Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 27, 1914, Page THREE, Image 3

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ii--- m i .1 .j . i o7 unu;.
'1. i , I ,,: rT:: :' ""i, "i t B"w nlm ruln" l"Y : r,r """ treat iu store for all who go to the big
U- - I doe 1 is done by my own hand. I nra 0f the house. Their suspicions were t,lt!1 Th hftnus.hrB wb.lr ,,.,,,,
h r .' i brolte ""1 uM- 1 am " year8 old- 'aroused and entering the how and of the, , t)le 8,oek anJ
i 111 born In 1842. No one tares to things all torn up, Mr. Wirt .., f.(, tllH ' h:lv . .,,. ...
. --.mni-eil lor . ... " ' t...: u .,.. viii Eive nie wora. as i am loo oiu. jut took after mi.l cantureu me ourizior - .u. i .:...... -
I i.tt.A fliraus. Ol xr viii it , . win; i kiiio, .... . . , , . . . Ht-niuii.-r, ino ii-uine lire uvuuiu mi v lUB-
of DhUus- lOrmna Ellis, of The Dalles, ' " unanown. i am giaa , after a short chase, win wii maae tlimcJ. Thcre-were wn bms in the
.ml lvis Love, of Woudburu. I1'0 . ' j , v ! several rings and articles were bi R line of mart.h that exteTUed over
nu The above note was found in a book found on him that gave conclusive Pr00' , ajoiit two miles of tho city's streets.
simsiim ninmn in
Body of D. T. Wetlierrord Found By
Roadside Near , Independence Some
Other Happenings at That Place.
Also Pleased Them It Was One of!
finest Ever Seen in Saleui.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
. ' . , ., ..Big Parade Attracted the Crowd and
While . A. iesi ami lainuy oi
2055 D street were watching the cle-i
phants, camels, and glittering trappings
I of the uarnum rrnuy parage go ny,,
j there was a young man who gav his' f Barnum S: Bailey circus is
jage as 14 years ransacking the house. 'as R00(1 v.r0portionaatly as its parade
as tne iamiiy ws irin.-n ..... : was tnis lllorninj tnpre is a iaTts enough
Zi entertainmenv
r ",ntlv society ma-
L P'u":(lv society
aTr..-! to. ay
ltgZ, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Cole and children
out. times eac
,flertJ but i
h ! accompanied by Miss Duisy Carter and
Miss Glndvs Seott, ere enjoyingan out-
ling at Newport, expecting to remain
of i fir severul weens.
lying beside the dead body of an old
man that was found near the bridge on
the switch to the river yesterday. His
plan to conceal his identity was in vain,
uuneve, an i.v uuu luuvu iu tunc kiiu
name from his grip, which was beside
tiiat he was the man wanted.
' Snnie nf thA ntm.inl iain4 wtlrA ntipn
Wiest took the man viose name h.a to view au, th f0,ltainCll rR.,e B0l.i.
not been ascertained, to the police ta-lIncls of majratip brut Tho ,.losed
tion. A warrant for his arrest runlbC(1 alo arollsillg euriosity
swom on in Jnstice Webster s court ; t h , brc.king f.u. Which contain
He admitted to the chief ofpol.ee that , h b '
I in la all
l . . kAr-.w i ' .i : -l - - -
tftXj X.'r,WH.U E. McElroy and son, E.rL K body. The name was D. F. Weth- for iiS. 'ZA 11
P- P'-f Sf 1 I STall 5 l'il-Tn-d K not known where his home was, -The lad captured U rather short has a la iClhai
PA CkH "lrCel' y I "r McKlroy and son, George, will fol- 4- P'am, a merchant of Hcud ' p h . When arrested ! . , . .. .
' L iufonnaUv.', ML f- R body was discovered by Clan! Z 4 -JSd KTSr.7h1. gS'ctZ taS
, "f!I sa enjoyable; paatime. itreet while there. Attorney Mblev were called. ! !v"Le "'kI3! -i? entertainment thousands ot our citizens
One of Salem's Popular Young Ladies
to Go to 1915 Fair as Guest of
This Paper for saving
Sales Checks
., .. n..,tnmiiuetl iniii.
l n : i.: ii. .
... l:.iu1 imrnnueruuun, -ti ,.i.- : L:a lirtl.lnv n-.rh an in. ............ . . . : MMMmamm rt
H '"""Vmber. . C r' vi.iiimnn. i no nau tanen carooiic aciu, , nuu V H N AN
lurmui uiuiii ;: 7 navine taKen aoout one-nan oi a iwo? vviui
. . . M f:.. ni. I 7n n w.
'wuy:, were rvl Inter j '
Mi.s Car-.'-f,
. r l r ,.
covers lor nnss i ora ami wi
z and Miss Evelyn Rcigolman last , M VVetherford had been lookinu for
rMrand Mr. .1. L. Ingrey,! present, or have been- enjoyiu
ViSoml, Mr. ami f , arummer olltinl. aeights of. Agate
1..udMr..JonalT." - f . lare Mrs jiaward Kable and d
;&. rrZil Mis, Rodsers, Mr.j R.C. Biahop,. J, U. MeJBIroy, a. K
i f Itia hnnio nn Af ill Htrpnt. thft
T m II I II v l Ma 1
i n, nests were: r- "B4 "8r.' I natal day festivities culminating in a
Vtor, Mi. Carrie Cookse), Mr. , at y
r.w. i n whltp. Mr. and Mrs. a. -
:d , ,,' rr Hflisler. Mr. i -
CJPP". 7 Xlr. and Mrs. Among Salem people who are at
g the
. Vail,
i.p,.. ... -, sues ' John Carson, Mr. ana Airs. v. o.
I . V. . ' h;U.'MD, Mrs. R. H. Wallace; Mr. and Mrs.
lunrisi mmcellaneous sh o ., Jos fa. Abert a. A. "Lee and family,
UfJlii Katherme Ann ednes-. r . Locke, and Miss I Ida Jones,
'.tmiintst thehome of her JOoth- ... ,
k P-.'BM' ? Mrs. Walter BtoK and children, and
Miss Nina McNary whe have been
,pular' among a large circle of
" ".' ... l r. k. i.ii il a nf Tlomor
r l.iTht spending the Summer at the Stolz'a
1 hSM the wedding Bummer cottage, at Seal - Roeks, wilt
mfah VZt. return home tonight.
; lined tho streets to watch the moving
A genuine circus day, t"ne kind they
flmirrirnrn iiAni! nscu to nave when ratner was a ooy
Oh"lhlYi!)hK MUKiN lnot yet grown up, brought out every
! body. The sun came up early and hung
! around impatiently for the hour set for
Bye-o baby bunting, I the big spectado to begin. An hour
r.i,i nnnn n hnntiiiir . ! before that time every inch of the space
To irot a little rabbit skin I alol'K tho "te to be followed by the
To wrap the baby bunting in." i Prade had been pro-emptied and only
' ja street wide Inue through a gaily col-
, i not oriL'innl. in fact was one orel ? toU was left for the pro
of the things hlard long before, the f"".0"' 1 be were pjiert lull or
writer had to shave, and when ho waa ' f' holi.Uy crowtj. hvery window look
It 1 iust a little shaver. It is recalled IW'?' .! T" Le.r
n M i tome
i TkoK present last evening were
Miss Frances Cornell and her da igh-
lKrtv7Mr,;ome Wilkin- ter' Miss Buby Cornell liave wt.rn
CKrHaller, Miss Helen In-rom several weeks ; outing .pent at
... ... J l(i tttalla AeWDOrt. ' '
f" .... . i if:.. Tiiillo,. - .-.i, n
Mr.' and Mrs. George F. Bodged, and
daughter . Margaret who - have - been
guests, of the;Fred.;A.W.iggina at.New"-
port,--- are - eip'eted-. home -Keptemb-w-
first. Weather permKting the ' return
joiwney - will ke'maUe-.a-MilkHig-'r;H.
dition. coming- by. wy-,r. ox-v.iae' 'Siieii
country, throughvj;'all8. Ulty. ?--
. ; n. o.i. "".W6' -i " -...-r
r am'- .. T'.Ti ten days. .- ; .'
;h mil take part sre Miss Alice Judd, " ",., i '
iiNtillMti Miss Bertha Clark, who - -' ' -' ' v' . '. '
!t it.'Munw f.i.mhpr. nnil Miss ,-Mms Edna Westdaughter'of M?; and
Bmi Clark, who wHl accompany onj Mrs,-Fred' L. -West, has irettimea trom
; (iaio,: Misses Bertha and Birnice! McMinnville-where", she vhas; been -.tw
1 Out w daiiihUra. of H. L." Clark, ". ' guest of her"ncle and atinti ;tr.- i'd
I).- -' ' e'e a"1- '. I Mrs.; Marion. ugie.'- ;
ilMwi Batliffaasiated by'Miss ' -'j '
hslik'Wiaill,' entertained a'numberi "Mrsv. Florence Jobnsfto-, and- .Mi
Ul'lMi-aight at'a surprise -fat'. CUrtt-Bmrthy Kft V.fe. ' Ban . Francis
i nrttnn i,-ir.- .it THr. Wor.ovT Monday, expectrng to ba gone a- wen
ur.. lUUKCif,- uviiui; cni'cvioiiT -v anwuu
ifirisa, Xist Bob Morton, Miss Delia
u;. Dporsis Zinn and Miss
&i! Martin. " '
!i " ' ' w -
ftm will be ia entertainment "of a
lewal' bature at' the Presbyterian
j urAltfurner Friday night; at which
'njI Saleo musicians will appear'.
i'i program is giveo tor the benefit of
work for two or three days but wns
unable to find it.' He had been seen
alive as late as yesterday morning.
The body was removed to the under
taking parlors of C. W. Henkle, where
it will be prepared for burial.
It was said later in the evening that
Mr. Wetherford was formerly from
Dayton, Washington.
Speaks for the Wets. . ,
i;. n KnmnHtin. or rorTiatin. TniKPU huh iubv muc wi . .w . ... ,
to a large crowd on the street tonight,' at this time because accidentally John , I ( ' , jhoil bllt
taking np the wet side of the prohibi- Wiegmund was overheard humming U : o a ,. vin,va
tion question. He held tho largest au- as ne went io me oiui o
dience that has ever gathered to hear to take the. train for southern Oregon.
a speaker on the streets of this city. ' Incidentally, it may be stated he was
The crowd listened for nn hour and a bound for southern Oregon, ne monoi
half, often interrupting tho speaker have any blankets, gun or anything
with applnuso. Mr. Robinson is stump- else except a pocket full of newspaper
ing the state in. the interest of the ! clippings which showed ine neaa nm-s
Wag Earners and Tax-payers league,! of a story about Joe Knowles and the
piCIUre OI a JUUJ nan. iw.wv
September vMorn stunt in emulation .of.
the bean-eater artist who has just come
out of the woods. When Siegmund was
asked as to. Jiis destination, he slowly
i ' '
VV- M J." U I 1,1'." '"! 111 ' 11 ""' '
fA& -.1 ''."1 ' .
l"f"mitr- -- ---n n m n i t (SOJpVT renr vJiAJl
Copyrlaut, lili, by Panama-raclflo International Exposition Co. H. 8.
Crocker Co, official photographer.
of which Mrs. Abagail Scott Duniway
U the president. He leaves here Thurs
day morning, going to Halem, where he
will make two speeches during the day.
.- Hop-pickers Come In Throngs.
-Hundreds of people eame- intol the
cii today by every eonceivable way.
The i roads , were crowded in all direc
tions with v. incoming workers.--iThe
stores were -busy until a late hour to-
k night jotting up supplies for the camp-
era., t Tiie -tent cities on all sitles.ot tfce.
city lareiorming and it is expected that
the bulk of .the crowd will be here- by
the Jotter; part - of the week;' Picking
closed one eve. winked lightly with the
i.other. and. remarked: . .".Young man-,
there-iB a war on. in fcurope and -Iter-many
is in it. - Being a eitiaen of the
United States, I eonnot take part in it,
no matter. bow -my. sympathies' lie,, so
I think I. will go to Holland and help.
so far as l ean, to-maintain neutrality
and keep the white wings of the dove
of neaca fluttering there.". At tb.
,:ji h. .....ol t.m rrnm- same time no proauccu
September ist-to the 5th. It-waa ex- his pockets.and absent rnindedly began
T the great Panama-raclfie International Exposition to open lis
Ban Francisco la 1913 almost twoscore r woria rsmous scuip-
tors and a great army of skilled asslsUnta have been at woric
for more than a Tear creating marvelous statuary. Tbls photo
graph shows some of the aUtuary outside of the sculptural warehouses.
The police fretted, int
who s
policeman on circus dayt
At about 10 o'cIock, according to
schedule, the classy cavalcade wound
out from the eirciiB grounds and stnrted
on the dream journey. Then the scr
ions business of the morning begnn.
Everything that went to make the
Barnum & Bailey parade of tiie olden
times a joy spot in the year 'and the
day,- was there, and much' had been
piled on top of it.
Asia, Africa.' Australia,' Europe and
other-foreign countries wefe represent
ed by vimptnous floats, .'dratfh by cir-
... u! mi .
cus norses in non.iay auire. xners ,7 : . . n . :i tha
were many new end novel features hev- tclay list hat are likely to take the
er before seen in a circus parade. ' tea.r before long. . . '
Snmfl of the hew' ami i,n mm acts of The trrp will prove to be one of the
the ireus to be seen in three
two elevated stages are the
Mrs. Oiuco Kolf Hibblei takes the
lead todav in the Capital Journal's con
test in which a trip to the San Francis
co in 1015 will be given to the candi
date having the largest number ot votes
on January 1, 101.5.
. A ''number of changes were made in
the standing of those who are striving
to win and some new names appear in
Lola Pe Long ....
Kurill Buroker
I'earl Zinh .....
Hazel Cooley
Mil I red Cooper .......
Grace Craig
Beatrice Crawford .'.
Miss Staley
Hazel Johusoii ........
Martha Kopplein ....
Maude McLaughlin
I.uanna Brown
hbSL'tt Marion, Indiana,' who have
founding the summer in Salem
I Hf will leave for their home tomoi;
jiw, stopping - several weeks - with
I frindi ii Kansas, expecting to reaph
j iWr lone some time in October.
Glints asked for lust evening were:
I lis Mrs. J. E. Hoekett. Enos I'res-
. SiinB. Mr; and Mrs. Svl-
MrrMMtl, Miss Bessie Hhinn, Miss
lik Presaall, Clifton Ross and A. E.
mailt ' .
peered-' that it would be-earlyy-but: the
dry rweatber-baa-delaycd.-' Hm-yafdsri
will; not - get started until about the
7th f -the month; '; . ? ":':'
. .. . . . . .... i ' i .
): . '
.tk.. ;.. '.-.v - ak
. - .':'. '' '-:''
4c ;
personals -.t..l:. t-..:. c-'..-..-
.A -Miss- Esther-Hines of Silverton spent
the 'first-of the week as the guest of
Mrs.C!lara Bliss on Fourteenth street.-'
Mr.-and Mrs. U. O. Holt left for
the classes of Dr., Fluno, lecturer. -
; Mr; and- Mrs. O. W.;Coolidge and Mr.
and Mrs.' S. M'Doerfter ' havei ' oe.io:
among the Salem people at'Seaside'tliW
season. - ;-'
. Miss Grace' BabCTeV is spwditrg her ? """V?", i h,rt failure, was taken ta
two-wecks varatkHta'tfrr 8u,lav from his home
racilic Xjogcmg comerenee 10 ue neiut- -
rubbing them together and muttering
about it being, a slow way to start a
fire.i Then he glanced at the newspa
per clippings anoV pictures and bought
a tifeket -for Grants Pass.V . . ' ..'
i If his friends, see soraetn lag .kind of
human looking wearing besides willow
bark, a sweet smile, they will know
that Siegmund is home and enjoyed' his
back-to-nature stunt.. . ; - .
Alexander . Hamilton Churchill, ' who
nin.l at 11:45 o'clock yesterday .rnorB;
fing at the Willamette Sanatorium I rom
iss Myrtle Eleanor Driver, duugh
' f I. D. Driver, who with her par
"t its beea spending the summer at
'"port, entertained a number of her
nu fwads at that place recently, the
waaon being the fourth birthday of
al hostess. Those who celebrat
" Hi her .' ni v t;.i
loSft.! i.t Chap-
Herbert Fawk at thetr-ourrtry pld.re ia
Polk eoillity. ,MT. FaWk wHl b.V're-'
ificrnbered-as -:Mis' BdrraMontgDiW-ry.-
August 27 to 29.
James Mott.- so'n of Df.'arid Mrs"; W.
8. Mott.is expected -to arrive in Salern
shortly to spend his vacation with: his
parents and friends.'" The definite date
of his home coming' is- not known bnt
will probably be sometime' next week.
) at Hopmere, formerly snown as Chem-
A. a iit i.l -.'- .. .b '.leketa. several miles north of this city.
vinit in Portland oa business. . -.'..: - ! " was thought his chances for recoyeiy.
pageant entitled "The Wizard' Prince
if Arabia," a gorgoous scene or pan
tomimic action telling a beautiful miry
legend.- One of the bright, particular
features of the performance is the tid
ing of Signor Bagonghi, a dwarf eques
trian, whose antics en the bavk of beau
tiful horsed kept the crowds-- in a
laughing -mood. A : pame of baseball
played by elephants, the Royal Mikado
Troupe' of 1 Athletes, ' John.'pueander
Turkey, trot eouines, nnd more than tuo
other circus acts. The menagerie' of
the Barnum & Bailey show is without
doubt the greatest zoological collection
iu America. It would, take days to sat
isfy one's desire to study all. the won
ders therein. A-congress of freaks is
au attractive feature of the aide show.
. After tonight's performance, the big
tents will -come dowu-and the circus
will, go on its merry way," making a
real, . wholesome holiday wherever it
niav stop. . '
. . fen thousand people were at the
grounds this morning to see the "big
Trinw and' "lost delightful tour, that could, be I Bern.c, . Banter ....
srXula HtBwJ the most experienced trav- hu h e ine-
3 P ce Vr.: The following are some of the U a Jutiim
The household hetpers your i
J1", Sersld and Maude Fields of Port- "eetfa can be found quick-
Dillion Rounds, of Hamilton. Oregon,! were oodr but early yesterday he took
-x ii. ur:i. -it. vui u. ,m ft turn for tae worse ana uica luimnuj.
deenTan io onesday had been aufCring f;om his disease
is.reported as doing well. . --Wr several years, mougn ame s
. liss. Lena Huckestein is visiting j about. . , - Vi,MI
friends in Portland. She will be gone His children, Walter. W estle Airgll
a week I Vernon and Gladys Evelyn, of Hopmere,
- MissMollie McCrum, of Portland, is! were notified by Mrs t'hurchill,-who
visiting relatives here. . . j was with her husband to the last, and
m, Mr W. M .lohnstnn. motor-: thev arrived yesterday - afternoon on
and Columbia- counties today to make Grove, arrived msi '"B"""' """"!
an inspection of the forests in these; charge. f the remains. The, body . will
counties and to visit the fire wardens be sent to oDnglas county ami the
and patrolmen in the field. There are, burial will take place near the old home
of them is dangerous. I Crossing the plains in 18.)4 from Iowa
Miss Margaret Koontz has arrived I Mr. Churchill was among the early set
froin Portland and will be a trimmer j tiers' of Oregon. He made his home in
with Mrs. L. O. Curtis in the latter ' Cole 'a valley in Douglas county where
millinery store in the Masonic building, he lived lor many years. - -
A. J. Willcox, of Englewood suburb, years agoIr. Churchill with
III ' 'i -..iru numDailCB, OI i ly
fcu and, Nina OlrXd, I Ada.
Daddy's Bedtime
tops" go up. And net all of them were
youngsters, . as. one juvenile cried out,
"Whv. oere 8 Pa!
"Thought I'd-come out and see if
you were all right;' ' muttered the par
ent blushing.
. The concluding part of Creation is
by no means inferior to the. preceding
features. Tracing from the days of tho
Apostles down to tho present time the
history of the human family is graph
ically portrayed.
Jn the days of the early Christians
the persecutions are presented in a irnlliei Oibson ....
, null-Bill way. Among umao w : Violet Corv
! 7blin. .nH
'"'"J Around.
ktvji y
The Baby
Among the
Ice Cakes.
TCttemnLJ.USt before seb001 closw1' tha-t the people who lived
SiSi."!'. er. the luckiest." said Jack. "What did
' urn '
"fc4-diwDt-!he. Tarlet:r of weather you get without Its i
UlfNpirt where; who wa"s. Laura Bradford Bogart bet-ore
, !he conducted a tourist hotel during the her marriage and t'r ch.l.Ucn moved
'. , j to Oregon City and later to Hopmere,
thii.os included in the itinerary
One first-class round-trip fare from
Salem to . San . Francisco and return.
Standard Pullman berth to and from
San .Francisco. . Hotel accommodation
at Saw Francisco for 14 days. A steam
er trip on San Francisco bay including
. ' . ..... . . i ... i xr....
a trip to VftliejO an.l Mare jbibuu
Yard. A trip to XI. -lamaipnis u
Mnit Woods. A trip to Oakland, and
HVkelev. where the lauious Greek the
ater and Idora Park will be seen. The
tour includes several other out-of-town
trips, besides admissions -to the fair
grounds and tickets to amusement at
tractions Within the grounds.
, If vnnr name is not .among too can
didates printed beldw.-you can fill out
the nomination blank printed in tnis
issue an.l bring-or .mail it to tnis oi
fice.: The only -effort required to get
tha votes ia to ask lor sales checks or
receipts from a number of Salem s best
stores. These sales checks' or receipts
may: then be exchanged for votes at
tki. office on tho basis of one vote for
every five cents shown by the sales.
check to have been purchased.
The names of the candidate with
the standing of each, follow:
Mrs. Grace Eoff Hibblcr........
Jean Mclnturff
Kniiline Cline
Itenska Swart ..........
Celia Wilson
Arline Ohm
Marie Bolingcr
Hetii Ryan
Myrtle Herdlein
Marguerite Ostrander .....
FJustis Davis
Viviaui nargrove
Marie Schwab, ...... -.a...-;.-..
Nancy Skaifo
(lrac'..Ta.vlor ........
Violet M.. Barker
era George ,
Magdalena Tuffll
Alma Hall :
Ruth Fugate .V..r.
Vera Martin
tIiotta Penn '..
Silvia Miiier
Gladys Gray :
Mary Guyer
Marie Evans :
Miss Orville Baker
.. 1007
... 1045
... lOOrt
.:. 1000
.:. iooi)
... 100D
-100t '
... 1000
... 1000
.... 10011 " .
... 1000
,.. 1000 v-
.... 1000 : ,
'.. 1000v
.... lboo
.:.'.' iooo
..... 1000
' 77-j . .
"'so :
.750 .
.:...-' 730 -750
' "SO
'I 750
films of the stoning of Stephen, and tbe
martyrdom of the Christians in the day
of Nero.
In Part IV is a magnificent pano
rama, the only known reproduction of
...... 1740i
1 41101
1422 ;
13(55 j
1320 i
Mildred Athcrton J-""
Margaret White u)
Beryl Xecdham H'8
The following is a list of the. firm
whoso sales checks or receipts may bo t ,
exchanged for votes at the Caiutal Jour,
ual office: , . , . ,v, ; ' ;
Stockton's . .. .., , , :
The Toggery . . , - ; .
' Salem Electric Co.' h , ..' . ,
' Salem ( Igar Factory . . ' ,. '" .. :
Imperial Furniture Coinpauy.
Salem Laundry Co.
Wiley B. Allen Co.
The t'lobe Theatre. ,
The Uoyal Bakery (bread wrappors) '
A. C. lievoe Shoes . , , , ,
The Spa
The French Shop
Hauser Bros.
Trover & Weigel, Photographers
Yokohama Crockery & Tea Co.
Vick Bros. Garago
Salem Fish and Poultry Market :
Indepen. lent Meat Market
C. M. Roberts Grocery
Poisal and Shaw Grocery . .
C. M. Kppley Grocery.
The Highland Grocery
Reddaway's Cash Grocery
.1. L. Busick & Sou Grocery
Dr. Mark Skiff Dental Office
J. E. Hoekett, Piano Tuucr
Sulcm lee Co.
come from a ell-
learning nnd bulld-
fremen 71, M the otl,er ntmr tbat
., ... .f ch t 1o things, like le
mzr "iimiiu? now ..... . .. ..
. - weBwnt n "er nine uoys" questions, nor in.
kfi,ll,tlFT,cl1 l"ckler " wna for a little white baby in tbl
Zm klmo bab amng the lee cakes.
Sic bram.u. . en 11 ve in snow Imncw ,.n i,
,"' U'T .. ,i. ' ji
With a motor load of camping para-; where he was engage, iu
i,o.niio m on,l Mra Frnnk i LV' mercnaniuse uubuilts.
Liff and' baby, of 041 North Capital failing health Mr. Cl.urch.il so!d us in
s reet ! left today for their hop yards terest in tne l opmra .tore but ,0B-
. tlliueu niBRHln mo hu.i-v- i ;
vered. you will remember. There nre Ice
-" LBttTK an it
L?tJnB- th habi i 7lTaaa- The whole-family have to wear furs tc'
WMIUsd l,t; ,: lue rest- "e looks very funny, with his
8"t nose anil r ., . im'- ni"l his funny beady black eyes
n,, knw fh ..f ;brown cheeks H' ' a homely baby
,w"3 rm'ii. '""
tJ. : "urses or Korrnnt. . .. .....
t ft. ' W rery old 1 r an on ,nat D""7 rou mny De
done nn m' ! r1U"S ana nW'naT.nrouiia the floor
'I taamfa sna J h '""' llke n llttle ro,lnl Potato, and his
N I . n other children l,n ... i. I
""w. l ' "S Eever .1,. . w vuiciiii uui i sll-l vi.i
ij ' 1 Cy re use(1 t0 teppln over babies In
"ilL BluUber i. ,7ma. hlra n 'tilng of blubber to sue
that bhd.w .""f mMt froul a M- ' tb
. At rxr, Pnttnin TllPV Will ItR 170 DG
for three weeks. The Lyniffs have a mini
large ranee there with 80 acres Planted- tjegES AMERICANS
in hois. . i TO START FOR HOME
,rS- i-.,K"8 V :l MZ v.".l'l Washington, Aug. 27.-Ame. leans .
its kind in the world. Jt is produced: tititt4tt4ttt 1 1 1 1 tT-ff4f rrt-;
from the famous painting, "Nero at the i . . 1
Circus.. " .This painting was first ex-j
hibited in America at tho Ch'cago ex-:
position. Subsequently it was destroy
ed by fire. There arc a few of the:
ninny attractive features of Part IV j
which will coutinue nt the Grand opera j
liouse until Friday night, Creation is
always free, and the public is cordially j
invited. Two exhibitions daily, at J:
and S p. m.
Grand finale, Saturday night.
afternoon 10 leave as
thft VflllOV.
are guests at the Marion. .'.J State Brvan this afternoon
Z. G. Kiggs is expected nome xom .)0!tt)il)le. -
from a three weeks' visit at Cotfee, ,,,' , :ts m.crtanities," said'
California. - ' . . . ' Snr-rptarv' Krvan. "and it is not advis-
I bv Secretary of i DATES FOB Ui-uiJNU
I ny rstcreiary. oi x-wtottik at STATE FAIR '
Dates for closing entries for the
Oregon state fair: Horses, September:
that blul.h.P ....I 1 .""" u """"V a"u lu!
tr ju.-ii us in urn fla rnn fhillrnn n-nnlil
. " J . I III . Jm uauvu v uu
5"" ' tor enT. ! n"er bad nv candy, and be never had
t ' t Clttlr
. 'wvita I
uJ",M,tp0 tabr fn, T. . m 0r ""rtl'lng like that But he Is a
i nnm.i . "e ,s fatistJed with n-h..f h hiu.. i,
wwd. i r snea witi
. TTtuft "A1"rtn. nml lnt Is not alway. tbe case with lit
"S?Ao' PxflLT froni ,w P,npe "o nother where tbe
"at,!! t hi, 'rnJi e la ,ltt,e lik '" toy
.tal,,!, hMeu L n r For ,he Ek,1o l'r I" rnuch like
r'f.S , V9 lnht rhii . r. 00 " p;,t of. tbe worl
uttj 7 lth mA . UUJ " n ithi w. .... ... , . .
Wwe he would
Willi. ..
"".no; co.
nd other
great time, for they give him one or
swallow tbem If he were not
A free trip to the Panama-Pacific Exposition in
1915. One nomination only allowed each contestant.
Must be used within 10 days from date, Aug. 20, 14
progressive candidate tor tho United , --j m ,d tlic foroe v a iargc , department, wptemuer . a h
States senate, is a guest at the Manon j to defjnite fiRur(... nim, be on the "'. 'f !(llitor t)f tho )apor, ...a his former reporter, then becoming a full-fledged
Harvey Beckwitli,- oi I'-ortianu, known, however, that the re- u vmv j " - .-. ... . VValt,,r B. Mav, it is Mated, j reporter, lie was appointed assistant
the Marion. . . . , ,PVe sinus of the North sea fleet were , ' ' l, V,..en named to succeed Thomas. , city editor to succeed Henry E. Kced,
B. R. Nichols, of Portland, is register- marines for the expedition. ( -rnrrnn Tfr.RTftVS ' "T am leaving nowf-paper work and now county assessor, and became city
" r ' i ntiiof"". jj..v- i . - . .-. .I........ ii!..jii. I. v...u. inn
.. V .. . . '. . . - -..nstiiiir mv fortune wnn ir. riainry, .,
... ... ... . . .1...1....... A
Mrs. Leone McGuire and son, uwig.it, y- All,cricltUB to., stay longer in it;' came, epiemner - - , .
of Los Angeles, are visiting Mrs. Mc- f f Ameneana y Hcptc.n ber 14; poultry,
Quire's aunt, Mrs. D. Matthews, on!.fcmope. j v . . September 21; eugenics department, . .
Winter street. - atfl mACC rDCMrU "I'teiubcr 27, 0 p. in.; bees and honey,!;
VVteI.T .T;:. . x.nA Omiro.'rrDMAN TRUSS tKr.rel.H e itemher- 27: agricultural products,, ,.
ninn ,?.f s at the Marion' ' ' , He . ember 28; ladies' textiles, Septem-j
man statr, is at me manuu. rrnn-A from Taae One.) ' :. ' -. .... i.. oi. .inatriat '
-.it;..: u.h w nf ...rorn i irptrnn. i .v... - i hit at . uri. o,-i'i.-in"-i ..-.
wiiiu.m .luiimr. v . n r
aA a trtn farinn
' 1 1 1 . . . A 1
AV. Eagles and M. McAlpin, ot Al
bany, are at the Marion.
Fred Hansen, assistant superinten
dent of the Southern Pacific isilroad,
is at the Marion. " .
W. P. Powers, of the Oregon Electric,
is registered at the Marion.
Lille Not Taken. . '. : J ''J Me-nr.mn,.n Rt,tt. to'.-.id Mr. Leiter. "because of my per- In making known Mr. Letters reaig-
London. Aug. 27.-L.Ho had not been "' w7m Ha8nley,, Campaign , sonnl regard for him. I have formed a . nation, L. IJl'r, the managing e l
taken, but there whs severe fighting In -S gtiJe, Senator. ! strong personal attachment for Mr. tor, saysr Mr Le.ter resigns after
its vicinity, the French embassy here lor Unltca rates senator. , . Hauley, and honestly believe that he is years of faithful and efficient service.
t Auff. 27. lour
.. .....! Indnv
ft il in... 11' . - J .mil j .
The conflict, though Woody, was de
scribed as "advance guard .skirmish
. . - I., lifivn ended
inc. ano 11
I ',. . ..nl
Austrian i in a ucman reurr ...... m
Tie emlmssy cuura -
cruisers and eight torpedo i boars tocay j h; eit wouW not be de- I "
began a bombardment of Budua, an : port . that stacked-it in Uitcr al
Austrian Adriatic port recently cap-! fended if the f,om the
. . i iL. lln.nnnrrrinn. but fled I force. ... ... it. I roironll..
,x n ru inn.,ii..Jitnf Msstor a timber, and it elected win; inn c....nKe .u nommi, u.
lor I. Iilicu emii s B..UIHUI. . - j r .. i -t, !:. l,.,, diiimio.I hpHildiiiirtcrs
In announcing his resignation, Mr. juaa ..., aa.e , f " " w the ,.
so announces his retirement , paign. ..,.. ,. i,.,,.,! i,tln u-hre he will h
.Mr. l.eiter naB oecn m mo .iHi..rj R .... .
i...a i, ht Vnntenenns. Dut neu
at the approach of the Anglo-French
squadron, according to a news agency
dispatch received here from Ccttinje.
newspaper business at present
.,, nnin in the es- ! regardless of the result of the approach-
..mn nnrtheast
distance south of the BV.giaa frontier.
he Oreconian for almost 14 years,
He started first as college man wnen
inir iioiiiicui cuiiiiiuik". .. -- - . , ,
Thomas, for several years assistant city a student at Stanford university and
glud to see friends and supporters of
Mr. Hanley, and also have them ad
dress him. .