Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 26, 1914, Page THREE, Image 3

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Held Socialists Were '! No Better-Than
Christiana ' 'Thinks Nation Should
Have a Court, and An Army to En
force Its Desires. .
j Colonel? C. E. 6. Wood, of Portland,
in a street speech here last muht pro
testing against war. said that the best
way to put an end to the European con-
. tk. Capital
I " A a.
"couvcyed a
! irge nun ucr -" ",;7 in! oiae their arms, and to coninel them
from eaiem.io me bucuUiu i. -. . . ;
Mrs. U. t. ft.uru to
' , A" , .,,! friHn.U f 1't was to starve the armies Into cast-
!l'U- In .t the hme of the for
.ittober"'!! from half lt
jlis uene viro
Wd Mills, M. i.e,
.l the Miss' Oo tra.
K "
Howard W
1 i- Ali California, who is
t as their guest, are
!S outing at the v.t.ou. cm.
twrl. v , . t
fiKiu McOUrW". sr., daughter.,
i W LKthel, Hazel, and son, Nieol, are
Newport, where they have
Indiag the summer at their rot
MeOikMst will motor
hnm of Air. -and
ilay, who gathered in celebration or
the Kurti 's golden wedding anniver
sary. They are among t.ie pioneer resi
dents of Salcin and are well known
throughout tha state. ,
, .
Hop, W. H. Downing and party, who
have been enjoying a motor -"trip
through the Cascade mountains,. were
guests for several days" at Belknap
- , -
. Mrs.' John H. Lewis and smfll daugh
ters, Margaret and Elizabeth, returned
home yesterday after a five weeks' out
ing at Bay Ocean, where they occupied
a cottnge. .
Mr. Lewis joined them for the first
week of their stay.
jtu friends today.
yii, Nannie Malvin, whose marring
HLtoKrtpe will be an eveui oi
Wber, wis the inspiration for an at
mtinliin shower, given last night
,...i.,-,k Mr. Henrv Bosfhardt, Mr
Rrnwn and Miss Chriatabcl
Je(tt were hontessea,- entertaining a
iwberof Mis Malvin s friends at the
loas of Mn. Bosfhardt.
1 t .
Complimenting Dr. and Mrs. H. D.
liibiU, of Kimball college, Mrs. R. S.
Mlaee entertained with nn informal
limer party last night, laying covers
,1 (oi Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Bumes.
Mr. jnd Mrs. Thomas B. Kay, Miss
Jlarjorie Kay, Mr. and Mrs. Hurry
Oliager, Dr. and Mrs, Charles H. Rob
ntsoa and children have returned from
l one thousand-mile motor trip through
(ultra and southern Oregon, having
bm away several weeks. Their jour
iej n made over the McKenzie high-
j, through the McKenzie pass,
through Bend to Crater lake, the return
(rip bring made by way of the l'acifu!
kighwaj through Medford. They weft
moopanied by Mr. and Mrs. E. T.
Barnes and children, Ruth and Ralph,
ilo wr unable to return home with
iiea owing to being held at Oilell lake
n auto repairs.
Mrs. Russell Stephens, of Portland,
who has been a week-end guest of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs, 0. L. McPeek,
has returned to. her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen recently took
ui) their residence in Portland in nn
attractive new 'bungalow, located at
1514 Thompson street. : ' '
' Mr. and Mrs. (Carles Soos, of 1519
North Nineteenth street, have had as
their guests tho pest week. Mr. Soos'
sisters, Mrs. V. II. Bruemmor and Miss
Helen Soos, of Taeoma, Wash.- Miss
Martha Killies, a cousin f Mr. Soos, of
Portland, has also been entertained by
Mr. and Mrs. J, C. Nelson and little
son, Thomasj arrived yesterday to make
their home in. Salem, having lormerly
repided in Wenatchee, Wash. Mr. Nel
son is, the new principal of the Salem
high school. Thoy are guests at the
home of Superintendent and Mrs. 0. M.
Elliott, but will make their home Boon
at 491 North Cottage. ' . .
, . t
Mrs. Linn Baldwin and Mrs. Lloyd
Hauser were in Portland yesterday to
meet Mrs. Baldwin s daughter, Mrs,
Frank Hatfield, of Palo Alto, Cat., who
arrived by steamer, and who will be the
guest of her mother for several weeks.
to look for something to eat.
He declared; however, that there was
no nope for that solution, for the other
countries would find a way to deliver
them food at enormous prices. .
The. speaker said he was disan-
poiuted in the Socialist joining with th.i
monarens in the conflict, and declared
that they had been misled by a false
a use of patriotism;-" He thought' there
Were two kinds of Socialists one that
would fight in an emergency for the
fatherland, and the other- that con
sidered all, people brothers, and the
rights of man superior to anything else.
The folio win it are a few of Cnlnnel
1 Wood's epigrams:
, When all this fighting is over, with
hundreds of thousands of men slain,
plenipotentiaries of the countries now
at war will sit down at a table and
settlefthe whol thing. They will set
tle then what might just as well have
been settled before tlje war started."'
"Did the "plain people make one de
mum! for this warf They knew noth
ing about it. If this war teaches any
thing it should teach disarmament. 1
have been a soldier and I have seen
men with pistols 'and guns and Bowie
knives, and I never saw an armed
bully expecting a fight but what he got
it." a'.. . -, . .
"The nations were ready for war and
that is what caused it." ';. ,v
"One war paves the way for another.
Germany was prepared for it and' knew
France wanted revenge. " "
. "When the flag means leading on to
human freedom it should be honored
nml revered, but when used as a blind
idol to inflame young men to fight .for
capitalistic interests it should not be."
. E. L. ('annon, of Salem, state" secre
tary of the socialist party, spoke, fol-j
lowing the address of Colonel Wood.
He contended that the speaker erred
when he stated that some of the Euro
pean socialist aided their respective
governments.. ' Ho. has proven from of
ficial communications from the socialist
parties' 'of -France,'-Germany, Austria,
England,' tfiat tlvey"opposed the war
to the last minute, and he fears for the
worst, when tha criticism of secrecy is
removed. There were between 500 and
7U0 at the meeting,
'T''';"-''"T'',:- i
TOKIO, Aug. 26. The steamship
Minnesota, on which the German am-
bassador.and his staff will sail for Se-!
attle, changed, her tailing date today !
from August 27 to August 29. j
' COPENHAGEN, via London Aug. 26.
That RuSsla' i invasion of east Pms-:
sia threatened a panic In Germany wag ;
admitted in Berlin advices received ;
here today by way of the frontier. I
Many ' rich x Germans are fleeing to,
Scandinnvia, .
LONDON, Aug. 26. A Russian and !
German naval clash in the Baltic sea
near the entrance td the Gulf of Fin- j
land was reported, ' today In a- news
agency dispatch received here from
Stockholm. The official military inf or-:
mation bureau could not confirm it. j
LONDON, Aug. 26 -Rallying against
the invaders, Austrian troops have de
feated the Russians in a seven-hours'
battle in Austrian . Poland, according
to a report received here today from
Vienna. The story was unconfirmed. '
WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 A dispatch
received here today from Minister Mor
genthau at Constantinople said rumors
had reached thore of threatened Mus
sulman attacks on Christians in Euro-,
pean and Asiatic Turke.
' Government 'of ficials, however, re-,
fused to regard the situation as serious, j
stating there they had plenty of troops ;
to protect the Christians in case of an
r attempted massacre.
T LONDON,. Aug. 28. In response to A
call by General Baden H. Powell for
100,000 Boy Scouts to d semi-military
duty, in Groat Britain, the boys were
volunteering today in thousands.
PARIS, Aug. 26. "Advices from the
front report a great battle, progressing
favorably for the allies," announced
the war office at noon today.
? 5Tou're &oing to think "What kind of a range do I want?" The next
question to arise in your mind' will be "What do I want in my. new
stove that the old one lacks?" -Most buyers of ranges have their minds
poorly made up, if at all, regarding essential characteristics.
Ask These Questions First
1. "Is this range a good baker?"
2. "Can I heat all of the top without heating
up the rest of the range?"
3. "Can all the heat be centered on the reser
voir if hot water is wanted quickly?"
4. "All ranges are claimed to be fuel savers,
but does this one REALLY save fuel?" .
5. "What kind of fuel does it burn?"
6. "Willthe bottom: of the oven warp like
most ranges?" '"-' v
7. "Will the nickel remain bright?"
8. "Is it a good make?"
9. "Is it guaranteed?"
v'You will find that all of these questions can be answered to your en
' tire satisfaction. .. .
Jp hr-"" W- -i .f
LONDON, Aug. 26. "We have no
official information," 'announced the
Belgian legation here today, "that the
Germans have captured any of the Na
mur forts. We feel certain that a ma
jority of thorn are Intact, though the
Germans undoubtedly passed through
the town." . .;
FOLKESTONE, Eng., Aug. 26.
Steamships arriving from Ostend today
reported British warships off that port.
It was expected they would shell the
Germans if they attempted to occupy
"the city.
Hon. and Mrs. Hal D. Patton are
home from a three weeks' honeymoon
trip through Cannda, most of the time
being spent at Banff, at Luke Louise.
After September 15th, Mr: and Mrs.
Patton will receive their friends t. the
Pattoa residence, 883 Court street.
'.;.'" ?
Miss? ftiifif. toms dfi'nnter--6f;'Mr.
and Mrs. D. M. . Evans, who is, well
known in Salem, was the recipient of
a pleasant pre-nutial surf jise shower
at the homo of her parents cast of
j Salem Monday.
I "Motnriricr frnm ! Snlpm " . W0rn Afvn
Nor of the Enalish Kvuneelical i
Mr. ind Mrs. John Shipp returned
joyed I ten-days' outing.
' ; t t '
(nations are heing extended to
lfl-uil Mrs. E. 0. Hornschuch unon
tWJiitk of a little daughter, who. will
miea ftaonu. Mr. llornsehiica is
'lirdi on Chemcketa street.
Mr. mj Mrs. B. K. Lawson and Miss
WW Lilly ire entertaining Mrs. J. (j.
Johnsoa and dauehter. Marguerite, nf
-'jtUjeflrovs, add Miss Louise Griffin
J Intern Oregonj as house guests.
Hi Griff ltt will lme for her home tQ.
www. Mrs. Lawson, son, B. Kenton,
iH Mis-s Lilly vjere guests of the
mom in Cottage Grove recently,
M upon their return home aecompa-
5VT-Mr' Lawson an(1 Mis9 Fern
afy w" joined hy Mr. and
rv Johnson and daughter, Captain II.
8. Metdf Md Mr9, Grey all 0 Cot
Urove, in an auto trip through the
- ...v. vuuilUT,
1. 1 Jle,sure of X',r8- Johnson and
' '"f . Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B.
UioV "" t0 Sale'. enter-
with in informal dinner yester-
Mrs. W. H. Cook. , They were joined
by the Messrs. Hauser in the evening,
who, with them, vrerc guests at an old-
I fashioned dinner. ' v. ' . '
I 1 Miss -Evans has been a teacher in
the Scio public schools, -for several
years, and her marriage to Marion Ar
nold, of that place, will be celebrated
sometime in October.
The action brought by Tong Lee
against J. E. Sutherland and Clydo'
G. Schredel was dismissed by: Judgi?
Galloway of department No.- 2 of the
circuit court yesterday, as the case woa
settled out of court.
The-dedication of that' Swedish-Nor
wegian peace monument, which took
place a week ago last- Sunday, is not
likely to have any effect ' so far as
shortening the war is concerned.
-fC 3fC jjc sfc 3C 3fC 3fC 9(C 3C 3fC dfS .
Oft jC SQ 3C 9c 5! SE 3.3C9!C3lC3ii3fC3fl.9j(9C
Mrs. A E Finley with her little sons
left for her home in Corvallis after a
visit with ber "parents Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Butte. . . ,
'-C. W. hidings and wife, of Eugene,
were here today to attend the funeral
of Mr. hiding's brother, Elmer hidings,
killed in an automobile (.ccident near
Boise, Idaho, Saturday night.
Mr. anil Mrs. M. (,'orkle, of Portland,
arrived yester lay in , Salem to attend
the Carniichael funeral. The Corklos
are related to Mrs. Kate Bell, daughter
of the lute John (Jarmichael.
Colonel C. E, S. Wood was registered
at the Marion yesterday.
G. F. Livesloy, of Portland, a brother.
of T. A. Livealey, is a Salem visitor.
S. B. Vincent is at. the Marion
o. i. Owen and son, are recent, ar
rivals at the arion.
W; W.tGriggs, of Seattle, is registered
at the Marion. . ' ' f
- v . j: . ueiiitea, vi x uriinmi, 10 at kite
TJ. G. Shipley is transacting business
in Portland. .
William McLaughlin and his Nephew,
Dennis Donovan, left for the Hot Lakes
this morning, for the benefit of Mr. Ms
Laughlin' health.' Ho has been suf
fering wiin a severe uiibck ui raeuiuu
I tism for the past month.
secretary of the btate
If You Want to See Something Inter-'
estiBg .Take the Youngsters to the
ui; in Early and " See the Circus"
Unload. , '.' , . !
ddy's Bedti
What h the
Biggest Nuisance
On Earth?
Now for the circus the Banium and
Bailey Greatest Show on Karth. The
several trains bearing the circus com
pany will arrive in this city sometime :
early Thursday morning.
The opening performance tomorrow i
afternoon will be preceded by a grand !
street parade starting from the lot at
10 o'clock in the morning. Tho proces-!
sion comprises a series -of allegorical
representation, five herds of elephants,
four droves of camels, open cages of
lions, tigers and other rare animals, an
interesting horse show, seven bands of
music, including the grotesque clowuj
band, and a world of amusing features.;
As an especially added feature to the
circus performance in the main tent
there is introduced this year, a mighty
spectacle entitled "The Wizard Prince
of Arabia", the greatest dramatic '
production in the history of amuse-;
ments in America. It is produced on a
stage bigger than a hundred ordinary
thpntrpA nml with n. I'MHt nf 1 250 chfll'
P. F. Garnett, secretary of the State aMa a u -hnr.m. a hnlli.t of 230
Industrial accident commission will re-j (iancin g girls, and 700 horses. The
turn tonight from Portland where heista ; e(ni.,pea with a trainload of
went this, morning on a-short business; Bpeeja scenery.
tr'P ' .- , . ' ' I It would take much space to tell of
Mrs. 3. G, Beigclinan, who lives at!the ,nany a(.tg that are to 1)e seen -m
940 Mill street, left Salem this morn- tne show, but among the features to
lug on me 0 o ciock ureguu xiieciric
of Portland. She will visit in the Bose
City for several days with relatives
In the ordinary range the heat just half envelopes the oven, whereas
in the LAUREL it fairly wraps itself around and up and down and
across the oven before it goes into the chimney "loops the loop,"
you might say. And this means a uniformly heated' oven QUICK,
and the good baker you are looking for.
I It Will Save You One-third the Fuel
Because of the twin-flue construction it will save one-third of the fuel
and retain the heat one-third of the time longer than it stays in the or
' SURELY A SAVING OF IT. There isn't anything that will burn in
a store at all, that you can't burn in a LAUREL hard coal,' wood,
coke. LAUREL ranges are equipped with duplex grates which are re
versible for coal and wood.
The twin-flue construction is so planned and placed underneath the
center of the oven that it acts as a brace and absolutely prevents any
warping or cracking so common with oven bottoms in most ranges.
' CONSTRUCTION which yfiu would scarcely care about going into be-
cause they are technical and would mean very little toyou, because of
your unfamiliarity with the stove industry, but, as a matter of fact,
they mean just about what STERLING does on silver. COME IN AND
and friends.
He Dearly Loved to
. -i .1 L.
12? the biBSest nulsnnee on earth, next to children?"
ddy laucheii no h -ii.j
joor little headr ,cl",ru- 7 oertr, wnnt put mat wiu
chiuire" whmhn SUy ye9,erday toat " there was any greater nuisance
tokMjwhw',? aCtlnS 8Dd bbavlnS a bera did Botnetlmes.
ettwuh'tw.rfi1137' "perhaM 1 co"'a tell her. Children are like the
"e4,tat Mien then V T?- when tUey are 8 they are very good in
, "" oonker rn , teJ nre borrld-' But know a greater nukmice
'e,to kNp thmll Z k 1Se- 11 08ed t0 the fa8hlon for 8ome fnm
oiM either sen , most of tne Pe0P'e Krw siclt of their bnraain
"j matt Ure rn L, r. 7 or g,ve blm awy. 'or the little beast would
'f'soneo 'or ''Is owners. . . .....
QU wm. n Was brougbt nome y na vmnt to.hl
. wj. -
"H Wj. ..... u"Diy- That family Will nlwnri rompmhor Dunn
hni.. .J, uu Pceable and cunnlnir when he wns Brst brouchl
' a,o. unnnrinnnl hiah TTflnn7o p. i Tj..u,i.l.,i-ii tT Tne cin'US uirim n iiubv va-
wax, spread lightly pert; tne ucitoes iroupe, equniunsuc pioits on a swuuj ."j, T. f
before rctirine and re- niarvcis just rrom ineir rtcnin iruun m t0 surpass an iru.""n ' . : y
. .nn,ni.t.iv i. nff thn di..! Neapolitans, aerial artists on the triple equestrian arts.
dr;7 r T1,e Wei88 tro''l,c Ba"11"" B"'1 "il..y'will his year
id sk.n. Get an ounce of m old" worl.l acrobatic marvel.. Twotgive a street parade wh.eh is sa.d to
1'$ LJSZ S S troupe, of Chinese aerobats and "WJ I the most, pretentbus eort ever
terror i ' 8 peUra ulm yery much.
"u oue or tue worst acting monkeys tuat
I T "T from .11
knM.7 '"W Would (In .i.L . .
! whfI1 thet nains-the nice lace cnrtnlns-atl tied op In
w!d . ls- u wag Into a!l kinds of mlsehipf all da Ion
' uis oeu in the n!"ht a t,. ...
1 wnfB thet . V xu"""1!,-ine nice mce cnrtnlns-ail tiefl op in
y wou'u thP v " brn8b t0 brns" tneir hnlr tbey woal.l find it
II... i, .. 'uen know n,- . . . . . . ..
niuins thin . , ' wmi Uy anu niauen u somewnere. ue
2L h, 1? mm "nl lose so the would never Bud
'"nttleh,ardn,.7wonia chase him to nnnlsh him he. would .run on.
-ui, 9nM - i".u-e mat was convenient nod perhaps smash
.Ltt, "wed Tchl 81 ,hem-k TP-' ' " ' ' "
i4rB... . '"hnse the rrw,t .... , .
ran t .
jump un ...
tnl.la ... J '... .
- -enq ,0. i rt - wreeco use an owl, wnne iwnny
"t t5. 41 ow fllehf T " coiiin. dui aoajenow or otner
ww fer ,.uun'i frnm t i. i .
some, valuable
rl,?'i frehnw'nVv,' bnrjrtars In the house
t PMbabi, eom..h . m "- la utrnw. o they gave Danny
"The freckling, discoloring or rough
ening to which most skins are subject
at this season
rid of. Mercolizcd
over the face
moved in the morning with soap
nt nnv
fective way of banishing tan, freckles
or other cutaneous defects, i-ittle sum
particles come off each day, so the pro
cess itself doesn't even temporarily
mar the complexion, and one soon ac
quires a brand new, spotless, girlishly
beautiful face.
Wrinkles caused by -weather, worry
oi! illness, are best treated by a simple
solution of powdered saxolite, 1 ot., dis
solved in" pint witch hazel. Bathing
the face in this produces a truly marvelous-transformation.
woirixr buspectIu
Oregon City, Aug. "26. Mrs. Charles
irrested this afternoon on
an open charge pending the outcome of
injuries to her nusoana who i iuu..u
in bed in his home here at 6 o'clock
this morning, his skull crushed witha
blunt instrument, 'lie uniting oi uio
injured man was reported to the police
by A. J. Snrber, a neighbor, wo was
summoned by Mrs. Bernier three hours
hours after the time: site states that
she discovered her husband had been
o oil -
According to Mrs. Bernier sne iouno
receive the most attention are: uiym-;
pia Desval and her pny and dog Bhow.i
These hii;lny trained animals are sum
to create the utmost enthusiasm by
their display of humorous and enter
taining tricks. Fred Derrick, the
famous equestrian; Orrin Davenport,
champion rider of two hemispheres;
Josefsson said to be the most perfect
man in the world presenting a series of
Icelandic Glinia feats; M lie J,upeta;
glers in nivstifying exploits; the Lor-'j made in tho line of frr-c entertainment
etta Twins' in an up-to-daM aerial ret; for the public;, many brass bauds, in-
.k. DinthAr. on.l tlini.- 'nil,!." ni'tn. ..I,.,lin.v a I'lnWII llUllll. It military llUIld
batic stunts; the Davenports in a thrill-; mounted upon horses; an orirutal band if
ing example o equestrian skill; Laura t mounted upon caiiicls; a band composed (T
n-Vfoor. in intrii'ate and artistic feats! ontiretv of ladies.' There will be maiivii
on the barebacks of swiftly moving1 superb" tableaux floats and open crrcs
horses; Klla Bradna in a ilelightrul (lis-; of rare wild animuiB. v ui .....
jitay of boulevard equstriaiiisiu; Fred j free street parade. '
Derrick presenting a distinct iiovclty in . ' t'-o- i.r
the way of bareback riding, world's f FOE QUAETEELY- MEETING
crjampion somersault riej; the 10! Liputcnant Colonel and Mrs. Scott, of
Viennese in their novel cloud flights. , . . :.. 0( tiio Salvation Army,
rill be in Salem next Monday for the
wnicn win uu
vkina iii flip wnv nf aerial nerrorin-
, r ... -. . ' t-.i w
ances has. it is sa .1, ever aj.pr.mc. r . : . . nnartl.rlv mcet;a,
the graceful achievements or tn . , , . .,, Urenzen, chief of
troupe of human bir.ls; uueamier s, f M t)mt timp tIl0 de,n.
stallions m inrKcy iroi evolutions,, children, an impressive and;
The Schiavon troupe of huropeau aero-; t (.crel,l01',v, wi,l 'be held. At i
ka... !. Vtir. -Mil man troupe of tiirht- "":" h , ' . . . t :
uu.o, .-v , .- .orvicc it IS ex teciiHi n.ai a ui(s i
wire expert, l ami iH.H.n .r,. "N Prow, wiil be present.
sensational bieychsM. i TllM,hv mominir Cat.taiu Lorenzen
' i IIV SrilBOHWimi v " ' "
year's performance are said to be en
tirely .iisunci "y "i''...w..n ..i.l Snnthern
in ine circus . " - -----
A free trip to the Panama-Pacific Exposition in
1915. One nomination only allowed each contestant.
Must be used within 10 days from date, Aug. 20, '14.
; Will
, co line
BENSON LEADS ONE VOTE. i tion because more than one candidate,
' j for governor had been voted for may bo
According to the latest reports from recounte.i in tne contest tor tna suprem.)
election hold that the ballots wero
for supreme si'oueu ami as a result couuicu nou
abstract of votes for tho other offices on
1 1 the vote of Grant county was received 110 ballots. Judge lieuson carrie.l this
ussed) . .. u .,. ut.fo i. 1 i.reciuct in uucstion by 12 votes ae-
.... h., .I. rt ; !.... iim
go 10 lurimmi ." justice McNary by one vote in tno re
,1 wb.cn is a meeting Uuiit for the no...'.
of uregon ami Douiucru suniii-
ton. At tnis meeting tne campaign oi
th(..8aIvatiou Army will be disc
JsoniMrh . niw. mey gave uanny : Acrur.i..K - - hriht narticular star according to tne. mi w.i
fWbw' a., the trouble be can for .om, U kusbaml lyiug ted , ET or Bagonghi, . ktrnggle.. ..
.... ; . - . him upstairs and put him to oeu. . . 1 uy . . " - ' :
r;,t tn l.p mentioned
heralds is the elepnaut nase-oaii cniu
..i...;n ni.r national came: then the
Mikados troupe of Bay
ni,uH nl iiu-nfsu experts, come in ! .
nan - . ' ii : l.'. oiinnimt rtr iiim . . ... . ...
r, fcihlv t.raieful adjectives, ine in mp wBr iu.r . "", '7 (lovernor West from Iiistrict Attorney
.. b . . . u.l l.a h h Z.i H'lftllVCS cnifHUVU I" .... . i
rticular star acconiiiiB iu - .viereuitn OI vurry ruuniy n.ni io ruir.
which were thrown out in the iast cicc-
nvar-Japanese land plana made for the future. '. . . , Oraut county. It also '.eordlng to tiic official returns.
sperts, come in Captain Urenzen is deeply in cresic.i , ffom a tclograin m.cived by i
We anxiously await the day, wheii
all tho knockers and kickers 'will get
together and fight it out.