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Daughter of J. 0. Battcy, of Salem,
Writes Him Some Little Details
of the Big Storm.
The following letter taken from the
Decorali Republican, Iowa, was written
by Mrs. Edna Battey Holmes, a daugh
ter of Mr. Z. C. Battey, of this city,
giving her experience in the Paduca
1'adueah, Ky., April 10, 1013.
Your most welcome letter came yes
terday and I was truly glad to got it
as we hare had no mail since the water
came up but I believe most of the
trains are running now. I hardly know
whore to begin in describing to you
what we have been through, but it has
been a gieat experience and one I do
Jiot care to repeat.
To begin with, I had some sort of a
nervous spell the first of March when
I could neither sleep nor eat and could
lardly walk. I just lay around and I
ouia naruiy raise my bands to my
head, though I had neither an ache nor
a pain. Well, just when we all thought
I was nearly done for, the flood warn
jngs began to be issued and we were
told to get ready for the greatest flood
Paducah had ever known. Of course, the
t'ity official ridiculed the idea and the
papers took the ground that Ta
dueah was "high and dry and un
afraid," as tho News-Democrat ex
pressed it. Mr. Holmes said it would
iut hurt us, but Jlury had better move
in, which she did, and put tho cows
across the street, and for a few days
we thought wo wero all right. Of
course. I began to brnco up at once; all
1 needed probably was a little exercise
Then the water began to come, and I
lave never seen such an awe-inspiring
spectacle. It just rolled in and in,
closer and closer and covered tho alley
and Mary 's fences and then her stables,
caught our lower chicken houses and
kept a coming. Then last Monday af
ternoon over a weok ago, Mr. Holmes
came home about 3 o'clock to toll us to
liustlo things upstairs as the greatest
volume of water ever seen here would
strike that night. 'Ho brought a lot of
juen and put everything up on scaffolds
and carried all the lighter things up
stairs. We worked all night and then
lie left ns as he had to live at the work:
began to get so strong that I could 'all bathed and walked on a dry floor.
hardly keep my feet. Finally I waded
up to Uncle Jim Gray's and hired his
lot to put them iu, carried them all
there ami the next day they were sur
rounded by water, but had a little dry
place to stand aud have been there ever
May 13.
I have complained of many things, but
now I;think of the floor will just be
dry I will be perfectly happy. One day
when I was wading to the" drv lot
through the alley with a large fat hen
in each arm, Mrs. Bell came out aud
Mary has had au equally hard ! said, "Oh, Mrs. Holmes, ain't you
tune with her cows and now they are j wet f ' and 1 said ,"Xo, how would I
on the front porch. Well, I kept up j get wetf"
pretty well until the water began to I Xow I think I have told1 most about
come in the house; then'I thought how lit and anyway it is time to wade out
high Hesper is. We sat and watched and fed the chickens. When the water
it come; just poured in from all sides is only to my hips I think it is very
until it was about six inches deep. 'shallow. But I am dreadfully tired of
About this time a levee gave way at boots. I have a pair that come to my
Hickman below here and let some of ' hips but I need some made like a un
the water out, which was all that saved ion suit.
Paducah from being washed out of ex- ' 1
istbnee. When you see any statement
in the papers that Paducah was not in
jured, it is just plain lies and I would
like to destroy the News-Democrat and
the Sun for their misrepresentations.
They have tried to prevent any reports
of the flood getting out and the city
council forbade any photographs being
taken or any telegrams being sent out
and all such nonsense.
The actual, truth is that there are
thousands of homeless people in Padu
cah and many hungry ones. There are
hundreds of families in the school hous
es and factories. Business, of course,
has been at a standstill as it was im
possible for people to shop or for things
to be delivered. The most of the whole
sale houses are under water and there
are hundreds of founds of eatables
washed out and floating on the streets.
The water is falling a little now and
is off our floors, but just level with the
second Btep of our porch. When it was
deepest, it was just below my shoulders'
at our back door. We have had plonty
to eat, tut nothing fresh, of courso, as
there was no plaeo to buy any, though
Mr. Holmes made several foraging ex
peditious in his boat. Tho water plant
has been operated right along and Mr.
Holmes had worked day and night. Ono
of the water company owners told him
benevolently that he deserved great
credit, and Mr. Holmes told him it was
not credit he wanted, but cash.
I don 't know whether I can give you
any idea of the depth of the water ex
cept by Baying that row boats came
right into our house and tied to our
stair post, that gasoline launches were
running all over town and that steam-
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0. A. C.
Not Unlikely That Farmers Will Be
Hora for Contest With Willam
ette Within Week.
The (. A. C. team may play Willam
ette university this weok. Arrange
ments have not been perfected, but it is
not unlikely that a game will be ar
ranged end staged ou Willamette fiold.
The 0. A. C. team is a fast one and
Willamette will be given a hard game
if the boys meet. Willamette lost to
the Utiiversity of Oregon by a small'
score, but the boys foel that they can
put up a better gamo now than at that
If the game is played the line-up will
probably be about the same as in the
recent game with Chemawa.
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era came up as far as Third street. I e
,,,,., peopie seiuom Know any more
Sunday Mr. Holmes came out and ,,. ,, 0,w ,
took Mary and I down town in the boat tue doctorg who iho ;t
and then we took a launch and went .
around the business portion of town, j Now is the time to got rid of vour
and has not been back since except for' We went "K1"' v" Mrs. Herring's rheumatism. You can do it by applying
a few minutes each day in a boat, to
soe if Wo were all right. When we got
everything high and dry we turned our
attention to the chickens. Seven or
eight of them were drowned on the
perches and we took a boat to tho low--e
seven houses and rescued the rest
aiiul put them on the front porch up
stairs, from which place they promptly
flew down and more were drowned. All
that nuht. I worked up to the shoulders
in water getting the rest of the hens
into tho houses closost to the houso only
to find in the morning that they wero
almost undor wator. Of course, it rain
steadily all the time and the current
fence to her porch, but it did not get Chamberlain's Liniment and massaging
into her house. We spoke to her and the parts freely at each application
then went on. Everything was moved For sale by all dealers.j
upstairs in the retail stores, but Kirby,
being enterprising, did differently.'
Their counters wero all up on barrels, :
the clerks all in rubber boots and the
windows full of ten-cent bathing suits.
We passed many houses of which wo
could just see the ridge pole in the roof
and the water was deep enough on
Fourth street for us to float down with
out rowing. One day we saw a dwell
ing1 house floating down Fourth street.
I have not been' undressed or dry for
over a week until last -night,, when we
and Carringan, Cady;
House, Klawitter and Rondeau
H. II. E.
St. Louis 0 4 2
Washington 2 8 0
Mitchell and McAlostor; Groom and
National League.
E. II. E.
Philadelphia 6 12 3
Pittsburg 5 10 2
Moore, Mayer and Dooiu; Adams,
O 'Toole and Kelly.
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TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1913. '
M-M-M M -
If Clrire Bowman, captain of the
Washington university track team, is
to bo rolioved, Dr. Stowart, of the
Oregou Agricultural collego, has shown
poor sportsmanship in cancoling an
agroomeut to meet Washington with 12
men. It ia suggested that the O. A. C.
manager decidod his lads would have
no show against the Washington boys.
University of Washington, Seattle,
May 13. Incensed over tho attitude
displayed by Dr. E. J. Stowart, athletic
director of tho Oregon Agricultural col
lege, members of Washington's track
team, hendod by Captain Claire Bow
man, will attempt to havo O. A. C.
ojectod'from tho Pacific Northwest
intereo'lcginto conference.
Washington was u-hedulod to moot
O. A. d In track ovonts yesterday at
Corvallis, but because of Dr. Stewart's
alleged attempt to "railroad" his on
tiro squad into tho events, despite a
verbal agreement to allow each insti
tution 12 men, the meet was called off.
"This roecnt action or Dr. Stowart
caps tho climnx," said Captain Bow
man yostordny. "Nearly evory insti
tution in tho conforenco is complaining
of tho treatment accorded thorn at Cor
vallis. Mnmliors of tho athletic team
at tho University of Oregon havo as
sured us that they will back us in our
offortB to have O. A. C. ojoctod from
the conference, provided that Institu
tion does not make some radical chang
es regarding treatment of visiting ath
letic teams."
"(.'orvullis was surprised to see lis
on Saturday," said Dr. D. C. Hall,
track conch and physical director, "aud
tho first thing Stewart did was to de
clare that ho was going to ontor his en
tire squad. Ho said that ho did not
care for ITio meet, but merely wanted a
workout In preparation for his engage
ment with Oregon.
"I called his attention to tho fact
that when wo had a meet with them in
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agninst thorn. Ho said that made no
difforoncii with him, the whole squad
against our 12 men or no meet."
This action of the Oregon Aggies
likoly will como Hp for discussion at
tho next mooting of tho student board
of control. with tho view of investigat
ing the charges made by the Washing
Ion authorities.
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: 1 -L ZL 1
OUT QF TH 5 v-