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ddip Tttm nrirrn ON TRAINS AND NtWt
I (llb 1 TIU 1 0. STANDS. riVH CHNXM.
Plans to Get Visitors to Panama
Exposition to Stop in Ore
gon Made.
Chapman and Richardson Give
Addresses and Five-Minute
Talks Follow.
Marie Lloyd Not
Blushing Bride
Legal Technicalities Delay Dillon at
Border and English Actress is
Burning Up Wires.
united tress leased wire.
Portland, , Or., . Feb. 19. Wedding
"bells did not ring for Marie Lloyd, the
English comedienne and Bernard Dil
lon, her manager, today. Legal tech
nicalities loomed on the martial hor
izon and as a result of the law's delay,
the actress nervously bided the time
whon the United States immigration
authorities would permit Dillon to
cross the line from Vancouver, B. C.
In a huiyied attempt to clear away
the obstacles confronting her, Miss
Lloyd has kept the wires "burning"
betwoen Portland and Vancouver.
British Consul Douglas. 'Erskine of
this city is acting as the friend and ad'
viser of the English actress. Miss
Lloyd herself forwarded the bond re
quired from the immigration officials
for the entry of Dillon, but for some
unexplained reason the papers have
not been approved thus far.
Eugene, Or., Feb. 19. The Salem ex
o.-ursionists, over one hundred in num-
uner, reached Eugene at 11:20 a. m,
They wore met at the station by a
rfaud and the Eugene Radiators in uni
form, and escorted to. headquarters
Shortly after the Portland special ar- j
rived, as woll as a train load from
Itoseburg aud points south. Five hun
lred delegates, decorated with the
badges of their organizations, are in
The meeting is now in progress at the
Eugene theater, with M. J. Duryea pre
siding. Much enthusiasm is manifest.
It is generally conceded that the next
convention will be held In Salem.
Must Leave Before March.
Washington, Feb. 19. Even though
Jockey Bernard Dillon and Maiie
Lloyd marry, the actress will be ex-
pected to leave this country before
March 1, Socretary of Labor Wilson
said late yesterday. It was under
stood she would do so whe.i she was
originally admitted, he explained, and
the immigration department has not
modified its decision since then, The
secretary did not put it, however, that
the wedding must be today. The cere
iony must be performed this week, he
aid, or both must leave on five days'
Mrs. Mattie Compton, of Oak
land, Receives Missive
Telling of Danger.
Says He Has Revolver Concealed on
Person and Flans to Use It if There
is Any Chance.
Following Filing of Suit to Dis
solve Merger, Situation is
Hundreds of Miles of New Trunk Sys
tem Have Already Been Con
structed Very Substantially.
Addresses Are Made.
Eugene, Or., Feb. 19. The big de
velopment convention, tho third of its
iiiud held in Western Oregon since tho
uiovoment was started to induce the
Panama Pacific exposition visitors iu
1913 to stop in Oregon ou their way to
and from the fair, was called to order
iu tho Eugene theatre at 1:30 this after
noou by Judge William M. Colvig.
About 800 prominent business and pro
fessional men were prosent.
Morris J. Durrica, manager of the
(Tcoiuotion department of the Eugene
Commercial club was chosen to preside.
Lulio L, Goodrich, president of the club
gave au address of welcome and form
er Mayor G. F. Itodgers, of Salem, re
sponded in behalf of the visitors. C.
C Chapman and Tom Richardson of
Portland will speak on tho subjects of
i'ue meeting and five minute talks will
ha heard from representatives of every
ity which sent delegates to the meet
ing. Excursion Trains Arrive.
Tlireo special excursions arrived this
morning within an hour and a half,
aud many visitors came in on the regu-
3ar trains. One of the excursions on
the electric truin came from Portland
and tho other from Salem. Albany
sent a coach load on the regular local
trniu of tho Oregon Klectiie. Rosoburg
sent a big crowd on the Southern Pa
cific, and people from Sutheilin, Cot
Auge Grove and other Southern Oregon
(owns joined them. Ashland, Modford
and Giants Pass sent a good sized del
egation ou tho regular train. I
Tho Eugono excursion left Salem
promptly at 9 o'clock this morning and
a good-sized crowd of Salem boosters,
all decorated with ribbon badges, were
on hand to fill tho four big coachoa.
The Salem delegation had the train
and special crew all to itself and a ban
ner bearing the Capital City's slogan
was spread across the pilot of the head
The exact number c-n the special could
not bo ascertained at me sianuu im
the reason that several passengers fail
ed to arrivo in time to purchase tickets
and were compelled to pay their farce
on the train Inter. There was not a
sufficient number on hand, however, to
eiyible the railroad company to allow
the special rate of 2.10 for the round
trip and the excursionists were conse
quently assessed $2.80.
Portland, Or., Feb. 19. Leaping to
the back of one of a team of runaway
horses and throwing the animal was the
spectacular way Special Patrolman Mc
Donald probably savtfd the lives of Mrs
Thomas Smith and infant, who were
in the buggy whon they started to run.
Sacramonto, Cal., Feb. 18. Detec
tivos employed by tho Sacramento Star
wore scouring the suburbs today for
trace of a child auswering in a general
way Catherino Winters' description. A
little girl called at residences in Oak
Park recently during school hours, sell
ing packages of needles. She was poor
ly clad and tho fact that she obtained
change from some one who was in the
neighborhood seemed to indicate that
aho was accompanied by some grown
Tho school laws here are rigidly en
forced regarding attendance. Gypsy
camps in tho outskirts aro now being
Oakland, Cal., Feb. 19. Mrs. Mattie
Compton of Oakland today sent a tele
gram to the state department at Wash
ington requesting that immediate action
be taken in the case of her husband,
i Lurry Compton, a carpenter, who, ac
cording to a letter received from him
yesterday, evidently written in a Mex
ican prison, was about to be shot.
The lotter, which was written in pen
cil and apparently smuggled across the
line, was as follows: ,
Letter From Prisoner.
"Dear Mat: Just a word. I am in
a Mexican prison here in Chihuahua.
Have a chance to send a note, Don't
know if it will get there or a note to
Bob Hollarn. Am watched all the time.
Am to be shot on February 15, Sunday,
but I have my 38 in my shoe and I
will take somoone with me if I go.
They searched me, but did not look iu
my shoes. There are six of us to be
shot five Mexicans and myself.
"We expect to bo taken to Juarez
in the morning, but I am watching
every chance, although 1 have a brace
let on'aach wrist. All I want is a
chauce iu Juarez and then I will make
El Paso.
On Way to Juarez,
Am starting for Juarez in half au
hour. Ask Holism to sond me money
in caso I got away at Juarez. If you
get this telegraph to Hollarn to writo
El Paso, Texas, to Bnd money.
'If you don't hear from me in two
weeks all is over. Good bye, Mat.
"P. S. Write El Taso, Texas. Do
not send letter to Mexico, as I won't
get it. Don't tell mother till you are
sure I am dead."
Tho letter was mailed in El Paso,
February lfl.
Compton left Oakland about 8
mouths ago and worked in Sau Diego
for several months. Ilis wife did not
know ho intended going to Mexico.
Man Famous for Works on
Origin of Man is Now 80
Portland, Or., Feb. 19.-r-Proepects of
a 'now Southern Pacific main lino be
tween Portland and San Francisco or
the coast route loom up larger today
with the actunl filing of the govern
ment's suit to dissolve the Central Pa
cific and the Southern Pacific, accord
iug to railroad men and property own
ers along the coast in southern Orogon.
The Southern Pacific Is now build
ing a line westeward from Eugene to
Coos Bay. This is known as the Wil
lamette Pacific. A. lino, ostensibly
built as a logging road, but made up of
unusually heavy bridges and substantial
rails now extends southward from
Northward along the coast from Sau
Francisco a line of railroad has been
built under the joint ownership of the
Southern Pacific and the Saute Fo. This
will reach Eureka, California, this sum
mer. Another line, known also as the
Willamette Pacific, is to be built north
ward to Trinidad, California. From
Trinidad to the Southern terminus of
the so-called "logging road" is an in
terval of a little more than 200 miles.
Thus 500 miles of the 700 miles is
cared for.
Surveying parties havo been work
ing along this interval all wintor, Bay
residents of the tidewater towns in that
He May Be Insane.
Mexico City, Fob. 19. The young
man who gave his naino as David Guz
man arrested at the national palace
last night for Insisting too strouuously
on interviewing Huerta aud found, on
being searched, to have in his posses
sion a dagger and lotters purporting
to come from rebel leaders, was thought
today by those who examined hitu to
be insnuo.
"General Villa killed a man named
Guzmau ten duys ago," ho said, "and
tho federals captured a rebel town
named Guzman. I wanted to the the
ne.t Guzman victim."
Glcndoru, Cal., Feb. lfl. Frank
lianeo, manager of tho Now York
American leaguo baseball club, is a
candidate for a Hero League draft to-
ay because he saved three persons from
possible death in a flood hero. Chance s
rotlier-in law, Carl Pancako, Charles
iordon mill Samuel liaisor, ranchers,
were returning from Los Angeles lato
esteiday when a retaining wall on the
:liance ranch gave way, letting a
flood of storm water down upon their
automobile. The men were swept
through an orchard to a ravine, whero
hey clung to trees limthlo to reach the
top because of crumbling eartli. Chance
earing their cries tor help, secured
ropes nnd pulled them to safety.
united press leased wins. J
Washington, Feb. 19. A resolution
asking information as to whether im
munity had been promised officers of
the New York, New Haven It Hartford
railroad or its fiscal agents under an
agreement now being negotiated by the
department of justice with the railroad
was Introduced in the senate today by
' Senator Norris.
united press leased wnm 1
Newton, 111., Feb. 19. Frustrated in
efforts to lynch the pustor of the church
a mob today burned tho Springs Holi
ness church hero to tho ground aud
openly announced their determination
to rid tho community of all tho sects
members. Feeling hero against the
Holy liollurs" is high, following the
whipping of two little boys who were
beaten with sticks and leather straps
until thoir backs bled.
Members of the congregation said
thev whipped the bovs to drive "sin
and the devil" from their souls. Yes-
terdny the pastor of the church and
three of its members narrowly escaped
lynching after they had been convicted
of cruelty charges and fined $100 each.
Five other members were found guilty
today of being accessories to the at
tack on the boys, and were heavily
Will Closely Guard Castillo.
Paso. Texas. Feb. 19. Maximo
Castillo, tho Mexican bandit chief ac
cused of causing a railroad accident
by destroying the Mexican Northwest
ern ' uinbro tunnel, which cost
tween 3U and W lives, was exper-i
hero this afternoon from Hachita.
Extraordinary precautions were tak
en to guard him, as not only was the
possibility of escape taken Into no
count, but thoro were also tho chance
that some of his followers might try
to rescue him or the rebels attempt to
take and kill him.
Castillo, it was uderstood, denied that
it was by his order tho Cumbro tunnel
was. destroyed.
(Continued on page 5.)
The Weather
Underwood cau 't be president, but he
well deserved to be Alabama's choice
for senator.
The Dickey Bird
says: Oregon, rain
tonight and Fri
day: southeaster
ly winds, brisk to
high along the
hat ? '
vrfI If
IS vv r ' !
ft ' f s it
Caminetti Tells Immigration
Committee to Confine Ef
forts to That End.
ErneBt Hotnrich Haeckel and Restoration of Prehistoric Ancestor of Man.
Berlin, Feb. 19. Ernst lloinric.h
Haeckel, the ngod Gorman naturalist
and zooolgist, whose works on his
scientific viows of the origin of life
have made him famous, has reuchod the
age of 80. Ho was born February lfl,
1834, at Potsdam. From 1802 to 1009
he was professor of zoology at Jena.
Haeckel is an ardent supporter of tho
Darwinian thoory of evolution. He be
lieves that tho humau race sprang from
monkeys of ft high typo. One of his
most popular wok for English read
ers is "Tho Riddle of the Uulvorso,"
written in 1900. In it be sots forth his
scientific explanation of life aud death
and tho cosmos in plain and vivid lan
i) u iii ii in t iu ii wore sent to tho senate today:
James K, McGovern, to be United
States marshal for tho caateru district
Suggests Provision of Chines
Exclusion Law Be Extend
ed to Hindus.
Washington, Feb. 19. Acting in be
htitlf of the department of labor, Commissioner-General
of Immigration Cam
inetti today asked the members of the -house
Immigration committee to con
fine Asiatic exclusion legislation to
Hindus. He carefully avoided using the
word "Japanese."
"The ' department of laibor,'' said
Caminottl, "so far has considered the
Asiatie exclusion question solely as it
relates to Hindus and from an economio
but not a radical viewpoint. Their ex
clusion is supposed to be an emergency;
matter, My department suggests that
this legislation be confined to Hindus
only." '
Caminetti suggested that! the pr-'
visions of the Chinese exclusion law,
which include merchants as well as la
borers, be extended to Hindus. He did
not state whether eithor President Wil
son or Secretary of State Bryan had re
quested the department of labor's re-ommondatlon.
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 19. Pouring , 0f Washington.
W. W. liny, to bo United States diB
tirct attorney for Utah.
Charles Walton, to be Uuitod States
marshal for the southern district of
rains that resombled a cloudburst do
luged Loh Angeles yesterday ufternoou.
Scores of stores nnd hundreds of bnH6-
niouts were flooded and a dozen street
car lines tied up.
Two and six hundredths inches of
rain fell in the two hours ending at
2 o'clock. Since midnight 3.20 inches
liavo fallen. Downtown business streets' united mess leased wiri.J
proctically were impassable. On many H Bernardino, Cal., Feb. 10,-Italn
of them traffic was abandoned for an fllil'" t0l,liy to ''""'I"1" ttr,lor ut
hour. Hundreds of automobiles, their ' officials and exhibitors of the
. .1 Viilintint Hrnmrrt ..linw wliicti wna In.
engines "hilled," stood in tuo streets. --
formally opened at noon yestcruay
Formal exurelses here held last night.
Nearly 2,000,000 orangos and lemons
wore used in the exhibits, which are
said to bo tho finest In tho history of
Washington, Feb. 19. Tho following 'the show,
Queer Ones in News
Stockton, Oul., Feb. 19. Mrs. Agnes
tuenier seeks a divorce from her hus
band because ho sent her the follow
ing lines: "To the mini slio loves she
intends to be true; but give her a kiss,
a cocktail or two, a ml (iod only know
v. Iv t she won 't do."
San Francisco, Fob. 19. Rudolph
Luzznrinni was nrrestcd fur conducting
a "blind big," uis stuiir noia wine;
it sour lika do pickle," he pleaded.
The prosecutor sampled the evidence.,
"lleuvens, its vinrgur," ho wiid. "Let
the man go."
Man and Woman
Held for Threat to
Slay Prosecutor
Los Angolos, Cal., Feb. 19. Chlof of
Police Sebastian has received a letter
today from Mrs. Mary Keilly threuteu
in to bung charges nguinst hi in be
ennse he refused to send officers to
help her fight flood waters that threat
imiimI her chicken sheds.
San Pedro, Cal., Fb, 19. C. O. Al
drich, proprietor of a motion picture
theatre, claims to have trained hit
wotcta terrier, "Pedro" to collect wads
of chewing gum stuck beneath the sentf
by his patrons.
the aiiuiiiiitiinie Inter and to kuve
nipiried him October 4.
Hush asserted that Blackwood was a
iiiiauiiiiic. who siil'tVnug from the de
lusion that tint district attorney want
ed to "get" him.
Blackwood Hypnotized Girl.
Oakland, Cal., Feb. 19. M. T. Mill
ney, prominent real estate dealer, and
undo of Mrs. Don Dlucliwood, who, with
her husband, is charged by tho district
attorney of Denver of trying to force
him to sign certain papers, Is out of
town toilny, and it was impossible to
reach him to verily the slateuieiits con
corning his niiM'e's marriage to Black
wood. Mrs. Minnie, however, stiuted
that tlin fii' t of tho girl's marring" Is
true, hut since her marriage she had
. ....
The police snld they understood the heard nolhing rrom me couple,
woman was a niive of M. T. Minney of) Mrs. M In ney intimated that the mar
Oakland ami a turtner employee of the riuue was nut to the liking of the fumi
M. T. M inner company. She wus origin- y, ami that whn Mrs. Blackwood, then
ally, the officers were told, from Neb- Miss Bernlce Dennis, left Mr, Mlnney's
ranka, but went to California a year employ she was merely supposed to be
ago, where her uncle gave her s posi- taking a vacation,
tion. Mrs. Minney Intimated that Ulack-
Sho was said to have mot Blackwood wood seemed to have exerted some sort
in a train last year, to bsve renewed of hypnotic influence upon the girl.
Denver, Colo., Feb. 19. Charged
with threatening to kill District At
turney John Itush unless ho signed cer
ium papers they had presented to him,
Ion Blackwood ami his wife, snid to be
from (Inkhiiul, l.'ul., were under arrest
hero today.
According to Itush, the couple inter
epted him as he win entering his own
rout luIo last night, instead of com
plying with their demund for his sig
nature, tho district attorney said he p"r-
snaded them to accompany him into
his house, where ho succtx-ded in mm
mooing the police ami had tlieiu urrest-
When they were s-nrched a revolver
nas found in the man's pocket and
another In the woman') muff.
Indianapolis, lud., Feb. 19. With 3
more deaths tnduv the number of fa
cilities in last night's street car wreck
here reached 4 and the doctors said 2
of tho 'M injured might yet succumb.
Tho dead wore:
James llornn, a boy of 13.
Jacob Hardy. v
Fletcher lioark. i
Harry Oliver.
Tho accident resulted from the in
ability of tho motormuu of a heavy
trolley freight car to stop ou a slippery
track. The freight crashed into the
rear of a passenger car ahead and com
pletely telescoped it.
llornn, linrdy, Houik and Oliver were
standing on the passenger car's rear
platform. Ilorun and Hardy were killed
outright, llonik ami Oliver lingered un
til today.
New York, Feb, 19. The authorities
were still awaiting word from Pasadena
today confirming the identification of
Mrs. Josephine M, Whitcomb, as she
gave her name, who died iu tho Now
York hospital Tuesday of bicholorido
of mercury poisoning. She was brought
to the himpital from tho PennsylvAnia
railroad station lud was so low that
little could bo learned concerning her.
Travelling acquaintances were author
ity for the slatemeiit thut she was a
I'usailena woman, however. Whether
she swllowed poison by accident or
with ii iilul Intent wns not kuowu.
Oklahoma City, Okln., Feb. 13.
United States Senator Gore ww liter,
ally swamped today by the flood of tel
egrams which poured in on him congrat
ulating him on his victory iu tho "0,
000 damage suit brought aguiust him
by Mrs. Julian Bund, who accused him
of attacking here while they were con
ferring together In a Washington hotel
last fall, Mrs. Bond was reported on
the verge of uervous collapoe.