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Vv y"" Ii H J H & ff S M 4 Thoy Would sPrawl
o Vsyi T 1 M - X In h Snow Bank.
Mrs. Ralph Watson was hostess on
Wed nesduy aftornoon at an enjoyable I
"April Fool" party, the event being
in honor of iris. Edwin Baker, whose i
birthday fell-on that date. Four tables 1
o bridge, were played, card honors j
going to Jlrs. George L. Rose and llrs.
Tom Wilson. A dainty luncheon was j
"served, Mrs. C. L. Dick assisting the
hostess. There were numerous amusing!
features to remind them that the date '
wan April 1, red and yellow "Dunce"
caps ornamenting the heads of the
ladies "and lira. Baker being presented
wun a most beautiful birthday cake
which proved to be a box empty but
very artistically frosted .to represent
the reul article. Red und yellow were
the colors throughout tho "decorations,
a profusion of carnations being used.
Mrs. Watson's guests were: Urs. Ed
win Baker, Mrs. 0. C. Loclte, Mrs. H.
II. Ollinger,. Mrs. George G. Brown,
Mrs. Mrs. Tom K. Wilson, Mrs. George
I-. Rose, Mrs. Frank Durbin, Mrs. R.
Er L. isteiner, Mrs. C. I,. Dick, Mrs.
Milton Meyer, Mrs. C. L. McNary, Mrs.
Oswald West, Mrs. Frank l.ovefl, Mtb.
George F. Rodgers, Mrs. I.. F. Griffith,
Mrs. Frank Meredith, Mtb. C. I Vit
tchen, Mrs. Cook Pntfon, and Miss
Euln McCully of Hood liivcr.
Tho Woman 's"Alliancooftl Uni
tarian church met with Mrs. C. 8. Ilinn
ilton this afternoon. After the usual
order of business was transacted, re
freshments were served and a social
hour enjoyed.
Mrs. Lydia Aekcnnan, Mrs. Cretoria
Pasco and Mrs. Clara (Jribble enter
tained tho Women's Relief Corps at tho
homo of Mrs. Gribblo, 615 Ferry Btreet,
cm Thursday afternoon. A large num
ber of members wero present and occu
pied themelves with needlework until
refreshments were served. The guests
of the society were Mrs. Wilkorson and
Sirs. A. T. Talmadge. Coinmnmler
Ilawley, of tho Post, and C'aj-1 Alirams,
of the .Spanish War Veterans, called on
Ihe ladies and gave them a short talk,
Vhich 'vas much enjoved.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Eblridgo and
!Ms. William Brown will go down to
J'ortlnnd tomorrow to attend the per
formance of tho Chicago Grand Opera
company. Others who havo gone, or
ldnu to go are- Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A.
i)outoii,'Od.;s. Eugene Breyman, Mr, and
Mrs. Win. Burghardt, Jr., Miss Min
lielta Magers, Miss Beatrice Shelton,
CUisa Barbara Steiner, Miss Margaret
l-'isher an'd Miss Elma Weller.
The Meriy-Go Round club will be en
(tertained Tuofday evening y Mrs.
Tom Smith, Jr.
Mrs. R. ,T.' Hendricks nnd Mrs. W. 11.'
JChlridpo will be hostess to the Tues
day Afternoon club, at tho Ilondricks
liome on ('uttnge street.
Mrs J. D. Sutherland hns returned
from a several day' visit to friends in
Tho money netted by the soldier boys
at their dance in the armory Tuodny
ovenmg is to lie placed in the I'ananm
l'B"ific fund tho plan of Coniiiaiiv M
lieing to attend tjie fair in a body. j
The young people nUending Hnrnl
1 8USDAT. .
"IJfe, my l)rtxWre-u." said (Uo nicro
tihllosoplier, "urn tnoH'ly nxule up of
prnyin' for rain, an' tlK'ii vrUthlu' It
(would clenr off." Wbn wo nre dtwt)
rolnted at not gottliis sotnotblin; we.
Imvo set ouf hcnrls on wo inuut re
miember that if wo gut it it might not
faavo niado us ns happy ns wo think.
I The man who run tnlto defwit with
n Bmilo la the man who wins In tbo
end.-Etbert Hubbni-d.
"Economy is a way (it Rpctmlliiii
money without getting nny fun out of
It," said some ono do other day, One
must be careful of course!, but too
many peoplo spoil alt the fun of life
fcy too sole.mily counting tho cost.
1 It Is greater to full brilliantly than to
achieve a mediocre nuccess. Ileinwn
ier when you fall to win that tho
great thing Is to have done your bent
I'uney not to thyself things future,
o though they wero prownt. but of
those that are proeont tnko (tome BHlde
that thou take.st ni'-t liemflt of nix)
consider of them particularly tuiw
wonderfully thou wouldst want tintn
If they wero not present Marcus Au-
Tho cliRrm of llfo la Its unwrtnlnty.
When you feel Inclined to gnnnblo at
. "tips and downs" remember Hint ii
would probably like n dead, fiat, even
xLitence still leas! -
"Tight boots nro n ble-wlrtg: (hey
tunku you forget all your trouble
aid Artemus Wnnl. And many of
Ufa's Irrltatlus little thorns are bless
ing In disguise, for lu one way or
another they help us to bear greater
and mora serious troubles
cliapel, Rev. P. 8. Knight's gift elmrch,
calst of the fair grounds, will give a
literary program this evening followed
by a basket social. The invitation ti.
attend has' been extended to all who
eare to attend and a large crowd is
The ''Woman's Misionary Society of
the First Congregational church' will
meet at the homo of Mrs. 0. 0. Blown
this afternoon, 005 Korth Suinmerr
Mrs. Fra.nk Wilson returned Monday
. ' .."'-. r i
from a two-weeks' visit with friends i
and- relatives in Seatile, Port Orchard
and other points along tho Sound," hav-1
ing had a most enjoyable trip.
The ubiquitous eancliilate is still
still busy and tho crop of filings for
nominations was up to the averalgo,
with no signs of a falling off in the
M E. Miller, of St. Helens Columbia
county, filed for tho Republican nom
ination for commissioner of labor sta
tistics and inspector of factories and i
workshops. He wants after. his name!
on tho biullot the words "Reduce ex-'
penses encourage homo industries, no
friction, absolute independent. "
0. W, Stapleton, Republican, who ab
sorbed BlacKstonu in the classic pur
lieus of Vancouver, Washington, mauy
years ago, filed for the nomination for
circuit judge of department No. (i, in
Portland. His slogan is "ui non-parti-f.)tnc,als
san judiciary in theory and practice." ; imprisoned witiiout regard to tact or
. J. E. Murphy would represent Mult-1 ft.w: L mk,r V,'0 e"-'unistances you ex
nomah county 'as a Republican in the hlbl yur " 1 wl'en you B,,y "V
legislature causing troublo at every opportunity
D. W. Stone, Republican filed for I Vm ," and intimate the ho has
representative from Jackson countv. I f"edom .lust because the politicians
' Benton Bowman, Republican, filed ; H""k ho ,nuy cnnt'?1 I!nr,'?cv;"!r3' T
for the nomination for rcprcscutaaativo ! 1)0 you Pres.um, tto l"sUtJ tl'8 ,I-"W:
from Washington countv. . j rcnce 8U"8 ' V, the Calumet
C. W. Pnrrish Republican, filed for g"i,V r te West irginm gnn, or tho
the nomination for representative from GB. or the W est V irgin.a gang, or the
Clackamas countv.' I Uir and Order ' viRilnn-.cs that ope-
' . rato always outsido the law? This is
CHICAGO PttOOIlESSIVE wlmt J0111' editorial implies. You ought
LEADER IN WASHINGTON , to novy that it is tho "Law and
Order gang that is duinned by the
WeuRtchee, Wash., April -Medill fttT;,re wug ft timfl jn our M whpn
McCorm.ck, of (.hicago, one of tho lead , a , nmlllH,r of tho best e()0 (J(,.
ing progressiven in the. country, .""' i noum.Pd tho flag because it stood for
Oio Hanson, candidate for tho I nitcd , ,,. 6i,ivery. "Ev(, Horilce Gr(.elev
State, senate, will be the principal ; tuiJ tho fl w(1, a y ot word t"0
nniavio in IU li n illll iliuura lll, llllj
Monday night.
Ola Hanson, speaking at- Coulee,
WaBh., last night, lrcw the largest an
dienco over assembled in Grant county
ami predicts a sweeping Bull Moose
victory in this state this fall.
The moeting of tho ministerial nuicn
Mondav at 2:I!U in tho Y. M. C. A.
is to bo devoted to consideration of im
nortant business inclndinir the tiroirnim i
for next year ami the Sunday law as
proponed under the initiative. Thos. J.
Wontleoelt, seiTetnry.
Cliifi'oii waLsts b) all rtwvtas
mt fauliJoiinbJe,
ISdHweu of wash tulle ore very
tiiotjK-Jitlvc niul diiin lk?.
(Uiirtwaiuts are mnde with
kaitt l4)vt nnd oostumo bodleuH
Iwre sti'irt (Him.
The best talloml sliii'ts f'ir
ports vrtvir am those witii nil
oKtrn large nriubo4e.
Many rf tho smnrt neAV vrnbtn
and cofltnmeH show I1k JaMi
nace cotiiir. which stands up and
nway from tlie neck.
Among the novcltU in Wouh.-s
are models of eblfl'oti embrold
ored 'with colored silk, the ma-,
twlal of wn broidery repenting
the color of the costume. '
Macrtm Lao Lamp 6hd.
!( are In fashion, not only In the
nioVIhtic world, but they nre utilised
lu the bouse wherever they arc likely
to add to tliu effectiveness of interior
iit-ir4liHis. For decon-tlne purpows
liwivy kicm are ud. Au effocXtve uso
of nuiorsuiu luce Is sliown In the shade
Uliwlruled bora The outlines of the
listteru nre brought out by tho blue
silk over whtcb ths lnn ts, adjusted. -
HERE were a number of little Teddy bears once," said daddy, "who
had to glvo n 'winteVsports' party, as they call ed it. -They invited
the polar bears, tho hairy eared bears and the black boat family.
They spent a great deal of time deciding en the sports they would
have, x Of course tbo polar hears were almost too heavy and awkward to do
much elso beside sliding down hill, but they decided that would be good fun,
as all bears like coasting. Thoy were going to huvo skating races, too,.nud
finally they were going to huve a big surprise which they would not say a word
n bout und acted very mysteriously n bout it. . . .
"At last the day came for the iarty, and nil the beurs arrived right on
time. In fact, a good mauy came ahead of timo, so eager were tliey for the
party. '
"At first they oil coasted down tho hill on single sleds and double sleds, nnd
'they'd call out in their deep, gruff voices something we could never under
stand, but which they understood perfectly, as it was their language 'Clear
tho course; clear the course!' and out of tho way they would steer. At one
side the Teddy bears lyid built n big snow bank, nnrl if any of tho bears didn't
steer straight they would go right into tho Bnowbank nnd ofcourse upset and
sprawl about in the snow, which added n great deal of merriment.
'After they'd coasted for awhllo they
who do you think won? Why, ono of
Hinif'urt on lumi'v nm Wi flint' nra nvnollnnfr clrnrnisi '
' ' "-v
"And now 1Dl tbe t,me tor tllG
Teddy befira to a plaoo not far from
"What?" asked Jack eagerly. .
"They saw," coutinued daddy, "n
i snow men, os you nnd Evelyn do, they
they certainly rtid look very runny, ah tuo Dears were ueugmeu ami juuipeu
around in great glee and praised tho Teddy bears for the wonderful snow
bears they hud made. They wero bo well made that they would have almost
seemed to havo been alive had they not been so very white. The Teddy bears,
ns you can imagine, wero delighted with tho sucocoss of their 'surprise' nnd
their party, i -
"After tlM'y had all had delicious refreshments all tho bears shook paws
and thnnked the Teddy bears for 'tho nicest party they'd ever been to.'
"I can tell you the Teddy bears wero pleasod, nnd even the snow bears
seemed to have wider grins."
Editor Capital Journal: You quoto
Haywood bb saying: "I hiito the Ameri-
can flag, and I despise the things it
stands for."
It is not at all likely Bill Haywood
ever said it, for whutevero elso ho is,
ho is not a fool. But even suppose he
did? Look at Calumet, at Colorado,
at Lawrence, at Peterson, at West Vir
ginia, where tho flag was mado to.
stand for all sorts of lawlessness by
ana vigilantes, waywoou was
that effect,
A cool-headed editor ought not to go
off half-cocked in this day calling for
calm reflection.
Editor Oa'pital' .Tournnl: I desire
n m,iu ! r,,n,Y,;n ,,.,, .
; ccrning my being arested tor violating
the ordinaneo concerning the hauling
j of meats without having them wrapped
! or covered ho bh to prevent their con-
tamination by dirt or dust. I freely
! confess that the meats hauled by me
: on the occasion were not covered as
1 required by the ordinance, but this was
'because I did nut understundc tho ordi
j nance. Tho wagon is cloudy covered
; with heavy IS ounce duck, treated with
1 two coats of white lead, and tho end
I of tho wagon is closely shut in with a
j tight-fitting curtain. This covering
I coMt. mo $15, iiml wna put on to secure
absolute cleanliness iu tho handling of
I oil meats at my shop. The m-ut wns
j not wrapped on the occasion referred
to becase, as stated, fhe wagon wna
. well covered and as there wub pleatv
f ! of rain fulling at the time 1 doubt
T even the engh'-cved Sale
..I... ,A t-..l i:
i. cer's ability to have seen any dust. My
v private opinion is the sj inl deputy,
Corns Go, Sure Pop,
! If You Use "Gets-It"
Slmplo as A B C. It's the Now Way
of Curing Corns and Callouses. '
If you have corns now, the chaiu-cs
are you have never used " (IKTS IT "
the bigtrest seller among corn cures
ever known. It is the m-w way, does
awny with all trouble, pain mid fusing
in treating corns. Thousands who have
, Get ths Corns off. Your Feet, sud tho
: Corn Wrtnltl'D off Your Face.
Nothing Can Do It Llko
I " "OSTS-IT."
I puttered with oi 1 coma for years, huve
gotten rid 'f them right ol'f, with a
lew drops oi tMS-U" niiplird ns
I ipiick ns you can spell your r.r.inc
Corns just love to be cut, pirked, t iled
gouged anl pulled. Qeit it. Yoil'e
'tried cotton rings that cnusc rhonting
corn pains, greasy salves t lint epreiol
; over the toe and make it raw nnd tape
) that sto ka to the stocking now try
, "liM.t-l 1." It lias none of the draw
! bncks of the old style rum cures, eases
pain nnd neve fails on any corn or
1 "ULTS IT" i sold by nil druggists,
d.,ic a bottle, or sent direct, bv E. J.aw-
rruce & Co., Chicago.
NINE. Look for the signature of E.
j W. (IliOVK. Cures a Cold in One Day,
i i.'urcs urip in To my. 25c.
Daddy's Bedtime
The Teddy
Bears and
Their "Surprise."
bad skating races on the pond. And
tho young polar boars, for, nlttiongh
surprise. All tlie bears followed tho
the hill, and what do you supios they
lot of snow bears. Instead of making
had made beam out of the snow, and
Hartwell, would rather kick up his own
dust than find any other, it is easier
and nlso moro easily locuted. As to
liis statement that I- hud been repeat
edly warned about hauling meats un
covered, that either. originated in his
Blind or that of the' ague reporter of
tho morning paper. AVhichever of the
two is responsible, simply made tho
story from whole cloth, for it is abso
lutely false. Neither Deputy Hartwell
nor any one elso ever spoke to me or to
anyone connected with my business
about tho matter.
Sure Indications
of Lung Trouble
Among the indications of threatened
Lung Troublo nro a ' continued cough,
fever and night swenta. A ehunge of
climate often helps,. -but it seems Unit
Bomething more is ueoded to stop the
cough and sweats and arrest the prog
ress of disease. Eckmnn's Alterative,
after many years of use, is known to be
most beneficial in bringing about re
lief, in many enses compiete recoveries.
Investigate this case:
Schell City, Mo.
"Gentlemen: I had a terrible cough I
night sweats und pleurisy in my lungs.
A man who heard m coughing advised
mo to take your Alterative. 1 paid
no attention to him then. I got so
bad the doctor said I should go to
Wyoming. I did, ,u uil when I got
there I steadily grew worse. Then I
remembered what had been told me
about j'our medicine. I began taking
it, with no faith whatever, but before
I had taken three bottles, I could eat
anything. Fever and night sweats
stopped and for over a year I huve
been well and in better health than I
over wiib. "
(Affidavit.) W. F. BOMAR.
Above abbreviated ; more on request.
Eckmnn's Alterative lias been proven
by many years' test to be most effica-
imis for Severn lhront and l.ung At
ecf'onB, Bronchitis, Uronchinl Asthma,
Stubborn folds and in upbuilding the
system. Contains no nnreotics, poinsons
or habit-forming drugs. Ask for book
let telling of recoveries, and write to
Kckman Laboratory, Philadelphia, I'd.,
for evidence. Eur salo by all leading
Girls! Try It! Ilalr Onts Roft, Fluffy
and Luxuriant at Onco So Mora
Falling Hair,
if von care for heavy hnir, that
glistens with buauty and is nolinnt with
life; has un incomparable md'tncwi nnd
is fluffy and lustrous, try Mandoline,
.lust one i, 1 1 1 1 1 1 ;i t i n doubles the
bcautv of vour hair, besides it iintnedi-
ntcly dissolve every particle of dim-
druff. This desffuctive scurf robs the
hair of its luster, its strcnglh and it
very lit'e, and if not owrcoine if pro-
duces a fcveribliness und itching of the ,
scalp; the hair roots famish, loosen and
die; then the hair falls nut fust.
If your hair has ben neglected and i
is thin, faded, dry, scraggy or too oily, I
get a 23-eent bottle of Knnlt"ii's Di.n- '
deriie at Hiiy drug store or toilet (
counter; apply a little as directed and
ten minutes alter you Hill say this nn,i
the beat investment you on r ina.de.
We sincendy believe, regardless of
everything else udvertiseii, tlmt if you
desire irot't, lustrous, benutiful hair and
lots of it no dandruff no itching
sculp and no luore falling hnir you
must use KnowHon's Dunderine. Jf
evcntuallv why not nowf..
Piles Cured In 8 to 11 Days.
Drugfi'ts refund money if I'AZO
OINTMENT fails to cure'itrhing, blind
Weeding or l'rotruding l'iles. First
application gives relief. Cfic.
. The daily prayer of the politician 's,
"(live us this election a long ballot! "
The prayer seems likely to be answered.
Thorough Probe of Alleged Bad Bargain
Secured by Italy in War With
Turkey is Very Probable.
Government's Opponents Say There Is
No Chance For Peaco Unless
Tribes Are Exterminated.
Rome, April .1. Thorough investi
gation of conditions in Tripoli scenic 1
elv today as a result of demands bv
socialist members of tho chamber of
deputies. .
They contend the government has sup
pressed tho facts llwit fighting with
the natives has been going on ititcr
initently ever since Italy wrested the
land from the Turks; that there is no
prospect oT peace for a generation un
less tho tribesmen are completely ex
terminated; that the country lacks the
resources it was supposed, to possess
and is not worth having, even if it
could be really conquered in short that
tho Italians got a very bad bargain out
of their war with the sultan instead
of the good one it has been represented
to lie.
. Dissatisfaction with tho results the
v.vir brought was what drove l'rem'.'r
ftoliotti from office nnd politicians
were predicting that Premier Salandi.'i
would find it ns troublesouio a topi;
as his predecessor did.
Take a Glass of Salts if Your Back
Hurts or Bladder Bothers Moat i
Meat Forms Uric Acid. I
If you must have your meat every !
day, eat. it, but flush your kidneys '
with salts occnsionnlly, says a noted !
authority who tells us that meat forms I
uric ncid which almost paralyzes the I
kidneys in their efofrts to expel it
from the blood. .They bocimio sluggith I
nnd weaken, then you suffer with a j
dull misery in tho kidney region, sharp ;
pains in tho back or sick headache,
di'.ziaess, your stomach sours, tongue i
is coated and when tho weather is j
bad you have rheumatic twinges. The i
urino gets cloudy, full of sediment. the
chnnnels often get sore and irritated,
obliging you to seek iclief two or three ;
times during tho night.
10 neutranzo tneso irritating acids
to rlennso tho kidneys end flush off
tho body's urinous wnsto get four
ounces of Jad Salts from any pharmacy
ecipe Department
Tapioca Pudding.
1 cup Tapioca.
2 eggs (yolks)
1 small pieco butter.
2 table-.ponns grunulntcd shgar.
1 cup milk.
1 teaspoonful mnpleine.
Have the tapioca well soaked ir.
water or milk and cook till bluish in
color, then add the milk, eggs, sugar
und mnpleine.
Caramel Pudding.
4 cups milk,
5 eggs,
1 pinch salt.
1 i.j cups granulate I sugar.
1!;, teaspoons Inn "lei in".
Sinld the milk. Melt, sugar iu sauce
pun, stirring const. tally, uulil liu'li'
brown in color, gradually udd tho milk,
Add this mixture to eggs slightly licit-
en with salt
and mnpleine following,
j Strain into buttered baking dith, bait.!
I slow ly for one hour, cool ami servo.
Kaplclno Sea Fcain.
3 niw grnniilateil sugar.
1 cup water.
' 1 tablespnoii vinegar.
2 eggs (whites.)
1 telivpoon liiiiplcino.
I lnrue eup of iilmomls.
I I'll
A Real Cup of Coffee
That's what you get when you uso our wonderful blend
of Java and Mocha the genuinedirect from tho
strange lands where the finest berries are grown. We
do the blending and roasting right here in Salem.
A coffee for Particular people.
Phoni 93. 1800 fast S(of
Saturday (-.9 911;
)Ji -l ?l '
mf m m n m mm
Women's and Misses' voile blouses, good quality mate
rials, neatly finished. Latest styles. Regular $1.29
and $1.50
Women's and Misses' good
and dark colors in striped
necks and Dutch necks.
here; take a tablespoonf ul in a glass j
of water before breakfast for a few i
days and your kidneys will then act I
fine. This famous Baits is made from j
tho acid of grapes and Jemon juice, ;
combined with litliia, and has been j
used for Generations to flush mid stimu-1
used for generations to flush and stimti
late sluggish kidneys, nlHo to neutra
lize tho, acids in urine, so it no longer
irritates, thus ending bladder weakness,
Jad Salts is inexpensive," cannot in
jure, and make a delight! ul efferves
cent lithin-witter drink.
Mary Jones
Laundress i
Mary ,lnne Jones was buried today iu
City View cemetery. At far ns know
this is the first time iu nil the 71 veins
: or nor mo taut her name lias appeared
. iu tho newspapers, although sho has
j lived in Kalem .'15 years, She did not
'"play bridge, or tango, or wear l'arin
I'lnco on the back of Btovo to dis
solvo slowly the sugar, waler ami vine
gar; then boil without stirring until it
spins a thread or forms a soft ball in
cold waler, 1'our tho hot syrup into tho
whiten of the egg, well benten, and bent
again with egg boater till nearly cook
ed, or until mixture holds its-' shape;
(hen add the inaplidiie mid almonds
which huvo been bhnudiod mid slightly
I ih'okcii. tup out Willi tcin poon
lesired fluiics in buttered plates,
Mapellno Flcat,
Itent I cup milk In double boiler;
sweaten to taste and add well beaten
yolks of ,'l eggs, l ook slightly. Ifo
niove from fire and set to cool. When
cool, or partially so, flavor with tea
spoon of inapleitie. llent whites of .'I
oe,gs sliff and drop by t.poonfuls into
hot lMiter; when set, dip out, drain, nnd
idide into custard.
Pure Ico Cream.
2 ipiarts pure sweet cream.
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Kranulnlc.l sii)ar,
2 teaspoons' niaplcinc.
Mix iiiignr anil Treitui togither, beat
well; then aibl the mndelne niel frecie.
C'aniuiel Cuntanl,
I cup granulated li r ri r.
98 cents
quality house dresses. Light
and figured styles. High
87 cents
"creations," but tho did things of
vastly greater importance she washed '
As a laundress she. was an artist, an i
what is more to the point she brought .
lh0 clothes home tho very day she had
promised sho would, and' idle 'sewed n ; '
tl, ,..,!.. ... ' .'
...v. nnv, ,,:fia'i; iiimin ouiioiii.
If there was ever any happiness in lior
lifo it must have been just the knowl
edge that sho hnd-done much to insi k-
other people comfortable, for hers was
a singularly pathetic life. She was aim..-,
J much of the time when her husband 's
nl Miction made it necessary for him to
be at ii hospital, ami there wero never
any tiny forms to bo cuddled in her '
empty urnis, but on one ever heard
.Mary complain, and today' as the loii-r
line of people whom the had sorynd
passed before the casket, they saw not
jiut the black, wrinkled, linn. Is fuldi.d
over a still -henit, but a white soul re-,
leased from long and faithful servico.
Tho wisdom of arming tho nations is
on a par with that of giving ' each
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hopo that nothing will happen.
1 pint milk.
V:i cii butler.
2 tablespoons coriudnich,
l'-j teaspoons mnpleine.
Put milk in double boiler and thicken
with tho corn stnivli dissolved in a lit
tle water. I'ut sucar ami butter In a
iiiucepiin, stir until suar is melted,
I hen gindiially stir them together and
add (hit miiplciiie, Shaiii if necessary,
cool and serve with iinipluiiio whipped
Biscuit Olaco.
1 :j pints cream.
IU ounces sugar.
S ,-ggs (yolks.)
I ('tablespoon iluipleiae,
8 ounces crisp macaroons, pound iu
mortar to dust,
-Mix cream, sugar, eggs ami extract,
li.ice on tire, ami stir composition until
it begins to thicken. Strain and rub
ih rung U hair i.ieve into basin. I'ut into
I'rceei", when nearly frozen, mix lu
luionroon dust, anullier tablespoon ex
liuct vnnill.i, nn. I finish freezing.
Adds to the
of entertaining beiuu-o
gives ii new-found flavor and desieious
ness to desserts, dainties, ices, cuii.lics
und tallies.
Mill. I) 11Y tlltOCKKS.
l-'eu, "e stamp for recipe book.
Crescent Mfg. Co.
Seattle, Wash.
(.'uiturd Ico Cioaiu,
I pint he'll milk.
- ci:gs.
(I ou in c granulated sugar.
I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . i -. 1 1 1 cornslareli.
Mix ii ti . I snilil but do not bull.
Alix the whites of t.wo eggs lu a pint
of fresh i s i-ii m, whip well, flavor with
one Icaspoonful of mapleiiie, add til tho
above nod freeze,
Mavlcluo Mou.ad.
t'oidi In duulde boiler 1 cup of lenp
bine syrup aiol the yolliS'of 1 cu:".
Took 11 in i ii ii 1 1?. Add benten white
of 1 evg, and rnn.mo it t once from the
fire. When cold, add pint of whipped
cream. Froe.o quickly,
A Hpunish proverb runs: "A liim
without beard is like nn egg without
salt." Ask your best girl next tlnui
you see her what she thinks of tho
IHpanlnrd who invented that notiout
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