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czjily Capital Journal
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Lohman Declares Gang Leader Ordered It Done to Obtain
Vengeance for Interference in Love Affair Lives of Many
People Endangered and Couple of Children Injured--Fire-
, , men Put It Out Before Building Was Destroyed Gang
Leader Then Decided to Kill Girl and Father With Bomb.
(united pbess leased wire.
New York, Jan. 29. How a motion
lieture theatre waa soaked with kero
sene oil and fired, and a bomb later
placed in the hallway of a crowded
Houston street tenement house wag told
to District Attorney Whitman today by
Alfred Lohman, Antonio Sedaitis and
3!occo Pucciarcllo, members of an al
leged black hand gang. These out
rages were perpetrated, they said, that a
gang leader might obtain vengeance for
interference in a love affair. The throe
men are witnesses in the case of Angelo
Sylvestro, charged with planting a
ibomb that wrecked the Houston street
"You never heard the inside story
of the burning of the Hippodrome mov
ing picture house, did yout" asked
Xohman of Whitman. "Well, it was
"burned because its janitor, 'Joe the
TVop,' butted in on Guiscppe Farrarra's
love affair. Farrarra has skipped to
Italy, so you can't get him.
Kidnapers Failed.
"Farrarra admired Nollie Pecarro,
1ut her old man objected to him hang
ing around. Farrarra proposed that we
gangers kidnap the girl and deliver her
Washington, Jan. 29. At the person
al request of Secretary of State Bryon
the home immigration comimtteo again
today declined to hold hearings on the
liuker alien bill. It was declared that
Bryan askod for the postponement to
prevent a renewal of the dispute with
Drastic mendment.
Washington, Jan. 29. A drastic
amendment to the Burnctt-Dilingham
immigration bill was adopted this after
noon by the house immigration com
mittee. It provides for the deporta
tion of anyono, aliens or citizens, as
sisting in tho immigration of persons,
militant suffragettes included, teaching
the destruction of property.
Dunsmuir, Cal., Jan. 29. Marching
to the southward, 75 Industrial Work
ers of tho World left here on foot to
day. They will spend the night in La
inoine, and expect to roach Redding to
morrow. While hero they were fed and
lodged in the city hall.
Injunction Modified
to Allow Payment
of Printers' Wages
County Attorney Ringo, appearing
for the defendants in tho cane of W. C.
Francis, ct al., against the state print
ing board, et al., which was set for
hearing this morning on demurrer,
move dtodny that the temporary injunc
tion Issued against tho defendant! be
modified as to that part thereof which
prevents the employe of tho state
printing plant to draw their salaried.
Judge Galloway sustained tie motion
and ordered that any and all portions
of the order prohibiting the secretary
of state from issuing warrants to the
state printer for the payment of sab
rie be triclcen out. Attorney Spen
cer, represcating the plaintiffs, object
ed, but hi objection was overruled.
to him at a saloon. He promised to
give us $100 each. Sedaitis, Puccia
rcllo and myself undertook the job.
"We had to go through the Hippop
drome theatre to got behind the Hous
ton street tenement, where old man
Pecarro lived.. 'Joe the Wop' saw us
hanging around and got his gang and
chased up sway. When we told Far
rarra about it he was wild. He swore
he would croak Joe. The next day he
gave us kerosene and benzine and in
structed us to 'fix' the theatre so 'Joe
tie Wop' would be. out of a job. We
spread the kerosene and benzine all
over the scats. Farrarra then threw a
lighted match on the floor, and we beat
"People poured out of the place. A
couple of children were burned a little.
Some one turned in an alarm and the
fire waB put out before the theatre was
entirely burned.
'Farrarra then said if he could not
have the girl np one olsu could. Then he
gave us a bomb, and told us to put it
in the hallway where old man Peccaro
lived. He said it waa strong enough to
blow the place to hell. Sylvestro then
planted the bomb while we watched.
united pbess leased wide.
San Pedro, Cal., Jan. 29. Bearing
240 passengers who were marooned at
San Luis Obispo by the recent storms,
the steamship Santa Clara arrived here
today. Because all her reservations
( were taken at San Luis Obispo she was
unable to stop at Santa Barbara, where
other passengors are waiting to get to
the outside world.
The ship carried 500 sacks of delayed
r ail, which was placed aboard a spe
cial electric car and rushed to Los Ang
eles. She will clear on her return trip,
slopping at Santa Barbara, about mid
united fhess leased wins.
Washington, Jan. 29. Colonel George
W. Goethals today accepted tho govern
orship of the Panama canal zone.
Kennct, Cal., Jan. 29. M. Franklin,
an Austrian, fell CO fcot down the
Mammoth mine near here today and
waa killed.
Because the parties to tho action
were not present today, the court con
tinued the hearing of arguments on the
demurrer of the defendants until next
Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Both
the county attorney and Attorney Spen
cer snid that they were not in favor
of proceeding with argument until
such time as all of the parties to the
action can be present or represented by
counsel. While the county attorney is
representing the staet printing board
and the state printer, the local printing
unions have so far failed to appear
personally, or through representation,
and, as they are defendants in the suit,
the court thought it best to grant more
time in which to give them an oppor
tunity to act.
Violent and Persistent Disord
ers Are Created and
Arouse Suspicion.
Likely Proposition to Increase Presi
dent White's Wages Is Lost in
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 29. So viol
ent and persistent wore disorders at
the United Mine Workers' convention
here today that it was rumored private
dotoctives had secured admission among
the delegates and wore tryiug to dis
rupt the organization, ,
It was said 30 of them were present,
that they wero from a Pittsburg agency
and that thoy had orders to seize every
opportunity to start a commotion.
Whether the reports were true or
not, it was a tact that uproar was con
tinually breaking out upon every im
aginable protext. '
With the roll call partly comploted
indications were that the proposition
to increase President White's salary
would be lost but as thore were a num
ber a absentees and considerable time
was lost in verifying lists of delegates
entitled to vote, it seemed unlikely that
the decision would bo announced before
President Samuel Gomperg of the A.
F. of L. arrived at noon.
Alarysville, Cal., Jan, 9. District
Attorney Stanwood began the prosecu
tion's closing argument when Judge
Daniel today rosumed the trial of Rich
ard Ford, Herman Snhr,' Harry Bagan
and William Beck, charged with murder
in connection with lust summer's fatal
hopfield riot on the Durst ranch near
It was expected the case would go to
the jury tonight. Long deliberation
was looked for on account of the vol
ume of testimony and its ninny coutrn-
Astoria, Or., Jan. 29. Establishing
a new sailing record of 52 hours from
8an Francisco to tho mouth of the Co
lumbia river, tho French bark Chain
pigny is anchored in the harbor hero
today. Tho time made by the wind
jammer is remarkable, as it takes un
ordinary tramp steamer from 00 to 70
hours to mako tho run.
Captain Noel modestly gives the ele
ments much credit for the quick voy
age. He says be allowed the vessel as
much canvas as her sticks would safely
carry, and let the wind do tho rest.
Berlin, Jan. 2!). Two women wero
decapitated in Ratibor prison this af
ternoon. One was Franziska Ziminer,
convicted of murdering her step mother.
The other was Josephs Kubnekam, who
killed her husband. They went to their
deaths with no sign nf enintinn. Nn
newspapnr, published more than four
lino of the double execution.
Temperature is
Falling Rapidly
Cold Waves Strikes Middle West and
Poor Unemployed Are Suffering "
Chicago, Jan, 29. The temperature
waa falling here today at the rate of
five degrees hourly. At noon the mer
cury was at 37 above zero and still
Poor Suffering.
Omaha, Neb., Jan, 29. A cold wave
struck Nebraska today. In some parts
of the state zero temperature waa re
corded. The poor and unemployed here
were suffering ecverely.
Girl Tells
San Francisco, Jan. 29. Leah Alex
ander wag groomed for the ordeal she
was to undergo, when she stopped on
the witness stand today to tell the story
of the ovents which led up to J. D. Van
Baalcn's death at her hand in his office
in the Chronicle building last October.
Hor burnished hair looked as if it
had been wound and fluffed by an ex
pert. Her full, white neck was revealed
in its goft perfection by her low sailor
collar. Her suit wag newly pressed in
crisp crease? and her boots glistened.
Hor face wag deadly pale, except for a
dab of rouge on cither cheok.
She snt with bowed head and at first
shook with soundless sobs. As she pro
grossed with her story jhe regained hor
composure, but she did not lift her face
nor did hor color come back.
Tolls Story of Her Life.
"I am 28 years old," she said. "I
have one brother and five sisters. I
was bom in Utah, where I was married
when I wag 18 and divorced a short
time Inter. I came to Los Angeles with
my gistor in 1910. There I learned the
trade of hair dressing and millinery.
My mother and the other members of
the family soon followed mo to Los An
geles. "Threo yenrs ago I came to San Fran
cisco with a letter to a milliner in one
of the department stores. I . began
working there immediately. I worked
lator at two other millinery places.
"I first mot Mr. Van Baalen in the
park. I wn walking with a friend.
Mr. Vnn Baalen was passing In an au
tomobiln. He stared at us so hard that
I thought my friend knew him,. Then
ho stoppod, got out of tho machine, and
seemed to be fixing something under
neath. When ho got up he dropped a
cigar box, boconed to us, got Into the
automobile and drove away.
"But because ho had beckoned we
walked to tho place where ho had been,
and thore wo found ho hail written on
tho cigar box!
" 'Ring up Kearney 1041, J. D. Vnn
Baalen, Chroniclo building.'
"I was out of work at tho time, It
was between seasons. So I went up
one noon, with my friend, and saw him.
." 'Did ynn have something Important
to sny to usf ' I asked.''
Offered Hor Job,
" 'I have something to say to you,'
he answered, emphasizing the pro
noun. "'Then my friend said she must go
to work, and went away, leaving me
alone with him. He nskfil me if I was
at work, and I told him that I lind
nothing at tho time, because It wan the
slack millinery senson, Ifi offered me
office work for him, and work for the
(Continued on page 4.)
The Weather
The Dickey Bird
says: Oregon, rain
we-t, unsettled
probably rain or
mow east portion
tonight ami Fri
day; multicast
winds, brisk along
the coast.
Why She
Evident at Seattle Hearing No
Other City Hat Chance to
Secure It.
Urges Big Trade With Alaska and Ori
ent, But Has Little Business With
Idaho and Oregon.
Seattle, Jan. 29. While Seoretary
McAdoo took the pains to inform the
audience which crowded the fedoral
eourtrooiu. when the regional bank hear
ing was begun thia morning, that no
significance should bo attached to any
question propounded by him or his col
league, Socrotary Houston, it -ras evi
dent that the whole Pacific coast ia to
bo included into one district, with the
central regional bank 'located at San
Francisco, The proposed plan to em
brace Washington, Oregon and Mon
tana, into one district, received a sevore
jolt when M. F, Backus, presidont of
the National Bunk of Commerce of Se
attle, and representing tho Seattle
clearing House association, wag com
pelled to admit that there is but little
trade relations in this state with Idaho
and Oregon, and loss with Montana. A
further Berious sotback to the plan of
the local bankers, commercial bodies
and stato officials wag experienced
whon it developed, from tho questions
propounded by the organization com
mittee that if even all the four gtates
named were included in one district,
the capitalization of the national banks
would only total $43,000,000 and would
reforo be able to suppiy only $2,!5(0,
000 of the necessary $4,000,000 under
the terms of the law.
Backus ImproBsod upon the committee
however, that the state banks had al
ready manifested a willingness to co
operate and to join ag members of tho
regional bank, and that they would
easily furnish the romaindor of the money-Governor
Lister was tho first witnoss
and he was followed by P. H, Bohrens,
an Alaskan pioneer, M. F. Backus and
Eugene T. Wilson, a Tacoma banker.
The hearing will be continued this af
ternoon, and the committoe will leave
for Portland tonight.
Seattle's Claim for Bank.
Chief stress was laid by all the
speakers in behalf of Seattle's, claim for
a con trul regional bank, upon the en
ormous business transacted with Alaska
nnd the orient and the future possl
bilities, as they will bn developed by
tli opening of the Panama cunal and
the building of tho Alaskan railroad.
Governor Lister carefully roviowed
the tromenduous growth of tho stato
of Washington' and the Alaskan trade;
read a letter from Governor Strong of
Alaska, In which tho latter advanced
Scattlo's claim to the bank by the fact
thnt. more than 75 per cent of tho busl
nos of tho territory was done through
Seattle, and referred to letters from
Governor Haines of Idaho and Governor
West of Oregon, In which they urged
the locution of a bank In the northwest
"Hut they did not iiaino the city,
did they?" asked McAdoo, laughingly.
Th" governor also assured the commit
tee that theie would be uo hindrnnco
from the bank examiner In allowing
state banks to become members uf the
federal reserve bank ornui.ut.ion.
lliti kuss the first banker to address the
committee insisted upon an answer, ami
tinned, '
Ban Francisco Would Bo Second Bent.
"To whnt extent aro the reserves of
Montana, Oregon and Idaho held In
enitlet" McAdoo asked.
lliii'hii was unable to reply.
"If It develops that Seattle could
not have a regional bunk what wool. I
oe your second choice f "
ilnckus mill he had no choice, but (h,i
l oiiiimttee Insisted upon an answur, and
lla'lnis replied:
The committee ipieslloueil Backus on
'lie reserves held by Seattle In enstern
hanks and their relation to tho business
I'liriied en between Seattle and the
cities in which thorn reserves wore
held. It developed that Heattln does a
greater business with Minneapolis, St.
Paul anil Chicago, than with New York,
but t hut tlie hitter city holds sixty per
cent of Sent lie's reserve money.
"Isn't It an illogical couditionl"
eked McAdoo. "How do you Recount
(Continued on page 8.)
Insists Rumors of Serious Friction as Result of Recent De
velopments in Mexico Are M ischievous-Admits Japanese
Firms Are Selling Arms and Ammunition to Mexico, But
Says They Have Right to Do So Secretary Daniels Says
More Battleships Are Needed.
Washington, Jan. 29. Published sto
rei that serious friction had develonod
botwoon the United States and Japan
as a result of recent dovolopmeuts in
Moxico were characterized this after
noon as "mischiovous and unfounded"
by Prosideut Wilson. Ho told callora
that tho report that the Japanese gov
ernment is furnishing anna to Prosidont
Iluerta ulso was unfounded.
It was admitted, however, that Jap
anese firms as well as commorcial hous
es of other nations wero soiling arms
and ammunition to Mexico but the pros
ideut snid they had tho riglit to do so
under international laws, and that evon
if America wantod to object it would
jt have sny legal right to do so.
Wilson Is Displeased.
The president indicated to bis call
ers that the publication of such stories
hamperod and cmbarrasBod his admin
istration. Ho plainly showed that ho
was displeased by their publication.
The president said such misrepresen
tations might make it impossible 'for
him to confer with tho senate foreign
committee either aa frequently as the
country 'g good domandod. Ho said that
when ho told the newspaper mou at
lust Fridny's courorono.o that no crisis
faced America, unless the Mexican alt
uatiou could bo considered a perpetual
crisis, ho meant exactly that. j
Says NotlUim Withheld.
Tho president also told big visitors
that no information had been withhold
from tho newspapers. Ho said ho had
met with tho scnato foreign committoe
in order to discuss fully and frankly
everything of intorest in tho nation's
oroiga policy.
Minister Outlirio, tho presidont said.
several months ago investigated and dls
proved a story that Japan had trans
ferer to iluerta all tho arms it had used
in the Russian war. So far as the on-
tertainineut of tho Jupauoso officers
and sailors at Moxico City wag concern
ed, tho president said they wero enter
tained in tho samo manner as British
ami Gorman admirals who had stopped
nt the capital to pay their respects.
Tim president sutd ho knew nothing
of a report that Jupan had boon espe
cially notified of Amorlca's attitude
toward President Iluerta, Ho felt sure
thnt the Mikado lir! been notified In
Writes 130 Pages
in an Effort to Get
Back 63 Cents
Tho railroad commissioners hnvo just
completed the investigation (if a very
important bit of rnilrond hiwlossnoss.
It seems that some time ago tho South
ern J'aijlfie accidentally made a charge
for freight handled for W. G. Swan, of
Lytic Lake, that was O.'l its less than
tliu schedule cull, hi for. The company
asked the commissioners for permission
to Ignore tho matter ami let Mr. Hwan
have tho 0.1 couts. This tho railroad
commissioners said would bo agniuat
'' law, as tht company must charge
every one aliko and this would, if per
mitted, be a rebate. Tho commission
and the H, V, then got busy trying to
icate Mr. Hwan, but without being
ible to do so. In this work so mo HI)
'S''es of correspondence accumulated
- ' , ' ' '' '
exactly the same manner as the heads
of othor nations.
Need More Battleships.
Secretary or the Navy Daniels today
told the house naval committee that
President Wilson wants at least two
battloshlps uoxt year. The Japanese
situation, however, was not discussed.
Socrotary Daniels thought the gov
ommout'j naval policy should be re
moved from politics. He said America
wag not participating In the "mad riv
alry'' by foreign nations, for navy su
premacy but he urgod a sufficient in
oroaso la war vessels to at least main
tain America's present rank as a naval
power. Secretary Daniels did not be
lieve the powers would agree to a "na
val holiday" but thought an agreement
for a limited building program possible.
Says Japanese Dangerous.
Uuloss the United States' builds ba
tlcshipg at a lively rate Japan will soon
bocomo the stronger power at sea. Bear
Admiral Vrooland was reported to have
toTd tho houso naval committee yester
dny nftornoou and may InBist on the
ropeal of California's anti allon laud
law by virtue of Its superior strength.
The admiral expressed hiinsolf be
hind closed doors, no record was made
of what be said and the comimttee
afterward discussod it roluotautly, but
it wag known ho went doeply Into tho
Japanese warship building program.
As a member of the naval gtratogy
hoard Vrceiand was tailed oa naturally
to give his viows, and did so as s cli
max to a stormy session of tho commit-,
to, during which Congressman Buchanan
of Illinois, a little navy advocate, grew
so angry that ho left tho room.
Buchanan and Congressman Honslev,
nf Missouri clashed violently with Vreo-
land over tho navy league's activity in
fomenting sentiment for more fighting
ships, even charging that members of
thn lengue wero Interested In comor-
ntlons engaged In selling naval supplies
to the government.
Vrceiand was raid to hnve insisted on
the necessity of four battleships s year
instead of two proposed bv Secretary
O. W. Plummor, of tho Kvangelical
church, will speak tonight at tho Com
mons Mission. There will bo good mu
sic and special singing, and a cordial in
vitation is extended to all.
mailing quite u bulky record of the
company 's and the commission ' futilo
efforts to locate Mr, Swan ami make
him pay that ii:i cents, However, as
Swan had disappeared without even
singing his dying song, and he could
not bo located, although the S. P. man
agement was sitting up of nights and
working overtime in an effort to get
rid of t hut li:i cents t lint was making
Its coffers overflow, and provnting Its
buliueiiig Its accounts, the commission
sapiently concluded that if Mr. Hiviin
could not be found he could not bo
pnld, and so suthorUcd the Southern
Pacific to erne tho credit from Its
books. Now Mr. Hwan can go hung for
the railroad Is judiciously five, I from
nil blame and resMnsibility. Tho costs
are assessed to the state.