Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, March 13, 1914, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Saturday Special
14c Ginghams
Only 10c Yard
This is less than it costs us to handle it.
Saturday Limited 15 yards to a customer.
Sale opens at 9 a. m.
That Hugh Constable, son of C. 0.
Constable and wife, i not traveling for
romance and pleasure in box cars on
freight trains, is more than evident
from the following letter which, was re
ceived by Mrs. Constable yesterday
from her son:
"Hotel Bonneville,
r'Tacoma, Wash.
" Tacoma, Wash,
March 31, 1914.
"Dear Mother,
"I have got a job at the Bonnevillo
hotel, pay $20 per month, board and
room. All I have to do is to run tho
elevator. I have a fino room with
bath and telephone, electric lights and
a good big bed.
"Did you ever know any one in
Salem by the name of Reynolds t There
is a lady here that says her father usocf
to be a warden of the state penitentiary
a good while ago. When you answer
my letter please address me at the Bon
neville hotel, Tucoma, Wash.
"I got my job through the Y. M. 0.
A. Tho Y. M. C. A. is about as nice
place as there is. They have pool tables
and bowling alleys in the Y. M. C. A.
here. The Y. M. C. A. building is six
stories high. They have an attendance
of 1200. I make tho Y. M. C. A. my
place to hang out at.
"Tacoma consists of more dagoes,
negroes and Japs thin any other nation
ality. "1 lave nut been out of the business
Call Main 410
We will call and get your
bicycle and give it a good
Bargains in used motor
cycles. I HauserBros.
Farm Bargain
For one week only, I will sell my fino
farm in the Koscdale district at a sac
rifice. I have 1.10 acres nearly all
under cultivation, at $S0 per Ccro. W.ll
sell .10 acres, 80 acres or 130 acres; will
give terms; for this bargain call on my
gents, Hechtcl & Bynon.
Houses and Lots
And tracts sold on easy payments. Ws
build modern bungalows to suit pur
chaw r.
Money to Loan.
For Rent
House, 14 largo roms, Ccntor street,
near Commercial.
Wo write Insuranco and Bonds.
List Your Bargains.
Property to Trade.
We have one acre just outside of the
city limits, good house and fruit trees,
to trade for house and lot in city.
6'-4 acres, well Improved, about 8
miles from Palem, for Newport prop
erty, vscant lots preferred, up to $2000.
Salem property for Grants Pass prop
erty. Bechtel & Bynon
847 Stats Street.
part of town yet but expect to soon.
"I have got a Bwell boss and have
a good stand in with the cook, theref on
get the best of grub. It does not seem
like a hotel really because people do not
come and go every day. They stay for
3 or 4 weeks any way and there are
some people that have lived here for
7 years.
' ' I want to join the Y M. C. A. here
because it is a peach of a place.
"Yours lovingly,
Seattle, Wash., March 13. As a result
of the investigation of campaign funds
in the recent election made by the Se
attle Star, John G. Tierce, today has an
nounced his intention of rosigning as a
member of the city council.
The Star's probe committee, consist
ing of Mayor Cotterill, Port Commis
sioner Robert Bridges and Judge W. H.
Moore, revealed, aknong other things,
that Piorce personally solicited and ob
tained money from cafe owners for tho
campaign of John C. Slater, one of the
defeated mayoralty candidates. Follow
ing a supplemental investigation by the
Bolo club, a Spanish-American war or
ganization, of which Pierce is fi mem
ber, and beforo the council itself could
take action in tho matter, Pierce an
nounced his intention of resigning by
next Monday, "because of tho fart
that his efficiency as a legislative offi
cial had boen impaired by unfavorable
publicity," and "by reason of personnl
Taks a Tablespoonful of Salts If Back
Hurts or Bladder Bothers Meat
Forms Uric Acid.
We are a nation of meat enters and
our blood is filled with uric acid, says
a wollknown authority, who warns us
to be constantly on guard against kid
ney trouble.
The kidneys do their utmost to free
tho blood of this irritating itcid, but
become weak from the overwork; they
get sluggish; the oliminntivo tissues
clog and thus the wnste is rotained In
the Hood to poison the ontire system.
When your kidneys sche and feel
like lumps of lead, and you have sting
ing pains in the back or the urine is
cloudy, full of sediment, or the bladder
Is irritable, obliging you to seek relief
during the night; when you have severe
headaches, nervous and dizzy spells,
sleeplessness, acid stomach or rheuma
tism In bad weather, get from your
pharmacist about four ounces of Jad
Hulls; talis a tablospoonful in a glass of
water before breakfast each morning
and in a few days your kidneys will
act fine. This famous salts is made
from the acid of grapes and lomon
juice, combined with lithis, and has
been used for generations to flush and
stimulate clogged kidneys, to neutralize
the (voids in urine so it is no longer a
source of irritation, thus ending urin
ary and bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
Injure; makes a delightful effervescent
lithUi-wnter drink, and nobody can
make a mistake by taking a little oc
casionally to keep the kidneys clean
and active.
Sacramento Editor Flays Men and Wo
men Who Run Amuck Throughout
Land With Frenzied Fads.
Short-Halred Women and Long-Hairod
Men Mak Air Resound With Their .
Clamorous Appeals.
This good old earth has passed
through the Stone age, the. Iron age,
the Bronze age, the alleged Golden ago,
and now is "in the midkt of the Spasm
The world is in the throes of a gen
eral hysteria, of a dementia universal.
Men and women are Tunning amuck
with frenzied fads. In the name of
humanity, "reforms" are demanded
that are inhuman, in the name of re
form, progress is asked to step back
ward. In the name of progress, women
strive to strip from womanhood her
brightest jewels. And in the name of
womanhood, denatured males and ad
vanced females seek to recreate woman
after a new pattern of sexual athletic
ism but sexless idealism.
Verily, the old whirligig of Time is
spinning around so rapidly and so diz
zily to the accompanying eorybantls
antics of the howling dervishes of the
New Idea, that sanity herself wears a
troubled air when surrounded by in
By legislation, in the twinkling of aa
eye, in the taking of a breath as tho
years have gone and the years that are
to be counted we are told we will ail
be washed clean not only from the sins
that stain, but even from the peccadil
loes that annoy.
Mankind and womankind are to b
purified on earth for the everlasting
life in Heaven. No longer will there
be any need of purgatorial hereafter
,Roeloanscd by statute and madfl
white again through the blessed graco
of the brothers and sisters of the new
dispensation, there will be no grosser
parts to be Btrained in tho finry sievj
of eternity's middle state.
White as tho breath of Jack Frost, and
chanto as the iciclo that curdled by the
frost from purest snow and hangs on
Dian's temple. Woman will wandnr
through this world not marrying and
being given in marriage but a joyous
and radiant creature, tho star-eyed god
dess of her own will, hor love as froa
as the air, and scorning thoso shameful
fettors with which inhuman custom so
long bad bound her.
As for man weak, pitiful man he
will arise, by the help of freed woman,
to trffid the mountain paths of love and
liberty whereon today an inhuman and
a grossly slavish world martvrs a
Maury Diggs.
But ull along tho road of the now St.
Vitus dance reformatory movements
halting at this sub-Btation or at thai,
and wondering when they will go
further arc vast hordes of men and
women obsessed if not possessed crea
tures who, like the Pied Pipor of Ifntu.
lin, pipe away on their fads and expect
the whole world to follow and dance ti
their music.
Tho very air is clamorous with their
hysterical appeals.
They seek, everywhere for legislation
to prevent everybody clso from doing
that which they do not care themselves
to do.
Nothing appalls them. Nothing
(Quints them. Nothing confuses or cou
founds them, Statistics and science
they have tnken into Ihoir camp and,
liko gypsies with stolen children, have
disfigured them to make them pans
for their own.
With flaming banners, blaring trump
ets, and the shrieks of thousands of
frenzied voices, they hnvo rushed ii
not only where Christ forlioro to trend
they even hnvo misinterpreted the
Hook and misread the Iifo to use as a
weapon a Scriptural boomerang.
Soino of them go even to far as to
Did you ever stop to consider
that the letter In the word News
tnml for the initials of tho four
puints of the compass?
What the news does. is literally
to put you In touch with tho for.r
quarters of the whole worl I
every day in tho year and almost
every hour of the day,
The advertising has come to be
an essential part of the news. It
covers the entire compass of the
business world.
It tells of the currents of trad,.
It tells whore things are made,
whnl they are for, and what they
It dcftls with fuels facts thit
concern tho well being of tho
Take it from the standpoint of
actual helpfulness snd there t,
on the whole, little news In the
newspaper that Is as important as
the advertising.
ignore and scorn the lamp of experience
and in their arrogance will demand that
those who have been in the light must
follow them into the darkness.
Young girls just fresh (and still
fresh) from know-all institutions of
theoretical infallibility become presi
dents of Mothers' clubs; dogmatically
tell mothers and grandmothers who
have borne, and nursed and reared fine
specimens of manhood and womanhood,
that their method was almost criminal;
and insist that young mothers shall rear
their infants on the truly scientific,
principles mapped out by long-haired
men incapable of becoming fathers, and
enthusiastically endorsed by short
haired women who never took the first
step toward motherhood.
No wonder a good old-fashioned
grandmother told one of those lights of
the new science of motherhood that she
had better go out and get record beforo
she presumed to instruct those who
had had experience as well as theory.
Althougt Dpvid danced before ark,
and the sight evidently was' pleasant
in the eyes of the Almighty, there be
those who consider all dancing -an
abomination before the Lord, and who
would have all mankind and all woman
kind debarred therefrom.
And even some municipal legislators
can be found who will darken reason
with prohibitory ordinances ordinances
which die in dishonor or live to be dis
regarded and laugho?. at.
Love was born with this world. Love
has been accepted as the herald and the
companion of marriage.
When heretofore two young souls
gave themselves unto each other until
death should them part, they were sup
posed to be united in that alone which
makes life worth the living in that
alone which connects birth and death
with its bridge of roses which, stretch
ing from time to eternity, haloes the
one and sanctifies the other love love,
twinborn upon infant lips and in the
consesrated soul of the glorified mother
love, aureoled by humanity and ac
coladed by divinity itself love, that
stands tiptoe upon the mountain top of
Heaven's highest hope love, that trust
and faith toll us will yet abide some
whore forever and forever when the
stars are quenched, aud this brave
world has gone dowa in darkness and
in gloom.
But times have changed. Cupid is
to be banished. Science and medicine,
and. the higher culture are to preside
over the marriage ceremony. Lovo'i
rainbow archery,, with goldon arrows
tipped with myrrh and frankincense, is
to bo discarded, and spectacled faddisni
will bo the dominant genius while tho
emblems of the marriage license will
be a stethoscope an a tape measure.
Marriage no longer 1b to bo a cere
mony of the heart, but-rathcr one con
ditioned upon tho regularity of tho
bowels. Heigh, hoi No wonder the
naked littlo boy shivers, and weoi, and
will not bo comforted.
An in this Spasm nge the czars of a
faddisni that demands eugenic mar
riages or none, and university-approved
and scientifically-nursed babies, are to
tho front declaring that wet damnation
lurks in every drop of wine; that an
atom of beer contains tho concentrated
essenco of U)Jw poinsonous devils;
that the wine-grape vines shull be torn
up,, or used only to nmko grape juice
for tho Hryans of this enrth.
From the olden and the golden days,
told in Judenn story and chanted in
Judenn song, the sunshine of life, uu I
how, and joy, and love, and radiant
happiness has come from out the grupj
that is pressed.
Its heart warming juico has been
blessed by tho Almighty thnt gave, and
by tho Savior who used.
Hut today wo are told that, because
some abuse, none shall use; that, be
cause mini hers liko it not, none shall
have; that the wine that tho Almighty
sanctified in tho Holy of Holies and
that Christ made and drank at tho wed
ding fitils at Ciuih shnll be banished
forever from California, ' tho Guidon
State, no more fnmnus by reason of her
gold than because of tho fruit of her!
And watching and waiting for tho re
sult of this demanded prohibition me
the vegeturiims the vegoterinns who
have proved to their own satisfaction
Hint nil incut in pui-mi, iiihl thnt it is
a crime fur governments to permit man
kind to bo fill thereon.
Tlioir pamphlets show that about uil
tho ills that flesh is heir to coin f ruin
eating meiit; their doctors stake their
reputations upon that as n fact,
And they will be ready, solely In tlu
interest of tho rescue of mankind from
horriblo deaths by wholesale poisoning
to demand legislation that will raise
all men to the glorious level of the
pro historic monkey or tho scripturul
NoliiicliBdiierzar. , ,
Ami If thai legislation should come
to ms these lines of thanksgiving in
tho "Grace Iteforo Meat" by "Bobbie"
Burns, no longer would bo appropriate
Homo hao meat, and canna cat
And soino would cat that wan il;
But wo hao meat, and can eat,
Sao let tho Ird be thunkit.
In the days that niny bo hero of om
nibus constructive hygiene statutes,
mankind no more would think of thank
ing And for meat to eat than of prnis
Ing Him for providing " Iiomjh on
Hats'1 s an appetizer.
Then, just behind tho vegetarians,
also watching and waiting, are the ant i
coffen and tho anti-tea cranks mes
and women armed with 1'ostum pamph
lets, and with statistics showing the
number of tea-drunkards in the insane
asylums of Ireland.
And behind them yet is an army of
other faddists, bearing lives of 17. 8.
Grant, narrating his agonizing end as a
result of excessive smoking; carrying
statistics and medical computations of
the deaths from tobacco heart.
And back of them again, awaiting
their chance, ore armies of other cranks
determined on taking away from man
kind everything else that mankind likes
and enjoys.
Old King Cole is to be deprived, not
only of his pipe, and his bowl, and his
fiddlers three, but of every other oleus-
ure that hag' helped to make his life
comfortable or even endurable.
If all these faddists and theorists
and crusaders are to have their way, a
term in the penitentiary will be no
greater infliction than ordinary life
upon this planet, and hell hereafter will
nave so terrors for those used to a
statutory hell upon earth.
onitbd raiss IJUSSC W1RI.1
Chicago, March 13. A comprehensive
conference on "The Probable Workings
of the New Currency Act," was the
magnet which drew educators and busi
ness men of national prominence to Chi
cago today to attend the open forum
meeting of the Western Economic so
ciety. Everything that has to do with
the new currency law from its probable
effect upon the prosperit of wage
earners to the control of the interna
tional flow of gold and the financial
policy of the federal reserve banks was
to be discussed.
The following men are to present
papers at the meeting: George l.
Hoberts, director of the mint at Wash
ington; Thomas Conway, Jr., of tho
University of Pennsylvania; Jacob H.
Hollander of the Johns Hopkins un'.
versity; Earl D. Hoard of Hart, Schaff
ner & Marx, Chicago; J. Lawrence
Laughlin of the University of Chicago;
W. A. Scott of the University of Wis
consin; II. Parker Willie,, "Journal of
Commerce," New York; O. W. M.
Sprague of Harvard university; F. M.
Taylor of the University of Michigan:
and George Woodruff of the First
Bank of Joliet, Illinois.
The Portland Telegram of yesterday
had the following:
Colonel E. Hofor litterateur, author,
statesman, lecturer, " Mado-in-Oregon "
booster, etc., is a sad and raging man.
llo wroto a burning novol a while
buck tind shoved the child of his teem
ing bruin right out in front on tho most
prominent sholves of tho book-Btores
and right among tho Bix best sellers
And ho gave away several copies with
his own littlo autographs with boiiio nice
words to his friends right on tho fly
leaf, in his fino nias.-ulino fist.
Anil the book took, and tho public
took tho book at a dollar and thirty
five for a time.
And, as tho whetted nppotito of tho
fiction-lovers became a trifle satiated,
the passionate, burning novel sagged
to a dollar and twonty five and was no
longer among tho six best sellers, but
gathered soot among tho "popular fic
tion " tomes,
Timo flew on and the Ilofor voguo
and furore died down a littlo moro and
a big book storo fixed up a bargain
book snlo and Ilofor 's little pot was
marked to "four bits" with many oth
ers that didn't have a pretty covor or
ns many pages or as warm reading.
Tint this morning Colonel Ilofer's
heart bubbled ovor with agony an-1
The New Royal
Model No. 10
The linn hi lie with a personality
your personality. Tho machine with
hii adjustable touch one you ran
"tune up" to fit your own personal
touch. Think what this menus,
AM who Imvo seen this NEW MOD
EL NOV AIj pronounce it the acme
of perfection in typewriter construc
tion a marvel of convenience a
delight to tho operator and a joy to
I he business man, for it gives the
minimum of service with the mini
mum of cost,
Ask to be shown the Hnysl No, 10
beforo buying a typewriter, W I.
Htiiley Is the Hiilein representative,
at the
Business College
Don't do your marketing blindly. There are stores that carry a much bet,
ter assortment of fresh vegetables, canned goods, fruits than others. -
Make Your Dollars
Ley aside all prejudice, compare the quality of the goods we carry with that
of other stores. Compare the service ire are uM tn rlv. .,. j
you will interest yourself in our store.
Of good things to eait delivered to you, clean and wholesome.
Elegant cauliflower from the Santiam..................
Head, lettuce, 10c; celery, 10c: home rhubarb .....
Mustard greens, green onions, fresh
Our sales have been immense. Everybody is Interested.
Here Is the Reason
You Can buy 3 cans Sliced Peaches
' - . , wvwv . ijumuuj ivi VWtii AUIDV
cans dolicious Apricots 50c. Largo White Asparagus, 6 tins for 11.35. Or oar
regular 85c. Del Monte Asparagus, 8 tins for $1.50. The dainty Mission As
paragus, 6 tins for 70c. Good canned salmon, 3 for 25c. Excellent red salmon,
2 for 25,c. Try any of these brands and you will secure 100 cents on the dollar.
Roth Grocery Co.
Phones 1885-1880. , 4-0 State
woe. He passed right by a department I
Bvm n.uuvn aiboi UO UMI VKLOI1 11.9
breakfast bowl of bread and milk anl
had lighted his 5-cent cigar, and there
he saw his precious brain-throb standing
on a little book rack among other sad
and dejoctod-looking literature and ths
white tag with the red figures on it
'Only 25 cents today.'
Cleveland, Ohio, March 13. The po
lice entered an apartment on Trumbol
Court and orrested Frank Sticka, CI
years old, hiding undor a bed to which
The Markets
Tho big fire in Portland Thursday
morning had no effect on the local grain
markot although 10,000 tons of wheat,
3,000 tons of barley and 2,000 tons of
onts wero destroyed. The domand from
California for wheat continues strong
uud prices are firm, though unchanged.
The cantern apple market shows
stronger since, the big storm, and bottor
prices are anticipated. Hops are moving
freely and aro pretty well cleaned up
in this state and in fnct on tho coimt.
Muny contracts are reported as being
mndo at around tho 15 cent mark, Eggs
lire steady at from 18 to II) cents an!
will probably not bo below that for
some time. Tho potato market drugs,
Id ii lio supplying the demnnd and keep
ing prices down. It is estimated thort
are 100 carloads yet for shipment in
Oregon. Tho first shipment of now
potutoos from California reached Port
land Thursday, and were sold at 0 cents
per pound.
Wheat Track prices: Club, 9001c;
niuestom, 1.00; Fortyfold, 01c; Kod
llussinn, ()0f; Valley, Die.
Mlllsluffs Ilrnu, $23 per ton, shorts
$25; middlings, $,'11.
Flour I'utents, $1.80 per barrel ;
straights, $4.20; exports, $3.80; vallov,
4.80 j graham, $4. St); wholo whent
Com Whole, .13.50; cracked, $35 per
liny Fniicy Idaho timothy, $10.50;
fancy eastern Oregnu timothy, $14.00;
nmotny ana clover, siikuid; umoiuy
inn Birnin, fi.icjin; ciover, i.o(an"
iat snd vetch, $1011; client, 10(11;
ralley (train hay, $12ft)13.50.
Oats No. 1, white, $2525,50 per
liarley-Feed, 22.50 per ton; brow
ing, nominal, rolled, $25.
Groceries, Dried Fruits, Etc.
Dried Fruits Apples, 10c per lb.
urrauts, 10c; apricots, 12S14c; peach-
s, 8(11 1 let prunes, Italian, 8Wl"e: sd-
"r, 18e; figs, white snd black, flUii)
'Mic; raisins, loose Muscatel, fi'i
i'4iC) bleached Thompson, HV&c; un
bleached Sultanas, 8Mi0t seeded, 7Vj
Fruits and Vsgotsbles.
Green Fruit Apples, 75$2.25 per
box; grapes, Malagas, $7.50(119 per keg;
Kmporors, $4 per keg; cranberries, $12
12.50 per barrel; pears, $11.50.
Potatnos New, SOtJtDOo per cwt.
sweets, $2.50 por crate.
Onions Oregon, 3.25(a$3.50 por
per sack.
Dairy and Country Produce,
Mutter Creamery prints, extra, 30o
per pound; cubes, 20(iJ27c.
Klfgs Oregon ranch, l)c per dozoa,
Cheese Oregon Triplets, 21cj Dai
sies, 17c Young America, 18c.
Vesl Fsncy, Ugli,t per pound.
Pork Fancy, lis per lb.
..15e to 20
Telephone Peas.
was tied the horribly mutilated body ut
Mrs. Anna Podogill, aged 40. Mrs.
Podogill kept house for Sticka's father.
OMTiD rases lusko wiks.J
New York, March 13. George West
inghouse, inventor of the airbrake, and
many other devices, died of heurt dis
ease yesterday in a New York hotel
He was aged 68, a Civil war veteras,
the organizer of companies capitalised
at a total of $120,000,000 and was him
self many times a millionaire.
. Mauy an orator makes his best point
when he comes to a stop.
Hams 10 to 12 pounds, 18li)e
141bi., 1920c; picnics, 14Vjc; cottage
roll. 17VjC.
Bncon Fancy, 2027cj standard,
1810cj English, 2122o.
Lard In tierces, choice, He; eoro
pound, 9c.
Hops, Wool, Hides, Eta
Hops 11)13 contracts, 10Vj17cj 101
contracts, lVjQlic.
Wool Eastnrn Orogon, 1016e pet
lb.; valley, 1618o.
Mohuir Choice, 2027o.
Hay, Timothy $15.00
Bran, per ton 25.0')
Shorts, per ton $27.00
Wheiit, per bushel ....90e
Oats, per bushel . 32e
Cbittlm Bark, per lb. ...45
Oats and vetch $13.50
Clover, per ton $10U
Client, per too $13.00
Potatoes, por cwt 75R0e
Onions $3,25 sack
Buttei and Bess.
. liuttfrfiit, per lb., f, o, b. Snlom .29?
Creamery butter, pur lb .27e
Hons, per lb .......14e
Iioostera( per lb 8e
Steers .. 78e
Cows, por cwt ....-....4fte
Hogs, fst, por lb ............8fii)9a
m,,,. jll,K,) ,,cr iu 77'A
I Kwos, per lb .. .4
Kirlll(j mll))l,( ror lb 4,r)0
Veal) ,ccording to quallty ni;le
j jeiU
Dry, per lb . 8
Balt8(j eoutry puI( ,a,-h 65cl
' Lamb pelts, each SsSt
I , , ,
GfOW HtUr Oil
A Bald Head
By a Specialist.
Thousands of people suffer from
baldness and fulling hair who, having
tried nearly every advertised hair tonie
and hair-grower without results have re
signed themselves to baldness and its
Httt'MUiuil. iimcoiul uri. Ill llieir rnn7
is not IioicIokh; the following simple
homo prescript inn tins made hair grow
after years of baldness and is also nn
wpialleil for restoring gray hsir to Its
original color, stopping hair from fall
ing out Btul destroying the ditndruff
germ. It will not make tho hair greasy,
ami can he put up by any druggist: l-y
rum, 0 ounces; l.avona de Coin posse, 8
ounces; Menthol rrystnls, ono-hslf
diachin. If you wish it perfumed, adit
1 drachm of your favorite perfume. This
prepmratiou is highly recommended by
physicians and specialists and is abso
lutely harmless, as it enntnins none of
the poisonous wood alcohol so frequent
ly found In hair tonics. .