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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie Runcorn
Eugene Radiators and U. of 0. Students
Do the Grand and Citizens Vie With
Each Other in the "Hello, Bill"
J : years, and have won wide recognition
Society and club notices will
be received for the daily issue
at The Capital Journal editorial
rooms up to 2 p. ni. Main e2.
sfcas superior caterers. Airs. V. I. Stuley,
who lias shown sp)ei,.i.l executive nhil-
jity as manager in years past, will nguin
Of. preside in this capacity. She will lie
s)c;ab!y assisted by ladies of the church.
'all of whom have been working Urdu-
ifr 0usly for weeks past in tin effort to
'satisfactorily till their most essential
E. Newberrv,-'t)l'Kt'0".
. . , ft
last night to
tine nuii.lre.l ami twenty tne i her
rians and theii wives returned from
Eugene last nigot, where yesterday they
were honored guests at the Ijine county
tair. Leaving earl vesterdBV morn-
ini; they were entertained by the Al-
Professor and Mrs. F.
were at home iiiformallv
a number of their f'iomls, entertaining
for the pleasure of Mrs. June Hecil
Hnhcock, house guest of Mr. mid Mrs.
.1. j. Peetz. Mrs. Ha hew-k delighted
the guests with violin selections, Mis
(iretu Philliiis lileiisinir with vocal se
lections, Professor Newbcrrv play- "'"? iciciai emu ai noon, stopping
ing the accompaniments. (iuVsts for '" thl,t li,.v for forty-five minutes.
the evening were: Mrs. F. Xewherrv, i They were bampietted by the Kng
Clarence Newherrv, .drs. A. Alaske of , commercial organization and were also
Portland, wno is is the house guest of ! mtertained us guests at the sorority
Mrs. Newberry, Mr. and Mrs. .1. L. j nd fraternity houses during their brief
I'eetz, Mr. and Mrs. Hiisselmaii, Jli.;",a.v
Bronre, Mrs. Waters, Miss Phillips.
' " ' ' The Ladies' Aid society of the First
Mr. and M8. W. II. Siiiniuerville had ' Presbyterian ciiurch is meeting in their
as their guests yesterday Wallace Ryan, : church parlors this atternoou in a so
Nelson Allen, of Vancouver, Wash., nud 'cinl anil business session. Mrs. Charles
Louis Weeks, of Carson, Kans. The for-! Wilier, Mrs. Perry Raymond, Mrs. (ieo.
nier two are prominent lumber mer-!W. Shand and Mrs. blu Niles are re
chnnts of Washington, Mr. Allan com-1 siding as hostesses.
ing to Salom to visit his daughter, Alias i
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Erixon, Mrs.
I Fred A. Erixou and Miss Hazelle Erix-
;m motored to Portland todnv. They
The Ladies Aid society of the First ' v. ill return tomorrow.
Methodist church met in their church '
Annie Allen, who is attending Willam
ette university.
parlors Wednesday afternoon in their
annual business meeting. The follow
ing officers for the coming year were
elected: Mrs. A. W. Buckley, presi
dent; Mrs. U. 0. Lehman, vice-presi-
.1 U . ,-"f-v i
xr o i 1 institution. Sne was
Mrs Sorrel, treasurer. About forty ElizaMu 1Ioovor
mcnibers were present. , .
A marriage of interest here, espe
cially among University of Oregon stn- ... ,. ...
dent's, was that of Dean Collins of Port- " ubinKton, Sept. 2-. State depart-
land and Miss Julia Winifred Mosher
of Phoenix, Ariz., which took place at
the homo of the bride in Phoenix, Sep
tember 16. After a brief stay in south-
Mrs. Jay Iiowerman and children of
Portland will spend the winter iu Cor
' ullis. Mrs. Boweruian, who gra.lu
r.led from O. A. C. a number of years
figo, will take advanced work at that
formerly Miss
ment dispatches this afternoon in.li
cated that Oeueral Villa was eoueeu-
trating his forces in Chihuuhua and
preparing to strike swiftly. Judge
I Douglas, local attorney for the Car-
ranzistas conterred today wiMi acting
Secretary of State Lansing but refused
to discuss the conference.
"Put on your new gray bonnet,
With Radiator on it.
And come to Salem to the lair;
We will met ymi at the station
If yon bring your relation
Fur tlu Cherrians will be there."
This is the song the Chen-inns sprung
on Kngcne on their arrival there yes
terday, and yet the biK-hcurtd folks
of that live wire city welcomed them
royally just us if it hadn't happened.
P.ugcne hospitality will live long in
the hearts of the Salem Cherrians as a
result of the excursion inr.de yesterday
to the state imireisitv city up the
Willamette vailey to visit the Lane
county fair. With automobile rules
about the city ami to the university,
with bniupiets, toasts, inspection of ex
hibits at tiie fair, horse inciug, and a
tour of the university grounds, there
was not a moment but what 'here was
something duirg from the start until
the return late last night.
Forty uniformed Cherrians, aceom-!
pnnied by Sn enthusiastic boosting Sa-
leniites, made the trip and each reports,
having had a splendid time. Arrival
at Albany was at 11:. "Ml, where the,
Cnerrians pi. r a. led the streets. There!
were tew people on Albany s streets
on account of a large number nf
I.auternian, Alrs.-J. 11. Laiitcrnian. Mrs.
Hubert llendiicks. II. iv I.. Farmer, Mrs.
Ray I- Farmer, B. F. Pound. Mrs. Paul
Stege, Paul 11. Stege, Mrs. J. W. Sta-,
ton, Mr. and Mrs. It. S. Crego, Portland;
W. II. Lerehn. Stanley S. Murlin. tieo.
F. KiKlgers, ('has. Kraft, Mis. Clias.'
, Kraft. .1. I.. Stockton, Mrs. J. I.. Stock
ton, Miss Zoe Stockton.
Tair 8uccess.
Today is the last day of the county
lair. Wiiile the Attendance has nut been
as large as that of last year, in most
respects this year's fair has been the
most successful in the history of the
association. The attem'.iuice yesterday
was between .".tmil and C.OiM, according
to the estimate of the ticket keepers,
and the estimates were bused largely
upon the iii'inbcr of tickets sold. Ap 1
proximately -J,!Hi(l tickets were sold at
'one of the stands and -,'M at the other'
while those who had sea'oa tickets were
.about HUH. Tiie figures are shoit of
those mi the largest day last vear. Yes-
ter.lay will probable prove to be a bet
iter day for attendance thau any day
1 of the fair.
, Eugene day brought out thousands of
I people who had not yet attended the
fair. Stores and offices were closed
, ami the business stieets presented nl
. most a deserted appearance. The few
who kept open for business wished they
! had dosed and gone to the fair, for
they had no customers.
Yesterday ' Races.
; The second heat of the 2::i!l trot at
the fair yesterday proved to be the clos
'est finish of the afternoon, all the
horses except one crossing under the
wire in a luim-h, nrgiuiu Lee in tho
lead and Perries oulv a nose behind,
I V iroinill I.e. nu-un.l Kv Tah CiKum.
Clti- i i... it ii.. ' . .
7.eii, attending the Linn county fair at V , : o.n, won ,.,e
However, those who saw the ' . '
... ' WIIM IMVI'll rlnfriiltinil fl Uwt hnr.t
appreciative and gavelTll .-. " . . ' '
reeei.tion. ., ,. .. .. ... .' ., . '."
Arriving at the Lane county capital, I 7 f' , ,ur '' J '
they were met by the Radiators,' uni-! ,'"pr'1' ?.f e"tnv ""'J, ,,al;
for..,...l n ,.n,.i.t i. ,i... ic i Verne, "Doc Monday and Ceneral
--.... ........,., ,.. ....j;,,,, ,,
Lebn non
t hernans were
them an enthusiastic
em California they will return to Port
land, where they will make their home.
Miss Mosher became engaged to Mr.
Collins last spring while visiting Mrs.
R. K, Montgomery in Portland, after
her return from abroad, where she was
graduated Inst year from the Royn)
Conservatory of Music in Leipzig. Her
father, tho lute Charles Lane Mosher,
was formerly an editor on tiie Oregon-1
inn. Hor great-grandfather was (inn-1 Don't Stay Gray! Here's a Simple
eral Joseph Lane, the first governor of! Becipe that Anybody can Apply
Oregon, and her grandfather, Lafayette: with a Halr Brush.
Mosher, was formerly chief justice of j
the supremo bench in Oregon', a cousin' ino of Sage and Sulphur for re
of Senator Many Lane. storing faded, gray hair to its natural
Mr. Collins, who is alo from Oregon co,or llutes ba, k to grandmother 9 time,
pione.er stock, is a graduate and post-, f!ne l,setl if keep her hair beautifully
graduate from Dallas college an.! the I dark, glossy and abundant. Whenever
I'liiveisity . of Oregon.- He -has been llt'r hair fell out or took jm that dull,
with the brcgoiiiun since his graduation I fa(lpil ur streaked appearance, this sim
froin the state university three veins l''e mixture was applied with wonderful
ago. ' ' j effect.
' But brewing at home is miissy and
Miss Myrtle Deiisinore, of this i-itv, out-of-date. Nowadays, by ashing at
who has been spending the s immer in an.v ,,r"S store for a (,,'"t bottle of
Redding, California, as stenographer for ' " Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Rem
the Mammoth Mining company,' return-1 C'l.v ", you wi.. get this famous old
ed to Salem yesterday. She spent a ' recipe which can be depended upon to
week in Poifiu'nd upon her return from ' restore natural color and beauty to the
California but is glad to get back to "air and is splendid for dandruff, dry,
the Capital City, which in her opinion . feverish, itchy scalp and falling hair,
is the most beautiful city in Oregon or A wel1 -Known downtown druggist
California. says it darkens the hair so naturally
and evenly that nobody can tell it has
Women of the First Congregational 1 been applied. You simply dampen a
church met in their church kitchen "Ponpe or soft brush with it and draw
Wednesday, spending the day prepar- this through your hair, taking one
ii;g delicious mincemeats and making strand at a time. By morning the gray
other preparations tor their cafeteria . hair disappears, and after another ap
to be stationed at the state fair. Con- plication or two, it becomes beautifully
gregationul church women have con- dark, glossy, soft and abundant. Local
ducted a booth at the fair for manv : agent J. C, Perry.
oami, woo leu tile paraile to the com
mercial club. When the visitors ar
rived nt the commercial club they found
a large number of automobiles waiting
and into them they climbed .mil were
soon rambling about the city. The auto
trip included the ascent (if Skinner's
Butte, which is one of the vantage
points from which a large part of Lane
county can be seen. The city is park
ing this scenic spot an.) has already
constructed a winding macadam roail
to the top.
Mayor Vorm welcomed the Saloni'ite"
at the banquet in tiie commercial club
rooms. Cherrian Captain Charles Dick,
ex-Mayor (ieorge Rodgers, and the Rev.
H. K. Marshall, the Cheriiaii minister,
responded to toasts. Students of the
I'niversity of Oregon did their share
in entertaining the Salem people mid
were hosts at the various fraternity
houses scattered near Hie campus.
During their stay in the Lane coun
ty capital tiie Saleinites advertised the
j state fair by scattering cards brood
I cast, and they made things merry bv
i ringing songs, and when the train
pulled out a 7:10 o'clock were
I to leave the hospitable Kugenites
rival in Salem was at ID o'clock.
Bonnie Antrim took .the lust two
heats of the free for nil, the second
race on the program. Aldine came in
second and Albia third. The time for
the two winning heats was 2:14 for
Lutisia first, Drummer second, and
Leo 11. third, is the wav they finished
the half-mile dash. The time was "i2
The five-eights mile dash was won
by Proctor Kno't with Navajo second
nn. Sagrado third.
, M.
. Ar-
Canning Tomatoes
75c PER BOX.
50c AND 75c PER BOX.
Roth Grocery Co.
TELEPHONE 1885-1886
410 State Street
:: Suggestions for Sunday::
Veribest Tomato Soup 10c per can
Spanico Chili Con Came 10c per can
Armour's Star Sliced Bacon 35c per jar
Happyvale Sliced Pineapple 20c, 13c, 10c
Deviled Chili Meat 15c per can
Syrups 50c per gallon can
Spring Chix :. 50c to 75c
Salmon Trout 20c per pound
Smelt 2 pounds for 25c
Kippered Salmon 20c per pound
Successor! to Thielsen Cash Grocery
lb A. Westacott ft -Co.
Kugene, dr., Sept. .'.-. The Salem
Cherrians, theii wives and a number of
other citizens of tiie apital l itv, help
ed to swell the crowds at the fair yes
terday. They arrived in a speciril train
of three coaches over the Oregon Klec
tric at ll:.10 o'clock luid were royally
welcomed by the Kngcne Kudiiitors. The
f'lierrians were accompanied by their
brii-'S band, and iiiinie.lintelv utter the
arrival of the train a penult' wn form-:
ed, the Kugene band lending. The l.'a- !
(Motors followed ami r tie Salem band
lied fhe Chen-inns, who brought uu the!
rear. The Cherrians, in their natty'
white suits ami hats, created n good I
impression. They were given flip free-'
dom of the city. Alter an automobile ;
ride the Cherrians and their wives were !
given a luncheon at the commercial
club as guests of the Kadiators. They
were then taken to the races nt the
nm-re a seeuon or seats nn.l lieen
I provided for them, and after the races
it hey were taken to the university.
! There were I'l Cherria.is and tiie band :
; members and other citizens of Salem'
made up a party of a little over ItMi.
Visitors Enjoy Occasion,
i "We have had a fine time and voui
fair is a good one," aaid Tom Kay,
I state treasurer, last evening before the
excursion train started for the north.'
"The races were good and what 1 saw
of the exhibits were very nice.
The crowd was almost as big as some of
the state fair crowds. I always have a
good time when I am in Kngcne and to
day was no exception." ,
Ceoige M. Craves, the well known
commercial traveler, who visits Kugene
at regular intervals, said: "1 told tiie
.boys that they would be well enter-1
tained when they . aiue to Kugene. and
my prediction was fulfilled. Thev a!!
.-ay they would like to come back any
old time if they are given as good a
time as tiiev were todnv."
The ladies oi the party were shown
every courtesy. Wives of the members
of the Kadiators ,ici ompanied them on
their automobile ridr over the city ami
to the university, and everything pos
sible was done to make their short stay
here :i pleasant one. ' '
Tho train pulled out between 7:.'fU'
and S o'clock last night, the visitors
waving farewells to the large crowd of
citizens who had gathered at the sta
tion to see them off. The train had a
baggage car attached and the vounger
members of the crowd indulged in the
tango ami other popular dance:i to the
sir.iins of music from a photograph.
The following are among the Salem
I Mrs. Christine Gehr, T. B. Kav, (ieo.
: Craves. Y. I.. Waters, V. K. Shafer,
l.lohn W. Kolnnd, H. K. Marshall, Karl!
j H. Anderson, Charles Koth, Carl D. '
: (iabrielson, T. II. Spears, Curtis B. i
I Cross, .Mr. nnd .Mrs. V. M. Hamilton,
August Huckesteio, I'aul B. Wallace,
John Wallan Harbison, Mr. and Mrs.!
.Vim. lturghnr.lt, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. (ieo. '
K. Walters, Mr. nnd Mrs. (Jen. Y. Rod- j
gers, Mr. and Mrs. John D. Cauglibell,
Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Deck, Daniel H.I
. Talmadge, Warren C. Hunt, Herbert I.. 1
Steff, W. H. Sellwood, C. J. Pomeroy. I
.t. C. I'errv, Carle Abrnms, D. AI. Field, I
E. O. I'atton, Air. and Airs. N. D. Elliott,;
Ben W. Olcott, Will U. Kvans, Alerriun j
, Burnett, W. S. Foter, C. B. Webb, Hal
D. I'atton, Mrs. Hal D. I'atton, J. H.
I'oinerov spent vesterdiiv in
Tualatin visiting her parents.
W. C. Wiuslow, attorney, is in Port
laud on a business trip.
llerthn Anderson, of Jefferson, is a
gue-1 at the Marion.
C, A. St Hiil. cream separator man of
Scuttle, is spciiiliug the week in Salem.
1!. If. Winston, of Dallas, is registered
'ut the Alarion. 1
.1. K. Ciowv, Sr., of Boston, father of
Manager Crowe of the .Motel M.iriuii, ,
and James r'orsythe of Portland left
yesterday for u motoring trip in Mar
lon county, where thev will visit in
Aninsille. Stayton nnd Sublimity.
Airs. W. AI. Littler is visiting' in Al
bany us the guest of her nephew, Dr.
C. V. Littler.
Airs. Asahel Hush, Jr., went to Port
land this morning for a short visit.
Dr. W. Ii. Morse left for Portland
'this morning, lie was railed by the ill
: nc ss of his mother.
Air. and Mrs. Z. J. Higgs spent Tues
day in Portland. Mr. Higgs attended
I the Shriucrs' initiation there.
K. A. Sticklev of Albany is a Salem
' visitor.
Stanhope S. Pier, of Portland, a hard
I ware representative, is in Sal 'in.
! Air. and .Mrs. W. A. Carey, Miss Alary
jStaii.lish and Mrs. J. S. (ireen, motorists
I from llalsey, are visiting in Salem.
Harry lloxie, formerly of the insur
ance .lepartiii.'i.t at the state house, has
accepted a position with Price and coin
pan" of Salem.
Mr. and Airs. W. (I. Duifee of Los
Angeles, interested in fancv horses
which will be entered in the horse races
at tiie state fair, are guests at the Mar-'
Airs. K. Krnblin, of Portland, is a
guest at the Marion.
Kd Kami, sheriff of linker county,
is at the .Marion.
II. II. Vcatch has returned after a
mouth's vacation, lie is at the Mor
ion. Air. and Alr. K. U. Feller, of Aurora,
are guests at the Itligh.
Chas. J. (.rimes, a Portland decorator,
is spending several day- in Salem. He
is at the Itligh.
It. .1. Teskey, a silk men-hunt from
San Francisco, is at the Itligh.
Al.us Alice Davis, ot Tacoma, was the
guest of Miss Jiiuia Todd, preceptress
of Lniouuii" hall, yesterday.
James T. liarl.ee of Kan-as City is
visiting r'-li.tivcs. the I'ureell I'.arliecs.
on North Lil.eity stieet.
Donald S. Kal.li. D. Ii. .'. ron and
Col. K. Hofer are among the S.ilem peo
ple registeied at Poitlan.l hotels.
Kalph C. Dorcas, a hop man of Port
I. li 1 and a former Salem resident, is lit
the Bligh.
W. D. Hurst, of Hubbard, is register
ed at the Itti'ii.
J. W. Mii'Ko, :t the tries! man of
Vancouver, B. I '., is at the Itligh.
(ieorge Livesley, of Portland, a bro
ther of T. A. Livesley, is v'niting in
Mrs. Charles K rumor, of Salern, i.s
spending u few days in West Kosebuig
visiting with her daughter. Mrs. O. (.
Alerti ns. liosi burg lie view .
Hon. J. H. Booth, wife and son, Har
ry, went to Salem this afternoon to re
in ii in until after the state fair, which
opens Monday. Mr. Booth believes that
preparations have been made for one
of the biggest fairs ever held in the
state. l.'oseburg Review.
I. A. White, the veteran seedmaii,
went to Turner this afternoon to super
intend the loading of a car of seed.
II. II. Zapf has arrived in Salem from
Astoria with his family to make this
their home.. Air. Zapf lived in this
city eighteen years ago and was en
gaged in contracting and building.
ii. W. Schnessler, who has been en
gaged in the real estate business in
Salem, will leave today for Dallas,
Texas, where he is to enter the service
of the Pullman i onipany.
E. X. Peetz, the furniture man, is
nursing a ba lly bruised hand, resulting
from a fall from Ik bicycle.
No Change in Position of Lead
ing Candidates Though Big
Vote Is Cast
In the Capital Journal's Panama-Pacific
exposition voting contest, the
count of votes today' showed no change
in the relative standing of tiie camli-'
dntet. exvpt that Margaret Whic
moved up from eighth to sixth, while
several other candidates made good
gains. Pearl .inn still maintains the
lead, Mrs. Hibbler i second, and Jeu'i '
Mj'laturff third. There is evidence,;
however, that the leading candidates'
are holding back their vote coupons;
and that there will be I ore long be a
veritable avalanche of ballots deposit
ed in the box.
There is evidence daily of increasing i
inteiest in the contest, mi. I the nier
chants wh-ise sale cheeks are good for:
vote coupons report an increasing num
ber of requests for them from their
The trip to the great exposition with
its wealth of world-wide wonders, will ,
be the event of a lifetime for the
fortunate winner, and the Capital
Journal guarantees that no expense will
be spared in making it a pleasant one.
First class railroad fare, the best of
hotel accommodations, and facilities for
seeing the great fair at its best will be'
provided free of all charge by this
paper. It will be a prize well worth
working for. j
The plan adopted by tins paper tor
giving tho trip does rot require the con
testant to sell anything. The only thing
necessary to secure votes being to pa
tronize some of Salem's most popular
stores. The advertisements of these!
firms is run in each Friday's C'anitaD
I Journal. These firms have agreed to i
I give a sales check or receipt to every I
purchaser for cash or for monthly bills
I paid until January 1, HM'i. Tho sales!
I checks or receipts from these firms may!
! be exchanged for votes at this office j
! one vote for every o cents of your pur-'
The names and standing of the can
j didates follow:
Pearl Zinn 34, Iti"
i.Mrs. (Irace Koff Hibbler 2n.."i.'l4
I Jean Alclnturff 24,:iS2:
.Mildred Atherton 2:i,.Stll j
, Until Fugnte IS,H'.'4
Itervl Nivdhum 7.HISI
Lenoro Staley 0,060 '
.Margaret White lt..'iL,;t
Violet M. Barker 4.22U
Marie Itolinger 4.1M7
lieuskn Swart l!.!Mil !
Arline Ohm 1M !
Violet Cory '.'Jus ;
Celia Wilson Iji47j
Beth Uynu 1,'nio!
Marguerite Ostrnn.ler 1,-Vlil
I.nanua Brown 1,425
Kurill Bn.oker 1.4 I.s
Myrtle Herdleiu 1350
Kustis Davis 1315
I.ola De Long 10H0
(irace Craig 10S0
Hazel Johnson 1075
Bnntrico Crawford 1005
Alablc ftrnssl'ield 1017
Marie Schwab 1010
vera (Ieorge 1000
Hazel Coolev 1000
Alillred Cooper 1000
Maude McLaughlin 10U0;
Iternice Sauter 1000
Vivian niirgrove 1000
(irace Taylor 10(10 ,
Afagdalena Tuff li 907
Marv Guver S00
Alma Hall 750
Vera Alartin 750
I.otta Penn 750
Silvia Milieu 750
Gladyv Cray 50
Marie 'Evans 750
The following is a list of the firms
whose sales checks or receipts may be
exchanged for votes at the Capital Jour
nal office: ,
Stockton 's
The Toggery
Salem Electric Co.
Salem Cigar Factory
Imperial Furniture Company.
Salem Laundry ( o.
Wiley B. Allen Co.
The (llobe Theatre.
The lioyal Bakery (bread wrappers)
A. C. Devoe Shoes
The Spa
llauser ilros.
Trover & Weigel, Photographers
Yokohnmit Crockery ii Tea Co.
Vi.-k Bros. Carage
Salem Fish and Poulti'- Alarket
Independent Meat Alarket
C. M. Huberts (iroeery
I'oisal nu. I Shaw (iroeery
C. M. Eppley (iroeery.
The Highland (iroeery
Keddnway 's ash (iroeery
.1. L. l!iiiek k Son (iroeerv
Dr. Mark Skiff Dental Office
J. E. Hockett, Piano Tuner
Salem Ice Co.
Retiring Clothing Sale
Our sulo runs on like a ripling river; the tide of humanity sweeps
through our doors continualtv, si'd thev .nrrv with them packages of
good clothing picked up at the VERY LOWEST TRICES.
It is no wonder our store is crowded from morning until evening,
when FATIIKH buys a new sl it an 1 saves from .i'l.tlO to iflO.OO oil
the purchase, and SON comes home with a broad smile because he
bought a SPIT, HAT. SHOES and SHI HT for less than he. Usually
buys a suit for, ami besides every article has been GUARANTEED
him to give perfect satisfaction.
Don't Delay
Buy now and save money. Uoiuember CIIUISTMAS will soon bo
here. There are many articles in our store very appropriate for
cllKISTMAS (ilFTS, so come early an, buy wheu you can buy jit
lowest prices.
Some Suggestions
Alfred lteniamiii, HOFFMAN & KOTID H I I.I) inniou inadiO, STIEL
I.ENltKKC. end ( LAKE clothing; WILSON, FEKtil sON Js Al'KEN
NV and STAN DA KD shirts.
For Union Men
ever, we carrv a complete new line of FN ION AlADE ('LAKE
01.OT..N(i, the CAKHAKTT overall uud gloves, the STANDARD shirt,
TKIEST hat, ('KAWFoHD shoe, and many other union articles too
numerous to mention.
Don't fail to buy when you can buy right.
Corner State and Liberty Streets.
Recipe Department
Crescent Whito Loaf Cake. --( ine -'.ialf
cup hi. Iter, one cup sugar, one-hall' cup
sweet milk, one ami one-halt' cups flour,
one-half cup com starch, one teaspoon
Crescent baking powder, whites ot1 three
eggs, leiiuiu or orange flavoring. Cream
butter nnd sugar; add milk; sift baking
powder and flour and add alternately
with whites of e.g-', which have been
beaten ft iff.
Cucumber Pickles. Take l"o ciieuin
Iters not over a tinker long; .icr the
cucumbers with boiling water and let
them stand in the water until old.
Then wipe them perfectly dry with "a
towel. Then put in glass cans or big
mouthc! bottles and pot on flic follow
ing preparation:
Due gallon elder vinegar, haif teacup
salt, one cupful sugar, one cup chopped
horseradish, two tablespoon! ids of pow
dered al'iin, two fal.lespiiont'uls of
ground mustard lull eoldi. Put covers
on, or cork. Put away in cool place.
Sliced Cucumbers. Two do.en huge
green ciieiiml.eis, four huge onions,
pare and slice, sprinkle with a small
t .'it i n 1. 1 ti I of salt, and let stand ovei
night. In tin- mo ruing .Ituin.
Take two tpuii'ts eider vinegar, one
half pound sugar, two taideseoonf ills
mustard seed, two tca-pooni'iil- eeletv
India Pickles. One dozen of grorn
tomatoes, one doen ot large table cu
cumbers, one tublespnoutul of salad oil,
one even tablespooufiil curry powder,
one tablespnni fill tumeric, oim tcn
spoontul of white pepper, one-half tea
spoon cayenne, three pints of vinegar;
boil all together and put in glass .jar.
Slice all tiie pickles and let stand
salted over night, (ict medium sized
cucumbers and onions. Cucumbers inn-it.
be pared.
Chow Chow.- One iiiart small cucum
bers, one (i'nrt of small green tomatiH-i,
one ipiart of pearl onions, two .piui'ts of
i iiuli flower. Al ter they are cut and
trimmed cut tomatoes and eueiiinber-i
al-o in smull pieces (about inch cnbe-0
boil u brine and pour hot over the veg.'
tables in the evening; let stand aM
night; in the morning drain, boil th"
vegetables in sugar and vincgir for 15
minutes, then drain and pack in rain.
Throw iuegar and sugar w here the
vegetables are boiled in away.
Tal.e two quarts of vinegar, two cups
of sugar, one-holt' ounce of tumeric uud
one cup of flour, one cup of ground
English mustard and two fablespooiif id"
of good salad oil: make this into paste
with one quart of vinegar, and when
the other two quarts of vinegar are
boiling, put this paste in and let. coiiih
Warranty Deeds.
D K Kccse ,.f vir to ,!iio Bounce (-t
in, lot r, H -2D Nob Hill plat add to
Salcai. lit.
Martha .1 Atwood to A D Mcpher
son, part of lot lu B 1 Watt's add to
Salem. $1.
.1 H Ileal et u. to D I Mnckit, part
of lot 10 Smith's Fruit Farms No I.
.1 I. Stewart et vir to ('has K. Spnuht
ing Logging Co, lot 0 P. I Oaks add to
Salem. 410.
Quit Claim Deeds.
M Hansen et us to AI Svarerud.
7IUI2 iicres in claim jj T ') S K 2 and
.'1 W. 10.
TO ::
One Price-Always
Ji - A
44 '" t oz., -joc
OZ., 10c
2 ozs., 3."c CRESCENT MFG. CO., Seattle
1 Lb. 2oc.
s I: let till
table- poonf id
tables) ooi.t'u!
vinegar, kec
stir in while
cucumbers and let come
ill can while Lot. put .
coiee to a boil. Take
of ground einstaid. three
of flour, wel with cold
out of the via 'gar and
l.oilii g. then put in t he
o er
boil, fill
on when
San Francisco, Sept. '!'. While
San Francisco police are trying to
neet him with worthless checks,
amounting to ln.liirtl, passed in Port
land and Seattle, .1. .Mahon, alias Ends,
was held here today 011 a charge of
passing a fictitious check for Id.
Washington, Sept. 'i't. The
rivers and harbors committee
this afternoon to accept tho
amendment reducing tho house
Cucumber Catsup. Ciate time dozen
lame cucumbers lit von can gef the
half ripe ones, so much the beter you vinegar,
can remove the seed) ami i large kep in
to a good boil for five minutes.
Then pour if hot ovei the vegetable
in the cans till they are all covered,
seal while hot, and put iu cool dace.
Cucumber relish. Take two dozen ta
ble encumbers and one dozen of onions,
peel and slice, put 0.1 tcncupful of salt,
mix and Ict s.a.i.l all night in a colan
der 1111. 1 drain.- Iu the morning mi
them with black ground pepper and
put 111 glass cans, seal niot
1 dry, cool place.
and harbors
bill's appropriation to
white onions and mix three hamltuls
salt with them. Pickled Apples. I'se six quarts yT
They must be prepared the night be- apples, hard, sweet ones. Pare and
fore. quarter. Almost cover with boiling wa-
Let them drain in a culan ler until ter and simmer until nearly soft,
morning; take half a ttacupfu! of 111119- To the water dri'.ined from fhe atipb-s
tur.l seed (the yi How ), two tablespoon- mid two sticks cinnamon, ue-fourth
fills of whole pepper and outi of ground teaspoon each of cloves and allspice,
pepper, put them in glass .jars, cover one and one-half cups vinegar ami one
with cider vinegar, 'cold) seal with cup sugar. Stir and hent (not boiM,
cover. !pour over apples, salt again and pack
Heep in a dry, cool place. ;iu sterilized fruit jnrs.