Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 27, 1913, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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TODAY - Our 653rd Wednesday
Surprise Sale
Brown Bath Towels, Special 19c each
Here are excellent bath towel of heavy Turkish weave in
the unbleached finish f neat stripe border with hemmed
edge; these towels are of good size, too--23x39 inches.
Housewives will no doubt supply present and ' future needs
from this sale.
Only 19c each
None sold before 8:30. See the window display.
r r ji
Meyers Salem's and the Willamette Valley's
Logical Style Center
Here you will find beautiful models direct from New
York and the newest style creations imported from that
fashion city of Europe Paris. Owing to the immense
buying power of Salem's big store, coupled with the
fact that our Mr. Henry W. Meyers journeyed to the
great markets and personally bought the new models
for fall and winter in Ladies' Suits, Coats, Dresses and
other garments, and that we have a permanent buyer
in New York who constantly looks after our needs, we
are therefore in a position to bring before the people of
this locality the season's advanced styles as they are
created. Salem women will indeed appreciate this fact
when they view the complete stock of fall and winter
ready to wear garments We can say without exagger
ation that the coming season's display will far out-class
any previous showing ever brought to Salem. At pres
ent we are displaying an advance collection of the new
suits and coats, and cordially invite an inspection at
your convenience. No obligation to buy, just come in
and ask to see the new garments.
The House of Refine
Today and Tomorrow
The Animal
Rex Western Drama
Nestor Indian Romance
Crystal Society ' Drama
Her Tutors
Eclair Comedy
Miss Ina Owen
In Songs
Always the Pipe Organ
ladies were also provided with neces
sary clothing to take the place of their
drenched dresses. Mr. Hamilton stated
this morning that the baby suffered
none from the ducking, while his wife
and visitor were well nnd in good spr
its today.
Ilowever, it was a very narrow es
cape, and Mr. Hamilton can thank the
ladies for the fine manner in which
they conducted themselves when the
canoe turned over. The baby, beiuy
helpless, was the first one to receive
aid, and it was saved without much
trouble, but had Mrs. Hamilton or the
other lady been unable to swim and
had got excited in the least, it is more
than probable 'that some one would have
been drowned.
x ncATU NnTirFS:
The one-day-old infant of Mr. and
Mrs. Theodore Falk, August 26, 1913:
nt the family residence on Salem
The funeral was held this morning
at 10 o'clock from the residence. The
burial took place at City View ceme
. 1 y xGo:iM&'ox&J
Utterly Wretched
Nervous Prostration Long Endured
Before Kemeay
Miss Minerva Reinlnger, Upper Bern,
Pa, writes: "tor several yeara i mm
nervous prostration, and was utterly
wretched. I lived on bread and beet
tea because my siomacn wuuiu nui if
tain anything else. I took many rem
edies, but obtitlned no relief until I
took Hood's Siirsaparllla, when I began
to gain at once. Am now cured."
Pure rich blood mnkes good, strong
nerves, and this Is why Hood's Sarsn
parltla, which purines and enriches the
blood, cures so muny nervous diseases.
Get It today In usunl liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Sarsataha.
To Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Parker, at
their residence on North Front street,
Tuesday, August 2(5, 1013, a son.
Eugene, Ore., Aug. 27 Four hun
dred tunnel workers were given a din
ner of fried chicken at noon today by
Twohy Bros., their employes, at the
Noti tunnel on the Eugene-Coos Bay
railroad, in celebration of the meeting
of the two crews, thus letting daylight
through the big bore. Several weeks'
work will have to be done on the tun
nel before the track can be laid
TWO CENTS word for each
EXPERIENCED chambermaid at once.
Hotel Salem.
Capital City Brevities
Dr. F. L. Utter, dentist, suit 415-410-417
Masonic building.
Miss Clcneviove Avison has returned
from a visit with friends in Portland.
Prof. J. P, Axley has returned from
an extended visit throughout California.
Or. Asseln, dentist, 205 Salem Bank
& Trust building.
Mrs. Prothero, who resides on the
Jefferson road, has left for Portland
with Chas, Hamilton and Miss Mildred
Ilonoynyui, who motored up f roni( the
metropolis yesterday.
Ammunition, Fishing Tackle, Etc.
North Commercial 8treet Phone 363
ACADEMY of the
Under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Names
Most approved methods, Primary, Grammar and High School Deport
ments., Complete course ia Music. No interference with religion of
Scholastic year begins third Monday in September.
LaFollette's Crawford
You will have to send in your order soon. LaFol
lctte't peaches are in demand all over Oregon. They
are known everywhere for fine quality canning and
table peaches. The price will not be lower
75c and 85c per box
Compare the size boxes we sell with other packers
and you will save money by placing your orders with
Table Peaches 35c per basket
Table Plums 15c per basket
Hop Pickers' Supplies
Good Bacon 20 and 25c per lb
Picnic Hams 17 and 18c per lb
Columbia River Salmon 2 for 25c
Canned Milk, per dozen 90c
Smoked Sardine, regular size 5c
Floral Coffee, steel cut 30c per lb
Corn and Tomatoes 3 cans for 25c
Miss Sue Steigcr, of San Jose, Cal.,
is . visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Stoiger, of Salem.
Merrill S. Lamport left today for an
extensivo trip through southern Oregon,
and northern 'alifomia.
Dr. Fletcher Iloman is in Portland ou
business. He may visit Washington be
fore returning home. '
Dr. Stooves has gone East to study.
He will spend one mtnth in Eastern
clinics and will return September 15.
Miss Mabel Wilson, niece of Mr. and
Mrs. Flotcher Iloman, has gone to Seat
tlo, whore she will take up her duties
as a teacher.
Mr. anil Mrs. Austin Price, of Boise,
Idaho, aro visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. U N. Comnton. Mr. Price is
a government engineer.
Au application for requisition for C.
A. Stucwo, wanted in St. Louis, Mo., on
the chargo of forgory, was issued yes
terday by Governor West.
Mr. Bradley Kivers, a prominent at
torney of Portland, is in the city today,
lie visits the governor in the Interests
of the Society for Prevention of Hang
ing. A complaint was filed in the circuit
court this morning by Schleusner
Bros, against Frank L. Williams, Jr.,
to recovor $104, alleged to be duo on
board supplied tho defendant.
Mr. T. 1). Jones and family, of 19."
South Twenty fourth street, have re
turned from a five weeks vacation at
Newport. They report having had all
kinds of good times whilo away.
After all there is nothing more satis
factory or healthful than a juicy cut
of high grade beef. Wo seli it. In
dependent Market, 2" Kerry street.
Phono 728. Deliveries anywhere, any
timo. ,
We have a perfectly appointed
shade room, in cliurgo of competent
workmen. We will be pleased to sub
mit estimates on all work of this kind.
Imperial Furniture Co., 177 North
Liberty street.
Tho press dispatches report that a
Chinaman will lie deported, after hav
ing lived 11) years in this country and
accumulating a fortune. That's tough
hut what would you do if you could
not get a La Corona.
F. K. Slinfcr, the harness and sad
dle man, nt 1S7 South Commercial
street, has been kept busy during tho
pnst few days supplying tho wauls of
hop pickers. He says that, although
the demand has been large, he can still
furnish nil the tents, tarpaulins nnd
gloves that will be needed.
Falling out of a hay loft, the two and
a half year old son of Claud Settlemier
who resides at the T. A. Livcsley hop
ranch, was seriously injured yesterday.
Dr. Harry Clay was called and it is be
lieved tho lad will recover in due time.
A remonstrance to the purposed im
provement of Mill stieet was filed with
tho citv recorder vestenlay afternoon.
The property holders signing tho re
monstrance object to a 30-foot street
and the council is asked to hold up tho
If you believe in the power of music
to elevate your thoughts and broaden
your intellect, to stir your imagina
tion and quicken your emotions, then
get a Victrola in your home. See R.
F. Peters, 521 Court street, about his
easy payment plan.
Whilo you aro down shopping to
morrow, call and see our assortment
of grapes, sugar plums and fresh fruit
of all kinds, if you cannot call, phone
your order, and we will deliver prompt
ly. Sunset grocery, 121 South Com
mercial street.
Freedom foe Kate Westerlund, who
escaped from the receiving wnrd at the
asylum recently, was of short duration.
She was captured last nijht in Brooks
after she had walked to that town on
her way to Astoria, where she was com
mitted to the institution. Tho patient
escaped last Monday evening.
It is possible that several members
of the Salem Canoe Club will join tho
Portland club on its Salem-P6rtlnnd trip
next Monday. The local club held a
meeting last night and Russell Smith
and Seymour Skiff were appointed as
a committee to call upon the different
members ami ascertain if they will take
part in the big canoe trip on the Wil
After spending the summer with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kuntz, Miss
Ada Kuntz has returned to Braiuord
New York, Aug. 27. Through
tion, Barletts, $2.75.
Philadelphia Through auction, Bart
letts, $22.75,
Chicago Through auction Rogue Riv
er Barletts, $1."02.7;; average $2.4.1.
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B1 1 JjplBJpjJpjgpJJMmwiiiiiiiw
""" Nt. fU SC., fc,.w
Tells of Huerta's Roply.
The president then sot forth that
Huerta's reply, through Foreign Minis
tor (lamboa, said tho dictator realized
that tho American proposals were in
tended to be friendly otherwise, they
would have been immediately rejected
on account of their humiliating charac
ter, lluerta refused to promise that he
would not be a eandbuite for the prosi
dency, asserted that pacification of the
country was proceeding and refused tho
proposal for an armistice on the ground
he must punish outlaws now in the
(lambda's note, the president said,
urged American' neutrality, recognition
of lluerta as president, and, deploring
the tension with America, denied that
Mexico was responsible therefor. Gam
boa also recalled tho recognition of
lluerta by Ambnssndor Henry Lane
Wilson. It concluded thus:
'When the situation reaches a happy
conclusion no mention will bo made of
causes which might cirry us, if the
present tension persists, to nobodv
know what extremities for two (HMiple
under obligation to continue friendly,
provided that friendship is based on
mutual respect."
(Continued from page one.)
boom on the Salem sido of the stream.
Mrs. Hamilton let ro of the boat and
swam to the logs ami a rowboat soon
picked the other lady up, aud, after
getting Mrs. Hamilton, the ladles were
landed on the gravel bar.
Workmen Aid.
workmen, who are caring for the
popping station, loaneor their clothing
in which to wrap the baby, sfter its
wet elothe had beea removed, end the
The board of equalization will meet
at the court house in said county on
Monday, September 8, 1913, at 10
o'clock a. in., and publicly examine the
assessment rolls and correct all errors
in vauation, description or quality of
land, lots or other property, and con
tinue in session until such work is completed.
All persons interested are notified to
appear and examine their assessment
for the year 1913, and if not satisfied
with the same, file application in writ
ing, properly verified, for a reduction
or alteration of the same during the
first week of such meeting, as no com
plaints can be received thereafter.
Asessor of Marion County.
Aurnist 1(1, 1913.
WANTED A small child to care for.
Will have the best of care. Phone
288 Main.
WANTED Woman for light house
keeping, two in family. Mrs. Fergu
son, 245 Division.
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Must bo neat, clean a good
cook and furnish references. A
good, permanent place in small fam
ily for right party. Phone Main
FOUND Key on
streets. Owner
paying for adv.
Church and Union
can have same by
WANTED Position as automobile driv
er, steady man, no bad habits. Refer
ences. Phone 303.
Sealed proposals for furnishing labor
and material required for full comple
tion of two separate and distinct build
ings and the finishing only of a brick
hospital building (aggregating in cost
about $15,000) to be erected on proper
ty located about one and one-half miles
north of the city of Salem, and known
as the Oregon State School for the
Deaf, will be opened by the Oregon
State Board of Control, Friday, August
25, 1913, at 2 p. m., at the state capitol
Plans, specifications and proposal
sheet may be obtained at the office of
W. C. Knighton, architect capitol build
ing, Salom, Ore. R. B. GOODIN,
Secretary Orogon State Board of Control.
FOR SALE Votch seed, eithor, clear
or mixed with oats. A. D. Petty
john. Route 3, Salem.
FOR SALE An ideal stock ranch, 2S0
acres, in one of the best sections of
the Willamette Valley, running
water, good fences, near railroad
station, $2000 worth of farming ma
chinery and horses, $000 worth of
dairy cows, 4000 bushels of grain,
40 tons of hay. See Clyde Rice, with
L. S. Barnes & Co., 315-310 Masonis
TELEPHONE 1899 is correct number
for Fred's night lunch in taxicab.
Whcn you Break j
Your Lenses f
very short time, w, i
latest up-to-date J.f)
chine in the valley 1 " :
W can also tMt,Mr(. i,
live youth, best J?
ruh Toric . .dw;;
frames, at reasonable ,! , ...
Optician d jewe, ,
Next door to U. 8. fc (.
That yu wt bestow
IS acres in Polk count.
well improved, $4000; 14 u J"1
"""roan home, j .
acre in berries, new soma,,
WSOOj TacrcsinberriM,
house and barn, $3000 ; 30 , "
acres in crop, balanc, tiEb!.
nouso, good barn, 7m ties o t .
220 acres in Polk county,
' i itooacreionium,,1
several new home in Saleat,',
ments; 500 acras wsll j
per acre; several 5 nd 10i(Nt,
wen improved. i
We have a cigar itand, ,1
rooming house, hotel, rMtnnit,tt
eery store, candy store and otta'iX
ness chances. i
20 acres close in, well hml J,
500. 8everal prune rsnckm uiVf '
tracts at tho right price, u ,4
bearing Italian prunes, 12150.
We rent Houses
Furnished Rooms. !
sell Insurance of altii'
List your bargains witl I
J Ml I
ana we win give you ib
prompt and courteous tr:r
ment. f
Acme Investment
A. B, COOK, HuiR
Phones: Office, Main 477;!;
Main 2487.
Opposite Court none. 54)!'jv :
Employment Bureau in Ci ; '
nedion. 1.
WANTED Hop pickers, at Lach
mund's ranch, 70 acres, good camp
ground, fine water, 4 miles east pf
Salem. Picking commences Septem
ber 1. Free railroad fare to Lach
mund Station, on Southern Pacific.
Phone Farmers' 190.
FANCY CANNING Crawford peaches
for sale. "Lachmund Orchard,"
one-half mile west Kaiser Bottom
school house. Phone orders Fanners
293. H. W. Bowden, foroman.
FOUND Pocket knifo Owner may
have same by calling here and pay
ing for ad.
Notice of Assesment 18th Street Im
provement. Notice is hereby given that the com
mon council of the city of Salem, Ore-
gun, win at or BDOut s o clocn p. ni.
on the 1st day of September, 1913, or
at the fame hour at any subsequent
regular couuicil meeting thereafter, at
the common council chambers in the
city of Snlcm, Oicgon, proceed to as
sess upon each lot or part thereof or
parcel of land liable therefor, its pro
portionate share of the total cost of
improving North Eighteenth street
from tho south line of State street to
the south line of Center street.
All persons interested in paid assess
ment aro hereby notified to appear nt
said time before tho snid common
council and present their objections, if
any they have, to said assessment and
apply to said common council on or bo
fore the snid 1st day of September,
1913, to equalize their proportionate
share of the total cost of improving
said North Eighteenth street, and
their snid assesment
CTIAS. F. ELOTN, City TJecorler.
WANTED $:.')00 at 7 per cent interest
at from three to five years, 100 acres,
well improved farm within Vi mile of
Eugene given as security, no incum
brance on farm. Address "M. A.
J.," Capitol Journal.
WANTED Hxperienced girl for gener
al housework. Call moruings. Main
254, 378 Bellovue.
HOUSE AND LOT-50xl20, 6 bearing
cherry trees, 3 apple trees, gropes,
etc., $025, $100 down, balance $10
per month, 7 per cent interest. What
more do you wantl See Clyde Rice,
olo Masonic building.
FOR SALE Burlap, at right prices for
hop baling. Enquire of A. O. Cros
Why Come to Is
Good Eyesight
Because You Will
The very best that Modem
.Means can affir,l the
needing Eye-attention.
"The Best Is Nono Too Good."
A. McCulloch I
Ml N. Commercial 8L Phone 92.1 I
run HALb An almost new Singer
sewing machine wagon, 840 State
South Salem Box C
Tray and berry boiea. Fruit to J
all kinds. Porch and Uw w.
acreens. First-clasa cabinet it '
Phone 308 ' 8(7 Sift1,
Oa term sad city propartr. M'i
Scott, orer Chicago Btora, hj,
egoa. Phone 1(11 f
leslaeit Agent WW
Oi Good Bel Eitato 8i ,,
THOS. K. F0BD (!
Over Udd A Bush Bank, 8iJi
Phone 2424.
JACOB 00. !
on ml nnbtait "
8EWIXO MACHINES Must ho sold.
Just come in and see how chenp we
will sell you a fine drop-head ma
chine, the very best makes, from
12.50 up. Now is the time, 040 State
SF.VEN-UOOM HOUSE and 85x200 ft.
lot on paved streot, paving paid.
Fruit, ornamental and shade trees,
blackberries, loganberries, good gnr
don spot and well, one block from car
line, good location, now renting for
$9 per month. All for $1800; $S0()
cosh, bnlanco $19 per month, 7 por
cent. Bargain. See Clyde Rice, with
L. S. Barnes & Co., 310 Masonic temple.
$500 will buy a joacre prune
rnnch, tha tis $500 will make the
first payment, and the cropa will
tnke car eof the balance, If you will
take care of the crops. See Clyde
Rice, with L. 8. Barnes i Co., 318-
.116 Masonic Temple.
MONDS brings color to tha
cheeks. Only at Schaefer's Drug J
Oa good Ketl Iitato
147 State Strwt
ia .a, quantity. Piw
our specialty, Fall.
Company. I7 North
street. rnone ai
aEAmsfl won :
No machinery to J ,
out delicate fabrics, won ;
for and dellTered V. J,
448 Ferry street. PhwiJ
Ice Cre
We makca Specif '
Dinner and Lodge
Buy It
t Cnemeket 8W !;
II I I It hll4