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if v.
The best part of breakfast is a
juicy, thin-skinned, seedless "Sunkist"
orange. "Sunkist" oranges are the
finest, juiciest, most delicious oranges
grown in tne worm.
Buy them by the box or half-box they are most economical
and keep for weeks.
Carefully picked and packed by gloved hands.
The cleanest of fruits. Tree-ripened.
Use "Sunkist" lemons on
Thin-skinned. The juiciest, finest lemons grown. fafr
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"Sunkist" Trademarks
Cut t ie trademarks irora budkisi
nnd lemon wrappers, nnd send them to us. elegant
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urd silver plate. Exclusive
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club plan.
Address all
silverware and all
California Fruit Growers
139 N.Clark Street (138)
The rapid growth end development of
Iho Klte is reflected by a report made
yestnrduy by Superintendent Churchill.
January was the busiest mouth in the
history of the department and Febru
ary may sot a now record, Mr. Churchill
"Now districts are springing up and
now school hoiiHos boing built In many
places where a fow years ago there were
no settlements at all, " says the report.
"Each mouth there is a gradual in
ereuto in tho routino work of this de
partment. u January wo received 30(15
letters, making an aventgo of 115 let
ters a day. Those letters came from nil
sections of the stuto ami often we hail
lottors from persons in the. Fast who
sire planning to come to Oregon, but
who wish first to know about the
schools of this stale.
"Jn addition to the correspondence,
this department issued the following
bulletins: Two bulletins on ' Industrial
Education,' ono to teachers giving di
roctiotiH ns to how to organize the boys'
and girls' industrial clubs, ami the oth
er to the school children of the state,
giving them full details of the plan; a
bulletin on 'Kiie Prevention,' consisting
of 1H chapters on as many different
ubjt'cts; a bulletin on 'Parent. Teach
r' Assnciat ions, ' giving suggestions
for orcniiizing nnd directing the work;
another bulletin to teachers, giving the
laws of certification; ono giving the
reading circle list mid another giving a
teachers' directory of the state an. I a
bulletin on the teachers' examinations,
"Tho stnle board of examiners was
nlso in session nt, the beginning of this
mouth and graded the manuscripts of
1100 liiiicants.
"Besides the office work, the field
.workers were busy in January, '
" 'OiwmiI Villa Is one of the must lul-
entcd financiers since the duvs of Cap
tain Ki'M.
1'aris says new gowns will be more
decillite. Well, that s better than Ink
ing liny more oil' the other end.
Kndinm still rol -i n little more than
lieef, but the new tariff Is working to
the advnutnge of beef in the race,
H nunc times happens that n girl who
r.!ay Help You if
Lungs Arc Affected
Vronvr diet, fi-i'uli air ami tviuprmt
hablla are Mhn,-lid to person paltering
from I.uiig Trunin; liut III s grciit many
liNlmiecM rcnol-ts allow Hint the H.blltloU
of " nii'illi lou for Ilils nuvrtluu luia ma
terially lii'l"l Iu li lutilun shout recovery.
H'or mora limn nfu-eu yours Iv-kuinus
Alli-riillve. s lucillctiin for Thrust ami
lams' Trochlea, lots a imt'HiOictl Kootl
nauli. llciid wlin I It 'II-1 III tli La cimus
MiiilLi.n Ijiike, Minn.
"(UmiIIimiiimi: In lusenil'er, Im, March,
lono, ami Hi'ptMiilwr. I taken
Willi liPiuoriliaKcs of tits limit wlitch con
Oned inn movcisI wc'ka, escli thus to tor
Iwd. My itoetor ailvlsiMt uw to so Went.
In Novemtiur t stinted for I'civcr,
'ol. Afli-r llir arrival I met Ml.-lulel
lirodr. ho. noon lenmlnr of in coiull
ttou, urued m to tskti t-ii-kuuui's Alters
tun. I kept ou tnkllnl t lie in,-, II, inn ml
Iniimived flint. In Miitvh, lino, I re
lumed koine. 1 sal I'ullreljr well, tmrs
a aoisl iiooclllo ami sleep well, Winn
I left deliver my welitlit ! l.l pmillOa.
I uiiw weliin 100, my norinni weisni, i
4hsnk (lod sud jour Altorstlro for mf
lliua 1 1 h
Mll.lavlll I'AIIL U FAflNAOHT,
AIm anl'reylnlisl; inor on remet I
iM-knisn'a Allornllre has tu prnvni hy
aaany years' leaf to Iw i""t pfllcackms
aw avei Ttiroat and I.iti APf"-lloiia,
llmtii-hllls, Hronchlnl Am loon, HlnOI-oru
VWla and In niinnUdlna; Hi aysteni.
'Hiialua no narcotics, itulsnns or hallt
seraln limns. Ask for booklet tellln
f rv-nTrrli-a, and wrtt to Bestnao
Ijilwrslory, I'hllsdc Iplils, Ts., for
Imu. tot sal lr ad IraiUng dnifflsW
J. 0, rsrry, Dnftfli.
Our Treat
All Week!
"Sunkist" Oranges
at Special Prices.
at Your Dealers!
meats, fish, poultry and salads.
Draneo This
ami g two-cent mumps. "Kcd
count Huruu uii 'Sunkist."
1 1.1 1 1 .11 t.MKU I.IIV, II IIIUll T..1,,,VB
Buy "Sunkist" Oranges and Lemons
at Your Dealer's
orders for premium
correspondence to
Chicago, III.
has narrowly escaped matrimony is to
bo congratulated.
If men woro as perfect as their wives
expect them to bo, tho monotony of
married life would bo debilinting,
Tlio annual sorios of big-egg stories
has begun coming iu.
Tho spring crop of gubernatorial can
didatcB will bo embarrassingly largo.
Perhaps congress could do no better
.linn to got Socretary Lane to fix up a
few 1 u ml laws, and pass thorn,
If tho world is, and long has boon,
growing better, what a tough old place
it must have been some couturioB ago.
Fortunato is tho man who doesn't
get all that is coming to him.
Ah, now comes blessod littlo Febru
ary, with two holidays.
l.os Angeles, Cal., Fob. 0. Homeless
jobless and without a cent iu his poc.
ket, Henry Linden, aged 24 years, who
arrived hero three days ago from Han
Francisco, was shot und probably fatal
ly wounded by a policeman early today
when he stole several bottles of milk
from n grocery,
Officer Dunne, who fired the shot,
declared that Linden shot nt him twice
before he drew his own weapon. Lin
ilen swore that ho was unarmed, and
demanded to know how he could have
used a weapon with seven milkbotlles
which the policeman claimes he stole.
In his arms.
"If 1 had a gun," the man whispered
on his hospital cot, "I would have sold
it for food. Tho officer lied to save
Kedwood City, Cal., Feb. li. Cnlil'or
ilia's first women ginnd jurors, those
of Sail Miiloo county, like their work
o well that thev lire going to keep it
i, even if tin')' must do so iu an tin
olncial capacity. As a preliminary
step, plans were completed tinluv or
the organization of u county committee
of women to iuve.dii.nite everything
that looks like it needs investigation
l'he leader In the movement Is Mrs,
'.'m ine McCroskey, who was a member
of the jnrv, Tho other jnrettcs are
also include. I as are mnnv well known
San Mateo count v women who had not
the good fortune to serve oil the impntl
lorinl body. While the women's future
investigations will bo extra legal, the
leaders sav thev will be oxtremclv
borough ami that by the time they are
concluded Han Mateo count v will b
oroiighly purified. Judge Hack sug
Rested such an organiiition when he
lischurgod the Jureltes recently,
fUNI'lKD rSKSS 1IASKD Willi. 1
lloston, Kelt. (I. Uoston Vnlverslty 'i
new Hchool of .lourniilism will be op
encd tonight, starting ns a single elms
enrolled for a fifteen week's course
llnrrv II. Center of a local editorial
staff, ha been made Instructor of Jour-
nlisin, nud has arranged a series ot
weekly lectures at which prominent
"ewspajmr men of Huston will outline
different phases of newspaper work.
IrNiTsn I'Mts iSAaitn wuia I
Astoria, Or., Feb. fl. Mrs. Krnnces
K. Hare, known to every on in Astorli
n "Orsndiua Hare," celebrated he.
103rd birthday yestenlsy. Nh Is In
good health ami continues to get much
enjoyment out of life.
Milliners, Dressmakers, Jewelers, Car-
setieres, and Hairdressers Have
Been Exceedingly Busy.
Creations Which Are in Favor Because
of Craze Over Latest Popular
Dance Are Numerous,
(Written for the United Press.)
There was a tango n.aiden
And she had a tango smile,
She wore a tango bonnet
And she danced a tango mile;
She met a tango teacher
And became his tango wife;
And ever since they'v lived, I hear
A tangled tango life.
New York, Feb. 6. There's a tang
in the tango that has gotten into every
one's blood. Tha tango is everything,
and everything is tango.
Strong men and fair actresses have
had stronger cigars and weaker per
fumes named after them but nowadays
everything from tobacco to tooth pasto,
from hardware to haberdasheiy Is done
in the name of the tango. C'ortain it
is that tho little milliners and dress
makers and boot makers and corsetiores
mid hairdressers and jcwclors have got
ten busy and brought forth enough
tango togs to cover us from top of our
tango heads to tho tips of our tango
First and topmost of all is tho new
tango hair which is of tho most hectic
of hues dubbed tango red. Perfectly
gooil tango hair may also bo done in
eipmlly riotously radiant shades such
as cobalt bluo ,mnuve, nilo green, or
orange. Thou your tango dyed locks
should bo done in tho tango coiffure
which means that it must all be looso
ly waved, drawn neatly hack from the
face and tho back hair fastened and
tucked under at ono sido of the head
with a jeweled tango comb or two jew
oled tango pins. Porch on top of all
is ono of thoso fascinating little laco
tango caps exploited by Mrs.Vernon
Castle and the tango head is fashion
ably complete.
Tango Corset Should Be Start
Tho tnngo corset should bo tho start
and foundation of your tango toilette
lo luxe. The accepted model is of
silk tricot with but one band in the
front and back. It allows the figure
full piny and yet is so admirably co'n
structud that it confines and holds well
in Its proper place nny undue embon
Over this foundation you mny take
one of three choices, Tho tnngo pan
talets which start from tho wnist and
fasten snugly with ela.stic, about your
ankles the tnngo garter pantalets which
are dainty laco nnd chiffon ruffes
nstened either to the knee with a snt-
in garter, or tho dainty lace incriistcd
tango petticoat, scant and diaphanous
and slit, nt either side to allow your
I'm nml glide full sway.
The fnvored tango frock of the mo
ment, is of tho sofest taffeta. It al
most iuvuriably boasts a tunic a la
Minaret although a model simply dub-
bod "Tnngo ' which is being evploited
bv a well known Paris firm has a do-
ided pannier iu its first and original
Tnngo stockings nro nglenin with
bended or spangled flora nnd fauna
while the favored tango slipper is the
oliurne with its jeweled tnngo slide
and buckets,
Jcwclors Taro Woll.
Next in favor to tho cnthiirne is B
plain snt in slipper with a rlnuestone
heckle nud the newest variation to be
ipr-mg in the buckle ornumcntations
line are tiny jeweled tassels fastened
on the instep which bob nnd sparkle
Salts, Calomol and Fills Act on Liver
and Bowels Liko roppor Acta
In Nostrils Dangerl
tlet a lO cent box now.
Most old people must give to the
bowels some regular help, elso they suf
fer from constipation, The condition
is perfectly natunil. It is just as natu
ral us It la for old people to walk slow
ly, For age is never so active as youth.
The muscles are lees elastic. And the
bowels aro muscles,
So all old people need Cascarets. One
might as well refuse to aid weak eyes
with glasses as to neglect this gentle
aid to weak bowels. The bowels must
'oe kept active. This Is luiortniit nt nil
ages, but never so much as at fifty.
Ago is not a time for hnrsh physics.
Youth may occasionally whip the bow
els Into nctivityy, But a lush can't be
used every day, What the bowels of
the old need Is a gentle and natural
tonic, One that can be constantly used
without harm. The only such tonlo Is
Oascarets, and they cost only 10 cents
per box at any drug iter. They work
while you slf.
seductively at every tango twist and
It is with just these fascinating a.id
expensive touches that the jewelers
get in the dance. They have you by
the cars with lovely long and bobbing
tango eardrops, glistening with semi
precious gems that scintillate with
every toss and quiver of a lovely tango
head. Charming waist long strands of
varicolored tango beads they offer also
and their latest chef d'ouevre is tho
tango ring.
It is of a large design, the dimen
sions of a dinner ring, barbarically Ori
ental in effect and always composed of
sparkling stones that fail not to catch
the light and twinkle even as the twink
ling toe.
These rings show up well on either
hand whether it be the one coyly
held out stiffly at right angles to the
body iu the tango partner's clasp or
the one that rests coyly upon his manly
tango shoulder.
Of course as the last essence of tango
perfection you must spray your hair
and hanky with the newest Tango per
fumo and there you are a finished
tango product. Oh there's no doubt
about it clothes and all, we're not
merely tangoing mad we've already
tango ne.
Washington, Fob. C. "An ignorant
mistress makes an indolent servant,'
Holding this truth to bo self evident
tho Housekeepers' Alliance of Wash
ington has undertaken the education of
its 200 members in household economics,
as a part of its general scheme to solvo
tho sorvane rulilem nnd incidentally
keep tho cost of living with bounds.
It has organized a "reference circle,"
which will meet once, a month. Hero
each member will bring her domestic
problems for aualysis and the brido
may learn from the experience of the
woman who has celebrated her silver
" Kventually the Alliance will estab
lish a school for housekeeping, where
girls, especially those from tho country
will be trained as cooks, dining room
girls, and nurse girls," said Mrs. Onion
Miller, president of tho organization,
in an interview with a United Press
correspondent today. "In the mean
time, howevpr, we believe that tho av
nrnge wife and mother has much to
learn in the way of proper management
and tho reference circle was organized
to meet this particular need. Its meet
ings are open to every woman inter
ested in running a household am its
discussions nro most informal."
One of tho objects of the circle is to
stop tho abuse of "references" by ser
vants. Every reference presented to
a member of tho circle is religiously
followed up and they have promised to
issue no laudatory references to incom
petents, A card index showing tho
records of several hundred girls is one
of tho features of this work.
Tho Alliance also devotes much at
tention to retail grocers ami butchers.
It takes the position that tho middle
man is a necessity but that his profits
should be reasonable and his products
clean 'an. 1 wholesome. Mrs. llnrvv W.
Wiley is one of the lending members of
the Alliance.
Washington, Feb. tl. President Wil
son was deeply affected by the death
in Baltimore yesterday from cancer of
Ueiresenlntive Bremner of New Jersey.
The latter was one of the original W'il-
son boosters. Breiiiner was known ns
the most cheerful mini iu the house
despite his affliction.
Physicians woro astonished by Brein-
ner's vitality., Only his optimism, they
said, kept him 'alive recently, liadium
worth $100,000 was twice buried in the
cancer in his shoulder but Vt. Kelley
of John Hopkins hospital said he was
too far gone to cure.
After his treatment started, Hieniner
issued the following statement through
a friend:
"lindiiim is a wonderful thing, If
experimenting en mo lias added nny
new fin-Is to science my life has not
been Iu vain but hits helped our race.
"My life is not worth one tenth the
effort that has been made to save it.
The question is not whether 1 will re
cover but whether 1 am going to live
up to the ideals of living gamely. Some
day science is going to compter ennoer
nml 1 think I bad rather be among
those who were in the fight thnu one
who placidly reap the benefit."
i XnCll I'HKSS I.KASKD wins'. I
Portland, Ore., Feb. II. President .1.
P. Farrell, on his return yesterday
from New York, announced that the
l'uion Pacific system's directorate had
nuthorircd an appropriation of between
$:,.'O0,H00 and ,000,000 to be spent
in improvement and extension of the
0. W. R. k N. lines In Oregon and
This means, Farrell said, that the
Olympia extension will be built, the
SHikane terminal project poshed nd
the Vale extension Into central Ore-
Recipe Department t
c?v ml
Caramel Filling.
2 cups granulated sugar.
V-i cup cream.
2-3 cup butter.
IM: teaspoonfuls Mapleine.
Alix the sugar butter and cream,
boil ten minutes and add the Mapleine.
Beat until pust right to spread. Enough
for two cakes.
Mapleine Taffy.
2 cups granulated sugar.
V' cup vinegar.
'i cup water.
1 heaping teaspoonful mapleine.
Boil sugar, vinegar and water until
it snaps, take from fire, add the map
leine and pull. Cut in pieces to suit.
Fig Layer Cake.
1-3 cup butter.
1 cup sugar.
i egg.
1 cup milk.
V., cup finely chopped figs.
2 cups flour. -1-3
tenspoou salt.
1 teaspoon Crescent baking powder,
Rnnf the hotter nn.-l Hiitrnr till prnamvl
and add the beaten egg and milk; that
the figs, and, lastly tho flour, salt and
baking powder sifted together. Bake
Winning Its Way
True merit is creating a demand in Salem for our genuine Arabian
Mocha that is not equaled by any other coffee. Its Biiperb flavor is
unsurpassed. A trial proves it.
30c, 35c, 40c, & 45c the pound
Phone 93
gon will bo continued beyond Riverside.
About 100 miles of new rails are to bo
laid, mostly between Huntington and
Portland, and largo sums Bpent in revi
sion of the main lines, together with
construction of industrial tracks and
general depot and terminal improve
ments. Farrell said tho budget of projected
work, almost all over, met with indorse
ment by the road, did not contemplate
any new lines for which the custom is
to make special requisition as the pro
jects develop.
Better times nro everywhere evident,
Mr. Farrell declared, indicated in nc
small measure by the grunting of the
company's request for funds, which
was more than $1,000,000 in excess of
tho burget sent in Inst year.
San Francisco, Feb. (I. Six million
dollars which it collects annually from
its 20 subsidiary companies scattered
throughout the United States, it avbs
estimated here yesterday, will be lost
V,,:i:, ft,
' ! ' ' fr-rt-
,''.' 'il''
Cottolono makes biscuits that are tender when they are cold that is a sure test of a
good shortening. Try it yourself. Make the biscuits like this:
Won't you follow theexample I BAKING POWDER BISCUITS
of famous cooks and make
Cottolene THE fut for all
your cooking ? '
Order pall from your (rroceri also
end to us for the vnluable FREE
Couk Book, HOME KELPS.
in layers about twenty minutes, and
fill with Fig Filling.
Sultana Cake.
2 cups flour.
1-3 teaspoon salt.
2 teaspoons Crescent baking powder.
1-3 cup butter.
V' cup sugar.
li cup sultana raisins.
1-3 cup chopped citron or lemon pool.
1 egg'.
About 2-3 cup milk.
Sift together the flour, salt and V
ing powder; rub in tho butter and then
adil the sugar, raisins and citron. Beat
the egg well, and add it with the milk.
Turn into a well greased pan, and bake
about 4j minutes.
Crescent Loaf Cake.
3-4 cup butter
1 cup sugar.
2 eggs.
1 cup milk.
2 cups flour.
1V teaspoons Crescent linking pow
der. Pinch of salt.
Vjcup Chopped Nut-meats.
Cream butter and sugar; add with
beaten ecus; sift, flour, salt and bakin
1800 East State
to the American tfoll Telephone com
pany if a decision handed down here
by the state railroad conimisisou is fol
lowed by other states throughout tho
Briefly, the coinmisiou's decision,
which was handed down in the caso of
the city of San Jose against the Tacific
Telephone ami Telegraph company, de
clared that the American Bell company
is not justified in diverting to its own
coffers 4' j per cent of the gross earn
ings of tho Pa'ific company for the
rent of the licensed telephone instru
ments whose patents are held by the
parent company. The commission fixed
the rates to be paid at 2U per cent of
its gross earnings, which means a loss
of approximately $.100,000 which he
American company will sustain in its
dealings with the Pacific company
Chicago, Fob. 0. .uiss Florence Law
lor, aged 111 years, who disappeared
from her New York homo, was located
is what Marion Harland
years ago, I discontinued the
ii" ana suDStituteu tor it, as an experiment, Cottolene, then com
paratively a new product. Since my first trial of it I can truly
say that it has given complete satisfaction. I honestly believe it to
be the very best thing of its kind ever offered to the American
2 cups flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 4 table
spoons Cottolene, 3-4 cup milk. Sift flour, salt and baking powder
together; rub in Cottolene; mix lightly and quickly; mixture should
not be dry; roll out on board, cut into small biscuits, bake ten
to fifteen minutes In hot oven. To make biscuits richer, mi
with cream. Whole wheat, graham or ry biscuit may be
made in tht same way. Edith L. Clift.
A Delicious
Sauce for
Brown Betty
Here's a perfectly de
licious way to serve this
Use your own recipe
for Brown Betty serve
with it
Mapleine Sauce
Dissolve 1 cup sugar, 1 dessert
spoonful cornstarch and 1 tablespoon
f til butter in IVi cups of boiling water.
Cook till thickens. Stir ia 1 teaspoon
ful Mapleine.
This is one of tho many ways in
which' Mapleine adds a "dash of de
liciousness" to dessorts and dainties.
Grocers sell 't. If yours don't, we'll
supply you.
Send 2c stamp for "Mapleine Dain
ties" recipe book.
Seattle, Wash.
powder and add alternately with mill
Add nut meats and flavoring last. Loi
stand ten or fifteen minutes before bait
ing in moderate oven. Bake one hour.
Crescent White Loaf Cake.
Vi cup butter,
1 cup sugar.
(, cup sweet milk.
Vj cups flour.
l cup corn starch.
1 teaspoon Crescent baking powder.
Whites of 3 eggs.
Lemon or orange flavoring.
Cream nnd sugar; add milk; sift the
baking powder and flour and add adter
nately with whites of eggs, which have
been beaten stiff.
Maplemocha Cake.
' cup butter.
1 clip sugnr.
1 whole egg.
4 yolks.
1 3-4 cups flour.
3 3-4 teaspoons Crescent baking pow
der. Cream and sugar thoroughly; add
well beaten eggs and yolks. Sift three
times, flour and baking powder, and
add alterntaely with milk. Bake in
three layers and put together with
Maplemocha Frosting.
Cream together one cup sifted con
fectioner's sugnr, one heaping table
spoon butter, two teaspoons cocoa and
eight drops Mapleine. Add gradually
two tablespoons strong coffee. It not
thin enough add drop by drop more
coffee. If too thin add more sugar.
JOURNAL WANT ADS. bring results.
hero today at tho Chicago Y. W. C. A.
She wns not told that relatives wero
en route fearing sho would run away
Miss Lawlor was found here Tuesday
ovening at LaSalle station. She ap
peared to be lost and consented to go
to tho Y. W. C. A. whilo employment
was being sought for her.
"I quarreled with my parents," she
said, "and determined to run away.
The report that I was involved in any
love affair is untrue.
Copenhagen, Feb. 6. Crown Trince
Frederick, who with His younger broth
er Prince Knnd, joined the Danish Boy
Scouts last year, today was appointed
"English Translator" for that organi
zation. Ho won the job by fulfilling
three tasks: writing a long and really
clever essay in English on tho boy scout
movement, translating an article from
a London newspaper, and iu conversing
in English for an hour.
Journal "Want Ads" bring results
said in 1906 about
use of lard in mv kitchen