Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 24, 1914, Page FIVE, Image 5

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AHemd the Big
The Markets
Fresh ranch, -MM 41c; Orientals, lXc.
Letter Local cubes, Ulc; bricks, 3iic;
Oregon cubes, 3J( Xtc.
Cheese Liinlitirger, 1 ! ; Wisconsin.
IWc; .Swiss (domestic), 24c; Washing
ton, 17'jfti I .Sc.
Onions (irccn, i'lnvj 2."c per dozen;
eastern Washington, lfijil'ic per lb.;
illifomia, (w 'jr.
Potatoes Local, lfi l'C per ponml;
atein Washing tun, Kel'ji'.
Portland, Or., Sept. 24. Due to the
lower prices prevailing in the North
west compared with Chicago, Knglish
and other European buyers are said to
have purchased fi.lilui.liUU bushels of
wheat in Oregon anil an equal amount
in Washington within tiie last few days.
The wheat, according to repoits, is to
be shipped through the Panama canal
to the open poits of Kurope.
Portland and l'uget Sound buyers arc
declared to huve been purchasing se-
..,-ntlv tn in-even! )t biiil.li,! ri,.,, in the
. -.v , V
While club wheat has been s.dling in
Portland at. 9.T cents, the December op
tion is quoted at $1.12 in I hiiugo.
Hay, timothy $12.1)
Clover, per ton !s.0i.s
Oats and vetch x.OO
Chest 8.01
Wheat, per bushel iloeditije
liran, per ton $29ttU
Oats, per bushel 40
Chittiin bark, per lb 4Hirti5i
Potatoes, per cwt 1.01
Butter and Eggs.
Butterfat, per ID .He
Creamery butter, per lb 3uc
Kggs 'l-ffi 31c
Hens, per lb 12c
Roosters, per lb 8c
Fryers 14c
Steers 6c
Cows, per cwt , 5c
Hogs, fat, per lb 7'ic
Stock hogs, per lb 7c
Ewes, per lb 3 Vic
Spring lambs, per lb 5c
Veal, first class ..... 13c
Dry, per lb 8c
Salted country pelts, each 65c$l
Lamb pelts, each 25c
J. W. Thornsberry, owner of a hop
yard on Patterson island near the city
limits, is shipping via the Oregon Klec
trie 20,(100 pounds of hops to the H. L.
Hart company of Portland. The hops
will be shipped from there to London.
The buyers state that the demand for
hops is very low from England, due to
the war. This shipment is about one
fourth of the crop and the contract
with the Hart company calls for 5.S.000
pounds, this being the first shipment.
Eugene Register.
The London branch of the North
western Fruit exchange, with head
quarters in Portland, reports th.it foods,
principally fruits, are still coming from
France, Belgium and Holland. The oc
casion for the London branch's state
ment, said a representative of the ex
chaage, was owing to the repoits pub
lished in some of the eastern trade
papers to the effect that England was
compelled to sustain herself by the
crops grown in the 1'nited Kingdom for
the reason of the closing of trade with
other countries.
The report states that this is "pure
imagination," going on to say that
supplies have continued to arrive regu
larly ever since the beginning of the
war. This is born out by the pub
lished reports of prices received on the
market. The German plum is reported
as no more on the English market, but
is said to be easily done without.
"The closing down of factories goes
on apace and the majority of the men
re passing into the army. The daily
enrollment in London at this time ap
proaches approximately 4."A0 men."
A few early apples from the Hudson
river territory have been marketed in
Glasgow. Thev consist mostly of Blush
Pippins-bringing 2.90 to $3.00 a bar
rel. A few boxes of California Graven
steins brought $1.75.
San Fnncisco, Sept. 24. Eggs Ex
tras, 43'c; pullets, 32'jc; California
ctorage extras, 30c.
Butter Extras, 29e; prime firsts.
27e; firsts, 25c; seconds, 24c.
Cheese California fancy, 14c; firsts,
12c; seconds, 30c.
Seattle. Wah., Sept. 24. Eggs
Portland. Ore., Sept. 21. Wheat
!Pib. new, lll'ai'; bluestem, $1.05.
Oats No. 1 white feed, $25; gray,
2 f.-'il).
Hurley-Brewing, $22; feed, $21.
Hogs Hest live, $.15.
Prime steers. 7; fancy cows, $ii; best
'.lives, S(,i S.50.
Spiing lambs. $ti(ij ii.25.
Hut t'-r City creamery, "'us.
Eggs Selected local extras, 35c.
Hens. I2'-jc; .broilers, l.lc; geese, 10c.
Editor Journal:
It was net my plnn sgnin to move
my pen for a publication in The .fiiur-,
nul, lit least net in the issue nf this
war, but the reply of an "Amerincnl
liernian" to my address delivered three)
weeks ago to the (iermnn society, forces'
me to answer, although it is not fitting!
for me (who didn't fear to stand with i
my name fur what I said) to pay at- j
tention to anonymous critics. So, whenj
I do it, it is done nut just for self
defense, hut for the public good. !
It is reallv a" idtv to see how fellow i
men here are at each other. !
First: The plain intention of my1
publication has been counterbalanced
by the arbitrary headlines of the edi-.
tor, who is fully aware of the influ-;
ence he bears upon the enlightenment :
of the public by hia headlines, didn't
hesitate to form them in such a way '
that they absolutely disguised the priii-:
cipal views of the address; and,
i. Second: My anonymous commutii-:
cant, who bills for good will, charges'
me with discourtesy, spirit of partisan- j
ship and race prejudice, with nourish-1
; ing hatred against the enemies and
j practicing idolatry with human beings
by endorsing a sinful presumption of j
th present emperor of Gei-niac-. by
culling him " Archangel Michael,' thus!
i jiving way to thu old superstition that !
human beings could he "like (nul.
j And whilst l.e reccomendM me to be
i careful how to throw stones, he himself
'doesn't take pains even to read to the
end the paper which he eiiticises, or
j at least not to meditate about its prin
i cipal views, before littering so mislead
ing opinions about its contents and
giving so absolute unjustified comments.
The leading idea of my address w
Just when you need that new heater to take off the chill.
Buy now and get the benefit of a MASCOT HEATER
the kind that saves your fuel and delivers the heat
when you want it. The price will suit you.
Remember, we guarantee to save you money
folks are
Mount when we wouldn't hue the ree- seven questions, he will find there arc ; gaii berry. Don 't forget the farmers,
old if the Passion week .' three of thorn lie can answer with a 'the r.verage, are better read than
rinisung mis discussion, i suoiiui goon iieai or creuir M nimseit ami the city man. While the eitv
not need to refer to the kaiser as Commercial Club. i tnkiiur in tlie slum. ,,r vii:.,, ,... i
Archangel Michael. It r.evids like j um , rnniniereial Club smasher, j among their neighbors of an evening,
a bad joke which ill accords with the v M11y mnulK There is a great work ' ,l'8 farmers are rending the newspnper.
tenor of the rest of the anonymous waiting for the Commercial Clubs of ' He also placed in a position whero
comment. Put 1 fear thut as some read- the countrv if thev will t.ik. it .... V,,1 he eun iret'off bv himself and enrrv on
rnderlying the present war injers of the Statesman might not take it oti.r eaniziition has as fine ,. a line of thoiurht till he solves the.
Kurope, .is the two thousand years eld as sin h, I must discuss it. portiinity to bring the fanner and the : problem without being interrupted. Try
fight i.f tierman spiiit against Latin j Michael is for the (iernian what l"n- commeicial mail together, and estab-, 10 school yourself not to notice the awk
spirir. which has it. headquarters in;cle Spin is for the American and Mali- jsh brotherly love uud fellow sympii- ward manners of a farmer; tie doesn't
Paris. Whilst this fight is a necessity : niu:e fir the French and John Hull for thy for each other's welfare, as the ' K" a chance to practice up on nice,
and will not end before the one or the the Ligliti. New when I say: He j Commercial Clubs. There is rcnllv on-! Wilys like you town folks. And learn
other is deteated tor there is no pos-j arose and like the archangel, whose 'ly nne class of liuiimii beings in this'" respect the fact that, in spite of
sibility of harmony between them the name he bears, he swings his sword, , world. Kecuiise pint of us work theim"ne Vt'rv adverse appearances, there
other struggle, that between Fnglaud i etc."" I make use of a poetic license, : soil and another part prefer the I'nni- !,mm pretty deep convolutions in
and (icrmiiny. it is not only unnecessary I which, personifying him us the proto-: niercial world, docs not mean the farm-' 1,is ''''rchium. "Be careful about send
i but is n misfortune which to stop no cf-j type of righteousness, perhaps is not er is nay better than the commercial ! i"K out letters to the farmer hoping
siege f(,,t "li""''' untried. In this regard I ; better but is not worse than the Aiiieri- man. It doesn 't mean the eoniinercial s"m"' B1""' thing to bcfull him that tho
, said: "May you not, my brethren, Van idia of "America, the country of man is trying any harder to beat the : average fanner knows can 't take place.
'' '" through the awfulncss of this struggle i Liberty." whom tin y personify as a farmer than the farmer is trving to I ""' farmer ays to me: "I feel such
main 1 of brothers bo led on to blind hatred ! io,I,Iokm with the l'lu v'mn i on her !t il... ,..,,,,,., l i.' .i... assertions are tin insult l.. ,mr .....,....,
forts today, the War office nniiounced. : against England? Collect all your head and the torch of' enlightenment in under dog that does the howling. There , intelligence. "
The czar's ti-ooiw w ere said also tn ! nerves, sharpen nil your wits to find 1 her hand. To believe that 1 meant the are iust as mauv eoniinercial men1 'v(,w for the ouostion Mr. Moored
have gained control of part of the main ; an honorable compromise with the de-1 kaiser -wl.om a short time ngo 1 stnt- howling as there are farmers. There ' "s,tH: "How much do you contribute
I'M to de "net the genius ror whom are twice as many trying to gnaw ni"m!,rn mis or any other enterprise for
hi:; n y or his uilmirers take him is
s!ircl ridiculous.
Salem. Sept. l!', IS'lf.
Claim Siege Guns Have Re
duced Forts.-Gernians
Caught in a Trap
I'etrogra.l," Sept. 24. Russian
guns rushed to the front from
berg had red d frzeinvsl's five
railroad to Cracow and to have
! luded cousin. Who could do that bet-
pied Chyrnw .function, putting (llifl miles ; ter tnau tlj0 American people, in whom
of (iaiiciaa railroads in their hands. Teuton and Anglo-Saxon Is molded to
They were advaneiiiL' westward si.id gether to a great unity? i
uny noes not my .inericiiri iicrmaii ,
brother not discuss this view, before
Berlin, via The Hague. Sept. 21.
'Despite tlie hardships they have suf
"ered through unfavorable weather coa
litions, the (ieriaiin tronps' enthiisi
sin." announced the war office today.
' remains unchecked. ' ' I
"They are fighting niagiiif icently in
''ranee, where they have repulsed nil-j
lerous attacks in force. j
"The allies' center has been com
idled to retire at a number of points
ad their attempts tn envelop the Cer
nan right have failed utterly, various
issaults in this ipiarter having been
bei.ten back with heavy loss.
"The (iermnn field artillery has more
than fulfilled expectations.
"The emperor and the crown prince
are both in good health and the former
continues in touch with the whole field
of war.
"In the east the Russians have been
compelled to retire still farther into
Poland, where they are holding forti
fied positions which the Germans are
"The Russians are reported to be
using dumdum bullets in many pluees.
"The heavy ruins in the Vosges have
turned to snow."
nie war oIIick. -ernmn hna th! ..nii,-,.
Austin-German line as they progressed.
The Austrians.. it was stated, had beer,
reinforced but wore ljuitlile to withstand
the invaders.
Another Fight Imminent.
I'etrogiad, Sept, 2-4--Skiruiishinp hid
in progress today between the Russians
and Austrian nt prm beyond I'rze
mysl, on the road to Cracow."
The Austrians held positions at T'ee
znw, Dynow' and blither to the west
ward. They had rushed tlyir second
line to the front iftid. presented' a more
formidable nppefi'raiice, than at anv
time since the Russjan invasion began.
The Russians, too, had been heavily
reinforced and tllft rjvnr office 'declared
the situation excellent;
No general engagement was expected
for several days while the two forcer
maneuver tor an advantage.
he charges me to nourish jiateful feel
ings toward the enemy f
And ev-ii when this and the others
of his obic'tioiis point to the "Arch
angel Michael's " struggle against. Mar-1 uus reply of Ralph
iarme, or the Paris spirit, which an- : categorical lift of
I omnicreial clur.
To the Editor: t
rem! tne acriiuoui
H. Mnores to my
ipicstions to
hunk off the comtuercial bone, ami ! tl10 ''"maion good I
some are faring awful slim. Yet the i first summer 1 was in Oregon I
farmer thinks the commercial man is ! contributed 8 'j tlnys free lulior, im liid
making all the money, and the poor '"(J myself and outfit, worth four did
eoniinercial mini thinks, "Oh, my! f Jm's n dny, hauling gravel on the Prin
1 just had the chance you farmers ! ,oai' ' of the Cringle school
have." While the eoniinercial men are ; 'ouise.
fighting among themselves, the farin-j ' ''uv'' '"''" Oregon four yeur
ers a ig themselves and the two - ' mt five months. Ouring that time I
visions ai'iiinst each other. tlif e,n,i. 1 have paid out for labor ncarlv six thou-
the ! talists are busy picking up the plums.11""' dollars. If every farmer in Marion
I really haven t it in me to Manic them, '"univ nan pain out as mucn, we would
tortunatclv toduv. es in IK, II and in i 1 ominei
l.ouis XIV's times controls tlie French ! 1 am a little puzzled to comprehend , If I was a capitalist, there is no doubt' ,l"v" ,0 ,lflv'' s",l() laborers on the
nation, so he might with some good will mow -Mr. Monies applies the adjective ' ),,,( 1 w-ould do the slime thing. When i rarm 1'' month. Assuming thel
have nalized that 1 don't fight the categorical to my list of questions, un- ! th,. farmers and the commercial men ' fumilies would averuge four to the fnm
Krench people but just this one prinei-1 less he means they are unconditional, learn to pull together, they w ill put a i '' I'1' I'""' owners would have kept
pie which rules that noble nation nndj'I'he only unconditional feature I can stop to this great waste of plums f rem i !-.,Mm people on the farms of Marion
unity, uesiiies inemseives. i am worm
London. Sept. 24. Captains Nichol
on and Drunimond, respectively of the
British cruisers Hogue and Aboukir.
two of the three craft sunk by German
submarines in the North sea Tuesday,
were saved, it was announced by the
admiralty today, but Captain Johason
of the Cressy perished.
According" to revised figures, 11 of
t iie Hogue 's olficera were lost a ml 24
were saved, 24 died on the Aboukir
and 17 were saved, End 2!) perished on
the Cressv and 14 were saved.
The admiralty reiterated its charge
that at the time of the British raid in
Heligoland hiirht. when two fJerinan
light cruisers and two torpedo boats
were sunk, (iermnn sailors tired rrom
destroyers upon the British who were
rescuing lierinans from the water.
From Berlin came a denial of this
accusation and a counter charge tiint
the British fired on a Oerniau small
One hundred and twenty-five Cher
rians 'eft this morning at 8:20 o'clock
on the "Cherrian Special" Oregon
Klectric for Kugene, where they will be
the guests of the Radiators at the big
county fair in the university eity.
A brass baud was at the depot to
give them the proper start. Clad in
their handsome white suits, with the
red and gold Cherrian emblem on their
sleeves, the Salemites attracted much
attention. They were unburdened with
baggage, not even wearing overcoats,
so the baggage car was used for dancing.
A vietrola furnished the music. Tie
jolly crowd danced and started high
jinks. At Albany they stopped for 4.5
minutes and paraded. They arrived
at Eugene at 10:4.).
San Francisco, Sept. 24. Officials of
the Pullman company were eited today
to appear before the state railroad com
mission November 20 to show eause
why their rates for Pullman service
should not be revised.
Mince the Russia nii abandilned th i ""Jjli ' liuve alipttil.
which cannot be severed from the l.nt-:"'' attached to them is a demand tor lout of their pockets. There are some
in civilization, whilst it has no place : n honest, iiiilunsed reply. 1 hey are all I Commercial Clubs that are doing good
among the principles of Ciermanie nil- questions that have been propounded i work toward bringing the furnie r"aml
tu if. I think, when the anonymous is ! to me by many different favners with , the city mini together. This goes to
really an "American (iermnn," then j in the last year. If the Salem Comnier-; show that it can be done. When .'S'.Mi-l
he ought to understand what I mean, M'ial Club has the welfare of the farm-j mlt nf 40(1(1 farmers hold aloof from
not only by the rest of (iermnn spirit, er at heart, such categorical question ' joining the Salem Commercial Club, it
that he might have inherited, but bvl"ught to be just what they are looking is time for them to heimi to look
the American thought as well, that he for, no matter from what source they around home for part of the trouble,
iconic. It is only by answering such and not. glut themselves with the idea
Mii.urinn lake region conditions in1 1 don t hate the French people or ( questions in a coimnclng, unilisputable, that nil the loose wheels are in the
T'last Prussia have remained unchanged. I the Russian people or. the Servian peo- favorable manner that will win the cnu- farmers' heads. They should humble
' j pie. I have met in my iife and many- i fidence of the farmer. I am sorry their false pride enough to send nut a
Claims Germans Beaten. fold, travels representatives of nearly j per cent of us farmers are tin- : committee to investigate the methods
Paris, Sept. 24. That, (icucral Ren-i a" ""tionalit it-K and races of the globe"; i able to look through and see the an- (,f some of the successful clubs, then
nenknmp, the Russian commander wh( ' have naJ nml hnve J'1' personal friends 1 g''lie side of the Salem Commercial try and copy after them,
led the czar's tronris into Kast Prussia jamong the French and the Russians; j Club. I must remark on Mr. .Mnores' reply
had defeated the (iflrmnn army whicl j have lived with the poor Polish and Mr. Moores' assertion that I tried to to question two. He says: "Anything
drove him back into Russian territory ' Italian laborer, with the American In-hire out to the Commercial Club to that helps the farmer helps the husi-
was stated in a Petrograd dispatch re-l"1'11" "der the same roof. 1 have 1- 1 work turning the farmers is certainly a ' ness num." Then: "The itribiition
ceived today by I.e.Vfntin. - j ways kept my eyes and my heart open t hummer. I really did call on the Com-; toward the county agriculturist helps
The Russians, it was said, retreat
ed in apparent dMrW inuT thr tier
mnns, following hotly, fell into, a trap,
for their virtues and their miseries, and ' niercial Club, the day they had the , no one but the farmer. Tie is the one
meditating on and discussing their fae-; meeting over in Folk county lo con-j who iiinks the profit from increased
nines, never forgot that they are my 1 '' 'ne urioge proiueni across tne crops." How .Mr. Moores makes those
The Germans are withdrawing from I brothers and that 1 could learn from I illumette. Mr. Moores snys, "Hello, two assertions hang together I cannot
Kast Prussia, according .to ..the same I them, as they from me. But just on the 1 Colonel. I nys. "Howdy do, Mr. comprehend. Increased crops lowers
dispatch, to reinforce their front along
tne line rrom morn to Kahcz.
ground of these mv studies and ohservn- ' Moores 1" I told Air. Moores 1 had ' the mice to the consumer, and. ns T
tions on the living subject, I cannot come up to discuss the problem of get- ' showed up last spring, over-production I copies a week, but the last few weeks
only a little over $ri000. Last year I
paid All'! in taxes. A little blood came
with that sweat.
I am very sorry the Commercial Club
sets themselves above carrying on nuy
further discussions with unsubstantial
farmers like myself. I have one con
solation: If 1 trip them up once in a
while, they will never notice it. Won't
that be considerate of themf
I wonder if Mr. Moores won't toll
the public what he lias done in the
Inst four years and a half fur the wel
fare of the eoiintv.
Salem, Oregon, Route 7.
Auinsvillo, Oregon, Sept. 15, 1914.
Capital .km rnul Printing Co. Enclos
ed please find check for $1.50 to pay up
my subscription of the Daily C. J. from.
J iily 2, 1!H4, to January 2, 1914. The
paper had been coming very irregular,
mostly four copies, sometimes five
agree with the view which at present i ting the farmer and the commercial had cost the farmers of the Willamette
seems to be predominant in this coun- nitin together. Mr. Moores only had j valley thousands of dollars in the last
try, and which underlies the argurnen-' about ten minutes before he hail to. two years. The merchant reaps a big
tation of my anonymous communicant : ! leave for the bridge meeting. I told ! profit from low prices. For instance.
That brotherhood means equality, that I "r. Moores I would come in again. But j if I tnke a dozen eggs to Salem now,
wnen we consider all humanity to be ne insisted on my giving mm tne iintr : they will give me ;tllc. They retail
has been 0. K. I like the tone of your
editorials, especially your punches at
the Oregoniaa are timely. They are
notorious misrepresentors of facts. Tho
only thing I do not like about the I).
C. .1. (or any secular paper) Is to print
sermons. 1 believe this ought to be
left to religious publications.
Wishing you success in making the
l. 0. .1. the best paper in Oregon, I am
Yours truly,
Outlining the program of Methodism
in Oregon for I!IU, prominent. Salem
clergymen are attendinir the sixty-sec
ond conference of -ithe . Oregon Aletho- I composed of brothers and sisters, we ' of what I had to say. First,' 1 told them out for :jOe, a profit of ii2-.'tper
dist churches, which is being.. held in nave consider them to equal each..'1'"1 I had the opportunity to talk to f cent. Thin summer they gave 2lle and
Portland. The conference opened ves-' other. Not only is this a mistake, but; "great many farmers and I found there I retailed them at 20c, a profit of 25 perl
terdny at the Centenary church mid will ,r leads to the worst of all human j wasn t one tarmer in six who had a ' cent.
continue until Monday" noon. i faults hypocrisy. 'Rood word to say for the Salem Com-I Mr. Chnpin says what we need
An appeal will be made today to j There is no greater mistake than i niercial Club. That put Mr. Moores eon-' more economic productton. And he
Bishop Cooke.. -tht' -Rev R'u'lufrd N. this in the world. Before God all men siderably out of humor. He wanted to I might have added, more diversified
are equal, iinly tins is true, that God 's : Know what J proposed to do. 1 told production. I tielieve .Mr. rinipin is
judgment about men apparently is dif- him the club would have, to do some- ! doing a good work for the county along I
fereut from men's iudsment about thing on their own hook tor the farmer, these lines. If I haven't already done!
men: "The mini lnoketh ttn tha . tn will their confiilel 1 i'4in 111 ti rt INI it T inn rptulv In liidn imv mv slnl re nf I Set station of tllO
ward appearance, but God looketh on ! into the matter very deep in ten mill-i his up keep at any time'. Telegraph company was ordered to close
the heart. I hat s all there is in it. utes, so I mentioned the exposing nt
lock. Professor ""t never can von sweep away the dif-, some such ai t of a merchant jewing a ;
A. B., Ph. 1).. ferences which exist between imlividu- farmer down ton beggar's price for his
Avisnn, who has no. ublv held the pas
torate of the historic First' church in
Salem for four years, be returned to J
his charge. At a recent official meet
ing, Dr. Avison's large" congregation
backed this request.
Tonight nt 7::io o
George H. Alden. B.
Washington, Sept. 24 The Siascon-
Jlareoni Wireless
Let me give this little bit of advice, at. noon tomorrow by Secretary of the
then 1 will say no more about the lo-N'avy Daniels.
dean of the Willamette university, will l,,s' net ween nations, between races . produce ami men selling it nt an eaor
give an tid dress in honor of the anni- differences not only in nature and mous profit, .lust then a couple of
versa ry of the Educational Society. T. character, but also in value. I believe gentlemen came in and ended our eon-:
S. McDahieL chairman of the hoard of ; 'n the superiority of the Germanic race versation. When Mr. Moores left he
trustees of Willamette University. wilMard in .Scnndinuvia and northern tier-' said, with emphasis: "Mr. I'ettycrew,
preside. j many as the cradle of this race, from I Ml see you again. ' ' A couple of weeks
Other Salem representatives; at the "here she spread out, conquering the Inter I called on Mr. Moores again. He
conference are: Rev. James Moore, the Roman empire: Italy and Spaia (Goth treated me civilly, but was rather cool,
district superintendent; Rev.' .fames Ir-la"i' Lnmgobardsi, Gaul (Francs), the. He scraped his feet, fumbled the pa-1
vine, pastor of Jason Lee church, and British islands (Anglo-Saxons), and had pers on the table and worked his mouth
J. ('. Spencer,, of. the Leslie M. K. or-; Kusaia and other eastern territories in such a way it was no trouble tn see
ganization, who is secretary of the Mir.-! under their rule, and from Holland a f , 1 was an unwelcome visitor. He asked
isterial Union."- ' Kngland started to conquer the whole me a few humdrum questions and in a
The meeting jvas opened yesterday j "f North America, South Africa and little while left the room. I had no
with an address by Dr. Wallace Mac-j Australia. They fought the Moslems ' thing left me but to do likewise. Now
Mullen, of Drew : Seminary, Madison, jand the Huns and drove them out of jif anyone can show hnw Mr. Moores
N. J., before, qn assembly of one hun-1 Kurope, back to Asia and Africa. They; can make out anything that looks like
dred and fifty-'elr-rgymen". Later Resi-1 now start to fight with the Mongols j I wanted to hire out to the club to
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