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El Contro, Cal, Dec. 6. Exhausted
to the verge of collapse by a 48 bout
light over the desert, two young men
giving tho names of Paul Case and Tom
Green, declared by arresting officer,
to be the men who robbed tho I alo
Verde bank at Blythe of $5,000 and
"killed Cashier A. W. Bowles, are re
ceiving medical attention iu tho Im
perial county jail here today.
n l. - ,1 ,, f f tl.r. Inn lf An
, , . . ..
eye, wii".u nao "u - -
sockot by a thorn as he fled through
tV. MAn..;A hmali fnn nitrhf. nf thfl
' . . , , ...
robbery. He waa almost mad from the
. ...... - j 4 .
pain, but he had stoically refused to see
. . . .. -iv
n nhir. n an unin hm arrival here.
' rJ Thn AalMD
-ri, mM ,. nfl bv Kl Centre
officors in a -hotel. They were found ,
asleep. Beneath their pillows were thoir
revolvers aud $4,4C0 in gold.
Both men refused to discuss the
Tll.rthyi vnKVinpv n n.l mnrilr. but thfl
...I, ... f;.w rW ihev have
OULllt'llblia " - -J
captured the guilty men. They wore
trailed to Holtville, where thoy aban
doned their horses, which wore unable
to travel further, On foot thoy made
their way to El Centro.
Tho men declared that until recently
thoy wero employed as actors by the
"101 ranch," a motion picture outfit
near Los Angeles. They loft the picture
camp, thoy said, ft month ago, but re
fused to detail thoir movomonts.
Washington, Doc. 6. Delegates to
tho national suffragists' convention
hero did not want to bo unreasonable,
they said late yesterday, and inasmuch
as thuy were convinced President Wil
son really was' ill, they took no offonse
at his failure to receive the delegation
which called on him yostorday to ask
immediate adoption of equal rights as
an administration nicauro, ,
They did not propose, howovor, to,
abandon thoir attempt, and voted yos
cerday afternoon to await tho chief ex
ecutive's convenience and pleaosure to
present their petition.
Furthermore, thoy did not propose to
submit to any unreasonable delay, and
as a precaution against it, chose a com
mittoe of 55 to "camp on tho presi
dent's trail," as one of them oxpressod
Whnt they soplficnlly wanted was a
special presidential 'nuwago sent to
congress calling for a constitutional
amendment giving the vote to women,
ahead of all other business.
Bungalow Bargain
This wook only. I will offer for sale
my modern bungalow at sacrifice price,
1200 down, balance like tent. Price
1400, on paved street, close to car
$225 will buy a choice lot worth -100
near ft paved street.
Houses Sold on Easy Torms,
Vacant Lot on Easy Terms,
farms on Easy Tortus.
Small Tract on Easy Terms,
Ws Writ Insurance
Money to Loan
317 State Street
The good people of Salem Heights are
not sleeping. There wore 18 out to the
society at Mrs. Frod Thompson's Wed
nesday afternoon. The next society
will be at Mrs. F. A. Thompson's In
two wwki
Mrs. Perry has been visiting Mrs.
Klngsley for the last two days.
Mrs. Prey returned home Tuesday
after an extended visit east, Mr. Prey
is all smiles, but who blames himt
Mr. and Mrs. Hollyor entertained
eight) small boys at a dinner last Satur
day. The time wns spent iu playing
games. The bnvs thought they had the
time of their life,
Mrs. Ile-msley and daughter, Jnslo
left Monday afternoon for Prlnovllle,
Ore., to be gone until after the holi
days, They are visiting Mrs. llesm-
ley's daughter, Mrs. James Blnnchard.
Suffering Humanity Finds
thatrelief mustbefound for the illswhich may come any day,
elBe suffering is prolonged and there Is dungerthatffraver
trouble will follow. Most serious sicknesses start in disor
ders of the organs of digestion and elimination. Thebestcor
recti ve and prcventivo,in such cases, ia acknowledged to bo
Tin's standard homo remedy tones tho stomach, stimu
lates the sluggiwh liver, regulates tho inactlvo bowels.
Taken whenever thoro is need, Beecham's Tills will
spare you hours of suffering and so improve your
general health and strength that you can boUer
realist diaeaso. Tested by time, Beecham's Tills have
proved safe, certain, prompt, convenient and that they
Always Lead to Better Health
'flit dlrwibaM with Mafc Ihw kwM h
The Anna Hold All Star Variete
Tu h! In a ufiikIi OAmnt tft friA f.rfln1 OnArft
. .g fay John Coft
it producer to be the epitome and
climax of fine light entertainment as
it is now expressed and demanded of
the American stage. Beauty visualized
and heard a prime essential is sup
pliod to the ultimate limit; great music
. . ... -nnr.;v, tT.Aiunn.
of othor days and races but great
with the crowding needs of America,
, 1
lor here and now: great dancing dane-
, ...... , . . , . .
.ing that is the demonstrated racial ex-
prmsion of young America as witnossod
in the "yr measures of the tango,
the turkey trot, the hesitating waltz
' '
nu l-iiu um-Bi,ei ul uie Ruling biuiub.
humor that is wholesome, clean, irres
istable; mimicry that is definitely grace-
ful; physical effeciency as bestowed
"f00 th8 Kreatest acrobatj' ot the Dt
. . . . ., . , ,
mo liuiimu vuit-u ju uie laicst anu most
perfect eloquonce of appeal; these are
the salient features of tho advanced
American vaudovillo of which Anna
Hold's Variety Jubilee is offered as
the best example
Oeorgo Bcban and his snrimssing
players in the dainty dramatic, genre
"Tho Sign of tho Rose;" the Imper
ial Pekinese company of six incredibly
accomplished acrobats; Ilirschel Ilend
lor the puzzle of the musical critics,
a virtruoso of the piano and a innBter
mimmor combined; Ward and Curran,
tho emperork of laughter, in thoir
comedy sketch "That Torrible Judge."
Charles Ahearn and his 10 idiotically
funny burlcsquors of the modern speed
mania and Francis and Floretto, ad
mittedly the foremost dancing inter
preters of the twentieth-century passion
for sustained and deterred motion in
torpsichorean art. These notable feat
ures in sublimated fun and intimnte
beauty, hniwied by the exotic, splendor
of Anna Held and the lavish adornment
of modern fashion, and sot in tho glor-
if ioil stage pictures of modern stage
craft, tho Varioty Jubiloo is, at least,
a Blncero and notable challenge to
thnso who wish to laugh with shame
and to bo happy without being silly,
When the curtain raises next Tugs
day and Wednesday evenings on tho big
local production, "The Olrl of the
North," to bo given at the Ornnd for
two nights only, under tho auspices and
management of the Loyal Order of
Moose, it will start tho presentation of
ono of tho best and strongest plays on
tho stage today.
Tho scenes are laid in Northern Can
ada, and special lighting and. scenic ef
fects are being arrnngod to to pinko it
the more renlistie. Tho last act scene
which shows the, portago of tho Little
Bear rlvor just at sunset, Is an oxcep
tionally beautiful, setting, and a very
peculiar ending for tho piny, for Inter
night falls, and tho only light is from
the glow of tho "vamp riro. J Hon, as
that sputters and dies out, the last of
tho act is finished In total darkness.
A pimm cast has been selected and a
spociiil orchestra has been engnged to
furnish the music. Also a strong spe
cialty program has been worked up. A
program of tho same follows:
George Snyder, solo singing.
Miss Tearl Vercler, violin soloist.
"Biddy" Bishop, blackface act,
singing and dnnclng specialty, ten min
utes of fnn.
Oscar Steelhammer, trombone solo
ist. McNaughton and Berry, In their
comedy crossfire nktt called "Next,"
Miss Trlxlo Burkn, formerly of the
Alaskan Film Co., In her famous big
time act, "The Manicure (lirl."
Tho Balom quartet, In all tho Into pop
ular song hits.
Miss Margaret White, Rnlem'i clev
erest Ingenue, In a dainty singing and
dancing act, featuring Klslo .lanls'
great song hit, "May Be It's Another
Rehearsals are being held dally on
both the show and specialties, and the
naJ t sum 1
How to Detect the
Alum Baking Powder
"Which are the alum baking powders;
how can I avoid them unless they are named?'
asks a housekeeper.
Here is one way: take the can of a low
' priced powder in your hand and read the
ingredient clause upon the back label The
law requires that it the powder contains alum
that fact must be there stated. If you find
one of the ingredients named alum, or sul-
Jhate of aluminum, you have found an alum
aking powder.
There is another and a better way. You
don't have to know the names of the alum
powders. Use Royal Baking Powder only;
that assures you a cream of tartar powder,
and the purest and most healthful baking
powder beyond question.
Moose will not spare either time nor ex
pense to make the show the biggest and
best home talont production ever staged
in Salem, and the banner attraction of
the season.
When "Papo's Diapepsin" Beaches
Stomach All Indigestion, Gas and
Sourness Disappears.
You don't want a slow remedy when
your stomach is bad or an uncertain
ono or a harmful one your stomach
is too valuable; you mustn't injure it
with drastio drugs.
rape's Diapepsin is noted for its
speed in giving relief; its harmlossness;
its certain unfailing action in regulat
ing sick, sour, gassy stomachs. Its mil
lions of cureti in indigestion, dyspepsia,
gastritis and other stomach trouble has
made it famous tho world over.
Keep this perfect stomach doctor in
your home koop it handy get a large
50-cont case fro many drug store and
then if any one should eat something
which doesn't agree with thorn; if what
they eat lays like loud, formonts and
sours and forms gas; causes headache,
dizziness and nausea; eructations of
acid aid undigested food remember as
soon as Tape's Diapepsin comes in con
tact with tho stomach all such distress
vanlshos. Its promptness, certainty and
ease in overcoming the worst stomach
disorders is a revelation to those who
try it.
Burchnnal, Folk Dnnces.
Buxton, With the Bulgarian Staff.
Carlton, Now Lives for Old.
Carnegie, Gospel of Wealth.
Carnegie, Problems of Today.
Cather, O, Pioneers.
Cheyney, Short History of England.
Coo, Tho Spiritual Life.
Conklln, Conversation; What to Say
and How to Say It.
Drmnmond, Habitant and Other
French Toonis.
Drummond, Johnnie Courteau and
Other Poems.
F.sonwoln, Studying the Short Story.
Frederic, In tho Valley,
flalsworthy, Fraternity.
Henderson, Short History of Ger
Hill, Fighting a Fire.
Kerr, What Socialism Is.
King, The Development of llollglon.
Ross, Social Psychology.
Schovlll, Political History of Modorn
Shaw, Major Barbara,
Shaw, Man and Superman,
Shsw, You Never Can Toll.
Spargo, Tho Socialist.
Stnrbuek, Psychology of Religion.
Talbot, Moving Pictures; How They
Are Made and Worked.
Thatcher and Schwlll, Europe In the
Middle Ages.
Tridlnpe, Phlneas Finn.
Warde, Betty Wales and Co.
Warde, Betty Wales Decides.
Altsheler, Free Rangers.
Altsheler, Texas Scouts.
Browne, Granny 'a Wonderful Chair.
Harris, Pnelo Renins and the Little
St, John, Things a Boy Should Know
About Wireless.
M'itmi rKs t.Bsn wms.l
New York, Biv. (1. What was char
acterised as the most "progressive"
iisnembls je ever held by the Republicans
f New York stHto, met here yesterday
afternoon and unanimously adopted a
resolution pledging the Kepublicnn state
assembly, pKvted last November, to a
constitutional convention that will pass
an amcudiuont giving the state short
A man is never to old to learn. But
sometimes he Is too young.
(Continued from page 3.)
and that individual clubs consider sor
iously such stops for controling this
tendoncy as may be necessary for its
own community either through city or
dinance or othorwiso. Upon motion sub
stituto was adopted.
By Mrs. C. P. Edward, of Nowberg.
Resolved, that in the future thoclub
that entertains the Oregon Federation
of Woman 's club be expocted to fur
nish bed and breakfast only to all
delegates to the convention, excepting
the ' president, rocording and corres
ponding secretaries and treasurer of
tho federation. Upon motion, carried.
By Mrs. Trumbull, of Portland.
Resolved, that this federation instruct
the legislative committee to prepare
nn amendment to the law governing
admission to our State School for tho
Blind and provido also for a class in
industrial training for adult blind.
Recommend adoption. Carried.
By Mrs. M. L. T. Hidden, State
Woman's Press club.
That a committee on revision of con
stitution be appointed to roport at the
noxt sossion of federation. Recommend
adoption. Carried.
Your committee recommends that the
execntivo board bo Instructed to make
other plans for the reading of club re
ports nt convention, Upon motion, car
ried. "
By Mosilnmes Broyman, Fear and
Rankin, of Portland Woman's club,
Resolved, that the traveling oxponsos
of the president of the Oregon Feder
ation of Woman's clubs to the biennial
mootiijgs of the General Federation of
Woman 's clubs bo paid from the gonor
al fund of the Oregon Federation of
Woman's clubs. Recommend adoption.
Resolutions of appreciation aro here
with tendered by tho dolegates to tho
following: s
The Hood River Woman's club, The
various hostesses who entertained tho
Tho Tuesday Evening club, whoso
members served as ushers.
Tho high school students who served
s dges.
To Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Root, Mr.
William Chandler, Miss Carter and Miss
Ella Niehams, Mr. Wedymer.
Tho Hood River Commercial club,
for use of rooms.
The Ladies of the Unitarian church.
Business Men's association for street
Reverend E, A. Harris and Roverond
W. B. Young.
To tho press for a generous uso of
To tho gentlemen who gave the use
of their automobiles.
To the janitor of the Congregational
clinch for his untiring attention to
tint comfort of tho delegates. Respect
fully submitted.
Lenora It. Kerr, college of Folk club,
Corvallis; Rose Selling, council of Jew
ish women, Portland; Jennie Ioe Era
ser; Edna B, Palmer, Fortnightly club,
of Eugene; Neighborhood club, of Le
Grande; Millie It, Trumbull, of Port
land, chairman committee on resolu
(KNiTsn rsssa tio wins.
Washington, lee, 0. The house com
mit too on comniene approved bills this
after noon providing au appropriation
of llL0(0 fr four revenue cutters.
One of tho vessels, it was said, will be
kept on tho California, coast.
Hwnk!nn does nut cur ohllilirn of twd
wrlllus. Thfr Is a constitutional u
Air tills tmuhls, Mrs. M. Bummers, llos
W, Nutr Pants, 1ml., will scntl free to
uy mother her ucerntul bom trwtt
mrnt, with full Instructions. rml no
money, but write hr totty It jrour chil
itrn tmuliln yoti la this y. Dcn'l
blsuis lh child th chnna an It ttn'l
h.lp it. This trwhunt 1 urv adults
nd sil pols UoubWd with ttrlu d lin
eal! lo bj djr r sight.
"church services
First Christian.
Corner High and Center, F. T. Portor,
minister. 9:45 a. m. Bible school, Dr.
II. C. Epley, superintendent; II a. m.,
worship and C. W. B. M. sermon; 6:30
p. m., C. E. All young people invited.
7:30 p. m. Address by Mrs. Essen,
state Biblo school secretary. All will
want to hear this address. Good music.
Castle Chapel United Brethren.
Corner Seventeenth aud Nebraska.
Take Chomeketa street car, transfer to
Seventeenth street line. Early prayer,
9 a. m.; Bible school, 10 a, m., worship,
11 a. m.; addross by Bishop W. M. Bell,
D. D., of Los Angeles, Cal., followed by
communion service. Reception for mem
bers received during the year, 3 p. m.
Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m., address
by Bishop Bell, 7:30. Special musie at
all services and we cordially invite you
to attend them. Don 't fail to hear this
great pastor, editor, mission and Sun
day school secretary, author, bishop,
orator and lecturer.
First Methodist Episcopal.
State and Church streets, Richard N.
Avison, minister. 9:45 s, m., class meet
ing; 9:45 a, m., Sabbath school, Mr. H.
C. Tillman, superintendent; II a. m.,
minister's theme, "The Embarrassing
Disproportion of Supply and Demand.''
12:15 p. m., claBs meeting; 2 p. m., Mr.
Ivan B. Rhodes, state secretary will ad
dress the University Y. M. C. A. in
Wehstorian hall. 3 p. m., Special pro
gram of sacred music at the Old Peo
ple's Homo. 6:15 p. m., Mr. Harold P.
Judy will lead the Epkorth League in a
study of "Tho' Foreigner in the United
States." Prof. Walch will sing. 7:30
p. m., minister';) theme will be "The
Revelation of Josoph."
Jason Lee Memorial M. E.
North Winter and Jefferson streets,
J. II. Irvine, pastor. 10 a. m., Sunday
scliool, C. M. Roberts, supointendent.
11 a, m., sormon, "The Mission of Moth
odism," followed by sacramental scr
vieo. 0:30 p. m., Epworth League;
topic, "Has God a Plan for My Lifef "
Lcador, Paul Irvine. 7:30, sormon,
"Tho True Predestination." Inspiring
music by the New Young People's
United Evangelical
North Cottage, near Center street, A.
A. Winter, minister. 10 a. m., Sunday
school, Prof. A. L. Schmallo, Bupcrin
tendont. See our Senior Department
grow. 11 a. m., preaching, "Tempta
tions Defined and Classified." 0:30
pi m., K. L. of C. E. meeting, Miss Ethel
Casobcrc, president; Mr. Carl Mason,
leooiler. 7:30 p. m,, sermon, "Tempta
tions Ovorcome. " Hear our mied quar
tot in tho morning and our male quar
tet in the evening. Splondid music at
both services. Tuesday evening Tcnech
or Training Cluss. Regular prayer
mooting Thursday oveuing. Auburn
2 p. m., Sunday school, Mr. Fagg super
intendent; 3 p. m., preaching by pastor
Corner of Chomeketa and Cottage
stroots, Richard F. Tischor, minister.
Sunday school, 10 a. m.; Sunday service
11 a. m. subject, "What We as Unita
rians Believe About Josus." Thore
will be no evening Bervice. All friends
of liberal religion and of progressive
thought aro cordially invited to our ser
vices.' Bring your friends. Tho Wo
man's Alliance will mo't next Friday
at 2 o'clock with Mrs. C. 8. Hamilton.
Mrs. W. M. Hamilton will road a paper
upon "Americanism." All members
aro urged to bo present.
First Congregational.
Corner Liberty and Center, Perry
Frederick Schrock, minister. Morning
worship at 11 a. m. Evening worship
at 7:30 p. m. Bible school at 10 a, m.
Subject of morning sormon, "Today's
Messianic Hope." At tho evening ser
vice the minister will give a review and
discussion of Winston Churehills last
book, "The Iusido of the Cup," There
will be attractive musical numbers'' at
the evening service.
Central Congregational,
Ferry and South Nineteenth stroots.
10 a. m., Biblo scliool with International
graded lessons; 11 a, m., public worship
sermon on "Divine Deliverance from
Plagues." 6:30 p. m., Christian En
deavor prayer meeting, 7:30 p. m., ev-
ouing worship preceded by song sorvlce
at 7:15. Sermon on "Forced by Love
to Treach." Thos. J. Woodcock, pas
Oerninn Methodist Episcopal.
Corner Seventeenth aud Center Sts.,
Itev, Gustavo Mang, pastor, Sunday
school, 10; morning worship, 11; Ep
worth League, 6:45; evening services,
7:30; prayer meeting, Wednesday even
ing, 7:30, (jimrterly mooting will be
held Sunday. District Superintendent
llerr.ler will speak morning and even
ing. Roformod Church (Germnn).
Corner ( npitnl and Moriou streets, W.
O. I.lenkneinpcr, pnstor. Sunday school
nt 10 a. iu.; morning worship in Ger
man at 11 o'clock. Subject "The In
dwelling Christ." Evening service In
English at 7:30; subject, "A I.essnn of
Faith." Tho Heidelburg Guild moots
for Mission study at 0:45 p. m.
Enst State and Eighteenth streets, G.
Keehler, pastor. Sundny school at 0:30;
preaching sen-Ice at 10:30; Luther
league at 6:30 p, in. Evening service
conducted In the English language at
7:30 p. m. Stranger are welcome to
these services.
Christian Science.
First Church of Christ. Scientist, 440
Chomeketa ttrevt. Service Sunday at
',:ir,ri ju- 'r-.
ALCOHOL 3 PEH nu'iii i.
sirailaliiigihcfoodanilRcSuli ling Ik Siouiariis aiuiBiwdsof
Proinofes Di JcsttonJCketful
Opiuiu.Marphiiij ncrKiuraL
iwpkm Sad'
(ImOttlSutinr. Anerfect Remedv for Comllp
tion , Sour Stoiaa&VOlantaa
ness andLoss OF SLEEP.
licSimile Signature of
Che centaub Compasi;
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
11 a. m., subject of lesson sermon,
"God the Only Cause and Creator."
8unday school at 9:45 a. m.; Wednesday
evening testimonial meeting ut 7:Jli
o'clock. Reading room in the church
open every afternoon except Sunday.
All are invited.
W. O. T. V.
J. B. Woodfin, of Willamette univer
sity will deliver the temperance address
at the Eamp Memorial hall Sunday at
4 p. m. Subject 'Fight by the Women."
All are welcome. '
I. B. S. A.
Tho Salem class of the International
Bible Students' Association will hold
their regular weekly study at 4M5 Court
street, upstairs, Sunday at 10:30 a. m.
Undenominational. All Biblo students
welcome. No collections.
German Baptist. !
Corner 2srth Cottage and D streets,
G. Schunke, pastor. Sunday services,
10 a, m., Sunday school; 11 a. m.,
preaching service; 7 p. m., young peo
ple's mooting; 7:30 p. m., preaching
sorvico; Wednesday, 7:45 p. m., prayer
mooting. All German speaking people
heartily welcome to all services.
trwiTan rnisr uasso win.1
San Francisco, Doc. 6. Suit for ab
solute divorce from John D. Sprcckels
Jr., of San Francisco and San Diego,
is filed today in the superior court
hore by Mrs, Edith Marie Sprockols,
through her attorney, Joseph T. O'Con
nor. The divorce is sought on the ground
of extreme cruelty. Among other things
Mrs. Spreckels alleged that her hus-
When a doctor endorses a preparation
it means more than an ordinary testi
monial. His opinion Is always that of
tho professional man devoted to tho
welfare of the peopje.
Dr. J. J. Hoyd, Covington, Tenn.,
says: "I feel it my duty to write this
for the benefit of those suffering from
dandruff. In the average rase a few
applications of Newbro's Herpicide will
remove nil dandruff. It is advisable to
continue its use for several weeks."
The words of J. B. Thompson, M. D.,
No. 2, Borrough Place, Cor, Hollis St.,
Boston, Mass., are not less enthusiastic:
"I enn only speak in praise nf New
bro's Hcrpiiftle, It is all that is claim
ed and perhaps more. Herpicide not
only clofinsca tho scalp but brightens
the hair, gives it life and makes it
Dr. T. A. Moore, Duncan, Aril., writes
i Extra!'
I 'a7 i
For the first time in the history of Salem the people
of Marion and Polk counties can secure all kinds of
sacks at right prices in this city, instead of spending
their time and money in going to Portland. We are pay
Ing one cent a pound for all kinds of rags. We also are
paying $13 per ton for all kinds of cast iron. Highest
prices paid for all kinds of old clothes, household goods
and furniture. We buy and sell everything from a
needle to a piece of gold. All kinds of tools and ma
chinery and pipe bought and sold. The house of a half
a million bargains.
233 State Street Phone Main 224
Salem, Oregon. '
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
band for several years had been quarrel
som and fjault finding; that he remain
ed away from home for two weeks at
a time, and that bis conduct to herself
and friends had caused her great pain
and humiliation.
The couple were married December
15, 1902 and have three children, over
whom the mother asks sole custody.
Mrs. Sprcckels states that there is no
community property, and asks the court
to set aside adequate alimony for her
self, in addition to a specific sum for
tbo education of tho children.
You Can Cure That Backache
Pain along the back, dizziness, head
ache and general languor. Get a pack
ago of Mother Gray's AROMATIC
LEAF, the pleasant root and herb euro
for all Kidney, Bladder and Urinary
troubles. When you feel all run down,
tired, weak and without energy use this
remarkable combination of nature's
herbs and roots. As a tonic laxative
it has no equal. Mother Gray's Aro
matic Leaf is sold by druggists or sent,
by mail for 5.0c, Samples Bent FREE.
Address, The Mother Gray Co., LeRoy,
N. Y.
Children Cry
nu-:..:- rv. a i a
lyliriSllttllB, U. -dUIIIB llBB VI ULO
was reported in a hurricane which swept
the Norwegian coast yesterday. Sever
al small boats wore lost, probably with
thoir entire crews. Considerable dam
age was done also on shore.
The breath of scandal is the ill-wind
that blows nobody good.
of his experience:" "My scalp was in
place covered by patches of dry,scaly
material and the itching was incessant.
Since using Herpicide all these evils
havo disappeared and my hair is soft,,
smooth and growing. My hair has grown
on spots before but thinly covered. "
Newbro's Herpicide is "the original
remody to kill dandruff germ" and
stop falling hair. The terrible itching
which goes with dandruff is allayed
almost at once."
Nowhro's Horpicido in 50c and $1,00
sizes is sold by all dealers who guaran
tee it to do all that is claimed. If you
are not satisfied your money will bo re
funded. Applications may be obtained at the
leading barber shops. Be suro you get
gonnino Horpicido. Send 10c in postage
for sample and book to The Herpicide
Co., Dept. R, Detroit, Mich.
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