Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, September 01, 1913, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Style -a-J
Paris and New York Styles in Advance Fall
Suits and Coats for Women and Misses
Now on Display at Salem's Big
Department Store
My, but those coat and suits are beautiful. Isn't that a stylish suit just fits me.
I'll take it. The foregoing are some of the rc-arks heard on all sides, spoken by wo
men customers while inspecting the advance display of garments. Naturally we are
pleased with the way our women patrons appreciate our efforts in bringing the
most desirable of the latest styles from the great fashion centers and in the person
al selection of the Barm ents in New York by Mr. Henry W. Meyers, insuring the ut
most style, best and newest fabrics and in the procuring of good values, which
means that the women of this locality will receive more in value for their money
at Meyers than elsewh ere, thereby deriving benefits through ' our great buying
power and our journe ys to the great markets.
In the Men's
' Fall ami winter suits for men
and boys; arc beginning to arrive,
and to those who wish to view
these advance arrivals wo extend
an invitation.
They represent the latest models
for young men and boys, and show
the kinds of fabrics which will be
A most complete stock of the new
hats are ready and when you decide
to purchase headwear think of
Moyers' Men 'a Store as showing
the largest assortment of hats in
Salem it's a fact We will be de
lighted to show you these new
things whenever you're ready to
view them.
New Shoes on
(Shoe Section).
The latest shoe styles fur fall
and winter wear are particularly
pleasing. We are now showing wo
men 'i velvet shoos with a craven
nette top a very dressy number
priced at $4.00. Brown anil grey
buck, patents and gun motals are
in profusion. We will be glad to
have you inspect them.
School will soon start see that
the children are well shod, and
make it a point to buy Meyers'
quality. You'll not be disappointed
Owing to the largo number of wo
men's fall and winter garments
which have arrived and the enor
mous lines recently purchased in the
fashion centers now on their way
to us, we are compelled to enlarge
our floor space to accommodate the
ever-increasing stock. Mr. H. W.
Meyers wired us from New York
that the new Coats, suits and other
garments he was then purchasing
would far outclass any previous
showing in Salem, and we are pre
paring several of our departments
bo as to render better and more
rapid service to our customers, as
good servico has always been a
hobby with us.
Men will bejbuty this week remod
eling and rearranging departments,
for it is our constant aim for Sa
lem's big department store to lead
in the matto- of exclusive and do
Hirable styles, quality, prices, dis
play and service.
Our 654th Wednesday
Surprise Sale.
GOOD $1.50 and $1.65
Cotton Blankets
SPECIAL at $1.29 a PAIR
Here 's the sale that many have
been waiting for just at a time
when thoughts are turned to the
replenishing of bedding for fall.
These blankets aro also splendid
for hop pickors. Thoy are of ex
tra good weight, full size and may
be had in tan, grey or white with
choice of soveral vari colored bor
ders. They are our regular $1,130 and
$1.0.) grades and will sell fur next
Wednesday at $1.29 a Pair
None sold before 8:30
See Window Display.
The regular weekly meetings of the
Ministerial Union are to be resumed
after the summer vacation next Mon
day. An important business session is
to be held at 5 o'clock, followed by
supper at the First Congregational
church. Thos. J. oWodcock, secretary.
Acting Mayor Siegmund has received
a communication t irom. me jvouiusuu
Fire Auto Truck Company, in which
the latter advises him that the chief
mechanical eniriner of the firm is now
on his way to Salem to investigate
the engine which the city has refdsed
because it failed to meet the con
tract requirements .
.limniv McC.ilchri.st of the Eoyale caf
eteria returned today from. a trip of
several weeks iu Europe. He spent
most of the time in Scotland, where lie
was born. He visited points in Eng
land. France and Germany, also. He
never missed a meal on the way over
or on the return trip and never ascer
tained what it is to be seasick. His
aunt, who accompanied him to Europe,
stormed off in Seattle for a visit with
friends. She will be here tonight. Both
enioved the tnn very much.
Tho disappearance of a boy of 3 1-2
years of ago from 1090 Union street
was reported to the police this after
noon. A delegation of Christian Endeavor
ers arrived Saturday evening from
Portland anil enthusiastic meetings
wore hold following their arrival and
Sunday afternoon. The "flying squad
ron" gave some' very interesting addresses.
Beautiful New Silks
and Trimmings
Lovers of exquisite silk fabrics will
be delighted with the excellent as
sortment hiow on display in tho
piece goods section. Rich brocaded
effects iu the popular soft drapy
silks and soft taffetas in tho new
Human stripe designs which promise
ia be very popular for fall and
winter. N
Our new trimmings are also at
tracting much attention the band
ings, t'louni'ings and all-overs being
exceptionally prcttf.
(Ask to see them.)
r 1 m
1 880 NN
Tk "ra of .,, J '
at the court k.J UUc'w.
Portland, Ore., Sept. 1. Charged
with practicing a system of thiovery
which is alleged to have cost the Ore
gon hotel at least $.j,000 in the past
eighteen months, Clinrles B. Myers,
food checker, and J. M. Leary, Willjam
West and A. J. Schwarr, waiters, are
under arrest here today. Collusion be
tween tho checker and the waiters is
TWO CENTS i word for each
inger. Loans made on city and
farm property. Lowest rates. Phone
Main 1044, 408 Hubbard building.
LOOK AT TlUS-Slightly used drop
head sewing machine $10; new drop
head sewing machine $16 and up. 640
State street.
day this week I will sell all my
household goods, or any part thereof
and ront the house; everything
new a year ago. O. P. Calef, 430 S.
fourteenth street. Fhone 2208.
WANTED Women for canning pears.
Apply Salem caunery Co. Monday.
WANTED Messenger boy at West
era Union. Phono Main 01.
I i l'ord Bargain for quick deal.
Telephone Williams, Main 2303.
Capital City Brevities
Dr. P. L. Utter, dentist, suite 415-418-417
Masonic building.
Paul V, Johnson and wifo have gone
to Newport to spend an outing,
C. W. Barrlck has gone to Chehalis,
Wash., to spend an outing.
Tommy Holman and family have re
turned from a pleasurable trip to New
port. Profositor Von Eschcn and family
have gone to Washington to visit rel
atives. fleorge E. Hatch, the veteran mail
carrier, of Salem, has gone to Tilla
mook on a vacation,
C. A. White and family, who have
been visiting here have loft for San
Diego on an oiitiug.
Library tables 10.!i0 up. There's
about 23 different styles to select
from at the Imperial Furniture Com
pany, 177 North Liberty street.
C. W. Train is back from his vaca
tion, and will he at his old stand.
Miss Krma Putnam Biid Newton
Smith were visiting the hop fiolds in
! Polk county yesterday.
Charles R. Lucas visited Mrs. Lucas
and his daughter, Esther, St the Hol
man hop yard yesterday. .
R. F. Oittins, of Junction City, was
I In the city yesterday visiting his
1 brother, Edward Oittins.
I Rev. Mrs, Dclphina Jenkins of Okla
homa, has consented to act as pastor
of tho South Salem Frionds' church.
Are you interested in the median
I ism or In the tone and durability of a
. piano! Our guarantoe and tho guar
antee of the makers should satisfy you
ai regards tone and durability Call at
our sales rooms and inspect the various
styles, at varied prices. R. F. Peters,
.121 Court stroet.
Ammunition, Fishing Tackle, Etc
North Commercial Street. Phone 363
. 1
ACADEMY of the
Under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Names t
T Most spprovod methods, Primary, Grammar and High School Depart
ments, i.ompioie course in lUuue. no lnterrerence with religion of
Scholastic year begins third Monday in September.
A girl is nevor contented until she
acquires a husband. After that her
discontent may become chronic, unless
he smokes the Tashmoo.
Rose Ticklin was granted a divorce
from Ross Ticklin last Saturday aftdr
noon by Judge Galloway on the
grounds of cruel and inhuman treat
ment Wo make a specialty of feed grind
ing. Largest feed mill In Salem.
Flour and feed, wholosale and retail.
E. T. Barkus & Son, South Salem.
Phone T55.
Regular meeting of Hodson Council
No. 1, R. & S. M. this evening. A full
attendance is requosted. By order of
the thrice illustrious master. Visiting
companions welcome.
J. R. Euckel, who has purchased a
farm near Shaw, was in the city last
Saturday. Mn. Ruckol is a former
resident of Springfiold, Oregon, and
csme to Oregon but recently.
The cannlg and preserving season
is still on. Order your tomatoes, peach
es, plums, grapes, In fact anything yon
need, of t' e Sunset grocery, 121 South
Commercial. We also carry all kinds
of jnrs, tops and rubbers,
Mr. and Mrs. Merton Iicnlsvv and
Mrs. R. A. Douglas have gone to New
port to 'spend a few weeks' outing.
Mrs. Dnnglns Is Mrs. Denlnvey's sister,
and is a resident of Bnrtlettsville,
Charged with assault with s danger
ous weapon, Lee llnyes, ' of West
Wondburn, a warrant wns issued In
justice Webster last Saturday after
noon for his arrest. L, N. Casey, also
of West Wondburn, is the prosecuting
The West Side division of the Port
land, Eugene it Eastern railroad was
about the busiest transportation com
pany In the stale all day yesterday.
Either hop pickers or visitors filled
every out going train yesterday morn
ing, and the company had considerable
difficulty in finding room for the
passengers, notwithstanding that m-
tra coaches and trains were sdded.
Wo have the beef, and wo have a
knock of cutting and tying up a roast
that makes it cook well, carve well and
taste well. Try ns. Independent Mar
ket, 235 Ferry street. Phone 729. Do
livories anywhere, anytime.
Jack Crowe, manager of the Hotel
Marion, has returned from one of the
hottest trips he has ever made, so he
says. Mr. Crowe went to San Francis
co last week on businoss, and declares
that no ordinary white man can exist
long in that community at the present
time owing to the heat. The mercury
hangs around 114 above, according to
the hotel man, and the heat is such
that oven a rubber collar will crumb'e
under it.
A barn belonging to M. A. Budlong,
In Yew Park, was burned to the ground
last night, together with soveral tons
of hay The blar.e was noticed by the
family shortly after 11 o'clock, and
when the department arrived on the
sceno, the building was beyond saving.
Just what caused the conflagration is
not yet known by Mr. Budlong, the
owner of tho barn. Thero wero no
horses In the stable at the time, an.)
with the exception of tho hay and
several other minor articles, nnthimr
nut the building was burned.
The happy family of about 20 Salem
pickers whoso tents are pitched along
In a row In the Patterson hop yard
one mile west of Eula decided to Incor
porate yesterday afternoon. Tho re
sult of the election was: Mrs. W. W.
Kill, police matron; James Putnam,
representing fifth ward councilninn,
Salem; Clayton Young, pound master;
Mrs. Jnek Cnrnh, street cnmiiiiinm.r
and Mrs. George Orey, mayor. Dis
guised as a certain councilman from
the fifth ward hero Mr. Putnam will
proceed to "clean up" the camp
grounds. Mrs. Hill.
Intends to see that propriety prevails
in every locality of the tented cltv. A
motion was panned by the official mem
bers of the camn to th ff tk.t
Governor West will bo kept advised
concerning tne progress of the body.
Tho criminal caso of Editor J. E.
Hosnier will come up for hearing iu
Justice Webster's court tomorrow morn
ing at 10 o'clock. The defendant is
charged with printing libelous articles
iu his newspaper, the Silvertou Jour
nal, against tho Prioress of the Mount
Angel convent.
Waiving examination, L. Brown, who
is charged in justice court with ob
taining money under false pretenses,
was committed to the county jail Sat
urday afternoon to await action of the
next grand jury Brown was arrested
In Portland by Constable Cooper Sat
urday morning.
Rough weather will soon be here.
Prepare now to caro for your horses,
uy buying your horse blankets, ruh
ber blankets, etc, of F. E. Shafer, the
saddle and haruoss man, 187 South
Commercial street.
FOR SALE Light delivery wagon,
horse and harness. L. A. Wosta
cott & Co., 170 South Commercial
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Must be neat, clean a good
cook and furnish references. A
good, permanent place in small fam
ily for right party. Phono Main
FOR SALE An ideal stock ranch, 2S0
acres, in one of tho best sections of
the Willamette Valley, running
water, good fences, near railroad
station, $2600 worth of farming ma
chinery and horses, $000 worth of
dairy cows, 4000 bushels of grain,
40 tons of hay. See Clyde Rice, with
L. S. Barnes & Co., 315-310 Masonis
FANCY CANNING Crawford peachosl
ior sale. "Lachmund Orchard,"
one-half mile west Kaiser Bottom
school house. Thone orders Faimers
293. H. W. Bowden, foreman.
1 OSOll
Broken eye glasses or spec
tacles are quickly repaired at
our establishment, and it mat
ters not if the lenses aro broken
save some of the pieces and we'll
duplicate your lens without ex
amination. For all around safety let us
I suggest making an extra pair
? of glnsses or spectacle for you.
I A.McCulloch
f Optometrist f
5 281 N, Commercial St. Phone 2S I
nOUSE AND LOT-50x120, 6 bearing
cherry trees, 3 apple trees, grapes,
etc., $025, $100 down, balance $10
per month, 7 per cent Interest. What
' more do you want! See Clyde Flee,
316 Masonic building.
FOR SALE An almost new Singer
sowing machine wagon, 640 State
-usi come in and see how cheap we
will sell you a fine drophead ma
chine, the very best makes, from
$12.50 up. Now is the time, 610 State
SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE and 85x200 ft.
on paved atreot, paving paid.
Fruit, ornamental and shade trees,
blackberries, loganberries, good gar
den spot and well, one block from car
I'ne, good location, now renting for
$ per month. All for $1800; $800
cash, balance $10 per month, 7 per
cent. Bargain. See Clyde Rice, with
' 8' Barn Co., 318 Masonio tern-pie.
Mondav. Rn.t ,11 tot.
o'clock a. m.. and . M .
assessment rolls 4 t''
in vauation, description ?' t
land. Int. V m QUE.
.- , .... , pr .,
tinue in session until JT ' '
pleted. " !,...
All persons interested s '
appear and emin, ,h'ewV
for the year 13J3, , ,, r ;
the .ame,,
mg, properly verified I '
or alteration of the. "-F
first week of such S
plaints can berecelvedtQ'
Asossoi of Mi ""
AunistlB.lni.i M,nCt,,
MONDS brings J J
cheeks. Onlv . 0.1. .
I Store. wmsier",':
$100 Tol
That you can't beat w w
IS acre, in Polk county, ,WOai (
well improved, $4000; u Unt
line ideal suburban hm0i ;'
acre in berries, new horns on a, 1
$1800; 7 acres in borne., I "
house and barn, $3000; 30 1,, '
acres in crop, balance timber l;-
8UUu uurn, (m ilea out ft.
ed, OOOiltoSscrMoni.?.
several new homes in Sl6ra i, '
meuts; SOO acre, well hpr.fc
per acre; several 5 and 10 acre tj 5
well improved. t
We have a cigar ataod, pmiij
rooming house, hotel, restsnrut, m ,
eery store, candy store md otlerW,)
ness chances. i
20 acres close in, well lmpnTii, X
500. Several prune ranchei ud tr t
tracts at the right price, 18'; ,
bearing Italian prunee, $2750, j
We rent Houses aai
Furnished Rooms, t
sell Insurance of alliiii
List your bargain witli -and
we will give you mm,
prompt and courteoui trstjj
Acme Investment Co,
A. B. COOK, Muuin,
Phones: Office, Main 477; nUewt
Main 2487.
Opposite Court Hook. MO tat
Employment Bureau k !
nection. '
rmmmmmmmfmmifmm urn. nil..-
South Salem Box G !
Tray and berry boiei. Fruit bow i',.
all kinds. Porch and lswi imp-
screens. First-class cabinet mi f
Phone 308 247 Mite 1 I
On farm and city propirtj, Joiil ;
Scott over Chicago Store, hlia' j '
Koi. Phone 1CSI. )
Eesleeit iff rats Ihi Htt SW '
Om Good Bel EsUts Start, j
THOS. K. F0K9 j
Ow Ladd Bush Bank, Sel" i
JACOB 00. '
Pfcons 2424. ' 800-207 Hubbtri :
Al ro Seal ! j
(47 8Ut Street ;
ta amy junUiy. P"0" l'. '
our specialty. Fslls CUT W j
Company. 171 Norm
traet Phons Mala 1 1
$500 will buy , i0..cta
nch, tha tl. $500 will mak. the
lint nBVtnanf -
take car eof the balance, if yoa will
Si 0t th enft- "y-5
Wl1tk 8- B Co, J15
31 Masonic Temple.
CLEAfflSfl WOIl" I
No machlaery to sar "
out dsllcats fabrics. Wort
m. j a n.. .,1 rnmrjtI7'
448 Ferrv street. Phon.M.1
f Cherry City ;
tie miiK a ji:
I Dinner and Lodge oflWJ
.. Cat " :
OUT IU - j
IM Chsneksta 8tr
Phone 248rJ,
4ttt Ilt