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Remodeling & Expansion Sale j
: Twenty Per Cent Reduction On Our Entire Stock of :
: Women's and Misses' New Fall Suits and Coats Dur-1
Where Satisfaction
Every Transaction
All Around Town
BUG II State, between Liberty
and High) Motion picture
of "The Million Dollar Myj.
tery," Thanhausor'a million
dollar picture production, now
running serially in the Cap
ital Journal. Head the story
week by week and see it play
ed at the llliga. Also "Tiie
Alarm,'- two-part Keystone
0 LOBE (State, between Lib
erty and High) Motion pic
tures of "Lucille Love, tho
Girl of Mystery'', only one
more of the great series left
after this one. Also good
comedies. Tiny Snyder, pop
ular baritone, aud pipe organ
YE LIBERTY Liberty, be
tween State and Court)
Mary Pickford in "Teas of
the Storm Country," the won
derful story of "a woman's
Dt. Mendelsohn, specialist lu fitting
glasses correctly. I'. S. bauk building
A force of pavers is at work on Che
tneketH street repairing the street,
which lind accumulated a number of
tolet in the cement paving. The work
will continue until the street is put in
g.iod condition.
Dr. TJttr, dentist, phone (506, Salem
Bank of Commerce building.
Mrs. W. A. King, of Butte, Mont.,
who lias been routined in the f-alcin '
hospital follonitig nu operation, is convalescing-
at the home of her sister,
llrs. Frank Humphreys. Mrs. Ki ig will
rusticate before returning to her home.
To the Journal subscribers Fleas
eo that the carrier boy gives you a
proper receipt when you ay him nioncy.
Thomas O'Connor, who has been In
a local hospital some time, was com
mitted to the insane asylum this morn
ing upon order of Judge Husliey.
O'Connor was examined by Pr. F. Carl
ton Smith and pronounced insane. Ilo
is 05 years of age.
Shoes for the hopfield. Buy now
while the price is cut. Jacob Vogt, 2'JO
-North Commercial.
A manuscript on appeal was filed In
the circuit court yesterday in the case
of (lust Carlson against G. H. Katnn.
an action to recover money. When the
case wns heard in the justice court,
Judge Webster allowed Carlson dam
ages td the extent of 1oi.Jtl for back
I need the cash. Too need shoes.
Come and get them trom 50 rents up.
Vogt, 220 North Commercial.
The annual picnic of the Women's
Belief Corps of the O. A. B., Sons of
Veterans, Spanish War Veterans and
their respective families will be held
Third Week of Meyers
. .
Our Remodeling and Expansion Sale I
The work of remodeling the interior of our store is being
rushed along rapidly in order to take care of the immense
stock of fall goods due to arrive soon. Among our other im- X
provements, we are preparing a newer and bigger section J
for our Ready-to-Wear Department. To avoid moving and X
rehandling our large stock of goods in this department, we t
are placing our entire lot on sale at a 20 per cent reduction
under regular prices. X
This includes our advance showing of newest models, which
have caused a great amount of favorable comment on ac-
count of their stylishness. X
P..-,. rn..i- I., L 1 J Ml X
gaiiuent is vi &uperu vaiue
immense sale. Wide range
weaves. Large assortment to choose from. Purchase now
and save 20 ner cent. See window disnlav.
rHHH4W44HHt W44
at the fair grounds Thursday after
noon, August dtli. F.nch picnicker
should bring a cup and a spoon. Ar
rangements are being made to bring
well filled baskets for a picnic supper
and all arc urged to be present.
I must sell shoes cheaply to raise
money uuickly. It's your opportunity.
Vogt, 2-M North Commercial.
Judge Bushey issued an order this
morning appointing I.eRoy Grafe ad
ministrator of the estate' of Herman '
A. Orafe, deceased. The estate is valu
ed at about $1200. There are five
heirs Elizabeth O. Grafe. widow of the
deceased, and I.eRoy Grafe and Bessie
Grafe, of Marion county, and Hattie '
I'. l'atterson, of New berg, and Amy F. j
Bristow, of Tillamook.
! Strictly fresh ranch eggs 25c per
dozen at Sperling's, 311 North Com-!
mercinl street. !
Ed Laaky, who hails from GerTais,
was picked up at the Southern l'acific
depot last nikiltt bv Officer Hi,.l,.,r...,.
on account of being in a complete state I
of intoxication. A pint flask of alio- !
hoi was taken from him when he was '
searched nt the police station. He ap
peared this morning before Judge El
gin in a dilapidated condition and was
given ten days in which to recover,
from his spree.
Slrictly fresh ranch eggs 25c per
dozen at Sperling's, 311 North Com
mercial street.
Several days ago a little dog bit a
child belonging to .Mrs. Atterbury. of
:'!-' South l ottnge street, and it' iis
feared that the dog wns mad. I "l.s.-r of
IVliee Shedoek had the dog examined
by a veterinary and by the city phy
sician, but it was found to be in good
health and of an amiable disposition.
The animal has no owner, and unless
someone is found who will take care
of it. it will bo killed. It is being!
cared for nt Jones' feed burn on High '
street nt present.
Strictly fresh ranch eggs 25c per
dozen at Sperling's, 311 North Com
mercial street.
Indians suffering from tuberculosis
will not be admitted to the state tu
hvrenl.isis sanitarium, according to the
action taken by the state board of con
trol yesterday. This action wns taken
upon receipt of an application from the
Indian agent of the Siletz Indian re
servation. The rea.-Kin given for the
action of the board is that the govern- '
ment has numerous hospitals, Dd as
the Indians are government wards,
they should be treated in the govern
ment hospitals,
New line men's fall work and dress
shoes must be sold at once. Bring
, your cash and get a bargain. Vogt, 20
North Commercial.
E. C. Gardner wants $10,000 dam
ages for injuries which he clnims were
received which rendered his arm use- i
less. This was incorporated in a com- '
plaint filed in the circuit court against
A. J. Kay and Son of the Riverside
;hop farm. Gardner elaima in his com
plaint that he was working with a hop
uprayinjt outfit aad that whe the I
"t - M
ana every one win go in X
of models, colors and
J .
team became unmanageable he attempt
ed to quiet them nnd caught his arm
in some cog wheels, badly lacerating it.
Next to fine quality in groceries
comes fine service. Vou get both on
every order sent to L. M. Hoggs 4 Co.
at no extra cost.
The tools and other personal prop
erty belonging to l.loyd Robinson and
1. N. Andersen have been attached, ac
cording to the records of the county
clerk's office, for the payment of a
sum whic h is alleged due on a promis
sory note held by V. II. McVoy. The
amount of the note is ifUO and attor
ney's fees, according to the complaint.
The note w;i originally held by the
Marshall Wells Hardware company but
was assigned to the plaintiff.
The meat market In Evans' building
will be open every week day from now
on. Free delivery to all parts of the
Admitting that they owe the plain
tiff company s.WO.mi, Rov Wassom and
M. A. McLaughlin of the Salem Lumber
company havo filed an answer to a
complaint recorded against them by P.
T. Crowe and company of Portland.
The defendants admit that the sum is
due for goods delivered at their estab
lishment but deny that the plaintiff
should be allowed to sue for any fur
ther sum.
The Lutheran young people and
Ladies' Aid will give an ice cream so
cial tonight at tiie paisonage at 1650
State street.
Corporation Commissioner Ralph
Watson has notified the American Mo
tor League, an Illinois corporation wilh
an office located at Portland, that it
is doing business in this state without
hning nplied with the state laws.
A. I. Baker is the agent in charge ot
the Portland office. The corporation
has a capital '.-ok of jl1'.'1-'. It:- me
thod of operation is o s.ll a member
ship for $10 which entitles tiie holder
to purchase aiitoiu.-'riie supplies at
Big combination auction sale Thurs
day afternoon on Brooks avenue, near
the fairgrounds. Three parties leaving
Salem will sell all of their belongings,
consisting of hors-.. ,ows, chickens,
household Roods, farm implements, etc.
Terms cash. Henry E. Voorhies, auc
tioneer. Cold water in the harvest field. The
only way to get it there or on your
snto trip is from a desert water bag.
Handy, cheap, sure. Buy them at Shaf
er's leather goods store, 1ST South Com
mercial. The funeral services of Mark Van
Tassell. son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. "an
Tassell. of the Indian training school,
who was drowned Monuay. were held
this afternoon at S.-;0 o'clock from the
family residence in t hemaua. Kev. F.
T. Porter officiating. Interment was
in the Chentawa cemetery.
It was announced at the office of
State Superintendent of Instruction
.!. A. Churchill that the revised course
of study would be ready for distribu
tion in about two weeks. The copy
goes to the printer today. There are
about SO pages in the book, which will
he sent out to the schools of the state.
Max Zimmerman, of Hamburg:, Qer
many, recently wrote to the Medforl
Chamber of Commerce asking for in
formation concerning firms that export
prunes in ear loaa tots. The Vtter
stated that the writer was interested
in dried fruits and was looking or re
liable shippers, especially of prunes. As
. I tt. r..iv. i v . .... ... ...
prunes in quantities large eno-ili to
ship in carload lots, the secretary of
the chamber of commerce. I'. W. Streets,'
referred the matter to the Saleri Co.ii
mereial club. The officials of th(
alem organization pre pleased that the
Melford chamber suoul'l have ri.Tre i
the matter to them and will ilo every
thing possible to satisfy the inquiry.'
When Day Officer Jack Welsh re
ported for iluty yesterday he was sur
prised to fin I that a n an hail been
soured in l.jj pla.e and that he wis
off for a ten iiay vacation. Like t'ie
efficient officer he is he grasped the
significance of the situation anl im
mcdatelv made pljin for upon !in ).e
i time on the coast. Yesterday afternoon
he pulled out of the city r'nd will n.t
be heard from for a woo!; or io.
Sam Campbell, field inspector for
the -North Pacific Fruit distributors,
with headquarters at Spokane, -vas in
the city for a short time yesterday. H?
left in the afternoon for Ko'hura,
where he went to inspeet some fruit.
He will return to Salem Thursday.
On account of the high tension wires
, oeiwwu nere anil Oregon (.try break
ing this morning, the power and liht
on the city -,-ireuit was cut off for a
short time, luitnediate'y the engines
here began li work and in a short time
power was going from the reserve
Ralph OtasUad, of Des Moines, Inwa,
and Mr. Bailey, of Grays Harbor, were
piloted through the Hose-lale prure dis
trict this ino-nmg by '. ). Constable,
county fruit inspector, who was on ft
tOUr fit inMOeetii.il rpaur.lin.r th ln-
, age of grasshoppers tj thrfoliao of
the trees. He savs he fount v "inr.
j number of hoppers bur that the damage
fifing a l, .xl.. . i:L. IT . f... i .
v mc ioi:iij(t7 nni wlll. Jie I1IOIS
the Italian prunes stili ibopping and
says that lh. Irviti' 'f Prunes will Ic
on within V) .!," wbiil. w-id , at
Ipaur .-.. . . I .-. . .1.... I
,.. " - - IX 9 I.IIIII IUJ1II llll i-
!ti-.. ..
ine it men wno a '-nmpiiiiio 1 Insp. c
tor Co-: .il l j nre -e wile i view of
pureh-i'ltr a -i:ii i-r.-uatd
Organized labor of Salem will eele.
brate Labor Iay this year by a picnie
at Kickreall, Folk county. A commit
tee of the labor council is now prepar
ing a "program for the day. A round
: trip rate of 30 cents has been secured
over the Kfileni Vnlld I'itv 4- Yoaan
railroad for the occasion, and everybody
is cordially invited to attend.
Much annoyance has been felt by
people at the band concerts when auto
mobile owners crank their machines and
start away during the rendering of a
: selectiou. This discourtesy to the
band was noticed last night in several
instances. It spoiled pieces for all
those in the vicinity of the machines
so starting away. Besides many ma
chines had their cut-offs open, which
also helped to spoil the pleasure of
the concert.
Arguments were heard in Judge Gal
low ay's court today to strike the com
. plaint from the files in the case of
Eugene 1". Flynn et. at. against Horace
W. Thielsen. The motion was over
ruled and the defendants given until
August lil to file an answer to the
The petition of Fern Hobbs in the
matter of the preparation of a ballot
title appealing from the title prepared
by Attorney General Crawford will be
heard in the court of Judge Galloway
tomorrow- morning at 9 o'clock. The
measure in question oas initiated by
W. P. George of Salem and by the pro
visions of the measure it is proposed
to abolish the office of state engineer,
to appoiut the engineer of the Tumalo
project as state engineer until lillii,
and to abolish the desert land board
and merge its functions with the state
land board.
Jndge William Galloway will leave
this city tonight to go to Hillsboro.
where he will pay an official visit to
the I. O. O. F. lodge of that place.
Judge Galloway is the state grand mas-:
ter of the Odd Fellows lodge in this
state. He will return at 3 o'clock to
morrow morning.
London. Aug. 5. itelgian cavalry to
day surprised ten German staff of
ficers near Argenteau and killed seven
of them, according to a news agency;
report received from Brussels this after
noon. Fourteenth of the Series
The Girl of Mystery
The biggest fiction story
ever written. Only one
more of this great series
left after this one.
A beautiful Vita graph
drama featuring Dorothy
Also Two Good Comedies
Tiny Snyder, Popular
Friday and Saturday
Superintendent Churchill Offers Prizes .L!1'K,B- ,A,-'' 5-"'!I. ot only on
..,. a lar.-e sale, but at once, it was state !
for "Yells That W ill Give Cigarette ,,y A,,,,.ri,alij how today, is needed if
Smoking a Solar i-lexus. grae distress is to be prevented ainoD,;
their countrymen in Europe.
The situation here wis difficult, but
Prizes for anti-cigarette slogan or a the cont:nent it w said to be be
yelis are being offered to tne Sjhoul cuinii.g alarming. Means of tr-insporta-children
belonging to State Industrial tion to the coast are lacking, even to
clubs by the superintendent of public those well able to pay for it, the rail
instruct ion. J. K. Churchill. - I roads being engaged' to the limit of
A letter, which is being circulated their capacities in carrying troops, aud
anong the !"! club members in the aitoinobiles, horses and carriages
slate, follows: ; having been conimnr leered for military
"It was suggested thr.t we make it'a purposes,
requirement tuat the winners of the Large numbers of tourists, including
capital prizes at the state fair this year ' women and children, it was reported,
should be non-cigarette smokers. We, were trying to make their wav to the
decided this was not necessary as ' jea on foot, some of them from points
"achievement boys" are not cigarette far in the interior. Besides the hard
fiends, and we are expecting to have! ships they were compelled to undergo,
two bova in the school camn at the 1 it fait thsf !n im r..,. nini
itate fair from each county who do
not smoke cigarettes, who are proud of
the fact anil who will ha crtfi.l In iisa
. ..... w
thai inflndn.1. .i .. n L .t U L.V;.
.- tut i iii in o i j ma n u i iic uttuii un
popular. We think a splendid plan for
getting this result will be to have a
number of anti-cigarette slogans or
yells to use during the week. So we
are offering three prizes for the clubs
that send us the best slogans by Sep
. tember Vi. Three dollars for first, two
dollars for second and one dollar for
third prize.
"We are sure you will all be prond
to have a part in a movement that will
be helpful in banishing this boy de
stroyer from the land.
"Each club may send as many as
three yells and thus have three chances
at the prize.
"Wishing you every possible benefit
from your club work," I remain,
"Yours stncerelv,
"Supt. Public Instruction."
(Continued from page one.)
learned This practically was the only
TreHh infiiinintinn nrtn.iarn, n r. Ihd
paign between the czar's nnd the kai
'' s ",r
uciween rue czar s nna tne R:u -
land forces. It was the general
ssion th,.f the rterm.n. r- K.v.
iiipreMjioa nun tue Hermans were nav -
Iw?". W ri'V
k.Tr K
.had been any important engagement,
1 Ti! r u ,
, The British government issued a
.statement to Ue effect that there was
no danger of a famine in England, but
on the public's part, in view of the
.country's insularity, there was consid -
ernble nervousness on this point, food
prices were riine ratddlv. and the
press was warning people against wast-
ii,.T o,...l;.
n nr-.
fnrrinl Inn- r.fuv.iu.i ..j .v.,
tion's entire life was under the mili
- M" ' 1 Ml -IIUM OIIH IIIC llrt-
tary authorities' rule.
ttta- r..t -n .a
ft if.i i,
" wiuL&iv xrejarea.
government was then talking of
ine Kitchener to Belgium in command
of the troops the British intend to
iisiatcn to ant tne lielgians in resist-
in if Oermanv 's invasion.
The ndniirality has issued orders for
a strict search of all shipping for con
traband of war.
Ine country prepared for hostilities
with remarkable celerity. Both army
and navy mobilizations were completed,
marnai law reigned, and the railroads
-r l.- i
vision " " g0VernPnt "T" -
v. - . . , , , .
Notification that war had been de-!
ttorate, dependencies and other
l?"- .
The newspapers were urging the
strii-test economy m the use of food
and fuel in view of thrn.itena.1 ,,nn.
ion of commerce and possibly a siege of
Sini'i tliA dr..lia. t J.., .
tions between England and Germany
- -- .i u Kt ui nr ueciara-'
not much has been learned here
cerning the progress of the campaign
on the t-erman eastern frontier or be-'
tween Austria. Russia and Jervi"
The effort to clear the title to 13 or
nun to ciear tne title to 15 or
20 tracts of land in Klarnatn county
in talfAn on t.Jap hv riHPn..n. .
wi mini m maruAiQ county
up today by Governor West
ate land board. The lands in
rere swamp lands which were
h estate before the statx-
and the state
question were swamn
Sold l'V th estate hpfnra tk. il.tn
... ,c ..ue- iu mew. igr various
reasons the state neglected to get a
clear title and many of the tracts sold
by the state were later mortgaged bv
the owners to the state. Some of these
ai.illlir.l ,i. .1 x .
,ni.1 ....I vi, : T.
ihat heta ed'no't itU t'K'wu'
The state applied to the government
for a patent to these lands and the gov
ernment ler.isctl the patent un the
grounds that the lands were within the
territory of the Klamath Indian lan.is.
The de.ision was handel down by
the commissioner of the general land
office and in case an appeal to the
jsceretary of the Interior results in an
affirmation of the commissioner's de
cision the state w ill be obliged to re
fund the money spent by the settlers
for these lands.
The highest compliment that can be
paid to the produetro-.. or a motion pic
ture has been shown at every perform
ance of the second episode of "The
Million Dollar Mystery," now appear- j
ing at the Bligh.' The plot is replete ,
with thrilling adventures, and in plrces :
where the human interest reaches the
highest pitch, hearty applaus? reward
ed the timely act of some hero and
demonstrated the approval of the ab
sorbed onlookers. The attendance is
large. The pictures will be shown tit
night and tomorrow matinee and night.
With George F. Eodgers, president of
the falem commercial club; Ralph
Moore, secretary cf the promotion de-;
partmect, an 1 several prominpnt hsi.
ne-vs meu of the citv and farmers, a
delegation waited on the Marion county ' ves"gQte.
court this morning for the purpose of
asking an appropriation from the coun-:
ty for sustaining the work ot the coun
ty agriculturist, Luther J. Chapin, for Lf e A Tf.. I
another year. The arguments present- "J,W irlCUllOCrlt
ed to the court by the business men ' ' . , '
s- - -vi. u . ur vi mi:
retaining cf the agriculturist and tnak-
ing the appropriation necessary for his
retention by this county.
' be in actual danger.
j Concerning Dr. David Starr Jordan
' 1 j
-u;ut uiauivoi uuoriMo, aiuuruia, puuiv
. i ,.'.. . .
actual alarm was felt. It was not known
exactly where he was, but if he follow
ed the itinerary he had laid out, it was
believed he was somewhere in the Bal
kans, one of the least desirable places
in Europe for a foreigner, or even a
native, at the present time.
Mme. Ernestine Schutnann-neink, the
linger, was also marooned at Beyrouth,
Three Americans were detained by
the authorities in (lermany, according
to latest accounts, suspected of spying
on the fatherland's military operations.
Of these one is said to be S. ti. Conger,
a newspaper correspondent in Berlin.
The agitation among some of the
citizens of Newport for a second bank I
; in that city will come to nought ic-'
cording to the announcement of State'
i ftunai;nt.in.'l.Ti nf Tlnba Q rt c i. I
j ..wi.,i, m juiiins ii. ii. OHiyoilt!
who returned last night from a two
(lavs trin tn that citv VM if in
' . , .
i T.Ue tb.at 'lar,n5 ,,h? lullr
,her' " "101,h business in tl
that citv
1 . ,
hbKJZXinu;. .VnTC
" not more than " business fori
j one stront state hnkh , ji
1 "bstantial bank is better than two
weak ones in the opinion of Mr :
Sargent. 'I
j A delegation of Newport citizens '
waited upon him when he arrived and
! ha heard both sides of the case nndi
' eame to the conclusion that the charter i
for the second bank would not hp
j fra"ted if application for it were made'
. to the state hnnm "U iior..nni
, - - u,t'.iii. cn a
that he found that most of the bii.m..
...... . . ' ' "
... ui.i v.i.. n 3 lur tne summer ociv.
That merchants and owners of .arions
concessions moved to that citv when
n season rommenoo-l ami ?on.
icason enmmne.l ..n.i
aVaTSniss tnt 'Tn 'fr
it , , '
T"" , "V ' "J:
!,.-...;",. -A 1" : : " '
of a loan iu euse
ine Mestern fctate Hank in that city j
he says is run on a conservative and
... .......n luai uo uanser wonm i
be iustified in mnkina lonna n.. o. i.
flimsy business enterprises. A la.ge
part of the agitation for a new bank '
was from people who had some conces-
"as lrom people wno nad some conces-
on to promote but had been denied
lv 'ue present nanK.
The vearlv hni. n,.i.. .,.., ....
".PO- -Vt compute
ness jutifv tne establishment of ano'her'
bank at the nresent tin,, w.. VL1 .. A
elusion of Mr. Saraent
m. 1: "T Pea a,,J I
con-'tain: to trv their lock -r il 7
If 'deer t" IZtJlI i
u.-. u-,-. " uvjcutis eniireiy on:
11'," marktsm"- A B"n and !
! game unless the man behind it knows
"". '"ere is oniv one wav
. i.c r-i-rrj niarKsiuan ana tnat
is b-v P''t'',e- Rusty 's Shooting Gal-!
- ' " s cnooting lial-
Ier at 409 s,ate street offeis an ex-
cellent nunnrtnitv tn ........... .
M J" --ii ancvi oneis an ex-
'eHent opportunity to amateur sports-
men whereby they may receive free in-!
stmction in the art of" rifle shooting
fow hours' practice at this well.n,;
few hours' r,metiio at tliio
r..l :,, t .
r' (.i"ri.r nm ue oi great value to
those who contemplate a hunting trir
you are wise vou will take a van nJe
of this opportunity to acquire a com
plete knowledge of the art of handling
S, I. " l- nusr-v s footing
Handwpnur-On i
may give you rest but no
amount of recreation will cure
nervous disorders that can be
traced to EYESTRAIN.
Correctly fitted glasses will
EYESTRAIN if properly
mounted. Shur-On mountings
insure optical efficiency. In-
" ' ,
291 N r C n J r-t
' K-om 1 3f- Ground Floor j
Hourt 9 to S. Phont 92S
The second episode of
" DmJLAir
By Harold McGrath
The million lollnr motion pic
ture that Is producing such a
sensation throughout the country.
Be sure to nee tho second two
reel episodo at the Hligh today
and tomorrow. Full of dramatio
incidents that rail forth ap
plause. Ton Thousand lollars in cash
to the person who solves the
"Her Bi"thdav Present"
Tiie story of the young husband
who was tempted.
"The Alarm"
A two part Keystone. Absolute
ly the funniest picture ever
shown in Salem.
5c - - 10c
One cent per word each inser
tion. Copy for advertisements un
der this heading should be lu by
2 p. m.
I rtiVNE MAIN 81. 1
WAR NEWS at Fred Night Lunch.
- . vttt. T, T
" A:s 1 Housework by experienced
g'rl- I'hone 24:12 V.
WOOD FOR SALE Oak $5; fir, $3.75.
1uue 2249.
11 "AL 1 lL AL nurse would like mater-
mty Qase phoi)0 cg.F.2
WANTED Middle aged woman
keep house. I'hone 49-F-4.
fit Tl PAPtrna . .. tn
per hundred. Journal office.
SIRS- HILLEBRAND makes accordian
plaiting. 546 South Fourteenth St.
I SPLENDID iurnished housekeeping
The Lincoln, 633 Ferry'
wood, four foot, Star Wood
Phone 426.
i OR SALE Big bargain two-passenger
automobile. Salem Auto Garage, 246
State street.
K RENT Best 6-room flat in the
new and close in- 663 ortn
Llb sreet. 386.
WANTED By reliable woman, position
a I IU I f9B
'M," eare Journal.
-uni,iei;eiy iurnisnea cot-
ta' at Agate Beach. F. D. Thielsen,
--' jiuucia i ujcr tu.
vnl . 'Z
, , "X(-HA-NC,E "gbt wagon, Stude
.a,J raake' for two-seated wagon
040 state street.!
care Rodgers Paper Co.
Fill? cup v i
1 1, V ?' ' IanJ' h!"Se'
l" ? rrPh".rdD fruit ,8nd everything
T B"'zwaH I'houe "6 i
FO R S A LE Solid buffet 2 walnut
cuairs, small settee, slichtlv used.
P North Twenty-first
Call nfter 6 p.
1'OR SALE reaches; fine quality
Cnuvfonls for canning. Louis Lacli-
lmiiui tnnt Knlieh, Kaiser Bottom,
rhone 29-F-3. Delivery.
OK" SALK Three-year-old Tercheron
colt, buggy and harness, and heifer
alt. ,1. L". W'ollman, corner Jeffer
son road nnd Commercial street.
A SPLENDID OFFER I will put you
in a good position where vou can
make from $;S0 to $100 per week. Re
quires investment of only $230 if
taken at once. t40 State -street.
I'OR SALE Two four-step cone pulleys
12-1(5 inch diamejter; 16 feet l, incu
shafting and hangers, almost new;
cheap if taken quickly. Inquire J. R.
it., Journal office.
WANTED Evergreen blackberries at
Hunt Brothers Company cannery,
Front and Division street's; 2Uc per
pound delivered at tannery; crates
and boxes furnished. Hunt Brothers
Company. j
FOH SALE A .-(lacre farm 9 miles
east from Salem j li-i miles from rail
road; good stor,s and school; crops,
stock and all (arm implements in
cluded. Price i000. Address R. F.
D- No. 1, box 2 Maeleay, Ore.
WANT TO RENT-From 30 to 50 acres
of tillable land with or without build
ings, close in. ! Would accept small
tracts, but prefer all in one bod v.
Phone 1437 or call Tinckney Brosl'
dairy, west end steel bridge.
ron't burn your bridges ahead
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