Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 22, 1913, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Owing to the death of Mr. Gideon
Steiner, Meyers store will be closed
all day tomorrow, Tuesday, the 23rd,
Capital City
Special meeting of Multno-I
mah Chapter, No. 1, R. A.
M. this evening at 7:60,
Work in the M. M. degree.
Visiting companions welcome
Dr. F. L. Utter, dentist, suite 415-'
118-417 Masonic building.
Willard Budlong and wifo arrived
from Portland yesterday to visit for a
few days.
Have your eyes fitted correctly by
Dr. Mendelsohn, 210 TJ. S. Bank build- j
ing. No drugs used. I
Conversation in French between par
ties will be a feature of our classes. '
Studio 311 Hubbard building
My son, thou must not be disheart
ened or cast down because of poor ci
gars, for the purchase of a Tashmoo
will always bring thee complete en
joyment. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ebcroot and Bon,
Clifford, left yesterday morning for
their home in Vancouver, B. C, aftor
upending a month here visiting their
many friends. '
A word to big sister or little broth-1
er. Come down or have mother bring
yon to onr salesrooms for a demonstra
tion of a Victrola. Wo have all of
yonr favorite airs. K. F. Peters, 521
Court street. I
There is still much need . for the
team, and the necks will soon puff or
scald, if not protected by collar pads.
Talk it over with F. E. Shafor, the sad
dle and harness man, 187 South Com
mercial street. I
The simplicity and elegance in bed
room furniture which is now universal-'
ly aonght, finds complete expression in
the choicely solectcd stock of bedroom
furniture at the Imperial Furniture Co., .
177 North Liberty street.
A word to the good housekeeping wo
man. We ask that you give us a chance
to serve you. You will find ours a
mod housekeeping store stocked with
the goods yon have learned to want.
Onr service, courteous our dosiro to
wrrvo, sincere. Our prices reasonable,
and all goods marked with "quality"
stamp. Sunset grocery, 121 South
Commercial street
According to Chief of Police She
lock, the records at tho city hall Bhow
that this year has been the quietest one
for some time during tho season when
the hop pickers leave tho yards. He
utatee that very few arrests have been
made, and there does not seem to ho
much desire upon the part of the transi
ent class to "start things" when they
enmo In from the hop fields with their
Tank roles.
Paul ft. Mlnston, an extensive prune
jrrowor of Tlosediilo district, who lives
ia Portland, and who was In the city
yesterday, stated that ho hoped to
"make a big cleaning In prunes this
year." Mr. Mlnston declares that the
rop Is looking the best it evor has, and
tliat he hopes to have them harvested
within a fow days.
1 Ih
"There ia only one real how in town, Mutt."
"Jeff, I agree with you."
Salem'a Only Vaudeville Show.
A Good Program Today and Tomorrow.
st a rniir .
AC AUfcM i or the
Under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Names
Meet approved methods, Primary, Grammar and High School Deport
ments. Oeaiplete course In Music. No interference with religion of
Scholastic year begins
Dr. May, nerve specialist Masonic bid.
Ralph Stearns has gone to Chicago to
attend college this winter. i
Miss Aggie Alford has returned to
her home here after spending an outing
at the seashore.
It. S. Gile and his new wife have
sailed for Europe, according to advices
received here.
Miss Lulu Heist has gone to Albany,
where she will teach Gorman in the
high school at that city. Misb Heist is
a graduate of Willamette university.
Nolan Hoff has gone to Corvallis to
attend college.
A correction was made yesterday by
J. B. Cooper in regard to the general
report given out to the effoct that the
1913 hop crop at the Byrne ranch, north
of Salem had beon sold. Mr. Cooper 1
staets the hops have not been sold as
yet, and are now open for bids. The
crop will consist of about 150 bales.
Frank C'oldwell, the secretary of the
State Board of Thannacy, was the guest
of Frank Ward, of Salem yesterday.
Mr. Ward is a member of the Bame
Almost every truck and exproes
wagon in the city was busy today trans
porting hop pickers' outfits to and
from hop yards, and from one railroad
station to another. About all tho har
vesters in the county are loaving the
fields today.
A citation has been issued by the
Marion county court ordoring Mr. and
Mrs. Willis Oliver to appear and Bhow
cause for the alleged delinquency of
their daughter, Gertrude Oliver.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Percilal left for
their homo in Bosoburg this morning,
after visiting over Sunday with Salem
friends and relatives.
Today a number of public and private
schools opened, but the Capital Busi
ness College is open all the year. This
is the school that meets the needs of
the young peoplo who wis hto prepare
qnickly and thoroughly for the best
places In business. Talk with tho prin
cipal, and learn how this school can
holp you.
"Buddio" Willis, of Albany, a keen
motorcycle enthusiast of that placo,
came to grief in this city yesterday
morning, when ho tried to cut a horse
shoo curve around tho corner of Liberty
and Stuto Btrnots. The pavoment was
wet when Willis attempted to nialio
tho turn, his machine skidded with the
result that both it and tho rider turned
bottom sido up. Fortunately, neither
tho rider or tho inotorcyclo was in
jured In tho leas't, although Willis re
ceived a long rent In his trousers.
Now located at 40" Hubbard build
ing, elevator service. Office hours
from 1:30 to 5 p. m. Appointments
made for interviews at any other time.
If you should not find Miss Mosher in
leave card with residence and phone
third Monday in Beptember.
Lyric Soprano, from the Metro-
f politan Grand Opera, New York,
assisted by the Russian 'Cellist,
Pianist and Composer
World 's Greatost Contralto
Coloratura Soprano in Costume
Recital as Prima Donna of three
periods: Louis XIV; as Jenny
una oi isou, anu as rnma Don
na of oday.
t of Paris, World renowned teach
T er and Concert Singer.
Course tickets, $5; tickets to
., one concert $2.50 and $2. Ad-
vance sale course ticketB Oct. IS.
- Management Minnctta MagerB
Phono 1295
Tickets on sale at Music Stores.
According to reports on the streets
and in auto circles today the Robinson
auto fire truck will be shipped out oi
Salem before long, a car having beon
engaged and final settlement made with
the garage on North High street for
housing the truck. The garage proprie
tor stated this morning that it was his
understanding that the truck will be
taken out in a vory short time and ship
ped away.
Unpleasant Ruction.
Bones What Is It that makes you
look so downuearted? Blnks My em
ployee's wife bus endowed another
mission. Bones What of that? Blnks
Every time she does It tbe old man
cuts down our salaries to get even.
Boston Post
Young Woman Applicant Excuse
me, but I suppose you dou't know of
nobody wbut dou't want a young lady
to do nothing, don't you? Business
Man Yes, I don't London Tatler.
Will Power.
There are exceptions to tbe rule, but
If a man Is worth saving be guuernlly
will muniige to do It himself. Phila
delphia Ledger.
The power to acquire Is worth more
tbun the thing gnlned.-Old Saying,
A Mean Man.
"I never was so embarrassed in my
Ufa I came fuce to face with my first
"What did he any?"
"Nothing much. He Just looked up at
me and smiled and then said, 'Who
are you nagging now, Mary J"' De
troit Free Press.
Avoid the Bronchial Coughs of Early
The changeable, weather of early fall
brings on bronchitis and a hard cough
that is wearing on the system, and
seems to tear open the bronchial tubes
and mucus lining of the throat. Use
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
promptly. For it will soothe and heal
the inflamed mucus lining, relieve tho
cough quickly, and holp to expel the
cold. It contains no opiates. Got tho
genuine In the yollew package, and re
fuse substitutes. Dr. Stone Drug Store.
Bevhtcl 4 Bynon only advertise real
320 Acres, $80 por Acre.
320 acres, 9 miles south of Salem in
tho heart of the (rent prune belt, 120
acres under cultivation, 100 acres of
very fino timber, a snnp, "i000 down,
will tako some Salem or Portland prop
erty as part pay.
Houses Sold on Easy Payments.
Somo as low as 125 down, balance 10
per month.
Money to Loan.
Seven Acres Cheap.
Seven acres, close In, rock road, only
1600; terms. ,
Seven good companies. Insure now.
For Bent
Houses In all parts of the city.
347 State Street.
It Costs to Represent Uncle Sam
at a Foreign Court
Trials and Tribulations That Beset a
New Ambassador Ceremonies In
Which He Must Participate and For
Whieh He Must Give Lavish Tips.
An unofficial American can live more
economically abroad than at home
that la a fact Food Is cheaper. Serv
ants work for less money. This being
so, why Is It not possible for an un
pretentious Yankee diplomat to live In
Europe for the same money aa In
America? 1 put the question to a for
mer ambassador who has lived In Lon
don, Parts and Rome.
"They tell me one can go to the mar
ket and buy a part of a chicken a
wing or a drumstick. Think of ltl
Food must be cheap there."
"But the ambassador cannot sally
forth with a market basket on his
arm," said tbe retired diplomat
That sums up the difficulty. An am
bassador cannot do anything for him
self. So he Is a shining mark for ev
erybody. There Is nobody so helpless
In America, except the poor taxpayer.
Let us look Into It
International law, which Is as full of
fine spun distinctions as common law
'or domestic law, regards an ambas
sador us the direct personal representa
tive of the ruler of his country and
ordulns that he be treated In a manner
befitting such a very Important per
son. Tbls accounts for the ceremony
attending the ambassador's presenta
tion of the president's letter of cre
dence to the sovereign. In detail the
function varies In different countries,
but the continental custom Is In gen
erul as follows:
At the day and hour fixed by the
king, emperor or president a court
functionary of high degree In gorgeous
uniform appears at the abode of the
new American ambassador. He Is ac
companied by numerous other person
ages, somewhat lower In rank, but
uniformed In equally bright colors. He
Is provided with three court carriages,
together with attendants and outriders.
He Is In command of a mounted escort
nnd. Inst but not least of a white
plumed band, accoutered with Instru
ments of glittering brass.
The American ambassador, probably
flustered by the ceremony. Is con
ducted to tbe first of the carriages.
which Is drawn by eight horses. He Is
politely waved to the back seat while
bis personal escort Instead of sitting
by his side, takes the seat facing blin.
The Yankee diplomat wears a frock
coat Prince Albert he calls It and a
silk hat and bis gloves, dictated by
his wife, are of gray suede.
Across from blm sits the chief func
tionary, attired with a brilliance sel
dom seen outside of comic opera.
In solemn stately procession tbe car
riages and outriders, preceded by tbe
mounted troop, with the resenant band
In the van, take up tbe march to the
palace. On both sides of the thorough
fare Is a curious, gaping crowd. At
that the many corps de garde soldiers
come out and present arms, and who"
the American ambassador, a plain
man, perhaps, arrives at tbe palace
there Is an elaborate presentation of
arms and a beating of drums thut com
pletely take the gimp out of blm.
Unexpectedly simple Is the sov
ereign's reception of the new diplomat,
but lifter It Is over the American must
again endure the ceremonious proces
sional back to his domicile. Then
comes the shock.
Tbe first secretary explntns that tbe
sun must not set before the poiirbolre
Is, distributed. Tbls. the ambnssador
learns. Is French for tip. Ele also
learns that the transportation to and
from the palace has a purse string to
It Tbe keeper of the royal stables
must be tipped.
"It Is an Inviolable custom," Insists
the first seoretury.
How much?" asks tbe fledgling dip
For an ambassador." says the first
secretary, "the rule Is $200."
There Is probably an explosion, but
In tbe end tbe ambassador pays
A London editor, who was born In
America and received his newspaper
training on this side of the water, once
You can safely give a present If
not a gratuity, to any official below
the sovereign on tbe continent"
"How about England?" I asked.
"Tbe present should be more erpen
slve, the gratuity larger " - Deary
Reach Keedham In Saturday Evening
Paint Saves Money.
Why not use a little miliit occasion-
ally? It prolongs the life of the build.
lugs, adds value to tbe price of the
farm and helps to make a "home beau
tlful." Buildings Inst 25 to 50 per cent
longer If painted. That means that I
building which would last fifty to sev
enty-Ove years unpnlnted would ln-1
75 to 120 years If painted. It Is th
same with fences and fnrm Imnle
moms. It Is t-Hsy to see that paint
saves money.-Kansas Farmer.
Fnther-I want to tell von this, mv
on. The secret of success la hunt
work. Son-If It's a secret, dad, you
"linnldnt hnvi mentioned It For
Innately, I'm too much of n aentl
man to take advantage of Information
tMlued In that way.- Boston Transcript
IMiccpMfut minds work like a gtm
let to a single point-Rovee.
Twenty or more communities in Ore
gon will vote on the "wot cr dry"
proposition next November.
Marshall Lockett Tuesday was found
guilty of stealing 26 head of cattle la
Baker county.
Yet Their Traoks Throuah Space Can
Be Discerned.
It came to be evident about the mid
dle of the last century that In order
to explain certalu facts connected with
tbe relative weights of gases, matter
must not merely consist of atoras, but
that these atoms must have the power
of uniting In small groups. In form-
mj a rwpsund. Indeed, this must oe
so. For Instance, carbonic acid gas
must consist of one atom of carbon,
hlch. along with two atoms or oxy-
- J , u ...
gen, forma a smaii group ui
Tho noveltv of the conception was
In the notion that oxygen Itself, In the
state of gas, as It exists, for example,
in tha air. consists of small groups of
atoms; in this case, two. To such small
groups of atoms was given too name
mnlMMilen. A molecule Is tbat portion
of a substance which can exist In the
free state, as oxygen does in air. An
atom generally exists In combination.
but atoms may and sometimes do ex
ist separately, in which case they also
are termed molecules.
Now. can molecules be seen? Is their
existence a mere assumption? The an
swer to that question Is, No, they can-
nnf ha seen, but artmciai molecules
can be made wblcn correspona bo
closely In their behavior to real mole
culpa that the existence of real mole
cules Is practically certain. Moreover,
although no one has ever seen a mole
cule, still the track of a molecule mov
ing through space has been seen, and,
Just as Robinson Crusoe was right in
Inferring the existence of man Friday
from his footsten Imprinted In tne
sund. so the real existence of a mole
cule may just as certainly be Inferred
from the track It leavcs.-SIr WiUiam
Itamsay In Harper's.
It Came After the Little Fakar Had
Got His Punishment.
Tbe enst end small boy bad sadly
misbehaved and was locked in bis
room. Pretty soon bis mother beard
him calling.
Mnvver," said the shrill voice, "I m
golu' to bust the window and fall
The mother mode no reply. Again
tbe shrill voice arose:
Muvver, I've found some matches,
an' I'm goln' to set fire to tbe cur
The mother remained indifferent
Once more the voice hailed ber:
"Muvver, don't you smell sumfln'
burnln'?" Even this drew no re
If you don't smell nothln'," the
voice went on, "It's 'cause 1 pulled off
all th' match heads an' swallowed 'em,
an' I'm golu to die. Up you hear that
muvver; I'm goln' to- die."
By this time the mother was thor
oughly Incensed, and, bat tlly preparing
a cup of mustard and Lot water, sbe
hurried upstairs,
"if you've swallowed match heads,"
sbe announced, "you'll have to swal
low this to keep them company." And
then she poured the nauseating 'stuff
down bis throat
A little later the aggravating young
ster, sadder, wiser and much bumbled,
concluded to take tbe balance of bis
punishment In silence.
"I didn't really swallow the matches,
muvver," be contritely explained.
"1 knew you didn't sonny," replied
the mother. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Tips For Tennis Players.
One of tbe faults of the Inexperi
enced doubles player which Is most
persistent Is standing still. Tbls Is
one of those necessities In doubles tbat
ere often overlooked. But no phrtner
can do Justice to bis team unless
he moves after every shot to the cen
ter of the angle of the return. In other
words, both men must constantly
change their positions, moving back
snd forth toward one side or the other,
according to where they have sent tbe
ball. If the net man has volleyed deep
Into the right hand corner both play
ers move across to the right. The
right band player thereby protects the
shot down bis own side line, and the
left hnnd player protects the cross
court shot down the central diagonal of
the court Outing.
Cubrieant For Aluminium.
Mnny machinists, especially those
employed In the motor engineering In
dustry, are frequently called upon to
work In aluminium. To satlsfnciortiy
do this work various lubrlcums uave
been tried, which, however, owing to
their volatility, are of little use, A
suitable lubricant Is tallow or cob
bler's wax. This latter does not dis
solve quickly snd consequently does
not Bow as freely as tbe volatile oils.
American Machinist
Going On.
A terrible noise of thumping and
stamping came from Bob's room early
one morning.
"Bobby, Bobby," called his mother
from downstairs, "what Is going on
up there?"
"My Bhoes," replied Bob.
Love's Paradox.
"Love results In many paradoxical
situations," remarked the professor.
"VThst (a me!"
"To keep the love of another one
must return lt"-Buffalo Express.
Alike, but Different -
Mrs. Nubrlde My dear Jock la so
handsome; be resembles a Greek god.
Mrs. Longwedd-So drws my husband
-Bacchus.-Boston Transcript
He scolds best that can hurt the
least-Danish Proverb.
Dont stint the living in order to
strew flowers on the graves of the
The Boss usually u more concerned
about the way a man works than he is
about the way he vote.
The Basco & Brown Musical Comedy
Co. opened a two-weeks' engagement
at this house to three capacity houses.
The company is one of the best organ
izations that has visited Salem this sea
son, and, from the reception accorded
them at each performance, they will be
great favorites in Salem. A. B. Basco,
as Pat McNogerty, the Irish valet, was
a scream from start to finish, and is
a dancer of great ability, and as a
laugh-producer is a wonder. Ed. Har
rington, an old-time Salem favorite,
was seen to advantage as Chas. Liv
ingston, with great expectatioas of re
trieving his depleted fortune via the
matrimonial route. Billy Nixon, as
Major Puffjackct, a retired army offi
cer, was pleasing. Naudla Melville, as
Laure, the major's niece, in love with
Charles, was very clever and petite.
Minnie Moran, as Nora, the maid, in
love with Pat, was pleasing. AH of tho
song numbers, of which there were
quite a fow, wore clever and well re:
ceived. The chorus girls are all pret
ty and can sing and dance, and the
wardrobe is attractive. The company
will be here two weeks, with daily mat
inees ant two shows .nightly. Popular
prices will prevail.
Tho funeral of James Craig, the Sil
verton flax grower, who died in the
Portland Commercial club rooms Sep
tember IS, was held in Portland yester
day at 1:30 p. m., from the chapel of
Dunning & MeEntee. Interment at
Riverview cemetery.
Twenty members of the Silverton
Masonic lodge, of which Mr. Craig was
a member, attended. Six Knights Tem
plars wero pallbearers. Tho funeral
sermon was preached by the Rev. J. H.
Boyd, of tho First Presbyterian church.
Services at the graveside were in
charge of the Masoii3. A body of Ma
sons from Washington lodge also at
tended. Mr. Craig, who was 03 years old,
leaves but one near relativo in Oregon,
a nephew, Harold Craig, of Silverton.
TWO CENTS word for each
WANTED Position as janitor or
night watch. Address "L. D" care
LOST Sunday afternoon, between
stato house and Liberty, black and
white purplo faced coat. Finder
phone W. C. Tillson; reward.
NOTICE The Bon Ton Millinery, in
tho Hubbard building, will open Tues
day. FOB SALE Good farm horse, cheap.
J. M. Ryan, Northwest of fair
WANTED Girl for dining room work
during fair. Phone Main 2034.
VANTEf 13 men Wednesday morn
ing to cut corn and help fill silo.
Wages 2oc per hour. Call tomorrow
for arrangements. Clover Leaf Dairy,
West end of city bridge. Phone
Main 1437.
BOOMS Furnished or nnfurnished,
114 blocks from high school. Girl
students profcrred. Phone 2003.
FOR SALE Fine roan mare, weight
about 1000 pounds. Address M., care
Journal or phone 1391 in tho even
ing. 275-ACRE DAIRY RANCH throe
quartors of a mile from railroad sta
tion, running water, rich soil, good
location. Good buy. See C. O. Rice,
with L. S. Barnes & Co., 315-316
Masonic building.
LOOK AT THIS Slightly used drop
head sewing machine $10; new drop
head sewing machine (18 and up. 640
State street.
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Must be neat, clean a good
cook and furnish references. A
good, permanent place in small fam
ily for right party. Phone Mala
WANTED Those having modern six
room furnished house for rent, address
"Homeseekor," care Capital Jour
nal. Might buy if terms are right.
I Your Mirror is Trnlhful ::
f n you think that eycglassos are I
r nnr nnnn... ... k .1 t !
-mu8 uu Bintm j our eyes
rather than wear them just let
me oxamine your eyes, proscribe
CORRECT LENSES, use only a
fit the eyeglasses perfectly.
Then look in your mirror, and
I'll abide by your decision.
A. McCulIoch I
291 N. Commercial StPhons 928 1
Hours 9 to 5. Ground floor ;
That you caa't beet '
IS acre, in Plk I"
well Improved, $4000; u J1 ?
line ideal suburban hom. I
acre in hi .m lO,Mo. , I
a,enn. L ' . tom on ... i f f
7 . acres in fcrriei. I -7 ?
nous. and barni $3000- 3ft " ,nt. f
la crop, b.ltIlet 1 10 j'
honse, good ba, 7m
220 acre, in Poik ' JZJ?,
I, $22,000 j 1 to 5 scree ft. t rT. f.
-veralnew I
meats; 500 acre, w.llbT''
per acre; several 5 and in . ' m '
well Improved. 18 bleb ?
We have a cigar it,ni l
rooming house, hotel, ,mZ K
cry store, candy .tor.'.P ?
ness chances. !
20 acres close in, well w
00 Several pruniX
tract, at th. right puT "J
bearing Italian nn,nJ 18
i uiiuaucu ivooms. w
.-IT ..."
prompt and courtL " q.UMe-
ment. "
Acme Investment Co,
B. COOK, Muugtt,
Phones: Office, Main 7;
Main 2487.
Opposite Court rr.. ... .
.. OWBtltm
employment Bureau in Con.
uii r.i sou niorth High.
The implicit confidence that m,
reople have in Chamherliin'i Colie
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy '
counded on their experience In the w
of that remedy and their imUp
of the many remnrka'ole euros of eolio,
diorrhoe and dvsenterv tk. It I., j
footed. For sale by all dealers.
As to life aftor death, the wiieit rf
mortals can only say: "It mj be; ii
the future there may be proof; but u
yet we do not know."
HesUeit AgraU 184 gtstt Stnel
Schaefer's Corn Remedy quick
ly relieves the corn. At Settl
er's Drug Store only.
South Salem Box Co,
Tray and berry boxes. Fruit bom tl
all kinds. Porch and ltwn iwinp
tcreens. First-class cabinet vork.
Phone 308 847 Miller Bt
Oh farm aad city proptrty. Ml
Scott, over Chicago Stars, 111
egom. Phoae lltl.
. . a H
Oi Good Seal EnUUi SeetrttJ.
Over Ladd ft Bush Bait, 9ala,
Phone 2424. 80C-Z0T BnMwlWI
Om goe4 Real Utah
Ul flUte Street
aay quantity. PrM ''
our specialty. Fall. City
Company. 171 Norti Co
treat Phone
japasesk umn w i
No machinery to K'
out delict, fabric We1
tor nd .-"T.Vd.S
ntl F.rrv street.
Cherry City
We make a Specially 4
:: Dinner and Lodgeonlo
uuy it.
X W Cemt Stt
i rhoMv-j