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Portland Man WiU Move Here Short
ly to Take Up His New Work
Under Treasurer Kay.
To take the position of state scaler
of weights and measures, P. 0. Buchtel,
city sealer of weights and measures at
Portland, yesterday tendered his resig
nation to Mayor Rushlight, to take ef
fect June 15. Mr. Buchtel will at that
time tnove to Ralem ami take up his
new work under State Treasurer Kay.
At the time of his resignation ho will
have been in the city's servieo five
The state treasurer in the past has
been the state scaler of weights and
measures, but no appropriation has ever
been made to cover tho cost of neces
sary apparatus. There was no state
law giving him the power to investi
gate weights and measures, and there
was no law to prevent fraud. Tho last
legislature onacted laws to cover theso
Tho state law, which bocamo effect
ive Juno 3, 1913, provided for the ap
pointment by the state treasurer of a
deputy state sealer, who will have ac
tive charge of the office. It requires
the appointment by county courts of a
county senior in each county, who will
have the power to investigate trade
renditions, test weights and measures,
and, wherever violations of the law are
found, it is tho duty of tho county scal
er to instituto "criminal proceedings.
The state sealer is to have general
supervision throughout tho state over
tho inspection of weights and meas
ures, and is to havo authority to inves
tigate nil trade customs or practices
which might have a tendency toward
dishonesty in the use of weights and
measures. Ho also will have authority
throughout tho state to entor any place
of business at all reasonable hours to
make inspections.
The Inw is very general in its terms,
and, while not covering anything spe
cifically, in reality it is so worded that
It cover the sale of all commodities
usually sold by weight or measure.
Joy for Kids of Salem When Big Ag
gregation Arrives for Parade
and Performances.
Look, folks! The big holiday is al
most bore!
Because sometime tomorrow, in the
early morning hours, the Hells-Kioto
circus will be shunted onto the siding
out at the railroad tracks and whole
carloads of real joy and gladness will
be unloaded. It doesn't matter whe
ther you are young, old or middle-aged,
if you really want to exjierience the
"get-happy-idea" you will make a lit
tle journey out thero and view the
spectacle with approving eyes.
There is always something about the
coming of the circus that carries with
it a universal appeal, except with the
pessimistic folks who frequently argue
that all circuses are alike. Brothers
and sisters, don't you. believe a word
of this. Every circus has been differ
ent to real thinking people since cir
cuses were invented. They aro differ
ent bec.auso each succeeding year sees
them coming along with more beautiful
ladies, more captivating horses, more
ponderous elephants and funnier clowns
than the last time. It doesn't matter
how many you've seen, the next ono is
always the best, or you think it is,
which practically amounts to the same
Tho Hells-Kioto circus has been com
ing hero for so ninny years now that it
needs no introduction to the renders of
this paper. Its performances have al
ways been excellent, up-to-date, and re
fined. It is especially worthy of pat-
ronago bocause of tho fact that it was
tho first big tented attraction to cut
the price of admission in half, a policy
which it has adhered to ever since.
Tho time-honored parade will be giv
en at 10:30 o'clock tomorrow morning.
It is promised by the management that
this year the spectacle will bo of more
than ordinary merit. Two perform
ances will bo given tomorrow in the
afternoon at 2:15 and in the evening
at 8:15. The doors will be open one
hour earlier.
Tho price of genoral admission is 25
New Way Corn Cure,
GETS-IT Quick, Sure!
Xerer Tried It Before tTou'll Marrel
Hew It Jf akes Corns Vanish.
There never was anyihlng like
"GETS-IT" for corns, and there isn't
Blazes! You're No Business Having
Corns Use "(JETS-IT," They'll Van.
anything like It now. It Is the corn
cure on a new principle. Put it on
any corn in two seconds; it stops
pain, the corn begins to shrivel and
disappears. It never falls. Simplest
thing you ever saw. No fussy band
ages, no greasy salves to turn healthy
flesh "peely" and raw, no plasters that
make corns bulge out. Your corns
won't pull and hurt 'way up to your
heart. Lay aside your knife and ra
zor. No more digging and tugging and
wincing, nor more bleeding, no more
danger of blood poison. "GETS IT"
nevor hurts healthy flesh; It is , safe,
painless, quick, simple, Bure. For
warts, calluses and bunions, too.
"GETS-IT" Is sold at all druggists
at 25 cents a bottle, or sent on receipt
of price by E. Lawrence & Co., Chicago.
Butter Nut
Now is the time to save
your coupons, anl get a
beautiful gold band lem
onade set.
This is berry season.
Save your coupons and
get a beautiful berry set. I
tThe California!
t Thone 909,
347 Court St.
Recipe Department
Reports Show Utmost Importance
Const Spelling and Need of
The Capital Journal has not cornered
the dictionary markot, but you wi'l
think that something has if you try to
buy the book after tho closo if this dis
tribution. After the Capital Joii'ral
ceases its educational philanthropic
work, the book will bo for sale only at
cost of no less than $4,
A new impetus has been given to the
Capital Journal's dictionary distrihu
tion by report from another city, shor
ing the utmost importance of correct
Jn the municipal civil sorvice examin
ations only three girls passed tho jxnin
ination, whilo twenty-eight failod by
reason of not being ablo to spoil a few
words which probably aro rogardod as
words of common usage.
You may laugh at the unfortunnto
twenty-eight, but perhaps you would
not always be sure to spell the follow
ing words correctly: Ambiguous, Ad
vantageous, Accommodate, Diphtheria,
Development, Elementary, Judgment,
Laboratory, Parallel, Judicial, Pri.i-
lego, Hescind, Statistics, Technical, In
Htallmcnt, Priucipal, Subpoena, War
rant, Municipal, Budget and Confiscate
You may not bo ambitious to become
a nmnicipnl clerk, but yon do need
dictionary. If those girls had thought
a little more about studying a few 'ini
pie words than about some of the seim
Ingly very difficult subject in th e
animation they would no doubt have
easily passed.
"Is this the bookt" "Why are iho
edges red! " "Show me the fashiou pie-
turns." "I thing it is lovely," "adnr
ablo, ' ' ' cute, " " too sweet, ' ' etc. This
is but. a sample talk during the rush
hour of last weeks dictionary distribu
S. P. Plans Improvements.
Ran Kraneisco, June 5. Tho South
ern Pacific Company plans to spend
30,000,000 on reconstruction nnd im
provement of its lines in California,
Louisiana and Texas. Application was
made by the company to the state rail
road commission today for permission
o issue 1)30,000,000 in two-year notes.
Tho application states that tho money
s wanted for reconstruction, extending
tho electrifying of the San Francisco
suburban lines and a new ferry boat.
Miller May Box Wlllard.
San Francisco, June 5. Charlie Mil-
ltr and Jess Willard mny box four
rounds here on June 20 or 27, tho date
depending upon tho selection by Jim
Griffin of his date. The bout, if ar
ranged, will be stagisl by the Univer
sity Mound Athletic club. Miller is
onfident that tho can stop Willard, be
lieving that he is fully as strong as
the Kansas giant, and knowing t Vint
he has far more experience.
Tot Causes Scare.
InxiTMi ritual ijiashd wiss.1
Mnrshfield, Or., June 5. Following
nil all night search in which S.1'1 men
participated, tho l5montlisoril son of
Hlter Smith, foreman of the Smith
inlp mill, was foci.r. toilny peaceful!;
keeping In the won.ii about a mile f.'om
Ins inlhcr a home. Oreat anxictv lor
the Mfety of tho e'i'ld prevailed as
ninther had been in the vicinity for
koimiiI weeks. The Smith family re-
icntly moved here f:.n Oregon Cit".
I WIU Head Wilson's Views.
I onitku raias mabcd wui.l
l'itlsbnrg, I'a., Juno 5. At a fare
well dinner hero tomorrow night to
former Mnvor George Guthrie, the
newly appointed ambassador to Japan
Secretary Brvnn will rend a letter
from President Wilson explaining hii
viows on the Cnlifornin-.lnpatioso sit
nation. Uoth Bryan and Ambassador
fhiuda will speak.
Weston Still Walking.
ashen, N. Y., June S. Edward Pay
von Weston, the long-distance walker.
left Goshen early today, intending to
make Port Jervis, 37 mile away, be
fore night.
Chamberlain Causes Holdup.
Washington, June 6. Upon objection
of Senator Chamberlain, who contend
ed that a renewal of the arbitration
treaty with Oreat Britain might com
pel submission of tho Panama canal
tolls controversy to Tho Hague, the
senate late yesterday temporarily post
poned action on renewals with Great
Britain, Spain and Italy'
An extradition treaty with Paraguay
almost, if not absolutely the last place
in tho world whero an American crim
inal now is safe from justice, was ap
proved by the forolgn relations commit
Senator Bacon 's bills to raise the le
gations at Madrid to an embassy and
create separato legations for Uruguay
and Paraguay, were approved.
The proposed canal treaty with Nic
aragua wag not discussed.
You do not buy chaff with
Reasoner's Coffee, just
good coffee.
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A Worker Appreciates This.
Wm. Morris, a resident of Floronce,
Oregon, says: "For the last fourteon
yoars my kidnoys and bladder incapaci
tated mo for all work. About eight
mouths ago 1 began using Foloy Kidney
Pills, and they have done what other
medicines failed to do, and now I am
doing and feeling fine. I heartily rec
ommend Foloy Kidney Pills." Foley
Kidney Pills do not contain habit form
ing drugs and aro tonic in acting, quick
in results. Thoy will help any case of
kidney trouble not beyond the reach of
medicine. Dr. Stone's Drug Store
A Salem Citizen Olvos Information of
Priceless Value.
When you suffor from backache,
Headaches, dizziness, nervousness,
Feel languid, depressed,
Have annoying urinary disorders;
Do you know what to dof
Some Salem people do.
Head tho statement that follows.
It's from a Salem citizen.
Testimony that can bo investigated.
Mrs. George, Stotlar, 171)0 Mission St.
Salem, Oregon, says: "I have given
Dean's Kidnev Pills a thorough trial,
having been using them off and on dur
ing the past five years and I do not
hesitato to say that tho yaro tho bent
kidnev medicine to be had. I had at
tacks of kiuney complaint and my back
got lame and sure. Since first usiug
Dean's Kidney Pills, 1 havo always
hud something Hint will help my kid
neys and rid mo of kidney ailments in
a short time."
Sor sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for tho United Statin.
Remember tho name Doan 's and
take no other.
Two Are Killed.
united press uun wire. I
Buc, France, June 5. Aviator Ber
nard and a passenger were killed hero
today when Bernard's biplane turned
turtle in midair.
It is now well known that not moro
than one caso of rheumatism in ten
requires any internal treatment what
ever. All that is needed is a free ap
plication of Chamberlain's Liniment
and massaging the parts at each appli
cation. Try it and see how quickly it
will reliovo tho pain and soreness. Sold
by all dealors.
Muffins will be just right,
if you use
Eppley's Perfection
Give one trial, and you
I will use no other.
ilThe Chadwickj
Solicits a Share of
Your Patronage
Fresh strawberries and vege
tables daily.
Bannuas, dozen 20e
Extra choice lemons, doz 35e
1 doz corn 00c
1 doz. Marigold milk Hoc
0 boxes sardines 25e
10 bars Savon soap 2.1c
Try a sack of While Moun
tain flour $1.40
Fresh gooseberries, per gal "lie
2 lbs cherries 25c
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Cereal Sugar and Cream
Kidneys Saute Duchesse Potatoes
Diamonds Coffee
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Stowed Fruit Cake Tea
Vegetable Soup
Braised Lamb's Liver Brown Gravy
Mashed Potatoes Baked Squash
Lettuce French Dressing
Wafers Cheese
Strawberry Shortcake
When preparing for a meat dish,
heart, liver or kidneys, the addition of
a small amount of a mild vegetable acid
such as tomato in some form, will im
prove their flavor. To accompany this
dish, cold mashed potatoes are beaten
to break all lumps, moistened with beat
en egg, formed in small ovals, brushed
with egg, laid on a greased pan and
browned in a hot oven. The diamonds
are cut in that shape from a milk bis
cuit and baked in the usual manner.
Tho liver of lamb or young mutton is
almost as delicate as veal and more so
than beef. Place it in the braising
pan with some sliced carrot and onion,
adit a cupful of boiling water mixed
with a cupful of tomato soup," cover and
braise in a moderate oven for two
hours. Strain out the vegetables before
Cracked Wheat Sugar and Cream
Broiled Chops Hashed Brown Potatoes
Griddle Cakes Coffee
Spanish Omelet
Fruit Chort Cake Tea
Celery Soup
Baked Fresh Ham Mashed Potatoes
Creamed Turnips Roasted Apples
Cold Slaw
Wafers Cheese
Strawberry Tapioca
Guaranteed Eczema Remedy.
Tho constant itching, burning, red
ness, rash and disagreeable effects of
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111., says: "I had eczema twenty-five
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When I found Pr. Hobson's Eczema
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ment is the formula of a physician and
has been in use for years not an ex
periment. That is why we can guar
antoe it. All druggists, or by mail.
Price 50c. Tfolffer Chemical Co., Phil
adelphia, aud St. Louis. J. C. Perry.
Will Btop that
splitting headache
Hie. ana Hoe.
Q. E.
Horse Liniment cures that lame
horso without the loss of a hair.
Price $1.00, large bottle.
Q. L.
Cures at oiuo that smarting
burning bladder in women. Price
Sells the "Honest Johu" trass,
the best on the market today,
for little, big, old or young.
Dollar watches will get you to
the train, steamboat, dinner, to
bed all on time, and you will
never miss a cog. Guaranteed
for one year.
Drug store, Salem, Oregon. The
only rash drug store In the state.
erato heat and of the right temperature
when the eaks is put into the oven. If
the oven is too hot and the heat is low
ered after the cake begins to bako it
will fall.
How to Test the Temperature of the
Oven for Cake Baking.
Put a piece of writing paper in the
oven and if it browns a light brown in
five minutes the oven is the right heat
for loaf cake. Small cakes and layer
cakes require a hotter oven. If the pa
per is a dark brown at the end of five
minutes, partly cool the ovon and test
again just before putting the cake in.
Another test is to hold the hand in
the oven aud count twenty. If this Can
be done comfortably, the temperature
is right for loaf cake baking.
If a gas oven is used the cake should
be put in the center on the top grate.
Open and shut the doors of the oven
very .carefully after the cake is in. Do
not turn the cake after it is in the
oven until nearly done. Some good
bakers advise never turning the cake,
even if it is baking unevenly. If the
cake seems to be browning too fast
cover with a piece of writing paper,
after it has been in the oven at least
twenty minutes.
How to Got a Cake from the Pan.
To remove tho cake from the pnn
turn it bottom side up on a cako cooler
or on a board covered with a linen
cloth. If tho cako sticks, do not hurry
it from tho pan, but loosen around tho
edges with a knife and raise the pan
first on one side and then the other. In
this way, by its own weight, tlie cake
may be helped out.
Bride's Cake.
One cup butter, 2 cups of fine grnnu-
Olives lated or confectioner's sugar, cup of
'milk, 3'4 cups of flour, 4 teaspoonfuls
of bakhig powder, the whites of 7 egg),
flavor with Vi teaspoonful of almond
Bake in a large square dripping pan
or a round tube pan, as desired.
Cream the buttor; to do this, work
against the sides of an earthen bowl
with a wooden spoon until the buttor
Omelets are named according to their ,is like cream. Now add a small amount
fillings and one of the most delicate of j of sugar and work in well, then add a
these is what is called a Spanish mix- 'little more Biigar and repeat until all of
ture. Chop fine a quarter pound of fat j the sugar is worked in. Sift together
bacon, a large white onion and one, tho baking ppwder and flour and add
seeded green or red sweet popper. Cook a little of tho flour to the creamed but
slowly together until they begin to col- ter and sugar, then a little of the milk
or, then add two-thirds of a cupful of and then the flour. Continue this pro
tomato soup. Stir well and cook slowly j eess until tho flour and milk are all
for ten minutes longer. Put a spoonful used. Have the egg whites beaten until
of this in the centor of tho omelet be- j stiff, but not dry, and fold into the
fore folding and pour the romaindor cake dough. To fold the egg whites in
around it when dished. j the cako dough, cut down through the
Forty minutes before dinner pour all cake mixture, bring the spoon again
Set your biscuits at night to.
bake for breakfast t Of if you
bake some for dinner, cut out
enough for breakfast, put them
in a cool place till morning, and
have them fresh, mot and light
as a feather.
fei Crescent
nBSM Baking :
1 Powaer I
Because it has two power units.
Ono begins to leaven on contact
with moisture, and the other
when heat is applied, and it al
ways raises the dough.
25c per pound. Ask your grocer. X
Crescent Manufacturing (Co.,
Seattle Wash.
Watkins Spices and Extracts are T
the best quality and strength. T
H. Sellers, agent.
Phone 1846. 988 S Liberty J
the fat from the pan in which tho ham
is baking and pack around it tart ap
ples, cored and quartered but impeded.
Return to the oven and finish baking.
Serve theso apples around the meat or
In a separato dish. Let the cabbage,
shredded for slaw, stand in cold wator
until crisp. Drain on a cloth and serve
with mayonnaiso dressing.
Bride's Cake and How to Make It.
Suggestions for Measuring. A cup
of flour means a measuring cup filled
with flour which has ben sifted and
dipied with a spoon into the cup, then
the top of the cup scraped off level
with a knife. A teaspoonful of baking
powder means a teaspoon filled with
baking powder and scraped off with a
above the cake and cut down as before.
Continue this motion until all the
whites are folded in. Do not beat the
cake after tho egg whites have been
folded in or tho air will be taken from
the egg white aud make the cake less
Bake about forty minutes in a moder
ate oven. At the end of the first twee
ty minutes the cake should begin to
brown slightly; during the rest of tho
period the cake continues to brown nnd
when done shrinks from the sides of the
Three Ways to Tell When the Cake Is
It should pull from the sides of te
Should not stick to a toothpick when
Just received, a new shipment of
Peanut Butter, 2-pound tins,
45c, 5-pound tins, 85c.
22d and State Streets.
T Free delivery to any part of
the city, 22d and State.
Phone 2187
Call Main 1472 !!
For staple and fancy gro
ceries, fresh fruit and veg- '
1601 Center Stret
knife. A moasuring cup should always. t 'B lnlt i,lto the center.
be used, otherwise the proKrtious may
not be right. A measuring cup is a cup
of glass or tin, with 1-4, 1-3, 1-2, 2-3 and
3-4 marked with tho lines. The glass
cup may be UBed for cold materials and
the tin for hot liquids. Butter should
nevor be melted to measure. Pack it
It should spring back in place wlion
the finger is pressed on the top.
Nut Chocolate Cake Which May Be
Used for the Oroom's Cake.
Two-thirds cup of butter, 1 cup 0."
sugar, yolks of 4 eggs, 1 cup of sugar,
1 cup of hot mashed potatoes, 2 ounce
The Salem Ice Company t
Will furnish June 1st, all its
regular customers with an ice
card and a pick, as a souvenir.
Phone 415.
CHEST and protect your furs and wool-
ens from moth, mice, dust and damp.
Special spring offer open to yon now at
lactory prices to get established, rhone
20i), 3tu South Hth street, Salom, Or.
Salem Bakery, the place to get
I0t7 Chemeketa. Phone 2lS'i
My son, hear the words of wisdom
and search the Journal Want Ads. dili
gently, for in them thou shalt find thy
work and plenty for thy wife and little
ones, then, in truth, when thou liest
down at night to take thy rest, thy
leep shall be sweet.
....... . i
tirmeiy in tlie spoon or cup and scrape f melted chocolate, or less; Vj cuf cf
level with the top. sweet milk, 2 cups sifted flour, 3Vi u-
Before beginning to mix the cake, blespoonfuls of baking powder, 1 tea
thoroughly greaso the cake pan. White spoonful of cinnamon, I teaspoonful of
aper should he put in the bottom and ma,.e or nutmeg, Vj teaspoonful of
sides of tho pan. This keeps the cake ( 00V08, 1 cup of nut meats, choppoo
from burning on the bottom and assists . whites of 4 eggs beaten dry.
in removing tho cako from tho pan. Cream the butter; beat In the first
To get good resul's in cake baking l0p 0f 8Kar. In another bowl beat the
the best butter, eggs, flour, sugar and yolks of the eggs with the second cup
leknig powder must be used. If the'of 8l,,,,lr, Combine the two mixtures
Everything in groijorios; new,
clean and up-to-date. Come in
and be convinced. Nuf sod.
Phone 877. 575 N. Hth street.
i ngnr is coarse grni'vd it may bo rolled
oi, the bread board 1 1 til fine. The b.;t
ter should be warm n.ough to mix eas
ily with the sugar. In very cold weatu
ei- or when tho bntt-'r is kept in an ice
', it should be put in a warm roo'.i
'' ! slightly softened before creaming
with the sugar. Pastr yflour makes a
more delicate cake, but bread flour may
be used if two tablespoonfuls less to
each cup is used.
The baking of tho cake is perhaps
morn important than the mixing. For
loaf cake the oven should be of a mod-
Mash the potatoes and dip lightly into
the cup whilo hot. Add tho potatoes
and chocolate, which has been melted
over hot water. Mix the baking pow
der, flour and seasonings together. Add
the flour nnd milk a littlo at a time as
directions for making the white 'ake.
Then add the nut meats and last of all
the four whites of the eggs. Fold them
into the cako mixtures as in making Tlie
white cake. Bake in a largo tube pan
or dripping pan. This cake will cut
forty good-sized pieces. Frost uith
marshmallow frosting.
Cold minced ham, per pound 20r
Wisconsin brick cheese, per pound 25c
Stuffed Mnnznuilla Olives, per bottle 15c 25c
Large Queen olives, per bottle 25c
Ripe Olives, Pickles, Pates, Nuts
Place your order for cauning berries now, while they are at their best,
bir supply comes fresh every dry.
339 North Comm ercial Street.
Phone Main 259
Marshmallow Frosting.
Two cups granulated sugar, Yi cup nf
wator, whites of 4 eggs, ,i pound oi
mnrshmallows, 1 teaspoonful of van. Ill
Put the sugar in a smooth saucepan
and add to it the water; put over a slow
fire and stir carefully until dissol ;(!.
do not allow it to boil until the sur
is thoroughly dissolved. When tho syr
up is clear, set it over a hot fire and
boil rapidly, without stirring, until ic
will spin a thread, or if the sugar ther
monieter is used, until it registers '.'IU.
When tho syrup first begins to boil,
cover closely for two or three minutes
to allow tho sides of the dish to wash
down. The grains from the sides of the
dish may bo removed by wetting a clean
cloth in cold water and running it
around the sides.
When tho syrup will spin a thread
pour in a fiuo stream on to the stiff
beaten whites of the eggs and beat vig
orously until all of the syrup is used.
After the first half of the syrup is used
it may be poured on the egg whites a
littlo faster. Set in a cool place or in a
pan of cold wator and continue beat ug
until the mixturo is just lukewarm,
then add tho niarshmallows which havo
been cut in quarters with a pai' of
sharp clean shears. Stir the marshmal
lows well into the frosting and let it
stand until tho frosting is of such con
sistency that the marshmallowa anl
frosting will not run from tho cnle
when it is put on. Cover the cake sides
and top with this fiosting and allow to
stand several hours or over night. Cu.
in any shape desired.
Operator Is Crazy.
DxiTro rsiss lsascd mil
Minneapolis, Minn., June 5. Jacob
Miles, telegraph operator, who wired
former President Roosevelt at Mar
quette: "Stop the trial; I have evi
dence to win your case," was commit
ted today to the insane asylum at
Rochester, Minn.