Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, August 27, 1913, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Oregon's Greatest Resort
? aob rotra.
Bteam heated. Hot ud cold water. Private Phone. Bates 42.50 per
day and np. Special rate by the week.
J. H. H. ANDERSON, Proprietor.
Sea Crest Apartments
Overlooking the Ocean
t Newport, - Oregon
Two and three-room furnished apartment and cottages
fronting the beach. Everything new and up-to-date.
Rate upon application.
At Nye Beach. CHRIS ARMS, Prop.
Newport s Family Hotel
X Rate reasonable. Dining room noted for its excellent t
t meals. Special attention given in regard to all outings.
X Courteous attendants meet all boats.
T '
At the Beach, Adjoin
ing Sanitary Bathouse
Board and Lodging at Reasonable Rates
Beautiful camp ground with tents, houaea, fine water and lights, two
blocks from beach. For any information write or call on
W. D. WHEELER, Proprietor.
Seashore Visitors are Much Interested
in Appearance of Leviatbiana
of the Deep.
Unusual for Whales, Especially in such
Large Numbers, to Appear Off
Coast so Early.
Hold-up at
Don't get holp up on your way
to Newport. Keep your checks . .
and save money. Bain's Trans-
fer company meets all incoming
boats. We have no solicitor
along routo or on board trains.
We simply give the public a f
aip-.are deal and solicit a share
of the patronage.
Nye Creek Newport,Oro,
Finest workmanship; most arUs- X
tie designs) special polishing pro- t
cess. All work guaranteed. New
the Natatorinm,
Nye Botch, Newport, Oregon. I
I Mizpah Cottage
Half Way between Newport and f
Fates Reasonable.
Whenever you are on a va
cation you always look and
expect the best, especially in
the line of
Bakery Goods
When coming to Newport
call on the Nyebeach Bak
ery. Our goods are sure to
please. Only home-made
goods sold.
Nye Beach Bakery
M. Smith
Good camping grounds. Wood
for sale. Leave ordors at real- I
dence, comer of Brook and Olive I
8treets, Nye Creek.
A Great Resort
For Pleasure Seekers
The weather has been very fine.
Hundreds of people are already enjoy
I lug surf bathing. Whenever the tide
is out there is a great table spread just
, below the Cliff House, and everybody
has an eujoyable time,
I This resort is rapidly coming to the
front rank as one of the beat on the Pa
cific coast, having the additional ad
vantage of the graudeit scenery in the
background, to which no other resort
can lay claim.
Newport, Ore., Aug. 27. The appear
ance of large schools of whales off
this coast has created much excite
ment among the summer visitors at
Newport. During the past week,
schools of the monsters numbering from
ten to fifty whales have been sighted
and large crowds of interested people
have lined the beach to catch a glimpse
of the leviathans.
According to old residents of New
port, it is extremely unusual for the
whales, especially in such large num
bers, to arrive off this coast until the
latter part of September. Their ap
pearance at this time of the year can
ont be accounted for.
Thi) gasoline fishing bofct, "Ollie
S." has been making daily trips over
the bar to view the whales at close
range. On one of these trips, the pas
sengers were treated with a rare sight
when a large whale, fully eighty feet
in length jumped out of the water,
immediately followed by a giant saw
fish which passed directly under it.
The "Ollie S." succeeded in getting
within seventy-five yards of the school
and the whales could be clearly seen
spouting and disporting in the water.
The ocean has been extremely smooth
(luring the past ten days making it
possible to view the movements of the
whales from the beach.
Oregon University Party
Last Wednesday evening, the mem
bers of the University of Oregon
Chapter of Delta Delta Fraternity, who
are passing yieir vacations in New
port entertained a number of their
friends at a bonfire party on the
beach. College experiences were re-1
latcd by tho former and present stu
dents of tho University. Light re
freshments were served.
The hostesses were: Mrs. Donald M.
Stevenson, of Salem, Miss Josephine
Moorehead, of Junction City, Miss Ag
nes Stevenson, of Eugene, Miss Ruth
Rolfe, of Portland and MiBS Pearl
Horner, of Corvallis. Their guests
were the Misses Margaret Spangler,
Genevieve Dickey and Florence Sher
man, of Engeite, Miss Isabellc McGil
christ, Mr. Miller McGilchrist and Mr.
Donald M. Stevenson, of Salem, Mr.
Emery French and Mr. Harry French,
of Oregon City, Misses Florence Kohl
hagen and Edna Carrick, and Mr. Ed
ward Kohlhagcn, of Roseburg, . Mr.
Richard Babbit and Mr. Laurence
Skipton, of Corvallis, Mr. .Villium
Douglas, of Seattle, Miss Sybil Gib
son, of Portland and Mr. Cnrl Fenton,
of Dallas.
Annual Mason Picnic
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Mason, pion
eer residents of Albany, were tho guests
of honor at the annual Mason picnic
which was held Thursday on the beach
near Monterey. Tho Manso picnic was
sotnlilished several years ago in honor
of Mr. and Mrs. Mason and is observed
each year at this beach. Toasts were
responded to by Miss Florence Mason
of Albany, Professor Harvey B. Dens
more of the University of Washington,
Professor Hopltin Jenkins of Portland,
Mrs. John Millican of Prinevillo and
Mrs. F. Berchtold of Corvallis.
Besides Mr. and Mrs. Mason, the
guest list included Profossor and Mrs.
F. Berchtold, Professor and Mrs. J. It.
Horner and daughters, Mrs. M. J.
Bridgeford, Mr. John Millican, Mrs.
Charles Densmore, Mrs. EUa Brewsey,
Professor Hopkin Jenkins, Professor
Harvey Densmore, the Misses Florenco
Mason, Florence Berchtold, Anna Daw
son, Josephine Moorehead and Caroline
Newyert Personals -
Mrs. Otto Winters and children, of
Ashland, who have been visiting Mrs.
M. M. Dunne at "Ashland Lodge" for
the past three weeks, left Monday for
their home In the Southern Oregon city
Harvey Bedient and family, of Falls
City were included among lost weeks
arrivals at this resort.
Miss Gladys Canter, who is connect
ed with the Oregon Statesman, of Sa
lem, arrived last week for an outing at
this beach.
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Carnahan arrived
at the Abbey Thursday from Portland
and will pass their vacation in New
port. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Cookson were Sun
Francisco registrations nt thi' Abbey
last week.
Mr. .'. i , I.sng, of Portland, wus an
outgoing passenger Thursday. Mrs.
Lang has been visiting at the George
Savage cottage at Nye Geach.
William Skiff, of' Salem, passed the
week-end at this beach.
J. E. Bourne was an incoming pas
senger on the steamer "Newport" last
week, from Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Stevenson register
ed at the Nicolai Thursday from Salem
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Carter arrived
last Thursday from Eugene and will
pass a few days at the seashore.
Mrs. S. M. Garland and daughters,
Isabelle and Mildred, departed Friday
for their home in Lebanon after
month's sojourn at the Garland cot
tage, "The Wreath," Nye Beach. The
Garlands are regular summer residents
in Newport.
Professor and Mrs. Walter Wood
ward, of Earlham, Indiana, are occu
pying one of the Inglewood apartments
at the beach.
B. C. Hunt was an arrival Thursday
from Albany.
0. P. Hoff, state labor commissioner,
and family arrived Saturday from Sa
lem for a two week's outing at the
H. D. Boest and family, of Wood
burn, arrived in Newport on Wednes
day's boat for a short outing at the
bench as guests of the Osburn.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Fitch, of Forest
Grove, are enjoying a month 's so-1
jonrn at Nye Bench.
C. H. Gram arrived in Newport dur
ing the middle of last week from Port
land for a few days visit to this bench.
He is registered at the Abbey.
R. M. Jennings and wife, of Eugene,
were included among the incoming pas
sengers from the valley Saturday.
George MoClure and family, of Port
land, who have been spending the past
two weeks at Tent City, returned to
their home Saturday.
Frank S. Groshong, of Corvallis, ar
rived at Nye Beach Wednesday, where
he is passing several days as a guest
of the McDonald House.
Seymour H. Bell, head of the Ya
qtiina Electric company of this city,
arrived from Portland Thursday for a
short visit.
Wilton Smith, of Milwaukee, Wis
consin, is visiting his brother, Philip
R. Smith, of Yakima Washington, at
the Smith's Nye Beach cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Brown and
daughter, Mildred, departed for theiir
home in inns lty, aner enjuymg
ten-days' outing nt the bench.
Herman Olson, of Portland, arrived
at Nye Beach Saturday, where he will
pass a few days as a guest of the
Mrs. Charles Ladd and son, of Oregon
City, were among the incoming passen
gers Friday. They arc staying at the
Hotel Kelly, Nye Beach.
0. W. Blackmore and flnmily and Mr.
Blackmore's mother, Mrs. F. C. Black
more, all of Cottage Grove, are enjoy
ing a week's outing at Nye Beach in
one of the Chei-ry City lodges.
B. E. Tobias ,of Adrian, Michigan,
is sojourning at the beach for a few
Jessie J. Johnson, of Salem, is en
joying an outing at Nye Beach as a
guest of the Bradshaw.
Edward E. Kingsley and family, of
Portland, arrived in Newport on a
Wednesday boat and are passing sev
eral days at Nye Beach. They are reg
istered at the Nicolai.
T. H. Johnson, of Eugene, is estab
lished nt the Hnlin cottage, Nye Beach,
for the remainder of the season.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Taylor and child,
of Portland, Bre passing a few days at
the Abbey.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Smith, of
Xorth Yakima, Wnsh., will leave this
week for their home after passing two
months in a cottage at Nye Beach.
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. 0. White and Bon,
Ronald, of Falls City, have departed
for their home, after enjoying a two
weeks outing at Nye Beach, where they
occupied one of tho Sunnyside cottages.
John Chitwood, a prominent citizen
of Astoria, is passing a few days at the
Hotel Kelly, Nye Beach.
W. I. Ford, city superintendent of the
Dallas schools, and wife, arrived at the
beach Friday and are passing several
days here as guests of the Copclancl.
Miss S, Bonner, arrived in Newport
Wednesday and is passing a few days
at Nye Beach at tho McDonald House.
Roy Graham and family, of Falls
City, arrived at Nye Beach recently
from the Polk county city, after u ov
erland trip by wagon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lake, of Portland,
are domiciled in one of the cottages at
Tent City for a few weeks.
C. E. Wilson and daughter, of Port
land, arrived during the middle of the
week for a few days visit at the Abbey.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Burroughs, of
Portland, arrived at the Osburn, Nye
Beach, Thursday, for a brief outing.
E. B. Remington, of Lexington, Ken
tucky, arrived at the seaside during the
.miss l alia lleslin, of Portland, is oc
cupying a eojtnge at Nye Beach until
September first.
Miss Marie Martin will depart for
her home in Snlom Thursday, after en
joying a week at Nye Beach as a guest
at. the Cherry City lodge.
E. F. Bernard, of Portland, arrived at
Nye Beach Friday where he is enjoy
ing a brief sojourn as a guest of the
Senator R. A. Booth and family have
returned to their home in Eugene, after
passing a few weeks at Nye Beach.
R. E. Clanton, of Portland, reached
Newport Friday and is passing a few
days at the Abbey.
Eugene Houston returned last, week
to his home in Salem after a short visit
at Charles H. Jones' cottage at Nye
Mrs. J. Strauss and daughter, of Sa
lem, are sojourning in Newport for a
short time. They are staying the
Copeland. "
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Stevenson
and son, Donald M. Stevenson, Jr., cf
Salem, left Saturday for their home in
the Capital City, after passing ten days
at .the beach. While here they occupied
one of Chris Arm's cottages at Nye
Mrs. S. E. Coffin, of Detroit, Mich ,
is on out-of-state visitor at this water
ing place.
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Griffin and chil
dren, of Falls City, arc listed among
the campers at Nye Creek. Mr. Gril'fin
is connected with the Falls City lum
ber company in the Tolk county city.
Mrs. H. L. Fenton and son, Curl, of
Dallas, are occupying the Fenton cot
tago at the beach.
Mrs. J. A. Barnes, of Portland, regis
tered at the Copeland Friday.
Miss Agnes Stevenson, of E'jgcne,
who has been the hoi se guest of Mr.
and Mrs. D. M. Stevenson at Sea Crest,
departed last week for her home in she
Lane county capital.
0. E. Parsons and Earl F. Proctor
made this beach a visit lat week.
While here they stoppeJ at the Newport
Fred I Strang, of Medford, is includ
ed among the southern Oregon people
who are sojourning at the seaside.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hardy, of
Eugene, are included among the Lane
county representation at Nye Beach.
J. S. Gilkey was a Portland arrival
at thi) Abbey last week.
Rev. and J. R, N. Bell, of Corvalli,
concluded a three weeks' vacation at
this beach Wednesday.
Miss Mabel Patrick of Salem, who
has been occupying a cottage at Nyo
Beach, completed her stay bore last
Professor Hopkins Jenkins of tho
Jefferson high school, Portland, is stay
ing at the Nicolai.
Mrs. J. W. Martin arrived at the
bench Wednesday from Salem and is
stopping at the Midway.
Miss Francos Miller left Saturday for
her homo in Portland.
Mrs. C. Pettyjohn and two daughters
arrived Saturday at the Sunnyside cot
tages from Hillsboro and will pass 'two
weeks at the beach.
Profossor Frederick Berchtold and
daughter, Miss Flororice Berchtold, are
located in a Nye Beach cottage for the
balance of the season.
Robin H. Day arrived Saturday at
the Nicolai, Nye Bench, and will spend
a short vacation at this resort.
Professor C. A. Lewis and family, of
Corvallis, are domiciled in a Nyo Beach
cottago. Professor Lewis is a member
of the faculty of the Oregon Agricul
tural College.
Mrs. L. E. Watson and two daughters
of Corvallis, wore last week's arrivals
at the McDonald House. Mrs. Watson
is tho wife of Superintendent Watsoa,
of tho Portland, Eugene & Eastorn Rail
road Company, at Corvallis.
John Withycombe, Jr., a prominent
citizen of Corvallis, arrived at tho Ab
bey tho bitter part of Inst week.
If. E. Kennedy wns a beach visitor
last week from Salem.
1 John R. Scluiltz and M. V. Smith nro
listed among tho Albany people at this
watering place.
I R. A. Hirsch was a Portland registry-
tion at the Abbey Inst week.
Harry U. Milier, who has been in
, Newport for the past two months, left
for bis homo In Newborg Sunday.
Robert Wray, of Silvorten, a student
jat 'ho State University, is a recent ar-
rlvnl at Nye Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. .Frank Moorehead and
children, of Junction City, are occupy.
,ing a cottage at Nye Boach. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Nolan and son,
Victor, of Corvallis, left Thursday for
their home in that cxy after passing
three weeks at the Damon House, Nye
Beach. Mr. Nolan is a prominent not
chant of Corvallis and is a regular sum
mer visitor to Newport.
Dr. W. J. Hoffman, a practicing phy
sician Of Mi,Vinn..i11A 1 . .
. : ig a guest or the
D.- T. Potter and T. R. Taffle ,re
Salem people who are enjoying tho ex
cellent weather prevailing at this re
sort. Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. Walker, of Port
land, are enjoying an outing in New
port. They are registered at the 0.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Smith, of dt
lage Grove, will remain in Newport for
the balance of the season.
Miss Edith Smith was a Salem arriv
al at the Abbey last woek. I
Leonard I. Buterfield, of Tnft, pas-ed'
a few days last week in Newport. Mr I
"utterfiold is a join owner of the gas
obne schooner "Nenamosha." t,ivi..
between Newport and Siletz.
Mrs. Walter L. Tooze is expecting
ihortly tho arrival of her mother V,.
J. B. Barnes, of Roseburg.
Minthorn's Hot Sea Bail
i "Mn
Massage, Electric, Chiropractic
treatment ana Electric Baths
By Dr. O. S. and Mrs. Matthews. Seventeen yeWl t
perience. Rooms for light housekeeping. M" !?
Dr. H. J. Minthorn, Medical Adviser.
L. E. Brouwer. Manager I
1 1 Newport CanJj!
factory f
Newport Cleaning
andPressine Parlors
I Good Work Promptly Done.
Newport, ure.
C. L. KISOR, Prop.
J. Anderson was an Albany arrival at
the beach Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Beauregard are
Vancouver, Wash., people who are pass
ing their vacation in Newport.
J. Herzog, a prominent merchant of
Dallas, arrived Thursday and is visit
ing relatives at the beach.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Buoll, of Eugene,
are in Newport for a few days.
J. J. Howitt arrived at the beach
Thursday from Tacoma, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Foster, of Cor
vallis, wore among tne crowus or vaiiey
people who passed tho woek-end at the
Tho Misses Ruth, Genevieve and Em
na Dickey departed Saturday for their
home in Eugene, aftor enjoying ten days
at the Bradshaw, Nye Beach.
G. D. Gatch, of Portland, was an in
coming passenger on tho steamer New
port Friday.
George Matthews, of Cottage Grove,
arrived at the boach during the week
for a short stay.
R. H. Thomas and family returned to
Portland Thursday after a ten days'
Bojourn at the Hotol Kelly, Nye Boach.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Spraguo and family,
of RoBcbnrg, are enjoying an outing at
Tent City, Nye Beach.
Walter L. Tooze, Jr., a prominont at
torney of Dallas, is pnssing a few days
with his family, who are passing the
summer in one of the Sunnyside cot
tages at Nye Beach. ,
Roy W. Nutting, of Corvallis, arrived
at the Osburn, Nye Bcuch, Thursday,
where ho is jnssing several days.
Mrs. L. E. Watson and two daugh
ters, of Corvallis, are among the guests
at the McDonald House, Nye Beach.
Mrs. E. E. Porter, of Salom, arrived
in Newport Saturday for a short visit
at the seaside.
Mrs. H. E. Bcssott, of Independence,
is sojourning at Nyo Beach for a fow
Mrs. J. N. Scott and daughtor, of
Pullman, Wash., departed Wednesday
tor their home aftor a week's sojourn
at wye Beach.
Floyd E. Smith, of Dallas, is enjoying
a snort outing at Nye Beach.
Mrs. E. L. Phelps, of Cottage Grove,
is domiciled in a cottago at Nye Beach
for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Davis, of it.
Johns, aro camped at tho Tont City,
wh'ilo mailing Nye Beach a short visit.
Air. and Mrs. ,i. L. Ellis, of Portland
were listed among the arrhuls at the
ropeland during tho past week.
Mr, and Mrs. F. 0. Snyder and two
sons, liobert nnd Richard, of Pumnsu-
luwney, Penn., are summer visitors at
this resort. They are staying at the
Cord Sengstnke, Jr., of Portland, is
staying at tho Nicolni while making
ive lieaeh a short visit.
A. D. Dill iB a beach visitor from
The Misses Frances and Jessie Flotch
er, of Portland, 'arrived during the weok
for a short outing at Nve Beach.
Miller McGilchrist, a student at the
University of Oregon, departed for his
naiem Home Saturday noon, after pass
ing a week at Nye Beach.
Miss Stella Savage returned to her
home in Salem, after passing two weeks
w.n ncr lather, George W. Savage, ut
the Cherry City lodge.
I F. W. Newton, of Mc.Minnvilla, arriv-
ed in Newport on a Friday boat for a
(fow days' visit.
j The Missea Edna and Josephine 8te
Ivenson, of Oaeton, are enjoying a short
ouung as guests of the Hotol Kelly,
Nye Beach.
Frank W. Fenton, of McMinnvill.
departed for his home Wednesday morn
ing. Mrs. D. R. Glasgow and two children,
of Spokane, Wash., arrived at the
beach Thursday for a brief sojourn.
Mrs. L. P. Bennett, of Cottage Grove,
was an outgoing passenger Fridav.
While hero Mrs. Bennett stayed at the
iioioi Kelly, Nye Beach.
H. A- Barton, of Portland, was a mid
week arrival at the Newport House.
M. L. Thompson and son, Hnllett, of
Falls City, who have beo nenjoving a
hort outing at Nye Beach, departed for
their home Wednesday morning. Mrs.
Thompson and daughter, Mildred, will
" 0r candy maker U from Sil,tt ' V
j . He makes the host obUimbli I
" !
Newport Steam f
Work Guaranteed
Rooms the Ud
Service Unexcelled
1 s i I
Mrs. C. G. Cope!;:
Prop. i
Between both boat Undiigi
European and AmericsB plu,'" ,'
Street, Newport, Oregon, Gft
Mrs. Wakefield, proprietor!
Between both boat landiip C f
fort guaranteed. Popular ;. '
prices. Special winter 6f (.'
ior rooms. Comfort gusrsilwi j
A Man Must Eat
That's what w asu - 'r
also Hardware sndOy
Supplies. iy.
Near Pot Offo j
G. A j
I AronsJtf;
Automobile Supplies, . j
Hardware, Pain" " 01
I Both Phones
tiiiMr J
Newport He
a rvV
NewlV rew,t,,
clean beds, 1 ; j
cooking. AH whJ.
Doara "
able. New
.nut fr:'
One block from b"
t A. E. STEP! j
:: Blacksmithing
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