Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 10, 1914, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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i i.
Tomorrow Is Remnant Friday
An immense sale of desirable Remnants takes
place tomorrow in the main aisleTables piled
with short lengths of all kinds Silk, Woolen
and Cotton Materials, Laces, Embroideries, Rib'
bons, etc. Look through them tomorrow and
buy what you want at
Half Price
I All A 1 T I
I mi jyrouna i own
-- -m
'eratie nominee have failed to file their
acceptances of nominations within the
time limit.
The county clerk ' office mailed out
the last of the county warrants tins
'morning. The mads and highways cost
the rnmitr I1,f.-,.1H f.i. the month of
. Anoint. There was paid nut for gc.ier
al varrauts the sum of '"-'-!.
; ' A force of workmen U busy today
working on the road from the main
wagon Kate at the state fair yronixls -to
the arm favhion. T ie roa.l will he
graded, rolli'.l in. I graveled and put i
1 first Has sha for fair patrons, ac
cording to Secretary Meredith, ho i
directing the work.
' The flag of the Salem Commercial
. t'lub are lieiug repaired todav so they
will le presentai.ie lor decoration dur
ina fair week. The ri are being
sewed together and sheaths are being
fixed to the flag 'an he put up and
Mown without tearing. Alxmt IMMl will
lie strung on the street wires a few days
before the fuir opens.
' The plaintiffs in the case of Grace
Howell 't al against Fiducia F. Howell
and Amy N. Howell have appealed tne
ease to the supreme cuurt, according to,
a notice filed ly their attorneys today.;
jThe suit arose over the ownership of a
small trad of land near this eity. The
! decree of the rireuit court where the
ease was tried befi.-re .Indue (iallmvay
.was iu favor of tiie defendants, and
'the title in fee simple to the tract of
i land in question was adjudged to he
j vested in Fiducia F. Howell.
I "We have a set of politicians in
j ' alifornia w ho hoo-t and blow hut we
ran look to Oregon and Wisconsin for
I something genuine in the way of legis
lation," writes litis A. MeKelvie, of
1 l.os Angoli-s, to Secretary of State OI-
Irott. "As far as your corrupt piac-
! tices provisions are concerned, your
, ! law are as far ahead of the California
: laws as New York is from Salem," Mr.
MeKelvie went on to say. lie made
t ie above roninient upon acknowledging
the receipt of "Statutes and Constitu
tion Relating to Elections in State of
from the secretary s office.
6-Part Pathe Masterwork
A dramatization of the famous novel by Torrest Halsey aEd Robert H. Daris. Ore f tie gietni - '
interest dramas ever exhibited. A combination of love and faithfulness, villainy aiid tiesctery ytl !
been equaled since "The Two Orphans" was given to the world. A tremendously excitir.g courtroon
that will fairly bring you to your feet. ' J
THE ALL-STAR CAST Stevens, a bank clerk, afterwards Harding, a lawyer, Eduard Jose. fc j
vens, Eleanor Woodruff. Louise Gray, Virginia Pearson. Norris, a young lawyer. Tiurlow Bergen.
Dunn, Sam Ryan. A host of subordinate players. Superb scenic effects and lavish settiefs. , '
Be sure to set aside an hour and a half to see "The Stain," at the Bligh.
ly exhibited in other cities at advanced prices, at its never-changing admission, 500 seats at 10 cet'-t'
scale which, in connection with the consistently high quality' of its picture offerings, has rr.ade the Bik j, '
leidinir film theatre of Salem and the most popular photoplay house in the Willamette iT-. v
See "The Stain" To
morrow or Saturday
BLN.H-State, between Liberty
and High Motion pictures
of "The Million liollar Mys
teryt" all-interesting Horial
drama that eost the Than
hauser company a million dol
lars to produce. Head the
story iu the Capital Journal
and' see it at the llligh; f 10,
000 in offered to the person
solving the mystery. Also
1 new comedy jiictures.
GLOUE State, between Lib
erty and High. Motion pic
tures, "Trey o' Hearts,"
great serial ntory. Also Kal
em drama and comedies. Miss
Klsie K.lwards, thf popular
mnger, in songs von will
YK IJ HKKTY. I.ilterty, be
tween State and Court.
' Strong Heart," Kobert Kdi
son 'i great success, with the
photoplay star Hlaiiche Sweet.
Als two Vitagrajih features.
W. C. Dyer insurance agency now lo
cated at 1-4 South I.iheity street.
Mayor Steeves leaves this evening for
' Ten experienced shoe salesmen want
ed at U.'l North Commercial street.
Call ! a. m. Saturday morni i.
Notice has beeu received by Post- i iregon
muster August II uekestein to the effect o '
that the pot office at the fairgrounds , By raising a giant cosmos to the
would he 1iroiitinue. Octolier 1 and ; height of five feet six inches with a
that the, tation would be served front! six foot spread of branches on a-half-the
central office. Permission wa Ignition of Marion county soil. Max
I granted to maintain on the fair grounds j (iehlhar claims to have broken all ree
a station for the benefit of the fair ords for domesticating outdoor plants,
patrons during fair week. The present J The seeds were planted late iu May and
postmaster at the fair grounds, .1. 1). ; the plant has made this groth within
Smith, will be made clerk iu charge cf, liie four walls of a room. When
Heck for a short time. His otiier Randall and son, Koyal, 0f OaklauJ, FURNISHKD HOl'bE FOR I ;;
"dears" in Salem arc forgotten for the Cal .; Pr. and Mrs. Armstrong, Mr. and lwenty-first tnd raj
deer of the mountains. The firebovs
are expecting to entertain the city
council with a deer barbeeue from the
carcasses Heck will send in, perhaps.
A new and up-to-date line of millin
ery now- on display at The Maples,"
one block north .Meyer's store.
Mrs. S. C. Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Proeknian, Mr. Whitehead and daugh
ter, Mary; Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lindahl,
Mr. and" Mrs. George Lindah!, Alviu ;
and Crace Lindahl.
Al Heck returned Saturday from a
two weeks' visit with friends at Mc- i
Miimeville, Ore. '
Anna and Johauua Asboe, of Mar-:
Phone 2-.101-E.
WOO!) FOR S.M .K-Fim and , i'
growth fir. Address J. R Prtl- .
lem. Koute S. j
FOR SALE Two lij;-;n.l :J
cows; our frexli act! or.e
1 1C Leslie street.
Geo Ha Hing, a Chinese, aged about ''", "pent Cue week-end with friends WASTED Two rifino,! to f
io years, while picking hops in t.. here. - ajS9; "'"l I'oard in i-lcgant t!K.r
van! owned bv Mr. .Iiickson. I,") miles' Mr- 'l His!o, of I'ortland, . close in. Phone M. , I
station No. 1. On that date the eity j transplanted in the half-gallon lard pail north of this city, and operated by Heej spent Monday iu Woo.lburu.
Portland, where he will attend tne an
nun! meeting of the Oregon Medical service will extend to all parts served in which it now erows the olant was : ci.mh,. .,.!. I..k-' f..ll .. n... rn.,n.i! A verv in'terestinsi stair icirtv was i EX PERI ENCKD u.an wants
association whi.li bolls session today hy the defunct ottVe. lal.ont two indies high. Mr. I iehlhar ! about 4:.".(l o'clock vester.lav afternoon! given Saturday, September o, '.y James' janitor. Address L. M. Panl,
and tomorrow. Friday evening nt the, o : -avs he got the soil from his farm after and about 0 o'clock "died without . Homer Alleman, it being bis 31st an-! No. 1, box -IU, Turner, Ore.
the Multnomah hotel there will be a V have secured the exclusive agency t had been used to grow a crop of. medical assistance." so the Journal's nivermrv. The most important fart of : , ,
!.. ....i t i- . .v... : . "Ml -'"-'
l l-IMII nd? lite u... j-i.t ,
bniuiiet, and at this banquet there will for Oregon of a working pants and will
it had heen
informant stated, limn: ,-iatelv afteiltbe
be various and sundry toasts given. I'r. put it on the market at f 1 ."10. All iher 0 he fell he was taken to a barn bv his
Steeves will speak on " Hops and Other stores will charge 2.HO. All sizes, .'1 1 to : Large numbers of visitors from the fellow rnuidrvmen. Coroner ('iou-jh
Eorms of the Tango." ; 00 waist. Salem Woolen Mill store. j east, and especially from Oklahoma und was railed this morning i.nd went "t.!
o , o j Canada, are thronging through the V i '. - the scene. After investigating the cii- 1
Oo to Dr. Stone'i for trusses. Mr. L. M. Thomas, of Portland, state; lametto vallev at this time looking t ir1 iinistanees. he nlieves the man :"ine
choice runs,
milking, 4 lresh this niontk. :
house west Oi' Liberty store.
manager for the Knights and Ladies
Mora visitors are registering at the of Security, is in the eity and will or
proinotion department of. the Salem ganie a new council hi Salem. Already
commercial club every day. The book IU applications have been secured. The
is always open and all visitors, whether I Mate manager expects tn close the
from out of town or not are asked to charter with not less than "0 members,
put their names down. This morning when the degree staff from one of the
the following signed: W. F. Shank, Sa-, councils in Portland will assist in the
lem; Erauk Albertstan, O. Penney and institution of the new council. This
l. Nelson, all of Superior, Nebraska. order admits men :,n. women on the
o same terms.
Dr. Utter, dentin pnone 606, Salem ' , o
Bank of Commerce building. ! , Capital Normal. Fall term begins
q September 14 in our former rooms on
P. O. Duclos. manager of tin Duclos ; 1;:";'' o;"1;''0'- A,Mrw" J- J' Kra'"'
brickyard, of Little Falls, Minnesota.,' ' '"' " t""-
writes to the Sale... commercial club j Q t ' Pendleton
asking assistance in securing uiforma-: u , ?. , ,. , . .
' . ioiiioi-i i s iieoi tinriou iJHie eoiimv
4 tion coneeriiing the possi bilitv of get-1 , f , " ' ' -
tin., . u. .. ...... k t. !falr w,, k ,b,, members of the l!a-
.i. . .. .1.:.... . .: i i ... ! diators cannot very well get awav from
j the establishing of a brickyard. He
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist in fitting ': my ht woul.'1 ',k ! u,uh, wi,h
I hiHi nt'!! at that time, mnl further that
t is willing to donate !',h; Sah-m ( herrians are expected to be
.e a cas l7o,,s to se- fhe fair, the Eugene
,,. . . l.adiators have devi.led conclusivelv
The funeral services of Carl Tego
si rind, wno died in this city !at Sat
urday, and whose remains were held
waiting for relatives from Cilifomia,
was held fruin the Cottage undertaking
parlors tbis morning at 10 o'clock. In
terment was made in the Odd Fellows'
a c
clav laud or giv
cure the business. He says ho is ex
perienced iu the business.
suitable locations. Four men from to his death
Oklahoma visited the commercial club of paralysis
yesterday and each day finds some one
looking for a farm or fruit ranch. The;
season is owning up well and it is ex
pected that a large number of visitors
will be served. These people belong to
the industrious class and have land
which they want to sell, or exchange.
Some are hero to extend their interests
and others want a change iu location.
They are being .well-cared for by the
real estate men of the city.
Caotain William Xwan, of the Salem
fire department," left this morning on
his vacation. He will be absent 10
days and during that time will visit the
fair at Vancouver, Washington, and
make a flying trip over to Pendleton to
view the Homi.l-up. He exacts to
crowd into 10 days more excitement
than iie can get in fighting Salem grass
fires and old hotels. Earl Heck, an
other of the city's doughty firefight
ers, is also on vacation for 10 days. He
struck out tor the southland am! will
is the r-ult of a str-1 c
gram in which each one na.t to laKe i
part. A delicious lunch was served by.
the host. Those prcseut were: Wil-! jjqr RENT lUO-ncre raA..
lard Cole, L. Robbing, Dr. W. W. , plow land, 10 miles from Mi
Rhodes. C. McDonald, Corey Richard,! quire of Low & Derrick, 3d !;
Ralph Maupin, Fred Cornell, Grauvill i
Alleman, Chas. Mason, Geo. Richard, ' WANTED A goed suui.d bus
Henry Hiendeurich of Eugene, and Ho- : 4 to i years eld, willing i
nier Alleman. - I Inquire of .W. 8. Low, 311 &
Washington, Sept. 10. President !
Wilson this afternoon agreed to call the jl
public's attention to imperative finan-!
cial needs of the railroads, as requested !t
by railroad officials yesterday. He j i
agreed that the present emergency was-
extraordinary, but insisted that he diillj
not entertain any anxiety "except gen-j
eral anxiety caused by the unpreceden-1
ted situation in the world 's money j t
markets." "
The presidei.t today wrote to Frank. !
Trumbull, chairm .n of the board of di-i T
.........j ,.t u -v..... I i t . . IT
... ..-, .... en: .i.-.cttir uioi vmiio laii-
r. ads, as fi Hows:
You a;.k me to call the attention
t . .
I Last chance tonight to
(Seventh Episode of
Better Than Ever
SEWING M A( H 1 N K.S Thfj
$2.50, $3.00, 110.00. New N
$2.1.00. Singer Machine Sl. .
j State street. t j
WILL buy Italian prunes to dry. -
quantity to 1000 bushels. 1W
23. Write box 1-52, route J- E
A. Townsend.
"The City Beautifuln
Two Part Comedy Drama
imperative i..
Briug your agates home to have them
' polished and mounted. Gardner &
, Keene, 3SS State Mreet.
8. O. Bettes, who is lecturing on the suits. I hey fit exactly the same as
ftnte wide prohibition movement, ar- men 's suits. Salem Woolen Mill Store.
I rived in this city today after complet-!
jiug a trip of si.il miles up and down' Earl Kilpatriclt, formerly principal of
tiie coast on a lecturing tour, Mr. 'the Salem high si hool. but HOW i nil.
Bill Wtlktus allot and tilled a porcu-! 1,,'t""!' Uhv,'Is l,.v nHIse and buggy, but neeted with the I'niversitv of Oregon
pine yesterday on the much of l.lovd " '", 0,1"t ' ' tnjury to his horse extension service, was in the city to.av
lteviiolds a tiiile north of the fair1"" ""''K'M to leave it in Southern ; making preliminary arrangements I tir
grounds. He was walking through th'0"""0"' "'' wi" "peak. tonight on the the l niversity of Oregon exhibits at
Heyuolds apple, orchard when he di- ,,r,','t ,h, corner of State and Lib- , the state lair. He tame from Eugene
covered the auimat in front of him. He r,.v wlere the Sa- atou Army usually this morning and will return this even-
, . - . . Krtl.la ... ...tl i ii .. j TL . ...... ... ...i .
niaue a sprint tor a gun and soon had ..... n- e uni.ruin w in nave a space
if the country ti tin
ot railway credit being sustained.
that '
that they will not make their contem
plated trio to the Hound-l'i. EiiL'one
,7.iri...i Mm.. .I.t.t ... liAn I Ir.n.rtn v.tK hid .. . r, . , . , ,
....... ..... ... v.,,,.u ..... ,,. nniroaiis ne neipeit in overv pes-
o unde, who preceded him several davs silde way, whether hy private cii-oper-
Boys' Norfolk suits. Bring the boys ' """""U sronn.is in or.ier to ative ettorts or bv action, wherever
. to our store ami get ..ne of those new i "I
i Elk Junior or one of fliose Wool Wer.i I
"Did She Run?"
A One Fart Comedy Showing the
Escapades of An Adventurous
enough deer to occupy
Try Scott's 15c meats.
-o r
-p n d c I
esa I. Ill" EOT I
the animal hanging from his belt, me
taphorically otily. Porcupines are rare,
finds iu this port of the valley.
W. 0. Dyer insurance agency now lo
cated at 124 South Liberty street.
Tha Qtnra Tbn Co.-oc V fA
in i, . .... ,1. r.. -i. .. 1
... on im- ii-ii st.ie oi ioe en-,
ttsiice to the old pavilion. The exhibit
will show something of the work done
by the departments and especially of
phases of the extension depart meiit.
Shorthand and s-.enotTDT. New
This fine Heater
- a3 illustrated.
Others from
$1.25 to $30.00.
Our prices
bear inspection.
. i at-m ,. . 1
5gf -
Credit I
Good Here
8ters In
Oreg oo and
We Sell for Less Because We Duy for Less
classes will lie commenced in both these
lira ti. -he u 1,., I'm i, tul !....;.. ,
A. 1 ' ..i-.i... i.i.:.irss I ill -
lege on Monday, SoptemVr H. Kegis-
tiation and books may be arranged for
tf on Saturday afternoon.
XX ' o
, As a result of the dictum of chief of
police of l'orttand that all iioboes must
either go to work or go to the rock pile.
, there has been an exodus of the gentle
men oHhe rend for valley iKiints. Thev
have beeu arriving in this city ia
J bnehes and it has kept the deit of
, ficer busy keeiiing them on the imi.
t hief ShiMeck sends an extra man out
, t night to help tiftieer Eisher, who has
his hands full at times. Thev are ill ,
t temere. visitors and likely to commit
any kind of depredation. There was a
bunch rounded up last night and herded
into the eity jad for safe keeping over
Zl night. I
' o
j This is to he the great season ef la-1
4 dies' aad gents' Mackinaw eouts. Our;
XX bJ rtntent ,s the largest ia
;lulk or Marion eountVs. It includes'
also the IVmlleton fcnos in Jacquard
Vjatterns. Jalem Woolen Mills Store, j
V W. P Lord, formerly a practicing at
torney of ' this eity. how of tVrtland,
Will le the inirressi v nartv'. ...i:
date for attorney genfral, havmir filed
.is aceoptanee of the aomiuation with
the secretary of stats vKi.r.!..
wis a raudidate iu the "repuhlieai I'ri
meries for the offi.- but w.. .l..J,...i
; with John J. Jetfrvy, will opKe him
fr ,h '"'. S.rrtary O.ott nv.
Last chance to see 4th Episode
of the
Greatest aerial of the age.
Friday and Saturday
in three reels, featuring
King Ba$2ott and Leah
two of the greatest stars in
feasible, of governmental agencies and
I r.m glad to do so. because I think the
need is real. 1 am confident there will
be active and earnest eooperc.tion in
this matter, perhaps the one common
interest in our whole industrial life.
" I'ndoubtedly men in and out of of
ficial positions will appreciate what is
involved and will lend aid lienrtilv
I...- . .i . . i i '
...i.-i,-ci ii is possum- lor iiiem to leno
-Where Everybody Goes 10c
WANTED Ey young man, Wi
university student, plate W
room and bouid. Auo:ress"M
care Jouni&L
iTO RENT Three large f
I uulVmished, married coule or''
J I ers preferred: t5. 337 1 ,
4 ! teenth street.
SLIGHTLY I'SKI) rrotcctograp"- ,
I i No. 9 Burroughs Ad-lind Mr
X' a bargain. Paul M. Sim. 'M s ,
I'omniereial street. ,
1'WANTKD A girl for general t
; work. Must be able to
i charge of kitchen. Addre J
I, Hill, Jefferson, Oregan, ' f
41 IU-F-5.
llKOR RENT S room modern hu'v '
I I u-ith con.l hasement, H'r
! lem sihocl. one block fri-m
.!) per month.
Winter street.
ln.i:ire 115 .
I Paris, Se
ht win:
Viance had
:n 12 to
.riing to
V 5p. m. :
'.'fa It
, .3' offer
Four c
:hting. ac
':e's statei
iishing ba
I "The fir:
i the Mai
j-ram, "fi
.he aHiea,
i( on the
j Tae (
t-te prin
!-tiich art
"i the Or:
-arne ne
. to a
1 "The
liable t
iiir lines
I "The l
,'iaelow :
ain att
j he Frer
orth 0:
I "The
I contim
iens ai
A beiutiful tve reel Kalera
dram featarin Mt-ut Hin
Holniet and prodoced by J. P
Last week ef
Popular acpraoe.
Couiinj Sunday.
Baritone, direct from Chicane.
a big feature program.
"House ef Quality."
(Capital Journal Special Service.) j
Wondhurn. Ore.. Sept. St. Grace and
Julius llerkrjv r.f . Portland, were the J
uucsts of Mr. and Mrs. 8. K. Iirune Sun-' f
Cce cect rer word each Inner-
lay. ! ! tinn
George Hrtine motored to St. Paul ; (.opT for aivertiseruents tib
Saturday. . 5er ,h;t leadjEg fho-ulJ jn by
t hauiieey oder of Hubbard, svent I I 2 1. m
.-iiiMin, mm iiiH'ri 1 me.
.Mrs. 11. Alleman and -Mrs, T. .'. Mi l T PHONE MAIN 8L
son leu umiay lor nop van
T. .'. Ma-1
ds at t he i X
Gilbert Colt left Sunday evening for I b SFB I L
Portland, where ho will visit friends! Vred 's Nit
;20 ACIJES AH in eultivatu
1 new J-room he-use, po-.sl ha
I a p-od r-ud. S-1. :
I stut.lv slopmc. I".' t
down, time 011 the halanee.
' Mills. 273 State street.
irivirn J.a i.rollfrtT O51.
build residence tw me ".,: !
in location. Want a good .
am willing to leaw same W
years, r avin, KooJ
Address H, care of ta -.
' Prau
j of 1
( exli
i " h
" 'Sifcre
I 'SJtl
pit to
I 1. i,
TO TRADK-SV.sabhcwsn fart-?-
for aliout two week a.
score aud
j;ht Lunch.
war news at
1 welc .
iiroM-ii ii.., Ultii
in one nine iru" i
Si,liner. J.ffcrsen, Ofcg
! FOB KENT-rshed ho'
Henry Ile.udewi.-h, ot Kucene, is vis-; WILL TRAPK Salem real estate for)
ning rnen.ls in Woo-lbnrn. ; small auto, rhone 117K.
A very pretty weddiug was solein- ' : j room: also barn u - j.
.-l at 3 p. in. Saturday at tiie home '. WB SALK A one horse wairon, I0' blocks from gooJ stores. (
of Mr. and Mr. M. J. Lindahl where Soulh fourteenth street. . I well. On Irlewood r
their . laughter, flare Josoi.hinP. ho-! Z at S0 North Seveutertta.
came the wife of Mr. Forrest IHnHon. .1 .. . WASTED-CaU 137, ...TZZZ
The hoo. Wi h..,,,iifiu. oou"1 vommerciaj street.
- - ....,u.l. im '-
rmici in terns au.t rhrvsautheinnma id w . 1 1- -. 1 -, I
cow, r
!J.n J"'" rh7"ul""ln- 1XR JiAl.K-t.uwd family milch
yonntf rouple ,nt,red the room to' rheap. 173 S. Co1taKe"st.
straiHi of Lohengrin " wedding !:
FOR SALK At a oa - 7 .
ful modern home at " ,h,
Salem, two blocks from t
v m suit lion-"
I '? suet
I 'Wn:
:i At
1 Urt
house; terms to ,.
to owner. I'r.
field, Oregon.
fera larfarmbu,
. smaller V V,
Can furuish bt ot ' p
I h A ilntu, nf I 1 , ,
r .... v. uvHruiin s wetl'I.Ug j
r. r'a.r" "J "e Dn.le a sister, ; A 1 tiiv tOK SALE Inquire 21st ami
Mm i;.-f. Tne archway under which Trade streets. Phone 2.'!51-K.
Xff tct w decoratet with ferns. " " " ; . , VTrTVv,rm to rrnt.
Al 12 ,VUk th- -..J WILI.AM KTTE VNIVERSlTY'Sf'HO-1 WANTED r ' w eu!J " .
frm. by Rev. L. 8. Mwhell, of j LuRHIP for rent. Phone 71. ' i
ietia.,. The bride wore a dark blueiv., r,,-. : 7. ;
trali. ..,,t and the troom the eon- v r : ,rour luriVr? auJ ,nnfC . K" 1 farmer.
,.tiM J,Uck. After th "'"r"nf" !- .H' j ""-
iaj morn.
a the
He i
f ' va III VN .1. . til 1 ...
torvallis. Mrs. Inntoo U v,rv Mrailar ULU A LES for carets; 10 eent 1
m,n the younger set of Woudburn Fr tuaJred. Journal office.
an.) mill lw creatlv missel.
I f't.
i u
"ufi inin ine uin-1 v ti i is.u j.,-;... j..u v. . 1, j-
here a sii eonrse dinner f perie.ued drver man. Phone 5S-F-14. : 135tV-10-ACKE f ,i"
I. Mr. and Mrs. Dnninn lft ' ciurfi hearinK: . .. k.
afternoon train for Ktnt ir t'LOSlNOOl'l entlr -n. k ,f ..t....tri... 1 ,...,kJ n,l nroae. ..rt
he will teach . hind this winter.' al supplies. 361 liiemeketa 5treL 1 acre timber, b!'. ;" w., r.
a cr.t i.tj , .. m : , SI., all'"
ton nilll.l lll. " - . . p
.t - Part cash, w-'-'ri'
, . - i ner.i"'.
?ee owner, , k .
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