Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 30, 1914, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Mg;..f s
. . giving the best values. DIXIE QUEEN
is only one of our many brands, but like all it is the "highest
quality biggest quantity0 of its kind sold.
We tell the big brawny men of this
country that DIXIE QUEEN is the best
tobacco for them -and they know they
can bank on that statement.
Wonderful richness makes DIXIE
QUEEN a lasting chew. Burns slow in the
pipe because Plug Gut is the right form
for smoking.
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Sold everywhere in convenient 5c foil
packages also in 10c pouches and 50c
lunch boxes.
Thnt the young suffragettes are
mpidly coming to tho front and that
The Capital Journal is already a favor
ite with them is being made evident
very day, A short time ago it had
tin announcement of tho candidacy of
Mrs. Mildred Brooks who has f ilea her
petition for the republican nomination
for county recorder. In mentioning the
fact the Capital Journal said she had
thrown her bonnet in the ring, feathers
and all. This had evidently been talked
over in the family where tho little lady
lives of whom thiB story is written,
and Hhe evidently had a vivid picture
of WrB. Brooks wildly shying hor bon
net in the ring, taking the expression
literally. A few days ago a couple
of ladies called at the Robertson flat
on Center Btreot where Mrs. Brooks
resides and in response to their ring
the door was opened by a bright-eyed
little miss of five or six gladsome sum
mers. "Is Mrs. Brooks at home!" asked
one of the ladies smiling down into
the upturned cage little face.
"No, Mrs. Brooks is not at home,"
was tho reply, and then with viva
cious courtesy the little one added:
"Mrs. Brooks is at Jefferson. Mrs.
Brooks is in tho rinc. She throwed
Iter hat in the ring nnd the feadder i
went in first, and then the hat went j
In, and then Mrs. Brooks she jumped j
in the ring after her hut and fodder !
nnd she is in the ring, and the ring is
at Jefferson. Hhe will tie home when ;
she gets her bat out of the ring but
she is going to stay in the ring when
1 1 J ( '
isiJsiajmJti: . (swsij ' c
We're Hammering Away
At This Fact
DIXIE QUEEN is the best tobacco
in the world for big, strong, manly
men. It is made purposely to please
tnis kind ot men. It is a juicy, full
bodied tobacco that thoroughly satisfies
a powerful man's tobacco hunger.
DIXIE QUEEN is pure old Burley
tobacco, naturally aged for three to
five years so as to bring out all its
mellow, healthful richness and honest
Plug Cut Tobacco
Take the case of, the blacksmith.
When he wants tobacco satisfaction,
he cannot get it out of "flat," insipid
mixtures. He has got to have a man's
size, real ol$ natural he-tobacco.
We have the greatest tobacco
organization in the world and are
in business to stay in business by
The " ladies smilingly thanked tho
little politician for her illuminating in
formntion and left fully awnro that
Mrs. Brooks, was "in the ring."
Tho caso of the city of Salem against
the Salem Water company is ncaring
an cud bo far as tho taking of testi
mony is concerned and uulos the de
fendant company has some considerable
evidence in rebuttal it is posible tho
case will be finished tonight.
Captain T. C. Davios was in the stanl
this afternoon for tho purpose of show
ing tho charges for water in otho?
places and the relation of charges to
ratos. It was also shown by the com
pany 's boks thnt the annual gross in
come is about $72,000. Calculated on
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you are a Bingle mnn and have
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well to get acuuuintcd with the
shortest route to employment in
the shortest time possible.
The shortest route is through
tho Journal Want Ads, and
you'll bo sure to find something
to which you are fully Buited in
a day or two by reuding them
carefully daily. If you don't,
why run a Want Ad of your
own, telling just what you can
do bst. This intter means will
be sure to work at once if tho
other fails at first.
WML,' 'ILL teTn-ETF)r3
"Bj5dESS."fr? oce
TBi6 Tive'cl joST
To? IT
jaljyi If
a basis of $480,000, the eompasy's valu
ation of its property, this would be an
income of 15 per cent, and figured on
the estimate made by the commission's
engiuoer, $350,480, it would bo at the
rate of a little more than 20 per cout
! per annum. Of course this does not
I allow for operating expenses, but these
we were unable to get. They will be
available before the case is completed.
It is probable this would reduce tho in
terest about one-fourth, or to about 11
" t on the company's basis and
about 15 per cent on the railroad engi
neer's basis.
Portland, March 30. Declaring him
self to be a real "cop," with authority
to "frisk" his victim for firearms, a
highwayman went through John B.
Moore's pockots and relieved him of
$26.05. Ho had a Btar too.
Vancouver, Wash., March 20. Thou
sands of sea gulls have been attracted
here by the fine feeding from the mil
lions of smelt on the "run" to the
Snndy river spawning grounds.
I'ortlnnd, March .'ill. Mrs. Kdith
Hill Booker, state president of the
Woman Christian Temperance t'nion,
is dead today, following a week's ill
ness from nn affliction of the heart.
Children Cry '
W' All
AH' Nowirtey c-M
"Bo" All "The- wiGS
'The Caroline Girl" is Meeting More
Than Ordinary Approval From
Critical Audiences of Gotham.
Graceful and Effective Wearing of
Beautiful Gowns Amazes Women
in Knickerbocker.
(Written for the United Press.)
New York, March .28. Julian Eltiueo
has scaled to new heights with his fem-
iniue glory. Accepted by the rest of
the country, but the endorsement with
held, Eltinge apparently has forced
the skeptical to receive him with more
than passing approval in "The Caroline
Girl." The wonder of the women in
that he is able to invade their domain
in the graceful and effective wearing
of beautiful gowns, and amazing the
men through his ability to impersonate
the eternal feminine with such roalism
without crossing the line which would
bring disgust rather than amusement.
Lltinge promises to have his longest
New York ruu in his new play,
"The Caroline Girl" is, of course,
built especially for the impersonations
of Lltingo. He firBt appoarB in civ
ilian dress, and then, as in "The Fas
cinating Widow" tha way is cleared for
his appearance in' the latost gowns by
the placing of wagers as to his ability
to deceive friends dressed as woman.
To those unfamiliar with tho work
of Eltinge there is something even in
his pictures displayed in the entrance
of tho Knickerbocker theatre that de
fies fathoming. Entoring the theatre
for the opening perfoimnnco a man and
woman, evidently mnn and wife,
stepped from the crowd for a moment
and studied a large portrait of Eltinge.
The commented on his thoroughly mas
culine countenance us rovcaled in tho
picture in male attire. By the side of
this portrait was another just as large.
It showed Eltinge in a low cut ovoninj;
gown, a huge wig of auburn hair and
a dazzling hend-dresB. "
"And, now who is thist" inguirod
tho wife. "Is this his leading wo
man!" Tho peaco of tho family was threat
ened as the husband explained and tho
wile was still unconvinced and con
templnted tho two pictures for severni
minutes before entering tho theatre '.o
bo convinced,
"Tho Caroline Girl" as well as serv
ing as an acceptable vehicle for Eltin
It Must
Pay You
Unless tho advertisers who use
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business announcements of profit
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ge 's impersonations is a melodramatic
farce which moves Bwiftly and increases
in entertaining qualities as it progres
ses. The Bame glimpse which reveals El
tinge in a new play and new trowns
showed the Rialto, Margaret Anglin in
doublet and hose. Opening for a limit
ed run a.t the Hudson theatre in "As
You Like It," Miss Anglin followed
with "The Taming of the Shrew." As
the much played Rosplicd, Miss Anglin
was well received. The production was
elaborately staged and though Miss
Anglin was engagingly pretty as the
shepherd youth, her Rosalind was in no
wise epochal.
Another play dealing with society and
"social climbers" is scheduled for
Broadway this fall. Margaret Mayo,
author of "Baby Mine" and "Polly
of the Circus" is now putting the fin
ishing touches on the now production
which will step forth under the title of
"The Lookors-On." As the press agent
puts it:
"Miss Mayo's play deals with that
rapidly increasing class of new-rich Am
ericans who believe their woalth will
be an open-sesame to the inner shrines
of the Smart Set, until thoy arrive and
find the gates closed in their fncos."
Much may hoppon in the "Forties"
along Broadway and escape notice, but
the (lancing of a shoeless tango by a
woll proportioned model provod too
much. That is too much for the police,
not for tho theatre crowds that throng
ed the street on the night chosen by
the young woman for W exhibition. A
windy officer escorted the young wo
man to lodgings furnished by the city
and it required tho production of ronl
money before she was released.
TUo police declaro thoir suspicion!
wore first aroused when tho young wo
man loft a restaurant talking to hersolf.
No one is ever expected to talk to them
selves in the Fortios. Running out of
conversation tho young woman kicked
off her slippers and tossing hor coat to
a passer-by began demonstrating tho
latest Btepg. The police wore amused
until tho dancer began directing stock
ingod toes in tho direction of passing
men 's bat h.
Suporstition has resulted in the man
agoment of tho Forty-Fourth street
theatre deciding to eliminate all seats
and tiekots bearing tho numbor "13."
Persistent refusal of suporstitious pat
rons to purchase a number 13 Beat, oven
though it be in a much desired Boctiou
of the house, resulted in tho action.
Investivation showed that of tickets
left in tho rack after a performance
was under way practically all wore for
tho "13" Beats in the various rows.
U. u
State Treasurer Kay today denied
that he, as a member of the State
Board of Control, had approved of the
stnto penitentiary band going to Port
land to play at a prison reform meet
ing, and that he would do everything
in his power to prevent a repetition of
tho affair.
"It seoins," said Mr. Kay, "that ar
rangements were made for the band
consisting of seven eonvlc.ts, to gi to
Portland without nil members of the
board being consulted. When I was
informed of the proposed trip I said
positively that I opposed itj that I did
not approve of parading prisoners
about over tho state when they should
bo at the penitentiary. I said it wns
poor policy to attempt to make heroes
out of convicts.
"However, the persons in chargo of
the proposed meeting said they had
been nssurod by certain authorities
that the bund could play at tho meet
ing, that It had born advertised and
tlilit it would bo a disappointment if
it were kept nwny. Will opposing tho
proposition, I finally agreed to keep
hands off In this particular ease, but
announced that in future I would vote
against the band leaving tho prison to
give concerts.
"I think the principle of the thing
is wrong. If ntiything out of the way
should happen while the men were
away the bourd would be blrimed, and
ought to be, for their place is at the
prison until thoy have been freed."
- - - By Gross
Carries Off Honors In Annual Glee and
Many Strong College Songs
Are Brought Forth.
Song Which Won Prize Composed hy
Esther Emmel and Music by Ruth
Scholdt, Both of Salem.
Before one of the largest crowds that
has ever asscmbleoVin the university
chapel the freshmen class of the univer
sity won tho annual Freshman Glej
last Saturday evening.
The contest brought fourth four nr.
coptionally strong college songs each do-
cmeuiy dirrerent from any already in
the Willamette song list and with the
possiblo exception of the Junior song
each is strong onough to live foi years
to come.
Tho glee' is becoming so popular
an event that it will be impossible to
hold in the university chapel auothor
year. Every seat in the himu
filled and all tho sido ahjles and other
availnblo standing room was taker.,
many leaving because they were unable
to bo much as squeeze inside the doors.
Dean Mondenhall of the college of
music presided for tho tveuiug present
ing tho beautiful pennant which the
freshmen class themselves had provided
for the winner to Warreu Booth, presi
dent of tho winning class, Booth mado
a short speech following tho presenta
tion thanking tho other classes for thoir
co-operation in asking the glee such sue
coss and complimenting them on tho
high staudnrd of thoir songs, '
The freshmen song which won tha
contest follows, tho words being by
Esther Emmel and the music by Ruth
Schuldt, both of this city:
In the land of golden sunsets
Where Willamotte 's wators glido,
Neath tho cooling shade of maples
Stands our school the .western prido,
Founded by true hearted fathers
In tho dnys of pioneers,
Sho shall strengthen youth and maiden
Through the coming countless years,
Rah: for our dear Alma Mater.
Rah: for our footbull score.
Rah: for tho mon who defend her
On gym or debating floor.
Ever to theo we'll bo loyal,
True to thy cardinal and gold.
OB: Willamette, Willamette, we lovo
Our school we'll forever uphold.
In onr memories scenes will linger
Familiar places wo 'II recall.
Mill-stream, bell-tower, hall and class
room, Dear to senior, freshman, all.
High ideals to us imparted,
By thy standards tried and truo.
We are grateful old Willamette
Dear old school wo lovo but you.
By our llvos thy influence showing
Old Willnmetto true to theo.
Wo will spread by song and story
From the west to ensteru sen.
All thy greatness and thy glory
IInrdshiMi borne to victory.
Thy true fame will reach all nations.
Dear old school wo II livo for theo.
united mess massd wibk.1
Oakland, Cul., March 20. Louis Loin
bres occupies a prison cell for writing
"mushy" notes to Miss Edith Thofas,
a pretty stenographer. Lembres passed
Miss Thomas a note on the street and
sho hud him arrested when the contents
did not plenso her.
Children Cry
t left 7mT0lp
Hood's 8aruparilla Builds Up th
Whols System Mak Pur Blood.
That tired feeling that comes to
you in the spring, year after year,
is a sign that your blood lacks vi
tality, just as pimples, boils and
other eruptions are signs that it is
impure; and it is also a sign that
your system is in a low or run-down
condition inviting disease. It is a
warning, which it is wise to heed.
Ask your druggist for Hood's
Sarsaparilla. This old standard
tried and true blood medicine re
lieves that tired feeling. It cleanses
Hie blood, gives new life, new cour
a.T?, strength and cheerfulness. It
rr.akcs the rich, red blood that will
rcako vou feel, look, eat and sleep
Bo sure to get Hood's, because it
is the best. There is no other com
bination of roots, barks and herbs
like it no real substitute for it
no "just-as-good" medicine.
The following account of "Lucky"
Jack Peterson's latest escapade in
Portland, appearing in the Portland
Journal will bo appreciated by his
wiuo acquaintance in cialom, where he
formerly occupiod a place in tho lime
light chiefly because of his hair
breadth escapes in automobile ac
cidents: "Lucky Jack" rotorson was nr
roated yesterday afternoon by Motor
cydo Officers Coulter and Bewley at
his grocery store at Twenty-first and
fight with J, A. Houseman at Burnside
and Brondway streots. This morning,
Houseman filed a complaint of threut
ning to kill against t'eterBOU. Claud
J. Wnllingford wns alBO arrested with
"Lucky Jack," charged with carrying
a pistol.
This morning in tho municipal court,
Wnllingford was fined $50 for carry
ing the weapon, whilo the case against
Peterson went ovor until Haturduy for
trial. Troublo between Peterson and
Houseman originally started over a
dog owned by Peterson, who wagered
$10 with Houseman that the latter
could not make frionds with the ani
mal. Houseman won the good will of
tho dog in 10 minutes, whereupon the
ill-will of "Lucky Juek" was gained.
Baltimore March 30. Sight has been
givon to tho left ey of Davis Kane,
l)-nionths-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Her
man Kane o f lottysDurg,.l'u., through
the grafting of tho cornea of a pig's
eye to tho child's eyeball, according
to a statement of physicians toduy at a
Tests, they assert, tlave brought out
this fuet without a doubt. When, the
bandage wus removed, it was said that
lighted candle whichhrtdtuutna lPg
the child followed tho course of a
lighted candle which was moved in
front of him. Another teBt that brings
out tho fact more clounr is that the
child now winks his cyolld if a finger
or a small object is waved close to the
Tho disease from which ho has been
a sufferer since he was tnree weeks old
is known as Btphytoma of the cornea.
Tim operation wus performed Monday
and the cornea of the pig's eye was
used because it mor closely resembles
the human cornea than that of any
other animal.
8 Any time vou
(eel tired drink
a cup of
Refreshing, invigorating and
, . delicious
Things We Never See
no, I rVrtTOtk.'lh' ,M
none wtM PCri Pctsc!