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ij-''----'"-iaAp fl) . tt,-i- ...... - HI
imtv c j b i if.i K.a cj rvvv i k.ji m ij u ra ka m -n r n i r n i i i i
Whistling i?olo
Mis Clara Mosher
, Miss I'lark
I Tort land: Mrs. Jnlck Brvee, Miss I did entertainment. After a
Florence Hoffmire, Dr. Arvid Ander-1 musical program some very clever ami
i son, anil Mr. Win. Lee also of Port-1 novel games were introduced followed
Stand. Sir. F. E. Towsley of Harris-i by refreshments,
i'burir, Miss Ethel Mav Mouraut ofi "The program follows
'Seattle, and Mrs. Dr. Casto, a sister Quintette Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Simeral,
.Mrs. t.'ark, .Mrs,
Miss Kellogg is a popular girl at-1 llolconib.
tractive of.faee and of manner and is
a musician of much ability, having
I pleased many Salem audiences with her
voice and as a piano accompanist.
Mr. Mountain is connected with the
California Fruit Canners Association
; ami at present is located iu Salem.
I ntil bis assignment elsewhere they I the siiperintendency
will be at home in a beautiful new ; MeXarv. They are:
bungalow on Center street.. .son, Miss Clara Kirshen, Miss Veda
i i, ...... m;.,.. t iT....,..kvu.. r;Da
from now on these parties will uu- Dn Friday Evening," May 8th, at 3' Auna Humphrey, and Miss' Ella
donbtedly eclipse aU indoors aftaira. ! p the Parent-Teacher Association Hearing.
. lot the Eaut school will present the fol-j
Last night in tho spacious ball zoom ; iowill pr0Kram, to which, the public, Pictures ,vcre taken recently at the
of the Armory beautifully decorate. : ig cordially invited. A .small admit. Trover ntudio of the little daughter of
for the occasion occurred the annual; 8nce fee wi;1 be oharge,,. xhe pro. Mr am, Mr8, K. L. nrris. Argvlo
MayDay ance given by Mrs. Joseph cee,s Eoing to purchase a stereoptieon :,ni ,i nlso nf K.Iwar.t Alfnr.l. nn
ifor use in the school. f Mr. and Mrs. 'Vm. Oreirorv. and
when finished will bo sent to San
on exhibition
The past week has been well filled!
with formal, and informal affairs. The;
presentation of the Cantabury Pilgrims, j
.1, il,. i' l r. - IT. 1, : M. I u
ll l"" .w',rr" .".uu!? Th" of Mr. Mountain, of California.
Avont, nf mnaf titAmaf i i tha 'I h pat nan . '
line. General interest centered around
tho May Day festivities, those at Wil
lamette University being pre-eminent.
The Annual May Day Dancing party
at the Armory was unquestionably the
most brilliant-affair socially but many
other smaller functions have added to
the w eek 'a gaiety.
The faultier weather is accassioning
many delightful motoring parties, and
on improved real estate within the:
county at 6 per cent interest per an-1
num. All applications for loans under'
this act shall be m.nlo in writings to :
tho county treasurer, which nppliea-j
tion shall state the amount of tho loan 1
applied and the security offered, and!
all such applications shall be number-j
od consecutively as received, and puss-!
cd upon by the comity court, which '
court shall require an abstract of title I
ot property and a written opinion
from tho district attorney of the conn-1
ty concerning the validity of the title i
of tho lands offered as security, and ,
the comity court may aiithori.o or re-
ject tho Ion n. No loan shall be made
ill HTi'e-411 nf ."ill Tr emit nf flirt nuuiioa. ,
I. !- ..,. - i i i
short . " . euuor e,i valuation of tho propertv offered
i a pciuuuiiHB.ur- u ii it as juur tinnier s
hop is short on t' and long on s's.
I If he were a lawyer he would know
'that words are qualified by tho con
text. The word aulhorize with the
mandatory, and the officer is require.!
line weak-fes
To tho Editor: Referring to a
i criticism in last night's Journal of my
views of the good roads measure sign
ed "Liberty, I realize that the man
behind the blind has the advantage. I
do not kuow who ''Liberty" is. but
Henc.lict, Misa I ' "atext as used iu the section 20
, the road law as quoted bv him.
as security.' Xo cxpenso shall be in-;
ciirrcd by tho county in loaning any
such funds. ' '
Then follows section 21:
"Moneys so deposited and which
have not been loaned under seitinn 20 1
of this act Khali bo subject to call ex-!
cept that with the approval of the'
- Oa the twentytieth of this month, at
tho First Presbyterian church, six
young woihen will be graduated as
nurses, from the Salem Hospital, under
of .Miss Lillian
Miss Ruth Wat-
io perrorm me act inerein aumorizeil . county court moneys mav ho deposited
just as the word may when used in ! for a specified, time, which length of
reference to an official act means j time nhall be annroved bv tho conntv '
A. Benjamin (Louise Cronise).
ine color etrect ot puiK, wnite ami; "Anvil Chorus" Victrola!
green, made a lovely background ror'g0!1jj
tliA fiTnniaitA crnwnQ. Pink irlnlies tt - .1. t - t. i
" . : .! :; "'"r i ie or R u i.aiuern , the Tempi
. v.. rupiiB or me oixm uraue , Panama exposition.
sprays of roses of the same hue were piano s0l0, "May Has Come" ,
gracefully entwined on the larger Frrtncis Hodge! tr T. F Griffith
Primary Grade 1 Francisco, to bo placed
Lantern" j,, the Temple of Child
globes and on cleverly constructed
lattice work done in green which was
placed around the balcony and punch
booth. Tall pedestals of green, bore
immense May baskets filled with
ferns, white wisteria and roses.
Miss- Irene Curtis, and Miss aernice , America and Star Spangled Han
Craig presided at the punch booth, and nerj ( iruncs r Victrola
uisu uiainuuieu programs j.rum iiunrr
i Reading Miss I. B. Davis
Piano Solo Harry Mills
I Whistling Solo Miss LaMoine Clark
! Vocal Solo Mr. R. R. Jones
Life in the Canal Zone Mrs. Elliott
i Views Stereopticon
dhood at the
is entertaining
decked baskets to the seventy-five
her aunt, Miss Anna Metschan, of Ta-
coma, Wash., and her sister, Mrs. Geo.
Cattanach, of Cayuo-i City, Ore.
on this matter, which T ahull nnntn
Catherine Treno, tr.s little daughter j .The county treasurer of anv couutv
of. Rev. and Mrs. A. A. Winter, will ho I within this statu is hereby authorized
one or the Salem representatives m , to deposit any funds coming into his
tne lempie or iniiuuoon at tno rana-; hands, for the purpose of rcdeemine
Uk. .. . . -.-
Quoting from "Liberty":
"The fact is, under the law the
county treasurer may loan all, a por
tion or none of the redemption fund
on first mortgage on real estate."
This is not correct. His plain duty
is to loan first on real estate, if there
are lawful applications for such loan
on file. hen no such
are on file to loan to banks for spe
cified time at best rates obtainable,
not loss than 3 per cent ou the requir
ed security.
Afc-ain: .
"The Salem banker did not tell us
what disposition would be made of
the redemption fund while in process
of accumulation beginning with the
fourth year after tho bonds are sold,
bIiouIiI the county treasurer decide not
to loan anv or all of the money so
collected during the life of the
"Fortunately, the law is quite clear
this matter, which 1
of rare bargains
To reduce our stock for one week we will
sell every finished article in the shop
. Also one-fourth off on stamped pieces
Take advantage of this sale to renew your
sofa pillows and centerpieces, as well as
provide yourself with the summer's em
broidery work.
REMEMBER "We give particular at
tention to Stamping Orders and Free Em
broidery Lessons.
court of the county, ami t bank of
deposit shall pay interest thoicon at i
a rate that may bo agreed upon lie-,
tween the bank and tho couutv treas
urer ami approved by the county court;
provide!, that such interest shnll not,
be less than 3 per cent per annum on -
the monthly balnnces as shown by tho ns 3 per cent,whilo outside borrowers
books of tho bank. All of Slid inter- on real estate security must pay 0
The Needlecr aft Shop
291 N. Commercial
Main 923
Th cirls of the Haivsville Sunday "1"""- ' ' "Mil DOiius, issuo.l under the provis
couples during the grand mnrch. which 1 8,.hool wero hostesses at a May Davi'a:JU niontiis old, ai.d scored m u ions of tliio act, in any bank, doing
rw v ..... v..v..L Lousiness wiiiiiu uie siaio. oeciion a.
fund is loaned, and keep it so invest
pplications ( c,jt fo be credited .l.v tho said treas- per cent, together with all expense in-Pll l,llt w1'1'" tb" wa no demand for
urer to tne roail bond redemption lund cincnt to tunning the loan. '
of the county." ! "The whole tenor of this bonding
Theu section 22: law would indicate that 11 was drawn
"Xo. deposit shall be made in any ii as much, to create a big fund of
one bank which shall exceed 50 per money for the banks to handle, as to
cent of tho paid-up capital and sur- build roads for the public. That ex
plus of said bank, ami at tho time of plains why so many of our bankers
making application tor such deposit have becomo boostois for hard-suifuo-said
bank shall furnish to the officer jC.l roads.
to whom such application is mnda ftt Now, this is mere quibbling, based
statement of the bank s resources and upc" the af.sumit:on that our county
liabilities, together with a certificate courts and treasurers for the next 20
signed by some ono of tho officers of years will be recreant to duty. Ilis
."aid bank, verified under oath that , limu insinuation is moro bumcombc.
the bank has been examined within To recapitulate:
the past six months by tho national j The manifest intention of. the legis
bank examiner of the district or by laturo was to loan tho sinking fund
tho state bank examiner of tho state, as it accumulates on 6 per cent rcul
according as tho bank may be nation-testate mortgaged, ns tho state school
al or state bank, ana, if tho treasurer
w-ns led by Miss Greta rorturtller, ot , evening party, entertaining about sixty
Awmny, iwu Jir. naipu vruuice. i young people.
A program of eighteen numbers, with j
extra selections was given coisisting of r nrs jj, e. Cooper, assisted by her'
tangos, hesitation waltzes, and the old- j house' guest Miss Carrie Jane GrevJ
er waltzes and: two steps for the more 0f Seattle, Wash., entertained for Mrs.
conservative dancers. The Peerless j Ge0- Beaty, Friday afternoon, at her!
orchestra furnished the musiCj Bnd bo- honiG oil Xorth Twonty-tbiril strict. J
tween numbers The Pacific University; G,1P9t8 wer0: Mrs. Geo. Beaity, Mrs.
qur.rtct delighted the guests with vocal , T w. Dorneman, Mrs. P. Chninplin '
Mrs. J. Piauman, Mrs. G. L. Snvder,
I Mrs. J. II. dinger, Mrs. Benjamin
in Salem last fall.
The Ladies' Aid society of
nesilay with
Winter street
will bo w
'No treasurer shall deposit at any one
I time in any one bank more than 20
me per cent of the road bond redemption
hvangclical church met W ed-, fn.l money iu his hands available for
Mrs. Grant on ?orth BU(.h denosit. and it shnll hn hi. .l.itv
treet. Next week's meeting i to distribute (ho funds equitably, as
ith Mrs. Evans. U'ar as possible among solvent and
I Bubstantiar applicants within the conn-
Decorations were under the super
vision of Mr. K. W. Little of Willam
ette University.
Mr. and irs. Asnhel Bush afre home
from a delightful two-weeks' trip
through California.
I have demonstrated their faith in tips
; growth and development of the Uni-
Crawford Moore. Mrs. versity of Oregon by opening a eon-
I did not quote the law in my ro
view of tho measure. "Liberty pro
tends to do so, but garbles it, as I
will show presently, but recurring to
the above quotation: First, if the
A wedding of nuich interest will take
place tonight, when Miss flaynl Kel
logg becomes the bride of Mr. Samuel
E. Mountain of Portland.
The ceremony will take place at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and ! nexi Hostess.
Mrs, H. n. Kellogg on Soutn fourteentn
street, only relatives alml immediate
friends attending. Rev. P..S. Knight
will read tho service.
Little Juanita McCarter will be
flower girl, and. Master Jack Bryce, of
Portland, .will bo 'tho - ring bearer.
There will be no other attendants.
Miss Phyllis Kellogg will play
the wedding music from Lohengrin, and j
Miss Marguerite Flower wil lsing "U
Froinise Me", just previous to the
ceremony, and "I Hear You Calling
Me" while tho service is being read.
The bride's gown will' be an exquisite
creation of lace draped over cream
colored satin, with cap to match bear
ing orange blossoms, scut by friends in
California. She will carry an arm
linrmof nf TtrwlA'n rOSPfl ' end lilipS nf
v.,v . ,
the valley. T
Decorations will be in pink and ;
white, roses, ferns, and clematis being1,
used. 1
A buffet luncheon will be served by.
Miss Stella Chapel, assisted by Miss;
Florence Hoffmire. !
Out of town guests, who are ex-
pected to be present are Mrs. M. K.
Mountain,, motner or ine Drviegrouin,
and his sister Miss Eva Mountain, of
RoKhnim. fifi
F. H. She.leck. Mrs. Waldo Miller. ' feetioncry store, "The Students
Mrs. Geo Vieska. Mrs. Walter Goss 'Shop," at Eleventh and Alder strets,
Mrs. Win." Buck. Mrs. Fred KvTler. andl"01"- tI,B university. They will cater treasurer refused to perforin his duty
Miss Grey. . j principally to students. Both are well : our county court, through the district
known in Salem, Mr. Fields being the i attorney, would compel him to comply
Airs. Harry Wemleroth entertained ; ou ul r. mm mn.. u, v. rieius, ami .mm mu mw, n uoi, me peopio wouiu
the ."La Cornier" club, Friday after-i a giauuate or tne baiem High scnool.
tie is a rirst year student at U. ot U.
aud a member of the Sigma Chi fra
ternity. Mr. Burros Was, head candy-
noon. Miss Florence Cauthorn was a
special guest. Mrs. Wemleroth was as
sisted by Mrs. Seymour Skiff.
Mrs. Chester Cox will be the club's
Mrs. E. S.'Melson and Mrs. C. E.
Fuller were joint hostesses for the
Wide Awake club, Thursday afternoon,
at the home of Mrs". Mclson on States
man street. Eleven of the twelve mem
bers were present. Guests for the
afternoon were Mrs. Geo. E. Eyre, and
Mrs. Mary Melson.
The next meeting will be with Mrs.
P. Michelson on South Fourteenth
probably let him out at the end of the
second year of the 17 years of the life
of the bonds. ,, i! .
! ilia first nnntfl.tinri,nnva to iha firat
The rest of the
makor with the Hell confectionery , clause of section 20.
store during his residence here. i section reads:
"Provided, that at or before the
Miss Greta Fortmiller is the guest of (ate f 8,,cn deposit the bank receiv
the T. J. Cronises, coming up to at- "'K the rftme s,la" furnish to such of
fend the May Day dancing party at fl('er 88 eeurity for moneys so depos
the Armory last night. ltcil bomla of. the United States of
I America, or of the State of Oregon,
or of any county, municipality, or
The Kcbeceas gave a social Monday
evening at their hall. The committee
consisting of Mrs, A. Cummings, Mrs.
P. II. Hubbard and Miss Camilla CaJ
bath deserve much credit for the splcn-
and Society Printing.
Phone Main 2179.
Miss, Florence Hoffmire, of Portland,
the guest of Mrs. J. A,
...1..1 .I:..-:.. ii
' can pniintv cho 1 ri
nil nnf nf Inicn a Homln t of tho "" io'jiic
Armory l.Wce last night. She expects : Ah" Tf, 'i"", ana ,rcturr , thcref
to remain until next Tuesday I An of " bo,uif 80 1'Potel may be
I exchanged or return to the depositor
... , , . 'thereof at any time upon delivery to
Children Who Are Sickly. the county treasurer of a like sum of
" other bonds of the hind authorized to
Mothers who value their own com-, be deposited hereunder. All securities
fort and tho welfare of their children i offe.e.l as security for deposits by anv
should never be without a box of Moth- county treasurer shall be approved by
er Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, 1 the county court of the county. The
r .L. I -A t mi n.A.l.A . nl... l! 1. I.. 1 1
tvt iiav uiuii;uiuil uv ornatiu, Aiirj ! ...... wi o n i .win IU UC
TTTTTTnrTT . RrnuV i,n PM.Io Ml.vn V..l,.... ill loaot 1 fl n sunt in ov...u n h
T : Constipation, Teething Disorders, Head-1 amout of such deiwsit. Whenever
WEDDING INVITATIONS nchc, and Stomach Troubles. Used by there aro sufficient funds on hand iu
Announcements, At-Home Cards. ! 'others for 24 years. THESE POW-' the bond redemption fund, tho county
nucu wi'l't'D 17 T r L1. 1 1 1 ., . ' . 1. , 1 . i I- .I
. j wuu,j iiuiijii iaiu, ouiu uy an , iruiiMirer, wuu nit approval or uie
j Diug Stores, 25c. Don't accept any I county court, is hereby authorized to
T j si-Dstitute. sample mailed FKEfci. Ad- loan any money in the bond redemp
dress, Allen tf. Ulmsted, Le Koy, N. Y. tion fund, secured by first mortgage
Do You Want to Save $2.50
On May 11th,. 1914, Begins
El Glostovo
Electric Stove
Regular Price . . $5.00
Special Price . . $2.50
Daddy s Bedtime
Marion's Fern
Garden Flourished
In the Spring,
it for such loans to authorize the
treasurer and county court to loan it
to tho bank or banks in the state at
best rutes obainable but not less thau
3 por cent per annum. As it will be
over three years before there Is any
thing in the sinking fund, the law1
can bo amended if necessary to rem
edy its faults if any bo found in the
meantime. It has beea shown that
these roads can be built and fully paid
for, interest and principal, iu 20 years,
with an average ahnunl levy of less
than one mill. That is, ono dollar on
tho $1,000 of your assessment, whilo
tho mutual levy to maintain and re
pair thct:o tamo roads is nearly twice
as much. J. H. ALBERT.
Mav 1, 1011.
is not satisfied therewith, he ' snail ,
hvo authority to cause a siiocial ex
amination to be made and it shall bo
liscrctionary with such treasurer to
grant or .refuse .any application for
such deposit."
Tho section .1 miotoil by him docs
not qualify- section -0, the first clattso
of which ho has quoted, but the sub
sequent sections which provido for
tune loans to banks where there is no
demand for real esttto loans.
Again quoting from "Liberty'':
"Mr. Albert also further failed to
state that it is discretionary with tho
county court and treasurer whether
they will permit the entire fund to ro
main in tho banks without drawing
any interest up to tho time of the ma
turity of tho bonds 20 years hence.
Ho also failed to nolo that these coun
ty officials may loan any or all of tho
redemption fund to the banks as low
You Really Do Not
Know how easy it is to provide your homo with tho enjoyment that
conies from good music. You have probably thought that such things
ate only for the rich or the extrnvagnnt. There's where you were
mi itaken. Let us explain how wo havo brought pleasure into thousands
of homes. " .
I .aifv.'y rvri
621 Court Street.
E. P. Peters, Mgr.
Moose Building.
Phone Main 85 ;
The Electric Store
State and Commercial Sts,
She Would Pick the
Loveliest Fernt.
ADDI thought there was nothing nicer for children to be Interested
In than flowers. To be sure, Jack and Evelyn were devoted to tnein
Now that the nice spring weather had come, they spent hours every
day roaming in the woods and fields getting nil kinds or lovely uow-
ers. These they would arrange themselves, and they always had one espe
cially beautiful or rare bunch for the desk In daddy's study.
"You know I have a splendid Idea for you children," said daddy ono even
ing. "What Is It?" cried both the children, "Do tell ns about it!"
"Well," continued daddy, "I once beard of a little girl named Marlon whose
greatest pride was her fern garden, or 'fernery, as she called lb"
"Oh, couldn't we have a fern garden?" asked Evelyn right nwny.
"I am so glad you. are Interested In my Idea," said daddy, "for a fernery
Is Just the thing for you and Jack to have, I think, and you will find It Js a
great Joy, for every year the ferns will come up again. You can tnko that
nice little shady bed under the lilac trees in the garden, and then 1 will tell
you the way Marlon arranged hers."
"I think ferns are lovely," said Jack, "and I can dig big holes to put the
roots in, so they'll be sure to live."
"That's the way," said daddy. "I see you know Just what ferns need.
And now to tell you more about Marlon's fernery;
"Marlon had n little shady bed, much the same as tho one you two chil
dren are to have. Every spring at Just about this time she would go Into
the woods with a trowel and basket and pick out the loveliest ferns. These
she would carry home In ber basket Then In the shady afternoon she would
go to her fernery with n watering pot First she would dig a little hole, mid
then she would put some water In It to see that the roots of the fern got
plenty of moisture, for that Is what ferns love. Then she would put the rool
of the fern In the bole and put soft earth firmly around It After she bad
planted her ferns she watered them some more, for she was very careful that
ber ferns should be planted Jubt right, and that Is why she bad such good
luck with them.
"Every spring she would ndd to her fernery, and the ferns that she hatl
planted the year before came up more beautifully than ever.
"She would get Interesting looking rocks and stones nnd put tbem be
tween ferns here and there in the little fernery. It was very delightful to
see the plants come up in the spring and then go to the woods and get some
more beautiful ones. She was very particular, you may lie sure, to get nice
young ones, for they are the best to transplant-"
"We'll start ours tomorrow, won't we, Jack?" said Evelyn.
We've Got
Your Straw
We've Got Just Your Style
From the Lowest
Price to the
You'll find 'em all new
onea-the best native models
and the cream of the Nob'
by new English ones
We Dare
You to
Take a
Look at
Your's is Here, Pick it Out
.I i i
on Commercial Street at 167 north