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y lal loitoi pi pan
PRirF Twn rrwTs on trains and nbws
rilV- 1WU VCD 13. BXANOa, jntva cents.
Matter of Forming Commercial
Club Thoroughly Discussed
Last Night.
Sentiment Practically Unanimous That
City Must Have Strictly Conuner--.
cial Body.
Pursuant to call, there was a meeting
of those- interest in organizing a
, commercial club, at the Board of Trade
rooms last night. The big room was
comfortably filled, when Judge D'Arcy,
president of the Board of Trade, by re
quest, called the meeting to ordor,
briefly stated its object anil suggested
the naming of a temporary chairman.
Mr. B. J. Miles was named and elected
aud J3. A. Grogg was elected temporary
"secretary. Mr. Miles spoke at some
length on the suhjoct, and suggested the
broadest discussion, so that the views
of all might be heard. Mr. Deckebach
Tjeing colled upon, said ho was in fa
vor of any organization or organiza
tions whose object was the betterment
of Salem, and his efforts and assist
unco would be gladly given to help all.
Mr. Waring wanted information as to
the progress made toward uniting the
Illihee club and the Board of Trade,
and President D'Arcy, of the latter,
gave it. The board ins votod to become
a part or an adjunct to the Illihee club,
and the latter will act upon the matter,
-aX its meeting next Wednesday. Mr.
D'Arcy made it clear that if the Illihoe
club absorbed the Board of Trade, that
members of the latter would have no
lub privileges, unless they joined it. It
-would be a distinctive. separate affair.
Mr. Cummings made a splendid talk,
pointing out the necessity of having a
commercial club, that meant business,
and was not devoted to social matters.
They could not exist togother. L. H.
McMahon pointed out what he consid-
red some of the shortcomings of the
Board of Trade, and expressed a wil
lingness to aid in every way a com
mercial dub formed on right lines and
for business only.
R. R. Ryan made a briof but forceful
-talk along the same lines.
Mr. Wassom was opposed to two com
mcreinl clubs and would wait to see
what action was taken by the Illihee.
Mr. Fohrnstcdt wanted a commercial
club along the lines suggested in the
call. Ho said it was not publicity we
needed, but a place to care for those
who come among us, and they would
write to their friends, and do the pub
lioity stunt for us.
There were others who took part in
the discussion and finally a motion was
mode thnt when the meeting adjourn it
do so to meet agnin next Friday even
ing at the Board of Trade rooms. This
motion prevailed.
It wns also votod to appoint a com
mittee of three to wait upon the Illihee
club and inform It of the wishes of the
meeting, that is that the Ilihee club
should not take over the Board of
Trade or add a publicity department to
Its features. It was pointed out that
this was really no one's husinesa, but
that of the Illihee club and the Board of
Trade, but the committee was appoint
ed consisting of Taher, Thiclsen and
Cummings. Following this the moot
tug adjourned to meet next Friday.
vxitid rssss uun wins.
Portland, Or., May 10. Tho health
and police committee of the city coun
cil todny rocommonded for passage, an
ordinance prohibiting tho publication
of deceptive, false or untrue advertise
ments in any ncwspnpe, periodical or
other advertising 'medium. The ordi
nance was framed at the suggestion of
the Portland Ad. Club.
Sacramento, Cnl., May 10, -The Cali
fornia senate today passed a resolution
ailing upon tho secretary of the Inte
rior and tho commissioner general of
the land office to use their Influence to
allow livestock in Csliforuia to be turn
ed into the national parks to graze.
The stock is in dinner of perishing
tiecause of the drought, according to
the resolution.
Tart of the "Mystery."
Hood River, Or., May 10. S.
W. Heppner, a wealthy orchard
is is today entirely recovered
from the effects of severe ab
dominal pains following an at
tack of coughin g during which
he relieved himself of an Ivory
tooth from a ladies ' barette- The
tooth had vary sharp edges.
Heppner stated that a year ago
he had eaten some bologna and
had told his wife shortly after
ward that he believed he had
swallowed some foreign substance.
Managor Williams Gets Weary of Being
an Awfully Poor Tail-Ender
' in Games.
Portland, Or., May 10. An' explosion
of mann serial wrath, occasioned by the
poor showing the team is making,
struck the Portland Colts "abaft the
beam today, and as a result a number
of drastic changes wore announced in
the line-up when they do battle with
Seattle t'.is afternoon.
Manager Nick Williams stated that
hereafter he will be the first catcher
on the team, a position he used to oc
cupy with the San Francisco Seals sev
eral years ago. Murray will be retain
ed as second catcher.
Catcher Harris was released.
Billy Speas will be switched from
left field to play first base regularly.
Pat Callahan will be taken from the
pitchers box and shunted to loft field
on account of his hitting,
Harry Heilman, the Beaver cast-off,
will be placed on third base until Ban
croft is able to got back into the game.
Guigi, formerly first baseman, will
warm the bench while Heilman is being
tried out in the infield.
In speaking of the shake-up, Kick
'I must have hitting strength on my
club. I think that, my new arrange
ment of the players, will give me the
balance that is necessary as well as the
brains of the club, a thing in which the
Colts have been sadly deficient these
last fev weeks."
nnurDMnD ni it itgzi'
uu.uto rui ii
DlBtrict Attorney Evans of Portland
Asked to Proceed In Telegram
Libel Case.
Governor West today called upon Dis'
trict Attorney Evans,' of Portland, to
take action in the ease of alleged crim
inal lib.;l with which the Portland Tele
gram is charged. The governor pointed
out to tho district attorney that if the
harges of the Telegram were truo the
executive should be proceeded against,
nd if they are false tho Telegram
should be prosecuted in a criminal ac
In one of tho Tolcgram articles pub
lished iu March, 1012, the headlines
chargo that stato money has been un
lawfully spent and that violation of
tho law by tho governor had heen stop
ped. In the body of the artless atten
tion is called to soctions 2716 and 2717
of tho codo which says all stato of
ficers having control of any state in
stitution shall monthly turn over to the
state money received from the income
or rent of property or solo and distri
bution of surplus products. It is also
stated in the article that because of
tho governor's violation of law he is
liable civilly and criminally in the
opinion of certnin attorneys.
Governor West took occasion again
today to denounce the charges of the
Telegram ns malicious falsehoods, pub
lished with a view of injuring him. He
leclnrcl that every dollar collected nt
the state institution hail been turned
over to the state treasurer.
Attorney-General Crawford is expect
ed back next week from Washington.
ami he will take up tho Investigation
requested early this week by flovcrnor
West, immediately on his return.
Can Come in Free,
Washington, May 10.-The house to
day passed a bill authorizing free sd
mission, under bond, of foreign exhibits
for the San Diego exposition.
President Wilson Said to Op
pose the Change Suggest
ed by Senators.
Secretary of Treasurer Given Power to
Tlx Values to Avoid
(onitid rusa uuso wm.l
Washington, March 10. A radical
amendment to the Democratic tariff
bill was proposed to House Majority
Leader Underwood today by Senator F.
M. Simmons, of North Carolina, chair
man of the senate finance committee,
and it is reported that President Wil
son approves the plan.
The amendment proposed would give
Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo au
thority to proclaim fixed standards
of value for the assessment of duties,
irrespective of the price fluctuations of
foreign markets. Such standards would
be in force on fifteen days' notice, and
could not be changed without sixty
davs' notice to importers.
The change is designed to avoid con
fusion in the change to an ad valorem
system of assessing values of imports,
adoptod in the Underwood bill, from
the specific system of the Payne law.
It is believed' that such action would
avoid much litigation and appeals from
decisions of customs appraisers.
The plan was suggested by Assist
ant Secretary of the Treasury Curtis.
I UNITED raiSS U18M wini.l
Medford, Ore., May 10; H. C. Kent.
ner, manager and part owner of the H,
C. Kontner department store, of this
city, was served yesterday with s war
rant charging him with the embezzle
ment of $12,000. 'The warrant was
sworn to by F. E. Merrick, business as
sociate of Kentner. Kentner is one of
the mpet prominent men in Southern
Oregon, and has been identified with
many local business enterprises.
The crmplaint filed against Kentner
charges the theft of $40, but it is
known that the shortage totals over
$12,000. Merrick is on much of Kent
nor's paper, and is said to be hard hit
He is vice-president of the Medford
National Bank.
An examination of the firm's books,
according to District Attorney Kelly,
shows that Kontner paid himself a sal'
ary of $.100 a month when he was Bup
posed to draw but $173 a month, and
that tin $12,000 shortage is in addi
tion to this. Kentnor's son, who nian
ages ono of the departments, is said
to have overdrawn his salary $1500,
The father will be held accountable for
Flew With, His Family,
Long Beach, Cal., May 10. Taking
his wife and 3-year-old daughter, Ha
zel, as rassongers, Frank Champion,
Long Beach aviator, made a 20-minute
flight here today in a Martin typo hy
droaeroplane, starting out through tho
surf nenr the harbor entrance and gild
ing ashore on tho crest of a breaker in
front of tho bnth house. A thousand
persons watched tho daring exhibition.
Mrs. Champion and the baby had never
flown in. an aeroplano before.
Whilo tho city authorities are stutter
ing over the water proposition mid
making goo-goo eyes at tho Salem
Water Comiany, with designs to gather
it to its bosom, so to bhii1c, the whole
water matter may bo settlod for it.
Friday there wbji filed with the Secre
tory of State the articles of iiicornrn
tion of tho Situtiam Water Company.
: The Incorporators are W. E. Pierce,
a enpitallst of lariie menus, of Boise,
Idaho, and Charles Thois, mint Iht big
espitalist of Spokane, Wah,, and John
I. Turner, of Niletn. It is stilted ly one, aolng tho line, ns is propum-d, water
of (Tin incorporators tlitit it is the In- should bo supplied this city nt reiwon
tention of this enmpnny to lay a )iis to side rates, which melius one hnlf nr
tho Little North Fork of the Santinm les the prewns t-linrifc, which is do id
river and supply pure mountnin wnter edly unrni.-oimble. The family water
for the city of Snlem and its stnte in-: bill iu Snlem is In rfir than the family
stutions. The company will also sup-1 'bread bill, and the bread bill Is not too
ply mountain water to all the towns in' forge. Tho trouble is with the witter
the Santiam valley, smh a Hloyton, charge.
Turner, Aumsville and Sublimity. lhwiden, as time goes our and the
This is the initial step, and if the valley above 'tis become more densely
company gets busy the water question 1 populated the supply will become more
will be fairly In the way of being final-J and more polluted. True, It can be
Roosevelt Made Mistake.
Washington, May 10. Testify
ing before the senate territorial
committee hearing on the Alas
kan railroad bills -today, James
Gallbieath, secretary of the Am
erican Mining Congress, declared
that the order issued by former
President Roosevelt withdrawing
Alaskan coal lands from private
entry was "sufficient to have
caused a revolution." He blamed
present conditions in Alaska to
former Chief Forester Gifferd
Pinchot'a policy.
State Must Build at Laidlaw for Recla
mation Engineer and Others at
That Point.
That it will be nessary for tho
state to build temporary houses for En
gineer Lauergaard, who will be in
charge of the Tumola project, and oth
ers who are employed thero, dovoloped
at the nieoting of the state desert land
board today. It is customary for tho
government to build houses for its re
clamation engineers. The plan suggest
ed for the Tumola project is to build
houses to cost not more than $1000,
rent them to tho employes ,and later ou
dispose of them. The board will decide
the matter at its next meeting. Prob
ably only four or five houses will be
needed. ','
A fine brick of cheese, the first made
at Laidlaw, was received by the board
and was cut up and found good today.
Some trouble was encountered in locat
ing a knife. One was located finally
and the cheese disposed of.
Engineer Lauergaard will leave Tues
day for the project to begin-the prelim'
inary work, and he expects to have his
force in good working order by June
3, when the appropriation will be
Many of the project details were dis
cussed by the board during the session
To many people the Rose Festival
will bo more important than the elec
unitid mess ixASfiD wins.
Portland, Or., May 10. William Mar
tin, th-) Salem mail messenger, who is
alleged to have stolen an immense am
ount of parcels post matter from the
sacks that ho transported from tho
postoffice to the railroad station, was
today charged with six separate viola
tions of the postal laws in an indict
ment returned against him by the fed
eral grand jury.
Weather Forecast.
Oregon Showers tonight and
Sunday west, showers tonight or
Sunday east portion. Variable
winds, mostly southerly.
ly and permanently answered. With a
fine mountain stream as tho source of
supply, the purity of Salem's drink
would be assured, and the supply Is
large enough for a city of a millios or
two, enough, anyway, to 'supply Salem
for ft generation or two, when Gideon
Htolz, tho mayor, The Capital Journal
man, and all the balance of u, will
probably not need nny water, or, If per
I ehanco we do, can't get it; so that fen
turn would be fully met. j
j With a pipe line, supplying the town
Will Not Bond Below Par, So
the Committee Will Try
Home Selling Plan.
Commutes Rejects All Bids for $380,
000 Issue, and Will Recommend
Popular. Subscription. .
Bids for the issuance of $380,000 is
sue of five per cent bonds were con
sidered last evening by the committee
on accounts of the city council, Mayor
Steeves and City Attorney Page, and it
was decided to reject them. The bid of
Morris Bros, was ovor $7000 below par,
and contained stipulations which mado
it possiblo for the firm to take $80,000
in bonds, and refuse to handle the
rest of the issue. The bid of Weil,
Roth & Company provided for a straight
payment of $3G9,550, and iu many re
spects wbb considered a bettor bid
than that of Morris Bros., although
seemingly Iowor by about $.1600. The
bid of Farsou & Company, of Chicago,
had no properly certified check, arrived
here a day late, and was too indefinite
in many particulars to be considered.
Popular Subscriptions.
Tho committee decided to recommond
that the city open the books for poph-!in8
lar subscriptions to tho bond issue for
a period of 15 duys. This will glvo
Salem peoplo and opportunity to invest,
and when the subscription books are
closed bids will' be called in the bond
papers for the remainder of the issue.
It is believed that. In any event, hot
ter bids will be secured on readvortis
ing. Over three score Inquiries wore
received from bond buyers when the Is
sue wss advertised, and" the tightnexs
of the bond market last month is held
responsible for the low bids received.
The report and recommendations of
the committee will be mado at the
council meeting Monday night.
Today's Ball Games.
National League.
New York, May 10. Six costly er
rors helped Chicago to defeat tho Now
York Giants here, today, 2 to 1. Score:
R. H Fi.
Chicago 2 3 1
New York 1 0 6
Cheney and Archer; Domareo, Wiltse
and Myers. Umpires: Klom and Orth.
Brooklyn, May 10. Brooklyn con
tinued its winning streak here today,
by -trouncing the Ciueiuati Rods 9 to 3.
R. II. E.
Cincinnati 3 7 1
Brooklyn 9 14 3
Packard, Suggs, Hartcr and Clark;
Ragon and Miller. Umpires: Riglcr
and Byron.
Philadelphia, May 10. Philadelphia
retained its grip at the top of the Na
tional league ladder by defeating tho
rirates hero today, 0 to 0. Score:
R. H. K.
Pittsburg 0 12 2
Philadelphia 6 8 1
Hendrlx, O'Toolo and Kolley; Rixey,
Ronton and Killifer. Umpires: Brnn
ne nand Eason.
It Is the peoplo who pursue peace,
and love it, who pay the enormous war
preparation taxes,
filtered, but somehow the idea is rath
er repulsive, no matter how pure. the
water niny be. At the samo time, Sa
lem is not out of the woods, yet, mi !
the water mutter, for filing I iienriorii- i
tion papers does not give us a water
supply, it only gives ns hope of one
but it, is tho first, and a necessary
step towards the ultimate reaching of
the end desired.
The company seems to be a strong
one. am) the project is one that should
eiiailv secure pond financial backing
outide of that nt' the incorporators.
Halem will watch with profound in-teri-st
the progress of tho matter, nnd
the new company surely will have the
hset wibes of the city. Cheaper water,
pure water and plci'ty of It, is the main
desire of Snlemites, and they are not
particular as to where It conies from,
or how tliev get It, so they get it, and
U"l It at rates that do not tend to drive
those intending to locate hero to other
places or to hard drink.
A Remarkable Flight
Pendleton, Or., May 10. From
Whitesville, Mo., to Pendleton,
over 2000 miles, is the record
flight today established by four
homing pigeons owned by Mrs.
L. G. Pell, of this city, Mrs. Pell
sent the pigeons to N. O. Rodeck
er, of Whitesville, who, after
keeping them penned for a while,
released them. They disappeared.
He then wrote Mrs. Pell, who
upon investigation found the
birds in her dovecote. They
were identified by tsgs attached
toitheir legs.
German Singing Society of Salem Will
Contest for Prize at Big Meet .
in Walla Walla.
Tho members of the Salem, Gorman
singing Socioty underwent as inspec
tion last night in their hall on State
stroot by Prof. Edgar S. Fischer, the
noted German musical director. Prof.
Fischor is making a tour of the state
preparatory to the big sangorfost which
is to be held in Walla Walla next
I month, and is instructing all the sing-
0(!i?tiM mnttors which will be
vital when they assemblo and contost
for honors at the convontion,
According to Prof. Fischer, the local
socioty will make a splendid showing
at the saengorfest and while there will
be many othtlr highly educated singing
societies present, Salom should be woll
in the lead in the class of sixtoon, if
not winners of the much-desired prise.
Tho Salem socioty has worked hard
during the past six months to attain
perfection- as a Gorman singing body
and both tho German speaking public
and others will expectantly await the
returns whon the body goos to Walla
Walla to enter the oontoBt for high hon
orB. Frod Hoyser is the director of the
local organization and his efforts in
bohalf of tho members is boing highly
commended. Thoro will be about 6000
representatives in Walla Walla next
month aud at that time the place in
which the next saengorfest will be held
will be voted upon. Salem is making a
strong bid for the honor and it is pos
siblo that the Capital City may be
the chosen mooting place next year.
Ranchers Sell Products From 25 to 60
Per Cent Below the Grocers'
Prices. -
1.08 Angeles, Cnl., May 10. Mu
nicipal curb markets hero today broke
all records made since they wore estab
lished a wook ago. Hundreds of ranch
ers disposed of eggs, butter and garden
truck at prices ranging from 20 to 50
per cent for vegetables and 3 to 15 per
cent for other produce chcapor than
market quotations.
It was estimated that 4000 house
wives traded at the Hollywood market
during the morning. At least 3000 pur
chasers visited the othor trading cen
ters. The public market committee of tho
city council believes tho curb market
experiment has proved a success, ami
will have a notaliln tendency to lower
tho cost of living hore.
In Appreciation.
Our dear friends and fellow towns
men of a lifetime, 'Mnny times during
the pnit few years has death's angel
eomo to our homes, You sorrowed with
ns when wo laid to rest our honored
kinsman, Tilmon Ford. A few short
months later our loved brother, William
Kaiser v.ont. from us.' Then n;(tiiu with
beautiful flowers and precious sympa
thy, you stood wilh us at the graveside
when ail only son, Romeo Kaiser, at
manhood's threshold, closed the door of
life. Today tho love and kindness to
our ilea" old mother touches too deeply
for wordi to tell you. (lod bless you.
Mr, and Mrs. Eugene Eekorlen,
lleorge, (Jus, and Mrs. William Kiieser.
A romantic young woman is an easy
mark for tint fortune teller.
Somo stories are bard to bellovo un
less yoii want to believe them.
Will Take Anyone Pretending
to Be an Operator, Wheth
er Licensed or Not ;
Federal Officers Do Not !rmrn Ap
plicants, Evidently Standing la
With the Company.
CoMrras rsass uuu wrss.
Seattle, Wash., May 10. Charges
that the steamer Alameda, which is ex'
route today to Ketchikan, Alaska, ha
only one wireless operator were wired
to the secretary of conuneree and la
bor by members of the local wireless
union, who are out on strike.
When the Alameda put to sea late
Friday, thoro was groat glee among
the officials of tho Marconi company,
for apparently two of the striking op
erators had deserted the union and'
gone back to work.
Today the union officials explained
that thoy had sent two operators aboard'
for a purpose, and that one of them,
had lof( the ship undetected just be
fore she sailed, to expose the careless
ness of federal officers in enforcing;
the wireless regulations.
"We sent "these men without their
licenses, to apply for jobs, " snld Or-
ganizor J. P. Sorenson today, "and
they wore accoptod at once without
quoBtlon, although the company's offi
cials had stated that strikers would
never be taken back. 1
Would Take Anyone.
"Whon these men were taken to the
pier the ehlof operator went np to the
customs Inspector and told him that he
would vouch that these men were li
censed . operators. . They- were passed:
without credentials.
"The operator aboard has instruc
tions to keep an accurate log of all calls
which he will submit to the government
to show the kind of service that is be
ing maintained."
Roports given out here yesterday
that the office at Astoria had been
openod were denied today, It being
stated that the man sent there refused'
to work.
A letter has been sent to the secre
tary of commerce and labor today
charging officials at the navy yardl
with favoring the Marconi company, by
granting licenses or permits for single
trips to Incompetent men, naming a
number of vessels whose operators were
unable to answer simple questions about
weathor conditions.
Washington, May 10. Thousands of
white flowers havo been cut and pre
pared for wearers hore tomorrow in ob
servance of Mother's Day. One florist
alono announced that he would have
more than 10,000 white carnations on
hand. The white blossom is the symbol
that marks the celebrant.
dnitid rimss ijmsso wina.l ,
Coiitrnlia,, Wash., May 10. The body
of Josiah Smith, who died at his homo
at Lincoln (.'reek at the age of 77 years,
Is being held in entrnlia today whils
a special casket is boing mails for It.
He was six feet, ten inches iu height
and w.dghed 350 pounds.
To Bee Great Race.
united miss ixissn wins.
Louisvilo, Ky., May 10. Thousand
of people are lined along the Churchill
Downs cotirno to witness the historic
Kentucky derby to b orau this after
noon. The track is fast. To the winner
will go tho title of champion 3-year-old.
of America.
Ten Point, Foundation and Yankee
Notions aro the favorite. Thero will
bo six starters.
Washington, May HI. To prevent
the crippling of tho parcels post, the
house today passed an emergency reso
lution, appropriating 000,000 for tho
hire of additional clerks. Postmoster
(ieueml lliirlesnu had reported that thfl
money wus required by May T, or par
cels post operations would have to bo