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Friendship of O'Shaughnessy for Huerta Given as Cause of
Threats to Slay Him General Carranza Openly Defies In
terventionSays It Would Only Result in War Which
Would Create Profound Hatred Against United States
Declares England Is Trying to Use United States as Cats-
, paw.
Mexico City, March 4. Following the
receipt of threats that he would be as
sassinated and the American embassy
dynamited, United States Charge d'
quences of premature discussion might
be. At the same time Secretary of
State Bryan intended to ask the mem
bers of the house foreign affairs com'
miltoe to softpedal Congressman Ain
Telegram of Wife of Slain Man
Will Not Influence Him in
Fanris Case.
Affaires O'Shaughnessy was under a i ey's resolution asking the president for
strong bodyguard of Mexiepn soldiers full particulars concerning Mexican con
today and the number of sentries about trovorsy.
liis official headquarters had been In the meantime Secretary Bryan had
quadrupled. received no answer to his two notes to
Of threatening letters O'Shaughnessy General Carranza aud was pressing the
lias received about 20. They purported latter for the exhumation of the Eng-
to conio from Carauzastas and deuounc- lisluuan, Benton's corpse, and for defin
ed the charge d' affaires for his per
sonal friendship for President Huerta,
who, it was reported, was the individual
who insisted on the body guard, consid
erably against O'Shaughnessy 'a wishes.
lto information concerning the two
Americans, Vorgara,. hanged near Nue
vo Laredo, and Bauuh, missing ia North
ern Mexico.
Carranza Denounces Flan.
New York, March 4. Out and out
defianco of intervention in Mexico wns
breathed in an interview credited to
Oeneral Carranza under a Nogales date,
published today In the New York
"I can say positively that interven
tion will not accomplish what Ameri
ca thinks," the general was quoted as
aying, "but will provoke a war, which,
lesides its own consequences, would in
crease the profound hatied between tli3
two countries and between the United
iMtes and the whole of Latin America,
& hatred which would endanger Ameri
ca's political future.
. "I shall not discuss intervention
further. 1 don't believe it is probable.'
Not America's Business.
"I do not believo America will in
tervene on account of the Benton case.
' Iu any event, it is not America's busi
ness to Intervene, because Benton was
a British subject, not an American. I
will accept representations only from
the British government so far as Ben
ton is concerned. .
"England now has accredited rep
resentatives with the Huerta govern
ment. He accepted Huerta ' invitations,
takes his hat off to him and Bhakes
liis hand. Benton's killing was due to
a malicious attack on Oeneral Villa
I y an enemy of the revolution, and
England, the world's bully, found her
self in the position of being unable
to deal with us unless she humiliated
herself by sending a representative to
the constitutionalists. ,
Uses America As Catspaw.
"So she attempted to use America
as a catspaw. The mora shame to
America that she allowed herself to
join these infamous powers.
"Villa mid I are in perfect accord.
He obeys my orders without question."
Trying to Curb Congress.
Washington, March 4. Convinced
that General Carranza Is about to re
consider his refusal to hear represen
tations concerning the Benton ease ex
cept fom England, the Washington ad
ministration was doing its best today
to. prevent congress from engaging In a
general raking over of the Mexican sit
-tuition, with the possible result of up
ttiug pending negotiations.
President Wilson warned several sen
ators who were anxious to open the
Whole subject on the floor of the up
per chamber how serious the conse-
Sayg It Would Be More Appropriate
for Those Opposed to Capital Pun
ishment to Go to Courts.
Sacramento, Cal., March 4. Ralph
Fariss, boy bandit and murderer, prob
ably will be hanged in San Quentin
prison Friday for the murder of Trav
eling Passenger Agent Horace E. Mon
tague of the Southern Pacific railroad.
Governor Johnson said today:
"The tologram of Mrs. Montague will
not in any way affect my determina
tion of the Fariss case. In cases of
this sort I have only one province to
determine whether any facts exist
which would warrant me in extending
executive clemency.
"I. have no tight arbitrarily to set
aside the statutes of the state. My
sworn duty is to uphold the law.
"It would be much more appropriate
for those opposed to capital punish
ment to go to the courts and demand
of the judges that they refuse to . impose
sentences of death than for thorn, to
demand ' that I, without reason, set
aside the verdict of a jury and the
solemn judgment of a court."
Sheridan Out on Bond of $6000
Which Is Furnished by
Two Friends.
Indicted by State Grand Jury Several
Weeks Ago on Forgery and Larceny
Great Upbuilder of Vassar
During His 28 Years Service
Carranza Will Not Hurry,
Xoagles, Sonora, Mexico, March 4.
That General Carranza will remain
silent upon the Benton case until he
receives the report of a commission he
has sent to Juurez to make an investi
gation, was generally believed here to
day. The commission was expected to
nrrivo in El Paso today. Tho commis
sion was expected to arrive in El Paso
todav. It cousists of Dr. Miguel Silva,
Ramon Fraustro, Carranza 's chief lo
gal adviser, and former Governor Mig
uel Lara of the state of Hidalgo.
Members of tho Carranaa cabinet
insisted today that Washington has
made no representations to tho chief
regarding tho department who confer
red hero yesterday with him, confirmed
this, adding that his mission hud noth
ing to do with Beutou.
Carranza received no callers during
the morning. It was stated that he
would consult with certain members of
his cabinet at noon, but that the con
ference concerned merely his plans for
his departure for Chihuahua,
The Carranza party was expected to
leavo for Naco late today. It the start
is nfule Carranza probably will be at
Agua Pricta, opposite Douglas, tomor
row, No date has been set for the
start to Chihuahua.
' Editors Are Jailed.
Mexico City, March 4. At Huerta 's
order the six editors of the newspaper
Kl Moniteur were locked up in tho fort-
rnsB of Han Juan de Ulua, charged with
disseminating false news tending to in-
flamo Mexicans against the United
States. Their newspaper was suppressed.
Admits Sending Mossage.
Los Angeles, Cal., March 4. Mrs.
Edna Gerson Montague admitted today
that she has joined tho petitioners who
aro seeking to save from tho gallows
Ralph Fariss, the youthful Southern
Pacific bandit who shot nud killed her
husband, Hornco E. Montague, travel
ing passenger agent for the railroad
company, and left her two babies fath
erless. Fariss killed Montague on a
train which he held up near El Monte,
three months ago, and was sentenced
to death.
''I have no wish for revenge," said
Mrs. Montague, "and my husband can
not be brought back if thoy take this
boy's life. I have telegraphed Govern
or Johnson asking him not to kill Far
iss, and I shall pray that he will bo in
formed by my wish."
Telegram to Governor.
Mrs. Montague's telegram to tho gov
ernor, in part, follows:
"As the widow of Horace E. Mon
tague, who was killed by Ralph Fariss,
I beg of you leniency. I believe iu tho
law of love, and that Jesus was right
when he said 'forgive them that perse
cute you and despitofully use you.' I
depreciate the Mosaic law. In the name
of my two little daughters aud my
self and my dearly beloved husband,
and in tho name of humanity and God,
I beg of you leniency for Ralph Fariss,"
Portland, Ore., March 4. Thomas E.
Sheridan, former president of the First
National Bank of Roseburg, gave him
self up to United States Marshal John
Montag today, after a consultation with
his attorney, former Senator C. W. Ful
ton.' Shsridan is charged in a federal
indictment under eight counts with hav
ing abstracted funds from a national
Although District Attorney Reams
says the alleged defalcations actually
reached $75,000, the indictments cover
only $18,020. All, it is charged, were
perpetrated between March 8 and May
29, 1911. In June the business of tho
bank was absorbed by the Douglas
County National of Roseburg, but a
trustee was appointed to liquidate the
affairs of the First National.
Friends Sign ' Bond. '
Sheridan gave a bond of $00000,
which was furnished by Frank Waite,
of Sutherlin, Ore., and Fred H. Kribs,
a prominent lumberman of Portland.
After arraignment Shoridan wag given
ten days in which to proparo his plea.
Sheridan was indicted by a state grand
jury nt Roseburg some weeks ago on
f l
f 1 . , 4 ,a '"" ' .v.., J
V - ' ' J
A': '
r; . ' , . ;. ' "i
Dr. James Monroe Taylor,
Report Believed to Be Authen
tic Says Head of Federals
Will Buy.
clinrtres of foriferv and obtadninff mon-1 i
ey under false pretenses, but these
charges have been held In abeyance
pending tho federal inquiry.
Sheridan is snid to have been heav
ily interested in outside operations, and
to have obtained tho money by means
of memorandum checks.
Garden City, L. I., March 4. J. C.
Stuart, vice president of tho Erie rail
road, died today at his homo hero. He
had been ill for months.
Now York, March 4. Dr. James Mon
roe Taylor, who recently icsigned as
president of Vassar college, after hold
ing that position since 1890, closed a
careor of much usofulne? to thnt wo
man's unlvorstiy. During his incum
bency he has seen tho Bphero of womon
in tho world's work change consider
ably, llo inculcated nud encouraged
Will Not Drop Federals, Part
of Plan Being Recognition "
of Outlaws.
united Mess leased wiri.
Now York, March 4. Charles H.
Weeijhman, one of tho principal back
ers of the Federal league, will awn the
Chicago National club before the end of
the week, according to a report which
originatod today from a source close to
Charles P. Taft, the present owner of
a controlling Interest in the club. This
is tho method, it was said, chosen by
the National league directors to avoid a
financial battle with the outlaw organ
ration. Governor John K. Toner, of Peusnyl
vanla, president of tho National league,
lud Taft will arrive hero Friday, and
it is reported that a meeting with
Wecgkman has been arranged. It was
stated that Weoghman does not intend
advnncod idoals for tho girls of Vassar.
When his resignation was handed in It
was reportod that ho would shortly en
ter the diplomatic service. Dr. Taylor ' dm,,,lilisr tiloFodoral ckb ln cm
wns norn m j.rooK.yu m i,y., anu (g0j a of thu plain Mng to af.
oruuineu in mo itnpunb ministry m
1871. He spent a yeiw in Europe after
his ordination nod then held pastorates
in South Norwalk, Conn., and Provi
dene, R. I., before ho went to VasHUr,
Dr. Cook Plans to
Push Libel Suit
Mrs. Wakefield
Almost Overcome
When Plew Dies
range some sort of recognition of the
outlaw organization, according to re
ports. It was not known whotber the
plan Involvos tho assumption by the
National league of Federal lengue con
tracts, with a view to disbanding the
new organization, or admitting it to or
gnnizod baseball as a third major
Hartford, Conn., March 4. Mrs. Bos
sio Wakefield, awaiting tho statu su
preme court 's action on her appeal from
the death sentence pronounced against
her for her husband's murder, was al-
suited rESi uahed wins.
South Bend, Wash., Feb. 4. Tossing
her bnby to the waiting arms of her
husband, Mrs. Allen Hall leaped from
the serond story of her home in the
fashionable Nob Hill section esrly to
day and escaped from the flames which
had ronjed up through the stairways.
The house, which when built, was the
finest in the city, was a total loss, not
a stick of furniture being saved. The
house was built in iS'M) by Captain A.
T. Stream, a pioneer millionaire.
Washington, March 4. The "baby"
department the department of labor
celebrated its first anniversary today.
One year ago William B. Wilson be
came its first head. For a good many
months Wilson worked away without
any salary, no office and no elorks
nothing but his title sinco Congress,
while creating the new department,
had overlooked the little matter of ap
propriating monoy for its operation.
However, Wilson got back pay later.
The anniversary will be celebrated at
a banquet of all labor department em
ployes tonight, Terence V. Powderly,
chief of tho bureau of information
will be toast master and Secriry
Wilson will make the principal ad
Chicago, March 4. That Dr, Fred
erick A. Cook really proposes to attempt most, prostrated today in her cell at tho
proof, n connection with me i.iu,imiij ... ,
, . . I ethersfield penitentiary following the
libel suit ho has begun against Cohan Ic I
Harris, that he reached the summit of . "Illt "f horror 81,8 I'"""1 m
Mt. McKinley and got to tho northl.olo, ' from 11,0 ",,of ro1,1 " wlll,'h h"r ft,filli,.v
was stated today by his legal advisers ""no, Jm W. Wow, was
ai iiiiiiiiirn HIHI II I III .
miring tno early Hours of tlio' night
Mrs. Wakefield sobbed convulsively
San Francisco, March 4. E. W. Hale
a wealthy merchant of Sacramento, died
here today of inturtinal trouble. Halo
was one of five brothers and a half
brother who made fortunee in the dry
goods business. The family came to
California from Michigan In 1873.
In fact, it was added, at was as much
for the take of an official Investiga
tion of his claims as because ho consid
ered he had been libeled that he began
In the nlav "Seven Keys to Bald,joillt ""I1"" '"r H" Interview was
r, . .. r..i....: ,.i m f"ed by the prison authorities. Plow
h,.,e. Cvrill Kelt, rei.resented as I W""t '"" ,1""th "mpoM.lly.
i(..,l,;,l,i. . in. .v- "Aftn, ', bnl' "l" Kts a new trial," were hii
'"'I . - . ...... ,
limbing this mountain I can readily
but toward morning she fell into a
troubled sleep. Sho had been anxious
to see Plew beforo he died, but their
believe all that Jack London
wrote, o-iid all that Dr. Cook
about it."
last words.
l'lcw und Bessie Wakefield, "the wo
man who never had a chance," wnr
convicted of murdering her husband,
William Wakefield, last Julio. Plew
uiiil Mrs. Waknfield were both sen
tenced on November !5, to die on tho
gallows, following Plow's admission
that he planned the murder and aided
the wninun, who is but 24 years old, in
carrying it out. Judge L, F. Burpee
passed sentence.
Imiiiedlatelv tlm woman wns sen
tenced a state-wide fight was begun to
save her from the gallows, Tho fight
soon became nation wide, but Governor
Baldwin declared he could not commute
tho sentence to life imprisonment. It
wus urgued that Coiiucticut has not tak
en tho lil' of a woman for more than
1(10 yews; thnt Plew exerted nil al
most superhuman Influence over tho
woman, who had been maltreated by her
husband, both before and after their
marriage. Mm has two small children,
a boy six years old and a girl of four.
Shortly after tlm court ordered both
Plew and Mis. Wakefield to be
hanged on March 4, the woman's law
I vers secured a reprieve.
Colorado Mpriugs, Colo, March 4.
Colorado Springs may follow the ex
ample of Iiayton, Ohio, and adopt the
city manager form of government, it
wns believed hero today, as the result
of a recent visit of Clinton Rogers
Woodruff, of Philadelphia, secretary of
tho National Municipal league. Since
Dayton adopted the plan, 15 American
cities have followed suit. Woodruff
urged the plan here.
The Weather
I U'snrn i'iiess i.r.tscii wish.
I Washington, March 4. John Hiuwett
Moore resigned today an i-uuum-Hor fur
I the slate dei rtinent. It was stated
that he did so to undertake ('urnegie
peace foundation work. That the Mix
iinn m! un! ion had anything to do with
his renigiiutiiiii was denied. When
named for the pVt bint summer Moore
tion, and probably would not promise to serve more than
wiiii, am) variable a year.
winds mostly east-
The Dickey Bird
cays: Oregon, lo
night and Thurs
day fair east Bud
cloudy west por-
Battle Creek, Mich., March 4. Mrs
Sarah Drukke, aged 02 years, a wealthy
club woman and writer of Cincinnati
committed suicide today at a sanitarium
here (ii.la.v by leaping from a third
story window it cement drive way
She was inntiiiitlv killed.
Ottawa, Cull., March 4. Absolute
exclusion of nil Asiatics from Canada
was strongly urged iu parliament yes
tj'nlny by western members of the law
making body. The question's lntort
ancn was conceded on all hands but
little information wan obtainable con
corning tho administration 's attitude.
A petition for nomination ou the Re
publican ticket for governor, that has
ninny of tho ear-marks of a fako, was
filed In the secretary of state's office
this morning. It was that of John
lioi-kefellow, of 12:1, Uoldboud build
ing, Portlaud. Tho name is suggestive,
and, so far ns cau be leurued, no oue
hero has ever heard of the mnu. Besides,
thcro Is no such building in Portland
that wo know of, and the Impression Is
that the filing was mude for the purpose
of showing that tho name of nay ficti
tious persons could be placed ou the
ballot, under our present law.
Anyway, the petition Is In proper
form nud has been filed. John says he
will accept the nomination If given him,
I ml he promises to give equitable and
impartial enforcement to nil laws, and,
besides many other things, says he will
"zealously guard tho Interests in ev
ery matter which may involve tho
rivhts of property and to give my best
efforts to assure Courteous treatment
to any citizen who may call on the of
fice for advice or assistance. "