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Judge Galloway Refuses to
Admit Testimony in Re
gard to Baptism.
Kennedy Insists It Was Neces
sary to Use Force When
Wife Was Violent.
Sensations thick and fast were sprung
this morning alter Judge Galloway
called the court to order in the city
council chambers, and instructed the
attorneys in the divorce case of Mrs.
Thomas N. Kennedy against Thomas N.
Kennedy to continue the hearing of
testimony. The case was started yes
terday afternoon and testimony was
take up until t o'clock, when the court
Mrs. Kennedy is seoking a separation
on the grounds of cruel and inhuman
treatment. Shortly aftor filing hor
complaint, however, Mr. Kennedy in
terposed a cross complaint asking for
the divorce, on the grounds of deser
tion, and he also asks thevcustody of
the minor child as the issue of the mar
riage. The case is being tried out on
the original complaint, and the real
contest is over the right to property,
alleged to be held by both parties ana
the custody of the child.
Court's Ire Aroused.
The defendant took the stand thiB
morning, and when he was asked by his
attorney to relate what happened and
what his feelings woro when the plain
tiff's mother-in-law took possession of
his child and had it baptized by a min
ister of a Protestant church in Silv
vorton announced emphatically that
there would be no roligious matter In
jected into the evidence.
Attorney Brown, in order to glean
further testimony from the witness,
asked him another quostion concerning
the religious phase of the affair be
tween the mother-in-law and defend
ant, but Judge Galloway again throw
old water on tho move. Ho said:
"Mr. Brown, if you do not desire to
prejudice thiB easo in this court against
your client, yon must leave out the re
ligious question entirely. The supreme
oourt mny see fit to handle that ques
tion, but it will not be given consid
eration in this court.
During the remainder of the hearing
mention of religious beliefs said to be
existing in the minds of tho parties to
the suit were eliminated.
Alleges Assault
Mr. Kennedy testified that his wife
often flew into rages, and at one time
she rushed at him and attempted to
scratch his face and pull his hair. It
was during one of the violent stages,
he said, that he was compelled to throw
Tiis wife on the floor in order to pro
tect himself. He denied having
knocked the plaintiff down, or that he
mistreated her in any manner.
Going borne one night, testified Ken
nedy, he found his wife standing In
the center of a room holding a revolv
er in her hand. He said he took the gun
away from her, and the mother-in-law
took a hand and the upshot of tho af
fair was he was ordered out of tho
house, and told he would be shot if hei
attempted to return by the plaintiff's
Admits He Played Cards.
Kennedy further testified that his
wife would go through his pockets and
take out large sums of money. He said
that his wife would leave her baby with
the mother-in-law while she (Mrs. Ken
nedy) would would go out and "chase"
The witne admitted on the stand
that he had gambled considerably, say
ing that he and Walter L. Too7.e, of Sa
lem, often engaged in card games, but
not to any wrongful extent.
The defense this afternoon tried to
how that the defendant has no proper
ty or money, and that the plaintiff has
no fsrtber claim upon him.
(Continued on ytj four.)
Foreman Under Harris Refuses
, to Say He Would Employ
Uses Borrowed Money Until
February, and Injunction
Does Not Hurt.
Despite the fact that State Printer
Harris has announced that he ordered
the contract between himself and the
Allied Printers Trades Council abro
gated some time ago and that he does
not feel himself bound by the articles
any more, the foreman of the Btate
printing plant, Mr. Brock, Tofused to
state today what his action would be
in the event that a non union printer
v.f'iild ask him for a position.
Mr. Brock has charge of the mechan
ical department of the state printing
plant and the foreman generally does
the hiring of employes. He declared
this morning, in response to an inquiry
nade as to whether or not .non union
men would be employed in the plant,
that he was not in a position to say
one . way or the other. ... Consequently,
it is the general belief that the con
tract between the state printer and
the organized printers is still in affect
and cannot be broken until both par
ties approve. If the plant is not bound
by contract to recognize only uniou
labor, some plausible answor would tin;
doubtedly be given out as to what the
officials of the department would Jo
if a non-union printer, capable and In
dustrious, would apply for an open job,
Harris Furnishes Money.
State Printor Harris said today that,
with the exception of monthly payments
in warrants drawn in his favor, the
temporary ordor restraining the secre
tary of state from issuing salary war
rants for the printing plant has no bear
ing in the matter at all. He declares
that he pays tho mombers of the stata
printing force out of his own pocket
every Saturday night and at the end of
the month settles up with the secretary
of stato. Tho secretary of state then
issues one warrant for the amount paid
out during the month by Harris and
thus the state printor is reimbursed and
the printers paid wookly.
A permanent lestruuung order
against tho secretary of Btate would
place the state printer in a money-losing
1 position, however, as no warants
could be issued to cover claims from
the priuting department until the con
tract between Harris and '.he unions
could be abrogated, if it so that it has
not been.
Francis Accused,
Both Stato Printor Harris and Fore
mail Brock accuse W, C. Francis, of
Portland, of .being the sole person re
sponsible for the present siit brought
to restrain the secretary of state from
issuing warrants to the printers and
to doclare the alleged contract null
and void.
It is said by the local printers that
Francis is against the' printcs' organ
izations and has been a prominent fac
tor during wage difficulties between
the printers and the employers in be
half of the emploers. Mr. Harris states
that no non-union printers have ever
approached him for a position in the
state printing plant and that insofar
as the two capable printers, whose
names are mentioned us plaintiffs
along with Francis in tl:e recent suit,
he never heard of su persons.
Humors are current to the effect
that certain Portland printers are
again planning to oust Will Plimton
from the office of secretary of the
State Printing Board for the reason,
they claim, be is not a practical rrii.tir
nor has he served sufficient time be
fore the case to conduct the office
When poverty comes in at the door
love make a noise like a flying ma-china
Sustains Broken Rib and Cut
About Face and Chauffeur
Seriously Injured.
Crash Into Southern Pacific Freight
Train While Responding to False
Burglar Call.
united press leased wire.
Portland, Or., Jan. 24. When a tour-
ing car of the Portland police depart
ment, while going at a high rate of !
sneed. crashed into a Southern Pacific
, , , , .
freight train, at the .corner of East
Momson and Water Btree s early today,
Tom Word, sheriff of Multnomah coun-
ty, sustained a broken rib and a badly
cut face; Larry K. Evans, police chauf
feur, was seriously injured internally,
and Police Captain Chester Inskeep, C.
H. Tribe and P. T. Atkins, newspaper
reporters, were painfully bruised.
The party was speeding in answer to
a burglar call on the East Side, and just
before reaching the lailroad crossing a
freight loomed into view, without warn
ing. Chauffour Evans applied the
brakes, but the wet pavement caused
tho heavy automobile to skid into the
train with great force.
Jammed Against Wheel.
Evans was jammed against the steer
ing wheel, and Sheriff Word, who was
in a rear seat, waa thrown sharply
against the back of the front street.
The shower of flying glass from the
broken windshield struck him in ,the
face, one piece making a jagged cut
across the bridge of his nose. Six
stitches were, taken in the cut by the
attending physician.
Captain Inskeep wbb thrown -under
the trucks of a froight car, but, with
rare presence of mind, graaped a rod
and clung desperately until the train
was brought to a standstill.
The other occupants of the car were
hurled to tho pavement, but not badly
It was learned later that the burglar
call to which they woro responding
was a false one,
Tho automobile wns practically de
Chicago, Jan. 24. With more floor
space and a greater number of exhibits
than ever before, tho annual Chicago
automobile show oponed here todny.
Tho exhibits are being housed in tho
Coliseum and First Regiment Armory.
As at tho Xow York show held earlier
this month, much more Fpnee thnn usual
was given over to motorcycles and ac
cessories. Record crowds attended to
day's opening. An even larger crowd
is looked for tonight. The show will
clos0 Saturday evening, January 31.
Woman Claims Ford
DNiTin riiEss liasko wins.)
Marysvillo, Cel., Jan. 24. If "Black-
ie" Ford, Herman Suhr, William Beck
and Harry Bagan, the Wheatland hop
pickers on trial here, are acquitted of
the murder charge placed against thorn
in connection with the riot of August
3, it will be due in no small measure
to the testimony of Mrs. Dolores Bar-
re ra.
One of many women and children for
whom Ford had adjured the striking
harvesters to "stick together, bearing
one anothers burdens," just preceding
the clash between tho officers and the
2000 hoppickers, Mrs. Barrera, late
yesterday told an impressive story for
the defense
And 'all the efforts of Attorney W.
H, ( arlin for the prosecution could not
shake her testimony.
"I was seated near tile feet of Ford
when he speakln' to the people the
day of the trouble," she said, speaking
in broken Knglish, "and when the po
licemens coming in the automobile, Ford
say to the people to make no trouble.
T 'Be quiet, wait for boss; be Is go
ing to give something good for the hop-
Late News
UNITED puess lsabid wiri.
Ludlow, Mo, Jan. 24. Bobbers early
today dynamited the safe of the Farm
ers' National bank here and escaped
with $5,000. They left no cluj.
Plymouth, Eng., Jan, 24. Attempts
to raise te sunken submarine A-7 had
to be abandoned temporarily today ou
account of a fierce gale, pwing to the
manner in which the boat was embedded
'in the sand and the divers' inability
to endure the pressure at such a depth
.for many minutes at a time, great diffi-
culty had been experienced in passing
hawsers around the hull with which to
life it to the surface. , Work will be
resumed, however, as toon as the storm
Washington, Jan, 24. At the request
il - tt a: a. it
lul luo government, we navy:
department today ordered the cruiser
Monlana t0 fof Au Princ(
a.d vino in keeping order
QmcM d, daelared th
rebels were threatening the capital.
Berlin, Jan. 24. Wild rumors of a
disastrous earthquake at San Francisco
affected the Bourse here today and
caused much anxiety among Americans
here. ' All American shares declined
several points.
Big Craft
Hew York, Jan. 24. The biggest po
lltlcal sensation since former Governor
Willi am Sulzer originally charged that
Charles F. Murphy, leader of Tammany
Hall, threatened to wreck his adminis
tration, unless Sulzer appointed James
Gaffney state highway commissioner,
broke here this afternoon, when it was
announced that District Attorney Whit
man was busy investigating the bank
acounts of Murphy and Gaffney,
Throughout the afternoon and morning
representatives of variouB banks were
visitors at Whitman's office.
The Weather
The Dickey Bird
says: Oregon, rain
or snow east por
tion tonight and
Sunday; brisk to
high east to south
to Make
pickers,' Ford say when Mr. Durst and
policcmens were coming in tho automo
bile. ' Let 'em come, Durst want to talk
with us; ho going to do nothing bad to
us.' "
Ilampored because she could not speak
in her native Spanish, tho woman rose
from the witness chulr, gesticulating
dramatically. At times her voice was
pitched high, then, fulling to whispers,
she commanded attention so closo that
tho patter of the rain on the courthouse
roof was heard.
'Early in tho morning," she contin
ued, "Ford had said after the boss re
fused give us tl.23 a hundred pounds
for plckin' hops, 'well you fellows can
lo what you like; I can't afford to
pick for thut,' He didn't tell us to
make troublo for Mr, Durst.
"When policemen coming wo were Thnt both District Attorney Manwcll
all singing. Then all was quiet, Hlier- and Deputy Sheriff Reunion had been
Iff comes walking Into the crowd, with killed by tho Porte Hican, In turn slain
other men holding guns. I hear a wo- by Deputy Sheriff Henry Taken, was
man with a quirk voice say, 'Sheriff, the testimony of Kd Burns, last wit
you stop please; no good making trouble ness called Friday,
the boys are only singing,' Ford tried The trial was to be resumed St i
to run away from policemen. And o'clock Monday, and Is eipected to con
then came a shot many shots on elude the latter part of the week.
Board of Governors Offer
Prizes to Those Who Sub
mit Best One.
Sample Slogans Upon Which Ideas for
One Appropriate for Salem May
Be Based,
The Board of Governors of the Salem
Commercial Club is convinced that Sa
lem should fall in line with other mod-
em and progressive cities of the coun-
'.. ... . .. ... .
try ana adopt a slogan tfcat will mat-
cate the spirit of loyalty felt by the
citizens of Salem toward our city and
their confidence and belief in its fu
ture growth and prosperity.
Most live enterprising cities and
towns in the United States have such
slogans and their value can not be
questioned. Following are a few ex
amples: Allcntown, Pa. Dwell Here and
Bristol, Tenn. Bristol Pushl That's
Dayton, Ohio Greater, Brightor Day
ton. Easton, Pa. City of Resources.
Galveston, Tex. The Treasure Is
land of America, Growing Groator,
Jackson, Miss. Share Jackson's Op
Muskogoe, Okla. Welcome to Mus
Mar-lnettf, Wis. A Home for You.
Montgomery, All Your "Opportun'
Nashville, Tenn. Nashville offers
Parkereburg, Va. Parkorsburg Big
gest Little City on Earth.
PittBburg, Pa. Pittsburg Promotos
Scranton, Pa. Watch Scranton grow.
Syracuse, N. Y. Syracuse Spells
St, Josoph, Mo. The City Worth
Toledo, Ohio You will do hotter in
Tuscaloosa, Ala. ry Tuscaloosa,
. Wichita, Kan. Watch Wichita Win.
lu order that Salem may have the
very best slogiui possible tho Com
mercial Club lins decided to offer prizes
for the bost suggestions submitted to
them, and tho Club invites Rnd requests
every man, womnn and child in Salem
to participate in the contest.
Slogan and Title Differ,
The Club is desirous of obtaining as
ninny suggestions for a slogan as pos
sible, for the greater tho number, the
greater the chnnce that just the right
one will bo found. Everyone is urged
to offer at leaHt one Ingestion.
(Continued on pnge four.)
Told Hop
No Trouble
whistling past my head close, I see tho
Torto Hican take revolver from police
man and shoot. Two men dead on the
ground. Then lots people running af
ter the boss,
"You see, tho boss not coming give
hoppickers anything good. Too bad."
And she shook her head,
Other women hoppickers will take
the stand Monday for the defense, it be
ing the plan of Attorneys Doyce and
Lewis to put on witnesses representing
all classes and nationalities working on
the Durst ranch,
John Morris, hop iiijctor and field
boss for Iturst, testified that the uni
dentified Kiiulinhman, one of the four
men killed, hud been shot down as he
tins carrying a bucket of water through
the i-amp.
West Positively Declares in Letter to Dr.. Smith, of Portland,
That He Will Not Seek R enomination Smith Had Ex
plained He Was Not Candidate fof- Governor Unless West
Did Not Care for the JobAnswer of Governor Is Final
Gives Smith Good Mention in Hit Letter, Evidently Looking
With Favor on Portland Man's Candidacy.
Governor West this morning made
what must be considered a final de
termination not to be a candidate for
re-oloction. The statement was made in
a letter in reply to one from Dr. C. J.
Smith which, with its answer, is given
bolow. It will be noted that tho eov'
ernor asks (hat "this statement be ac
cepted by all my friends as final."
The letters are as follows:
"Portland, Or., Jan. 22,' 1914.
"Gov. Oswald Wost, Salem, Or.,
"My Dear Governor:
" I have considered entering the denv
ocratio primarlos for governor, but I earnestly hope that this statoment will
will not do bo if you expect or desire be accepted by all my friends as final
to be a candiduto to succoed yourself. "I note with pleasuro the stand you
Is it proper for me to ask if you are are taking In behalf of decent govern
fully determined on that point! mont for such will be the principal
"If you are te run again I should Issue during the coming campaign,
evnsldot'lt .jduty to lie U the ranks Organised vice Is preparing to stake a .
doing my part towards promoting the determined fight and a victory for de
causo of publlo decency and morality, cony can come only through the corn
It is essential that in the fight on or- binod efforts of all those who are in-
gauized vice go ou, and if you are to
continue in public office, you are en
titled to the support, not tho opposition,
of all who beliove in the things you
have atood for.
'It is needlosB for me to say that
this totter is written in tho spirit of all
frankness. Should you not at this time
losiro to nnswor tho quostion heroin
asked, I shall consider that 'a privilege.,
under tho circumstances, proporly
"Boliovo mo to ho, ns ovor, your
friend and wall wisher.
0. J. SMITH,"
Governor West's Beply.
Replying to this mid making an
nouncement of his determination not
to bo a candidate for ro election the
Governor wrltos:
IINITKD rilHSS I.BitSHI) Willi!.)
Sun Francisco, Jan. 21, Aftor wal
'iowing about In the trough of tho heavy
sens off Point lionlta all night, the
steam schooner Flir.ubeth, carrying nine
passengers and a crew of II), was towed
into port here today by the tug Fearless
none tho worse fur her experience, The
Kll.abeth was stripped of its propollor
at o:H0 o'clock yosterilay afternoon.
Captain Olson Immediately dropped
anchor and with a Bingle chain holding
aguinst tho strain of a rising gale,
signalled for help.
Tho Fearless renehod the Elizabeth's
side about midnight but Captain Olson
refused to nudangnr tlio lives of his pas
sengers and crew by attempting to
transfer them to the lifeboats In the
heavy seas. It was not until 4 o'clock
this morning thnt the Fearless succeed
ed In getting a line uhonrd. Then be
gan the tow Into port, the vossols ar
riving here about 10 o'clock,
Miss llcmsio Mott and Mrs. Brenner
of llnndon, Oregon, were the only wo
men passetignrs aboard. They were
none the worse for their experience
and hoth were loud In their prnlse of
the able seamanship of Captain Olson.
Halem, Mass., Jan. 24. William M.
Door, of Stockton, Cel.,, was sentenced
yesterday to be electrocuted some time
during tho week of Wort h 22 for the
murder of George E. Marsh, a retired
"Dr. C. J. Smith,
"Broadway Building,
"Portland, Oregon. '
"My Dear Friend:
"I am in receipt of yours of yester
day asking if It were my Intention to
stand as a candidate for re-election
and stating you would probably enter
the primaries as a candidate should I
not make the race. In reply will say
that, while I groatly appreciate your
kind offer of support, I cannot toe my
way clear to become a candidate and
torosted in the protection of tho home
and fireside. Law enforcement, and
economy in state, county and municipal
government, should bo the battle cry.
"Again thanking you for your kind
offer of support and for many past
favors, I am,
"Yours sincerely, ,
Smith Announces Himself,
Portland, Or., Jan. 24. Following, s
dofinite statoment by Governor West
that ho would not be a candidate for
re-oloction, Dr. C. J. Smith, of Port
land, today announced his candidacy
for tho Democratic nomination for gov
ernor at tho coming primaries.
Dr. Smith stated that if Governor
West had decided to make the race he
would not himself become a candidate.
Washington, Jan. 24. President Wil
son received today a money ordor for
00 from lain Winters, a pupil in
tin fifth grade of the Lincoln school
at Anaconda, Mont. It represented
nickels and dimes saved by Isis and
his school mates. An accompanying'
letter said the contribution was to be
applied to the fund for the Japanese
earthquake sufferers.
'A lot of us fellows," wrote Isis,
"cut out the movies iu order to con
tribute tho fund."
Olympla, Wash,, Jan. 24. Tho iu
promo court today set aside the recent
order of the public, service commission,
requiring the salo of six tickets for a
quarter, or 0 for tl, ou the Bt-attlo
street car linen.
Tho court rules thnt this is a rate
case, and thnt the cniiimissiou has no
power to order lower rates without
making a physical valuation.
Athens, .Inn. 24. A severe earth
quake occurred yesterday at Lcpsnte.
Almost every house In the town wbs
damaged and the fortress partially
wrecked, but nobody was Injured.
Irftpnnto, or Nnupaktos Is a seaport
on the Gulf of Corinth, with a popula-
Salem, Jan. 23,
J tion of about 3000.