Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, May 06, 1914, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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for Men
SONABLE PRICES all combine
to make our Men's Clothing ex
tremely popular.
Once a customer always a
customer is what we have upper
most in mind when we sell you
a suit.
Satisfaction is Guaran
teed With Every All
Wool Suit We Sell
We sell Suits and Overcoats
that bear inspection and stand
the test of wear.
Suits and Overcoats that have
stamped in every inch of their
appearance the fact that they
ARE THE LATEST and of the
Suits from $10.00 to $30.00.
See Our Great
$15.00 Special
Testimony Introduced to Show That
Plaintiff Ws 20 Ysirs
Men's Shoes
You need ji new pair to go
with that Spring Suit and we
can fit you out with as nobby
a Shoe as you have seen in
many a day. Comfw -
Fischer Sayi That Girl and Her Mother
Knew Identity of
San Francisco, Mar 5. Testimony
intending to show that the complaining
witness was 21 years old and drank
i highballs and cocktails and smoked
'cigarettes with the knowledge and con
: sent of her mother, was introduced to
day at the trial of Maury I. Diggs,
former state architect, charred with
criminally assaulting Miss Ida Mar
Walter E. Rachel- swore that ootl
Miss Pearring and her mother "knew
i Diggs' identity and had known for
months before the alleged assault oc
curred. George Carter, of San Diego,
; i.l:o proved a strong defense witness.
He testified that he had known the
Pearring family in his home town and
swore that Misa Pearring had admitted
t him on December 9, 1913, that she
was then 22 years old.
j Mis. Belestine Stevens was the next
witness. She declared that when she
I ii nd called on a Mrs. Sullivan the Pear
rings were invited into meet her.
i "Miss Pearring and her mother were
snicking cigarettes when they came in
to the room," said Mrs. Stevens. "Ida
Iny down on a sofa and smoke one
cigarette after another. When some
thing wits said about young girls smok
;ing, Mrs. Pearring remarked that Ida
iwas 20 years of age and could do as
she pleased. "
L. Cinffin, a real estate dealer, tes
jtieil to meoting Mrs. Pearring and Ida
aim v ician i-earring at tno Alamo ho-
;;'wn mi immammm I
News of Marion County JqJs9
Woodburn, Ore., May 6. Miss Helen
Scollard, of West Woodburn, was the
guest of Misa Sadie Kichards tho later
part of the week.
Rev. and Mrs. (. W Kennedy, of
Hood River, are the guests of Rev.
Kennedy's sister, Mrs. J. L, Johnson.
The members pf St. Mary 'a Episcopal
Guild met Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Ed. Roseoe, The after
noon was spent in sewing after which
a delicious lunch was served by the
hostess assisted by her daughter, Miss
Mr. Eoy McKinney and Miss Avon
McKinney were host and hostess last
Friday evening to a large number of
their friends at the beautiful home
of their parents on Scttlemier Avenue.
The rooms where 500 was played were
decked in white roses and evergreen.
Miss McKinney and her mother Mrs.
John McKinney received the guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Lunger. They returned
Sunday evening.
Mrs. G. N. Thompson will leave
Thursday morning tj be in attendance
at the annual convention of tho Ore
gon branch of the Woman's Home and
Foreign Missionary society of the
I'nited Evangelical church, which con
venes at St. Johns, Ore., May 7 to 10,
Mr. Chapman has a force of work
ers planting beans on his recently pur
chased tract of land south of Koi.er
school. He has already put out about
five acres of loganberries. This is a
beautiful piece of land.
Remember the equity meeting Thurs
day ere at the school bouse.
Mr, and Mrs. Cbas. Noble, of Chi
3 cans Carnation Milk 2"i
23 lb. box Italian Prunes 7oj
Large can now pack Lttle neck
clams .. ...13o
Good seasoning bacon 14j
Best sugar cured hams, lb 2n.t
Best sugar cured pick nick 1"
Best sugar cured backs, lb :...20.)
Bett streaked heavy bacon, lb "flj
Royal Crown . . $1.X
Perfection $1.15
3 cans Marigold milk 25e
I pkg. Arm & Hammer soda 2oc
No. 10 Sack Corn Meal 30c.
No. 10 Sack Buckwheat 45o
3 cans String Beans ...,23c
Best Creamery Butter 30o
tel. He said Mrs. Pearring to il him ; -nA,. c . j w nLi.u .
,.. it, oi .. . . ii i w. Bobt. Scott, and H. lioodale, were
tnat Ida was 21 years old and Vivian c .i. ju . .
jy ' 1 i among those from Woodburn who at-
'.Vniamin T oen ... ;. I tentleU that ball game at Portland
new,. ' He testified1 that in November, (- m
u'ld, ne nau served several drinks to
The Markets
.Mn.a thin 1 flArt Ka1p nf hnm have ' A2.50: new nnfntnea rter riound lXUfnl PUT THE
changed hands since the first of the : S'ic J..J...
month and there are now less than I J'
8,000 bales in growers hands in the-) 0range9 per bojc new nnvell)) fancy
Btate. In this connection it is noted : $2( $2,50; choice $l(?i$1.50..
that beer sales were 230,000 barrels
less in the United States during the
month of March than for the same
month last year. Wheat is steorotyped
bo far as movement and prices are con
cerned. As the laying season draws
to a close the poultry market is better
supplied and hens are in abundance.
Portland, Or., May 6. The club
house of the Frinrg club at Milwaukie,
I near here, was under martial law today
Seattle, May 6. Kggs, fancy ranch; and a squad of statu militiamen under
1 1 aptaiu Moshberger, of Woodburn, Or.,
23c; Chinese lc.
Butter, Washington creamery firsts
cubes 24e; do bricks 2uc; city creamery
was on guard to prevent anyone from
bricks 25c; California 24c; Oregon 24c. : visiting the resort. Martial law was
Cheese, Oregon triplets 18c; limburg-1 "l""ru rateuiH.v ry governor esi
urruuae ui mitrgeu vioutiions or tne
Miss Pearring and her sister Vivian in
a mom at the Alamo hotel,' occupied
by a nnn named Figonbaum, at 11
jc "clock at night.
"Another time," said Green, "I ser
ve! dniiks to Ida May Pearring in a
; rcom with a man named Webb. Later,
I at the direction of the proprietor of
the hotel, I told the Pearring girls not
to come to the hotel again."
! (ircoii is employed as night clerk at
tho1 Alamo hotel,
i i ,
Four prizes, ranging from $1,000 to
$200. have been offered to studentB of
eeenomics and of commercial subjects
for the production of the best essays
on .-. number of timely topics. The
details of the contest were announced
yesterday by Professor ' J. Laurence
Laughlin of tho University of Chicago,
who is tho chairman of the Committee
in charge of the contest. The prizes
are given by Hart Schaffner & Mart.
One of the subjects, which is now of
particular interest because of the
question of canal tolls is, "Ship Sub
sidies by Indirection"; mother is
'Price Maintenance", which is be
ing very widely discussed by commer
cial experts. Other subjects suggested
A Local Study of the Immigration
Problem. -
A Study of the Protocol in the Needle-Trade
JL1 II 11C J 9 WCJH III I; II L l II I null I'l lLt3 tcuil i t 11. ii' . If) w
downward. Local prices on all sugars!"'?'"" bncks 1 c; .sconsiu twins 20? 8 j'"', . f n.tiampn
were advanced 10 cents todav in Port- w 'sconsin triplets 18cfa20c; California: ' lie squad or militiamen,
were aavaocea u lenis loiiay in rori w.himrt.on twin n.ml trinleU 1S,-. of Captain Moshb- rirer.
cago, have been visiting with the lat
ter 's sister. Mrs. Wm. Blake, for some!
time. Mr. Nisan U an eWtrician and I Try our 30o Coffee it's a hummer.
has secured position in Snlem, where I I gal. extra choice peaches ...3oo
they mar locate permanently. 1 gal. extra choice apples 30a
The Keiztr card club meets With M gai. exira cnoice pears a o
3 pkgs. iresh raisins . loo
I pkg. fresh currants 10a
ST"! f'" tomatoes 25a
i cans line tc. - ., -.
1 can extra line pineappt ... ins
5 cans Clcarbrook peaches 50
2 cans Clcarbrook apricots ...-'
2 cans Karly June peas 2a
3 cans Libby sauerkraut - 25a
3 cans prepared hominy 25a
3 cans Atlantic clams (very best) 50a
3 cans large fat oysters .. ......2.m
3 cans pink salmon 25s
2 cans Columbia river red salmon 25a
I can nice asparagus l-'io
Keg Pickles D0o
Mrs. Val Creig bus returned homo 3 lb dried? peaches . ...25a ,
will be hold during the tinv) of the1 No. 3 pure lard r.....75e
last day entertainment of the school. ', No. 5 Compound ...65c
Thore will be a good roads meeting . Columbia oats 30o
at the school house Friday evening, ' Columbia wheat ;. 30a
May S. 3 lb. box maccaronl 30o
liecent frosts have hurt the early , :l l'kgs. Post Tosties 25o
etrawberrics. The late bloomers are not:'- phgs Kriukle Corn Flakes 15
injured. ll bars Koyal Whito Soap 2."a
Mrs. Roth, of tho Bethel district, H bars Morris Best - 25a
will soon make a visit to the old home 1 10 bars Elk Savon soap 25a
in the east. 100-11) sack molasses alfalfa meal $1.25
Fred and Val Creig are having iomo . 100 lb. sack plain alfalfa meal $1.1.5
pulpwuod cut for the Oregon Citv pa-' Snck bran 7o
Mrs. AV. H. Kelsev returned Sunday! Pr nxUh. DOCIA MURK. .Sack Bhorts $1.13
after several weeks visit with her
Ten tables of the game were in play, 'Mrs. Frogley Thursday aftornoon.
Miss Ethel Bonney, and Wayne Gill1 A very pleasant time was spent by
received the first prize. Tho consola tho Ladies' Aid at tho home of Mrs.
tion fating to Miss Lois Beebe. Miss Seymour Jories on Thursday afternoon.
McKinney was assisted in serving by They decided to co-operate with the
Miss Mildred Drake and Mrs. Art Spizeringturn spelling school in their
Giiisa. The invited - were: Misses entertainment and have a strawberry
Mildred Drake, Ethel Bonney, Nellie and ico cream festival. May 22 is
Binkley, Gladys Binkley, Lila Jcrnian,! the date. An excollent program is iu
Hollen Scollard, Lois Beebe, Delia ! preparation for the occasion.
Beck, Guendolvn Warner, Sadie Rich-1 1 " 1
ards, Hazel Bitney, Aletha Bitney, Mrs. FBUITLAND CORNERS.
W. T. Jenkins, Miss Lcta Bents of . '
Aurora, Mr. Glenn Parr, Mr. Willi Frank Van Vlack, a former resident,
Goulet, Mr. Wavne Gill, Mr. Raymoudjnow residing at Hoskins, Benton edun-
Fisher, Mr. C. Corbir, Mr. All Beck, ty, paid friends a visit here lasf week.
fn. Rninnif GilWt fViU. Willnnl Mrs. Val Creiir bus returned homo
Cole, Gene Richey, Will Chose, Winnie ; from the Salem hospital, where she 5 lbs. choice dried .runes ......
Poorman. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Poormnn. 1 undorwtnt a serious sureical operation.: 'i gal. choice syrup . ..
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Livesley, Mr. and Another parent-teachers' meeting No. 10 pure lard .$1.40
Mrs. Lyman Shorey, Mr. an J Mrs. will be hold during the tinv) of the 'No. 3 pure lard 75o
Homer Olleman, Mr. and Mrs. Art
Gniss, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Austin, and
Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Rhodes.
Mrs. Lyman Shorey and . children
spent Sunday in Oregon City as the
guests of Miss Vada Elliott.
Messrs. Lyman Shorey, Chas. Good-
ale, T. C. Poormnln, Henry Bornhot'f,
daughter, Mrs. O. P. Calef of Ashland.
Messrs. H. Moore, B. McCord, and h.
M. Bitney attended the Good Roads
meeting held at Aurora Monday.
Carl Allemnn is the proud possessor
of an Excelsior motorcicle purchnsed
In preparation for tho coming fire
si'asqji in California, 110 miles oi fire i
lines have been built on tbo Sierra
national forest.
! . l.l ... tl
of Austin & Goulet the later part of , lu", ""''url" ,ot ''
last week greatly exceed iu value anv other wood
Clarence Brans of Portland 91,ent! induct. Most of the matches come in
C.....J .i u...i .i.- im fi Japan.
fiia nnrtwita f i- rM.i'M s Tirn Redwood sawdust is being use. by
Geo. Bonnoy
Snndav tLt the
.1... .1.. i. i.:.' "of th'( ground cork used lor minor
.Lynn Roycroff who attends Mt. , 1 ?, , K
'Angel academy returned to s.hoolMon-!IIy",,r? ? the Inghest
Mr. rtnd Mrs. S. Bruno. . . u.. ;
., . . 0. ,.,,. vineyardiHts in (aluornia for packing
Z 551 JTJ .Z b table grapes, it take, tho placS
JTw-'. 0i' of th.i ground cork used for imported
day after spending Saturday and Sun
who lives on a farm near Woodburn,
Claircl Ogle who was operated upon
for appendicitis about a week ago at
Eugene is reported getting along nice
Mrs. O. A. Ncndnl who was oper
ated upon last week at tho Good
Samaritan hospital! at' Portland, is
rapidly improving,
named peak in the state, is more than
12,000 feet high. Sevoral mummed
peaks near it aro of about Hie same
elovation. All aro on tho divide be
twoen tho Sawtooth untj Lemhi na
tional forests.
Best rolled oats, sack 80a
Land Piaster by the sack or ton.
I rarry a full line of groceries and feed.
Globe Movie Picture Tickets
for Premiums.
linag this ad with you.
Corner Morris Avenue and Fairground
Road. Phono Main 1467.
With the coming of May every
mother begins to think of the clothes
misfcs Delia ecK, oaiiio uicnaro, that must soon tio ready for the Sum
Helen Scollard, Mudgo and -Mary j mer wear for herself anil her daughters
Scollard, and Aletlia Bitney spent
Sunday picnicing.
Mrs. H. M. Aut-tin entertained a few
of her friends ;it her homo Saturday
evening. Whist wns the panic nlaved.
after which a delicious lunch was : covered and tho cummer dressmaking
served by the hostess assisted bv Mrs. 1 weenies a vcritiiblo scourge.
T. ('. Poorman. Those invited' were: , The r?'!v, "i" housewives turn to
Misses Ethel - Bnonev. Nellie and ho Al1 ( olllln"8 aml " wn-V9
and tho hunt for a competent scam
stress at once begins.
Sometimes several aro tried before
the "riRht" ono is found and only too
often that "right'1 one is never dis-
are at the command of
the housewife who
(iladvs Binklev, Sadie Richard, Mildred ,,'
The Economic Validifv nf tho Sin.,ll lrake, Hazel and Aletlia Bitney, and .,.... ...
the 'important products of the state. Onions, gjeeu 25cra30c
The total product for the United States Australian oc per pound; Texas Ber-, aimed at the clubhouse
is now estimated at 5,000,000 pounds, I m.i.las $2.23 per 50 pounds. t 8.30 Inst mght, and after reading
and Oregon produces more than one I Potatoes, local $14ro.16; Yakima tho governors proclamation declanng
third of this. Prices range between
27 and 29 cents.
Hay, Timothy $15.00
Clover, por ton , $1011
Oats and vetch $13
Wheat, per bushel 0c
Bran, per ton , $27.00
Shorts, per ton $29.00
Oats, per bushel . .. .32
Chittim Bark, per lb 45c
Cheat, per ton $13.00
Potatoes, per cwt 4050c
Onions . $3.25 sack
Butter and Eggs.
Butterfat, per lb., f. o. b. Salem..23c
Creamery butter, per lb. 25c
Eggs .....17c
Hens, per lb 14 !
Boosters, per lb . . 8'i
doz.; Johnson, Sergeant lioytana and Pri
vate naiviu, arrive'! at the clubhouse
Gems $22; California 2c per' pound. . martial law. searched the building and
j threw out picket lines.
PORTLAND MARKET REPORT. A1.' l,cr9'"'9 are prohibited from tres
Portland, May 6. Wheat, club 89c; f'9111? antl noth!"K ""owed to be
bluestom 94c. ' taken r out w
Oats, number one white feed $21.50; ! ? obl'e V! f l.be.ng turned away.
. ifm , It was at Tirst announced tnat auto-
Barley, brewing .1
Hogs, best li
Prime steers
n l'an(1 people, many said to be prom
comes v. . l-.-x t ... ...!. j f. .. .
Spring lambs $6.75; yearling lambs r"'r wuinuea in me
J- 6 ' ' '.irticles of lncorporalion is to promote
It was at Tirst announced tnat auto
riric $20.50; feed $19.30. ! mobil?s entering the premises would
ivo $8 35 ! s,'l!'-e', but this was not done.
'. $8: fancy cows $7; best!, T,he F"'club is composed of Port
land people, many said to be promi-
' Steers.
Steers .
Cows, per ewt
Hogs, fat, per
Stock hogs, per lb
Ewes, per lb.
6 'jib 7c
Butter, city creamery 25c. .
Eggs, selected candled local extras
Hons, 16c; broilers 27c30c; geese
12c; turkers 20c(S'22c.
Wool, 1914 clip Willamette Valley
17c(520c; eastern Oregon ,llc
Hops, choice 15c(S16c.
the moral, physical and mental welfare
of its members, said to number several
Governor West, how-evcr, alleges the
organization is a "fake," being "a
resort where men, women and young
girls congregate to indulge in debaucheries."
Of the ownership, management, circul
ation, etc., of The Daily Capital Jour
nal, published daily at Salem, Oregon,
Dry, per lb
Salted eountry pelts, each
Lamb pelts, each
. .lioc$l
Reciprocity and Retaliation in For
eign Trade.
The Development of trade with Latin
The papers are to be completed by
June 1, 1915. Competitors axe divided
into two
any American college may compote
for a first prize of $300 and a second
prize of $200. Any other American,
witho.it restriction, may compete for . , , in
first T,rizo of i nrin ., .... a. Z was K""'1 attendance at the
rf i-inn ti. .. i Sundnv school lucnu' at Lincoln Land-
during the month.
Mrs. B. McCord, Mrs. T. C. Poorman
rind Mrs. 1'. Livesley.
Lillio Finnev returiiel to her homo
at Beverton, Oregon, after visiting: Boise, Idaho, May 6. William Tlnld
with friends in Woodburn for a eton, registrar of tho Boise laud of
coplu of weeks. ; iil0 and formerly a well known news-
lead hero today from
and four
Mrs. J. Ogle returned Inst, week ' pnpermau, is
classes, rhderirradiiutcs of ' from B months' visit with her j Brights disease. A widow
ienn college may compete 80ni -',c of hau rrancisco. children survive.
The most popular
tea in tea drinking
England's favorite for ever
70 years
right to award all prizes to under
graduates if the merits of the papers
demand it.
Similar contests have been conducted
for ten years. The University of Chi
cago has thus far had the most win
ners with a total of five. Northwest
ern, Cornell and Washington & Lee
are tied for second place with four
winners each; Oberlin College has had
three, The University of Illinois two,
and one each have come from Yale,
Harvard, Columbia, Michigan, Penn
sylvania and Wisconsin. ,
fct!l'?Ji?..J' thl Business manager, Graham P. Ta-
Spring lambs, per lb ;--- indications are they will also harvert j be, J. '
Veal, according to quaUtyllll . r.g crop. The association was 1 rPuTbll8her' tal"tal Jou""il Printing
formed for the purpose of fighting the ;
pes?! and arrangements were made, so ! TP- JabReri
the lady says, with the local banks to Oregon; Cuarles H. Iisher, Salem, Ore
advance money for them purchase of 80; ,
t-. ,.t -.a taninrt 4rr ttia : Known bondholders, morteaeces. and
live CBiivnua ui ' ' ..j . , . . . -
SAN FRANCISCO MARKETS. I purpose of fencing the rabbits out. other security holders, holding 1 per
San Francisco, May 6. Wheat, clubi The farers, she says, were most of c,eD 01 mor r total amount of bonds,
$1.65; northern bluestem $1.75fii $1.80; them in bad shaps financially on ac ; mortgages, or other securities: None.
i i .i -a. . i ...;.n.....i f n,1 thnr md or-! Average number of copies of each
$1.62; forty fold $1.67 $1.70. ranged for aH of them mto sign notes . of this publication sold or dis- EASTERN PR(
Barley, common to ohoice feed 97icito the banks to pay for tho wire. The , tnbuted, through tae mails or other- -1.01.
I banks refused to take all of the notes j . to paid subscribers during the P. I Campbell,
Butter, extras 23c; prime firsts: as security, and nsteaa oi live ' " V. 8 8 01 tB"'
2".c- firsts 2UJe 'loads of wire only one was sent, and .statement, 2933.
"Egm, extras "23c; firsts 22e; select j this is practically of no value without GRAHAM P. TABER,
pullets 20e tk others. She has written both Sec-1 Manager.
Cheese, Oregon twins 16; triplets retery Olcott and the governor, asking Sora to and subscribed before me
19c; Young America. 17 '4c& 19c; Cali- some help from the state relief fund, this .th day of Aptil, 1914.
fornia flati 12al3Vic; Young America which she says Senatorial Candidate . W. C. DYER,
15ai5Ue- eastern 18(520c. IBM Hanley told her was available. Cn- NoUry Pullie in and for tho State
Potatoes, per etl.. Oregon Bin-banks fortunately there ia no such fund and of Oregon, residing at Salem, Ore.
75fa$l- Waihingtoi stock 60(a7Oe; I o the state officials could do nothing (My oomumion expires July , 1915.)
CaUfor'nia delta whites 50a75c; sweets' to assist in fighting the pests. (Sealj. -
Sable Island, May 6. A wireless
message received here today from the
steamer Manhattan stated that the
vessel had picked up Captain McDon
ald and 13 members of the crew of the
steamer Cohrmbian and was searching
for a missing boat containing 19 oth
er. The liner Fnnconia yesterday
picked up 13 of the Columbian's com
pany. The Manhattan wirelessed that an
explosion on the Columbian had killed
one engineer, and that another man
had been drowned while leaving the
vessel. The Columbian's crew totaled
between 60 and 70 and only 27 men so
far have been rescued.
president of the state
university, left for the East last Fri
day. He will visit Johns Hopkins, the
University of Pittsburgh, Havard uni
versity, and the Massachusetts Insti
tute of Technology. The principal ob
ject of the trip ia to select a- dean of
the new School of Commerce, a profes
sor of law and a professor in architec
tural branches. He will look over other
instructional material and observe the
organization of the universities visited.
ing Saturday, May 2. The time was
eniovablv spent in rowing, bnelmll-
playing, and eating, and who wouldn't I
enjoy such a feast as was spread upon
the ground real picnic style!
A feature of the nay was the crown
ing of tho May queen, Misa liladys Ii
Follcttc, after which a snap 'shot of
her and the willing workers' cluss was
secured. (
Mrs. Wm. Davis and Mrs. Anna Hnr-;
old will bo in attendance at tho W. M. 1
S. convention to be held at St. Johns,
May 7 to 10, inclusive, as representa-,
tives from the W. M. S. and mission
bank, respectively.
The following program will be -rendered
by the young people of Clear!
Lake, May 8: !
Quartet "Take Me Back to Dcarj
Old Dixie." I
Act 1. "Dr. Cureall."
Solo "Sunshine end Roses," Mrs.
J. L. Pickens. ' I
Act 2. "Dr. Cureall." 1
Quartet "I W'ae Seeing Ncllio
Dialogue "Tho Irishman anil the
Box social will follow. Everybody
Mrs. J. L. Pickens visited last week
with her sister-in-law at Howell
The farmers who belong to tho
equity are reminded that Thursday'
evening is the time of meeting. !
Mr. and Mrs. Jno Ktter and family
and Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, in company;
with Mr. and Mrs. (has. Glaze, of Sa-j
lem, took a spin in their autos Sunday j
afternoon as far as Charapoeg.
Quite a freeze iu the bottom Sun-:
day night. Hope this will not continue :
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Jones went to!
Yamhill county Friday to visit withl
Military Day O. A. C.
MAY 8th, 1914
To Corvallis
Va the
"The Exposition Lino 1913."
For tho above occasion tickets will bo sold May 7th and 8th from
all points on the Southern Pacific Main Line and Branches between
Portland and Kugene; also from points on the C. & K. Yaquiua to
Detroit; also from points on the P. E. & E. Eugene to Corvallis.
Final return limit May 11, 1914. , ; j, , i,,,.,! . : i . J !H2
Individual Drill - Platoon Drill
Company Drill . Brigade Drill .
Regimental Drill t , ji.fp'
Full particularswith train schedule1, etc., from any S. P., C. ft 7, 6$
P. E. & E. Agent, '
John M. Scott, Cen'l Passenger Agt, Portland, Ore.