Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 22, 1914, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Thirty-four Years of Successful Merchandising In Salem
Roy Fhillips and A. C. Smith, both of
this eity, lost their miii yesterday even
inc. Khi-h nt" the youngsters is uliniit
eight years old it last evening rim
rludiug tn "g' buck l'u" tiii-iii."
trudged oast on State street aid nil nut
into tin- country. This, morning they
were found near the D. X. M.-lnturff
farm, will
, til.' ritv.
k i about t" niil' eal "f gone
0' f iibiiij mwjiii nwipwiw'i
"ii - . 'v-
K55? i it
Are Cordially
to attend our fall opening exhibit on
Thursday, the twenty-fourth, at which
time we will take pleasure in intro
ducing our newly remodeled and en
larged store. s
Very latest exclusive styles in Wo
men's Garments will be shown in pro
fusion and the new displays of fall
merchandise in the different depart
ments will prove very interesting.
Opening Sale of Beautiful Ribbons
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
47c a Yard
Grades Up to $1.25 a Yard
Take Your Choice for
Here's a sale of ribbons that will eclipse any previous
sale of a similar kind ever held in Salem. Our buyer bought
these ribbons with the intention of having a rousing ribbon
event during opening week. He found them in New York
and bought them in such a way that we can offer to our pat
rons unusually beautiful ribbons in all the newest colorings
at the astonishingly low price of 47c a yard.
These ribbons represent the season's most popular and
much wanted kinds and are in widths up to eight inches.
Offered as a special attraction in introducing our new, en
larged store Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Take Your Pick,
Per Yard
See big window display.
A Grand Opening Sale of New
Shimmering Silks Thursday, Friday, Saturday!
Silks Worth Up to $1.50- 7Q Vfttvi
Opening Sale Price . JL &1 Lt
This great lot of exquisite silks were purchased with FaH :
opening time in view and we are sure this sale will prove a
banner event on account of the excellent quality at such a,
surprising price.
This splendid purchase includes Poplins, Messalines, Taf
fetas, Surahs, etc., in brocaded, Dresden, Roman stripe and;
black and white effects; 24 inches wide. One of the greatest
silk values ve have ever offered to the women of Salem and
vicinity. Attend this event, for such a sale as this does not
happen often.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.
Usual grades up to$1.50
Opening Sale Price, the Yard
See the big window display.
Every "Hoosior" should attend the
' vinlin comort by .linn' I! I ill tin"
Christian church tins evening.
-i - - -
People in Salem mho have friendii i:i
fh' KhM they would like to Imvi the
i-ollllliclviul ellili scud Iiteiatme to will
tin. I the el I'i. lis nt (lie rliili will yln.llv
teeoive tiie imiiii'S aiil M'li.l the liters
(lire mi. I letters. A friend lit .1. I..
Ilo.lges, who i a pioiiiinont cattleman
,ut' Klk, Iowa, has giveu his name to
the commercial chili nn.l literature is
; being sent him. Tln name of Jndyo
Trunk Duster, of To.eka, hails., was a!
o sent in I'.v one of his f.'i'ds here
anil he will l.e sent material . I. 'scrip
live i.f the coun'ry.
Miss Hazel Kennedy, who formerly
conducted a kindergarten nt Olympin.
Wash., lias n.eiieil a similar sehool in
Snlcni. For informatii.il phone 17".
Officers of the Salem commercial club
ine trying to lan.l the I'niversity o!
Orouon-l rei;on Agricultural College
toollinll game for Salem this fall. Tin"
past lew years this big intercollegiate
(.ame lias boon hel.l nt Albanv, hut it
in believed that Salem is as eentriil a
plaee as Albany ami efforts are being
inaile to convince the managers of this
fait. Inofficial eoinnieiit I'.v parties
interested is favorable to the proposi
tion ami Salem may see this interest
in;; struggle between the rival institn
t ions.
Miss A. McCuIloch, the optometrist,
will move her office to the M ill 1 I'll vl
building, October 5. dlnsses correctly
Charles A. Hill, an attorney of
Waitcxliurg, Wash., was a Suieni visitor
yesterday. It was through the sugges
tion of Mrs. S. .1. Dor-soy, depot matron
nt the Oregon Kle.lrie .lepol, that he
Mopped longer in the city than at first
: intended, with the result thai he met
some old-liine friends of his. lie tailed
up h'ev. Porter of the hrii.tina elinr.'.i
and the two took a trip almut the eity.
inventor West, who is a friend of .Mr.
Hill's In-other, was visited and when he
left he said lie was much pleased with
his stay in the Capital City.
I do not use drops nor drugs of any
kind in examining eyes. My cMimiiin
' lions nre made by modern, safer anil
'more ai-etirate means, ami liy seienti-
fie methods that give tl xuel defect
of vision and ennlde me to fit your eyes
with glasses that will give you com
fort and perfect satisfaction. Dr. M.
! I'. 'Mendelsohn. 210-21 1 1". S. Rank
I Kld'.. Salem. Oregon.
" 0-
I A free stereopticon lecture will lie
Ijiiven nt Willnniette I niversity tnnighl
at S o'eloek in Ksitun Hull -l.y I'rnfes
sor Dunn, head of the l.atiu depart
i nient of the I', of O. The suliject will
: lie Virgil's '.eneid" n ml is the first!
i of n series of lectures which will lie
I Riven this winter to the students and
I to which the public is invited. Prof.
Dunn is an eloipient speaker anil well
I versed in Latin lore and literature. He
, is a former member ef Willamette l"ni-i
! versify and has a host of friends here, j
; ' 0
No tract d fitJ Mfjere, the 15-yc-it-old-bov
wlo let: Lome yesterday mom
inC to attend selnol and did not sho.v
up at home attcrward, has I .-? foiii.il
by the police el'lieers althoiiKh all a;'1i
of the eity have been searched. l.a-t
iiiht Ofl'i.'er Speiner snirched the riv
er bank, tiiii.kinj; the boy mieht havi
sw niiii.inj;, I nt no evi.li li e cr
I, nn was found there. He had ei.oni,li
money in his eck.ts to pay for the
school books he me. led. I'oli.e Matrrii
Lynch was i... tilu-.t and assiste.! in thn
search. His incther, who is prostrated,
sitys he is i.et a lad boy and is net
t'iven to rniiiiiiL' nwtav.
Taken at actual places he lived,
The only pictures showing the
primitive man's severe test.
Everybody should see them.
They were ehown at the Helig
Theater, Portland.
For the purpose of scientifie
and .. lncatioi.nl aluis Knovvles
enters the wilds of Orucon naked
and unarmed, ami for .'In days
wrestd his living from things
provi led by nature.
This film shows ways how
Kuowles lived, how he made his
fires without matches, caught
fish without bait, and books ami
pictures he painted from nature's
material, and many different
scenes of his life.
Ninth Episode
"The Mien Dollar
In Two Parts
"The Hindoo Image"
A Twc-part Majestic
"A Fata! Sweet Tooth"
Kevstcr.e Comedy
Biigh Theatre
Admission 10c
, . . . i
Estate Bargains
n s of l.rs! land in the vi lli ,
t i' ce fniitin on loo.l coua
1011 nc
si!'.!ii re
try road, 2 miles from eity, Vj in. In
from rnilrond station, nil under cultiva
tion. 10 nens i-lover. Priee .!-'" per
aeie on easy terms. Must s. 1 . See
l Ni
,th Liberty Stn
1 hone 4$.
Try Scott's 16c meats.
We serve dainty, satis
fying lunches all day
and evening. Strictly
first class in every
They're really low-priced
rB;.chiues not "cheap-'
rcachiats. We got them
f.t a bargain, and offer you
the reneiit.
We tir.de, buy. or sell
Geo. M. Reeves
Cf-r-td at Union. Phone 071
Open ever.ir.gs. Terms given
Jf iif mawjmiMm imm. ; , ,mmm , .,, ';
U Lttr
Thp Store Thnt Snvps Ynn Mnnov
Now Is the 5
The House of Quality
Salem's Style Store
A TlH A V ipiaint. nonnei. reseain
I II A I rDl 4 tan stvle are visiting
All Around I own wssi:
Mr n. I l r. Peter 'it
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist In fitting
glasses correctly. V. 8, bank building-
Special literary and musical numbers
will be (Oven at the ienitentiary Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'eloek nt the' Chris
tian Endeavor meeting held for the pri
soners. Dr. Hammond, of Willamette
University, will have eliurge of the
June Reed, violinist, in concert to
night nt the Christian t-htireh under
uuspiees of I nd i aim soeiety.
Postmaster August Huckestein has re
eeived a eoinniiinieiition from the post
offiee department, stating that patrons
of new postal territories nnist have
reeeptaeles at their front doors, either
a slot in the door or a box to rtveive
0 i their mail. The postmaster is author-
The treat of a lifetime to hear June izej to extend the citv delivery to the.
Reed, violinist, and fine loeul talent Fairgrounds (Molier 1.
tonight at Christian chureh, under uus- 0
jiiees of Indiana soeiety. c. L. Sperling & Son hav moved
0 their groeerv to largef and better nirnr-
The funeral services of baby Bay , ters nt 247 North Commereial street, i
Kddy, three-nioiiths-old son of Mr. and where they will continue the same:
Mrs. .less M. Eddy, 571) Kerry street, ; high elnss'serviee thnt has made their'
were held yesterday at 3 i. in., Hev. store so popular.
liii-har.l N. Avison offieiating. Inter- o -
nient was in the 1. O. (). K. cemetery. Amish Hennonites, a religious organ-.
iHtiiui in which the women wear a
iiiaint honnet. resembling the old Puri-
stvle are visiting tor several ilays
r arrived this morn-
Ohio. Thev are
Mr. and Mrs. .1. O. Krey and son Ore,
Mr. an. I Mrs. 1'eter Ziegler nnd children,
and Mrs. Fannie Yoder,
Dr. Utter, dentin pnone 606, Salem
Bank of Commerce building.
Salem Shrlners left this morning
meet the Imperial potentate who is
holding a special initiation meeting in
Portland. Candidates for membership
will be initiated this evening in the
Portland armory under the inspection
of the Potential. Those in the party,
who left Salem this morning are: Joe
Harris, Lot Iearci Or. Carleton Smith,
lv. Laehmiind and Blaine Hubbard.
Tonight, June Reed, violinist, and lo
cal talent in concert, under direction
of Salem "Hoosiers," Christian church,
8:13. Tonight.
Peter W. Oeiser was appointed by
Judge Bushev toay administrator of
the estate of 1'eter lieiser, deceased,
who lied in this comity September 4.
The estate was valued at ",00. The
h..ira ore I'l-tCr V. OeistT, Ot
Fred II. Reiser, of Portland, Daniel K.
(ieiser. of Silverton; K.mil .1. Ceiser,
of lVrtlnnd: Albert J. Ueiser. of Port
land, and Mrs. Louisa Herr. of Silver
ton. .1. F. Conrad, .lames Finley, and
Fred Kaiser, were appointed appraisers,
Special meeting of Multno
mah Chapter, No. 1, R. A. M.,
this evening. vVork in the
Mark Muster Degree.
jug companions welcome,
Salem: Go to Dr. Stone's for trusses.
, mi
BLKiH State street, between
High and Liberty Motiou
pictures of "The Million Dol
lar Mystery," a t'reat story,
growing in interest. $10.0011
will be given 10 the one who
solves the mystery. See the
films at the llligh and read the
story in Tiie Capital .lo-unal.
Also comedies.
M. J. Duryeo. secretary -manager of
the Ktigene commercial club, is a Salem
visitor. He arrived this morning to
take part in the meeting of the Wil
lamette Valley F.xpositiou association,
which held a' session this morning in
the commereial club. Mr. Duryea says
Kugene is making special plan? to re
ceive the t herrians September 24.
May Wing Tye Restaurant. Two din
ing rooms. Short orders. Host noodles
in the city. 439 Ferry street.
Bring your agate home to have them
polished ami mounted. Gardner &
Keene, 3SS State street.'
Time to
Buy Ycur
Nothing adds
more to the
beauty of the
modern home
than a beauti
ful Heater like
this one, the
Calef Bros.
GLOBE South side of State
street, between High and Lib
erty Motion pictures of a
Broadway star feature, "Am
bushed," in three reels, with
Francis Bnsliman . Lillian
. Walker in a Vitagrnph com
edv and Karl Karev in song.
I . ' :r ...' ' i..ji
Reed, violinist of international
fame, assisted by local talent,
will play tonight in the Chris
tian church.
Credit Is
Good Here
alel J3rei.
Stores in
Oregon and
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded