Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, July 06, 1914, Page EIGHT, Image 7

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No. 698 Wednesday Surprise Sale
An Astonishing sale of Our Entire Stock
Genuine Cut GIassPrices Cut in Two
For next Wednesday only we will place our
entire stock of high grade cut glass on sale
at truly surprising prices. We want to re
duce this stock to make room for full ship
ments, and if you want cut glassware for
yourself or if you would save money on gifts
for Xmas giving don't fail to attend this sale
-JUST ONE DAY-next Wednesday the 8th
: : : Here Are Some of the Articles and Prices : : :
59c Cut Glass Nappies 30c each $6.00 Cut Glass Vase $3.00
93c Cut Glass Nappies 49c each 57.50 Cut Glass Vase $3.75
$1.19 Cut Glass Nappies. . . .59c each $10.00 Cut Glass Vase $5.09
$1.69 Cut Glass Nappies. . . .85c each
$1.85 Cut Glass Nappies. . . .93c each CUT GLASS FRUIT & BERRY BOWLS
$3.50 Cut Glass Nappies, large, $1.75 $3.59 Cut Glass Bowl $1.75
$4.50 Cut Glass Nappies, large, $2.25 $4.50 Cut Glass Bowl $2.25
---...n v r 1 ffo 00 So.03 Cut Glass Bowl $SM
$3.50 Cut Glass Jelly Comport.. $1.75
$8.75 Cut Glass Celery Tray. . .$4.38 CUT GLASS SUGAR AND CREAM SETS
$3.50 Cut Glass Hair Receiver. .$1.75 s w $1 w
I rCut Ca 1 Bf ' 1 ' 50 Cut Glass Su arW .$1.75
$6.50 Cut Glass Tray $3.25
$4.50 Cut Glass Water Bottle. .$2.25 S5.00 Cut Glass Water Pitcher. $2.50
$8.50 Cut Glass Water Bottle. .$4.25 $8.50 Orf Glass Water Pitcher. $4.25
Remember Next Wednesday Only at These Prices
Sale Starts at 8:30 See Window Display
n' lATf's)
Quality JvL XI
All Around Town
BI.TOH Stnte, between Liberty
and High) Motion pictures
of li-reel Thuuliuuser feature
"Deborah" and the Mutual
tiirl series in "Kidnapped
mid Held for Hansom."
GLOBE (State, between Lib
erty and Hign) -Motion pic
trues of "The Court of
Death," lilth and last install
ment of "Adventures of
Y K LIHEHTV (Liberty, be
tween Liberty and Court)
Motion pictures of Sidney
Drew in a comedy, "Too
Many Husbands," and Mure
Mac Permott in "The Man
Who Disappeared.
HOATINd Sulcm boat house,
foot of State street.
A beautiful 2-reel Thnuhnuscr
is kidnapjied by blackmailers
ami held for ranoin.
""A IJeal Keystone Comedy.
another good comedy.
Quantity and Quality
5 and 10 Cents l
Wayne Price and wife, who spent
the Fourth attending the festivities nt
Eugene, have returned. They report
having had an enjoyable time in the
city up the river.
Snturduy morning tho boys of tua
Y. M. C. A. will l"iivo Salem for n
week end trip down the river to Lin
coln, where they will camp until Mon
day morning. Kdward Tullmau, boys'
secretary, will have charge of the trip.
Physical Director (.iiugricTi may also go
Be sure and visit Brletenuush Springs
this summer. I'uder new ninnngement.
Baths all remodeled and up to date.
Good restaurant and store. Tents for
rent. For Information, address J. K.
Johnson, Detroit, Oregon.
According to a statement of the sec
retary of the Salem Fruit union the
loganberry crop is about two-thirds
harvested. The cherry crop is closed
for this year, while the peaches are
expected to open up about next week.
Practically no force is emploved at
the union these days and activity
j about the works is quiet,
' The J. D. Kay company of Denver,
Colorado, wholesale commission mer
chants dealing in tipples, potatoes,
fruit, butter and eggs, has written to
the Oregon Loganberry Growers' asso
ciation asking that loganberries by the
curload be sent them. This cf in puny is
'one of the largest in Colorado and it
is becoming interested in the lognn-
! berry product.
i 0
I Four cubic centimeters of prophyla
ietic, the viris used in vaccinatum
j against typhoid, wore sent out to bo
I Used on the members of the Third regi
( meat O. X. (I. Numerous companies
nave been inoculated but Company M
of this city bus not yet received its
supply of viris. If it comes it will be
applied with vigor, says Captain Max
(ichlhar. The directions say that the
viris shall bo planted ore half inch be-
Ineath tho skin and the company cap
jtnin wields the hypodermic needle. Four
, cubic centimeters is equal to a little
more than one-half cubic inch, but only
,n few germs are sufficient to destroy
tiie typhoid genu. Three applications
j arc necessary to render tho patient
I proof against tvphnid. The militiamen
are inoculated against the possibility of
typhoid fever on their hikes through
the strange country dining the annual
encampment maneuvers.
Moose, attention. Big nioetlng Tues
dny evening, July 7. Urother Henning,
supreme prelate, will visit lodge. Ke-
treshinenta utter meeting.
j T. B. Bllsh has recenly com
pleted redecorating and painting the in
terior of the Hligli theater and now has
one of tho most beautiful moving pic
ture houses to be found anywhere. The
seats have been rearranged to make
mere room and the foyer is now cov-
jored with a beautiful, soft velvet cir-
! l11''-
Medals for the boys who ran in the
I relay team that won t'.ie nnuutil race
between the Salem and Portland Y. M.
C, A. have arrived and Secretary Conip
ton will probably distribute them this
week. The medals lire now in the
bunds of Ciiirdner & Kcene for engrav
ing. They are similar to those given
for winning last year's race.
. o
i A thousand things in leather, and all
the best ot their kind and at an honest
, price the sort you want to buy nt
shafer's, 1ST South Commercial street.
! Clifford Headrick, who spent the
S Fourth fishing in tho streams in the
) foothills of the Cascade range, return
ed to Salem yesterday with a cutch of
I'd! fish. Sixty five of the catch were
hooked on Saturduy nnd one on Sun
day, which shows that angling was bet
ter on Independence day than on Sun
day. ! o
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tallman and
Edward Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. L. II.
Comptoii returned this morning from an
over-Sunday trip to Silver Creek Falls,
where the Fourth was spent rusticating
among the hills and luring fish from
'the sparkling strenm. Thev caught
several messes of real fish and had a
general good time. They report that
the woods in and about Silver Creek
Fulls was swarming with pleasure
A complaint ih filed In the county
! clerk's office tolay by Charles Yakley j
'against (roti.ried Lieske to settlo a
controversy over the line fence between
the two farms. . j
o I
A marriage license has been Issued '
to Frank Banks, a, farmer, and Helen !
Brown, both of this rity. Klton Jones,
a farmer, and Kva M. King secured a ,
marriage license yesterday. Both young
people are of this jity.
Matron Hopkins of the State Indus
trial School for Girls is piming up a '
hard fight, following every chic to j
find the four girls who escaped from,'
the institution Friday night. Every :
county in the state and police depart- i
ment in the cities have been notified .
and the search will go on. j
o !
'The case of Taylor against the Fort-1
lund, Eugene and Eastern will be ta
ken up this afternoon in department
No. 1 of the circuit court after the con
j elusion of the C'opelnnd-Morris case.
Mr. Taylor's unit is for personal dam
ages against the streetcar company,
Salem Party Goes Up McKenzle
, A purtv of Sulcm people consisting of
Ur. .an Mrs. Clay, Mr. and Mrs. A. I
I Bush, jr., Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Bush and j
J. Ai Knpphahn, was in the city Fri- '
day night on the wny to tho upper
McKenzie to spend the Fourth, travel-:
ing in automobiles. Eugene Register, j
' Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Hunt, Miss1
Krrna riitnain and Newton Smith, have
returned to Salem Bfter spending a ilc-
lightful Fourth at the. Cheney farm,:'
about half way between Independence ,
an, Monmouth. The time was spent i
in a sate and suno manner, lying about
miller the trees and lunching severnl
times a day on the best that Polk ,
eouuty cau afford. ,
The campus of Willamette University
will be the scene of a picnic Tuesday
afternoon when the ministers of the
city of Salem gather for their annual
outdoor jolly-up and basket dinner.'
The affair will be from one o'clock
until .8 in the afternoon. The ministers
of the city and their families are ex
pected to be present in full force. !
Charles B. Harrison, graduate of
.Willamette University, who is con
nected with a Portland business firm,
spent the Fourth in Salem. To cele-'
brnte the Fourth in a thoroughly s-nfo,
nm sane manner he and the rest of the
.Harrison futility held a reunion on the,
bnnkH of the Willlnmette river. There.
, r.iis plenty of good things to eat nu.l,
a thoroughly enjoyable time was spent, j
In spite of the fact that Saturday
was the Fourth and that yesterday was
a sort of secondary celebration in the
way of picnic parties ami excursions j
there was nothing lining in the police I
court this morning. It is usual after!
a celebration of Independence Day that'
the police, judge has a grist of" male-1
factors lined up before him next day
but this morning the jail was vacant
and the docket clear. Police Judge
Elgin, however, was busily reading the
law as set forth in Lords Oregon laws:
so as to be ready for any emergency, j
Dr. Mercer detained. Dr. and Mrs.'
V. ij. Mercer were detained on their
. trip to towa on neeount of the hot j
weather in the wist. They will go la-'
A gentleman living on High street
says that one day last week two men '
hauling wood got one of their wagons
stuck hard liml fast. The two were:
delivering wood at the same place and
ono left his team and load standing on!
the street while he helped his partner!
unload. When this was dono and he!
went after his own team it was found,
the wagon lia l settled into the pave-i
meat several incites and in order to!
get it moved an extra pair of horses
hud to be hitched to it. i
Al Cleveland, one of Watt Shipps!
motorcycle experts, bears the marks"
on his face today of a tumble from n
new machine ho rode over to the Falls
City celebration. It is said that Mr.j
Cleveland was unable to hold down the:
new untried machins and it sped
around the curves at will. It is re
ported that the motorcycle, being new!
nnd unused to the rough 'country rouds, '
got tired and wanted to ride the rider i
awhile. At any rate, the rider went!
into the ditch ami got skinned up con-j
siderubly although not seriously hurt.
The accident happened between here'
and Pallas.
The usual numerous reports of forest
fires on the day nfter the Fourth of
July have failed to materialize t.'.Js
year, according to State Forester HI-i
liott. Only one small fire had been i'c
ported up to this afternoon and that
was entirely uuder control. The fire
was reported to be along the right-of-way
of the Columbia highway between
Wanna and West port. The nearest fire
warden had the lire under control with
10 men on the job to prevent fresh out
breaks. On account of the many picnic
and camping pm-ties 0u the Fourth f
July, Mr. Elliott says that many camp
fires are left burning and afterward
grow to be a menacing forest fire. The
widespread warnings that have been
posted is believed to have been largely
instrumental for the more care taken
by campers and picnickers this year.
Dr. C. J. Smith, democratic candidate
for governor, will be one of the prin
cipal speakers at the next meeting of
the promotion department of ... Sa
lem commercial club, w hich w ill be held
Wednesday evening at the .Marion ho
tel. Secretary Uniph Mooros of the
department is working on what prom
ises to be a lively nnd tnoroughlv in
teresting program. Although several
of the numbers have not been finally
determined, lie has secured an orches
tra to furnish the music. Citv Superin
tendent of Schools Elliott, who has re
cently arrived here to assume his du
ties, will speak. Other speakers from
out of town will be present. The meet
ing will begin at 6-.IW.
Salem Hoorter folks organized an
Indiana society Sunday nt Marion
square at a picnic dinner. One hun
dred nnd thirty-aewn Hoosiers by
birth or adoption registered as mem
bers. ,I.nst week letjers were sent out
to Sa.ti people w hoformerly lived in
the stnte vf Indiana, inviting them to
assemble at a meeting held out of
.It is expected that when the Salem' Department No. 1 of the circuit court
city council convenes tonight after a j convened this morning with Judge
three weeks' vacation that as a result Perey R. Kelly on the bench to hear
of tho recent hiiruintr of the Fremont ' the crist of civil ami criminal cases
hotel building with a loss of 3.,U00 to
Ilia iirni.nrtv.iiuinnm n itii ml i ii nr.li-
nance that has been pigeonholed for J taken up with the selection and instriic
some mouths will be brought from its' tion to the grand jury which was drawn
hiding place and given serious eonsid-1 this morning. 'The giaud jury to iuves
cratiou. tigato the cases to be tried in the fall
This gasoline ordinance, which was term of court consist of J. H. an
drafted by the committee on tire and Heiulel, a farmer of Sublimity; J. J.
water, wis submitted to the council Hvttingcr, a fanner of Mill City; I,. E.
hut objection to it was made on the i Onrduer, a machinist 01 Salem; William
score that it was too drastic. Tiie : Buck, a luboror of Salem; Pntri. k Fee
measure was referred to the ordinance ; ley, of Salem, retired; 1'. S. Seollar.l,
committee which, so it is declared, pig-1 of West Woodburii, retired, and A. M.
condoled it without further ado. At
. t : -
lating the storing of gasoline.
If Urn a lSflJlQtl M., tl.n i'rn,,,n..t h,it..l
rlf-nrilL LII17 I'll Y HUB II U Ul Wlllil III C I VII 11
buililiiiK was saturated with gasoline
and oils tnat the lire raced tnrougn it
with such rapidity lust week and gained;
sncii headway that it could not be sub-1
clued by the' firemen. Jt is to provide ;
fnr 1ib stnrimr nf i nf In inmnhle exnln-;
sives as gasoline tnat the ordiunnco
was prepared. It is believed that with
such an object lesson as the Fremont
hotel fire before them that the council
men will not hestitato to pass an ordi
nance that will thoroughly proiilo for
the safety of the property and people
in the center of the city.
V. B.
Pratt of Portland is at tho Ma-;
iJeruld Volk, who has recently sold
his interest in the Dallas Observer, is j
u Sulcm visitor again. Vi.lk has made ,
several trips to Salem viewing subin-
ban property and may become u Sulcm-
E. V. Springer spent the Fourth vi.i
iti-i;; his sister nt Albany. i
J. C. Thompson, a loctil jeweler, Ii.is
g.me on a month s vacation tnp to the
E. V, Springer, the genial sccieiiiiy
who j resides over the register nt The
Mn.lnii 1 'del, lilt h a badly sprained an
kle. Sponger, while doing a foot lace
stunt nt the J. E. Crowe ranch Sunday,
turiiiti hit. foot. However, lie is ip and j
a roil ml and still wishes to li e ip to
his nnine. '
Miss Irene I!. Kuntz returned today
from a three weeks' vacation trip in:
.Mr. inn'. Mrs. J. A. I'ooler And Mr.
:iul Mrs. W. A. Johnson spent the
Foi'ith in the vicinity of North Silver
Clock falls. They made th trip by
auto and reveled in the delight ':t
fishing, hunting and mountain c.liml.
in.; doors. Tho idea was well received,
the roll was culled by counties,
friends nssemmeu nnd renewed nc- j
qunintnnce. A fine dinner was served j
and enthusiastic, boost speeches were I
mads "by Messrs. J. P. Robertson, Or.
(!. W. Beechler, Thomas A. Katcliff, I..
H. Holu'its, A. J. Baldwin nnd Mrs. A.
A. Pnd.erliill. A constitution was
drafted and with the election of offi
cers tho society was formally orgiia-
ized. The officers elected were: Pros- j
ident, J. L. Peetz; vice-president, Rev.
F. T, Porter; secretary, N. D. Elliott;,
treasurer, J. I). White. Plans for a fu-
ture meeting and picnic were made and
are in the hands of the executive com
mittee, who are A. A. Lee, A. M. I.a
follette, P. J. Kuutz, W. U. Powell ui.d
John Peniberton.
Rebekahs, remember tonight Is in
stallation. Invite your friends.
A suit was filed in the circuit court
today by Otto Ilanseil, of the llrown
Planing Mill company against Roy Was
soiu and M. A. McLoughlin, of the Sa
lem Lumber company to collect $208.23
alleged due on a bill of lumber fur
nished by the pinning mill to tho lum-j
ber company.
L. M. Boggs & Co., where you always
pet, nuulitv Groceries. No lone waits.
n - i n - - - " , -
no short woiirhts. Phone them vour I
next order and be anppy. Main 311.
Orin Miles, who works in Oilson's
barber shop, was thrown from a motor
cycle yesterday while riding between
Independence nnd Dallas and sustained
a badly bruised right knee. Tt was at
first reported that his leg was broken
but examination proved otherwise. He
was at the shop this morning but the
knee began to swell so rapidly that
this afternoon he went to a doctor.
When he was thrown from the motor-j
cycle, the engine fell on his leg and !
bruised his knee.
13th and Last Installment of
"Adventures of
. entitled
(This is the real Adventures of
Sterling Comedy featuring
FORD STERLING. This comedy
is booked as the funniest comedy
Sterling ever produced. Two
automobiles are completer'
Same Price
tnat are to come up at
this July sea-
11011 nf the COIIrt. 1 hC tOreilOOll W.IS
I ry, a tanner, ot Aurora.
, ,,,ir,-,.n Mrs. i eire
1-...4..W,. -I
I Wright, both of Turner, against whom
i mlii-tiiieiits i-haririm? adultery were re-
'turned by the grand jury, were in court
tins morning, our win uui ..- m.s".
until tomorrow.
Tiie first case called whs that of E.
X. Copelaud . against R. X. Morris, a
suit to recover iiioncv alleged due for
services rendered as a eiorn in .ir.
Morris' North Salem grocery store. Mr.
Morris chums that various sums miss
ing from the cash register paid the
The criminal cases on docket are as
state vs. Koy I arroii, murder; Mate
vs. Albert Mcbowoll, polygomy; State
vs. Alvin Clyiiief, rape; State, vs. Thos.
Clark, felonious assault; State vs. Lewis
Johnson, bootlegging; State vs. Mike
Kizzi, burglary; State vs. Joe Spurgeon
ami llcne K. Wright, adultery; State vs.
Albert tjuurtier, perjury; State vs.
Cireat Northern Express company, il
legal li.iiior shipment; State vs. Win.
! Adams, attempted rape; State vs. Mar
i tin Johnson, assault with a dangerous
C. T. l'omerov, the jeweler, was
bitsv this morning receiving the con-
grri.tnlations of his friends on thej
handsome uppeaiuiice'of his new store!
at l-'ll North ( ninmercinl street, next i
I door to the Capital National liuuk.j
. Taking advantage of the national lioli-!
day, Mr. l'omerov moved his stork of!
I jewelery and fixtures from the flush!
Hank building into his present location,
I which, for many years was occupied
I by the C. II. Hinges jewe'ry store.
The new location is ideal in ninny
! respc'-ts, and Mr. I'omrroy has devoted
) cunsiilerable time and money to nink-
ing it attractive. Many tuo.lerii feat
I ores have been added, not the least of
! which is a fine lighting system for
both artificial and natural illtiuiiua-
i tion.
Mr. Pomcrov has been engaged iu the
jewelry business in Salem for over
eighteen years.
The room vacated by Mr. Pomeroy, ;
it is said, is to be absorbed by the Lfidd
& Hush bank, whoso business tins been
growing at such a rapid rate that ad
ditional space is already needed for its
executive offices. The change, how
ever, will not be made until about the
first of the coming year, to avoid in
terfering with the extra business usual
during the fall and early winter
months. i
Just Like That!
"They knocked down the form which
held your article on electricity."
"Well, tlioy simply turned It Into cur
rent 'pi.'" Baltimore American.
Silencing Pa.
i "That young Blake stays tiii a very
late hour, lora. Wpat does your
mother say about it?"
"She siiys men haven't altered a bit."
Pittsburgh Press.
Like Musketry Rattle. J
t T
That's the way ilea's are .;ade J
day nfter day through the Vunt 4
Columns of this m.pupir. T
Workers get pesiti'ins, business
mm get helpers, house
helpers. house-K.nlcis
-scet-ers close thei.- ar- T
ts, buyers and seller X
heir iaiutnicrabl,' ex- 7
and noiue-
make the
changes all through the Jjumal
Want Ads.
irouh the Jjumal
litiov.i of life de- t
'. bargain method I
.if.'nirs. It is a 4
-s-iver ind money- J
Modem conditions of lifo de
mand thi cas1'
of conducting
? wonderful tinic-s
favcr. 4
Whenever you have a Want, cr f
J the means of supplying the want 4
tof another, use tliis readv Want
Ad system.
Does Your Specta
cle Bridge Hurt
Your Nose?
Then let us equip you with
a pair of bearing pads which
, , ,, nff h
i take the pressure orr ine
Will fit any spectacle
and insure comfort
to the wearer
Let us show them
! 291 N. Com'l St., Ground Floor
Hours 9 to 5. Phone 925
Ouo cent per word each inser
tion. Copy for advertisements un
der this heading should be iu by
2 p. m.
CALF WAXTKD About one or two
weeks old. Phone S'Fo.
per hundred.
toi carpets; 10 cents
Journal office.
FOR SALE Single-comb Reds ond
Purred Rocks, liens; 2117 Trndo
IY R SALE Spun of matched threo-ycnr-old
colts. Inipitro 311 North
FKKli! -I'K'Kl)! FUED! Everything
is l-'KEK tonight, corner Stato aud
FOR SALE Practically new piano for
sSo.eii, i-.s I am lenving city. Knquiio
South Cottage.
FOdU SALE Seven-room nouse to bo
moved off lot. Make us an offer.
For particulars cajl Hcchtcl & Bynon.
WANTED Woman to do canvassing
for tube extracts, etc. flood money.
Viereck Extract & Soap Co., Albany,
wanting to tako up homesteads. In
quire ot Low & Derrick, JM ntate
SEV ENTEEN-Y t.AR-Ol.l) girl wish.it
! chance to go to coast with family to
! take care of children; small wages.
J Main 371.
FIVE ROOM HOPSE und good lot,
South Twenty-second street; i
I blocks to car, 2 blocks to school;
price ikSoc, 25 clown, $10 per mouth.
See .s, 273 state.
FOR SALE Nice dry, high lot near
! car lino and school; paved street;
! east front. Price :$00 if taken this
week; terms. Inquiro owner, 775
i North Twenty-first.
low, modem, on Hood street, near
Capital, 1 block to car line, 4 blocks
to school; price $2350, ijliliu down
i nnd the balance $15 per month. J.
A. Mills, 275 State.
. WANTED 25 loganberry pickers to go
Monday and camp at the L. II. Rob
erts yard, four miles east on (iarden
road. One dollar allowed on moving
out and returned free when picking
is done. Phone 1048 M; 771 North
! Cottage.
NOTICE For the benefit of the ranch
ers und those who cannot get their
meat in the day time, I will keep
open until !) p. m. every night (luring
July and August. 1 will pay 22 cents
cash for eggs, and the highest market
price for veal nt nil times. Pi ice's
Cash Market, O. F. Price, proprietor,
"12 North Commercial street, l'houo
5-rn.iai cottage, 13.00: terms; ne v
moilern bungalow, .jil'DO, terms; s)7."ii)
cottage, five-room. Fourth street;
.730 cottage, five-room, Shipjiiiy;
street; .HH!0 cottage, five-room, hum
end fruit, Si.tei:.a street; 13300
modern bungalow, Cottage s.reci;
$iioOO modern 7 rooms, t henieket:i
street: farm, 135 acres, $ 1 5,000 ;
lioweil Prairie, 54 acres, $100 per
acre; 10 acres, ifl25 per acre: 10
acres, illct); five acres, if(i25, terms.
For rent, houses, all parts of the city.
For rent, store buildings aud rooming'
houses. Money to loan. Write in
suiancc. Hechtel Bynon, 34 7 State.
they can easily
each other
obtain in meeting