bund, composed ol co
ployes of the shops, will go alou.;. w
George Mc.Math, president of Die
dob, nnd a gciict-ul committee, have
charge of the excursion. D. W. ( niiip
belli, assistant general innniigi'r of the
Southern Pacific, has Hindu arrange
ments for (he train, liii.l President i'np
bell, iissisliint general niniiagcr of the
by giving his employes a holiday.
The i I u r i i in l ii club has invited the
Transportation club to go oh the trip.
If It n pts, the special will probably
be the largest passenger train over
sent out of Portlund.
New York, Sept. 'J!l. I ucoiiiplete re-
torus ri ived here today indicated ,
that party machines were siicesstul in
veslenlay's primary and thai .Martin '
II, Glyiiu, deiiiocial; Charles S. Whit
man, republican, uud Pic.lcrick N. Ihiv-i
ciipoit, progressive, were chosen as the I
stuuiliird bi'tirers of their res live !
pnrtics in toe November goticiiiutoiial j
elections. Glynn's campaign uiaiiagers
claimed his nomiiiiitioti by a plurality of
1110,0111) and Whitman was assured of;
. the republican uominiiliiiii bv n plur- 1
ullt.V estimated at linni I"., null to
lliivcnport 's manacers chtiiued
disputed tins - lit ) in nml will pruluildy
imit on h rcconnl, Sulzcr oppnscd
I'nvciijiort on the pronrisie ticket.
.Iniiicii W. tleraid, auiluiisndoi' to tier
iiuiny, won the deoioeial ic noiiiination
lor senator by a plurality ol' I -i.i " ). lie
will be opposed lit the Noveiubi r. id
tion by W i 1 1 in in M, Ciilder, rcpnblieno,
and llaiiibi idge Colby, progressive,
The retoiiis on the cniiKiosiniuil vute
Were fuming in slowly. Indications
wi re that LMI of the present LI cituieiis
men have beeu l e lium i mi t i , iiicliiding
L'H democrats nml nine repoldlcuns.
I,i'"s than "ill per con! of Hie rejiis
torcd vote was polled.
Hin l'riiiii...n Hunt "II A. It lei.. r.i.
. .'." . '. . . .. .
ccn,.,, here tonny torn oi in. uin insu - " " "7" " ' "
H lt , , , rnns-h in Solnno conutv of,1"""1"" vl com . any at tin. armory
. uro'er. Wolfskin s parents cro.sed the pnldle cordially Invited. It Is e-
plains in an on cart ami settled In I ted l..v captain Hehllmr that Major
Soothcin Cslifurnlii lu Ih.'ll. The Wolf-, ilownian, couimumlliig the first Initial,
skills were the first to raise fruit In the nu of Hie Third regiment, (l, N, (I,, wiil
stutr, and trees plsnled In the early I'C the inspecting officer.
days have been photographcil for use
days have been photographed Tor use
at Hm enposltlon. Wolfskin ut one
time wss a member of the California
1 glslsliire.
(Continued from Fage Oue.'j
;they are walked or trotted about the
j "K tluin when, they lire Crowded 'to- Salem Country club took sluipo larit
jgotlier in toe lams. J 'night ut a meeting of prominent busi
j .J'1" i",V","V"fbT7u i:s,Hl,IWu':i CZmmminl 1 aXI'S!
Hns y.ar tor the first time is proving, bunker, was chosen president of too
I especially popular. I lie management
j uih'- i up iniuiic iu vau inoinsoivos 01
jtlie privileges of the booth. Informii-
tion regarding any matter is gladly 1 Walton, treasurer, and liulpli Mooreu,
given. j secretary.
. i There is to be no delay in getting tho
.lames 1. Davis, til- mini who handles club under way, uud at this first meet
bees in his ungloved hands, is very imr committees were chosen to noi-fn.t
,1,,,a!1 ,ho l'"'"'K ' and the
h ' W
n,l-uu ..... (
II, IS CAi'V HlOIIilllV Wt'll 1UCUSCI W 1 11
" '.' n't the fair, lie places
at SOOll. there beiiiL' over ,'i00 cumus
with throe and four families in some '
of them. ,
The big tent in which the town meet- i
ings will be held and where the social 1
settlement work is directed has beeu
set up uud will be initiated this even j
with nn old-time pioneer dunce. All;
of the campers look forward with in- i
tenre interest to the different (unctions 1
held in connection with life ou the old
camp ground, uud the opening festivity
this evening is expected to tax the ca-
! pacify of the big canvas hull.
I Tomorrow afternoon there will bo a
procession of campers from the camp I
grouiius inrougu tne fair grounds. Hie'
procession will be headed by Mayor
lo.ier ana nil of the ;iimhi campers, the
entire population of the city, are ox-
in line.
to reports from the ciinm
v....,,. Mils ,.ar lllllll u,Bt. II IS I1ISO
. i a-.., . .
vuntci id ai i au ui uuiius
Coos Bay Coacert Baud Tuesday
(Auditorium, New Pavilion.)
, Hchnied ling, pi, I. C h While-
I , """,llllKi lB'"i, ' nillll
head, xylophone; C. S. kaiser, bar tone. I
1. March-" Richelieu ' ....Uoisvert i
Soloists: O. I). Joiner, cornet; Wol-
-. Overture "Norma Bellini
:i. Pilgrim's Chorus, inn Tiii.liuuser
J. Cornet solo Selected. ...O. D, Joiner
"i. Vocal solo " Velia," from the
"Merry Widow"
Hullie PaiTish lliiiiies
tl. Selection " Lucia . di Ls:uiuer-
nii.oi''' Ihuii.itti
(Fifteen Minutes Intermission,)
linnet .Music Iroin Fmist (lonuod
(a) Wult. Corps de Hallet
, (Ii) I'.iiceinble ot Helen mid Her
Trujini Maidens, and Cleopatra
und Nor Niininn Slaves,
(e) Entry of the Nubian olaves.
(d) Pasrucl nf Cleopatra.
S. Excerpts from the (Iperette
"Sweethearts" Victor Herbert
0. Weber's Invitation to Hie Valse...
10. Ijuiirtot
(a) "Copper Moon'' Shellev
(b) "Stein Song" Ilulliiril
Portland Press Club (juurtct.
II. Songs of toe Sonny Soolh....Linupe
Wednesday Evoniiig's Progrnm.
Soloists; O. II. Jollier, cornel; C. S.
Kaiser, baiitonc; Wull'riiin Hchineiliiig.!
pieculo; ('. II. Whitehead, xylophone. ,
I. .March " Fairest ol the' Fair i
2. Overture "Slradella" Hu-siui
3. (a) Idilo Lack
(b) Patrol, Whiitling .loonies
I. Vo.'al solo Selected
Hullie Parrish Hinge!
". did Fnl lis at Home and in Fur- !
eigu Lauds Id. hells !
II. Suite " Atlantis'- Snfranli 1
-At Iti ut in is ii continent mentioned
ill Pluto's hisloiy, and extended
across the Atlantic ueciiii; appioxi- j
mutely from Kuropo to Yiieiilini. .
I Ins coiitnicnt, it is believed,
was the home of a great nice,
which cooipiered and civilized the
The Aore Islaiiili. me rutcMilcrcd
to be Hie tups ol its lofty niooii.
lulus, mid nie all tuut now remains
1. Noctiniic, niul Mniiiiii llvnni
of Praise,
L'. A Court Function.
J. I Love Tliee (the Piii and
I. Ilestiiii'tioii of A 1 1n nt i".
7. X.Vlopllolie miId Selected
'. It. Wiiilelieil.il
M. Si-leetion tioiii the " lloipinuts "
M everliei'l i
Ad I lull (lillltett
Canliis- l.n-t Line ..
Hits of I .' i n li It 's Hit.
Ill II III! Ill
King I'ii'i.', M i 1 1 on Mevcis, piouiul
gated an outer luduv to the i ll '. t thai
nil (hiniiies meet at the Ciiuiiiieri-in'
club rooms Wediiesiliiv at l-;do o'clock
in uiiifoiin to o to the tiite fair
grounds in a body. Tln.ie has I n not Ii
iug special plainicil Ii v the ( lieriiiius
fur Siili in ilny, escepl Hull they attend
in u body, The Hip to Hie piouuds
will be made ou Hie street cms, nml
t'lere will prubnlilv be n hand iiccom-
I n ii v H It whs em ted Hint the
lladliitors, of L'ligcuc, would be here to
attend the fair, but Mr. Movers has re-
, ''lived notice I nml Seeretnrv
that tliey ale not coiulog,
. Th.r. .-Ill I, , ...
V.vc-ry tune a young widow meets nn
eligible cum nmither grain of hope
, sprouts ill her l.cnrt,
With 17 signed up n members, tho
new organisation, which will probably
tiiKe tne name lllihee Count rv club;
Paul Wallace, vice-president: William
uuiiifnuuii, iu un mum it: uy-uiws mm
incorporation, to plan grounds, and to
provide for membership. 1, i, expected
,,,,. J1..., "".Tin "nf i'.!.rn,, 1
will he readv to file
t-o . t.,is r,t
;eity, on the Oregon Klectric track, uenr
" .uiviii 11.1;, ucru viium-ii miUUl Ul till
it1"1 ttntion ot I'uizer. Tins is nn ideal
spot mid is situated on a hiirh hill that
faces the river. It is thus easily ac-
eessible by the Oregon Electric railway,
the river road, and is near the river.
Among tho things planned lor this
country houso are a fiuo club house that
w'" equal the best in tho northwest,
asphalt tennis courts ami a golf course,
The golf course has been practically
'aid out already and It is planned to
begin work on the club house early in
the spring. The following are tho
names signed up last night!
Asahel Bush, F. W. Steusloff, V. tl.
Shipley, W..I). Denton, 1. M, Field, W.
G. Shipley, ,1. It. Linn, H. P. Ben.iam.
Hnlph D. Moores, Paul B. Wallace, .
Jlu"iiri, " u. "linger, 11. i:. cumm,
1. D. Cnughill, Carl D. Gabrielson. tleo.
Fox uud S. II, Elliott.
When play in the boys' tennis tour
iiamciit on the courts ot the Sulein Ten
nis club ended yesterday afternoon, tbit
icsult showed that Leon Culberson had
won the junior championship of the
city and became possessor of the hand
some silver cup given by Piuil Wallace
as a pri.e. The meet wns planned ubout.
two weeks ago but postpone! on nc
count of tho rain. It wns an interest-
,lim" 11
eity, e,
oldest, ami is believed to iuivo
much to promote tho sport in tho '
especially amouir the vounirer set.
i l ue scores made tu(w:
Griffith d I'entcd Cnnipbell 7-5;
I ('in'K ilefc'ited Eoff tt-l.ll-:; Wilson de-
I t'eatcd Lcbold (UI, 7-5 j Sluter ilefenteil
Wydhiin 0 0, 11-2; lluggins defeated
Tate (l-:i, -4; Culbertson defeated I,'.
I Shiifer tl-l, -4; Craig iletiuilted to New-
I "erryi E. Shnt'cr ilcfeiited Wuters 0 0,
" '': Lantis ilefenteil Stnley (I I, 5-V, 11-2;
iCninpbell and Craig defaulted; Wilson
1 nl nuiier unu iiiiegius io
CulberUon; Carter defeated Newberry
fl-2, 111); Townsend defaiilted to W.
lioren; Hi.lcr defeated H, Waters M-U,
l-lr LniitiM-deflated K. Shafer tl I;
Carter defaulted to Culbertson Hint
llidcr to llureii.
Semi-finals Slater ilefealed Lnnviu
ll-4, (I H; Culbertson defeated W. Huron
n n, n n.
Finals Culbertson ilefeuled Slater
ll-;i, 7-1.
Did you rver know a rich yining
mini to mnrry a poor old nini'if
This is the
Stove Polish
Should Use
IT'S different from
others bcuiiisc nioio
la taken In llm nmli
und tbe tniiteihils used
higbcr grade.
Black Silk
Stove Polish
MukfftnbillHnTit, pllkyrnlhh Chut due
not ml) fifT i r tiui 1 1 II.hii j I ik uhluu l.ini
lour linn-n mi lnuir oh nnifmuy nh'vr
Cnllnh. I -oil nn hi'tiiplt) fi'v'iH tint) hoIO
y hniilwjiiu dnl crui Try ilrnlfm.
All w ni l. Ih ii 1 1 UI, I 'm' ll im t tir vtsnk -tuvn,
your rMi 1!r I l'iv-r m i n-iTf. II V "
iloii't l i.il U ttiit lirt I t tf poUtb yu t-vi t
il, yviif it' ul' r I- mill tn.' ii in i ftiinl ytHir
lllll.tV. Il.-l'l .ti lilnlt t-ii Nf vr t nmtU,
M. tlv In lltjitnl or iituilt'- tuut 4iiillly
Black SitU Slovo f'nliih Wor'ttt
Urlint. IllinciU
TV Much IHh ir0rylfiB (rrt tnnntf im
l.n.tl- I- l.l-l. M,Ht. f- I 'ti-vn,t.i L tll-t,
I m- mti ttm MHtml PaiKI ! rrlht i', imki'l
r lifiini, It .iu t.o imijiiI lor iiH'tsti Hiiitiiiutlliit
Fluff Rug
Collie mil 'ir Northwest FlutT ling
L.iliilut nt Siiliin Slule I'm i r In New
Lshibiliiiu Polldliig.
He i'iiiih hack- th" Northwest ling
lepicM'utalivi1 Is iiere. If von have
any old caipi ts you wlnh woven into
fluffy runs nidify S. A. llobner,
linker House. I'liime '.' IHlW.
; Skin ot Beauty is a Joy horevu
Itfiiinv Tun, rimploi
h-.kir., M.tti IWb. C
Hli, nml k!n iHntsHi'L
ttn . iry Mi mi it
tii Umilj', ftiiil tj'
fli p tlvifxMini, i
h ilixil tht Uil
nf m trrrtrs mxi
Ii m ImriiiWi )
ttwlr II Ixtwiun l
! i'n'tly tii'li,
Act ii t qnoomiicii
fll ot lUlll.if
iiunit, Itr lA ,.
Iiitt Hld to t
.lr Ol II" tiatii
" Aj ft tl 1hM.m
t Htpummml
(InHinnil'i I'trnm' Ibt li.mifu) of til ilt
I In jjiriniiiKHie 11 Y'-t smI it IMnnt'Mi iihI rmwi
ttutla 1) kltrt lh t'kliiti Ui,Ciitifc.l Euru(4)
'Ul!.H(ir HM, rrr. 87 (tut km l( lU',
Miiaji.pi uai I i.iusiifai
are ol i