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Pastor Russell Addresses Rec
ord Crowd at Memphis.
The Wonders of the Paet Century Re
1 hearsed They Are Foregleams of
Meetiah'a Kingdom Tha Bleaainga
Promised For Thousands of Years
Are Upon Us Already In Them
Greater Wonders Are Coming Scrip
ture Prophecy Fulfilling Evolution
Theory Incompetent and Unwise
Lift Up Your Heada and Rejoice.
"The Blind," Who See Not the Source
of These Blessings, Discontented, Are
Menaced The Danger Should Be
Carefully Guarded Against.
Memphis, Tenn.,
September 21.
I'ustor ntisscll ad
dressed two Inrjje
and deeply in
terested audiences
here today, one la
the Memphis All
litorlum. Renting
3ve thousand. We
report ouo o( Uls
discourses, on the
topic, "The Dawn
of the Golden Ago
of the I'ronhets
and the Poets." Ills text was, "Ho
that sat upon the Throne sukl. Behold,
I innke nil things new." (Revelation
21:5.) He said:
The promise of a New Dny has long
been before God's people In the Bible.
It was hinted to our first parents, six
thousand years ago, that eventually
the Seed of the woninn Bhould bruise
the serpent's head. This, Interpreted,
Is understood to mean that the power
of Satan will be crushed, and man
kind will be delivered from the reign
of Sin and Death which has prevailed
since tlie disobedience in Eden.
A second promise, still more explicit,
made by God to Abraham of old, says,
"In thy Seed shall nil the families of the
earth be blessed." For centuries Abra
ham's posterity waited for tlio Mes
siah of promise, with the anticipation
that He would use them In connection
with Ills work of blessing all peoples.
The Prophets of Israel foretold the
coming King of the line of David
that He should be a great Priest, a
reigning Priest, after the order of Mcl
chir.cdee. To Ulra "every knee shall
bow and every tongue confess," and
through Him a blessing will extend to
all nations aa "a feast of fat things
full of marrow, a. id wines on the lees."
(Isaiah 45:23; 25:6.)
Even the disciples of Jesus, who rec
ognized Ulra as the "Sent of God,"
were disappointed that His glorious
Kingdom, of which He spoke, was not
Immediately revealed, and that In an
swer to their question Uo declared, "It
Is not for you to know the times and
the seasons which the Futher hath put
In His own Power." Still the proph
ecies respecting Messiah's Kingdom
were repeated and amplllied In the
parables of Jesus, In the teachings of
His ApoBtles, and dually and graphi
cally, In the Inst Book of the Bible, In
the Itevelatlon which Jesus gave the
Church through Bt Johu.
Our text Is a quotation ' from this
Revelation, respecting the Kingdom of
Messiah. Through It God is to wipe
nway all tears from off all faces; and
the King of kings and Iml of lords,
whom Jehovah has established as the
great MesHlnh. assures us that lie Him
self will "make nil things new."
Kven the heathen poets sang of the
Ooldon Age to come quite probably
borrowing their thought from the He
brew Scriptures and quite probably
realizing In some measure that a
gracious God would not forever per
mit a reign of Sin and Death, but
would somehow, sometime, and through
some agent, bring to earth blessings to
supplant the curse.
' "Arise, Look Around Thee,"
I After all these centuries of waiting
mid hoping and praying, "Thy King
dom come; Thy will be done on earth,
as In Heaven," God's people today are
more and more awakening to a realiza
tion of the fact that we are living In
the very dawn of the glorious Epoch
for which all have waited, prayed and
hoped. Theso blessings have come
down like a gentle shower, so quietly
that wo can scarcely realize that the
earth has entered upon tiie foretold
Times of Itefreshlug and ltestltutlon
mentioned by St Peter.-Acts 8:10-21.
Many are atlll asleep, Borne are con
fused, and know not to what the bless
. lugs should be attributed. Having lost
faith lu the Bible and Its promises,
many are seeking a solution of the
wonderful things of our day along the
lines of evolution, claiming that a Na
ture god operutes by blind force, under
a law of the survival of the fittest
Surely they overlook the fuct that
there were great characters In the past
with whom few of the present day
may be compared such as Shuke
upeare. Bacon. Socrates. Plata, St
I'liul, King Solomon. King David the
xet Job, Moses, etc.
A far better explanation Is furnished
lis In the Bible. It explains that the
wonders of today are the foregleams of
Messiah's Kingdom and Its blessings.
It explains that we are In the Day of
Jehovah's Preparation for the King
dom of Ills Son. We have the numer
ous Scriptural declarations PolnUnf to
k " 't 1
! V !
the end of this Age and the dawning
yt a new Age, and assuring us that at
this time many would run to and fro,
knowledge should be increased, and the
nlso should understand. Dan. 12:1-13.
"In the Time of the End."
This prophecy of Dauiel Is worthy of
rureful note, not only because Dauiel
was a Prophet greatly beloved by the
Lord, but because Jesus, the Redeem
er, specially quoted a portion of this
prophecy, and thus attested Its gen
uineness. The many running to and
fro could seemingly refer to nothing
slse than the wonderful travelling
which is a feature of our day and no
In no other time was running to and
fro a possibility to any extent It Is
less than a century since the first crude
locomotive was built It is only one
hundred and six years since the first
Bteamboat by Fulton was tried. It
might be said that there was no oppor
tunlty for running to nnd fro, until
within the past fifty years. Now, the
world is grldironed with rails. Now,
the ocean voyage of four months Is cut
down practically to as many days, by
mammoth vessels carrying three thou
sand to four thousand at n time.
Who knew, at the time of Daniel's
prophecy, of these wonderful facili
ties for running to nnd fro? Who
knew that these facilities would be so
generally used In this our day? Only
the Almighty! And He gave this ns
one of the particular signs of tho end
Ins of the present Age tho dawning
of the New Dispensation the loug
pronilscd Messianic Kingdom.
Look also at the second proof fur
nished us by this Prophet the Increase
of knowledge. Who would ever have
dreamed, n century ago, of conditions
ns they are at this moment when
practically every human befng in civil
ized hinds, from ten years old nnd up
ward, is able to rend nnd write) Who
would hnve dreamed of such persisten
cy to fulfil the prophecy as would lead
to laws of compulsory education in all
civilized lands? Verily, the increase of
knowledge is a positive proof of the
lnsplrnton of Daniel's prophecy, and
equnlly proves that the New Age Is
dawning, and thnt we are now in the
day of God's preparation for It.
The next statement of the Prophet
Daniel Is that the wise of God's peo
ple shall understand. And now, In the
appropriate time, nil over tho world,
classes of Bible students are coming
together, regnrdless of denouiinntlonnl
lines, to study the Heavenly Father's
Word. And true to tho prophecy, the
wise, trimming their Bible lamps and
being well supplied with the oil of the
Holy Spirit urp receiving light are
understanding the things kept secret
from past ages and generations.
"The mystery of God shall be finish
ed," Is another of the promises of the
Bible respecting the present time; and
surely It Is having fulfilment! Not
nil are yet awake. But the joy of
those who are awake, and their sing
ing of the song of Moses and the
Lamb, tend more and more to awaken
all the virgin class.
One more token of the end of this
Age and the dawning of the New Age,
God declared to. the Prophet Daniel;
namely, "There shall be a time of trou
ble such as never was since there was
a nation." Let us not especially dwell
on this Bad feature. Let us regret that
unpreparedness for God's mercies and
blessings makes necessary a great day
of trouble, to prepare the hearts of men
for the blessings God Is about to pour
upon them.
Tho Redeemer mentioned the present
tlmo, and the Time of Trouble which
we see looming up on every hand and
threatening the very foundations of
society political, social and religious.
He bade Ills followers rejoice even
amidst the trouble, because It marks
the Day of deliverance from the pow
er of Sin and Death. He said, "When
these things begin to come to pass,
then look up, and lift up your bends
and rejoice, knowing that your deliv
erance drnwoth nigh." Luke 21:28.
Knowledge of God's Glory.
The Bible declares that a prominent
feature connected with the New Ago
will be tho binding of Satan, the Prince
of Darkness, the father of lies, who
has been deceiving poor humanity for
these six thousand years. Continually
be has been misrepresenting God's
character and Plan so as to turn hu
manity away from God In fear and dis
trust Thus he has blinded their minds
to God's glorious goodness, which, to
His people. Is now shining clearly, In
the personal character of our Redeem
er nnd In the promises of the Bible.
Every preparation Is being made for
tlie dlssomluatlou of knowledge world
wide. Telegraph wires and cables cofi-utK-t
the civilized world, and now ad
ditionally the wireless telegraphy; and
the later Improvements upou this
means of communication seem destin
ed to bring It shortly to a piano of
world-wide economy and usefulness.
The printing-press Is one of the most
wonderful preparations of God for the
general dissemination of knowledge.
And already the world Is learning that
many of the things considered absolute
certainties by our forefathers are real
ly nbnurdltles. Amongst others are tho
various creeds which we and other
civilized peoples have worshiped as
Idols Idols which have seriously mis
represented the character of our Heav
enly Father.
In agriculture other wonders nre be
ing performed, fulfilling the Scriptures,
and seeming, lu the light of the past
almost as miracles. Vast areas of
wilderness and arid lands are being
fertilized. Artesian wells are fulfilling
tho prophecy of springs coming forth
from the desert The promise of the
Lord through the Prophet that the
earth should yield her Increase, hi also
being fulfilled. New varieties of wheat
of outs, of cotton, etc., are being dis
covered, and the yield Is bebtg multi
plied. At the sums time the quality I
being advanced. Fruits and vegeta
bles are reaching a 'perfection not
Ireamed of even twenty-five years nga
The same Divine providence which
has lifted the vetl before the eyes of
mechanics has also lifted tlie veil be
fore the eyes of agriculturists, and
Mr. fcurbnnk Is giving the world won
derful lessons In agriculture and horti
culture. These blessings of our day
are none the less wonderful because
they are coming in a seemingly natural
way. If once we expected these things
to be fulfilled In a miraculous manner,
It was because we forgot that
"God moves In a mysterious way
His wonders to perform."
Everything In nature Is really a miracle
until we come to understand it and
then It is no less a wonder, but merely
seems less so because commonplace
and usual.
"Send Out Thy Light."
Willie we have been singing, "Send
out Thy Light and Truth, 0 Lord,"
perhaps comparatively few who sang
have appreciated the fact that, while
we were asking, God was fulfilling our
request, not only along spiritual lines,
but also along natural lines. The In
crease of light, knowledge, under
standing, appreciation of God's Word,
hns merely been keeping pace with the
natural light.
Think of it! oven fifty years ago the
making of tallow candles wns an in
dustry In nearly one-half the homes of
humanity! Only then did petroleum be
gin to enlighten the world. Then came
coal gas; and now this is rapidly giv
ing way to the electric light, in which
one form after nnother Is Increasing
Us usefulness nnd cheapness. Indeed,
when wo speak of electricity we are
speaking of one of the wonders of the
world, of which wo understand so lit
tle. It would appear as though the
Lord has In this, hidden treasures of
wisdom, power and blessing.
Already the hours of labor are great
ly decreased. Already time for study.
Improvement and pleasure Is at our
disposal. And yet we are only lu the
Infancy of these blessings. We nre
only nearlng the dawn of thnt glorious
Day when sin and sorrow shall pass
away forever.
At one time we might have feared
that the rapid increase In the con
sumption of coal would soon leave the
world destitute of fuel. Statisticians
declare that the supply of the whole
earth at the present rnto of consump
tion and Increase will be exhausted In
less than two centuries. But we need
not fear. A better means of comfort,
than by the drudgery of our fellow
creatures In tho bowels of the earth,
will undoubtedly be provided by the
gceat King of kings, who bus under
taken by His Kingdom to bring to our
race blessings, llistead of the curse un
der which we have labored six thou
sand years six great Days.
How fie will do It Is, of course, a
mystery. Nevertheless, we do know
that in tlie wntcr which is so abundant
and In the air which we breathe there
are elements of combustion far more
than sufficient for every need. Man
needs the key of knowledge on tills
subject, nnd It will doubtless be fur
nished by the Lord In the very same
way that Ho has already given us the
key to our other blessings which are
preparing for the perfectness of His
Millennial Kingdom.
Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Peace.
But Messiah's Kingdom will be much
more than a 'beneficent Reign giving
mankind temporal blessings and knowl
edge. In connection with the knowl
edge of God. the way of reconciliation
will be paved for the sinner. He who
redeemed the world with the Bncrlflce
of His own life Is to be the great Medi
ator between (Jod nnd men. Forgive
ness of sins and help out of the weak
nesses of the full are the glorious prom
ises of the Scriptures.
Inherited weaknesses, surrounding
temptations and Ignorance of God, un
doubtedly have more to do with the
reign of Sin In the world than any real
preference for sin on the part of the
majority. Whon temptation to Bin
shall have been removed, when 8atnn
shall be bouud, when the True Light
fihall shine, when God's true character
shall have been manifested, when Ills
loving pity for the race shall have been
demonstrated, we have every reason
to suppose that then, the tnnjority of
mnnklnd will be glad to return to the
Father's House, to serve Him with
true contrition of heart and loyalty.
We are fully content, however, with the
Scriptural proposition thnt when the
light of that glorious Day shall bring
blessings to every member of our race,
the Inexorable law will be that who
ever loves sin shall perish In the Sec
ond Death, without hope of recovery.
The Church of this Gospel Age Is an
exception to the nfasses of the world.
Of these Jesus said. "Blessed are your
eyes, for they see; and your cars, for
they hear." Thus He Indicated that a
special favor comes to this special
clasi. Respecting the others, St Paul
writes that some are feeling after
God, desiring to find Him, but are baf
fled by the Ignorance and superstition
with which Satan blinds and confuses
them. "The god of this world hath
blinded the minds of those who believe
not." lest the glorious light of God's
goodness ns It shines In the face of
Jesus Christ our Lord should shine In
their hearts.
The Church, thus an exception to
the world, Is styled the Elect of God,
B people) for B purpose. The Divine
promise to the faithful of the Church
Is Jnlnt-helrshlp with Messiah In that
glorious Kingdom which Is Just about
to be established, and for which still
we pray, "Thy Kingdom come." These
elect ones, tried.. tested, found worthy,
will be Messiah's Joint holrs and His
associates in ruling, helping, npliftlng.
Judging, the world of mnnklnd-to as
certain which, under full light and op
portunity, will love sin nnd which will
love righteousness and bate Iniquity.
The Markets
The hop market had another lift
Thursday, going up a cent and is still
climbing. It is a foregone conclusion
that the price will not stop short of 25
cents, and how much higher it will go is
a matter of individual guessing. Eo
ports from England and the old country
hop yards show steadily falling esti
mates, and they are not alone on this,
for here in Oregon the yield is now es
timated at about 130,000 bales as
against the first estimate of 145,000,
and this may be too high.
Wheat is unchanged, but firm. The
government ' report shows the potato
crop is about 18 per cent below that of
last year. Of all the states, Maine
alono shows an increase over last year.
The total production of the United
States last year was 414,289,000 bushels.
Oregon's crop is only 7 per cent below
normal, and last year was one per cent
above. The total yield in 1912 for the
state wns 10,385,000 bushels. The peach
market is demoralized. Tomatoes are
scarce and firm at from 50 to 65 cents.
Grain, Flour, Feed, Etc.
Wheat Track prices: .New Club,
80S0Vjoj new Bluestem, 88c; new
Fortyfold, 80c; new ReiT Russian, 80c
Fifo, 80c; Valley, 80o.
Millstuffs Bran, $23.50 per ton;
79; Fifo, $25.50; middlings, $31.
Flour Patents, 14.70 per barrel;
straights, $1.10; exports, $3.C53,05;
valley, $4 70; graham, $4.60; whole
wnnt, $4.80.
Corn Whole, $37; cracked, $38 per
liny Fancy Idaho timothy, $1718;
fancy eastern Oregon timothy, $1516;
timothy and clover, $14(ffil5: timothy
and alfalfa, $1315; clover, $8.5010;
oais and vetch, $1011; choat, 1011;
valley grain hay, $10(311.
Oats No. 1, white, $2525.50 per
ton. '
Barley Feed, $2424.50 per ton;
brewing, nomiual; rolljd, 42728.
Groceries, Dried Fruits, Etc.
Dried Fruits Apples, 10c per lb.;
currants, 10c; apricots, 12 14c;
peaches, 8llc; prunes, Italian, 8
10c, nilver, 18c; figs, white and black.
H7Hc; currents, 9 Vic; raisins,
loose Muocatel 67ttc; bleached
Thompson, 11 He, unbleached Sultan
as, 8Vic; seeded, 7tt8tte.
Coffee Roasted, ia drums, 1832c
per lib. '
Nuts Walnuts, 17H18o per lb;
Brazil nutB, 12 Vic; Alberts, 15c; al
monds, 1618c; paeans, 17c; cocoa
nuts, 90c$l per dozen.
Salt Granul".t 1, $14 per ton; half
ground, 100s, $10 per ton; 60s, $10.75
per ton.
Beans Small white, $6.50; large,
White, $5.50; Lima, $0.30; pink, $4.15;
red Mexicans, 6c; bayou, $5.90.
Sugar Dry granulated, $5.65; fruit
ana berry, $5.65; beet, $5.45; Extra C,
$5.15; powdered, barrels, $5.90; cubes,
barrels, $6.05.
Rice No. 1 Japan, 55e; cheaper
grades, 4V4c; southern head, 66c.
Honey Choice, $3.25(5)3.75 per case.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Apples New, 90c$2.25 per box;
apricots, 75c$1.25 per boi; canta
loupes, $1.251.50 per crate; peaches,
4060o per box; watermelons, $1.25 per
cwt.; plums, 3050c per box; pears,
75c$1.50 per box; grapes 75c$1.50
per crate; casabas, $1.75 per dozen.
Yon votefs of Snlem will probably be
called upon in the near future to voto
on whether we will have the commission
form of government for our Cherry
City or not. To voto intelligently you
ought to know something about this
commission form of government, nml
the pnbjic library Is the place to find
out. The library has been able to sup
plement its own collection along this
line by a special collection from the
state library so the material now
available is especially valuable. There
are not only genoral books about com
mission government, such as Bradford's
Commission government in American
Cities and Bruce 's Now City Oovern
mont, but there are also charters of
many cities which have adopted this
form of govornmeiit, such as Tacoma,
Grand Rapids, Mich., and Davton. Ohio.
We also have the Iowa law, under
which tho city of Des Moines onoraina.
There is one book which is especially
worthy of mention, and that is Charles
A. Heard s Loose Leaf Digest of Short
Ballot Charters. It is absolutely nn tn
date, the list of short ballot cities be
ing corrected to May 20, 1913, and a
digest of the charters under which the
cities operate being given.
Some of the most interesting eenernl
books on the commission form of gov
ernment are as follows:
Bradford, E. 8. Commission Govern
ment in American Cities.
Bruce, Henry New City Govern
ment. Deming Government of American
Fairtie Municipal Administration.
Hamilton, J, .1. Government by Com
mission. Macgregor City Government by
Commission. '
Robhlns Selected Articles on the
Commission Plnu of Municipal Govern
Woodruff City government by Commission.
I Tropical Fruits. Oranges, Valencia,
st: navels. $4.5005.50; Florida grape
fruit, $5.507; lemons, $8.5010 per
box; pineapples, 7c per lb.
Vegetables Beans, 34o per pound;
cabbage, 22V30 per pound; cauli
flower, $2 per crate; corn, 1015c doz.;
cucumbers, 2040c per box; eggplant,
5Q7c per pound; head lettuce, 3540c
per dozen; peas, 57o per pound; pep-j
pors, 08c pound; radishes, lOtfglJc
per dozen; tomatoes, 4060c per box;
garlic, 10c per pound.
Potatoes New, 75c$l per cwt.;
9weets, $2.25 per crate.
Onions Oregon, $1.50 per sack.
Dairy and Country Produce.
Butter. Oregon creamery, solid pack,
30c per lb.; prints, box lots, 34c.
Eggs Oregon ranch, 3435o per doz.
Cheese. Oregon Triplets, 16Vfcc; Dai
sies, 17c; Young America, 18c.
Poultry Hens, 1516c; Bprings, 18c;
ducks, young, 1213c; geese, 14lGc;
turkeys, live, 20c, dressed, 25c.
Veal Fancy 1516c per pound.
Pork Fancy, 12 l-2c per lb.
Hams 10 to 12 lbs., 2122c; 12 to
14 lbs., 2122c; picnics, 14Vc; cottage
roll, 17 Vic.
Bacon Fancy, 2930c; standard, 25
(g20'c; English, 2122c.
Lard In tierces, choice, 14Vac; com
pound, 9 3-4e.
Dry Salt Meats Backs, dry salt, 13
14c; backs, smoked, 1415V4c;
bellies, dry salt, 14 He; smoked, 16c.
Smoked Meats Beef tongues, 25c ;
dried beef sets, 22c; outsldes, 2Uc; in
sides, 23c; knuckles, 21c.
Pickled Goods Barrels, pigs feet.
$14; regular tripe, $10; honey comb
tripe, $12; lunch tongues, $22; lambs'
tongues, $40.
Hops, Wool, Hides, Etc.
Hops 1913 contracts, 2.ic; 1912 crop,
Wool Eastern Oregon, 1016c pel
pound; valley, 1819c.
Mohair Choice, 2526c.
Hides Saltod, 12o per lb; salted
calf, 1017c; salted kip, 12c; salted
stag, 6Vjc; green hides, llMic; dry
hides, 21c; dry calf, No. 1, 25c; dry
stags, 1213VjC
Bran, per ton $26.00
Shorts, per ton $28.50
Wheat, per bushel 80c
Oats, per bushel 3540c
Chittim bark, per lb. 4Vd5e
Hay, timothy $15.00
Oats and vetch $10.0011.00
Clover, per ton $5.009.00
Cheat, per ton $10.00
Butter and Eggs.
Butterfat, per lb., f. o. h. Salem 31c
Creamery butter, per lb 3131V6e
Country butter, per lb , 35a
Eggs, per dozen ...... 3028c
Fryers . .16c
Hens, per lb 13c
Roosters, per lb 8c
Steers .. m78c
Cows, per cwt 45c
Hogs, fat, per lb . 89c
Stock ogs, per lb ....7 to 7o
Ewes, per lb 4c
pring Iambs, per lb 4Vj5c
Veal, according to quality ll13c
Dry, per lb. , .
Salted country pelts, each 65c$
Lamb pelts, each yy
Notice of Special Meeting of the Stock
holders of Freeland Consolidated
Mining Co.
Notice is heroby given thnt a spe
cial meeting of the Freeland Consoli
dated Mining company will be held in
the office of the secretary at room 413
in the Masonic Temple building, in Sa
lem, Oregon, on Monday, September
29, 1913, at the hour of 1 p. m. of said
day for the purpose of devising means
to raise money to pay the debts of (be
corporation, to mortgage or sell the
property of the corporation to raise
funds to do necessary assessment work
on the mining property of the com
pany, to soli or hypothecate any or all
property of the 'rporation to raise
funds to pay overdue taxet, assess
monts and licenses, to pass a resolution
for the reorganization or for the disso
lution of the corporation, as may be
necessary to comply with tin require
ments of the new corporation law of
the state of Oregon, and to transact
such other business as may be nocos
sary to protect the interests of the
This notice is published for ten days
in the Daily Capital Journal, as re
quired by the by-laws of said corpora
tion. Dnted Scptomber 17, 1913. '
Carey F. Martin, Secretary.
Your tea troubles
are over once you
get acquainted wilh
Sold in air-t'ght padres only
: !' i
f.- - --- " ; " j
Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum
This beautiful Mausoleum will be completed
- about December first. 0n
You are invited to inspect the construction of thli k u
ing in City View Cemetery. M'
Plans and specifications on file in Salem office
Boom 301 Hubbard building.
Women Avoid Society.
They are reluctant to mako tho least
effort when suffering from dizziness,
backache, headache, nervousness, the
blues, that bearing down, pain or a dis
placement. Yet they would liko to be
well. Why continue to suffer when
thousands of American women nro liv
ing testimonials fo what Lydin E. Pink
lifim's Vegotable Compound has accom
plished in overcoming all such troubles
and restoring glorious health I
l That Which Exists Between
Capital Journal Readers
Journal regularly throughout the year, are the best
known business men in Salem, and it is equally true that
they transact a consistently increasing business.
persistentlymake their appeal intelligently.
They have learned by experi
ence that Capital Journal read
ers must be reached through the
mind that they are best influ
enced by offerings designed to
satisfy refined tastes, whether
the mechandise involved is ex
pensive or inexpensive.
And this is the tribute to the
character of The Capital Jour
nal's circulation.
Capital Journal readora are
refcognized aa diBCriminatinlff
not especially as a class that
buys highost priced wares for
personal use but a class that
has learned that it is not neces
sary to be extravagant in order
to have the bost that its means
will provide.
Capital Journal readers have
learned this distinction by the
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