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Social and Personal Notes
By Mollie
Society and club notices Trill
be received for the daily issue
at The Capital Journal editorial
rooms up to 2 p. m. Main 82.
Mrs. Hum Brow n Snvuge tind daugh
ter, Dorothy Odt'll. are home from Seal
Works, where they have been spending
the summer.
Members of the Philoduriun I.iterury
society, the oldest boys' society in Wil
lamette university, will hold its first
meeting of the year Wednesday night,
September 2,"!, in their rooms in Waller
Hall. An opening program will be giv
en, which consists of the following am-
bers: Cornet solo; discussion of the !
benefits of a liternrv society, by Chas.
P. Ohling; Home of Walter Uleiser's'
stories; vocal solo, poetry by James R.
''Unin; instrumental sido by F. .s. Fran-1
ids. Many names of statewide and na-
tional repute nre enrolled on the rec-;
ords of the society as members of by-1
gone years. '
The following article taken from a'
Portland paper will be of interest here,
where Miss Fisher played in stock sev-i
era! years ago:
"A stranded theatre company in Sil- i
verton, Ore., guve Margarita Fischer'
her first opportunity to busk in the;
limelight, where she has remained ever '
since. It wns back in ism when John
Fischer and his family ran the Com
mercial hotel in Silverton, and Mar
garita in her early teens, -.nown then
as "Babe," waited on table. One of
the stranded actors remained to wash
dishes nnd work for his board around
the establishment. i
An amateur thentricul company was
the result of a desire on his part to
get out of town and Margarita was
forced into service. Without previous
training and with only a few rehears-j
ills she showed a talent for acting that
was remarkable. Mr. Fischer sold his
hotel and went on the road with his
wife, his two daughters ti one or
more real actors, according to circum
stances. Posters announced rfint Margarita
was the youngest lending woman in
America and for two years or more
the family appeared through Oregon
in a variety of plays.. "Dot" Fischer,
Margarita's sister, was not considered
so much of an nctress, but she has
since proved that she, too, is possessed
of considerable histrionic talent. In
Kureku, Cnl., the "Fischer slny, " us
it was culled by the Silverton people,
was so popular that the aggregation
remained a year in stock. j
Later Margarita was in vaudeville
on Fnntnges circuit. She was then a
real actress and the Silverton people
who had seen her first appearance on
their little stage, began to be proud
of "Babe" and to hang her pictures
in prominent places. rr.e. :s now mnr-,
ried to Harry Pollard, with whom she
was associated in her vaudeville days.
But Miss Fischer has deserted the
stage for motion pictures and is now
the featured member of the Beauty
Film company. It is r jianrcularly ap
propriate name for her organization,
as lust April she won the prize nwaro
ed to the most beautiful motion picture
actress in the I'nited States.
The Fischer family now makes its
home in Santa Barbara, v.-.cre the stu
dios nf the Beauty company are locat
ed. Silverton and Oregon are proud
of their Homer Davenport and they
have reason for just pride in their
young actress who is now a favorite
with audiences nil over the country
where the Beauty films are exhibited.'
Coming as a distinct shock to her
friends here was the news of toe death'
of Miss .Icau Sherman of Ocean View,
who was drowned Sunday afternoon nt
Florence while on a pleasure trip with
friends. She was an ussistuut teacher,
in the high school at, Hip latter place.
Miss Sherman was n beautiful and
Daddy's Bedtime
The Fairy That
Lived In a
I nnv ,. i.n Mint tikUp
night ns she and Jack inn to their Uaiiay. I-vciyn wmi u ms ciuk u
shell in ber tinnd that she and .Lick bud found ut tlie seashore.
"Tlmf linittT !KL'P(1 rinridr. takinir the shell and placing it to his
ear. "Whv. that must be the voice of the fairy that used to live in it!"
"But. daddy, bow can that be her voice if she isn't tlieruV" asked Jack.
"Pei Imps-just perhnps-thiit noise is only the echo,'' said daddy.
"How did she lose her home';" asked Evelyn.
"I ll tell you about it," said daddy. "You see, this fairy lived nt tlie bottom
ef the sea in the most beautiful coral srrove Imaginable. There were many
jtber shells there, enrb Inhabited by other fairies. Of course there was the
l i-iest shell of nil. w hich was the palace of the fairy queen. This fairy was
called Fairy Silver Spray, and she was given this beautiful shell of her own
Vj live in because she h::d done n great service for tlie fairy queen.
1'aii v Queen Xiitllie made only one request when she gave this beautiful
satiny sh'inv shell to I'airv Silver Spray, and that was that Fairy Silver Spray
jshoiiid never yu awav from home without leaving some one there to kee.
tio.ise for her. Queen Nutilie didn't explain that If the shell lost Its tenant
ven for n moment the bouse would float nwny and never be heard of ajrniu.
"Fairy Silver Spray obeyed her queen's directions for ever and ever so
lone. She kept ber home bright and shining, and It grew to look more like a
tig Jewel every day, and every time she went to a ball or a party she would
leave n little brown gnome to keep bouse for her.
"But one tbiy Fairy Silver Spray's curiosity got the better of her. A
school of singing flshes was forming just outside her house, and the fairy,
tearing the peculiar noises, wag wild to bear what was going on.
"But the little brown gnome was away that day. Silver Spray listened
and listened to the noise for a long time and then ventured to the edge of the
"Vhen when she saw the singing Bsh she clapped ber bands and swam out
where tbey were and left her beautiful shell, and when she swam back it was
gone. , , .
"Sobbing and crying, sbe went all around the forest of coral and at last
swam to the palace of the queen. The queen was Tery sorry for Fairy Silver
Spray but you see, sbe had no other house to give her, so Fairy Sliver Spray
tind to remain In the queen's palace and do all over again the work that she
had to do before she was given the beautiful shell to live in. And the sound
yon hear in the shell to perhaps-Just perhaps-the echo of Fairy Silver Sprays
voice crylng-always crying-for ber lost home,'
unusually preporfessing young woman,
and made many friends here during her
frequent visits at the I). A. Hodge
home, where she was entertained as the
guest of Miss liuth and Miss Margaret
Mr. and Mi. Hodge left for Florence
this morning to attend the funeral,
which will be lid. I at that place.
o -
Mr. and Mis. Wan en Pohle have re
turned home after a Inrtuight's stay in
Portland as the guests of friends.
I The ladies of the Bethel sewing cir-'
cle gave a surprise shower for Missi
: Ruth Kvans at tne home of her parents
east or Salem oil sat unlay afternoon.
Miss Kvans is to be married to Mnr
I ion Arnold October 4. The young con
I pie will reside near Scio, where Mr.
' Arnold is engaged in farming. That
i Miss Kvans has the good wishes of
many friends in the Bethel ncighbor
I hood was hown w hen a large basket
of presents was presented to her.
: The guests of the afternoon, besides
the honor guest ami her mot Ik r, were:
! Mrs. Walter Taylor nnd Mrs. Charles
linmsden, of Mjicleay; Mrs. Brunnker,
Mrs. J. M. Nichols, Mrs. Ilnlinsoa, Mrs.
I-. A. Rantenbcrg, Mr.i. Bovea, Mrs.
Fiiestmnn, Mrs. Sundbeig, Mrs. .1. I).
Clark, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. 11. B. Hoffman,
Mrs. (?. O. Swales, Mrs. K. K. Mutton.
Mrs. 11. R. Curtis, Miss Lena Mntten,
Miss Alta Mntten, Miss Lucy Nichols,
Miss May Brubaker, Miss Harriette
Wolfe, Donald and r'uoln Johnston.
Mrs. Harriett McArthnr and Miss
Genevieve Thompson, who have been
making a tour of the world and whose
plans for travel were upset by the
F.uropean war, returned to the I'nited
States last Friday. Mrs. McArthnr will
visit her sister, Mrs. W. M. Molson, in
Montreal, and will reach Portland with
in a few weeks.
Mrs. W. T. Rigdon, daughter Miss
Lelia Higdon, and grandson Win field
Clark, left for San Diego last night,
where Mrs. higdon will join her hus
band who has taken up his residence
there, engaging in business lust fall.
Mrs. Rigdon has spent two winters in
California, returning to Salem to spend
her summers. Miss Rigdon and Mas
ter Clnrk will remain several months
hefore returning to Salem.
A number of close friends, Mrs. W.
H. Cook, Mrs. I. (i. Holt, Mrs. Martha
Belilnger, Mrs. F. H. Snuthwick, Mrs.
K. J. Swafford, Mis. Richard Avisnn,
nnd Mrs. I'. (1. Hover, called unan
nounced at the Rigiion home Saturday
afternoon, occasioning a pleasant fare
well surprise. Friends learn with re
gret of Mr. and Mrs. Rigdon ' inten
tion of locating permanently in another
'ate, as toey have long been two of
Salem's most prominent residents.
Rev. and Mrs. A. A. Winter enter
tained the members of the Sunday
school hoard, Sunday school teachers,
and young men and women of the
classes of tho I'nited Evangelical
church last night at their homo on
Cbomeketa street. Following the
business session a pleasant social hour
was enjoyed. About fifty were present.
Miss Mabel Cooper,-of Independence,
left recently for New York City to
complete her special library course.
Miss Cooper is the charming daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cooper. She is a
graduate of the University of Oregon,!
and is entering on her second year's
work in the eastern college. Her sis
ter, Miss Genevieve Cooper, is a senior
at the University of Oregon. She is
prominently identified with soroity on 1
student body affairs, being selected to
represent the Kappa Gappa Gamma
Chapter of the University at the Na
tional conclave held in Estes Park,
Colorado, this summer.
Both Misses Cooper nre well-known
here having been entertained at the
Richard Cartwright and R. J. Hendrick
homes. Miss (jenevieve Cooper and
And Swam Out Where
They Were.
in the seasholl?" asked Evelyn o:ie
Miss Constance Cartwright are both
members of the same sorority.
A delegation of members of Capital
Assembly of United Artisans were
guests of the Dallas lodge of Artisans
Monday night. Salem party was com
posed of Mrs. J. A. Bernardi, Mrs. M.
E. Rogers, Mrs. Ella Watt supreme in-'
structor. Miss Peterson of Oakland, Cal
ifornia, an I Ivan G. Martin who made
the trip by motor in the Bc.runrdi car.
Mrs. W: W. AUingham, of Albany, has
returned to her home after being enter
tained ns. the guest of Mrs. Charles E.
Know land.
Maurice Winters, of Portland, a the Marion county schools can bring
prominent coinnn rcial traveller, is visit- in their exhibits for their fair,
ing in Salem. Mr. Winters is well Working hard to make the fair a
known here and his trip here combines , .,.,.,, f,.r the school children. Walter
pleasure and business. M. Smith, county school superintendent,
A. G. llolden, a hop man nf Port-isllvs:
land, is at the Marion. 1 "Let us nil get bi..-y. Let us put
Fre.l P. Gilbert, of Ottnninri, Iowa, this county on the map ns the corn
is registered at the Marion. county, ns" the potf to county, as the
S. 1). King, an oil man of Portland, best garden county, as tlie county
is at the Marion. where the girls hake the best cake and
Percy F. Gamett, secretary of the. bread, and the rom-ty where the boys
industrial accident commission, is in1 raise the best pigs and chickens nnd
Bilker on business. therefore the best county in which to
Charles A. Hall, a prominent nttor- live,
ney in Washington, is isiting Rev. F. "The public is invited to visit and
T. Porter. inspect the exhibits t the armory. .No
Rev. Juiucs Moore has gone to Port-, admission will be charged and no col
land to attend the annual Methodist lection taken. The exhibits will be di
conference. vided into two classes, as follows:
W. Curtis Rapp. millinery salesman j Class A includes those who have pass
of San Francisco, is a recent arrival nt.ed their fourteenth birthday; class B
the Marion. : those who are under fourteen.
Dee Farrar, of Portland, is registered "The Salem merchants have donated
at the Marion. liberally to make the fair a success.
A. Hockstraser, of Salt Lake, is a The prizes vary in value from $1.00 to
guest at the Marion. .flrt.oo. .Many a boy and girl will go
A. C. Herrick, county surveyor, left home from the fair the possessor id' i:
this morning for Pendleton, to attend splendid piize. And the best part of
the round-up. i it is that -very boy nnd girl who brings
Harry Smith, a Northern tyicit'ie an exhibit will get a prize this year,
representative, visited ill Salem this Achievement emiificntes will be issued
morning. ; to nil exhibitors, which will entitle
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Minton, of Port-; them to an achievement button. These
land, are guests at tlie Illigh. ! will be prized highly by the boys and
R. E. Winters, a telephone represcnta- girls who receive them,
tive from Portland, is at the Bligh. 1 "It is not necessary to belong to nn
D. ('. White., of Albany, was a Salem industrial club to be eligible to enter
visitor yesterday. ' this contest. Any boy or girl who has
C. P. French and '. W, French, of attended school during the ..sr ;e.-,r
Seattle, are at the Bligh. in Marion county and has raised rv
J. R. Fnriss, of Eugene, is a recent made his own exhibit is eligible lo in
arrival at the Bligh. ter.
Mr. an, Mrs. F. M. Ronnt and dnugh-; "Prices nre offered for exirlnri -if
ter, of Monument, are guests at the 'he follow.' jj: Field earn, ivtt irn.
Bligh. 1P eorn, tomatoes, water niebn n csk
Rev. Richard X. Avison will leave1 melon, tnbli- squash, pie pumpkin, po
for Portland tomorrow to nttend the tatoes, cabbage, onions (1(1), celery (.'!
annual conference of the Methodist bunches!, woodwork, bread, cuke, can
Episcopal church for the western part ning CI pints of fruit nnd :i of vego
of the State, which is in session until tablesi, jelly (:i glasses), hnndniudo
next Monday. Hans Schroder will also apron, mnchine-made dress, darning (J
attend leaving for Portland yesterday, pieces i, best display of flowers, poultry
G. O. Swales, prominent breeder of of any breed.
Duroc Jersey swine, was in the city to- "There is n prize of :f2.".00 for the
ilny making arrangements for his an- best exhibit by a one-room school,
nual display of blooded hogs at tho "The Capital National Bank has
State Fair next week. again offered three cash prizes amount-
Max J. heboid, of McMinnville, is in ing to $20.00 for the most and best
the city looking after the repairing of popcorn raised on nn urea not to ex
a house. reed 1000 square feet. This promises
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Morton and child, to be nn interesting exhibit, there being
who have been camping at the state fair over 00 entries.
grounds for the past three weeks, left. "Last year the boys nnd girls of
for their home in Portland today. Mr. Marion county carried off the second
Morton put the roof on the state fair prize for the best industrinl exhibit nt
pavilion. the state fair. This year they nre
i working harder than ever for the first
Twenty-eight pupils enrolled yester- ,iize.
day at the Oregon State School for the ..y cannot wjn Un individual prize
blind. There were seven new pupils nor cnuntv priy,,, if V011 1(,av0 vnlr
on the opening duy. The advantages PXhibit nt home. Bring it to the" nr
of this institution arc free to the blind ,,.,- Ihursdav afternoon or enrlv Fri
youth of the state and those whose ,iv morning. If von cannot exhibit
sight is so defective that they cannot t ti. ar v. take vour exhibit to the
receive nn education in the public , Ml r,ln)iM 'next Saturday or
schools. Miss Nellie ('rout, of Portland, Sundnv.
is the new instructor in the primary, .;:,.' c..s wj10 .; j ti1P cluTj
department. Superintendent Moores i.ji,;. , ti .,,-,,- ..-ill ,,,, ;,.
said this morning that an elaborate ,.; ,.lllltv llt t; sttl. fair as mem
caiituta will be given ut the State Fair, hl.r tho (.l(ml ,.,,, T), tJVH
by the children, Tuesday evening, Sop-j frm ,.,.), muntv will be entertained
tember 29. Besides the feature enter-: bv th(, stut(1 fair"boanl the entire week
tniiiineut, demonstrations of reading, (),,. f.'iir "
music nnd industrial work, will be given , m ,
each afternoon from 2 to .t:.IO by the
Work on the new Exhibition pavilion
at the State fair grounds is progressing
rapidly. Departments are being separ
ated, and decorators, are already com
mencing putting up embellishments of
cereals, etc. K. V. Lytic., the student
decorator, has the contract for the
principal interior decorations and has
planned for most elaborate results.
Those in charge nf the various county
exhibits are arriving daily to begin
initial work at the various booths, ami
actively engaged in finishing their
part ot the building, lhe art depart
ment has been spaced and will be
located in the western portion of the
st riicture.
This afternoon the funeral of Lowell
Wellington Potter, three-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. ('. A. Potter, of .North
Salem, was held from the Lehman
.('lough undertaking parloils on ("on it
i street, itcv. lli'-hard N. Avison. of the
First Methodist church, officiated. The
'little one was scalded to death yester-
! day. The mother was washing Mon
'day while at a much about nine miles
north of tliis city and a tub of water
was on the ground. IJttte t.owcll back
i ed against the tub an." .". ;i Into the
I almost boiling water. lr. O. )i. Miles
i was called but his aid was unavailing
'and the little one died in the after-
; noon.
I,. V. thick ley, one of the maiiajters
.of the Muiuit'act urers ' and Land Prod
ucts show to be he,d ill Portland soon.
: was in Salem today to confer with the
executive committee of the Willamette
j Valley Kxpo.-ition association, which
met this morning in the rooms of the
Salem commercial club with ntiout ten
nebers present. It was decided ut tills
(meeting that the association would ex
i libit at the Land Products show with
i -nine of the material that will be shown
jut the Panama-Pacific exposition.
Justice Webster's court this after
noon was the scene of the trial of the
damage suit brought by F. A Turner
against G. W. Tobin, a wood dealer of
Polk county. The damage alleged on
account of the wood not being up to
specifications is stated as 13. The jury
went out to view the wood, returned
to the courtroom and listened to argu
ments. hTe fashionable ball gown represents
one kind of weather strip
School Children Will Make It
-And All Salem Will Go
to See It
School chiUrcn of Marion county will
hold their second industrial school fair
at the Salem imnoiv Friday afternoon
and evening. Fine prizes will be given
for exhibits a no every bov tind girl of
"I want to tell you how easily I got
rid of my wrinkles," writes Luolln
Marsh. "While in Loudon a friend,
much envied because of her youthful
looks, gave nie a formula for a home
made preparation which has the effect
of instantly tightening the skin, thus
-mix. thing out wrinkles ami furrows.
"Tho principal ingredient is pow
dered saxolite, which can be had at
drug stores here. Ah ounce of saxolite
is dissolved in a half pint witch hazel.
After bathing my face in this hut once
the transformation was so marvelous f
looked years younger. Kveu the deep
crow 's feet were affected, and the an
noying creases about my neck. It seems
difficult to believe anything could fro
duee such results. Several to whom I
rcfounuon led the lecipe have ben sim
ilarly helped, one an elderly lady whose
cheek tind become quite, baggy. '
Social Mirror.
('destine A. Oriswohl. daughter of
Lester and Fanny (iriswold,, was bom
at Heaver, Pennsylvania. June 2H, 1M5.
In IsS-" slic cniue to Minnesota with
her parents, where in ni'.; she wns mar
ried to (li'orge .1. Ilnttey. To this union
was lir.rn ei'lit children, seven i f whom
wild her husband live to mourn her
loss. Clarence A. Hsittev, of Spiing
Valley. Minn.: Mrs. Mnld'e M. Lynn, of
Canowi. S. I).: Mr. Mary P. Sm.w. i.f
Cliadron. Ncbr.j Mrs, llnttie L. Conner,
of Marshfield. Ore.; (ie(,rge X. Matt, -v.
of Sali in, Ore.; Mrs. Fanny L. Walker,
of (irand View, Wash.: .Mrs. Lois '.
Schwartz, of Chadron, .Nebr.. fine son
having died in infancy. Mis. Kattey
also leave three sisters and a brother.
In 17:1 she gave hei heart to Christ
and united with the Friends church at
llesper. lown, and was a devout Chris
tian ull her life. In lH.Mi he, with her
husband, united with the Congregation
ul church, of which he wus a minister.
She was a sympathetic and helpful co
laborer with her husband during his en
tire ministerial life. She was greatly
interested in the missionary and V. C.
T. I', work. She died in the triumph
of the Christian faith at her home,
211(5 Laurel avenue, Salem. Oregon, age
1)9 years, two months and 23 days.
A woman seldom talks while doing
up her hair possibly because her mouth
is apt to be filled with hair pins at ti nt
st lgc of the game.
(Capital Journal Special Service.) '
Dallas, Sept. 11. the large plant
that furnishes heat ami water for the
business houses of IJalias has been re
modeled and is giving good satisfaction
to the users. The plant was of the
old wood-burning kin I nn, it was hard
to keep the steam flowing to all the
Oil burners have hcou installed and
are giving tho best of results. The ex-;
pense is cut in half and tlie labor is a1
great deal less. A huge tank has been
installed which will take care of enough
fuel to run the plant for about one
month. Waste steam is piped through
the tank to keep the oil warm so thati
it will flow. The oil is pumped to a
smaller tank where it is again heated
and is then forced to the burners.
Hefore the returning water was cold
and returned directly to the boiler,
wliich reduced the pressure. This has
been changed so the returning water
passes through a heater ami is then
pumped into the boiler thus taking a
great deal less heat.
A large well has been dug to furnish
water for the boiler as the city water
was found expensive. i
F.lton lilake has returned from a few
weeks stay in Kustern Oregon where he
has been working with u large com
bine. 1
Harold Miller was in lliillas Friday
and Saturday where he was saving his
last good bys to his friends and reli
tions. He intends to attend the Wil
lamette ln i versify this year. ',
Mr. and Mrs. Will lirouson from Me-1
Timmins Valley was in Dallas Satur-1
day attending the fair. i
-Mr. an I Mrs. Chester (lurdiier ami
daughter were Dallas visitors Saturday
Mr. (iarduer is a prosperous farmer
from the Luckemiite.
Foot bull practice of the Dallas High
school will start next week, many new
men arc signed up and it is thought that
Dallas will have a good show on the
gridiron this season.
Mrs. Arthur Moore, of Independence,
was a Dallas visitor Friday where shn
attended the fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Itngley of Lewis
ville were in Dallas Friday looking
after their exhibits at the fair
Mrs. Cliff Pugh, of Fulls City, was in
Dallas Friday where she was visiting
friends and relations. '
John Orr nnd wife and little daugh
ter made a business trip to Dallas Fri
day. He. is the re). ul. lii an candidate
for sheriff of Polk County.
Mrs. Jasper Siiiiington. of Independ
ence, is visiting at the home of Willis,
Siiniiigtou of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. 1!. C. Craven returned
to their home in Allianil.ra, Cat., Sat
urday illuming. Mr. Craven lias been
visiting with his sons for several weeks.
Mrs. Homer Poster, of Portland, is
visiting at the home of her mother in
law Mrs. John Foster, of Salt Creel;. 1
Mrs. Hobbins of the O. A. C attend
1 ed the Polk comity fair with many other
instructors from that school They!
acted as judges of flic displays, !
Mr. (ira-dinm. one of the best ama
teur singers' Tn Oret'on, sang at the fair
grounds every afternoon and evening.
Mr. Cre-ham is from the 1'. of O. nnl
surely pleased the people of Poll;
count v.
A petition is presented bv a number
of citizens asking permission tn stretch
a banner across the intcrse tiou of :
State and Liberty streets hearing the,
legend, "For Congress. Fred Mollis- j
ter." The petition was read but on
! motion it wns denied. The signers of
the request are ns follows: A. M. Dal
rvmple, IJnn W. Nesm'nh, W. II. Park,
T f Wherrv W. A. List (ill. J. F.I
Crowe, K. V. Springer, H. O. Doedig
heimer, H. M. Iloedigheinier. W. It.
Kane, P. L. Fra.ier, II. H. Page, Percy
R. Cotter. F. W. Steusioff. D. J. Fry,
, A. E. Ifuckestein. Aug. Huckcstein, Os
wald West, .1. W. Ferguson, R. A. Har
ris, Krnest It. Kingo, J. K. IJnn.
CJ P Farorvt
Advertising will not make
you see the actual value in
MODART front laced Cor
sets. The most it can ac
complish is to induce you to
see and examine them. If
you are not already familiar
with them, you have a pleas
ant surprise in store.
The workmanship is as
near perfection as it is pos
sible to come. You can see
for yourselves. The quality
of the materials cannot be
questioned. Their style is
evident when you try them
We know of no better
front laced Corset than the
A thousand people thronged the
groumls yesterday and the number of
persons registering for ramping space
exceeded expectations.
Ashcr Hansom and wife, Salem,
pitched tent today. Mr. 'Hansom will
lie one of the assistants in the tented
city, living of a pleasant disposition,
the mayor has designated him as. the
trouble man. Young und old may tell
.Mr. hansoni their troubles. 1 lien Mrs.
Kausnin can cheer" Ashcr.
('. M. Itobinsou, Autnsville, put up
tent today, he and wife returning home
this evening
The Persian sheep that will form a
portion of the free attractions on the
grounds were entertaining the people
yesterday and today.
Weather indications are that the com
ing week will bless lis with goodj
weather. No rain today.
Win. Moores, Silverton. has written
for camping space and will be at home
to his friends at No. JJ Calloway. ,
The Coo. W. Yeargcn cottage was
finished yesterday and Mr. and Mrs.
Yeargcn returned to Aurora this even
Now on
The Plymouth
The most popular American book made into the most
popular American play.
, First time at popular prices. Lower floor, 75c and $1 ;
balcony, 50c and 75c. Seat sale this morning at the box
office at 9 o'clock.
The opening of the theatrical season. A play of merit
at popular prices.
ing. They have bad an exceedingly
disagreeable time in erecting their
tented city borne. Oregon weather hi
been at its worst,
I. W. Sutton, Portland, has touted at
No. 30 .Moody.
Ex-Covernor Z. F. Moody and wife
are visitors to the grounds today.' Cld
timers who were guards and assistant
oil the fair grounds a quarter of a ecu
tury ago recall the many kindnesses of
Mrs. Moody in sending out luncheon
with her compliments when the weather
was disagreeable.
Mere ft and sick a family at .170 Fer
ry street in destitute circumstances-am
in need of help. The youngest child,
a two months old baby, died Sunday.
Four other children ranging from two
to ten years are ill and the father in
without work. A mouth ago the futhcr,
mother and children went to the hop
yards to work. Sickness came upon
them there. I'pou their return the in
fant child wus lifke.ii .orious!y ill and
died. Food and cloiliin.r will be wel
comed by tho fain. I.. Further detail-
can be learned from liev. J!. N. Avison
or by phoning 10"l.
The auto truck is the friend as will
as rival of the big drafter.