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Xxaminsttion Considered Hard One,
Bat fewer Than Urosl to Vara With
Excellent Eatings.
The results of tiie recent state teaih-
rs' examination have been announce. 1
by Snpt J A Churchill It is saidlhe declaration louay or .i. layiui,
that though the last examination wasK standing on the bnnk of Villain-
considered a hard one that the per
eentaiie of failures was less than usual !
this year.
Of those in Marion comity who took
the examinations the following are en
titled to one year certificates:
Kurritt K. Cook, Salem; Kate Ksthcr
Weist, Salem; Luther I). Cook, CSer
vais; Mary 0. Cook, Salem; Kosiua Gils
ilorf, Turner; Minnie Jeske, Salem; Jci
aie Simpkins, Sulem; Loiia Ksley Mize,
Salem No. 3; Ernest N. Ilrnnson,
'ossil; Willie A. Duuigan, Sitleiu No.
7; Fred Hndley, Hilverton; Mnry Irani-
gall, Salem .No. 7; hhcrwiu nhonlcx, mi
verton; Josephine M. Gilbert, Sulem No.
4; Nellie Paxis, Hulem; Kdna II. (iriiber,
Salem No. 1; l'earl Harsh, Pendleton;
Myrtle Taylor, Htayton; Km ma C. Co
berly, Silvcrton; Anna Clark, .Mon
mouth; Mablc K. Kuperl, Salem; Jose
phono M. UoHtrack, Silvcrton; Kdwin
Wooilworth, Mollula; Beatrice Angel
i no King, Salom; Martha Jensen, Sil
vcrton; Kthel McKec, Woodbum, Ma
mie Louise llostrnek, Silvcrton; 0 rover
!. Nance, Aiunsville; Veuita Karl, Tur
ner; Vnlio Short, (lervnis No. 3; Dn-
iihna Thornley, Hilverton No. H; Jennie
lollister, Knfetii; Migncu C. Swniixon,
Salem; Floyd A. lioyi'igton, Snleinj
Kthel - King, .Hilverton; Mary Klleu
Strayer, ftlsie L. Moore, Sulem, Carrie
K. llliss, Salem; Gertrude W, Itosche,
Salem No. 9; Hufus Lincoln Young, Mt.
Angel; Sophia Watson, Turner; Teiin
Annetta Lou, Silvcrton; Averill I'.
IlraiiHou, Salem No. li; Kstelln Klooin,
Will Cityj Li. la I). Ilell, llarrisburg No.
1; Verdu Orene Kussell, Macleny; Amy
A. Snyder, itcavnrtnn .o. 1; Jessie
(lla'.ner, Mucleny; Lniiia Alice Cow
man, Sherwood; Airs, liertha Webb, Sa
lem No. 2; Km inn SI. Kinney, (iervnis
No. 2; Carrie W. Iliiruliuiu, Arlington;
Martiiu Denny, Salem No. II; Mary A.
Hall, Salem No. 8; Kuth Menus, Port
land; Ida S. Olson, Mucleny; Maud Mil
liliter, Salem; Lena W. Mntteii, Salem
No. fl; Jessie Sims, Wooilhuni; Lillni'd
Mae DoVunev, Jefferson, No. 2; Lillv
V, Watteiiburg, Moniuoiith; Violn Lilts,
Salem; Kstelle, P. (Irettie, Sulem, No. II;
Olive Porter, Sulem, No. 2; Pauline llar
lilek, Salem No. d; Kunnie Lenora
l)ouglas, Salom No, 'A; lleorginnu
Spicer, Aunisvile; Horn Clement, Sa
lem No. 2; Alice Kdna Pence, Sulem;
I.vle Stewart, (iemiis; Kinncis M.
Kirsch, Slayton; Mrs. Hubert M. MaB
sie, Salem No. II; Kthel L. Sargent, Sn
lem No. Hj Win. II. Kowler, Salem; lies
eie Van Mntie, Albany; Mumle M. Hill
ary, Kiigeno; Mrs. Louella J. Walsh, Su
lem; Mary K, Tavlor, Mi. Kft'io Arns,
Ilillsboro; liuth Kloico Coryell, Vnslion,
.ANash.j Margaret Pnrrott, Salem.
ae rive-Year Papers.
The following are entitled to five
year rertificates:
Mrs. Margaret Clark Monmouth;
Kiln M. Clark, Monmouth; J lurry
O'llura, Sulem; Kiln iirndfoni, Salem;
Nora A. Cramer, Sulem; Jennie M. Wil
liams, Salem; Muble Vim Vleet, Hub
bard; Kli.abeth Higler, Scottx Mills;
Oscar L. Dmiliip, Salem No. I; Kthel K.
Miller, Sodnville; lantha Irvine, Sulem.
The following uru entitled to life
DbvIiI L. Conk, Salem; loun L. Apple
gate, Drain; Dertha K. Duncan, Snlein;
Ambrosino C. Murphy, Medford; Hubert
JI. Hams, Morning Sun, Iowa.
The following are entitled to pri
mary certificates:
Mabel Albee, Nellie Albec, Aiims
Skin, to be healthy, must breathe. It
also mui-t perspire must expel, through
the pores, its share of the body's waste
nutteriul. Creams and powders clog the
pores, interfeiisg both with elimination
and breathing, especially during the
heated period. If more women under
stood this, there would be fewer self
ruined complexions. If they would use
ordinary mercolixed wax instead of cos
metics, they would have natural,
healthy complexions. This remarkable
ubstance actually absorbs a bad skin,
also unclogging the pores. Kesult: The
fresher, younger under-akin is permit
ted to breathe and show itself. An ex
quisite new complexion gradually peeps
out, one free from any appearance of
artificiality. Get an ounce of mercol
ixed wax at your druggist's and try it.
Apply nightly like cold cream, for a
week or so, washing it off mornings.
To eradicate wrinkles, hero's a mar
vclously effective treatment which also
eta naturally and harmlessly: Dis
olve 1 oa. powdered saxolito in H pint
witch hazel and use as a wash lotion.
COST 115,000 A MILE.
(Medford Sun.)
Complete account of the cost of the
construction of the cement highway
between Medford and Central Point
will be made by State Highway Kngi
neer H. I.. Bowlby and Assistunt Kngi
neer Frank A. Kittredge and presented
to the eounty court. From unofficial
sources it has been learned thnt this
cost la approximately 15.0(10 per mile.
The construction of the Tuleut Ash
land road let to the Clark Henerv Con
struction company will cost 1(50,000 to
110,000, oT 1 12,000 per mile. Hoad ex
pert declare that it was the construc
tion of the road by the county and the
unowieuge tnut it the bids were not
satisfactory the county would continue
the work that made the Clark Henery
and the Warrea Construction company
make the lowest bids ever offered in
southern Oregon for similar construc
tion. A CASE Of bUICIDE.
Vancouver, Wash., July 20. The iJHE PEOPLE IS THE
cw of Northern Pacific passenger! innniuii
crew or xvounern ramie passenger
train No. R87 is absolved from blame
today for the killing of W. It. Melntyre,
L'2, a logger, 'who is declared to have
deliberstely sat on the track and was
run over.
Two Drown Together in ElTr, Cam
Said to Be the docking of the Boat,
and One in the Swimming Tanks. I
Portland. Ore.. Julv 20. That one of:
the vounir men rocked tiie rowbont i
ette river, unable to assist, saw the
capsize, ami IMward M. Child,,
.lit . - . L... ........ tlw.tlft.ll I
i'l, ires.urer wi iim riinpicnii nn-. ,
and W. H. Kwin, 21, go to watery
deaths Suiiduy, struggling in ench oth-
crs arms. Taylor naid that Child, who
could swim, was trying to aid Kwin,
who eoulil not, when they sank.
Childs was formerly employed by the
Sullivan 4 Considine tneatrica inM-
ests in Seattle, coming to l'ortlund l
months ago.
Arthur I). D.x was also drowned Sun -
day when he dove into a shallow tank
at llundy's baths, his head striking the ,
boards und knocking hi mi unconscious.
Should Convince the Greatest Skeptic
in Salem.
Hecinmo it's the evidence of a Sulem
Testimony easily investigated.
The strongest endorsement of merit.
The best proof. Hend it:
P. W. Hrnwn, fanner, 1.-I!H State St.,
Sulem, Ore., snys: "Three years of
mill wright work in a dump atmosphere
disordered my kidneys. I often had
lameness und soreness lie loss the small
of my buck. When having nn attack,
I heard of Dunn's Kidney Pills iiml
got a supply. They entirely removed
the buckachn nml soreness, together
with other symptoms of kidney trouble.
All I suiil recommending Dunn's Kid
ney Pills when I endorsed them, before
holds good. I use them orriisiolilllly
when 1 have symptoms of kidney com
plaint nnd I never fail to get quirk
relief. Another of the family hus nln
used Dona's Kidney Pills for kidney
weakness and has hud the best of re
sults." Price iiOc nt all dealers. Don't simp
ly nsk for a kidney remedy get Donn's
Kidney Pills the samo thnt Mr.
Hrown hud. Koster-Milbiirn Co., Props.,
n.iffalo, N. Y.
Dallas, Ore., July it). The homo Yif
Dode Thrnsher ut Kails City was: to
tally destroyed by fire. . Tho family
eseapeil from the burning house in
their night clothes, saving no no of the
furniture or personal effects.
- K. V. I n I ton, iiiaiinger of the Ster
ling Kuril it tire conipniiy of Dallas, re
turned tiie past week trotn a four
months' trip of the greater part of the
southern und eastern states ami east
ern Canada.
A rally iind picnic- of the "dry''
forces of Polk county .wua held in the
Dallas city park Saturday, which was
iitteiided by hundreds of people. Krunk
S. Heugnn of Chicago was t lie prin
cipal speaker.
Snn ford It. Taylor, democratic can
didate for county surveyor, hns been
elected eity engineer uy the .-ity coun
cil of Dallas, to succeed Kihvnrd H.
lliines, removed a week before.
Melvn, the fl-year-old dmiiihtor of
Mr. and Mrs. (). L. Zeut., of Dallas,
died from membraneous croup. This is
the third deatii from this disense in
Dallas in a few weeks.
County Clerk A. B. Kobinson Jr. hns
been taking a few days' vacation which
ho spent ui Portland. During his ab
sence his duties were eared for by ex
Postmaster C. 0. Cotid, who several
years ago held the office of counry
The annual picnic of the Presbyterian
Sunday school of this eity was- held
in tho city park Friday.
The Dallas Camp Fire girls will go
to Newport this week for their annunl
trunk Riggs, who has been a patient
at tho state hospital at Salem tor
about a vear following nil injury re-
reived while employed in a lumber
mill here, died iu thbt institution Wed
nesday. The funeral occurred in this
eity Fridnv. He leaves a wife and
one small child, residents of Dnllas.
K. Ij. Ilishop and K. U. Williams, for
mer business men of Dalles, have been
bound over to tho grand jury on a
ohnrge of embezzling funds belonging
to the Holt Piano company? of Portland,
for whom they were formerly ngents.
As tho northeastern part of Montana
is barren of timber, except along some
of the larger streams, a supply of fuel
other than wood is all-important for th
ranches of this section According to a
recent report by the I'nited States geo
logical survey, thin beds of lignite are
exposed along the valley of Poplar river
near Scobey, from which enough fipjl
may be obtained for local use. In the
vicinity of Plentywood, in the valley of
Big Muddy creek, the beds of lignite
are much thicker and contain an amount
of lignite sufficient not only for the
needs of ranchers In that vicinity but
also for shipment to otiier places as the
population increases.
in the region between Scobey and
Plentywood little information regarding
lignite was obtained, ns the region is so j
deeply covered with glacial drift that i
exposures of the hard rocks can seldom
be seen. It seems probable that even
hero lignite can be found by drilling or
by shafting when occasion demands.
A general description of the field, to
gether with maps showing the outcrops
of the lignite beds, is contained in a
paper entitled "Lignite in the Vicinity
of Plentywood and Scobey, Sheridan
County, Montana," by C. M. Huuar, in
Bulletin MI It, a copy of which cnube
obtained bn application to the director
of the I'nited States geological survey,
Washington, D. C.
m i i ..? . . . ...
t journal want Aa ana tnrbomb in a polico court." she tiid the
parcel pott WOT . nana ana
Body Exhumed and the Clothlnf Ij
Found to Anawet Description of That
Worn by the Missing Girl.
Urbana. 111.. July 20. .Sheriff t. W.
Davis expressed t lie opinion here today
tj.ul tne Body or a gin nuoui nine
j.,.ra old, exhumed Sunday night from
the potter's field, was that of t'ather-
ine Winters, daughter of the New Cas-
.1 I . . - 11.. l.:.l..
no, mil., uciuim, suppiwuiy juuiui)r
ej) fHr whora a country-wide search has
( )t.PI1 ;n 1)rgress for months pant,
, According to private detectives who
uave investigating the case, the
eo.111(J wng brought to trbana from
Fiori(a j,y s stranger who asked that
u bc Ilueed in the rei.civing VBUit 8t
Alount Hope cemetery, saying "some
lone" would cluim it shortly. No one
1 an(, wng fimil, burkH, iu ,he
! ,. . .
1 u,,x...n uro
Sexton Mrown, of Mount Hope, who
' saw the stronger in question, hud gone
! with detectives tudnv to New Custle
in connection with the investigation. .
Descriptions of Catherine Winters
nud the clothing she wore when lust
seen corresponded exuetly, Sheriff Da
vis nnd oroner ILinmore asserted
with those of the child buried here,
I ndeitiiker Stewart, to whom the
tiouy whs turned over when it was
brought line, identified Nick Larry of
I'rbunn us the man who delivered it to
him. Stewart snid the coffin was not
more than three feet long too short
to have held Catherine Winters' corpse.
He did not believe the body wua Ca
Miss l'erii llolibs, secretary to Clover
nor Went, in a petition filed in the
Marion circuit court, attacks u ballot
title prepared by Attorney General
Craw lord for u measure to abolish the
stuto desert land board nnd the office
of state engineer as nn elective one.
The Portiu of the executive's office
suys the title is unfair und contains
untruths and lisks that one submitted
by her be substituted for it. Asked if
she had communicated with Governor
West, who entliusinsticully supports the
measure, Miss Hobbs said she hud not,
iMio ueeiared mat sue ucted upon tier
own initiative. The measure wn in
itiated by W. P. George, proprietor of
u Snlein restuiirunt.
Miss Hobbs ullegea that u statement
iu tho title of the bill "reorganizes
certain stuto offices " is not the short
tit tu (is known to the public, and that
the short title should be, "ubolishes
the desert land bouid." She further
sinys the title does not give a true nnd
impartial statement of the purposes of
the measure, nnd that the lun'Riiuge
used constitutes un nrgument. Circuit
Judge Kelly will heur nrgument 'on the
allegations of the petition early this
Within five hours of her eightieth
birthday, Mrs. Electa' De l.-.mg, widow
of Theodore De Long, nnd one of the
most prominent women of Marion coun
ty, pnssed away last night nt 7 o'clock
ut the home of her daughter, Mrs. F.
M. Derby, 5:17 South High street, after
an illness of three weeks.
Mrs. Do Long was bora in New York.
As a child she lived in Clinton county,
Michigan, where her mother, Mrs. Char
ity D. Millard, 1)1) years old, ncive and
in good health, still lives. After her
marriage she moved to Sioux county,
Iowa, and was counted among the pio
neers of thnt at a to. Twenty-one years
ago the De Long family moved to Ore
gon and resided on a fruit ranch nt
Morningside until the death of Theo
dore De Long, 10 years ago.
An ardent church r-orker, "Grand
ma" De Long devotee much of her
time to charitablo work, becoming
widely known throughout the state.
May 30th she rode 10 miles to attend
memorial services.
Surviving her are two sons, Walter
E., of Snlem, and Eli, of Scio; two
daughters, Mrs. Minnie Watson and
Mrs. F. M. Derby ' of Salem; nine
grandchildren, Mabel and Lola De
Long, Clv Derby, Nellie Derby Col
lins and Arthur Derbv of Portland.
Masel and Hnxel De Long of Scio,
Charity and Madeline Watson, and two
The funeral services will be held
luesday morning nt 10 o'clock from
the Christian church, Rev. F. T. Porter
Pallbearers will be P. A. Ratcliff,
G. M. Zoris, F. J. Hofmn, Frank Meeker,
II. M. Poisal and W. M. McReynolds.
Mc Reynolds.
I.os Angeles, Cal., July 20. After
shooting and killing Mrs. Edna Sikes,
aged 37, because she did not return his
love, Carl H. Hung, a contractor, blew
out his brains today.
Mrs. Sikes' six-year-old son, I.eo, was
with her in her home when Haag ap
peared, and was a witness of the crime.
Hang shot the woman through the
breast, and after assuring himself that
she was dead, turned the gun on him
self. DIED.
DE LONtf July 19, 1U, at 7 p. m.,
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
F. N., Derby, of 837 High street, Mrs.
Electa De Long, aged 79 yenrs.
Deceased is survived by four child
ren, nine grandchildren and two great
grandchildren. Announcement of the
funeral services will be found else
where in this paper.
London, July g'V Anuio Bell, a suf
fragette, was bound over for trial to
day on a charge of nttemptins to ex
plode bombs in the Metropolitan tab
ernacle and the church of St John the
I Evangelist. "I shall explode my next
j magistrate, "and I hope it will bc this
Bright Young Humorists and Sent!-
mental Oirls Who Giggled at the Baby Them That None of the Lot Dot Bit
Wavelets Made the Day One Long.j Mors Than They Deserved.
Long Cream. j
In announcing a list of teachers who
There was a big excursion from j obtained life and five-year state- and
Albany to Newpoft yesterday, made j primary certificates at the recent ex
U.e bigger by the weather clerk who j . Superintendent ot
for two davs bad va lev fo ks on the ' 1
irridiron until thev were cooked to
turn, turned over and fried hard.
Tn ;
order to give them i
chance to cool off
General Passenger Agent Scott of thej'chools and colleges and expect to earn
S. I', got up the excursion nml arranged i
for trains running from Woodbnrn on I
the north and from Cottage Grovo and
other points south, all arriving at!
Albany at about 7 o'clock. The day
proved a delightful, one, with, of course, I
its usual and seemingly necessary' draw-!
backs. There was the gung of young Harris, Marion; Leila Giltillan, Sister
"sports" brimming over with i'utelli- j Mary Kthelind, Multnomah; Joel Davis,
gence, bubbling with wit, effervescing Albert K. White, Isaac Scoy, Umatilla,
information for the balance of the j Those obtaining five-year certificates
smoker, anil doing it all in a loud tone; are as follows: I.illiun A. Hoffman,
of voice so that none would be de- Mrs. Lucy Campbell, Frank M. Sturgili,
prived of the eulightenaient and deli-
cute humor they just naturally ex
uded. There was the busy old man who
hail his hend out of the window from
Albany to his waist, and who got out
to sec what the trouble wan every time
the train struck a flag station, which
was with astonishing frequency. The
ride over was delightful in spite of
these nnd other absolutely necessary ex
cursion features of a like kin I.
A Dream, Also Substance.
There wan a little swell on the buy
not so large ns some of the straw-hatted
ones on deck, but big enough to surprise
n few during spirits who took possession
of tho bow of the barge towed by the
regular ferry bunt. They diil not stay
long, for when one swell struck the
bow- nnd came aboard with a rush like
a Salem hydrant would furnish, they
skipped. They hud hardly vacated the
spot when a dainty little maiden, n reg
ular dream in pink, of some twenty
summers, nnd for thut matter full sea
sons, towed a tall, dark irirl a few
yenrs her senior and' built like a
freighter, out on thnt same bow. "Oh
Lil'' sho gurgled, "here's just the
place we were looking for. Lets lean';
over and watch tho dear little bnbv ;
wnveletM''; "Lil1' was complaisant
and leaned. The baby wavelet how-;
ever was excursion- size with white
shirt waist on, and when it struck the
bout, it apparently liked it and the
bright fin es of the girls, for. it came
right abonrd nnd caught them in its
nrms, so to speak. "Lil"' tot we
should judge half a barrel, while the!
dreum iu pink not having as much j
breadth of ocam got a lighter load, but I
evidently enough, for with two'
screeches each, they "parsed to port "I
and went inside nppareiitlv with all I
sails Juried and scudding, ns it were,
under bare poles. Lil's clothes p llllir
to her like n blush, showing her plans !
and specifications in blueprint outlines!
so to speak. But why repeat what j
every excuri-.ioiiist has experienced. The!
neniiut butcher sold ico cream cones i
one h'liidred-to-the-pint and did a thriv
ing business, nnd pop went nt ten cents
the four ounce bottle, and flavor you
wanted, too, nt the nriee.
What Did and Didn't.
At Newport thP crowd scattered lifter
first making a scattering of tho eatables
of the charming resort. Some went to
N'yp Beach, some threw balls at a hand
pointed nigger and one fellow, evident
ly a baseball pitcher, hit him square in
the center of the target breuking his
nose nnd knocking hini out the first
throw. Others went to the benches, no, I
as most of them had on low shoes!
brought home sand enough to surface
High street, or at least help it some.
The writer was there, of course. His!
soul longed for the sad, and -sea, and!
association with those kindred spirits,!
the billows, thnt like himself alwnvsj
break oa the beach. Besides, the I
sharer of his joys and sorrows, princi
pally the latter was there and had been !
for a week back, that is to say the
week past, and he had promised to
"come over Sundav. " . !
Owing to the red tape necessary in
order to get an additional clerk in the
postoffiee until the season expires
while some ninety dollar a month clerk
iu Washington writes a two volume
book on precedent, the force at New
port is never big enough to handle the
mails during the open season for visitors
or game or whatever you call them un
til it closes and so the letter written
advising the better half of his coming
though written last Thursday, did not
reach there until next week.
Johnnsy's Little Stunt
"Johnny'' therefore hunted up Mrs.
Brooks, Republican nShninee for count v
auditor of this county who i making:
glad those who dine at the Osborni
hotel having charge of the menu, to i
find where the better half of himself!
was located. He was directed to the;
cottage, but his folks were on the!
beach. j
He hit the beach and found thev had !
gone to the Newport beach. He lit out 1
across the hills and very far Sway and
then walked up to the jetty. Nothing
doing; then, but whata the use. When:
he got ready to come homo he found hiH
folks at the wharf in time to say good .
The same gang of humorists made life '
one joyous round of pleasure on the
way home as they had on the trip over,'
only there was a little sharper and vet
more delicate tang to it imparted by ;
tne salt sea air and other things,
principally other. The train was nearly
an hour late anil it was after 1 o'clock
when home was reached in time to feed
the chickens and the rat, box a half
doren hens that wanted to set or sit.
whichever it is, and get down to work
on time.
However it is a great trip, and it h
understood there is toie another next
Sunday. If so try it and yon will sot
regret it any more than the writer,
which hy the wsy is not at all for he
had a lovely time" and viewed the baby
wavelets at a safe distance.
The Capital Journal
will keep you posted of
Home affairs while you
are enjoying your vacation.
And It Is Cenceded by All Who Know
a!Pnlie instruction said thnt few ap-
plicants tried for life certificates. Many
of the applicants are attending normal
' cemncaies inrougu cuiniimuuu.
Those obtaining life certificates are
as follows: Harry H. Lowe, Benton;
Lizzie S. Farnum, Columbia; Kdna L.
Morse, Crook; Albert C. Joy, Jackson;
Genevieve Beaman, Lane; Muy Hewes,
Linn; Ambtosine C. Murphy, Hubert W.
Effie Silvey Sturgili, Pnker; Margaret
Hntcs, Benton; fcthel -U. Strong, John
F. Huston, Lewis K. Heese, Clackamas;
Kred K. Burns, Clntsop; Kdgar R.
lihrn.'s, Crook; Mazzie Walker, Dong
las; Lizzie Elder, Hood Hiver; Evelyn
Merriel, Blanche Canodie, Louise Hen
ry, Jackson; Kessie F. Parsons, LinnJ
Mabel Van Fleet, Noah Cramer, Mar
ian; Winnifred Osten, Morrow; Kutc
E. Hondo, Sister Mary Eleanor, Minnie
Young, Multnomah; Airlie Kuvanzoin,
I'mutiHa; Kdith llork, Kuth Hush Juck
snn, 1'uion; Mary Dennis, Wasco; Edna
A. I 'union, Ynmliill.
Those obtaining five-year primary
certificates were as follows: Clara
Wievesick, Clackamas; Mamie Bailey,
Crook; Evelyn Nola Coad, Multnomah;
Madge Ora Brown, I'niou; Mabel Item
ing, Wasco; Leona i.oslcy Trnyler,
Washington. f
Worksliop of
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Out of town readers will add 5 cent? for postage.
Visitors in Hanser Bros.' stors today
were given sn opportunity to tsste snd :
'admire s displar that did not consist
ot trout flies, sporting goods, "smellessi
Buy Sugar Now
Pure Cane $5.15 per sack
Beet $5.00 per sack
Domino , 65c per package
Cube Brown, Extra C, D, etc.
Everything for canning
Fruit Jars, Wax, Caps, Rubbers, etc.
Choice lot of the season's best fruit.
Let us fill your market basket.
Prompt service. Thorough satisfaction.
Westacott-Thielsen Co., Inc.
Successors to
Thlelsen Cash Grocery L. A. Wt3tacott ft Co.
151 North High.
Opens August First
WeVe now busy selling
Hunting Supplies
Our stock is complete. Come and examine it
Is Said to Be the
or noiseless powder or anything that
pertains thereunto, t was s box of
' lusrions red-cheeked reaches, known
Tuscan (.'lings, and came from the Hau
. A A A A
the Devil
ser boys' new 10-acre peach orchard oa
Keizer bottom. 10 miles below Salei".
as This is the first crop from r and I'ant
: Hauser says that the yield will be bi.