Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, April 10, 1914, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Saturday Only
Iflr P Mill f7
Ends, Per Yard . . J C
Saturday Only
7ie Markets
to recnpturo that city.
Fifty thousand pounds of. wool were
sold at Echo Wednesday. It was th?
clip from mutton slicep and the price
is l:rown but is said to be high. A
littlo eontraetSng has been done in
Eastern Oregon during the past week
most of it at 15 cents. C lips along the
Columbia were sold during the week
to the amount of 50,000 pounds at
prices ranging from 13 j to 1(5 cents.
Wheat is not moving but prices are
firm. Oats and harley were weak an 1
prices slightly off, Tho poultry sup
ply is light. Hons are quoted at 1?
cents and broilers at 30. Eggs refuse
to go below 19 cents, the cold storage
demand holding thtrn firmly at tht
figure. Dealers could sell all they had
at that price but could not boost tho
price a fraction of a cent as that
seems to be the cold storage limit. Some
speculation is indulged in as to the
price of eggs next winter as it is
pointed out that while last year many
eggs went into cold storage'at f5 cents
and sold during the wiuter above 50,
the' additional cost this year should
send tho price next winter above that
of last year at least ten cents.
Acid Stomachs are
Common Sense Advice by a Distin
guished Specialist.
"Acid" stomachs are dangerous be
causa acid irritates and inflames the
delicate liding of the stumnch, thus
hindering and preventing the proper
action f the stomach, and leading to
probably nine-tenths of the casea of
stomach trouble from which people suf
fer. Ordinary medicines and medicinal
treatments are useless in such cases,
for they leave the source of the trouble,
the acid in the stomach, as dangerous
as ever. The acid must be neutralized,
and its formation prevented, and the
best thing for this purpose is a tea
spoonful of bisurnted magnesia, a sim
ple antacid, taken in a little warm or
cold water after eating, which not onlv
neutralizes the acid, but also prevents :
the fermentation from-which acidity
is developed. Foods which ordinarily i
cnuso greatest distress may be eaten
with impunity if the meal is followed
with a littlo bisurated magnesia, which
can be obtained from any druggist, and
should always be kept handy.
Common Sense Advice by a Distin
guished. Specialist
"Acid" stomachs are dangerous be
cause acid iritates nrnd inflames tho
delicate lining of the stomach, thus
hindering and preventing the proper
action of the stomach, and leading to
probably nine-tenths of the cases of
stomach trouble frcn which people suf
fer. Ordinary medicines anil medicnal
treatments are useless in such cases,
for they leave the source of the trouble,
the aid in tha stomach, as dangerous
as ever. The acid must be neutralized,
and its formation prevented, and the
best thing for this purpose is a teaspoou
ful of bisurated magiiecia, a simple an
taciil,. taken in a little warm or cold
wate after eating, which not only neu
tralises the acid, but also prevents the
fermentation from which acidity is de
veloped. Foods which ordinarily cause
greatest distress may be eaten with im
punity if the meal is followed with a
littlo bisurated magnesia, which can be
obtained from any druggist and should
always be kept handy.
Said to Be Supplying Outlaw With
Arms and Ammunition and Using
Hint for Revolutionary Purposes
Property Valued at 810,000,000 Taken
and Governor of Province la
Ordered Put to Death.
they wrote essays instead of returning
indict inejits, gave out a statement say
ing it was regret table the judge was
At Newport News, Va. The steam
ship Peter H. Crowell arrived with 11
survivors of the crew of tho Norwe
gian bark Grellaua, which it rammed
and sank in a fog with the loss of-two
lives by drowning, ;tnd a third, the
captain's by heart disease.
At Mnnnos, Brazil Members of the
Roosevelt party arrived with the news
that the colonel and the rest of his
companion probably would reach Mail
Mis the end of the month.
1 1 1 tmmtntmtnt 1 1 ttttttttmt
Portland, Or., April 10. Today's
Wheat: club 93, bluestem 0Stfi$1.00.
Oats: No. 1 white feed $22(a$23;
gray $2222.50.
Barley brewing 23.50, feed $22. 1
Hogs best live, $8.6(lS.G5.
Prime steers $8(88.20.
Fancy cows $7.00
Best calves $S.50(i9.00
Sheep no receipts.
Spring lambs $7.no9.00.
Yearling lambs $7.00(o7.25.
Butter City creamery 27.
Eggs selected candled local extras j
194. I
!" Poultry: hens" n;'" tit-oilers 'i'Vai
geeso 1314; turkeys 1S19. .
Wool nominal 1914 clips, Willamette
valley 15fil8c; eastern Aregon 1018. I
Hops, choice, 17'a.c; prime, 17c. 1
Make It a Real Easter
Nature has bountifully supplied our markets with its choicest fruits and
greens. Everywhere there is evidence of new life. We too, have laid
aside our Winter Garments. Now energy, and thought are tdossomhig
out in our store. Your wants, as in the past will have our earnest
A RealfEaster I Feast
rinails 15c
Doughnuts 10c
T-Stieks 2CC
We will have plenty of extra bread
for your Easter wants.
Fino-Grnined Angel Cake. Largo
Prune Cakes. Nut, White and
Chocolate fakes 35c and 50c
Extra fine mild Cheese, Imported
Swiss, Ldum Holland Cheese,
French Roquefort Cheese, Erenkfnst
and Dutch Cheese,
Glass and tins 25c to 85c
Syliunn's Olives 85c and $1.00
Owner Must Sell
Modern 7-room house, 2 large lots 70x
350 feet, on paved street; all assess
ments paid. Price $2800; worth $3ti00.
Wo havo some good bargains in va
cant lots in all parts of the city $200
iwnd upward on easy terms Now is the
time to buy before prices advance.
We make a specialty in farm bar
gains. We havo anything you want in
the farm line one-acre to 1500-acre
farm. Come and see ns.
Suburban Home.
We have a close-in suburban home,
acres of choice land; a real snap.
Place your next insurance in a good
company. Try Bechtel & Bynon.
Money to Lean.
Booming House.
Close-in modern 14-room house, for
ront. List yur bargains with us.
Bechtel & Bynon
347 State Street.
Fekin, April 10. That Dr. Sun Yat
Sen, prime mover in the revolution
which overthrew tho Manchus anil for
severnl months provisional president of
of China, is in the league with White
Wolf, the bandit, was definitely
charged on government authoiity hcr.i
Not only are the two in communica
tion, it was stated, but from his refuga
in Japan Sun was asserted to be sup
plying the outlaw with arms and am
munition. It was not implied that, lil e
White Wolf, the ex-president is to be
classed as a common criminal. Tli i
accusation was that he was using tho
brigand and bis men for revolutionary
purposes against President Yuan Slii
Kai's government.
In reply to urgent representations
from Sianfu that the city, an important
one of nearly 500,000 population, is in
danger of capture by White Wolf,
strong reinforcements were being rush
ed today to the garrison of 1.5U0 sol
diers there. It was said the number of
victims of the latest massacre by the
brigands of inhabitants of the country
about Sianfu would run into the thous
ands instead of hundreds, as at first
-Mail advices from Hankow put tho i
number of those slaughtered by the out-!
lnws at Laohokow a short time ago at '
more than lo.nOO. The Hankow Chinese
chamber of commerce was authority
for tho statement that tho loot taken
from Lnohokaw was worth $10,000,000.
A presidential mandate commended
the governor of Anhui province for be
heading the chief magistrate at Lilian
because he did not ect with sufficient
vigor against the White Wolves.
Foreign missionaries in the interior
were notified that local officals haid
been instructed to furnish strong mili
tary escorts to all who wished to go
to the ereaty ports.
The announcement that tho Panama
caJial lecture would be last evening at
the auditorium of the public library
brought out scores of persons. Tho lec
ture will be tonight, however, at S
o'clock, by Professor William F. Alli
son. Mr. Allison has some very good
slides of the canal, and the lecture will
be very interesting. It will be in tho
auditorium of the library (entrance on
Winter street) and is free. Dr. Carl
Elliott, who has lived in Panama for a
number of years, will introduce the
speaker this evening.
we live tn a progressive age. How
fortunate that at the eleventh hour jr;u
may como to us and clothe yourself
with a suit of such style elegance, such
fabrics weaves of rare excellence.
Your grandfathers never saw anything
like these suits even after day and
weeks of try-ons, yet all that we re
quire of you is a fow minutes of your
time and you'll bo a smartly dressed
man for Easter and many months to
Try ThlBt Mix Sage Tea and Sulphur
and Brush It Through Your Hair,
taking One Strand at a Time.
Home Grown Asparagus, Head
Lettuce, Artichokes, Peas, Hot
House Cucumbers, Rhubarb, Green
Onions, Spinach, Celery, Hot House
Lettuce and Cabbage.
An Easter treat. Thin-skinned,
juicy fruit, per dozen.. 25c and 35c
Special Lot
Sun Kist, fine fruit, dozen ..15c
Extra large fine fruit . .25c and 30c
The finest Florida large, two for 25c
Hot X Buns for Easter, dozen 15c
Koffce Krnnzer ...25c
No machinery to tear and wear
out delicate fabrics Work called for
and delivered promptly.
415 Ferry Street. Phone Main S52
Is Your Canned Coeds Supply Running Low?
We can sell you the most Ferfcct Canned Peaches in large halves nt
less cost than von can put them up. Per dozen S2.65
SLICED LEMON CLINGS, per dozen S2.00
SPECIAL 100 Sacks Fancy Burbank Potatoes ut, per sack 60c
when in Salem at the
Tho only hotel in the business district;
nearest to all depots, thentres and capi
tol buildings. It is strictly modern and
reasonable tates.
Phones 1885-1886.
410 State Street
t 1 1 -M
Get a pair of those Baby Doll Pumps
that everybody isVearing for Easter.
Some new Satin Pumps from $2.50 np.
- Tan and White Oxfords and Mary Jane
Pumps. Come and see us. We can
please yon.
Jacob Vogt !
111 acres river bottom lands, $6000.
90 acres, 17 acres prunes, $123 acre.
3S acres improved, $3800, snap buy.
Largo lot and bouse, close in, $6000.
26V-j acres bearing fruit, improved,
10 acres bearing fruit, improved $3o00
17 acres, close in, improved, $4000.
Several good buys in berry tracts.
Hop, rune and stock ranches, right
List your bargains and trades with
We are agents for Canadian
Pacific lands, $11 per acre up,
20 years to pay.
Close in hotel, 30 rooms, $1500, snap.
Several good business chances
and trades.
We sell insurance of all kinds.
Houses and furnished rooms to rent
City lots, all parts of Salem.
Acme Investment Company
A B. COOK, Manager.
Phone: Office, Main 477.
Opposite Court House. 540 State St.
Employment Bureau in Connection. -
It Becomes Thick, Wavy, Lustrons and
All Dandruff Disappears Hair
Stops Coming out.
Surely try a "Dnnderine Hair
Cleanse," if you wish to immediately
doublo the beauty of your hair. Juet
moisten a cloth with Danderino and
draw, it carefully through your hair
taking one small strnnd at a time; this
will cleanse tho hair of dust, dirt or
any exeessivo oil in a few minutes you
will be amazed. Your hair will be
wavy, fluffy and abundant nnd possess
an incompnruble softness, lustre and
Besides beautifying tho hnir, one ap
plication of Dnnderine disolves every
particle of dandruff; invigorates the
scalp, stopping itching and falling hair.
Danderine is to the hnir what fresh
showers of ruin and sunshine are to
vegetation. It goes right to the roots,
invigorates and strengthens them. Its
exhilirnting, stimulating and life-producing
properties cnuso the hair to
grow long, strong and beautiful.
Yoa cnn surely have pretty, soft,
lustrous hnir, ami lots of it, if you will
just get a 25-cent hot tin of Knowlton's
Danderine from nny drug store or toilet
counter and try it ns directed.
late Yesterday
At Greenville, S. C. Ex-Governor
Draper of Massachusetts died of cere
bral hemorrhage.
At Cambridge, Mns. J. P. Morgan o
son, Junius, was electer captain of the
Harvard tcnior class crew.
At Los Angeles. Charitable organi
zations began the distribution of
Laster eggs to poor children.
At Pan Francisco A runaway horse
collided with T. H. Fahev, a 2."0 pound
er, and hurt himself so badly that ha
cad to be shot.
When you darken your hair with
Sago Ten and Sulphur, no one cnn tell,
because it 's done so naturally, so
evenly. Preparing this mixture, though,
at home is mussy and troublesome. For
50 cents you can buy at nny drug store
the ready-to-use tonic called "Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy." You
just dampen a sponge or soft brush
with it nnd draw this through your
hnir, tnking One small strnnd nt a time.
By morning all gray hnir disappears,
and after another application or two,
your hair becomes beautifully darkened
glossy anil luxuriant. ou will also
discover dandruff is gone and hair has
stopped falling.
Gray, faded hair, though no disgrace,
is a sign of old age, nnd ns wo nil de
sire a youthful and nttractivo nppenr
nnce, get busy nt once with Wyeth's
Saga nnd Sulphur and look years
younger. Local agent J. C. Perry.
Portland, Or., Arpil 10. Through nn
agreement reached today the Sullivan
& Considine company will relinquish
the nine-year lease on tho Urpheuiu
theatre at Broadway and Taylor streets
on July 11. The Orpheum, formerly
known as tho lleilig, will resiuno its
old nsimc and will house legitimate at
tractions brought to Portland by Cul
vin lleilig. lleilig built tho theatre.
Next Seputembcr the Orpheum
shows will occupy tho theatro being
built by the lllodgett compnny, at
Broadway nnd Stark streets, at "a cost
of ifc.'00,000, a ten-year lease having
been secured by the Sullivan & Consi
dine syndicate.
From the time the present theatre is
vacated and the new ono occupied, the
Orpheum shows will bo discontinued.
BOY OF 10 YEARS 13 '
The Center of Attraction in
Eastern Neckwear is the
Four in Hand
Only 5Cc at this Store.
This is a season of gay colors and
tho Easter ties wo just received belong
to this class of smart things. Thcro
is a riot of colors nnd benutiful pat
terns in these opcu end Four-in-Hnnds
that you will like 25c and 60c
Buiit Expressly for
You, Sir.
This is an elegant velour
or gun metal shoe made
on very popular
and comfortable lust
tho toe not very high
ut well rounded, me
dium heel, OoodyCnr
welt, lace a shoo that
fits you perfectly and
wears better. It's the.
best Easter shoe in tow n
"or $4.25
Jjia'ieJs adh $ci'e
Walla. Waliri, Wash., April 10. A not
yet J-yearold boy, Roy Welch, today
hegan serving a life sentence in the
state penitentiary here tor the murder
of A. H. Warden, a Tueoma janitor.
He was brought to the prison last
Okarmpa, Wnsli., April 10. Suspect
ed of being employed ns orchard hands,
two . hincse were kidnaped from the
700-wro orchard of the llotnn-OInuo-gn,
near Miilutl, taken to town in au
tomobiles, nd warned to leave this
morning. At 3 o'clock, however, the
( bines- w-t re rescued bv the suiifrin-
tendent of tho orchard, who explained
to the enraged citizens that the Chinese
were only employed as cooks
In nhservnnert nt tfnlv W..,If nt.
fico of tenebrno was chanted this morn
ing in St. Joseph's church. Fntherr
Cronin fln.l Mnher hfidi tl,.k l..,. lo
tions. Mass of the presanctifiod was
also celebrated this morning. In the
afternoon at 3 o'clock Father Mnlier
preached jtho passion sermon, "The
Way of the Crosi. ' The lateudance
today was lurge.
Tomorrow morning nt 7 o'clock the
blessing of fir; the pasehnl i-midlis, the
baptismal font and the rending of the
prophecies, followed by solemn high
mass, will take place.
Philadelphia, April 10. The parents
of little Warren Mi-Carrick, missing
trom his homo hen- lor weeks, hail ab
inmlonel all hope today for his recov
: cry. Search for the author of a It; t -j
ter slating that Wurren had lieen
! kicked to death l.v a hotse ami the
j body buried has been futile, mid de
jtoetives think that the letter was writ
ten bv tnmrt irresponsible pernn.
Salem Fence
R. B. FLEMING, Prop.
Headquarters American Wire
Fence, Morley'f Patent Hop Bas
kot. Send your orders In now.
Big stock of bop and logonbory
wire. Rubber roofing, $1.60 up
per square. Elastic roof paint,
caut' bo bent. Stock of paints
and varnishes at 20 per cent
ductlon, three brands. Cedar
fouce posts and wood and iron
walk and drive gates.
2.'0 Court St. Phone 124
P. O. Box 355.
Back of unlc&; Ctas.
Dairymen all over the country ore
welcoming the watm rains with open
arms now. More rain, more grass, whs
never demonstrated so fully as nt the
present time. The pasture lauds aro
siiupiy smothered with fine, tender
grass, and tho cuttle are doing fine on
You need ncv learn cooking all over again in order
to cook with
At Los Angeles Anna Tullv a danc
A. WOd .ir.r.ln I 4 iflO .Inn. C .
injuries to one of her legs, sustained
in an eievuior ucciiieiit.
At San Francisco Thomas MeGee, 'i
years old, was killed by a motor truck,
and J. G. Murdock, the driver, was
locked up charged with manslaughter.
At Norfolk, Va. When an automo
bile they were driving plunged from
a ferry boat into the Elizabeth river.
John Tully and W. J. Canavan weri
At Milan When somebody in its vi
cinity lighted a cigar the army dir
igible "Citta de Milano," moored in
the midst of a crowd blew np, and 50
persons were injured, two dangerously.
At New York Mrs. T. Moncure Per
kins, of Richmond, one of the famous
five beautiful Langhorne sisters, died
suddenly of apoplexy at the home of
her sister, Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson,
whom she was visiting.
At Han Francisco Members of the
Gormley grand jury, discharged by
Judge Sturtevant on the ground that
Us-3 any recipes you know and like, merely use one-third less Cottolene than you
would butter or lard.
If you used as much Cottolene as you
;CBira3TOxiaw--- would of other shortenings you'd have
TOO MUCH, for Cottolene goes much
. FARTHER, though it COSTS far
i 0 1 jf)
,t ii
s. r
8' : """V
iL-1 " ' Order pn of M
Jflf Cottolene today; also drop ns poets!
' for the valuable FREE Cook Book, HOME HELPS, f
I writun by five leading cooking authorities. f
I IthenXFAIRRANKcompanyI
I ! ii i ! ; i! iSii:!"!
-fp II b&fii
i llinium muii'Ii :
lllli !" 'minium
Ills'1 i II1' I1:;!!'"!;''; :,::'!:!:t'! 'i:
0K."!l'5'Sli ' i Ik
- ' r':
3'UIMt, .in:':' I .