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    EcSStorial Page oi The Salem Capital journal
JAN. 7, 1914
The Capital Journal
The Barnes -Taber Company
GRAHAM P. TABER, Editor ana Manager.
An Independent Newspaper Devoted to American Principles and the Progress
and Development of Salem in Particular and All Oregon in General.
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Main 82.
OWING to the intense interest just now in the Copperfield affair, we re
print a portion of the opinion ofJustice Cooley in the case of the
state of Michigan against the governor, as printed in the 29 Michigan,
321. Justice Cooloy among other things said:
"Our government is one whose powers have been carefully apportion
ed between three distinct departments, which emanate alike from the people,
have their powors alike limited and defined by the constitution, are of equal
dignity and within their respective spheres of Actions equally indopendont. One
makos the laws, another applies the laws in contested cases, while tho third
must sco that the laws are executed. This division is accepted as a necessity -in
all free governments, and the very apportionment of power to on depart
ment is understood to be a prohibition of its exercise by either of the others.
Tho executive is forbidden to exorcise judicial power by tho same implication
which for bids the courts to tako upon themselves his duties.
"It is true that neither of the departments can operate in all respects in
dependently of tho others, and thiiit what are called tho checks and balances of
government constitute each a restraint upon tho rost. The legislature pre
scribes rules of action for the courts, and in nvnny particulars may increase or
diminish their jurisdiction; it also, in many cases, may prescribe rules for exec
utive action, and. impose duties upon, ortako powers from the governor while in
turn the governor may veto legislative acts, and the courts may declare them
void where they conflict with the constitution, notwithstanding, after having
been passed by the legislature, they have received the governor's approval.
But in each of these cases tho action of of the department which controls,
modifios, or in any manner influences that of another, is had strictly within
its own sphere and for that reason gives no occasion for conflict, controversy
or jealousy. Tho legislature in prescribing rules for tho courts, is acting with
in its proper province in malting laws, while tho courts, in declining to en
force an unconstitutional law, nro in liko manner acting within their projier
province, because they are only applying that which is law to the contro
versies in which they are called upon to give judgement. It is mninly by
means of theso checks and balances that the officers of the several depart
ments are kept within their jurisdiction, and if they nro disregarded in any
case, ami power is usurped or abused, the remedy is by impeachment and not
by another department of tho government attempting to correct the wrong by
asserting, a superior authority over that which by tho constitution is its equal.
"It line long been a maxim In this country that tho legislature cannot
dictate to the courts what their judgements shall be, or set. aside or alter
such judgements after they have been rendered. If it could, constitutional
liberty would cease to exist; and if the legislature could in like manner over
ride oxecutivo action also, tho government would become only a despotism
under popular forms. On the other hand it would lie readily eoueodod that no
court can compel tho legislature to make or refrain from making laws, or to
meet or adjourn at its command, or to take any action whatsoever, though
the duty to take it be made over so clear by tho constitution or tho laws. In
those cases tho exemption of the one department from the control of tho
other is not only implied In the framework of government, but is indispens
ably necessary if any useful apportionment of power is to exist.
"The appointment of power, authority and duty to the governor, is either
made by the people in the constitution, or by the legislature in making laws
under it; and tho courts, when the apportionment bus been made, would be
presumptions if they should assume to declare that a particular duty assigned
to tho governor is not. essentially executive, but is of such inferior grade and
importance as pro)orly to pertain to some inferior office, and consequently,
for the purposes of their jurisdiction, tthe courts may treat it precisely as if
an Inferior officer had been required t0 perform it. To do this would bo not
only to question the wisdom of tho constitution or the laws, but also to assert
a right to make the governor the passive instrument of the judiciary in exe
fitting its mandate within the spore of his own duties. Wore tho courts to
go so far, they would break away from those checks and balances of govern
ment which were meant to bo checks of co-operation, and not of antagonism
or mastery, and would concentrate in tl(,ir own hands something at least of
tho power which tho people, either dinvtly or by tho action of their rep
resentatives, divided to entrust to the other departments of tho govern,
The printing of stories as to the rollulr(allo markmanship of Col. Law
son and the militia boys with him, give, a touch of comic, opera to tho Copper
field war.
The offer made to Sheriff Band by;OVemor West Tuesday does not seem
a very hard one to comply with, and it should be accepted by him. If the
dove of peace can be made to again flutter her white wings over our groat
slAto simply by the appointment of Mr. 8nodgrass to the position of deputy
sheriff without pay, then sheriff Rand should by all means nwtke tho appoint
ment, aud let her flutter.
Kmile IWhampa says tho Americau woman is defective in her education,
Indelicate in the matter of love, ami shocking iu her pursuit of a husband.
Aside from that, however, she is all right.
Lincoln Ueachy hits succeeded In looping the loop In his aeroplane six times
in one day., Most newsers have It.aehy's obituary notice In type.
Tho debate whether it should be parcel post or parcels post was settled by
tho letter oarriers at Christmas time. It is parcels post.
Portland, Or., dan. 7. Dismayed at
fruitless efforts to secure employment,
and faced the possibility of having to
entertain his sweetheart, Miss Marie
Fenwlck, of Hoed Hiver, without funds,
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
'Want" Ads. and
Harold A. Lalhrop, aged 21. traded his
watch for a cheap gun, then selected
su Isolated place on the east side and
shot himself through the heart. His
liody was found yesterday. UtJirop'i
mother lives at Poiueroy, Washington.
Important Reform Measures Will Be
Pushed at This Session of New
York's Legislature.
Hinted That Democratic Minority Will
Join With Independents in Making
Trouble for G. O. P.
Albany, Jan. 7. With a well bossed
Tammany Senate glaring across the cor
ridor at a defiant Republican assembly,
the New York legislature of 1914 con
vened here today. It is the first New
York legislature that ever had an im
peached governor in its membership,
and the first that has had a free lance
assembly, although the republicans
elected a majority of the mombers.
The republicans had looked forward
to this session as an opportunity for
them to enact such progressive meas
ures as workmen's compensation, di
rect primaries and reform ballot. A re
publican conference in New York
pledged the assemblymen to those
measures, but the democrats forestalled
tho gathering of these political am
munition by passing these same pro
gressive bills during the final days of
the special session of the democratic
Former Governor Sulzer now an as-
somblyman, bears the unique distinc
tion of being virtually "a man with
out a party." Ho cast off the demo
crats following his impeachment and
was elected to the assembly on the pro
gressive ticket. Tho progressives, how
ever, have not included him in their
conferences and have not numbered him
as among those' to bo relied upon by
their party.
Just where and when the trouble will
begin is tho problem. Former Governor
Sulzer is apt to vie with Assemblyman
llinmnn in getting in a stiff resolution
to investigate everything democratic
and Hininaii wants especially to dig in
to the expenditure of the millions that
have failed to furnish the barge canal.
Sulz.er wants most of nil a general un
covering of Tammany Unit's use of
money at elections but is not averse to
any inquiry that would show up any
It is hinted that the democratic min
ority will join with the independents
to do anything that will make real re-
publican trouble, but this feature of the
session will develop as opportunity of
Oppose Investigation.
At tho outset the Tenders will try
to stave off the immediate introduction
of investigation resolutions. They pre
fer to have but few and these deadly,
but admittedly it will be hard to hold
back Sulzer and several more of the
determined independents.
Tho senate although powerfully of
tho Tammany persuasion is disposed to
be really good. With tho governor and
with fear to do otherwise it fairly we
squared accounts with the people by the
reform legislation put through at the
close of the extra session. Now it sees
no renl reason for legislation unless the
governor has something further in
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guard constantly against kidney trouble
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filter acid which tho kidneys strive to
filter out, they weaken from overwork,
become sluggish; the eliminative tis
sues clog and the result is kidney trou
bio, bladder wcakucs and a general
decline In health.
When your kidneys feel like lumps
of lead; your back hurts if the urine
is cloudy, full of sediment or you are
obliged to seek relief two or three times
during the night; if you suffer with
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when the weather is bad, get from your
pharmacist about four ounces of Jad
Sills; tnke a tablespoon in a glass of
water before breakfast for a few days
anil your kidneys will theu act fine.
This famous suits is made from the acid
of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with liihln, and has been used for gen
erations to flush and stimulate clogged
kidiieysy; to neutralise tho acids In the
urine so it no longer is a source of ir
ritation, thus ending bladder disor
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mind. Of course the usual "rcmilar
bills" will be introduced and very likely
these will come in early. Otherwise
the Benate expects simply to keep an eye
on the assembly and be prepared at all
times to do the governor's bidding.
Since Governor Glynn is out to make
a record and has declared that ho will
advise the legislature by message from
time to time, rather than hand out ev
erything at once dgvelopments will have
to bo awaited from this source also.
Tho governor has to make several of
tho most important appointments in the
gift of the executive and Tammany has
long been nnxious to know his choice.
Governor Glynn has declared for a
short session and few appointments,
Champaign, III., Jan, 7. A denom
inational religious department in con
nection with a state university is tho
unique scheme being perfected today
by Methodist leaders of Illinois hero,
Within a few months the Wesley foun
dation will consist of a $200,000 en
dowment fund for this purpose, accord
ing to announcement of Executive Sec.
retary McGannon today.
Tho Wesley foundation is incorpora
ted under he laws of Illinois. Courses
in religions instruction by prominent
Methodist devincs and theologians will
be offered to regular students of the
university, and due credit given by
the university for the work done. Bach
elor's degrees will be given for courses
combined from the Methodist depart'
ment and other departments of tho ti n i
vcrsity. The foundation fund and the super
vision of the courses is in the hands
of a bonrd of thirteen trustees. The
officers of the board are Bishop W, F.
McDowell, Chicago, chairman; District
Superintendent F. B. Madden, Cham
paign, vice-chairman; Jessie B. Dan
ley, of (,'hieatio, secretary; and Dr. C. B.
Taylor, of Champaign, treasurer.
A local executive committee, with res
idence at the university, consists of
John W. Stljies, F. n. Boggs, F. F, Mad
den, James C. Baker and J. W. Van
Cleave, all leading Methodist ministers
in tho state.
rrxtTun rsKns Lsn wmi.l
Home, Jan. ".-Italian suffragists to
day launched a new movement for the
wresting of the rit'ht of suffrage from
tho present parliament. Since the
( death two years ago of Lady Marescottl
the founder of the movement and who
all but succeeded In attaining tho desir
ed end, the movement in Italy has been
procticslty dead. Now the women have
grounds for hoK. During the recent
elections, the socialists having declared
for women's suff raire, the women today
an active part iu their support. They
were Instrumental In Increasing the
socialistic block In parliament from
25 to SO. Premier Ololltti is dend
ent on the socialists for his ma jority In
parliament and In return for this it Is
necessary for him to concede to the
socialists certain legislation which they
dim The women have already
charged a committee of the latter with
ftie drawing up of the suffrage bill
whlih they will have Introduced.
rNtTin ruu ijassd wisa.1
Rome, Jan, 7. "Grand Prix ds
Rome" formerly the most, coveted art'
prize in the world Is not as desirable
now as it used to be. The winning of
it entitled the art'st. sculptor or paint
er, as the cc may be to spend three
years at the famous French academy in
the Villa Medici at Rome, which is
High standard quality,
worth up to $15, $18
and $20; all new shades
Prices now
now under the direction of Besnard,
the famous French artist. It has just
boon decided that in the future the
"pensioners" will not bo allowed to
marry as tho big villa has not the ac
comodations necessary for the domestic
happiness of tho students. Exceptions
will be made, however, by tho French
Minister of I'ublic Instructions, when
tho case seems to warrant it.
foNiTsn pnsss iaabkd wihc
Chehalis, Wash., Jan. 7. The electric
line between Chehalis and (Vntralia
has suspended operations today as tho
result of the worst flood in this vicin
ity for years. Tho tracks are partially
submerged. The jnill dam at Doty
went out today and 4,000,000 feet of
cedar logs valued at $40,000 swept
everything before them. It is expected
that a boom at Littell will save tho
logs from being lost. The telegraph
wires to South Bend wero down. No
northbound trains on the Northern Pa
cific, or Oregon and Washington arrived
here todav.
Wright I havo half a mind to be
come a newspaper man.
Penman Oh, you'll need more mind
than that.
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j The big storm cut Bay City off the
At Portland when the new registra- map Monday, and it will be without
tion books were opened Monday, 420 communication for several days,
rogistcred that day. As there are about j
150,000 to register in the county, and j Captain Charles Wickstram, first of
as the registration closes May 1, it will ficer of the bar dredge Chinook, died!
be seen that if all register that at least very suddenly at his home in Astoria.
2000 must register every day, as there Monday.
are only about 72 days in which the
books are open.
Ij, M. Curl is now the mayor of Al
bany, he talking office Monday night,
He succeeds Mayor P. D. Gilbert, who
has held tho office for. two years.
j According to Bridge Commissioner
Hart, one of those in charge of the
construction of the Portland-Vancouv-
' er bridge, he has been offered bribes
, by at least three firms who wanted to
I buv his vote.
I The Oregon Pacific & Eastern rail
road, operating 20 miles of road from
Cottage Orove into the timber and Bo
hemia mining district, has secured a
loan of ri00,00fl, which will be used
in betterments.
At Corvallis Monday, Edith Hill
Boak, president of the Women's State
Christian Temperance Uunon, in an ad
dress, stated that In 1014 the state of
Oregon would Tie dry, and that in 1020
the Vnited States would also be dry.
Lloyd H. Wilkins. convicted of the
murder of Lou L. Winters, at Fortland.
was Monday sentenced to be banged
March 24.
Yegirmen blew the safe of the Bow
mnn Bros. store In Tortlsnd, Monday
morninir. and got sway with "00 in
cash, 200 in jewelry and 10 In
The last grading camp on the rail
road between Maplcton and Acme has
closed down, and the grading on the
Willamette-Pacific line from Eugene to
Coos Bay has been finished as far '
Acme, with the exception of two short Canse it darkens the hair beautifully
pieces, one at Maplcton and the other Rnl removes dandruff, stops scalp Itch
at Point Terrace sawmill. Jug and falling hair; besides, no one-
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An observer of Christmas trade at urnlly and evenly. You moiston a
Ah'nnd reports that the popular i'i'onge or soft brush with it, drawing
taste in nifts ran largely to articles of this through the hair, taking one small
furniture and ether such useful thine,
Also, trade wsa better than lat year.
The mining industry in Baker conn-
ty. the Pemoerat claim, closes the year
with a record of gold output greater
All new, bought at 60c
on the dollar. Values
up to $12, $15, and $20
now only
than for 10 years past and with an ex
ceedingly bright outlook for 1914.
Portland. Or., Jan. 7. An order re
straining the state railroad commission
' from enforcing its order of December
5 directing joint use of the one inter
communicating telephone system in the
Oregon hotel in Portland on the part,
of the Home Telephone company and"
the Pacific States Telephone and Tele
graph company is asked for in an in
junction suit by the latter company on
file In the United States district courts
Two violations of the federal consti
tutional are alleged in the complaint,
one being that the order is confiscat
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