Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 08, 1914, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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J1v11oood1good s
Our 707th
Wednesday Surprise Sale
A Sale of
79 Cents Each
These Waists are splendid for hop-picking
or for general around-home wear. Neat
ly made of good quality gingham in blue and
white or black and white check pattern;
trimmed with dainty collar, cuffs and but-
tons. A regular $1.25 waist, for next Wed
nesday only at 79c each.
Sale starts at 8::S0. See window display.
Superintendent Churchill went to
I I'ortlmi.l today to address the teacher
., the Multnomah county Intitule. 11! in i0.tla.I. an.l the party' did
,'nai balancing himself on t"ie back of j A license was issued today for the
a chair ami doine other varied anil fan-: nmrriuue of l B. Wedd, of American
: rifnl tricks, but these were all in hia ' Kullit, Idaho, nml l.uvina Oerber, of j
" i endeavors to rcaeh the top of the radi-f l'rntum, Oregon. Mr. Wedd in the su-
lutor. i n'rintoudent of the Betheny Disciples;
. i o hospital of Ainerieiin Falls. I
Bring your agate home to haye them . - ' ?7T v .i
polished and mounted. Gardner k , C-DeVoe and D. H. Mosher, tal
iKeene, 3SS State street. . wh ,,l'en hunting cast of
, n , Oregon I itv, have returned to this city.
1 V ' W Ivm. . 1- X . I .. I I
. .ir. uetoe reinrncii niuruay mm air.
I Moslier tlua afternoon, 'l ney were ae
1 rompaiiied by their brothers, who live
, In In ...r I tl... tutrix.' .li.l if,r.
will speak on the general subject of1,.- ;.: . .i, ' u.....:... ,v,!.k
,the course of study. Mr. Churchill will for th (t.t ,h!lt ,i1Hv'did not net more
return tomorrow. than a dozen deer each.
0 ! o
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Garrison left to-1 James Frankline Wilson, who has
day for Salem to reside. Mr. Garrison een emploved bv the Thiclseu Cash
has been engineer on tho Wcmlling- :! rot-try ou ' High' street as driver for
Willnmiiia run, but 1ms been transfer-: their auto deliverv, left Siiudav for
red to the Salem lllack liock line. They Taeoma. where he'will enter the fur-
j leave many friends in Kugoiie. Kugcne' nittue bushies. He is accompanied by
Kegister. , i bin, wife. He will "set up'r furniture
0 I for a la rue furniture store tiiere. While
I Speaking on the "Significance of liere he was an active member of M
! War, as Applied to licligiou," Ci. II. Al-j eoinpany, Thinl regiment, O. X. j., uud
j den, the new dean of the Willamette whs always popular.
university, nave fin" address at the! o
lliingnlow church on Court stieet, Sun- E. J. Qoode, a former Salem boy, who
day morning. I Van Ableu filled the baa beeu living in i'orthind for the
pulpit ill the absence, of the pastor. ; past six years, lias arrived in Sulcui to
o , take up work in Willamette university
Driving the handsome demonstration hi '" H'' ' a graduate of .lef
ear of I'll in less i'arker, 1'ortlund den-1 U'rso" hin w'1"'"1 ilMtl ',"t,,r a
tist, 11. A. Fitzgerald and W. J. Hums '"'simian, lie will try out for the imi
arrived in Salem this morning in ad-! )'ors,f-v basketball team aud expects to
vnnce of rainless I'mker. the "worlds " P""""'ii cnner at ceiuer or lor
Steady Stream of Votes Pours in and
Many Candidates Make Decided j
Gains Since last Statement.
The House of Quality
famous dental trust breaker," who will ,VHr'1- 1,0 ll,,s numerous relatives in
lecture tonight in Salem. . ;tnl8
Attorney General Crawford filed anHl p, , "uur B1"":0'
anier 1 complaint tod.- ,.. the case of " . '""'"V:" ''nll'. '' In
versus I. A. llvde. The ..... ' .:, '.
"m -HI., .,, l,, , ..Ml un-n lie
the Mate
.......... I... 1 I..:... .i...
Itlli'-UIICM ruilll'lillHI Kl'lB up ihi- IllCTS . I I ,, .1 .1 . .
that the state brought the suit within 0,,',, l.p ,,;","lv ror,.tly vBe.to.1
a reasonable time alter the evidence of,'"" N,,1,h "'"""-"-cial stieet. 'I he l'eetz
fraud was discovered and this should ! ,,0"l'B.v hits been in their present
excuse laches. I store, just two doors smith ot tne Hello
o shop, since .laauaiy. They expect to
move into their new- iiuarters Sciitem-
All Around Town
V kiudlv to .1..
The state railroad commissioners are
at Milwaiikie tinlnv conducting a hear
ing regarding the advisability of re
quiring car stops on the line of the
I'oitlanil Railway, Light & I'ower com
puny's line and the crossing of tho
Portland and Oregon City nn, the
Southern I'm-ifie at that place,
John Busch, who was arrested In Al
bany Friday for robbing u house in Jef
ferson Thursday and who was brought
here Saturday by Sheriff Ksch, was
given a hearing in the justice court
this morning. He failed to give bail
and was remanded to jail tu await the
action of the grand jury.
bur '.'I.
A suit to foreclose a mortgage was
filed in the circuit c.;-.i; i today by Na
poleon l.egault against Wi'lliaiu
Ilendcrschott and I.IMiie '.. Header
schott, his wife. It is alleged in tin
complaint that the ilcrcnilants borrim
ed $1150 from the plaintiff and gave
as security certain real estate. Thi
property was wrongfully described in
the mortgage and the plaintiff alsi
asks that the iorrectMn be niaile in tin'
I - That Oregonians hols oif their fab
; husineSN
BLIUIf Stato, between Liberty
and High Motion pictures
of "Tho Million Dollar Mys
tery, nil-Interesting ser'iul
drama that cost the Than
hauser pnnipany a million dol
lars to produce. Head the
story in the Capital Journal
and nee It at the llligh; 10,.
000 is offered to the person
solving tho mystery. Also
new comedy pictures.
GLOBE State, between Lib
erty and High. Motion pie
tureJ, "Tho Derelict ami the
Man," spectacular drama in 2
purts. A comedy, "Willie,
chappie in Chaps." Tho pop
ular soprano, Miss K.IbIc Kd
wards, i song.
VK LI II KUTY. Liberty, be
tween State and Court.
' Strong Heart," Hubert K.di
son's great success, with the
photoplay star lllanche Sweet.
Also two Vitagraph features.
epinir out in the Oreiron
rain and lit the first shower strike for
the police station and a bed.
Try Scott's 15c meats.
On account of the fact that yesterday
was a leal holiday, the city council did
not meet as usual un the first Monday
In the month. However, the regular
session will be held this evening, when
the ipiestion of printing the newlv
drafted charter will be considered.
Go to Dr. Btone'i for trusses.
Harold Hagar, a graduate of the Sa-
loin hinh school, ami who has been a
student at Willamette university for a
couple of years, leaves on the 17th of
this mouth to enter Harvard univer
sity. He is popular in the Capital eitv
and is employed in the l.add & Hush
bank. He will enter tho college of
liberal arts.
until it bcuTiis to rain, nml
that the first rains have somerliimr
There will be flags flying and bunt- do with the psychology of business, is
iug flouting in the luco.o all during' the firm belief of A. N. Klliott, printer
state fair time, for the Salem commer- j w ho has been-wishing and wishing for
ciul club will hang out all the flags in rain. Saturday evening he said he
its possession in order to make tho city cleaned up everything in his shop, but
have a gala appearance. There 'nrcjbe bad hardly got dona to the office
about ;I00 flags belonging to tho club this morning when lie received several
and it Is proposed to make good use j "filers for work. "It was the rain
of them. I that did it," he solemnly avowed. "I
o (knew that when it started to lain busi-
The supreme court finds itself facing! ''s would pick up."
a shortage of funds before the biauiiinll o
period ends. There is at present on) State forester Elliott reported today
nan. I in nie supreme court fund 1 ""' waruena in tue Iield had sent
Dr. Utter, denusx phone eufl, Salem
Bank of Commerce building.
There is a reward of $200 for the
person arresting nud eouvietinif Ous.
alias '.' lied'" Koenig, and Charles, alias
"Dutch," Fruiume, both of whom are
wanted for murder and highway rob
bery by the St. Louis police. The de-
tw vf...ji k scripiive circular sent to Chief Shedeck
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist la fitting says that the two men shot and killed a
glasses correctly. U. 8. bank building! man and got away with bis satchel
John Buoluiid, formerly with Tierce
on Court street, lins opened a tailor
ehop of his own at 37 Stnte street.
W. C, Dyer Insurance agency now lo
cated at 12 1 oouth Libeity street.
taining .tl,.VU.7t.
W. O. Dyer insurauce agency now lo
cated at 12-4 South Liberty street.
in their reports showing that the recent
ram had neon general all over tho
state and that the forest fires were
being rapidly put out. A large number
of fire fighters would be released in a
few days, he said, as all danger of for
est tires was over tor tins season
Nl.'I, and all of this amount, except :,
will be needed for salaries. The Me
pnone bill alone will use up the
nud nothing will be left for incidentals.
Tho reason for the deficiency is given
that the expense in moving into the new
hliildiilLf wiih rreutei tluin untii.ii.ute.l
and also that the expense of holdiim ' ,im,,,'r companies bavo atready released
court at Pendleton was extra heavy, """ T their tire wardens nml the
i, ' state wardens in the field are only re
Three marriage licenses were issued '"""''B few. The supervising war
just before Labor .lav. The vming 1 .l,,wll o k'lt t their posts as there
couples did not monopolize the ho"li.lav,j !" "'" 8 ll,r,! ' "f slashings to
however, for one license was issued for i . l"m 10,1 off Kw,n B ' I'ccomes
Trip to Panama Exposition that Ap
peals to Every Live American, and
Especially to American Girls.
Seventh Episode of
Better Than Ever
See Florence's Miraculous Escape
From the Auto Bandits.
Two Reels of Exciting Adventure
U 1 L'I t .
,1.1. wlt
rred s Niht i .. ' t
t Jij-Pplie
i: i'"i'i'ics. i'k0M i,.rvrr'. ,!'
. I t,,
"The City BeautifuF
Two Part Comedy Drama
IV VTl'l
.... , 1,11-ju. ...
yute a '..
l-HO Inr ,.. .
lr .undjj )
WANTKIV-Dclii cr,'r7N
"" to work int,,V, t
I onuuercia). .'
eow. tbvrge Xloor B,,, ;o
3, riione M K 13,
! Preferml; c.n
I .! North Liberty.
"Did She Run?"
A One Part Comedy Showing the
Escapades of An Adventurous
10c Where Everybody Goes 10c
orchard truck, W1.01' h , "
Orchards. R. y. P. v 1 i
Ilti F-ll. .
WILL buy Italian proneTuT
quantity to 1000 bushds. n - '
23. Write box Vrl, mtn '
A. Towuseud. x
Miss Jeau Mcliiturff still leads in the'
Capital Journal's popular voting contest;
by which some young lady of this city
will be the jjuest of this paper at the'
Panama I'ln ir'ir Imposition. Her total
vote today is 24.0;i2, Mrs. (!race Koff
Hilibler is second with IS.HKi, and Miss;
I 'ear! Zinn third with 1ii,."iSl. Several , J
other candidates materially increased
their totals by today's count. .Interest' J
is growing daily and more people are I
turning in merchants' trade checks in
favor of the candidates well worth
before. t lX
The trip to the great exposition with
its wealth of world-wide wonders, will
be the event of a life time for the:
fortunate winner, and the - Capital
Journal guarantees that no expense will
be spared in making it a pleasant one.1
First class railroad fare, the best of
hotel nccoininoilntioiis, and facilities for
seeing the great fair at its btwt'will be
provided free of all charge by this!
paper. It will be a prize well worth
workiiug for.
The plan adopted by this paper f or j
giving the trip does not require the con-j
testant to sen anything. The only thing'
necessary to secure votes beinii to pa-'
troni.e, some of Salem's most popular!! .
stores. The advertisements of t lies j ..
firms is run in each Friday's Cnnltnli
Journal. These firms have agreed to j FOR RENT Furnished boa;!,
give a sales check or receipt to every j WILL STANDARDIZF. room; also barn if wanted
purchaser for cash or for monthly billsi SALEM'S PUBLIC SCHOOLS' blocks trom gooil storej,
TO KKVr-Thrce l,,,
untarnished, marricl couple , I
ers preferred; j. ;v.i; ,
teenth street.
VANTKI Some property ot t
build residence for me o'
in location. Want a gootl ...
am willing to base tame fon
years, paying gooytentil hi
Address II, care of Capital ;
TO TRAHK Saskatchewi p,
proved farm, twelve miv, i
town; surveys of two nilm.v,
in one mile from improve.) ' .
farm. If intcrcstei' r;i ;i
Siglinger, Jefferson, Oregon.
paid until .laniiaiv I, lfll.'i. The sales'
checks or receipts from these firms may! School principals held a conference
be exchanged for voaes at this office meeting this morning at o'clock in
one vote for every 7, cents of yoilr pur- t le office of Sniiei-iiit..,,,!..,, um.,
; I ne suti.iect ot stamlardization of eitv
I'he names ami standing of the can-Reboots was gone oyer and acied upon
1... . 11 i mt . .. ... ...
ilidntes follow:
lean Mcliiturff
Mrs. (iraee Koff Hibbler
I'cail Zinn
liutli I'ugate
Mildred Atherton
Lenore Stale-
Heryl Needhain
Margaret White
Kenska Swart
Violet M. liarker
Marie llolinger
Arline Ohm
Kniilinc dine
Celia Wilson
Marguerite Ostramler
Violet Cory
Luanna Hi own
Iletii Ryan
Myrtle Herdlein
Kustls Davis
Lurill Iturokcr
Ava lllitnnm
Lola bo Long
(I race Craig
Hazel Johnson
-(, Marie Schwab
nazci t ooley
Mildred Cooper
Huatrico Crawford
Maudo McLaughlin
Hemice Sautcr
Vivian uargrove
(irace Tavlor
rr . .... . .... "
I lurougn tne enorts cr the new su
"I (i:;-1- !'ori,1,on,b'iit, who has sieut the summer
Ts'sVs I 'Si,,,u K''ting ready for tho opening
Iti 'iSI '"' "", !"'ll0''' September 21, a splendid
)'(i-'.-,i"0,v feature- will bo instituted in the
" 7'.SS5 j ",',,"ols- Tbis new jdaii is one that lead
. (UHiil' "g i,l!,titutions of education are mlojit
loni!'"' ''al'cd standardizing.
o'ililOl 'ehool semesters will be divided iuto
o'j'iJj three periods, witii six weeks in each
2!ltiS l0ri"''- Report cards will be given at
'. 2(107l,n! ot t!U'h period.
'. 1708 ! 'ro,lorrow morning the principals will
.. 17-10 i 'H'ic "1' standardization work, espoeial
.. 1047 I '-v "I'l'eable to tests and cxamiuatious
. 1,330 1 organizntion. The members in eon
....IoO.'m t'erence are V. S. Dotsou, Marie Khmer,
1,42.-.; -'arKret Cosper, K. A. Miller, F.uinia
iramer, i.a .yioine K. lark, 11. r. Dur
ham and F. S. Caiinctt.
1073 I
u-.,ll Hn linlA...n.l ... i:... i
at SSO North Seventeenth, f
AVANTK1) Farm to rent. Wk '
fer a large farm but woull t '
a smaller place with good k i
Can furnish best of reterc
am an A-N'o. 1 farmir. aJ
Farmer, cure of Journal.
the marriage of (ieorge N( Kent ley,
nged 70, and Mary Simmons, (Hi. Mr.
Hentley is a well known farmer at
Woodburn, where the bride also resided.
Charles Willanl, a farmer, of ltiggs, and
Myrtle Lenon, u Salem telephone op
erator, uud Charles Wesley Williams, a
Portland electrical worker, and Alice
Sharp, of this city, were tli? others
granted licenses.
' Painless" earlier, the famous den-
1000!,ist ,vno ''"s the courage to advertise
1000 ' " tlU newspapers, will be in Salem to-
1003 i !lint. At the corner of Stnte and Com-
.. 1000 ""'ri'iul streets he will give an cxhibi-
1000 !tl0" of painless dentistry, extracting
1000i,,,o,h flpe of eharge. Also there will
loOOl1'0 a" explanation of the merits of the
1000 initiative bill, No. 310, which Dr. Tark-
DH7 er contends will mean more and better
V era Cleorire
Mable ltrassfield .
A charge of 150 pounds of dynamite : ;1?Kj"A0I.,.a T,.,ff.,i 007! dentists for Oregon.
destroyed between 300 and 400 seals ?, ' " K'V I , ,. "",,MS l'tkvt is well worth
sou; Hearing ami there is no doubt that a
730 i'urge crowd will assemble at the an-
730 ! pointed place this eve'iinir. and that house and nark; 4 large
$1330 10-ACRK fruit niek, : j
filberts, bearing; 4 acrei tt
peaches uud prunes, 1 ytaro )
acre timber, balauee in tiii ,
110 buildings; miles out,
road. Part cash, halaaee 1 f
See owner, Low Dcr.ivkj, IT; f,
PKliSONS offering to students
or rooms with or with without t
or places where students
part or all of their boar.l.pk i
full particulars to the office -lumette
Vniversity. Afw,
phone 317 for students for
A SNAP On account of kacfl f
will sell my i'-j ae"',
barn, buygy slu-d, 3 aere 1
berries, gooJ orchard aJJ 5
of small fruits; 3 miies ojn
. ton road. Will sell for "
in 30 days; l'H(0 !. ;'
with place. AOdross "0!
of Journal.
Why Pi
Mary Oliver
Alma Hall ..
Vera Martin
Lotta Penn ..
Silvia Miller
730 1
Unit were herding the salmon out of
the iiiontu ot the Siuslnw river, accord
ing to a letter received tit the offices
of the fish and game commission today.
, ... mi, Ul ,- OlMMHW rM IT- ni .
minis' association wrote the commission! 1- V
'"'' time ago stating the salmon run! 8 "
It is not expected by fruit men thai I ""d been exceedingly light this year i
the rain will do any damage to th ! " account of about 1000 seals that! The following is a list of the firms
prune crop, although" if the downpom i "ere keeping the salmon from entering 1 whose sales checks or receipts mav be'
is steady the fruit may begin to split ',J,e river. He sought permission to de-1 pv,.i,an,r.i fllr ,. , , . ., .. ,', i
ti 1.1 1 . .1... . .. t. 1 . .... . exchanged for votes at the t an tal .tour. !
1 ne ivui ui mh? jiiniHiis is small, liui me bchis wun iivnamite as t.iev 1
the iiunlity is excellent. The netit
harvest will be heavy -or what there
is of it, but the average is small. H'liere
is practically nothing now that the ; mission to get rid of them by the best
rani can nun, out it it hail come n means an, c tne lierd was Idown mi bv
few weeks ago it would have hclpet ; means of the dynamite and 3,U00 feet
liiiv a home of your 0,
730 I tiioy will be rewarded with an instrne
750;tive nud interesting talk and exhibi-'iSOition.
.were too numerous aud warv for rifle
1...11.... .. .1
"vis. imp seais were iiest rovers of
I the fish the eoiR-mtssitm nave its ner- i
"Butch," the cat luhabitJug the
i. rniory occupien ny the ' t lie prunes. The clover seed is practi iof
fire department and the same animal -ally all threshed while the earlv apple1
that in Ins younger dny hunted fish-i crop is over. i
U-i,viiitf I...... 2.. - 1 ' '
! 1.W11 in x iriuviime am 1 n
With heavy chains on all tires, a
Thlitg-s were quiet about the city Jail
iiint auil the only uuests were .li, I ntl..,. .,.,..- 1 i:.. . . ! ..... .7 imrtv f 1.. 1 ....
two sleenen I... , i .7 . . , ' ',-' 'ir sunns, nns rTecipnauon aunng tne past lew ', . -..-. .....i .MiHonnnary
two sitepe s who wanted to rest on an taken to vinir mi lim nt .K- J .1... .1,.... 1...- 1 ,7 :..v. drive in the storm on Ijilmr .Uv ....
... .,.. ..1.1 . . '. " '." " ""' "on uu .... , .
(arnm-in niui.nor, where he snoozes of an Inch. Din ing the latter part of ' 1,11 1 """"ooa.. -Mr. an, I Mrs.
the long, long day away. Yesterday he 1 last week Jupiter Pluvius was flitting ; vy.eii'leioth and Mr. and Mrs.
loutrnL-eouslv with .Mother Karth. Imt f- incivu ior .aiem early
T 1 Sntnr.l.iv l...u 1, ,1..... 1 yesterday
iron cot without any covers or anv old
place so it was dry. Hoboes do not take
: was a
monnni; after a Sunday's
The Store That Saves You Monev If444 4siy' evening fiiy surrendered anaiv,i!,lt M,.1Ti,,l"00j!;1 T,", '.""' of the
1UU itlUIlf H.m ' liiriie.1 Inme tli r.ii,.,.. f t; .1. .ul, ! W v" filled with Slllemite.
the result that the long drouth was- no" ,r"i the coast 111 their endeav-
! hntaii .! !.-. !..!... ..I... 1 ::. r tO reach hllllie before the Sturm It i
.iK" .--i iv i iirii nt-ui, ill' . .
the feet of Old Oregonus have relaxed
' I... .1... , ..
44 oy int! rt-i resiling uumpKCSS. r.veu the
H river, conscious of the momentous ot-,
eaMou, rose .2 of an inch to meet it. I
44 nghi raise is expected to,iav. i
fl o j
JT! Country trade iu lumber for the con-i
I'trnvtiou of houses, barns, silos ah.l bop!
44 i houses has been larger aud of more im-i
I : portanee tiie past siiiihiiit. accordinir toi
44 la statement of one of the officials of j
Andirons, Screens
and Fire Sets
bard drive through the moo n
Tho storm broke and coast rei. '.
dents said it was the worst in years.!
It poured 14 hours steadily. The motor-
See Them in Our Windows
the Spaulduig Lumber company tlus
morning, than in previous summers. The '
work at the state fair ground,' ami on i
other state buildings has helH-d ronsid- i
erably, but a large proportion of the
work done in the mill was for farmers.:
It was acknowledge.! that the ity busi !
ness was somewhat s'ack but the im
4 i l'ro,p" tone o
4i I business good.
Ci tvlit Is
Good Here
Stores In
Oregon and
Where You Always See the
mil office:
Sto-kton 's
The Toggery
Salem Kleetrie Co.
Salem Cigar Factory
Imperial Vuriiiture Company.
Salem Laundry to.
Wiley 15. Allen Co.
The (ilobe Theatre.
The Koyal Ilakery (bread wrappers!
A. C. Devoe Shoes
The Spa
.Hauser i-tros.
Trover &. Weigel, Photograpliers
Yokohama Crockery & Tea Co.
Vick Uros. Garage
Salem Fish and Poultry Market
lndeien lent Meat Market
C. M. Roberts Grocery
l'oisal and Shaw Grocery
C. M. Kppley Grocery.
The Highland Grocery
Keddaway's Cash Grwery
J. I., linsick & Son Grocery
Or. Mark Skiff Dental Office
J. K. Hockett, Piano Tuner
Snlera Ice Co.
(Continued from Tage One.)
iug repelled slowly. They had been
I driven back seven miles since fighting
jbgan, it was reported,
i The British regulars' work was de
clared positively deadly,
j According to' wounded who bad ar
rived here, the Hritoiis' system is first
to shell the Gorman
:then to sweep them with a'huil of rifle i':L i...-..ll.vi roa.l: "'.T
hiiu nnany to oharge with the, pri(., jtuoo. Knai'
bargain: house, H-roonia,
i,.,,.. ,,rki i hirire lot. ' k
of bearing fruit trees ami
and good well water-p
close to school au I store, t"
terms. G. A. Wool, . ' :
Church street; phone -ll4l K'". j
ageuts, Bechtel
street. This offer is only f 1
days. l'roierty rents for
year. Suap. '
98 acre farm, wcirin-r;
Famous Howell Prs.nc; i ,
Fine l-':'
3 acres ti inner i-.
j !
One cent per word each inser
tion. . -
Copy for advertisements un
der this beading should be in by
2 p. m.
v.. Inr.lCSt M '
honst-s for rent. Store,
; hotel, roominC n""''-
in J" '
V write insnranc
best old lino con'ran,p- jf
' 44444 4MM444444 4-44 1
WANTKll TO 11UY A milk
1'hone Itl-Pl.
Tt!lllA.l tflllA tt tl,.. 1. L ....
4 1 1 . ,- IIHH. tm.iv nej't
tv. , . . . - - ,
u w vAiw laiKVDt vraias oi iocs ever
-44 reaching salem was htuled throuih th
4le''.v yesterday and duiHHd into the
1 ! Willamette river at the loir-dumu above
44 iWest Salem. The train consisted of 3A
jcars, with a total of about Siid.iHm feet.;
, neretoiore tne largest tram bas 1mh
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ii , "lie today. These Ioim come from the
4 Silver Falls Timber company, which is
IT oiveraiing lug ramp "ear Silver creek
II, The Spaulding UgKinir company cxvas-
44 ionallv buvs bias to fill til with
their ramp at Itlnck Kink taiMt sup
'ply the Salem will. The Silver Falls
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Robert Edison's Greatest Success
By Wm. a De Mllle
Presenting ' the photoplay star
Blanche Sweet .
A Triumphant Success!
fists had a hard poll through rockv
: roaiis, slippery with mini vt ,...t;i
ler! .Lt 'or sale, o.j
ti. " h-:.. .V ",u'ei snipping street.
, ...... , c noivniins ami Ki
: reached home last night after a
! hours' trip iu the storm.
List Your Property r.'J
Bechtel & By
Ye Liberty
Ve Sell for Less Because We Buy for Less XXXXXX Vt irVSU' hM
j Stop to consider what produces wrin
kles and sngginvsa of skin. Premature
aging, mal nutrition, etc.. raust the
! feso to shrink, lose its youthful pbimp
' ness and firmness. The skin then is
itiHt large for the flesh underneath;
.doesn't fit tightly and snuglv as it used
it it wrinkles or sags,
i It must b plain that to tighten the
J skirt, make it fit the face perfectly in
I every place, will eftectuallv remove
;the batefu! wrinkles and bagginess.
This is easily accomplished by tliumlv
; iag an ounce ef powdere; saxolite in a
; half pint of witch hael ami using the
; solution as a face Kition. The ingredi
ients you ran get at any drug store. The
results are surprising. The skin imme
diately tightens up, lityoaiing firm and
; fresh as in youth. Kvery wrinkle and
jsag is affected at once.
Six-part Pathc Masterpiece.
Dramatization of the famous nvel to' JJ? jr
Halseyand Robert Davis, the greatest W
terest drama ever exhibited, a combination
and faithfulness, villiany and treachery ff..:
not been equaled since "The Tvo Orp'
given to the world. -
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