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Will Ma&o It Possible to Utilize Ores
Which Hitherto Have Not Been
' Considered Profitable.
Salt Lake Herald-Republican Telia of
Successful Experiment Conducted
In Utah Metropolis.
We clip from the Salt Lake HeTald
mn article on a new discovery in metal
lurgy, that if it proves to be as perfect
in its working as it is declared to be,
will revolutionize the mining industry
,nd that will put Oregon in the front
ranks of metal prouu...
i-r. .o.tern and southern Urogoi
ooiu . ... . nf rBfractory
remanyncn.u,Vv.r;-- .
rthlt anm,r be worked on the
i, w v mnVe them
can they, owing to dis
of roads be shipped to
v.a worked. Indeed,
XXyV worked, indeed.
VW f ...o.h a char-
even Th -""ft
the values are not saved. Under the
process described in the Herald these
lalues can be saved by the new pro
cess and the machinery necessary is
cheap enough to be within the reach of
almost any mine owner. The article
printed below is well worth study by
all engaged in mining and will prove
It interest to the Capital Jouranl read I
era in the mining regions of the state.
The Herald'i Story.
"It has even ben the drcnm of the
prospector and miner that he might
live to see a process discovered through
which for a small amount of money he
might build him a little mOl at his
isolated holdings; reduce his vulues to
metallic form or a high grade concen
trate nnd ship to market with K least
possiblo expense and the greatest pus
Bible profit to hiin, the legitimate hu
man manufacturing factor in the crea
tion of this new wealth for the world.
That happy dny has come; the process
perfected and a little five-ton plant is
right now demonstrating it every dny
at the Halt Lake Engineering works,
Fourth Hotith and yixth West, accord
ing to C. W. Claop and his associate,
Colonel George P. CooKo, who have
constructed, equipped nnd perfected
the Clapp process. It takes the c.rudo
oro and by rousting und using certain
chenp chemicals, turns off tho wasto
and precipitates and saves the metnlB
eparated and in metallic form, or in
a high-class concent rule, This is tho
first story the world has had of this
process, which hns been through a long
and toilsome series of evolving, re
quiring the application of 25 years of
the lives of two men. Mr. Clapp has
spent the pnst seven years nt it. In
his tests of yesterday, for instance, he
put a certain kind of ore through the
analytical process 13 times. Knch time
tho chemicals were cnrrieid to secure a
possible better recovery. The two
crucibles with the best results were
marked "good" and their record is
I reserved.
New Discovery.
"This is absolutely a new discovery
In metallurgy," said Mr. Clapp.
"Never before was the chemist able to
take iron, lead and copper ores; mix
them, grind them up uud extinct each
metnl separately."
Last year W. N. Mutler, chief copper
metallurgist of the I'nited States bu
reau of mines, was here nnd investigat
ed. Me expressed his astonishment in
witnessing Mr. Clapp make one of tho
demonstrations, and in just "! minutes.
"There are billions of tons of ore in
I' tali which with this process can be
made profitable," continued the metal
lurgist, "lake for instance the im
mense tonnage of the oxidized enpping
which is being removed and dumped as
waste every day at Bingham, This ore
probably carries 1 to 1.5 per cent cop
per. The mills are handling only the
sulphides. Our process can treat oxi
dised capping rock successfully,
"Then there lire the nickel deposits
of Nevada, Oregon, North Dakota nnd
North Carolina. This rries from 4
to tl per cent. We expect to have our
process working In ah these districts.
Where the I'nited Htatos in 1I2, im
ported all but IMS tons of nickel used,
we expect to be supplying that :ifi,((K
tons from home mines in less than five
High Recoveries.
"The little mill we have hero will
handle in a day one nnd one-half tons
of nickel ores, four tons of eopcr,
three tons of iron, silver and gold and
five tons of lend ores. We claim to be
able to make extraction recoveries as
follows: (Nipper ores, (Ml to IHi.li per
cent; nickel, Itu.t) per cent; silver, gold
and antimony, pure; Iron and lead lit; 7
1o IHl.tl per cent.
"Our mill can be mad I niv size,
from toi tons up to thonvriW of tons
daily, A It'll ton pluut xv.ll fw' t.boiit
l'5,it(i0. It can be worked till er bv
the dry or wet separating proeeis, Ho
it ran be sueccsstullv op."iit,'0 in tve
tlons fur from water, h wili for
fuel either wood, coal, gus or oil
Colonel Cooke said yesterday: "We
consider that we have worked out a
process that will revolutionize mining
in the western states, row local peo
pie seem interested, but they will oro'v
ably wako up when it's too late,
Local Men Like It.
A number of prominent halt Lake
nine operators hnve inspected the
Clapp process und Ml declare it holds
wonderful promise. It Is understood
thst Messrs. Clnpp und Cooke I. live
troag New York backing, la about
a week Mr. Clapp will leave for Oregon
where a 100-ton p'mit will be erected
t one of the nuke' mines, lliin prop,
crty hss been secured by a, company
named the Nickel M'ucs Hmclter com
pany. Another couivnnv has been or
gnnired to operate ill I'loche nnd Its
vicinity. It is called the Metal He
covory company.
Yesterday u representative of The
Herald Republican visited the plant
ami saw refractory nickel ores yield
their contents In shot like metallic
form. The same thing may be done
with ravbonates, oxides, chloride,
bromides, tellurium, selenium sad the
highly silidoii ores. "We can take
audi ores as the smelters do not want
or cannot use or be concentrated suc
cessfully under the old wsys and treat
them profitably," declared Mr. Clapp,
'"The process consists first of grinding J
the ore, adding certain cheap chemicals
passing it through the furnace ana
mcttillizing, or turning out in metallic
form, or concentrates."
This little demonstration mill has
been operating at intervals for soverel
months, but the past few weeks have
satisfied the inventor that his process
is an unqualified success.
The Willamette University Glee club
will leave for Portland this evening
and after spending the night in the
metropolis will embark on the steamer
Breakwater tomorrow morning for
Thoy will be gone about two weeks
showing in all the principal cities in
the Coos Bay country, among them,
Marshfiold, North Bend, Coquille, Ban
don and Myrtle Point.
Their recent concert at Jefferson in
dicates that they are in a position to
give excellent entertainments, and they
expoct to make Willamette University
better known in that section.
The one feature of tho trip which
the boys are planning and which has
already been made the excuse for
many rythms and stories is tho sea
voyago to Marshfiold. Some members
of the club entertains serious doubts
as to whethor they will be able to
sing after such an ordeal or not.
Tho men who will tuke the trip are
C. Hall, Stcevos, Barnes, Blied, Torklo
son, MacCaddam, Smith, Oilkey, A.
Hall, Jory, Shisler, Irvine, Booth, Gil
lette, Chapcllcr, McDnniel, Lund, Mills,
Bagley, and Dean Mendenhall.
Wasco, Shorman county, is to turn
out to a man April 9th and work the
roads, ,
Robbers Saturday night hauled tho
safe from the postoffico to a black
smith shop, blew it open and got away
with $700 nnd a quantity of stamps.
Presumably the same gang there blew
tho safe of the Wilson store, obtained
a number of checks, two watches and
plnder totaling , with the postof f ice
haul, nbout $1500,
Petitions for the referendum on tho
Portland water meter ordinanco have
been filed, with 100 more mimes than
the law requires. It is up to the
voters now.
Edwin X. t'endy, an attorney of
Portland and son of Matthew P.
Deady for ninny years a federal judge
in this state, died at his homo in
Portland, Sunday. Ho was (10 years
.liuircz, Mexico, March III. No refer
ence to the annstice reported to be o:i
at Torreon was contained in a tele
gram received today by lleneral Car
rnnz.a hero from lli-iieritl Villa, at the
fighting front, in which the field com
mander welcomed his chieftain to the
state of Chihuahua,
"I beg lenve to report", said the
message, "that my forces have the
enemy under subjection and I hope to
bo able to report at any moment that
Torreon is in our complete possession
nnd that the enemy has been com
pletely vanquished".
will orrosE asquitii.
Dublin, March HI. Jim Lark in, tho
labor leader, announced his enndidacv
today fur parliament in opposition to
Premier Asipilth in the constituency of
Knst Tife.
8nnto IV., N. M., March 31. Break
ing into the jail here curly todny, .0
masked men dragged Adoll'o PndiUa, i v
cuscd of murdering and mutilating his
wife, from his cell an stabbed him so"
oral times, probably fatally.
If the ruin should necidoiitly desist
long enough, the linker tongue team
and Willamette university will play a
sorb's of three games beginning this
Mannger King of the linker team is
very an lions to get his men to working
Although the grounds are in very poir
condition it is quite probable that tho
game will take place.
The Willamette team hns not been
out for ever a week and Is hardly In
H position to limi t any aggregation, l.'t
alone a league tenm.
Ir. Hweetlnnd, coach of the varsity
nine is nuiious to play the contest,
however, us he believes it will bo ex
cellent. schooling for the varsitv bovs t
Refrwiiing Satisfying
Heel &nd Voice United to Tell Absorbing Story of Human De
. velopment Life of Christ, Culminating Fact of History.
One Feature of Non-Sectarian, Free Exhibition.
Drama Dedicated to Public by President
of the I. B. S. A., Pastor Russell
of Brooklyn Tabernacle.
will may
now, with
out money and
without price,
ace and hear the
panorama and
the story of
man's life on
earth. He may
learn through
the medium of
his eyes and
his e a r bow
"through all the
LAND APPEAR8. ages one Increas
ing purpose runs."
The moving picture Dim, beginning
with the fur-off days when chaos lay on
the waters. Is depleting for us bow God
called the earth Into being from the
Told and bow He has upheld It and
sustained It and carried It onward and
upward toward Its divinely appointed
goal. All this is doue while machin
ery, reproducing synchronously tbe
tones of the human voice, helps In en
tertaining, enlightening and Instruct
ing the auditor.
All this la being accomplished and
will be accomplished by the marvelous
photo-drama of "Creation." produced
by the International Bible Students
Association. This body of earnest mid
active supporters and disseminators
Jv.-f " -fill ;.' ,''.,
f, . -, '
v .ft
of God's Word Is plnnnlng to place In
many large cities the photo-draiiia,
which tells in Interesting, oiinII.v un
derstandable picture und word the sto-
4 1
ry of the earth's creation, progress uud
First Production In Nw York,
A start was made In New York City,
where n large theater building was
opened to the public, free of chnrgu.
Then followed Cincinnati, BL Louis,
Cleveland, Toleilo, Ilostou, Indtaiiapo
lls, Los Angelea and Sou Francisco
Men, wonieu and children are throng
hit to hear and eve the story of their
':A'Vyv ' ' :
ancestors mid themselves. Ili-rore
them pass the plcturen which tell how
the earth began and bow It has strug
gled nod la struggling upward to the
light. They sit entranced, for, as the
drams of dramas unfolds, the voire of
ni nor nouin on ,iimi i.inoriy mrc",i
Saturday, Mnh S, 1UH, Mrs. A. V.,
MrKerun, aged IS ,V"rs.
Funeral services wor held from tbe
.JSS f
the hidden, mechanical lecturer, apeak
Ing lu tones of eloquence and might,
explains clearly each picture.
Scents Staged In Holy Land.
The preparation of the films used In
the exhibitions has Involved a consid
erable expense and activities conduct
ed In all pnrta of the world. Tbe cam
eras have been carried Into tbe Holy
Lund, and there on tbe Mount of
Olives and In Jerusalem have been
found the backgrounds for re-enacted
tragedies. Nature hag not changed the
face of the land of Palestine much for
so many centuries, and the houses and
the customs and dress are much as
they were before the Christian era.
The Ordeals of the Martyr.
Some of the most graphic representa
tion of the films have to do with tbe
- w:: "i.
,i V,
"-'p4 f -SHR?'J
early stnmglcs of the Christian Church.
Many stec-optlcon slides nre ulso Intro
duced, beiirlng reproductions of famous
The lnterniitlonnl Bible Students
Association open' tea under a Hiltlsh
charter and has olllces at Lancaster
(into W., London. Its Amricnn hoad
qunilers are nt No 17 I licks street,
lll'ooklyn. Tho iissoelntlon Is support
ed by voluntary contributions. It has
a large stulT of lecturers, und its uc-
tlvltles extend to nil the principal cit
ies of tbe United States and Kuropo.
The object of the association Is,
through various mentis, to encoumge
Bible study, aud in the moving picture
exhlblllons It hopes to be especially
helpful In this regard The fact that
all lncctliikis are five nnd no colla
tions taken nlTords suttleU'iil evldoucc
to prove tho' tin- work Is uot actuaus!
bj uier'ein'r 'lo'lvtn
rcsidence at 2 p. ni. yesterday. Rev.
John Van lunation officiated. The buri.il
... ...
IVeeasod leaves s
husband and nine children, five bovs
and four girls, all of whom live n
'in, Mfi .
Geln J. McCaddam won the try-out
for the icace oratorical contest held
in the university chapel last evening
with his oration, "Commercialism ver
sus War."
The other contestants, Paul Homan,
pho presented the subject, "The Spirit
of the Times," and John Gary, who
spoke on ' ' Peace, the Goal , of the
Ages," both did excellent work but
were not as proficient in delivery as
Mr. McCaddam.
Three musical numbers did much to
give life to the program. Miss Lucile
McCully rendered a violin solo and Miss
Florence singing two beautiful vocal
The judges were: Earl Kirkpatricl:,
R. N. Avison, E. F. Carlton, J. A.
Churchill aud I. H. Van Winkle.
united press liasid wiaa.l
Los Angeles, Cal., March 31. Heavy
overhanging clouds that promised a
downpour at any minute threatened to
day a postponement of the opening
game between Oakland and Los Angeles
inaugurating the Pacific Coast league
baseball season here.
A giant automobile parade, in which
1,000 automobiles will be in Hue, was
scheduled to start through the princii.p.l
streets promptly at 1 o'clock. The open
ing bell weather permitting will ling
at 2:30, when Chief of Police Sebastian
will pitch the first ball in the general
direction of the plate. Mayor Hoi
brook of Venice will attempt to catch
Getting Ready
For Easter
Uiage has made Easter time
the season for donning new
Hpring attire; und just now' the
stores arc in the full swing of
Never were they brighter
never did the new things look
more inviting.
And ns the advertising natu
rally reflects the merchandise,
the business news ns told in The
Journal todny is unusually inte
resting. It tells of the Btyles, the colors,
tho shapes, the trimmings, the
ribbons, the laces, and the fur
belows. It informs the men what is
new in line and fabric.
It tells where tho new things
can bo seen and wha ttho prices
"To miss the advertising these
days is to miss much important
news of what is going on in this
husv world.
Everett, Wash., Jltirch ,'!1. With
coiupnss wrecked by a lightning bolt,
Captain X. F. Maraiou brought the
HTciiui si'iioiier iiornet, owned ny rno
( liarles iNelsou company, sately from
Cape Hlnnco, off the California const,
to Kverett in a storm that at times
attained hurricane proportions.
Tho Hornet arrived here this morn
ing. The bolt struck the nftermast, splin
tered its top, fololwed a steel stay rope
to the pilot house and burned it
through, and finally raced down the
cabin framing, spriug it badly, tore
out the calking between the deck nnd
cabin wall, and jumped overboard- No.
body was hurt.
Montosnno, Wash., March 111. With
a hnndlierchicf as their only clue,
Sheriff Mathewso of Chelialis county
nnd his chief deputy A. L. Fitzgerald,
are today searching for further evi
dence that will lead to the loeiitioou
of the seven bandits who Saturday
night held up the Hank of Klma ami
escaped with ifl.iSO,
The handkerchief wns found in the
bunk vault and turned over to Fitz
gerald. So far he has been unable to
identify the laundry innrk.
Sheriff Mathews admitted today thnt
he is baffled. "There is nothing to do
now,' he said, "but to sit back and
wait until we get a line on the robbers.
Wo have searched every foot of terri
tory between Montcsnno and Olympin,
which is the most, likely route the
bandits would choose. Once in Olympin
or Centralis it would be an easy matter
for tho bandits to make their escape".
Whatever else may be said of liov
ernor West's statements, they can
never be called eipiivocal. The gover
nor hns a way of saying just what he
means and leaving nothing to infer
ence. This morning he sent the ap
pended telegram which is intended to
be self-explanatory, and does not need
an interpreter:
"Hon. Franklin K. I.nne, Secretary
of the Interior, Washington, 1. C:
"If Will R. King will spend less
time dabbling in local Oregon politics
and devote more time to his duties as
au officer in the reclamation service
our chances for less whiskey and more
water In Oregon will improve.
Instantly Clears Air Passages; You
Breathe Freely; Dull Headache Goes;
Nasty Catarrhal Discharge Stops.
Try "Ely's Cream Balm."
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opea; you will breathe freely; dullness
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the catarrh, cold-in-head or catarrhal
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End such misery now! Get the small
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drug store. The sweet, fragrant balm
dissolves bv the heat of the nostrils;
The Dubois Lumber company of As
toria is making strenuouB objections to
paying the taxes oa its timber lands.
It is learned at the state house that
most of this company's lands were pur
chased from the state in he good old
lieu-land days and that these purchases
are now being investigated. It is
quietly hinted that when these investi-
Let Me Give You My Experience
and Medicine Free
A Generous Demonstration of My Remarkable Medicine
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I want to prove to every sufferer
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Rheumatism, Kidney Trouble and
Bladder Trouble, that I have a medi
cine that will give prompt and per
manent relief In the most chronic
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long you have suffered, nor how many
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The free Rift of medicine Is not all
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1 Pnln In the hncU.
2 -Too frequent lelr to urinate,
3 Nervniliiiem, Imit of f lenh.
I-I'iilti or MirenpHM In the bladder,
ft Weak, watery lilooil.
fl-(in or pulii In the Rtnmarh.
7- ieni'rul UehlUty, weakness, dlrrlnees.
8 1'iiln or soreiifHH under rllf lit rib.
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me You S
Are you doing without (iht and throwing
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Big Price reduction on Mazda Electric Lamps,
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10 Watts 30c
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penetrates and heals the inflamed,
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ages; stops nasty discnarges and a feel
ing of cleansing, soothing relief comes,
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Put your faith iust once in Ely's
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pany may not have so much to com
plain about as it is probable that it
will not have so much timber luui "on
which it has to pay taxes.
There are some other companies in
about the same fix and if the state
can relieve ihem of an unjust tax
burden and at the same time again
acquire title to lands lost to it through
gations are completed the Dubois com-
who will give medicine and advic to tboie who.
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now, large medical book covering every
Uric Acid condition and many other
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In making your request for the free
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10- CoiiHttpntfon or liver trouble.
1 1 l'tiliilnitloti or pnln under Uie heart.
1'4-rnlll In tho lllli Joint.
l;t l'nlit lii the tteek or hend.
l l-l'iiln or soreness In the kidneys.
15 Pnln or swelling of the Join Is.
lC.-1'uln or swelling of the museles.
17- I'nlll nntl HoreneHMln nerves.
18 Acute rheunlutlHin.
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