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pWf,Julll win
I The Capital Journal's -
Excels AH Others
Holds with Him that Valuation Placed j
on Laud Was Clerical Error Twelve
Other Opinions Handed Down.
! Interest Grows Steadily and
Thousands cf Votes Cast
Since Last Count
Tho decision of Judge William tul
loway was affirmed by the Supreme!
court today in the case of 1.. II. Turner1
ami ('. A. Pavis against E. l. Bray.i
defendant ami appellant It appears;
that Brav entered into a contrnt on!
October !. 1!M2. to sell 450 acre of:
laud for the plaintiffs at $37 per aerej Many thousands of votes have been'
mul was to receive $2 per acre as a com-i 1 olle! in the Pacific-Panama exposition '
mission, lie (jot a buyer at this price I content as shewn by the count madel
and sued for his commission. The! this morning. " Pearl Uinn made t'm!
plaintiffs brought a cms bill in the greatest tain, and loads the other con-1
circuit court to reform the contract bytcstants by a Rood margin todav. Mrs.'
inserting the price at 137 an acre and Hibblcr is second and Jean Mclnturf t '
their contentions were upheld in the. is third. Mildred Athertun nude a dc-j
circuit court. i eideil gain, as did several otheis of!
lu recounting the evidence offered, the candidates. ;
in the trial in the circuit court Justice, Interest is increasing daily in the!
Kakin stated that evidence was show in vontest, and there is everv indication '
that some of the land had been sold in (that before it closes the good-natured i
, isivif, lor . an aero, in roi.ruarv i:m- tivulrv lnollff the ,ailllMa.s will be'
I some was sold at l.U per acre and mj verv ko,,,, si..., m.llv o( th,m . hll, ,
ing back large numbers of votes to be!
lepositeil later in the ballot box. Trade
Speaking Directly Into the
June 1012 more contracted at $135 an
sere ami at the same time some was;
.ace! on .ne n.arKer an acre fhtfU ,.,., , g0Vtrw, f, .
I htt fmtiiitttirtiii Friiin tin wuriv that it ... '
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was never intended that the land should
be sold at only $:t7 an ai re. The opin
ion was concurred in bv Justices Bean
and Burnett anil Chief Justice McBride.
Other decisions wore handed down as
P. R. McCaini, executor of the estate
; of Margaret Burns vs. II. ('. Burns et
; ill. appellants, appealed from Mult
' noma It motion to strike out amended
bill of exceptions allowed.
V. A. Booth. Hiinellaitt vs. City of
' Prinov ille appealed from Crook county,
suit involving title to real property, nf
: firmed.
John K. (S'ieks, appellant, vs. Frank
11. Sanborn, appealel from Clatsop.
! action for monev. reversed.
! Bavid G. Smith, appellant, vs. Wil
: linni McPuffee et al. appealed from
Grand county, petition for rehearing
Fred H. Perkins, appellant, vs. Ida
M. Perkins, appealed from Coos county,
suit for divorce, judgment Hummed.
pating in the contest are coining into!
(lie Capital Journal office in large tium j
b rs, mul are being exchanged for vote'
conpous by the candidates and their I
The trip to the great exposition with!
its wealth of world wide wonders, will!
be the event of a lifetime for the;
fortunate winner, and the Capital I
Journal guarantees that no expense will!
be spared in making it a pleasant one.
First class railroad fare, the best of!
hotel accommodations, and facilities for!
seeing the great fair at its best will be i
provided free of all charge by this;
paper. It will bo a prize well worth1
working for. j
The plan adopted by this paper fori
giving the trip does not require the con
testant to sell anything. The only thing'
necessary to secure votes being to pu- j
tronizc some of Salem's most popular
toies. The advertisements of these
firms is inn in ,oneh Friday's Capital,
IouimiiI. These firms have agreed to'
Anton F.ckcrn vs. .1. 0. Cbsov et al. give a sales check or receipt to every
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Jb railroad officials are unable to con
im tie report.
J Tie train, maile up almost entirely
f iteel cars, roiled over an embank
tot into a creek ami it is reported thnt
Jiortof the victims wor drowned. One
!M the chair ears carried liH persons and
jSpringfield reports said all of these
ie missing except 18.
J later reports from Lebanon said the
ft tlrs "t the train were submerged
jW that on.v a few of the passengers
jwaped. The survivors escaping by
lufoy "iDllow" n'"1 s''""i"R to
Si TO..
I engineer escaped but the fire
office of the company said it had re
reived no details of the wreck.
Conductor Ijangheim and Engineer
Harte were in charge of the train when
it left St. louis... It consisted of two
mail cars, one baggage car, two sleep
ers and two day conches.
The wreck was said to have resulted
from a washout of tho trestle over Good
win hollow as tho result of a cloudburst,
last night. The forward half of the!
train, cnntninini? one chair ear is re-!
ported to have parted from the rear
half when the engine went, oyer the
One man is reported to have gone in
sane when he escaped and found that
his wife and children had been sub
merged in the chair car.
appellants, iippcpalcd from Multnomah
action to collect rent, reversed. ;
llattie Rov Smith vs. Algona Lumber'
onipany, appellant, appealed from.
mnath. action tor ejectment, nr-
J. B. Matlock, appellant, vs. Mary P.
. Matlock, appealed from Lane county,
suit to dissolve marriage contract, mod
ified. i In the matter of the estate of It. V.
McCormick, deceased, appealed from
' Multnomah, suit tn determine validity.
; of claim. Heveraed.
M. C. Beaver, administrator of the
! estate of John Beaver, vs. Mason,
i Khnnan and company, appellant, action
' for personal injuries, affirmed.
1 Tyter Flock 'vs. City of The Bulla,
appealed from Wasco county, Mandamus
proceeding, dismissed.
City of Portland vs. Arthur P. Miller
et nl. appellants, appealed from Mult
nomah suit to enjoin trie maintenance ; pei. iovllll
of certain buildings across Millers '; ,alllia 'Brown
avenue, affirmed. , . ' i Myrtle Hcrdlein '
Petition for rehearing denied : j Kustis Davis
Toomery vs. Casey, Multnomah. i.iij Unrulier
' 1 ' r t.. IV. t
, Hazel Johnson ....
j, I Beatrice Crawford
" I r..i.i.. i- .!..! ,
.MitlllC IIHS1 Il'lll
purchaser for cash or tor monthly bills;
paid until January I, BUS. The sales,
checks or receipts from these firms may!
be exchanged for votes at this office i
one vote for every 3 cents of your pur-!
chase. '
The mime and standing of the can
didates fo!lov.M
Pearl inn ,t:i.."!l2
Mrs. Grace Koff Hibblcr 2l,4d(i
.lean Mclntiirff l!l,;t:fj
Mildred Atherton 17,"7."i
Ruth F'.igate ll'.ti'JH
transmitter of the tolo
is tho result of years. of ...
study and experimentation by tel
ephone engineers. It is of delieat'
adjustment and its fullest effi
ciency can only ho obtained
through proper nse.
Tho lips should not be' more
than an inch from the transmitter,
and the voice should bo clear, not
Speak distinctly and directly
into the mouthpiece. This will
mean vour satisfaction and that of
me person Willi whom you
Every Bell Telephone is a Long Distance Station
(Jy The Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.
Beryl Needbam
I.enoro Staley
Margaret White
Kenaka Swart ...
Violet M. Barker
Marie Bolinger
Arline Ohm
Violet Cory
Celia Wilson
Marguerite Ostrander
auii said to have perished. The local Want Ads.
All domestic helpers of the host kind
are readers and users of the Journal
Portland, Me., Sept. to. Un
official returns received here to
day siiow that Oakley ('. Curtia,
a democrat, mayor of Portland,
was elected governor of Maine
yesterday over Governor Wil
liam T. Haines, republican, who
was a candidate for a second
term bv 2,700 votes.
I .JU 1 JL. J. .j tV lt b V
'fc, T V T f T 1" T 1 P f F
Europe At War
A New Book Just Out
I Marie Schwab
j. i era George
Mildred Cooper
Maude McLaughlin
Boruice Sauter
Vivian i.argrove ...
Grace Taylor
Magdalona Tuffli ..
Alisa Orillu Baker
Mary Gnver
Alma Hail
Vera Martin 730
Lotta Penn 750
Silvia .Miller 750
Gladys Gray 50
Marie Evans ; 7o0
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great coll T??e a11 in colors. But it is more than an Atlas. It is a
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e'iastriw S ?ermany's great dreadnaughts of the Air with which
f Eupor.iTi? rom the clouds- It; shws all of the famous Leaders
portant fLT are back of this War- has other Paes of a11 the im"
1Acis pertaining to this War and written by noted men.
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r new ofth7 fed-Usef ul Atlas wiu be ven f ree to sul)SCribers (old
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, tf UI new ftt thfl rt;i n T,,.vi1 mhn norr nnn
" me uaiiy VctjJilcti uuuiuai fwj w
The Markets
Local market conditions in regard to
many of the vojjetunlos thnt no to sun-!
ply the table reveal the fact that pt;ta-!
toes are scarce just at present. This
is on account of the early crop boinn
already dispose I of and the late crop
not yet duj;. This puts the present time
just between the two potato harvests
and consequently tliey are short.
-lay, timothy
Clover, per ton .
)8ts and vetch
Wheat, per bushel
llrun, per ton
Oats, per bushel ....
thittim bark, per lb.
t'otatoeg, per 1
On account, of the hot weather durini;1 toes, p" wt
: the pnst summer the crop of sweetceru. . 1 o""0' "tt i.gg.
1 u,i ,,,K,.,w ,11,1 i,t .i..v,.i,,i, mi, 1 Buttcrlat, per lb
I therefore a scarce coinuiodity in local
! markets. The tiousewife's maiket
I basket will, accordingly, have to be
I filled with other food 'stuffs.
Celery, turnips, and carrots appear to
j be only popular vegetable that survived
tho summer's warmth. Of theso there!
oniparatively , plentiful supply,
have been submitted. This iin'urnmtioo
reached liuise Thursday.
This amount would niitiii about forty
million pounds, about one-fifth of the
entire output of the Twin Kails tract.
Those conversant with present cou-
I unions wonder why Franco should de
.. $11.0U:S'10 ,0 Sl'm' to America for potatoes
$?( 8 I w,u'" ,1(T u,l'i Ireland, has a fine po
8.00',ll, ,'roP t,li!' wason, ami it would b
8.00! fiuiple matter to get them across tho
It2dill5ei,'.;"",lll''i while it might prove quite dit-
$211.30 ' " ' l - to ship them (loin America.
40e! 'l'1"5 la''t remains, nevertheless, thut
4liSe'the bid has been asked for.
..."LOO j
35c I
Creamery butter, per lb
Hem, per lb 10c t
Roosters, per lb Sc!
Fryers Uc!
Steers. I
steers tic 1
San Francisco, Sept. 15. Kggs K
tras, Mile; pullets, 34'.c; Cnliforniii
storage, extras, 31e.
Hutter Kxtras, ;i0(i.c; irime firstn,
lirsts, 2e; seconds, 2tc.
( 'liopye-
firsts, lie
tnlitornia fancy,
; seconds, lOlic
14 V.il;
The following is a list of the firms
whose sales checks or receipts may he
exchanged for votes at the Capital Jour
nal office:
Stockton '9
The Toggery
Salem Electric Co.
Salem Cigar Factory
Imperial Furniture Company.
Salem Laundry l 0.
Wiley B. Allen Co.
The (Jlobe Theatre.
The IJoyal Itakery (bread wrappers)
A. C. Devoc Shoes
The Spa
Hauser iJros.
Trover & Weigel, Photographer
Yokohama Crockery & Tea Co.
Vick Bros. Garage
Salem Fish and I'oultrr Market
Independent Meat'Xtarket
C. M. Roberts Grocery
I'oisal and Shaw Uroccry
C. M. Kppley Grocery.
The Highland Grocery
Reddaway's Cash Grocery
J. L. Busick & Son Grocery
Dr. Mark Skiff Dental Office
.1. E. Hockett, Piano Tuner
Salem Ice Co.
Local head lettuce is a minus 1111a.1t 1 1-v
or what there is of it amounts to noth
ing. ( it'll in markets in Portland are slight
ly lower than the same markets here
and consequently affect the local con
ditions. The dcnuiCd for seed U pick
ing up at present on account of the
fact that farmers are beginning to see 1
for the fall crops of grain and hay.
The present rain gives them a chance
to plow and make their fields ready
for planting seed.
Cut73, per ewt
Hogs, tat, per lb
Stock bogs, per lb
Kwes, per lb
Spring' lambs, per lb .
Veal, first class
Dry, per lb 8C
Salted country pelts, each.. 65c$l
l.amb pelts, each 25c
.. 8 Vic
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 15.
produce market unchanged.
(Continued from page one.) 1
that the Germans were preparing to
make a stand north of the River Aisne,,
it was asserted at tho war office this
afternoon that the pause in the retreat!
seemed to be mainly an attempt to re
organize. I
The expert view here was that the'
enemy could not put up serious resist-!
ance. to the allies' advance.
Most of the fighting since tho re-1
tirement of the kaiser's forces began, it
was stated, had consisted of rear guard!
actions, covered by artillery. i
The allies' pursiiit was said to havC
been extremely swift. On several ne-,
casions, by rushing along roads paral-!
leling those taken by the Germans, they;
had succeeded in getting ahead of the:
latter and cutting them off, and nianyi
German prisoners had been taken. j
The crown prince of Germany was
declared to be hard pressed. The Ver-:
dun forts were all but one said to bei
holding out, the German attempt to
smother them having failed, and it. was
claimed that the crown prince's forces,
were being pressed hack toward Hti-nay (
and Luxemberg,
Important developments ,r also
predicted soon in Belgium. ' j
The German, it was assertcii, were
Boise, Idaho, Sept. 15. French sol
diers may fatten and grow strong on
Idaho potatoes. Representatives of the
I French commissary have sent to the
I Twin Falls country for bids on 1000
cars of potatoes, and as yet no offers
Portland, Ore., Sept. 15. Wheat
Club, new, 1)4; bluestem, $1.02.
Oats No. 1 white feed, ,T2H.50; gray,
Barley Brewing, 2.'!; feed, $22.50.
Hogs Best live, $8.ti0.
Prime steers, $7.35; fancy cows $.2;;
best calves, $8.25.
Spring lambs, $ti.
Butter City creamery, 35c.
Kftgs Selected local extras, .'I5e.
Hens, 15e; broilers, 15c; geese, lOfrS
ion at the special rate of $3.00 will be given a copy of
j Xew officers for the winter were
! elected yesterday at a speciul meeting
held in the First Methodist church par
lors. Mrs. Fannie M. Penn, prominent
! in 1'arent l eacner associations ami aiso , ilort 0f ammunition and completely ex
la member of the board, was elected; hH1Ht,.d.
i temporary superintendent of the (fid : -pi,,, w!ir office did not think there
People's home, and will serve dm ing ! wo, t ),,, flother decisive battle with
the winter. She. will be at the homeih(,m fr wvi.ral days,
from 7 a. tn. to 7 p. in.
The board of directors who will serve
this winter are: President, Mrs. K. C
Cornelius: first vice-president, Mrs. A.
I A. I'liilerhill; second vice-presidolit,
.Mrs. Florian Von F.sclien; correspond
ing secretary, Mrs. R. J. Swafford; re
cording secretary, Mrs. Fannie M. Penn;
treasurer, Mrs. C. C. Kuney.
Position Is Strong.
Lihi. Inn, Sept. 15. "The Germans
cast of Paris still occupy a strong
position along a line north of the
River Aisne, " was the official war in
formation bureau ' announcement this
"Fighting is in progress along the
whole front.
The German crown prime s army
THE WAJfcH I ;n(1 l)(,t,n ,rjvea farther back and now
: occupies tho Varcnnes Coiisenvoye-Orne
. Washington, Sept. 15. .Secretary of
State Bryan this afternoon notified "Continued rain and heavy roads are
Germany, Russia, Austria and Belgium ,telaiiij tho German retreat."
that America had signed peace treaties; ... I
with England, Frame, Spain and China, The wise inun puts his best font for-1
and expressed a desire to sign similar ward, but the fool depends on the left ,
treaties with them. hind foot of a rabbit.
The Pacific Coast Biscuit Co. have opened,
their higMade-in-Orcgoii Campaign. A move
ment that all loyal Oceanians should not only
cheerfully appreciate hut should back it with
their most loyal support.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being
sent east every year for crackers and biscuits.
This money should and will be spent here, in
keeping our Oregon unemployed busy and
Is here to demonstrate that Oregon wheat,
Oregon labor and Oregon skill will and does
produce as good if not a superior article to
that we ship in from the East.
A .$2.50 box of elegant Chocolates, as well
as a tin of good Golden Gate Coffee, will be
given away during sale.
Ten per cent in free goods is also given dur
ing this sale.
See our Ihirnett.e's demonstration. It's
worthy of your time.
Roth Grocery Co.