Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 17, 1914, Page FIVE, Image 5

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    ' ' -
Sale commences at
9 a. m.
Regular 59c Bungalow
fprons, light and dark
jors; one. day only-
This is a new shipment
and you will have a
large number to choose
not mentioned in big ad.
15c for Children's Un
derwear ranging in
value to o5c.
Cotttn fleeced, splendid
quality gray Under
wear, only 15c per gar
ment. This is less than
wholesale cost.
10c for 15c Velours, for
Khnonas, ' all new and
very pretty -colors and
$1.50 large Mercerized
Table Napkins, $1.25
per dozen.
The Markets
...... . . , ... Hay, timothy - 12.ti
-.. - -,- .' ''. ' Clover, per ton s.(H)
Expert Analyses Situaticn asl
j nneai, per onsnei H.icKi S'7c
Hran, per ton fjU.oO
Member of th. German Nobility and
Veteran of the Franco-German War
of 1870 Puses Away at Asylum.
It Appears From Present
Position of Armies
h, per bushel
but mi bark, per lb.
-"otaioes, per cwt.
Butter and Eggs.
! . dutterfat, per lb-.;
, (By J. T. W. Mason, former London 'umerJ butter I' ll
correspond for tho United. Press) EKgs -- 2
j New York, Sept. 17. The Franco-1 - roulttj.
j Brititrh-movement to envelop the Ger- n, ''er
'man right wing northeast 01 Paris, un-, Roosters, per lb.
i der General Von Kluk, was developing' 'ri'fTa :
i strength aguirt today. ! i Sleets.
! Allied forces were moving eastward s,te'r -
along the River Sonime, .apparently to 'ts' Per c,vt
, servers a notnora wall to cut off the nu"i iwr -
.kaiser's right. i j
. For this nioveinent to succeed, the
I Herman front, between Laon and!
Rheinis, must be pierced, separating!
F:;r fTOia tlo fatherland and ita
scenes of war, l.ouis I.angovieh Von dor
II i . V . . l .
i.i. . w hu moihi on iiiitv a entniti
"Y" .outside tl.e door when the present Kai- j
-i'"1 V;il,.l... . I a . 1 .
1.00 - tinviui b utirn, uicu rousy
the Orecon state ho::al for the in
sane. The idd n.un was of the German
utility and served throueh the Frim-
7i..r;i 1-i . "" russinn war as a general tn the tin
I - ft
i """ " " "
When vou sec- it in our nd. it's sew.
Von Kink from the rest of. the teutonic
arniv. .'..'. '' . !
j Frequent mention of desperate en-'
I counters to secure, the Aisne crossings
east of Soissons is'the key to this part:
! of theaJtiiia' encircling strategy. 1
I -(JnvVi&e noarts on the tiermaus' side'
1 of the Aisne the north are held by
j tho allies. Von Kluk 's position will be
j come precarious.. :-.
1 If thet gllis..bieak through here and:
if their Ynovenient Slortg "th Soiume;
I r.liifcige' simultaneously north of the
, Oemuui right, a situation unique in
j military annals limy develop. Von)
'Kink's lines northward ami eastward I
nill.be cut and un.lo.--s. be can hew his
-lock Dons, per 1.
ewes, per In
piinjj lurr.hs, per lb ..
Veal, lirst cUsa ...
iry, per lb
'sited country pelts, each..
MinU pelts, each
. 12a
.... Sis
. He
... 6e
... 5e
.... 7 c
3 !'.!
.... oc
63c( $1
. '23.
-Wheat, club
army and later went throtmh the
1 Boer war. An entanglement in poli
tics. boeer raused him to leave his
native land, renounce his citizenship
and I'imif to America.
Though in criod of sanitv h waiii
the eigi.ified old snjilier that rode into
; l'aris at the Lead of his troops, the
. brooding over his enforced exile caused
him to yo ii si'iif and he was committed
from 1'iiioH eoui'ty in l.H'5. He had
ihmk-Ti off from his powerful friends
I in Germain and died without their
I knowing of his misfortune. Hi hat!
j many friends among the attendant?
and officials ht the asylum. He was
1 m.) years t nge and dentil was caused
' v orjjRMis heart trouble.
this week only
cut it out
it'n worth
li l W c Air
wiLsmj mil
tnt$ '
at mt him Mor.
This cotioa is worth 2t cents to you
Regular price 40 cents
Special price 20 cents
At ul grocer If accompanied
by this coupon. SEP. M to H. 11U
The old etyle
cainnii wlih
drawa by ui
from sale be
came Ihey do
not keep the
lee fresh and
clean. Dealers
loa nothins
by (he change
of all makes. ;
Everyone cleaned, adjusted and
guaranteed to be in perfect condition
by Geo. C. Will, himself. , ,
The winter sewing season is here.
Prepare for it by getting a machine
that will do your work easily, swiftly
and entirely satisfactorily.
A full line of sewing machine parts
and accessories. Needles for
make. 9 ,
wav through he wilt be "compelled to
take refuge in the French fortificatiousi
of Ia Fere and Laon, which the allies j
deserted during their' feTfrat ' toward
l'aris. ...
I.a Fere ami. Laon form together &'
vast entrenched ca'mfi hut the German;
desertion of Rheinis shows that the.
: kaiser's strategists have no more faith;
in entrenched itmps than "have the'
French. I
If. however, Voir Kulk's.right wing
should he caught in the I.aFere-I.aon
i trap, the remarkable situation would be
! presented of. a .German army resisting
a French siege behind French defenses.
In the hope of avoiding this catastro-(
plie..;reHifon ements have been sent to
Voir Kink altrtvith th'eni-he rnust keep
open. the northern and eastern roads.
Probably he will move his entire
! army to the northeastward of the Im
i Fere-Ljioii line if the allies' pressure
agniust it increases so. that there will
be no "fortifications in its -way in case
it should be forced to run.
; Russian reports t fiat the czar's troops.
i ha I 'surrounded the Austriiins at the
junction of the Sim" niii Vistula rivers,
either were premature, or, after the
riiic hud been formed, it failed to hold.
Tortlaud, Ore., Sept. 1
y-c; Blnesteni 1.U4.
Data, No. 1 white feed 20;
Barley, brewing $22.o0; feed 122.
Hogs, best live,
Prime steers )7.25i $7.35. Fancv
;: ' 'i 'f 1 i "is J I'h
Spring lambs 6c.
Butter, city creamery Xic.
F.ggs, selecteit local extras 3"c.
Hens 5c; broilers 15e; geese 10( 12e.
San Francisco, Sept. 17. Eggs, ex
tias 41c. pullets 34W; t'alifornia tor
nge extras 3lle.
Butter, extras 31c; prime firsts 2!)c;
firsts 27e; seconds 24c.
Cheese, California fancy I4'.jc; firsts
12c; seconds lO'e.
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 17. Kggs,
ranch 3tfi 40c; Orientals ISc
Butter, local cubes 34c; bricks .'!.;
Oregon cubes 32(o 33c.
Cheese, limburger 10c; Wisconsin 10c;
Swiss (domestic) 2tc; Washington 17'j
Ui 18c.
Onions, green "0('2"n' per dozen;
eastern Washington U 1 1 i t per pound;
California Ha 1 'jC
ilotatoes, local Kiil'ic per pomulj
eastern Washington ICol'jc.
Portland, Ore.. Sept. 17. Materially
improved trend is shown in the mar-
Ihi. AnMtriniw nt unv into, ni.iiareiit - kct tor dried prunes, l.arge sizes are
lv were reunited' "aiid preparing for at a premium in all markets and for
fresh resistance. -'- these the demand is exceedingly good,
The teiiaitthe.Austi'ian field forces although only a small volume of trade
have ihou'u "in'lhe face of disaster is is shown in the smaller fruit.
remaVkaTife and nhowa.that the men 's I A Mecial advice . I'roni New Voik
( apital Journal Special Service.)
Ilallus, Ore., Sept. 17. Preparation
are being made and all the eninmittees
are ready and all thut is left now is
the bringing on of the exhibits. Tho
It'i je pavilion is completed and also the
large stock barns are Hearing comple
tion. The opening day will be one of
interest, as the new carnival attraction
is oi:e of the lah'st and best equipped
shows on the road.
This is the tirst fair to bo held on
the new Polk county fair grounds,
which are located west of riiirviow
avenue in the basebull park, which is
owned by the commercial club of Dal
las. It is under the inunageineiil of the
women's club ami the commercial club
of Dallas. Secretary Miles mid Presi
dent Fuller, of the commercial club,
with Mrs. Mot.gar of the women V club,
are at the head of the fair. Many
committee are appointed for the man
agement ol' each department, who take
chniye of each spec i lie exhibit.
The premiums are given for tho best!
exhibits, but no outsiders of Polk coun
ty are to be given prizes The fruit ex
hibit will be one of the best in years,
as many new orchards are in bearing,
and Polk county is one of the best
fruit counties in Oregon, several men
of eastern Oregon .lie sending fruit to
be exhibited in eider to show us their
The fair oiiiinences today and contin
ues until toe 10th, lasting for three
dl'ys. Many kinds of amusements are
ready for the public, and it is expected
tliut thlu u'ill I ii, mi, (it thn bit tinlKK
that Unilas has Mver seen, for liie peo-1
p'e are behind this fair and extend a
heart v welcome to everybody and ask
yet have enough defensive actual business in resales are reported to come and enjoy themselves in
strength to compel a further postpon-iat a verv stiff premium over the ii- tne imciiwoh.,. m. -mmi ,v,
p.,Ji ,,k . HoHin !n..i I Pin v on each dav and will give a con-
' ' I While naturally at this time the busi-
UAD M ADIfET CTDAWP !'"'s 's l'relv speculative, it is hav-
nUr.llIAuIUjI OlHUnU ,ing a tendency to stiffen the views of
IT IMnEDEMnEWPE divers considerably on the more favor-
. . n i muui bin Lai vu
spirit is 'far superior to the strategic ori states that California puckers who sold'
tactical -abilities of their officers. large sizes in that market about a!
If ff ls true, that the Austrians fought j month or six weeks are are not en-j
their wav "orVf."6f the Pan-Vistula trap, , deuvoriutr to repurchase theiti. Some!
: cert ou the evening following the open-
I !ng date of the fair.
...... ""uJ
MM Ihlm CMfOT r year 'A
frMrvnMH mt yomr uvmt &
It your trocar haa no FOL. l;i?V. Ti
rk'S f.ol.lao Um Ta in tN:v V!MxA
tinfl. ha ran eat fne vau lha lbi Tvv.-tTr'i.j.A I
I Special Value offered, e AM&Bf
cheerfully forward himaainy feW.'a.
! pacnaue at our regular . nV'C.vvVvWi-w .. '.j-V
Price, ihroush any clian-
net he desisnatce. and '
we pay him Me reautar '', T VA'WNj
nrom in addition? , 1$ VA
nnyihe flavor ,o BsgMM
have no choice we V V.S-Jj
Brccommend Black i ' K,te7MWMt?ex:i'XtRL-1LxSia
and Green. , fbM ' ' fWWZWW "Ihi"
I' ' l v WVWiy.'.?! bythechanat I
foU seekwliiiol bij yKtXVil
V- lnBi.(ureil rf.'nV4
: E (.L...) ...) WlWlViUWlK
8 Sun Francisco Vw SWlrV
jwwwappfaaaaiwwaiai mi mim mn wwnuinna i n. ie iwpiwnayji.aamii a iw' ' -
Geo. C. Will
f.2011 S () oW
432 State Street.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Independence! ': Ore.. Heptr 17. The
hop market oieaed up atr.ong.here to
day ati'IHc. The Kola N'eis- Hop Co..
of Portland, secured parts of f6Ht crops.
W. V. Pereival sold 230 bales; .Hubbard
and Jones, 150 bales,, and Oeorge Lewis
100 bales at 1S, and FfBlrfefc-Bold 45
bales, the surplus of their contract, nt
KHc Picking is completed in a great
many yards, but some of the Iiitge ones
have two or three days' work -yet,. C. A.
McLaughlin reported that. he had 8000
boxes yet to gather "and' "this "would
take about three days. ..Tile.. E. Clem
ens Horst Co. has two and one-half 01
three days before tRey wit! Wimplete.
In most of the uncompleted yards work
was started at noon, and if there is no
more rain it is thought that all will be
i saved. If rain should start again, tne
campers may pack cp and leave, ano
this would euuse a hardship in getting
the balaiue-ot tha ropvim.At the
Mrs. J. H. Burton yard there is about
one weeki' picking;," but as most of this
is dorteby pii'kers irom tow.n, there
will be no trouble in getting it finish-
.-: . .. -. .
I ,-ible sizes.
; Little movement of Oregon prunes
! has been shown. Local packers have
I been inclined to allow the market to
drag because they were unwilling some
time ago, when California was selling,
to accept the lower', pri'es available
Portland, Ore., Sept. 17. Additional
liberal supplieg of Idaho and Washing
ton potatoes are coining forward to the
local market, owing to the inability of
the Front street trade to secure suffi
cient stocks for their need at home.
This morning there were further re
ceipts of Yakima gems and Idaho rural
shipments generally being well graded
and of good size, the Idaho stock espe
cially is meeting with favor from tie
trade because of the great care taken
in putting up the supplies.
Idaho potatoes are not only graded
as to sine, hut they are elenn, ami,
quality considered, are much better
than "the bulk of the offerings from
the home section.
To date fully 1-i cars of outside po
tatoes have been received here since
tho Oreiron season started, and it
' freely predicted even at this time thut
S before the season ends the shipments
from other northwest points will total
Keno, .Nov.. Sept. 17. Influenced by
sentiment in the various counties of the
slate, the Nevada commissioners today
voted to go ahead with the original
plan of spending 1(100,000 for exhibits
at the exposition in San Fraucisco and
San .Diego in 1015.
There Is more Catarrh In this section ol
the country than all other diseases put
together, and until the last few yeara
was supposed to be Incurable. For a.
great many years doctors pronounced It a
local disease and prescribed local reme
dies, and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced It Incur
able. Science has proven Catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore re
quires constitutional treatment. Hall'i
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney A Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only
rvinatltutinnAl cura nn the market. It If
taken Internally. It acts directly on the j
blood and mucous surfaces of the system,
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case It falls to cure. Send for circular)
and testimonials.
Address: T. J. CHENET A CO., Toledo, O.
Fold by DruiRlita, 7(c.
Take Hall's i'arall pills for const.;Mloa
IjLgff f 1 W rjy'yro lPi;
Roth Grocery Co.
nt least 100 cms.
To keep tne face,' neck, arms and! Contrary to their wishes local whole
hands truly4 beairtif.rl and youthful in,salers are being compelled to bring in
appearance, the treatment which seems! the outside potatoes. Oregon growers
most sensible is one whiehwill actually! who hold good size, and quality are
remove 'the- skia-itself immediately it -asking much more than the potatoes
, begins- to aire. fade, coarsen or discolor.' can be landed here from other sections,
' . . t.. :..!. :il 1 ..11 tn..ifiA nnrrhwe
another wholesalers
as possible.
: .-q .-hih is hir comnetitors uel the business.
r,... i b troofment which will, and as all Pacific northwest markets
""' grade, or about the same ns the;
extra fancy, so tho root of th'i whole;
matter is, M an we put our "C" grade!
is ion the market cheaper than we are do
ing without hurting our best grader is(
it wortu while or is it sensible to put a j
low grade apple through the same ex-;
pense as the apple that would bring!
twice the price, pulling our average
down to nothing on the good apple f.
Compare the boxing of this grade with;
the barrel method. The barrel is con
sidered the cheap grade method. Then
why not use it with the cheap grade
apple A box costs 10 cents, a barrel j
23 cents. Three boxes wanbl go into
a barrel, saving 3 cents on every barrel.
Packing three boxes in'o a barrel, lac-
uam Wallace Graham
1 Pupil of Teach of Violin
1 JacCRfi?igh School, Berlin, Germany, under
1 S-Halir and Markes- Letters of
1 years Flndatlon from th- Nine and one
! of brHuroPean experience. A snecialtv made
4 -e,uers
t Sbr?;
feSrf'. el or inquire of Miss
t ill Ultz' AMKtant, 1160 Center Street. Phone
to be
.i !,;.. ..i.io fi-mn'o. liamful. exnensive eomiiete wun one
IJU Oa.'l ...... f 7 I . , .
surgical operatioo, u 'theupU'ation of; must purchase a cheaply
ha mf a" it TetA Oregon are speculating on the ing top and but. , would cost o nmrc
harmless as it - .l"" , all,i therefore are than packing one box and would savr
ine wax .. , -;; ''" "- .,. ,,,. tnat I another 10 cents.
In "the inormtfg:. - It absorbs the dead, being done to their markets by the
and half-dead-surface skin ia almost in- forced importations of outside growths.
I visible flaky particles, a little each day,
tno discomfort being eipcKienced. With! PACKING OF "C" GRADE APPLES.
the disappearance of Jhe. old cuticle, tne
newer healthier skin underneath grad-j The Northwestern Fruit Exchange
ually appears, freshly beautiful, with the j haa oeen making an investigation into
finah nt vouth. This mercolized wax,, the practicability of picking and pack-
----- , - . , rrL.-
I which vou can get at any nrug store m -,ng ;" grade apples inis jeur.
i original' Vac kage' is indeefl'a veritable! ;iave. received, by request, an unlimited
j wonderworker. I number of analyses along that line, and
. , 1 1 ja verv ingenious and interesting eon-
! CARD' OP THANKS. ltribution on this subject was made by
! We desire to thank fnosw;io so kisd jrr K,nnetn McKay, manager of the
,y assiste.L os during. the sickness , Kriiitgrowers ' Exchange of Hood Kiver.
death "of our loved one, also those who, M,.Kay gavs that "C" grade ap
jsenf the beautiful flowers. )eg rmt the grower as rnmh as quality
; MKS. SARAH J- CISTr.K, 'tet np to a certain ioint, but tbey
II. A. RICHMOND j ntt ,itM i order to get the first
I a ait TO m UTI V ! " 1
Twelve cents would
! k I ,i iimwr. fiiul Kxchunire could
handle the barrel at 23 cents, savinif
another five cents per barrel. This
mine would aiudv lo any local ex
change. Assuming tnese figures
correct, a barrel would cost:
Barrel '"
Local I"
Packing 03
Hauling lo
Kxchange -3
a - ... .
tri."" oio 0n j cenf a word will UU your
thert,Wand e the .tory in the Journal New Today
The- Journal Want Ads are a
eompendium of domestic help,
osef nl4, Indispensable to
both employer and employe.
grades and that they must be sorted for
the same reason.
"While it may be admitted that'M
grade will have a hard time to. pay
expenses in 1914, we do not admit that
thev cannot be made to pay expenses
Total .0
As against: .
Three boxes I
Local It
Paper P-J
Packing l- '
Hauling I'
Kxchang 'M
Total I-I7 I
It i a question to be worked out,
whether this grado of apple can be
marketed by the barrel. If it can, and
lines, it seems more
1 - i:.IB ,ha-n(A in nur marKetinir 1 aiuua rvuuuiiuc
of them. It is true that it costs an than possible that it will be donle away
J. A. Folger & Co. is offering the housewives
of Salem a rare opportunity to buy the highest
grade tea sold on the American continent at a
ridiculously low price.
are all packed in tinfoil sealed tins. The only
tea packers that have adopted that package.
They are spending large sums of money to
place this tea on the market, for they are satis
fied that one trial of their teas will convince
any tea drinker of the superior quality and
flavor of their teas.
READ THEIR ADS. Cut out the Coupons,
they are worth 20c on any 40c teas. Bring
them to us. , .. , jtf ?rtf;-$
40-Cent Teas for 20 Cents
Burnett's Demonstration
We are entertaining great crowds every
day. Good eats for everybody. "
Canning Peaches, M 100
Italian Prunes, bu $125
Silver Prunes, du $100
R lba. Sweet Potatoes 25c
Tokay and Malaga 0 rapes.
basket 40c
Black Prince Grapes, per
basket 35c
Roth Grocery Co.
1 10
.-, . iaVr"ie
of 53 cents to market our 1 some u.
' : ; - .