Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 07, 1914, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    7A0S VIVE
Protection and January
Flan Is For Lawson to Wholly With
Marion County Communities Interested
draw From Scene of Action To
night and Let Sheriff Do It.
In Flan to Issue $800,000 In
Good Roads Bonds.
A Plain R
Pretty Dainty
Night Gowns
Values up to $1.50
, Now
98c each
Long Muslin
Trimmed Neatly in Em
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ing and also guessing. And neither
least nor lost was a horn, a horn with
ft voice like the last trump and a dis
cordant screech that would wake tho
dead and then break up tho wake. It
was in evidence even-time it should not
have been, and will be remembered
long. But it was not all a jolly and a
convivial time for thoro was a serious
side to it.
Favors One Open Bar.
Mr. Dooley in the person of Fred
Bynon, told of tho visit of the Cher
rians to Pendleton, in his inimitable
way, and ho wws followed by Rev. H.
E. Marshall, who spoke on the visit of
the CherriaiiB to the Panama exposi
tion in 1015. He suggested that as he
was a Baptist it appealed to him to take
tho water route in making this visit,
and chartering a Btcamer, which would
be anchored in front of the exposition
grounds and which would show the
world that Oregon had a seaport. He
spoke eloquently of the necessity of the
whole, state standing firmly behind
Portland and making, it the great sea
port of the northwest. He said he
voted dry, but tho Columbia bar was
one he wanted kept wide open. He was
enthusiastically Applauded. Walter
Winslow told in a catchy way of the
kangaroo court on the train on the wa7
home from Portland and proved himself
an interesting story teller.
Kay Is Optimistic.
State Treasurer Kay in speaking of
the Cherrians as boosters spoke of the
immense good the organization had al
Safety Travel Comfort
Eastern Trips
Arranged to your satisfaction by
any representative of
Oregon Electric Ry.
y oanoa IV
Through tickets sold
Reservations made
Baggage checked
Itineraries prepared
I 2 North Bank Limited Trains I
Electrio lighted, perfectly ap
pointed, from Portland daily
Via 8. P. S. along the scenic
Columbia shore to Bpokane;
Great Northern; Northern Ps
clfio and Burlington route to
Eastern points.
Twin Cities, Chicago, Milwaukee,
St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha,
Denver. Details furnished by
C. E. ALBIN, General Agent,
Salom, Oregon
10 PER CENT to 50
45 and 50-inch
Embroideries in
Voile and Crepes
$1.00 values, yard 79c
85c, values, yard 64c
ready done. How they had eliminated
jealousies and made the whole valley
friends. He also pointed out what this
would result in in the future. His re
marks were optimistic and the applause
that greeted his-closing showed that his
idea wns heartily indorsed. Hon. Chas.
L. McNarv spoko in his usual happy
style of King Bing, and although tho
program suggested parenthetically that
ho should "give him h 1" he refrained
and really let the king off on a light
sentence and an insufficient reprimand.
John D. Turner confined his remarks
to "The Salem Cocktail extra dry,"
but as he knows nothing of tho subject
except ns an attorney and in an advis
ory way, we refuse to say what he said
because it is only hearsay evidence.
The king indulged in a few words
from the throne, and "the night off"
was off, except the initiation of candi
dates of which the scribe knows naught.
It was simply groat.
Committee's Splendid Work.
The story of the most BiiccesBful ban
quet ever given in the city would not
be complete, however, without special
mention of the splendid work dono by
the committee, George II. Graves, W.
M. Hamilton and-E. F. Slade, on whose
shoulders foil the responsibility of the
occasion. The perfoctness of detail and
the well arranged and always new
stunts wore works of real creative
genius. On top of all this Graves had
to stand for all the things tho king and
anyone else had to put on him. We con
gratulate him on the fact ho had little
curiosity, and so refused to open the
nice little present handed him him by
His Royal Gazooks, after a grandilo
quent oration Betting forth the Cher
rians' appreciation of his and his fel
low committeemen's splendid work.
The present contained a miniature Ga
tun dam explosion, or at least as much
as would be left with the flatun omit
ted. However, the king did not say a
word too much in praiso of tho commit
tee's work, even though it was told
rather floreseentlv.
Monday afternoon unaminniisly and
enthusiastically by rising vote, the fol
lowing self-explanatory resolutions were
Hnlem, Ore, ,TRn. 5, 1H14
To the Honorable Oswald West,
Governor or Oregon.
Dear Sir,
We, the Ministerial Union of Salem,
Oregon, in regular weekly session, wish
to express to you our sincere appre
ciation of your courageous and manly
efforts to enforce the laws of this stale
for the protection of the citizens of
Coperfield, Oregon, against the law
lessness of the licensed mloon, and
pledge you our loyal support and so
far as lies within our power, tho sup
port of the church we have the honor
to represent.
fcniTso rstss ijiasco wins 1
New York, .Inn. 7. Judge Mnlpne
in the court of fleueral Sesions hns to-
day hell that Mrs. Ida Von Clausscii
was insane and ordered her to Mattes
wan. Mrs. Von flausscn created a sen
sation several years sgo by threaten
ing Colonel Roosevelt, then president.
Men's Clothing
A Large Assort
ment now at
Extra Special
Cooper's Spring Needle
Knit Wool Underwear
now $1.10
More recently sho wrote threatening
ly to a New York city official.
Washington, Jan. 7. Presidential
Secretary Tumulty received a tologriun
from Cary T. GrayBon, President Wil
son's mcdicnl attendant, today saying
the chief executive, again in excellent
health, will leave Pass Christian Sun
day night, his vacation ended,, and ar
rive in Washington some time next
It Proves That There's a Way Out for
Many Suffering Salem Folks. '
Just another report of a case in Sa
lem. Another typical case. Kidney
ailments relieved in Salem with Dean's
Kidney Pills.
F. A. Sutton, tent and awning dealer,
Salem, Oregon, says: "I had kidney
trouble and rheumatism for ten years
and sometimes I was laid up. Doctors
did not help me. Sharp pains extended
through my back and were most sovero
in my kidneys. Often when working, I
had to give up I lost weight and was
in very poor health. I had headaches,
resteil but little at night and didn't
know what to do. On a friend 'b ad
vice, I tried Doan's Kidnoy Pills and
to my surprise, they brought a groat Im
provement in a few days. I continued
to get bettor steadily. I got more sleep,
my appetite improved and the pains
gradually, but surely, left me. After I
had used three boxes of Doan's Kidney
Pills, 1 was in better health than I had
been for ten years and not a sign of
kidney complaint remained. The cure
has been permanent. I gladly confirm
the endorsement I gave Doan 's Kidney
Pills several years ago."
Price 60c at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidnoy remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the snmo that
Mr, Hut ton had. FosterMilburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
All Patent
or medicines
advertised in
this paper are
for sale at
Drug Store
The only cash drug store in Oregon,
owes no one, and no one owes It; car
ries large stock) Its shelves, counters
and show eases are loaded with drugs
medicines, notions, toilet articles,
wines and liquors of all kinds for mo
diclnnl purposes. I)r. Stone is a regu
lar graduate In medicine and has lind
ninny yenrs of experience in the prac
tice. Consultation are free. Prescrip
tions are "free, and only regular pries
for medicine. Dr. Stone ran be found
at his drug store, Salem, Ore., from 7
In the morning until B at night. Fres
del'.very to all part of the city.
Mall orders for any drug, medicine,
patent medicine or notion will be for
warded by parcel post on receipt of
price In postage stamps and from 1 to
10 cents 1e stamps to cover postsge.
State Will Face Action For Confiscating
Liquor Supply But No More Ser
ious Result Expected.
Huntington, Or., Jan. 7. The Baker
county war is over. Colonel Lawson
sent the detachment of the Third in
fantry, Portland, that has been waiting
over in Huntington since Monday night,
back home last night, and there is a
strong possibility that every guards
man in Baker county, sent here as a re
sult of the Copporfield lawlessness,
will be out ot the county tonight. Col
onel Lawson, Attorney Frank Collier,
for Governor West, and Sheriff Band,
of Baker county, left this morning for
Corlperfietd, ' and when they return on
tonight's train, Colonel Lawson hopes
to bring with him the guard he left in
Copperfield Monday morning.
Sheriff Rand and Colonel Lawson
have discussed the Baker county situa
tion at length, and the Bheriff stands
ready to do his part in keeping order in
Copperfield. In fact, so satisfactory iB
the agreement reached botween Rand
and Lawson that it is likely the sheriff
will appoint a deputy to maintain ordor
at Copperfield, and the situation will
be loft in Bis hands, with perhaps a
special agent of the governor on hand
occasionally; .-to keep an eyo out for
law violations.
Injunction Suit Continued.
Collier succeeded in obtaining a con
tinuance of the Injunction suit against
Governor West, Miss Forn Hobbs, Col
onel Lawson and others until Saturday,
and the contempt proceedings instituted
against Lawson for ignoring tho court's
injunction against removing liquors from
Copperfield will be dropped altogether,
so that Lawson can visit Baker county
without fear of arrest at the hands of
the civil authorities. Tho slate will face
an action for damages for removing
Copperfield 'b liquor supply, without the
consent of tho owners, but nothing moro
serious is npt to result from tho gover
nor's "invasion" of Bnker county.
Colonel Lawson will probably visit
Baker and several smaller cities of the
county to round up gambling devices
and warn saloon keepers not to violate
tho Sunday closing, selling liquor to
minors and to habitunl drunkards laws.
Hopes for Surrender,
Colonel Lawson and Attorney Collier
have hopes that the old city council of
Copperfield, deposed by Colonel Law
son, when he and Miss HobbB took pos
session of the place last Friday, will be
induced to resign peaceably today and
give way to a new lot of city officials,
to be chosen at a special election. If
this is not dono, it is probnblo the city
government will hnve to be left in the
hands of the citizens' tbmmittee, ap
pointed by Lawson, for the present,
which would necessitate the mainte
nance of at least nominal martini law
in the district until such time as the
eloction could be held.
If Cnptnin Mctcalf and his militia
men return with Lawson and Rand to
night they will be sent on to Portland
at oneo, whilo Lawson will go to Bnker
to look over the conditions of that city,
and await the hearing of the Injunction
suit Saturday.,
Sao Paolo, Brazil, Jan. 7. Tho In
corporadora eoniany failed today. It
had business affiliations with 40 banks
some of which, It was believed would bo
dragged down with it.
Sick Headache, Bad Breath, Sour Btom-
ach. Mean Liver tnd Bowels
Cloggod Clean Up Tonight..
Get s 10-cciit box now.
Furred tongue, bad taste, indigestion,
sallow skin and miserable headaches
come from a torpid liver and clogged
bowols, which cause your stomach to
become filled with undigested food,
which sours and torments like garbage
in a swill barrel. That's the first step
to untold misery indigestion, foul gas
es, bad breath, yellow skin, mental
fear, everything that is horrible and
nauseating. A Cascaret tonight will
give your constipated bowels S thor
ough cleansing and straighten you out
by morning. They work whilo you
slee a 10-eent box from your druggist
will keep you feeling good for month.
Millions of men and women take a Cas
caret now and then to keep their stoin-
ach, liver and bowels regulated, and
never know a miserable moment. Don't
forget tho childrentheir little itisidos
need a good, gentle cleansing, too.
All Those Who Are Interested In Flan
To Issue Bonds Invited to Be
Present Here Tonight.
The Salem Commercial club was in
communication yesterday with all the
principal cities and towns of Marion
county, advising them as to the pro
posed $800,000 roads bonds. Eight of
the principal towns gave the scheme
their hearty ce-operation and promised
to send representatives from their com
mercial organizations to meet the board
of governors of the local organization
at the club rooms tonight.
The fact was emphasized that this
was not a loealbut a country-wide move
ment, and that the money will be used
not for the benefit of any particular
community, but for Marion county as a
whole. : The towns in the north end of
the county were especially enthusiastic
over the scheme, and stated that good
roads was an imperative need In that
locality. -
' If it is decided to put the scheme un
der way, the election will be called un
der the recently-passed county bound
ary law, which permits any county to
issue road bonds to 2 per cent oi its as
sessed valuation.
Those back of the movement are plan
ning a short, brisk campaign, which
will enlist the co-operation of all the
county and bring home to every voter
the pressing need of better roads for
Marion county.
All good roads enthusiasts are urged
to be present at tho commercial club
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win, tho law after mentioning some otb
er things says: "Any officer (oxcept
some named) who shall willfully negloet
or refuse to perform such duty, or ser-
vico to tho injury of anyone, or the
nuiifest hindrance or obstruction of
public justice or business, whether such
lmurv. hindrance or obstruction was
particularly intended or not, such offi
cer upon conviction thoroof Bhall be
punished by imprisonment in the coun
ty jail not less than three months, nor
more than one year, or by fine of not
less than TO nor more than inOO, or
hy dismissal from office with or with
out either of such punishments."
Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 7. Mrs. Mar
garet Armstrong Howpll, former
wealthy business womnn and philan
thropist of Spokane, who was known as
"Tho Helen Gould of tho northwest,"
secured a divorce horo today from Geo.
Howoll on tho ground of cxtromo cruel
ty. She did not ask alimony. A for
mer attempt to securo her freedom, at
San Diego in 1011, failed, tho court re
fusing to annul her marriage. On thnt
occasion Mrs. Howell charged ,that her
husband had hypnotized her.
Rehearsals of the Klks' big musical
comedy, "Tho Band From Amster
dam," are in progress at tho Flks' club
'every afternoon and ovenlng, with a
singing anil dancing chorus of 30 people
and a cast of 14 principles. Tho com
mittee on' arrangements, composed of
Graham P. Taber, chairman, Fred R.
Bynon and Frank Meredith, hns com
pleted all arrangements for tho pro
duction to bo staged at tho Grand thea
tre Momlny and Tuesday, Jnnunry 10
and 20.' The talont committee, com
posed of Harry Wcnderoth, Harry
Wcldemer, Oliver Meyers, Arthur Wal
lace and Dan Jangcnhorg, have been
most successful In securing the desired
singers and pomedians of fhe city for
the company, Several favorites ot past
successes, a well as ninny new faces,
will be seen this year, and, ns tho pro
duction I the most pretentious of any
show the Klks have yet staged, all are
confident thnt another new record will
be established for local theatrical In
Salem. The Elks' show has become an
annual event here, as It ha In other
cities throughout the country and each
year their friends and patrons are treat
ed to a higher clns performance thnn
the one preceding. Tt I an event In
which all clauses tnkn a deep Interest
and locnl pride. It is the only produc
tion of the year thnt plays to crowded
houses at every performance, This ctnss
of entertainment will always thrive In
progressive community for the direct
benefit derived by the participants and
the wholesome entertainment afforded
1 lni, patron. All success to tho Klks'
' (how.
for a Sale
Our business never was better, therefore we are not conducting this
sale as a so-called "stimulator" or for any other reason, but just TO
ITo do this we must reduce our enormous stock. The workmen cannot
proceed unless we accomplish this. Customers, old and new, are taking
advantage of this
Great Alteration Sale
and we shall continue to make reductions until we HAVE THE ROOM
Every article in the store, with
out a single exception, re
duced at least
Every man's and boy's suit and
overcoat reduced
A Few Men's Suits
AH broken lines of men's, wo
men s and children
All coatings and novelty suit
ings reduced from
All Remnants Half Price
Various lines throughout the OA OA . .
store reduced from LU lO )U )T CCIlt
Remember, there is a reason
for this sale
Now York, Jan. 7. The curroncy or
ganization coiiiinitteo mot here again
today. Socretary of the Treasury Mc
Adoo and Secretary of Agriculture
Houston wore present.
George F. Bnker, presidont of the
First National Bank of Now York and
Charles Subin, of tho Guaranty Trust
company, testified. Both favored in
cluding Now England, New York and
Northern Now Jorscy in the eastorn
federal reserve systoin. Baker said he
thought Philadelphia and Pittsburg
should be included in this system, but
Subin was not so sure of this.
Baker believed a bank big enough to
handle any situntion and one command
ing the respect and confidence of bank
ing interests ought to bo located here
and capitalized at about 2SS0(10,000.
Secretaries McAdoo and Houston will
leave for Boston tomorrow, and will
hold several meetings there.
Stophon Baker, president of the Bunk
of Manhattan, favored reserve banks in
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, At
lanta, St, Louis, Chicngo, Minnenpolis
and ono on tho Pacific cast. Ho fa
vored Philadelphia over Washington
and Bultlmore.
James Mnrtindnln, president of the
Chemlcnl National Bank, did not think
eight banks were necessary. He sug
gested that a bank in New York, with
branches !n Boston and Philadelphia,
could take care of the entire east.
All witnesses were agreed thnt the
The "Minaret" Lady Doll
If w
im is inches Vr
The Style Shop
115 Masonic Temple
10 per cent
20 percent
Left at Half Price
l20 per cent
- OA i pA .
tO Oil DCf Cdlt
j New York reserve bank should have
tho greatest capital.
! Washingon, Jau, 7. "A great step
! forward," was the' way Secretary of
, Comoree Dedfield referred here yester
day to the profit sharing jdan ofithe
Ford Motor company of Detroit !' by
which the minimum wage of it em
ployes Is to bo $5 daily.
"Some people say," said Redfield,.
"that the Ford company cannot offerd
to do that. Such talk is foolish."
"I see in the Ford announcement
as in the removal of members of the
firm of J. P, Morgan & Co., from a
number of directortatcs a great step
forward. It is a social advance and
ono realizing the value of men which
niny be, and I hope Is, epochal. One
must not dismiss the details of such a
plan because this may only bo done by
one knowing tho details of business,
but tho broad principle involved that
of recognizing tho essential value of
men and the equity of appraising that
value at its true worth is entirely
limiTSD r-Buss uiam wins. '
' New York, Jan. 7. Al Jennings, the
former outlaw, announced here today
his eandidney for tho democratic nom
ination for governor of Oklahoma.
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