Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 19, 1914, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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    TH OATT.T or.vwev, mrovin t.EM. ORCfiON, SATVBDAY. SEPTEMBER 19. 181..
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n.'i'ni wit
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' i.- .-ry '"if "nr"W
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77. V.. .' ""f' a'ur
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Si a k t-- ' ;w';"'"
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' lr . .r,-,l...'W,. i" iirtntimj
7i ut i'r" f'"'i"''-" "' ",e lu'' ''" ''""
M J.I.I.V""'. '"v,c a l'tllu' e "I
lit CVi:!e!!':-
MHioit I" "'c !"t"rJ m'"'
w,c (tun -'" "ne arf
nrtlii.nj I ! f.-l " "i'"' ' t,on
ml fie hm..''-:' aui '" " ''"":
V0 li t.-comc! " the niillvmairrf
H.!-h,t b-romr, bt the $l,im,00t
.V..t--IV.'i'" i'""' Hurn.'C .cr;f
; i-n-.'ii Ik-'jikh w'o
r!"ii"ic'l omit li'.rortly or in
iimllt '" "Tl'f ""'''''"' """"
lny"!fi,'l (r ennsiJ-rvd u iwi tolaif.
IIWIll HI' riiCMd! S i IIA.n-K.HS.
SUilff llnrrrir, iniMinnnlri, atirr ft'
MtiaruMiUA rm-apr from th. di-o itt the
pic uf trllhuni (birri lkHun urn the
Hk lluuiln ,1, Hvrn t lie 41 fe of a rc
ttaw (nr rllilecu yrarn. HnrKresve ar
tMnlill; RirrU llrnliif, Irmlrr u( the
,fi,.l.iirrl. Kuonlax 11'nlne will
Ir; ! trt him, he rfiraiii fru.-ii bin ona
t by a tsltntin. Drdire rueapliiK he
wllea Irllrr to be ulrla' ai-houl nhne
tlcileea T'l" UeCore lie mjraterluiialy
Wl aa Ikr tluuralrp him balir clmiKhlen
'Wnrf crar. Thai ilaj llargrrave
h. ilnna tlMt.OWt (turn (he hauk, but
M la reparttil thai lhl ilropeil Into the
ha (he bnlluoo he eaeaped la wan
Flereave airhri from Ibe clrla acfaoal.
Caeaten Oljn. Ilralne'a enniiianlaa. la
lli ker aail claim, tn be a ri lullve. Two
a ilrleetlvei eall. hot their plot la
falli Marion, a m-naparM-r man.
Itf krlblac the eautala of the Orient
rtaa l.j. trap for Brnlne ami his
aa- raatra Olta at o vl.lla the Orl-
eaplaia. .art ,,, cr
e rean,f. ,Mre- T, plHn ppo,,
-MIe IhrauKh Bralae'a KiHliI lurk aail
-r Urrllkga , u(, tUf htaaa f
V aallee.
Bii,"""' ,k,,r "'"
Haaarrd trap Kloreare. They aak
wUr.r"'"- ,he !
,ha Iheai.
H "e country n KW.
a.-."ltB"' u"r' "r '
"" Th, Mtxlmg KW
. mui tTom
L"'"''" re., br mrm.
" fte Blaek H.nilred. he r.,he. 1.
wale, fr,n, 4 tmrrim
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aZ. L7""'" "", "we Flor
. ml V.rtia.
Mir;!'"" " Bn""
M h!Jl wb"' Phi
a he, W" " ,,,k"- t. .k.
b, ,1" W'n' PWe-ee
Wfct 1V,r- - Went
'rVtrlrr teal. tw
-iVJi! -M --.-
at v ' taaaea . v.
. raAPTEa xi n.
Ht -Ir' ,,n,, "r!H,It
1 ""Wantow,.
'0 Ba anJ . .
la, aay ffj m
t1 lTir 'i' V
! J f
f J 1T S V , C i 'T I 1 I
Tlie me ray of hoyo for the ciioniiiintnrs lay
ii I lie fact tUiit Florence bad never seen her
father und knew not In the least what be
looked like. The; detertriDcd to try again in
this direction.
MGi It all up aatd the eounti-ss to
Ilraine. " I tell Tu. whatever u buck of all
this is stronger thuu we ore. I7o knows the '
organization, and for nil we know he maj .be
u ghost." .
' I ueer go burk," ainjled limine " 'J'here'a
aomethiug more tlian the million. There's the
sport of the thing. We've been bested In n
dozen bouts, and nearly always by a flukev.
They have the breaks, as they say out at the
I'olo grunnvls."
M But the time and expense when we might
be getting results elsewhere! I tell yinv Lew,
I 'it. afraid. It's like always hearing some one '
,: behind '-you and -never finding anybody whea"'
yom turn. I have told yon my doubts.. I havo
also asked yon to trap that butler, but you've
always laughed."
" Ton are seeing ghosts, Olga. A new ra.-ra .
from holy Russia," ahrngfring, " Is coming to
oijfht. Evidently the head over there thinks
our contributions of late have not been up ta
the mark, and they are going to stir ns up. I
am willing to wager my soul, however, that
tliat box Is simply a hoax to befuddle us.
Either that or it holds the key. But tb rat
of them ineiBt that the box must be reooverej.
When 1 leave this rootn tonight I am olnf
awar tn Riverdale and stalk all by mysejf.
I'm f'lng to get a glimpse of that myterioaa
tranger. He carries a scar of mine some
where, for I hit biu that might"
The door opened, and the executive chamber
became silent " .
" Count Paroff," boomed the aoict of Vrooii '
" He will present bis credentials." . .. "
Tlits formality was executed as preecribed
by the rules ; and Count Paroff was 'given hi
chair. He spoke for while, rutber pom
pously. t .'o.
" The head organization is not satinfMxl with -Itt
offspring in this Hargreave affair,' ht aaid
In conclusion. " Tou are alow."
" Then you have com with tome siiggstlons
for the betterment of onr business?" asked
Bruine ironically.
" Sir, this is not the hoar for flippancy,"
aid the agent coldly.
Braine ma.ie a sign with his hand, a sign
not observed by every oue. Instantly- ParorT
bent lowly. He recognised that the speaker
was the actual, not the nominal, bead of the
Americas branch.
" What are your snfrgeations?" inquired the
nominal head from bis chair, anxious to avoid
a rJaah between the nearoarr and the trucu
lent master of them all
" I have been informed that Hargreave's
daughter baa never seen ker father, not evea
a photograph of him," aaid Paroff, more amia-
" Wa are ab.inhitely certain that this is fne
caae," said the nominal bead, who was known
as the president ." But we tried one . play in
that direction, and it failed aiise.rably."
" 1 have the story," replied' Paroff. " It
was damaily dune. The ruse was aa nkl one."
Braioe was frank enough to admit the truth
f this statement, boarever much be dialikej
the amnlasion. lie sodded.
" I Ut authority to take a hand in this af
fair. We cannot waste all suoauirf-. 'Those
(DverameA! plans of the fortifications f the
Paaaraa are waiting. ' There's your milliona.
Bat the fact remains that it k Ike law wf the
Bases. Hundred never to step down till abso-
Pte1j. defeated. Tb bidden million is bn
1 " r
half; wa mast find and break this reaMgada
" If be live," saU Brain.
Who can ay one way or the other?"
brusquely asked Paroff. "Tb fact that ell
jwur plans owl schemes have eotne to naught
should prove to yon that yon an sot fighting a
. ghost.,. There is but one way to bring out the
" And that is to make a captive of his daugh
ter," supplemented Braine. "And wt have
worked toward that end ceaselessly. We are
quite ready to listen to yonr tngxtsfiowa,
" " And so am 1," thought the ami wtth his
ear to the little bole Is tb ceding above.
" And some day, my energetic friend, I'm going
t j pay you back for that bnBet"
Count Paroff cleared his voire an.1 laid his
plana before his audience.
To act frankly and in the open, to go
boldly to the Uargreave home and proclaim
myself Hargreave, I can disgaise mytelf la a
manner that will at least temporarily fool the
" Who has been with his master for fnurteen
years, knows every move, habit, gesture, inflec
tion," Inferpbwd Braine. But pro-d, count,
proceed. You will retuembex the old adage:
too- dm af cooks."
"All," Bsshed hack the count, " bet a sew
Olga touched Brslne's trm warulitcry.
" Ton mean, then, that there bas been talk
in 8t Petersburg of dispo'ni ?
- ?A gpod deal of talk, sir," hsugbtily, f
getting Uial be ha-1 lient humbly enough but a
few moments guoe.
- Very well ; go on."
Tbififflit the man st the pe. "' atxne:
"."Tliere'a soother adage. When ll.ievea fall
ort. then honest nven gel their dues. Yea,
yes ; proceed, pf-uceed '.'
- ParotT tit on. " I shall, then, ao frankly
to the lisrsresv bouse and claim my own.
Meantime I leate lu yoo Hi b-Jatneas of lorlng
the bwfler sway. Half as bour is all I need to
bring that child here, to break the wall that
stand between and wtat w seek."
v c N J
" J$ .
f5- V - i .
i 1
A 4
. ;...
v'-H a-"
v -
, s
..... .
afj(-. V.
I '4
1 JW.
.J; w H
v . - A
" Is that r snarmured nralna, " Olta. 1
want yon to play a trick on this bandaurut
delegate at large. I'm not very enthusiastic
over bla talh. I want him humiliated. AD
yon have to do, be says, is to wnlk Into th
Hargreave houae and walk out agu'a. Well,
lefi yon and 1 ae that h doe that aad both
tug elae. Ill have bo on smdilting with any
own goa."
8otne ae sasaeceal, snd everybody looked at
his neichbor. The sneese was reiieetrd, hut
snuBed, as if sum on was desperately -ax-tons
to avoid sneexint.
"It esme from shovel" wliinpm-ed Olr,a.
lont took up!"
Brahae mm tool. He walked idly across tl-e
room to where Vroon ant " Very well, Pnreff j
we give yon free reia." To Vroon be kiiid:
"Souas one it watching us from the room
orerhead. I thought that room belimge.) to na."
" It does," said Vroon stolidly.
"Then how Is It that some one Is witching
from up there? No excitement. I'm going U
bid every one good night then I'm going to
Investigate. When I lrave yon will quietly
end men to all the exit to the building. I
want th man who sneer-ed, and I want liiin
Olga departed with Braine, only she Imme
diately sought the taxi tliat liroiutht her and
was driven home. It was slwaya understood
tbat when any seriiMw exploit was under way
hereabouts she wa to moke her departure at
Vroon stationed Ms men st tue eercml rxita
and Brain went ujaitair. The man who had
eaeexed, however, bud vst,lled as evtcpIeU-ly
as if be bad ' worn flist iutimMr e'k orw
reads about in the IVininn tnlea. Aa a Dm Iter
of fact, after the sei-ntid sneeU' he had (time up
to the roof, got out by Ihe trap, and Jutaped -rather
rinky lusiries, tar -to the r.t rstif
and hH.1 tismbrrnl down tli fire es.fi ie af tb
aetvnd bsilding. He was swearing ilia.jdiMr.
After si! tbeae days uf rare sad planning,
after sll his lirv.rneao o locating the rvu
esaiMM of the HiH k Hnodred, antl m w te )
bia advsDtase becanae of as Bncontrnllalile
aueese! He would neve dare o hail, ami
just when he wa beginning to peidt -up fin bit
.- . -,f K.f. V". ',,.'' -.lt. k-41 V .- w . -if
.. : t la.. Jt . . ' S (. - ! K - Ul
v 1
i i
, 1
v iV '.-. r.
"f Ui!,..-innt!ou I fto frlotiiMT flflrgreav was
gclug to hate a new father In a day or so?
There were a-jmo clever rogues sinung this
tin ml of theirs; lint their clevemnss was wall
offset by sn equal nninlxT of fords.
Yes, there were some rlever mr.oiai, aaJ ta
prove this aiaertion Braine sertinil a tailoih
a ixl drove furiously awsy, his ileNiinntlon the
home of Ms aiirieul enemy. lie drnpjied th
cab a Uoci o twn away and presently 5toweil
hliutnlf awny In the rummer limine at the left
if the law a It would litre been a rnpiliil
liUai that It, If tlie other uutu had m.t Owuglit
f Bod uutlclputt-d this very thing. Hn he nw-d
a ublie pay btnllun lelephotie ; snd Braine
walled hi vsln, wnfte.1 tm the ll;hu rn the
UsTtrrave honse went ont one by ioj and It
liecumo wrtijrped In di-rkness within and
moonshine without
Brain was a pMlr-euphitr. n rcrrmel to
his waiting Uxirnh, dntvs hotne, paid tlie bill,
smiling grimly, and went to bel It wits gnlng
L be a wonderful gjime of blind man's birlf,
and ft was rnlng In he rnt.rt .o utth this fool
Paroff blunder Into a pit
The next afternoon norrnce nnd Nnrtoii sat
In the Kiiirrmer hnttse talking of the future.
Lovers art prima to trtlk of that. As If any
thing else In tht wnrt-1 ever equals the present
They talked of nice Utile apartments and vara
Clou in (hi snmmiT and hnw tnnrh they triaild
Urc ont of his salary, and a thousand and one
other tilings which won Id not interest yon at
all if I recounted them tn detail But tbey
did iore each oilier, and they were going to he
smrrhxi ; you may he certain -ol that They
dl nut rare a snap of tb finger what Jones
Ihmtght They wert golnc tn he married, and
that waa aD there was tn IL Of eoiirae, nor
sure conhln't touch a penny of bcr fntberl
money. If ht, Norton, oouldn't bika car of
her without help, why, lie wmiMn'l be worth
th powder to blow him up with.
" But, my dntr, rai uuat ba wety eaaeful,"
hr mill. " Jnuejt and I will always he about
ouinewberr. If I hey really grt hold of yon
once. ;) alum know whnl arill happen. It
la nut you, It la your piar- faltarr tbey want to
brini nut Inlu tlw open. If rbey knew where
he waa fhey wouM nut boihcf ynn In the least"
" Hart I rettlly tallier? 8oniUmes I
doubt. Why rotilrlil'l tie ateal into the bouse
snd see me, J'lul omie?"
"Perhaps he darea out Tills hneaai Is aV
waya watched, night and day, llin-tch you'll
look In vain to drnmrvev any on Your falser
knows boat what he r doing, sty dear girl
You Sff, I met him years sgo In flMna; nnd
when he started out tn do a certain thing he
generally did It. He never botched any of hit
plans. Sn we nil mnxt wait Only I'm going
tn marry you all the aaoia, whether he likes it
or not Tlie ruguea will try to Impmr Uain
you again; but do not i-ay any attention to
flute or pemonals in tb paper You've hern
through enough. And It was a lurky thing
that 1 was on that freighter thnl picked you
up at sea. I "hull alway wvmder how that
yacht took fire."
Ko ahull I," replied Klnrrie, her hrnwt
draming together in pnasleinenL "Sometimes
I think I nitiHt bare done It Yon know, pee
pie ont of their lieailt dn at ra lire things. I
-m to aee myself aa in a dream. And this
man Brnine it seuiindrel?"
"Yet; ar! more than that, he hi the deer
friend of the eoimtess. But nndrrstand, y0
ntit never Ift her dream or susieet that yon
krjow. By lulling her into orereonfidenee some
day she a ill unturslly grow careless, n-l then
wt'll bar t hein all. I think 1 understand
what T'-ur fntlier' idea is: not to beet them
srreeited for Maeksiall, hot prai-rh-any to el
lernmistt thetn, pnt them hi prison for such
term of years that they'll die there. When
yon sea a snake, poisonous one, don't let it
gef away. Kill it Weil, 1 must b off to
' " Aaid yon b earefnl, toe. To M la aaort
danger than I tun."
Bnt Tin a maa and ran dodge quh-k," bm
laughed," picking up hie hat j
"What a horrid thing money la! If I hadn't
any money, ncbojy would bother m"
"1 woold," be smiled He wnutiil to klw
her, but the ru-rnal Junefi snivl.t le watrliii.
from the wluduits; sud so b putted her hitn.l
Instead and walkvd dwn the grnvrh-d path to
tht strvet
It wss difficult wrk for Klorvoiv. to plsy at
frlendahlp. She wns like her father; nlie di.l
not beatow It on every one r'.lie bad given hi-r
friendship to the Bosnian, the first renl hit
friendship in her life, and be bud b.-eo rou;kly
disillusioned. But If Ihe euniili-ss mold art,
jh could aha; and of the two her actliig whi
tb BMxit ronsumtnatn. I.he rniild smile ami
laugh and Jest, all th while her heart wa.t
burning with wrath.
Ont illy, a week or so after her meetliiK
wlth Norton In tb summer house, Olgu sr
rived, beatilifully gowned, bandmoie as ev.-r.
There waa Hot the least tom-h of the ailven
ttiri In her makeup Florence had just re
relv'-d some mail, and wiie bad droppetl the let
tera en tlie library table to greet the cnunleNit
She had op-tud them, but bad not ye( lokel
at their cuiili'ots.
They wera chatting plcasaotly about In-
consequent tilings, when tb maul came In anil
tsked I'liirenct to come to Miss Ponnu't rootn
for a mnmeut Florence exrnsed hers-df,
wondering what Susan could waut Blie for
got tha mail '
A inoo as sl.t was goua tht CMintess, cer
tain that June was not lurking bboiit, pb ketl
up th totters and calmly einniined their con
tents; and among then she found this re
markable document: "Dear daughter 1 hav
nearer seen: I innnt turn tht treasure over j
to yoiL Meet nit st 8 in the summer bouse.
Tell no one aa my life it In dn tiger. Your
loving faLh,fr."
The counter conld have laughed aloud. Rhn
nw this man ParolTs hand; and nere wh
(ha chance tn hefoul ami humiliate hlni nml
send him off packing hi his cold mid mk
ernhlo country. Rhe hnd made tip enre si
Florence, awl aha enuld easily do an nraiii.
The only thing that trould it her whs the,
fnrt I lint she did not litiow whetlier l'loreiiae
hnd read the letter or not. Thus, she did nut
dare destroy It. She- (lrst thought of clinon
trig tht clock; then the conduit' d In (Imp llm
letter exurtly where ulia Und fmirxl it nml
trust to lnck. ,
When Klnrene rclnrned she exiiliiltied tliat
her alenc had been do to mime trifling
hnnselmld affair. ,
Raid the BnHsiaat , "1 cntne primarily to
BKk you to ten tomorrow, where they dunce.
If yon like, yon may ask Mr. Norton tn go
along. 1 Img-rn to observe that yon two are
rather fond of on anutlier."
"0. Mr. Norton la Just a valuable friend,"
returned llorence witlh a smile llmt nuitn
deceived th other wuuian. " I atlnill be gl-ul
tn go to th te Bnt T shall not promise
to dance."
"Not with titt. Norton 1 " archly.
"Reporters never dance tlieniKetvea; they
make other dance Instead."
"I shall her te tetl that," declared fne
emmtrsw; and tht Isifgherl unite honestly
"Then 1 bar saM tonictMug vitty?"
"Indeed yon hvw; snd II Is imt only wltt7
hut trutlifnl. Pm afrnM ytro're deejier (ban
fh reel of aa nav any Idea of."
"Perhape 1 am," (honght Klnrewi-ei; at
lewst, deepev than yon believe"
Wlie the eotmtraa fluttererl down te her
IrrnmutroA-Florence bates) the aight of II
and drove away Florenet reenenrlieeed ker
lettera. Aad whan a" came to the on pur
porting tn fi from hev father, ah rend it
rarefnlly, bent her bend In tlioogbt, a no final
ly destroyed the min.lt, absolutely eontideot
tbat It was only a trap, and ant verv well
conceived at that Norton had give he
plewty of rraaoiia for Imllevlug all sue'n lei
ters to he forgeries. Her father, K be reolly
wished to see her, wo.dd enter the houae, lm.
would not write. Ah, who worrkl ah seai'
fnol father of bera, an inysleriona, elwwywi
bovering neer, si way unseen?
It must have been an eoinln adveutnre
fur Ui count ten. Te tlcal Into th mnii
bouse and wait there, not knowing If Flu '!
rem re had ad fixed Jones or the reporter. I ft
eauglit h had her etrtMw. ParofT, tliw,
confident, voworer, appeared hortly after,
"My child!" whiirjierwd 0i Mn, j
And Olga stifled t Ivugh; kwt tn hein It J
sounded like a seh. j
I am worn ent," he sold. " 1 am tired
erf the fame of hide aad seek."
Yon will not have to play the spun long,'
thought Olga.
"Th money I nid'le ls nay otniw down
tows. And niHSl go there at ntie. When
wt retorn w will pack up and iejavt for
Ksrnpe, I'r longed to you to!"
" Yon poor fool Aad they sent yo to
irperxrd Io!" to samntd.
Rhe ptayed out th fare to tli very ami.
Fht permitted hereelf to be pinioned ami
J fTed; and ftrr what unwiu ntnairy ronKheem
sh ii(Tred st fne baud f ParorT We would
presently pay. H took her stmigrt t thn '
eietitive chnmber of tb Black Hnmlred antl
poshed bav hit th room, ejrclaimlng trt
runpljantlyt " fler In Hargreave' daughter! "
"Indeed!" suid Olga, throwing uu-k lw
veO and standing reveitled -fs net innik.
"Olga!" cried Brain, laughiiig.
And that was th mglerknis tnd of th
secret sgnt from Husela. jj
6Sna.- lTO aBmVmK3iS.
ftMtl fftas, ' "