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Special Three-day
of Women's and
Women's fine hose, linen heel
and toe. Special 19c pair.
Women's extra good cotton
hose. Special per pair 29c.
Women's fine silk lisle hose.
Special per pair 39c.
Motorcycle Policeman Stanton last
night arrested Ixhj Anderson for riding
bin wheel on the streets after night
without a light. Young Andni-soii puid
a fine ot -.50 assessed against him by
Judge Elgin this morning.
Visit Oilson's attractive new barber
shop in liligh building, State street.
The old Willamette at this point Is
holding its own, despite the flirt that
thfl rainfall has dropped off. The strenni
is up to the (1.2 mink, nnd in Knowing
no indication!! of going down. This
stnge is ideal for HtiumlioUting, and
(river traffic between this city and
Portland is excellent. Last season at
this timo tho water wn very lotf, and
steamers experienced great diffielty In
what all the laeket was about; Lnyiug
- Dr. Mendelsohn fits eyas correctly. U
B. Bank building.
If you have
woven notify
24 SO W.
any carpets you wish
S. A. Dobner, phone
A Pig wnoop siarueu rotauouis
north of the city Inst night, ivid for a
time it was thought some one was trv-
ing to blow up that end of town. This :
morning, however, it wns learned just j
die Walsh and Harlem Tommy Murphy i
out in the center of Hood street, be
tween Fifth and Broadway, were two
eats, dend its door nails with a couple
of leads of bird shot in their hides.
Some nearby resident had evidently
crown tired of the concert and dis
missed the musical Toms with a doubled
barreled rhotgun. !
The Trovor-Weigel studio opposite
Bligh theater, for kodul: finishing and 1
enlargements. Notico our new prices
for this work.
Albert Cuffner, a 11-year-old high
school lad, appeared before Police
Judge Elgin morning, and offered mi
explanation as to why he bent up an- ;
other boy of about his own ago in East
Salem Inst Saturday night. Young Cuff
ner told the court that tiulph Yoho, his
"victim, " started tho row by throw-1
ing rocks aHid making faces at him. Ho
ing Astoria, has Salem cleaned clear off,
language, and when the latter refused1
he administered a good licking to Yn
ho. Nicht Officer Welsh was called
and placed Cuffner under arrest, with j"'l to think up some scheme
instructions to api'ar this morning in ; whereby he can earn at least a living.
the police court. Judge Elgin advised ; 0
Cuffner to get his witnesses, if he had BuJ Bon Toi ' A ces and be
ny, and appear again at S o'clock to- moko hnppy.
morriw morning. Cuffner asserts that! 0
he- can prove Yoho stnrted the racket,! Donald J. Upjohn, district attorney
aud that it was up to him to fight, or; for 1(lk county, 's in the city on
submit to being stoned bv Yoho. ; business. Mr. Cpmlin says that old
n ; Snlem looks good t him and he likes
Special next week Our L. V. floor ; ,0 "P1'"'1 hi T1,r t'me hlr
polisher.outfit is a genuine prir.e puck-1 0 , .
age. It consists of our splendid two-! You may tbluk kn0 u out
sided floor polisher, worth 1.50. a ' h"",. "t you can always learn a
ereat biff 1.00 bottle of liouid polish , lot mor? b' visiting the famous leather
and a 5c Crepette enist cloth total
value, 2.73 all for 1.50. Buren
When It comes to the high cost of Uv-
navigating between Salem and up-river
the map in several different wnvs, a.-.,u.r" .""T , , : V 0 ';uml,,'
fording to Chief of Police Sh'cleck, j w,th, fr"m " X "M.ves. Mr. Patter
who returned from that place .tur- ?on '(,T " t llrllr,v .u,'al.",' the
dav night. The chief declares that "ct, V"1 'l s mU."g 80me
man, even a single one. must have aiharJ 1,cks " ,he 1 olk coun,J ,owu-
goodly amount of the long green if he
desire to get lining in Astoria. Two
soft boiled et-gs, two pieces of toast
and a cup of eoffee cost tho chief justl'",,," m ".' . "'Rn'
30 cents, ho savs, while two flap-jn.ks A' f"''"'. "h.ch pu s h.s earn:
and a cup of black coffee, serve 1 in a ! " ,he M .of ( al,8:a ,,rt toin;
hotel in the coast citv, calls for 40, ;q"teF point. This evening
cents. Chief Shedeck said that for a
time he thought he hid made a inis-
take and had traveled as far as Nome,
Alaska, but after looking about a lit
tle, he found that about every eating
joint in the pW-e was way up iu the air
on : rices.
. Special next week Our L. V. floor
polisher outfit is a genuine priite pack
age. It consists of our splendid two
sided floor polisher, ' worth 1.50, a
" . U'K "1" -T. C T" "i
nn i:.k
lu.. J2.7.WI for 11.50. Buren t
O 1
A neighborhood ww took up consid-,
erable of the police court a time this)
Supply Your Hosiery Needs Now
morning. Fred Iligolow Inst Saturday
swore out a warrant for the arrest ot
N.M.llnll, a neighbor, charging tho lat
ter with disorderly conduct. Iligelow
appeared in court this morning and told
.ludgo Elgin that Hull Insisted upon
grilling his cattlo upon his (liigelow's)
property, mid that when asked to de
, sist, Hull cursed him and attempted to
draw a revolver. "Now, you look
here," said thojiulgo, "my advice is
for you fellows to go homo and mind
strictly to your own affairs in the fu
ture. Hall has no right to grnize his
cattlo in front of property abutting
on the street without permission, nnd 1
want him to understand. Hall, you
must not violnt
to the law again iu this
Yoho to et out the rough
said ho tulit
I mutter out of the courts." Hull said
tlm he did not know that he was vio
! Inting the law, and promised not to
I graze his cows in the street again. Hig
i elow, whilo unsatisfied, still agreed to
I let the quarerl drop if Hall would keep
j off his property.
Buy a Bon Ton for five cents and be
smoke happy.
I, the undersigned, nm in no way in
debted to F. 11. Howard, nor will I be
responsible for any debts contracted by
him. Signed HENRY LEE,
Have you beard the new records?
Drop in and hear them on the superb
talking machines we carry. You're
welcome. Wilev B. Allen Co., R. i .
Peters, Mgr., 521 Court.
Ward for Drugs. Bargain prices.
Phono 2247. Prompt delivery, 548 State.
John Jones, one of Salem's most !
popular anglers, wus seen buving new ;
lines, hooks nnd bait this morning. Mr.
Jones stntes that he is going out after ,
tho speckled benuties iu the morning
rain or shine. When he goes after fish
he generally gets them. i
Buv a Bon Ton for five cents and be
smoke happy.
The police last night arrested Albert
Loger, a transient, on the charge of
begging. I.oger said he was hungry
and didn't have a rent so was com
pelled to ask alms He got what he
wanted, a free bead and a fairly good
breakfast together with two days' time
store of Shafer, for years uv 1S7 South
Will Patterson, a husky foundry
worker of Salem, who has been em
ployed in Dallas for a few weeks, re-
Captain George Hatch's team won'
all loiiits in the biff raid volley ball
, ...v .w-v w. ii.7 ni;iira win mi
i played, aud it is expected tho final i
l contest will bo a hard struggle. There i
I was a big attendance last night of'
' both teams.
Piano tuning, ranairing, first-class
work. Phone Mti5, leave orders at O.
C. Will or K. F. Peters. J. E. Hockett.
Wemhurn nt ih. VAbm' lAilira . r. mlr.
ing elaborate proparntions for their an-
winch will be held
in this citv April 2:1.
April 2:1. The 18th anni
! "f h 'K " ;
i at this time also.
Music, addresses.
i reminiscences will
form the program.
! V 1 j 1 . 1 1 n
mer d Car, S(.hw for u J
h,vin8 Btter u
Money-saving Sale
Children's Hosiery
Children's good wearing hose.
Special 2 pairs for 25c.
Children's desirable sox. Spe
cial 2 pairs, for 25c.
See window display of these ex
tra value hosiery specials.
P. L. Utter, dentist, Masonic!
Quite a number of Salem people went
to Portland Saturday to attend the fu
ucr:tl of Mrs. Joseph . Evans.
The work of remodeling the state
house is about completed, and there
will soon be room for all the state of
ficers. That is, of course, if too many
are not elected this fall.
Registration is stUl slow, snd it looks
like there would be several thousand
who cannot vote unless their friends
swear for them on election day.
Governor West, Secretary of State
Olcott and State Treasurer Kay went
to I'eudleton Saturday night to inspect
the state hospital for the insane. Pur
chasing Agent tloodin proceeded them.
Passengers on a Comercial street car ;
yesterday came near witnessing a trnr-1
edv. A ladv with a go-cart and a baby!
stepped from the ear lit the intersection '.
of Commercial and Chemeketn streets,
' "" ",3le."
:fn'1: Htnrting for the .si,
nnd, instead of looking both ways be-
lewalk, the
mother walked west to the curb, and
wns all the time looking south on ( om
mereial street. A biir auto glided to
wiud her from the north, nnd for n few
seconds it appeared as though the mar
chine would run down both mother and
the child. After much skidding and
reversing, however, the auto came to a
stop within two feet of the woman,
and she failed to seo the approaching
danger then, until she turned around
to lift the baby and go-calrt onto the
sidewalk. 'Whew," said one passeng
er, as he wiped his forehead "that
made me sweat."
I Fine printing; Fuller Printing Con
cem. Phono Main 2179.
Ye hand-shaking, smiling and cheer
ful candidate predominated in Salem
today. Many a frmer got pump-
handled and economy was the song
' trilled by each and every man who ,
! aspires to become a public servant, j
The candidates are playing the card
mm. lim. nit lrA i II rf til HUM
farmer, who went down the street with I
the gaudy-colored bUus sticking out of,
every pocket. Attorney John D. ,
Turner, who is decidedly not a candid-'
ate for office, was seen traveling as:
fast as his legs could carry him no the
stairs in tho United. States National
bank building with three candidates in
close pursuit. Other innocent local
j men walk around w ith both eyes open i
i nnd prepared to dash away at the
slightest sound of a candidate ap-
proaching. Verily, the life of.the voter j
' is hard at this time of the year. i
Beginning Today
The Rex Players
The Wizard ot
Wall Street
An Intensely interesting four-act come
dy drama
The most talked of woman In the world
r t npi
CVeiVn neSDUL 1 aW
Supported by a bU company in tb.3
musical and dancing divertisenient
seat ai, Thursday.!
Prices 75c to
Mail Orders Now
Personal Mention
J. C. Perry is in Portland on busi-1
ness. I
Miss Lyditt Fowell of Tratum, is in '
the city. " j
Judge William Gullowny went to Al
bany titis morning.
Miss Pauline Burnick, a tencher in
Quinnby, is visiting friends in the city. !
Mrs. Eliza Keppinger of Waconda is '
spending the day in the city.
Wm. Ouhlsdorf, porprietor of tho
Yokohama Grocery and Tea store, is iu
Portland on business.
iCorporftion Commissioner Watson
was a passenger on the Electric lim- ;
ited for Portland this morning. j
E. C. Armstrong, formerly county
fruit inspector, returned last evening
froma business trip to Washington
Miss Ola Norgrcn, who is studying
F'l" .r?u." ul was over sun-
Mrs. A. it. Anderson at Quinaby.
Tom Wilson left the ponitentiax-
this morning. He was neither par
doned nor paroled, but just let off for
a day to visit Portlnnd.
Stute Architect W. C. Knighton,
went to Eugene Inst evening to look
over the grounds for the new adminis
tration building at tho university.
Mrs. Marshall, wife of the pastor of
the First ' Baptist church, will leave
shortly for California, accompanied by
her mother, for the ' benefit of her
health. j
Hon. A. S. Bennett, candidate for
the democratic nomination for gover-'
nor, was in tho city a short time this,
morning, going from here to Port-:
Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Turner, who have
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Tur
ner in the KosedaJe district, left this
morning for their home in Tillamook.
They are just returning from a long
trip, during wmeh they visited in many
parts or the east and south.
Fourteen medical students of the col-
lege of medicine of the Universityof i
Oregon spent Saturday in Salem, attend
ing a nervous mental clinic at the Ore-j
gon State Hospital for tho insane under i
direction of Dr. Griffith. A discussion
of insanity, with patients to illustrate,
formed the basis of the clinic. Most
of the students returned Saturday ev
ening, but several who were formerly
Willamette University medical stu
dents, before the consolidation of the
two schools, remained over until Sun
df The medics who came up from
Portland were H. W, Stcelhammer, E.
C. Joseph, R. a Miller, M. O. How-
rd, E. E. Anderson, A. E. Anderson,
Harrv Schwartz, C. C. Moffitt, M.
West, R. L. Edwards, R. D. MacRea, J.
iv . anuervcri, u. i. noy una a.
, Tiedemanu.
1 T T II 1
10 acres of bearing prunes,$2,150.
2 acres benring fruit, 7 room house,
ono mile out, 2,300; terms.
Large lot and house, close in, 16000.
26Vj acres bearing fruit, improved, '
16,000. i
10 acres bearing fruit, improved 300
17 acres, close in, improved, MOOO.
' Several good buys in berry tracts.
Hop, prune and stock ranches, right
List your bargains and trades with
We are gents for Canadian
Pacific lands, $11 per acre up,
20 year to pay.
Close in hotel, 30 rooms, (1500, snap.
Several good business chancel
and trades.
We sell insurance of aU kinds.
nouses and furnished rooms to rent
City'lots, all parts' of Salem.
15 acres, Roaednle, 7 acres fruit,
buildings, $3,000; terms. e.
Acme Investment CoiflpaflY
Thone: Office, Main 477.
Opposite Court House. 540 State St
Employment Bureau lit Connection.
FOB RENT Cheap. Two houses with
garden spot snd fruit. Phone 2054-J.
FOR SALE Good buggy horse, 7 years
old; eheap. John Wikberg, Route 3,
Box 07.
LOST On Dallas or Indepedenee road,
gold bracelet. Reward for return to
this office.
FOR SALE Six-room house and lot
50x100; S50; bargain; 4U5 .North
FOR SALE Team of 7-year-old mares
. in foal. Call before -Tuesday eve.
Center street feed sheds.
HIGHEST Cash price paid for eggs.
Marion Creamery & Produce (Jo.,
Liberty and Ferry streets.
THIS is to notify the general public
that I will not be responsible for uny
- bills not personally
O. Ncclands.
contracted for.
WANTED A girl for dining room
uiiu tuuiuucr wurik. i.yu iiiurncu muiii-
-.! ..i t ., . i
apply. Inquire
House, 558 State street.
WANTED Stock to pasture, good
feed, plenty of water, four miles
from town. Call at 1170 .North
Twelfth, it. Waldspel.
FOR RENT Six-room bungalow, com
pletely furnished, and absolutely
modern in every detail. Phono Main
ISliO or 244(5, or inquire of owner at
2fl Hubbard building.
i FIVE-ROOM modern bungalow, busc
j ment, electric lights, bnth, fruit, ber
" ries, garden; walking distance. Block
from car line. Part cash. Cheap if
taken at once. A. B., Journal.
SEWING MACHINES are going to be
sold at once; g"od drop-bead ma
chines from $10.00 up; you will miss
a big bargain if yon don't eomo at
onco as they must go at once. 040
State street.
! Notico is hereby given that there are
funds on hand nnd applicablo to the
: payment of nil wurrnnts drawn on tho
general and street fund9 and endorsed,
:"Not paid for want ol funds." Hold-
: ers ot these wnrrarts will plcaso pre
sent them for pavment to tho City
Treasurer, ns interest will eeaso after
this date, April 20th, 11)11.
It. A. UKOSSAN, City Treasurer.
Sealed bids will bo received by tho
County Court of Marion County, Ore
gon, for the improvement of certain
roads in Hoad District No. 2J near
Sublimity, Oregon, by grading and
macadamizing tuc same, nnd tuc im
provement of certain ronda in Road
District No. 52 near Salem, Oregon,
by druining, grading and gravelling
tho same, as will more fully uppear by
the plans and specifications of the
same now on fil in this office. All
bids must be accompanied by a certif
ied check of five per cent. (5 per cent.)
of the amount of such bid and must be
filed in this office on or before the 1st
day of May, 1014, at 1 o'clock p. m.
The Court reserves tho right to reject
nny or all bids. MAX GEHIIIAR,
County Clerk.
Heave Drops
For the cure ol
heaves; a liquid
medicine given in
the feed, which
the most fastidious
horse will not ru
fuse. From one
to six bottles will
cure the most
stubborn case.
Trice $1.00 per
bottle, or 6 bot
tles for $o. Fcr
sale by all drug
gists and at
Drug Store
The only cash drug store in Oregon
owes no one, and no one owes it; ear-
j ries laree stock: its shelves, counters
I . - .
and show cases are loaded with drugs,
! medicines, notions, toilet articles, wines
and liquors of all kinds for medicinal
uiiuot-s. fr. ciuue is u regular gradu
ate in medicine and has had many
years of experience in the practice.
Consultations are free. Prescriptions
are free and only regular price for
medicine. Dr. Stone can be found at
his drug store, Salem, Oregon, from
6:40 in the morning uatil 8 at night.
Free delivery to all parts of the city
and within a radius of 100 miles.
Our assortment of White and
Colored Suits for the small child
largest in the valley-
Children 's Wash Suits
$1.50 to $3.50
MiM Frances Ward, who has mad
such a hit in her rendition of "tin,
Promise Me' in the recent children's
performance, is the daughter of Frank
Ward, the normlar druggist, and wife.
Miss Ward is only ten years old, and
has a remarkable voice for a young
lady of ber age. . i
. "Peg o'My Heart" will be presented !
tonight to a crowded home. All except
the balcony had been sold out at noon,:
and still there was a constant demand,
for seats. This is a hunch as to what
could be done in the theatrical way in :
Salem, if only strong companies and
tirst-cluta plays were presented.
. .,,, , nvurvT1
Notice is hereby given tlint there j
"redc em aU standing state J'Ct.Ve get glatset.
warrants drawn on the general fundi r , f . ...
are funi s in tno state treasury mm
"d endorsed, ' re son e
,, , i
c iid in 7 Junuurv J. jail, ah sucn
warrants, properly endorsed, will no
paid upon presentation at tho state
treasurer's office, interest thereon
ccasiog from and after this date.
111UO. a. JYYI,
State Treasurer.
Dated April 20, 1014.
This will inform my Republican
friends and supporters that I am a enn
didato for ro-nomiuation to tho office
the justice of the peace for tho Salem
district at tho primary clectiou of May
13, 1914.
The Salem
Vulcanizing Works I
W. M. HUGHES, Mgr.
New and up-to-date and ready to handle the repair
trade of Salem and vicinity. All first-class work and
guaranteed. Auto and motorcycle tires repaired prompt
ly. Re-tread work a specialty.
468 Ferry St.
Sizes 2 1-2 to 7 Years-
is tho
Lee Jim, an aged Chinese, who was
arrested lt Haturday by t oustalde
Coor on the charge of smoking opium
in this city, has been released on
bail furnished by (leorge Sun, a fellow
countryman. Lee Jim will be tried next
Moixlav afternoon.
He couldn't tee a thing if you
PW it right under hi, nose.
' Familiar toying.
YOUR tight it THAT de
SERVICE that maktt
our glasset are better.
C91 N. Commercial St. Phone 025
.'lours, 9 to 5 Ground Floor
Phone 645
Tho best suit I ever saw for the
money! is the comment of Every
Man that has seen tho Spring
Suits that we aro selling at
Just Fiftesn
Know that this price is so pop
ular, we place great strops on
and we effer lines that we brj
licve cannot te duplicated else
where. We have two and three button
styles. Choice selected fabric,
1 Cheviots, Cassimercs, Serges,
Worsteds and Homespuns.
'ut and
Tailored by expert
sMi CIsJ-